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VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 08

VIJAYA WOKE WITH A START in the middle of the night. She could hear voices in the kitchen adjoining their little room. She swung out of bed and stumbled out blinking sleep from her eyes. There was no one else at home but she and her brother and sister. The others had all gone out of town for the weekend.

Her sister and brother were fucking on the kitchen floor. She came wide awake, gaping, her body responding in the now familiar flush of lust-heat.

Sheila was beautiful. Her skin was dusky and creamy, her body firm and well curved. Her breasts were full and round. They were swollen now, her aureoles puckered with excitement, the stubby nipples nut-hard. Her belly was firm and flat, and her hips flared to nice legs. Her limbs were slender and shapely. Her feet and hands were slender and well-formed. She wore a gold ring on her ring finger. Her lovely face was radiant with passion. Her neck was arched, her face flung back, her rosebud lips parted, her small, perfect teeth bared in a rictus of lust. Her slender nose was flared.

Her body jerked and rolled back and forth, her back bowing taut as her brother fucked her rapidly. Harish was bent over her on his knuckles and knees, his buttocks flexing and un-flexing, bobbing furiously over her heaving loins. He was dark and lean, with a finely muscled, strong body. He was handsome and tall and looked wiry and tough. His shoulders were wide, the arms and legs filled with long, thick, sinewy muscle. His chest was hard and cleaved the belly flat. His hips were small, the buttocks firm and taut. His torso was smooth and hairless.

He was intensely good-looking, with fine, chiseled features: clean-shaven, square-jawed, with a sharp, aquiline nose, a wide, slim mouth, teeth that were very white and strong and dark, deep-set eyes. His hair was cut in short plucks, swept back over a wide brow. His penis was huge. Vijaya reckoned it to be over nine inches long and correspondingly thick.

Sheila obviously loved every inch it. She was on her back, her legs forked and spread with Harish bucking between them. Her legs were curled about his thighs. Her hips heaved up at his. Vijaya stared at them. Harish's swollen, glistening cock, ridged with thick veins, plunged deeply in and out, in and out, in and out of her cunt. He could hear it squelching into her belly, rasping out, squelching in again, drawing shuddering moans from her. Her body snapped and bowed with his savage thrusts, curling under his. Her head flipped from side to side. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust. The thin gold chain around her neck tossed and slithered between her breasts.

Harish's buttocks flexed and un-flexed, his cock rose, slid into her like a sword, lifted up again. Faster and faster he moved, thrusting deeper and harder into her. He flung his head back, his eyes closed. Sheila dug her fingers into his bunched biceps. Her shoulders hunched, her breasts squeezed together, the gold chain around her neck crushed between the lovely mounds. Their cries rang in Vijaya's ears.

"Ohhh Harish-Harish-Hauhhry! unhhh ... oh-ohh-ohh!" she gasped loudly. "*Hanh* uhh uhhhh *hanh* uhhhh uhhhh *hanh* uhhhh uhh ohmauhhohhhuhh oh oh ohhh uhh ohhmaohmaohmaohhhhh!"

"Unhhh ... unhh ... unhhh ... *chul ... chul rundi chul ... lele saali rahnd lele ... le merelavdeko* *hanh* uhhhhhhh!" he panted, using the vernacular, switching between that and English. "C'mon, whore ... take it! Take my cock, you whoring bitch ... take it!"

He began piston like a trip-hammer at full blast, his cock ramming in and out, in and out, in and out. He paused for a second to lever her thighs wider apart and to lean more steeply over him. At once he hit a furious, feverish, ram-fucking stroke again that tore a choking gasp from her throat. Their bodies glistened with sweat.

Harish slowed suddenly and she moaned, squeezing her breasts in her hands, rolling the heavy mounds under her palms, tweaking her nipples. She caressed his hard chest and belly, and then her hands slid to her loins and Vijaya saw her left hand encircle his piston shaft, the right clawing her cunt-lips open. Harish's cock rasped between her fingers. Vijaya thought the sight of the dark cock in her fair fingers, under her gold band, was incredibly sexy.

Harish's hips rose and fell rose and fell, his cock gliding smoothly, deeply, in and out, in and out, in and out. She whimpered and arched, writhing in pleasure and began to orgasm, her body stiffening suddenly under him, twitching as the waves crashed over her. Her body arched to his, pressing hard against him, her fingers digging into his strong shoulders. When she had finished, Harish slowly pulled out of her. His cock was still rock-hard. She moaned, caressing it, her shoulders hunched, her pretty face turned to one side, begging for more.

