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William Ch. 04

Sometime in the middle of the night, my cock had slipped out of Williams's ass, and he had turned in his sleep. What woke me was his now hard cock, poking me in my stomach.

As he breathed, his cock gently poked me, then backed off, poked me, which was what probably woke me. I noticed that my own cock was getting firmer, as I kept getting poked by that cock.

I reached down, touching the head of his cock, feeling the slick wetness of his pre-cum. Bringing my fingers to my lips, I tasted his cum. Hmmmmm.

I slowly slid down under the covers, and reaching his rock hard cock, I gently licked just his pee hole, savoring the salty sweet pre-cum. After a moment or two, I took the head into my mouth. Applying some suction, I sucked his cock into my mouth, then my throat. I edged his cock into the depths of my throat until I felt my lips pressed against the base of his cock.

I pulled off, still maintaining some suction. Reaching the head, I slowly began to swallow him again. My tongue slowly swirled around the head, I tasted more of his cum. I thought I heard a low moan, so I stopped.

Not paying attention, I felt William slowly rub my scalp, then firmly take my head in his hands. His hips rose toward me, forcing his cock deeper into my throat.

I can't really say that I minded. His taking control, holding my head, forcing his cock deeper. It was a turn on. I felt my own cock get harder. His thrusting continued. My mouth was a cunt for his cock. His pre-cum was more prolific. The taste was really good. It seemed the consistency of his cum was more creamy, signaling a change from pre-cum to a full blown ejaculation.

I wanted it.

William had turned onto his back, pulling me by my head, keeping himself in my mouth all the while. He kept humping my mouth, holding firmly to my head to keep me from pulling off.

As if I would.

I could sense his urgency growing. His thrusts into my mouth were stronger, but no deeper. The in and out sped up. His hips rose higher. I could hear him moaning, louder, and dragging it out longer and longer with each thrust of his hips.

He was getting perhaps a little more violent, pulling my head into his cock as he thrust upward.

More cum was leaking into my mouth. I wanted more.

A few more thrusts, and I was rewarded with a huge shot of cum into my mouth. William pulled my head against his stomach, holding my tight, not letting me get a breath, as more and more warm cum filled my mouth. I began to gag. Still he held on, I swallowed as best I could, but it felt as though William was trying for a record amount of cum in one orgasm.

Realizing that he was choking me, William let go. I pulled off, took a deep lungful of much needed air, and put my mouth over his cock, sucking in the last few drops of his cum.

I paused a minute, then, without swallowing his cum, I moved up towards his face.

Laying on top of him, two naked men pressed together, I lowered my mouth to his, locking our lips, as I shared the tasty load in my mouth with him.

Our tongues dueled. Our lips were pressed together. My still hard cock was trapped between our stomachs. Williams's hands moved down my back until I felt him cup my ass cheeks, pulling me against him.

Still our tongues dueled, our lips still pressed together.

Eventually, we moved apart, and I rolled back onto my side of the bed. William snuggled up against me, one leg thrown over my hips. His arms wrapped around me, we both slept.

The alarm went off way too early. Until I looked at it, and seeing that it was time we had set it to go off. We had to get up. It was our last full day together...err...I mean last full day of the conference.

"You know this is our last day" I started. "Half a day tomorrow, and we'll be headed home."

"Yeah, I know. Been thinking about that. I'm going to miss this time we've had together...I never thought that..."

I cut him off, pressing my lips to his. "Ssshhhh. We're both married. We have families. This shouldn't have happened. We both know this."

"Yes, but it did. I don't regret it, but I don't want it to end."

"It doesn't have to end." I started.

His head snapped up, a smile on his face. "It doesn't?"

"Well, there is always next conference..."

"Ohh, I don't want to have to wait that long...and I am NOT about to find any other guy to be with. That's just...yucky. I don't think I am into guys. Just one guy. You."

I responded "I agree. I am not queer. Not about to go chasing other guys, actually the idea is a bit of a turn off. But YOU" I said, taking his head in my hands "Are not other guys. Just one special guy that I enjoy being with."

We kissed.

"What are we going to do?" William asked.

"Welllllll..." I began. "What do you think about this? Just listen to all of it, before you say anything. How about...I mean... If we went to breakfast, we both got mild food poisoning...I mean, we couldn't go to the meetings, and we'd HAVE to stay in our room until we felt better..."

William let out a quiet yell, jumped into my arms, the two of us still naked, grinding ourselves against each other, as he said "yes, yes we can play hooky, spend our last day together. Hmmmmm," as he began kissing me all over my face, neck, and ears.

We got dressed, planning our subterfuge.

We showered, shaved, dressed and went out for breakfast, making sure several people knew we were going out to eat, and that we'd meet them when the conference resumed.

