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VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 03

The physical satisfaction that Vijaya derived from the illicit sex acts she'd engaged in with her brother-in-law and his lesbian friend was short-lived.

Once her lust-crazed body had been satisfied, guilt rushed in to settle over her like a dark cloud.

It was a familiar feeling for the lovely Tamil beauty. She had felt exactly the same way after each pornographic session she had posed for during the time of her mother's illness.

Although the voluptuous young woman had responded enthusiastically during the lurid filming, the warm glow of her body never endured. Once her passion was spent and her mind, rather than her body, was in control again, Vijaya was always thoroughly ashamed of her wild response.

Still, she simply could not stop herself from enjoying the forbidden sexual acts she participated in for the camera.

Right or wrong, she liked the feel of a warm mouth against her breasts and she could not prevent the delicious tingles of pleasure from rippling through her when some man sucked voraciously any more than she could keep her legs from splitting wide and trembling with excitement whenever a talented tongue slid across the sensitive throbbing tissues of her gaping pussy.

Having her cunt and bare well shaven ass eaten was a marvelous sensation, one that Vijaya enjoyed thoroughly.

Yes ... and she loved sucking cock too and being fucked in all kinds of thrilling and imaginative positions. Surely she was oversexed, Vijaya thought for the hundredth time. Why else would she respond so heatedly to the lickings, sucking, and fucking she was paid to indulge in with strangers years before?

Just as she had enjoyed herself with the brother-in-law she despised also and even though Ashok had forced her to submit to his outrageous sexual demands, Vijaya had wound up bucking and thrashing about in thrilling orgasm and now, she had reached the lowest of lows for she had engaged in lesbianism and so thoroughly enjoyed her perverse acts.

Rama's mouth and tongue had felt marvelous between her outspread legs, how could she help but respond? And so had the incredibly huge dildo the lesbian had fucked her with, it was even more thrilling than the battery-operated vibrator that Vijaya kept hidden in her dresser drawer and just thinking about how the massive pseudo-prick had prodded her secret depths, hurting and exciting her at the same time, made Vijaya's cunt throb with forbidden desire.

Still, the voluptuous young woman was plagued with guilt and would the day ever come, she wondered, when she would enjoy sex without carrying a heavy burden of guilt afterward?

Admittedly, she never felt dirty or ashamed after Uday made lover to her but she never really achieved a very powerful orgasm with her husband either and in an effort to atone for her secret and shameful acts, Vijaya was more indulgent than ever with her family, she spent extra hours with her daughter and she pampered her husband by serving elaborate meals, even that, however, did not still the small inner voice that plagued Vijaya.

"I don't deserve a fine man like Uday", she agonized, thanking he doesn't know what I'm really like. Vijaya cringed whenever she thought about the shocking and lewd acts she'd performed since her brother-in-law started his terrible game of sexual blackmail. And her cheeks burned with shame when she recalled her own wanton enjoyment.

Although she was filled with distaste whenever she thought about what was to take place on the next encounter with her brother-in-law while her unsuspecting husband was working at the shop, Vijaya felt certain that this would be one time when her body would not betray her.

RDS, Ashok's roommate, was so repulsive to Vijaya that she shuddered just thinking about what was in store for her. "I could never enjoy sex with a fat slob like RDS" she thought, goose bumps rising on her flesh.

Even though her cold- hearted brother-in-law was humiliating her by forcing her to have sex with his disgusting friend, at least Vijaya would not humiliate herself by responding.

With a man as disgusting as RDS, she felt certain that she would feel nothing except revulsion and even though Vijaya could think of nothing else, Ashok phoned to remind her of their upcoming date.

"And be nice to RDS," he warned. "He's my best friend, understand? And the poor guy doesn't score too often. Broads always give him the brush and he's long overdue for a good time, know what I mean?"

Vijaya sighed into the phone, for she knew what he meant, all right "Look, Ashok," she said in a tired voice. "Just when is all this going to end? Haven't I done more than enough already?"

Ashok laughed mirthlessly. "Almost, sweetie, almost and show my pal a real good time tomorrow and that'll just about even the score and just one more private session with you and me then that's it, okay?

After that, I'll forget all about those pictures. Make sure you shave your pores scent them well leave some muck and have sweat beads around the navel where you wear the girdle and make sure your mouth works wonders on the fat fart – I need his investments and you are my passport."

Hope fluttered within the Tamil slut beauty's breasts. "You mean it?" she asked, her hand tightening on the receiver.

"I give my word," he said, his lips curling into a sneer that she could not see.

Unaware of how worthless her brother-in-law's word really was, Vijaya was determined to get through Wednesday morning's ordeal without revealing her inner disgust.

Pretty soon this whole ugly mess will be over and she reminded herself whenever shivers of distaste rippled through her. No matter what I have to do with RDS, it'll be worth it. Then things can get back to normal around here.

It wasn't until Ashok and his obese friend actually showed up, however, that the well-stacked Tamil beauty learned just how much was to be expected of her.

"RDS's always had this secret fantasy, Vijaya," Ashok explained, taking off his jacket while the unattractive young man beside him stared at Vijaya in slack-mouthed fascination. "And I told him you'd be more than happy to act it out for him."

Vijaya's eyes moved to her brother-in-law's roommate who clutched a small paper sack, his puffy eyes glittering with excitement. "What ... what kind of fantasy?" she asked, feeling her body tense.

The two men exchanged glances and then grinned at each other before returning their gaze to the lovely Tamil beauty.

"You'll see," Ashok answered cheerfully. "Now, what I say we all get undressed and get right down to business? Something tells me this is going to be fun!" he added, moving to close the living room drapes.