"Don't stop," she pleaded. "C'mon, Harish love, fuck me again!"

Vijaya could scarcely believe his ears. She was acting like a bitch in heavy rut. Harish grinned.

"Okay," he chuckled. "Whatever you say, whore! In your ass! Want it?"

"Yes! Oh god yes!" she gasped feverishly.

He was going to fuck her ass! Vijaya watched in disbelief as Sheila smiled at her brother. She got to her feet and leaned over the kitchen counter, her buttocks thrust back at him. They lobed open, exposing her puckered anus. Harish licked four fingers in an utterly obscene action and smeared his spittle around her asshole.

"Wait," he muttered. He stretched an arm around her and flipped open the lid of the butter dish. He dug his fingers into the soft yellow butter and scooped up a generous pat and grinning at her smeared it around her anus. Sheila writhed, whimpering. He smeared his erect cock with it, coating it thickly. It shone and glistened dully.

"Now c'mon," he muttered and shuffled forward.

Harish pressed his cock-head to her anus. Vijaya saw her tense. Harish chuckled and spread her buttocks wide open. His cock slipped around at her anus. He guided it to the orifice and his buttocks flexed. Sheila tensed and bit her lower lip, her eyes squeezed shut. Her body trembled. Her breasts and the gold chain swung free. Harish splayed her buttocks with one hand and slowly pushed his cock-head inward. It found its target, held. Sheila gasped and stiffened. Her fingers clawed. She clenched a towel rod on the tiled counter wall. Harish slid his hips forward.

"OHMAOHMAOHMAOHHHHHHHHH!" Sheila called, her face twisting with shock and agony and delight.

Harish's head jerked back and he gasped. Vijaya watched transfixed as the huge cock slithered between her buttocks, vanishing inexorably into her rear channel. Harish clenched her buttocks, pulled them wide, and thrust deeper and deeper and deeper. Sheila began to pant in pain and joy, her voice ragged and hoarse, her mouth torn open, her head jerked up. In and in and in he went, gritting his teeth, biting his lower lip, his head falling on his chest, now holding her hips and driving deeper. He went in to the hilt, and held still. Sheila sobbed, her breath coming in heaving rasps.

"OH-Harish ... Harish ... Harish ... c'mon ... do it ... quickly ... fuck me!" she gasped. "Fuck my ass, Harish baby ... fuck my ass!"

She was enjoying it! Sheila was actually enjoying it! Vijaya watched in amazement and mounting excitement. Harish leaned forward and squeezed her swollen breasts hard. They grew slippery with the butter. He stroked and caressed her belly, her buttocks, her hips, her breasts again. Holding her hips, he began move his own slowly, fucking her ass. Sheila gasped, rocking and lurching beneath him, turning her arm to cup her dangling breast, squeezing and kneading it in excitement.

"Yes ... OHhhh yes yes OHHhhh yes yes OHhhhgodyes!" she cried. "OHH uhh Ohma uhhh Harish uhhh OHHHHHH uhh OHH god yes!"

"C'mon, whore ... c'mon ... take it ... take my cock right up your ass, Sheila whore ... just like you do with the servant, baby ... and with Kartik ... and Jose ... and Uncle Sravan ... and Uncle Coomar ...and *me*! Take it, whore! Take it! *Le*, *rundi*, *le*! *Lele* *mere* *lund* *ko*!" Harish cried.

He slid a hand under her belly and began to stroke her clitoris. Sheila gasped and her buttocks trembled. Now she was rocking to and fro of her own accord, sliding her ass to and fro on his shaft. Harish began to move faster. His belly sucked in. Controlling her movements with his fingertips on her upper buttocks, he impaled her asshole with his penis, shoving it in, pulling out, thrust in again. His cock shone and glistened as it emerged and disappeared between the lobes of her buttocks. Her cries were small, broken, her face distorted in a rictus of agonized passion. Harish moved faster still, his hips jerking rapidly to and fro, his cock gliding in and out.

He paused to spread his legs on either side of her hips. He leaned over her with his hands on the counter edge, his cock buried deep in her, his body bent over hers. She was pinned beneath him. She waited for him to take his pleasure. His buttocks reared suddenly, sharply, then drove down into her savagely.