We exited the hotel, and went a few blocks to find a place to eat.

After a quite satisfying breakfast of eggs, pancakes and bacon, we returned to our room. While I called people from my office, William called his, we both bemoaning the suspected food poisoning we'd received at our breakfast.

After receiving condolences and wishes for a speedy recovery, we hung up, turned to each other, embracing. We kissed like school kids. Groping and rubbing our bodies against each other, taking pleasure in each other's arms.

After groping and dry humping each other, we began undressing each other.

Shortly, we made it to the bed, and fell onto it together.

Pushing me onto my back, William knelt over me, playing with my nipples, my hips, finally my cock and balls. Softly stroking my cock, he reached under my ass, between my legs, and lightly fingered my asshole. Bolts of pleasure shot through me.

My hips arched up off the bedding. William put his mouth over my cock. His tongue wrapped around my little head, I was close to nirvana,

William kept his ministrations up for a while, slowly moving his hips and body around, until I opened my eyes, to find him straddling my upper body, his hard cock pointed at my mouth and lowering downward.

I opened my mouth to receive him, he settled his body onto mine, his cock pushing into my throat.

What could be better? My cock receiving loving attention, my mouth filled with a wonderful cock.

I began to suck, tasting a slight salty -sweet deposit into my mouth. I was willing to stay just like this for quite some time.

I have no idea how long we stayed in the 69 position, savoring each other's maleness.

William rolled me over on my stomach, parted the cheeks of my ass, and began rimming me. The gentle, yet insistent probing of his soft yet firm tongue in my most private hole was...titillating. My hard cock was leaking; occasionally, William dipped down to lick the tip of my cock clean.

I felt my ass relaxing, accepting more of his tongue into my hole. I could feel it wiggling, trying to gain deeper access.

William pulled back, reaching for the lube on the nightstand.

I saw what he was doing, and asked him not to.

With a questioning look, he asked "Why?"

I replied, "I want to feel you. Just you, stretching my ass open. I tore you, caused you pain. I was prepared. I enjoyed you in me, now I need to truly FEEL you as you use me. Please make me your cunt. Make my ass your pussy. I want you to know you own me."

William wordlessly leaned down to me, kissing me deeply.

I rose to my knees, wiggling my ass like a bitch in heat.

Moving behind me, William took hold of my hips, I felt his thighs touch mine. His hard cock touched my hole, pierced previously by him, lubricated only by his saliva.

He pressed into me. I felt pressure. I felt burning. My cock, if possible, got harder. William was making me his! My pussy would be his forever.

I felt the tearing in my ass as he ripped me slowly. A pinching of my ass as he forced his way in me. My rectum burned. It hurt.


Finally, William gained full entry into my ass. I felt his balls resting against my taint. I wasn't all together sure that the warmth I felt wasn't, in part, blood running from my torn ass.

Didn't matter. I STILL LOVED IT.

William began the slow, deep, thrusting to fill my ass with his seed. To BREED me.

It was pain borne of love. Everything he did to me, I loved.

William was speeding up, I could feel my ass pussy opening for him. It was becoming easier for him. His thrusting was deliberate and steady. Occasionally, he made circular motions with his hips, as if he were stirring my hole, trying to widen it.

I lowered myself down flat on my stomach, William stretched out on top of me. I enjoyed feeling his weight on top of me. It felt good.

I laid my head sideways on the pillow.

William found my lips with his.

He continued his slow thrusting into me. The head of his wonderful cock slid along my prostate with every in and out stroke. The pleasure was immense. I turned my head, my lips grasping his thick lips. I sucked gently on his lower lip, running my tongue along his lip as I did. I noticed that I had involuntarily begun pushing my hips back at him as he took his pleasure in me.

I felt so good, so comfortable, I didn't want this to end.

I knew William would be the only guy I would ever want in me. What used to be my asshole, was now his pussy, his cum dump.

He owned me.

My cock had been made hard by the constant excitement of my prostate by his cock. I now lay on top of it, like a warm pulsing pipe under my stomach. The slight movement of my body under him as he thrust into me, created additional pleasure as my stomach rubbed my cock. I could cum, but the feeling was not one of urgency. We continued to kiss. His thick lips nibbled on my neck, my ear lobe. Once in a while, his moist tongue wandered in and around my inner ear, sending shivers through out me.

I realized that my ass pussy had relaxed, there was no pain at all, just a slight, in some ways sensuous burning feeling as William rode me.

Neither of us spoke, I think our bodies and actions yelled out the threshold of ecstasy we were approaching. No words needed.