With a shuddering cry, Harish began to ram-fuck her butt. Sheila's breath ripped from her throat in a hoarse, ululating cry. Her mouth tore open. Her breasts began to jiggle furiously, her necklace whipping frantically back and forth. Harish's hips slammed into her buttocks again and again, his buttocks flexing and un-flexing, rising and falling, his cock piston furiously in and out, in and out.


"Ah uh ah uh fuck yes oh fuck yes oh yeh take it, whore, take it!" he went.

He was streaming with sweat now, his body arched, his head flung back and his mouth torn open. Faster and faster he went and even as Vijaya watched, Sheila began to orgasm. She went rigid under him, clawing and moaning, her head arched hard. Her breath came in broken rasps, her moans were thick and heavy and long. Harish continued to butt-fuck her gently. At last he stopped and slowly drew out of her.

"Liked it, whore?" he chuckled, spreading his legs. "Liked having my cock up your ass?"

"Oh god, yes," she gasped. "God, Harish ... that was incredible!"

He laughed loudly and slowly squeezed his cock up into her cunt. Sheila moaned, unresisting, as her brother fucked her cunt steadily with long, deep, piercing thrusts.

"Harish," she gasped. "Please ... let me suck you ... I want your cum in my mouth ... please?"

Harish snorted in delight and slid out of her. She stood trembling against the counter, her body racked with heaving, sobbing gasps. Harish moved around and hopped up on the counter in front of her face. She groaned, her head bowed, her body heaving. His rampant penis was thrust at her face.

"Suck me, Sheila bitch," Harish said softly. "Suck my cock, slut ... suck it good ... c'mon ... do it!"

Sheila groaned. Harish smiled and pulled her head down to his groin. Vijaya was now totally dumbstruck. Harish's butter-smeared penis, glistening with the juices from her cunt and anus was at her face. Laughing softly at her head bent over his lap, Harish stroked her face with it, teasing her, dodging her questing lips. Finally, he relented and let her have it. Her tongue flickered out and wound about the sticky, slimy, slippery cock-head. She began to lick it eagerly, like a hungry puppy, running her tongue up and down the shaft. It didn't seem to matter that it had just invaded her asshole.

"How does it taste, whore, the taste of your ass?" he chuckled. "Like it, eh? Yeh ... c'mon ... suck harder, bitch ... suck harder! *Harder*, whore, *suck harder*!"

She slipped her lips around his cock-head and part of his cock-shaft. Her cheeks billowed with his size. She began to suck his cock, jerking is cock, holding his thigh, her cheeks hollowing. Her head moved back and forth on his twitching loins. He held her head and began to fuck her mouth. Harish gasped, flinging his head back and groaning in delight. His belly drew in with tension. She cupped his low, heavy balls, fondling them. He looked down at her, one hand on her head, jerking it to and fro. She opened her mouth and her tongue flickered like lightning over his glans. Harish lost control.

Vijaya watched, stunned, as Sheila let her brother spew his jizz into her mouth. She opened her mouth and jerked his cock. Cum spattered on her face and neck and dangling breasts. She took his cock deep in her mouth again and sucked it some more, her head moving rapidly, drawing the very last drop of jizz out of his cock. Spunk dribbled down her chin and over her breasts, spattering on the counter.

Harish grinned at her, leaning back on his hands. Sheila licked his thighs and groin like a rutting bitch. Vijaya watched pop-eyed, as she lifted her breasts and rubbed them into the puddled gunk on the counter in an utterly wanton action. She rose with her breasts shining with gunk and arched her chest to his head, sliding an arm around his neck, drawing his lips to her breasts. She sighed with pleasure, her face creased in a smile of delight as his tongue and teeth caressed her nipples.

"C'mon Harish," she murmured lasciviously, kissing him hungrily, slipping his tongue in and out of her mouth. "Let's do it all over again! I'm still hot ... fuck me, Harish, baby ... fuck me like a slut!"

SEEING KARTIK AND SHANTI and her sister Sheila and Coomar and Sheila and the milkman and Sheila and their brother Harish -- *especially* her sister and Harish -- Vijaya was in a complete daze. She couldn't believe what she had seen and heard. Her sister was a *whore*.

A proper, full-fledged whore. Who took money to let money fuck her and her sister slept with ... no, her sister *fucked* Uncle Coomar. And Uncle Sravan. And their cousins, Kartik and Jose. And the servant, Shankar.

And even their brother, Harish. And no doubt she'd fuck the younger men, too, when she felt it was the right time. And her sister had always been a whore, and so had their mother, and her father had known it and encouraged it, and wanted it, and her brother took photos of men fucking his sister.

And her sister expected her, Vijaya, to do no less. She didn't mind. She expected it. She wanted it. She was waiting for it, and she would help her to become a good lover ... no, to become a good *fuck*, a good *piece of ass*.

It was too much to comprehend all at once, and it took Vijaya several days to fully understand the dimensions of the revelation. Once she had grasped its implications, she felt much calmer and decided she would have to make good choice for a first lover. She debated for several days, during which time she watched Kartik and Shanti fucking, and Uncle Sravan and Sheila, and Sheila with Kartik and with Jose. On one hot afternoon, she watched Harish fuck Sheila while their cousins Kartik and Jose waited their turn. Then, after Harish was done, creaming copiously in Sheila's butt, the two cousins fucked her together while Harish took photographs and shot a video. Vijaya moaned in excitement, aching to suck her brother's penis, her lust inflamed by its enormity.

She just couldn't make up her mind. Her lust for Harish was deep – he was incredibly handsome and had such a big cock, and the things he had done with Sheila, fucking her relentlessly like a demon while she thrashed ecstatically -- Vijaya wanted it to be her.

Kartik and Jose were attractive, too -- Jose was younger, but he, too, had a hard body that he was working on developing, handsome features and a sizable penis. When he fucked her sister, he seemed to have more imagination than Kartik, though Kartik was stronger and lasted longer. Her uncles, Coomar and Sravan, were experienced, adroit, very capable and attractive.

And then there was the servant, Shankar, muscular and good-looking, though not very tall, but with strong features, a square jaw, a straight nose, dark eyes, thick black hair and a manly square jaw.

Unlike most servants, he was clean-shaven, abjuring the wispy mustaches the others favored. His body was sexy, wide-shouldered, broad in the chest, with a hard belly, slim waist and thickly muscled arms and legs. She watched him fuck Sheila one day, taking her rapidly and deeply, mouthing sexy obscenities, fucking her again and again while Sheila orgasm repeatedly.

She couldn't make up her mind. Kartik and Jose were closer to her age, and that made them sexier. But they were relatively inexperienced. Uncle Coomar and Uncle Sravan seemed too old for her; she wanted a sense of exhilaration and exploration, not a sense of deliberation. Harish was ... well, she wanted to save Harish. It had to be special with him. And he was too close, he was her brother. She wasn't quite ready for that. She wanted a man who would take her like a woman, like a *whore*, not someone who knew he had to tutor her.

That left Shankar. Perhaps, after all, it would be best with him. And there was something indefinably risqué, inherently erotic, about fucking the *servant*, a man who was not her peer, socially. It had an element that others would see as sleaze but, to her, was more a question of raw lust. With him, there would be no complicated family issues, no vexing emotional ties; just sex, pure, hard, simple.

It was her sister who resolved the issue and helped her make her decision.

They were in their room late one night and Sheila was brushing Vijaya's hair before the mirror. Vijaya sat on the stool at the dressing table. Her sister smiled at her in the glass.

"So have you decided which one?" Sheila asked gently.

"What?" Vijaya bent her head and looked up over the tops of her eyes as her sister ran the brush through her tumbling dark hair, tinted by gorgeous brown highlights.

"Which guy is going to have the honor, dear? Have you decided?"

"What? What honor, Sheila? What guy?"

Her sister shook her head. "Come off it, Vijaya. You know what I'm talking about. You've been dreaming about sex for ages now, haven't you? And masturbating? And wondering which guy to sleep with? Or should I say, *fuck*?"


"Vijaya, please. I know you. You *are* my sister, and you're more like me than you know. I was just like this at your age, believe me. All I could think of was that. Sex. Men. Guys. Fucking. Cocks. My cunt and tits. Getting laid."

"Sheila, what are you saying!"

Sheila sighed in exasperation. "Please, girl, don't play games with me. You have been masturbating, haven't you?"

Vijaya stared at her in the mirror.

"Haven't you? Well?"

Slowly, Vijaya nodded.

"And dreaming of it?"

Vijaya nodded again.

"Ever seen a cock? A man naked?"

Vijaya hesitated. Then she nodded.

"Really. That's good. Tell me who."

Vijaya paused. Then, in a very soft voice, she said, "Kartik. Jose. Uncle Coomar. Uncle Sravan."

Her sister looked at her directly. "*All* of them? My, my. What have you been doing, spying?"