This was pure, man on man sexual enjoyment. The deviant, disgusting, and in some places, illegal acts we were allowing ourselves to engage in heightened our pleasure. I though very briefly, why did guys think this was so sick and perverted? No one was getting hurt or forced...on the contrary, with only brief initial thoughts to the contrary, we had entered into our homosexual coupling with full knowledge of what we were doing. Curious and questioning, we had continued, bringing both of us pleasure. We would go back to our families, our wives, with no damage to our bodies or psyches.

William whispered in my ear that he was ready to cum.

"Breed me" I moaned back "Make me yours. Fill my body with your cum. I want to feel your warm cum in me."

With a groan, William did just that. The warm feeling filled my bowels, I could feel the slipperiness as his cum reduced the friction in the tight tunnel he had forced open with his cock. The thought of what we were doing pushed me over the top, as my own cock began its powerful out pouring of my cum. My ass muscles clenched involuntarily, urging the last drops of cum from William, causing low moans to come from his mouth.

As he finished using me, William slowed to a stop, lowering his weight onto me, pinning me under him, as his cock soaked in the cum he shot in my ass pussy.

I guess we slept for a while, the next thing I felt was a delicious feeling as William slowly edged his now softer cock from my body. I couldn't help but enjoy the feelings in my stretched hole as he withdrew.

He rolled over onto his side, one leg still draped over my body, our faces only a couple inches apart. He edged towards me, brushing his lips against mine. "That was so nice" he said. "I felt like I was emptying my soul into you. I kept cumming and cumming, then your ass began gripping me..."

"That is YOUR pussy that was grabbing you. From now on, anytime we can get together, and you want it, it's yours. You don't even have to ask. Just undress me, bend me over, or put me on my knees and take what's yours."

He smiled, and kissed me hard, wrapping his arms around me, hugging me to him. "This has been such a wonderful conference, and to think, I was at one time trying to find an excuse not to come."

We both snickered while we cuddles. "I really can't explain all of this" I said. "I mean, I am straight, I have been thinking, the last few days, I still love women, I love my wife and family, I have not seen a single guy that I am interested in. It seems just you that I want to do these things with, and I fail to come up with a reason, or logic why it happened."

"Well, I for one am glad. For everything we did. I have no intentions of hooking up with other guys, I actually look forward to seeing my wife when I get home." He paused. "But I want you to know, next year, or sooner if it happens, I want to do this again. ONLY with you, but I am sure I will want it."

We realized, it was lunch time. We couldn't leave the room, us both being "sick", so we ordered room service.

While we waited, we showered together, soaping up and rinsing off each other thoroughly. As he fingered my ass, now his pussy, I could feel a burning. I bent over in the shower and asked William to check my hole to see if there was any damage.

He spread my cheeks, and told me that it appeared as if my hole had been turned inside out. He said the sphincter muscle was all pushed out, and bright red. No evidence of bleeding, as such, but I had definitely been torn. William told me it looked like I had pussy lips there now, to which I responded "Well, I guess that's appropriate."

William pressed his thick lips to my hole, and gently kissed and licked me. It felt very nice. My sphincter was so relaxed, he had little trouble thrusting his tongue into me. I could feel his teeth touch my sensitive tissue.

He reached around me, and began stroking my stiffening cock as he tongued me. I felt the pressure against my back side as he tried to wiggle and fuck his tongue into my hole. His hand, still lubricated by the remaining soap, jerked me off. Almost too soon, I shot, such a surprisingly large amount, you could hear it splat against the side of the shower.

There was a knock at the door. It was funny how we scrambled to get out of the shower to make one of us decent to let room service bring our lunch in.

After we finished our lunch, we talked at length about our feelings, not that touchy feely stuff, but the reality of going back to our families tomorrow. Whether would we keep talking, about non-business stuff, (we agreed yes) and whether we might try to get together again soon. (we agreed to see how things went).

It was midafternoon, it took little to get us touching each other, which, of course led to more, it wasn't long before I was on my knees between Williams legs, nibbling on his balls, and touching the inside of his thighs. After mouthing his balls, and soaking them with saliva, I licked up the underside of his almost rock hard cock.

After kissing and licking and toying with the shaft, I took his cock head in my mouth, running my tongue all over the head of his cock, sucking lightly at the pre-cum leaking from it.

I moved down to his balls, then hoisted his legs up over my shoulders as I applied my tongue to his ass hole. I desperately tried fucking his tight hole with my tongue, the clean hole loosening up after a few minutes to allow my entry into his most private opening.

Williams moans and clenching of his ass indicated he was enjoying, or at least, not going to push me away from him. I began sucking at his ass, trying to draw his pucker into my mouth. William reached down, grabbed the back of my head forcing my face into his ass.

For my part, I enjoyed eating his ass. While it was virtually without flavor or odor, I guess the nature of what I was doing, made me more excited, I noticed my cock was hard. I knelt up straight, and, pushing him backward onto the bed, placed my hard cock against his slippery wet hole, and pushed.

My attempted entry was met with sounds of pain from William, I stopped, retrieved the lube, applied some to his ass and my cock, and pushed.

I popped inside to the apparent pleasure of both of us. As he had much less experience being buggered, I pushed in slow, not wanting to hurt him as I had been hurt. I wanted, and learned to enjoy getting my ass ripped open for his enjoyment, I felt the need to give him all of me, but I did not feel the same drive to open his ass or hurt him.

I continued to ride in and out of him, gradually he relaxed, and I was thrusting in and out at a good pace.

I told him I was about to cum in his ass, he suddenly, without warning, pulled off my cock, spun around, and took my cock in his mouth.

Reaching to my ass, he stuck his finger inside me, touched my prostate, and caused me to empty into his mouth. The suddenness of his actions, impaling my ass, was very pleasurable. William swallowed my load, and rose to kiss me and let me taste the remnants of my cum.

It was almost dinner time by the time we slowed down our explorations of each other, we thought it best to put in an appearance, saying we felt better. (I certainly did)

There was a sort of banquet tonight, we could go, eat light, as if we were still recovering from out "food poisoning", and return to out room for our final goodbyes, before leaving in the morning. We showered, separately, got dressed and went downstairs.

After the dinner, and saying goodbyes and what all, we went upstairs.

I unlocked the room door with our card key, and, as I entered, William virtually attacked me from behind, pushing me onto the bed face first, and trying to pull my pants down.

I told him, laughingly, to calm down, we had all night. He turned me over, climbed on top of me, and while kissing me, he began to undo my belt and pants. Holding me down, he undid my buttons on my shirt, and leaned to suck my nipples.

I wasn't hard yet, but I could feel his eagerness in the front of his pants. Looked like I was going to get fucked. Hmmmmm.

William took off my shirt, then finished undoing my pants. Moving quickly, he dropped and grabbing my pant cuffs, and pulled my pants off like a magician pulling off a table cloth with the china and silverware remaining.

Before I could move or say anything, he dropped to his knees, taking my cock deep into his throat. Who was I to complain?

He worked my cock like a starving animal. He sucked, he licked. He swallowed and kissed my cock all over. I could feel his saliva running down my balls. He slowed a bit, and began nursing on the tip of my cock like an infants on a tit. His tongue continuously swiping the head. I was almost at the point of ejaculating in his mouth when he pulled off.

"Move up" he told me. I pulled back on the bed, as he stripped off his remaining clothing. Wide eyed, he climbed up straddling my stomach, his rock hard cock pointing at my head.

He settled on my midsection, impaling his ass on my cock as he did so. I slid right up into him, I guessed he'd lubed his ass before we went to dinner. As he settled on me, my cock buried up to my balls in his ass, he sighed. "Ohhhh. Nice."
He rose, and began fucking himself while I laid there. He stroked his angry looking, purple headed cock.

I looked down at him, watching the first pearlescent drop of cum form at the end of his cock. Assuming I was about to receive a load from him, he smiled, and in one swift move, rose up off my cock, took me by the hand and told me it was my turn.

I rolled over, feeling his hands on my hips. He pulled me back slightly to get a good angle, then thrust his cock into my ass...err... pussy. It burned with the sudden stretching, but apparently the last workout had torn me enough that I stretched open for him. His balls rested against me.

"You alright?" he asked.

I moaned my approval. I was more than alright. I enjoyed him taking me, using me like this. The pain and burning was minor compared to the pleasure he gave me. His cock reamed my pussy, forcing my stretched muscles to open for him. The head of his cock rubbed my prostate. I knew I would cum from this stimulation.

William slowed his ride somewhat, I assume to prolong our pleasure. I could feel my pussy had opened enough to allow him easy entry and withdrawal.

I laid down on my front, William laying on top of me, relaxed, and enjoyed him riding in and out of me. My cock was leaking, the apparent easy sliding in my ass pussy meant he too, was leaking precum.

I would have been willing to let him use me all night, but he began speeding up, faster and faster. For my part, the thrusting inside of me had me ready to explode.

Suddenly, I shot my cum into the bedding below me. My ass pussy muscles contracted, squeezing his cock. I felt the short, hard jabs that men do when they cum, and the soothing warmth of Williams seed flowed into me, inseminating me.

After we both finished our orgasm, we dropped, me underneath him, exhausted.

Before I fell asleep, I remember thinking what a success this years conference had been, and for the first time in my career, I couldn't wait for next year's conference.


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