Vijaya looked her in the eye and then suddenly, wickedly, grinned. "Actually, yes. I've been watching Kartik and Shanti. And Kartik and Jose and Uncle Coomar and Uncle Sravan with you. And Shankar. And I saw Kartik's sexy movies and read his magazines. And yes, I've been masturbating."

Sheila smiled hugely. "See," she murmured. "I told you. It was the same with me at that age. I loved it. But you haven't had sex yet?"

"No. You know that. You asked me who I wanted."

"Just making sure. You want it, though, don't you?"

"More than anything else, Sheila. So much it hurts."

"That's good. That kind of hunger is good. What have you decided?"

"I haven't. Not yet."

"Can I make a suggestion?"

"Yes. I'm so confused! They're all so sexy, and I don't know which ..."



"Fuck Shankar."

"The servant? That Shankar?"

"Yes. That Shankar. The servant."
The two ladies paused, looked at each other in the mirror and then burst out laughing.

"That's the one you'd decided on, hadn't you?" Sheila laughed. "That's the one you wanted all along?"

"Yes. Actually, yes. Not the only one I want, but him first."

"Tell me why you want him."

"No. First *you* tell me why you suggested his name."

"No, you tell me."

Vijaya pouted and stuck out her tongue at her sister. "Okay. I'll tell you. Because the mans are too young and Harish's too close and Uncle Coomar and Uncle Sravan might be too ... too conscious, you know? They'll be specially cautious and all that kind of thing. I don't want that. Not the first time."

"What do you want, then?"

"A guy who takes me for what I am. Like a woman should be had."

"Good. Very good," her sister nodded. "And just how do you think a woman should be had, Vijaya?" Sheila was twisting her hair into a plait now.

"Ouch, careful, not so tight," Vijaya grimaced. "Well, I thought it should be, you know, not too gentle, not too rough. Just right. Full of, um, *fire*, but not so that it hurts. With ... with *hunger*, not like a biology class. Am I right?"

"Absolutely, my love," her sister said. "That's the correct approach. And yes, I agree, I think Shankar would be just right."

"What's *your* reason?"

Sheila laughed. "I should know, shouldn't I? God knows I've fucked him often enough. Well, let me tell you. He's good, very good. He knows how to fuck a woman. Just the right touch of rough play, and he's careful not to hurt. His cock's big, but not too big. Harish, for instance, his cock is huge. Some women find it painful. Shankar's just right for a first time."

"Also," Vijaya grinned. "He's the *servant*. I think that's very sexy. Isn't it?"

Her sister laughed, delight visible in every line of her face. "Spot on, child. It is *extremely* sexy, because it's one of those things we're just not supposed to do. So now. Tell me. How are you going to go about it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well you can't just go up to him and say 'fuck me', can you?"

"Why not?"

"Because, child, that's not half as much fun, and it's not nearly as good that way. You have to get him hot for you. Tempt him. Tease him. Flirt with him. Get him hot and excited, have him ogle you so that he's panting to fuck you, wanting you. You must draw it out. Then, when it does happen, it's explosive. Absolutely volcanic. Trust me.

It'll bring out the fire in him and if you let him know it's the first time for you, he'll be even more excited and the fucking will be that much better."

"But ... but what should I *do*, actually?"

"Dress differently, for one thing. Low cut blouses. *Saris*. Guys like Shankar love women in *saris*. Clinging T-shirts. The bathrobe.

Something like that."

Vijaya grinned. Her sister finished braiding her hair and Vijaya got up and, turning, hugged her sister. Sheila kissed her tenderly on the forehead.

"Oh, Sheila, I'm so happy you're not like other sisters," Vijaya murmured. "You're really a friend. Tell me ... when ... when I ... when I *fuck* Shankar ... will you ... would you be there?"

Sheila smiled and shook her head. "No, Vijaya. I won't. It's something you have to find and experience on your own. No one else can or should be part of it. Certainly not the first time. Perhaps another time, when you've got used to his body, and yours, and the things you do together."

Vijaya was silent, holding her sister close.

"I understand," Vijaya said softly. "Thank you."

Sheila sensed the tension and apprehension in her sister and smiled, stroking her hair tenderly. "You're lovely, Vijaya," she said softly.

"Very lovely, very sexy. You will be good in bed, and you will enjoy yourself. Remember that -- it's the only thing that matter – enjoy the sex, learn to relish fucking. There's no joy like it in anything else. Be happy, Vijaya. Always be happy."

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