In moments, the unlikely trio was completely nude. Icy fingers crept along Vijaya's spine at the eager way in which RDS's eyes devoured her naked body.

Bright splotches of color dotted his fleshy cheeks as his eyes wandered over her, sliding from the twin hills of femininity, with their delectable brown dark nipples, to the dark triangle of fuzz nestled between her legs.

"Lovely bitch, you sure are built!" he praised, the lust- bloated prick protruding from between his heavy thighs, bubbling in warm appreciation. Shanti did not really shave and she trimmed her pussy bush and left a lot to be explored by the fat short bastard.

Vijaya was unable to return the compliment. The young man's body was a shapeless mass of pasty flesh and his breasts were so layered with fat that they swelled like those of a girl in puberty.

Rolls of blubber encircled his thick waist and his stomach bulged like that of a middle- aged man. Compared to her lean brother-in-law, the naked young man's obesity seemed even more evident.

"Into the kitchen everybody," Ashok ordered. "And don't forget your equipment, RDS," he reminded. The young man's dimpled ass cheeks jiggled loosely as he hurried to the sofa to get his paper sack.

His distended rod leading the procession, Ashok headed for the kitchen, quickly lowering the shades. "Up on the table, dear sister-in-law," he instructed, removing the sugar bowl to place it on the counter.

When Vijaya just stared, he gave her bare ass a playful slap. "Move, doll," he said, snapping his fingers. "One of RDS's favorite fantasies includes a kitchen table, right, pal?"

His fat friend grinned and nodded his head, his dark hair swinging back and forth in greasy strands. "Yeah," he agreed, his voice breathless as he watched the voluptuous Tamil beauty climb up on the table.

"I always wanted to fuck a broad right smack in the middle of a kitchen table." His swollen cock bobbed and swayed between his thick thighs, its color deepening. "While another guy watched," he added, grinning lewdly at his roommate.

Ashok grinned back. "Well, the slut Vijaya here is your broad, RDS," he said. "And I'm your audience. So go to it, pal."

"Lay down, honey," RDS said, approaching the table where Vijaya sat, her melon like breasts protruding enticingly. "And spread your legs apart so I can see your pussy."

Vijaya saw Ashok hand his blubbery friend the paper sack. Dreading what was ahead, the naked Tamil beauty did as he asked, lowering her head. Her enormous tits rose proudly, their pink rosebuds aiming for the ceiling.

Sighing softly, she split her thighs, exposing the coral tissues of her inner cunt. As she lay on the table, split-legged and expectant, she heard the rattle of the paper sack then felt something cool touch her mound of Venus.

"Ohhhhh," she gasped, her body tensing. "It's just jam, sweetie," Ashok informed her in an amused voice.

"Yeah, strawberry jam!" RDS added, his pudgy fingers smearing the bright confection along the fuzzy lips of the Tamil beauty's vulva."My favorite!" Vijaya's widely splayed legs quivered when RDS's fingers moved across the sensitive bud of her clitoris, coating the tiny nodule with the thick substance.

The jam felt pleasantly cool on her warm membranes and a ripple of unexpected pleasure coursed through her naked body.

RDS dipped a spoon into the jar for more of the sweet substance before returning his jam-coated fingers to the gaping slit between her widespread legs.

Her lips parted at the feel of his gooey fingers sliding along the length of her pussy, digging into the many grooves and crevices of her open slit to coat every secret hollow

"Oh!" she cried, when his fingers darted up the slot of her vagina, swirling around to coat her inner walls with strawberry jam.

Vijaya had never had a foreign substance introduced into her secret cavern before and the novelty of the act made her hollow throb in quick response.

The brownish tips of her mammoth breasts rose into hard points and her pelvis lifted ever so slightly.

Ashok caught the soft rise of her hips, the unmistakable way her bright nipples hardened. "Feel good, Vijaya?" he taunted, leaning against the counter and seeing his friend smear the bright confection onto his sister-in-law's gaping cunt made his vast pole of manhood throb deliciously.

Grinning at the lewd performance, he reached down to grab his distended joint, rubbing it back and forth between his fingers, stimulating himself even more.

Vijaya's hips jerked again when RDS's finger left her vaginal opening to spoon more jam onto her widespread pussy before returning to attack her anus. His pudgy fingers circled the tight ring several times, teasing it deliciously before darting up inside.

Vijaya sucked in her breath at the sudden invasion. She squirmed as his jam-coated finger climbed higher and higher, digging into the tight aperture, smearing its walls with the sweet preserve.

The throbbing of her lewdly displayed cunt grew harder and the jam-covered nub of her clitoris began to swell. RDS's spiraling finger hurt, but at the same time it brought her a new kind of pleasure as well.

Although the tight ring of her violated anus puckered and winked in protest, the bright folds of her gaping pussy swelled in heated response.

"Oh God", Vijaya thought, her naked body writhing on the table, "I actually LIKE this! God help me, his sticky fingers feel GOOD!" even though she hated herself for responding, the naked Tamil beauty could not stop her pelvis from rising, moving in slow sensuous circles.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, her eyes growing dreamy as RDS's probing finger continued to invade her rectum. "That's niiice!"

The warm syrup of her arousal flowed forth, oozing from her sticky slot to blend with the strawberry jam. Stimulated even more by the lovely Tamil beauty's obvious pleasure, the obese young man withdrew his finger.

Suddenly, touching Vijaya's parted pussy wasn't enough. He wanted to taste it as well. "This is going to feel even nicer!" he promised before lowering his face between her legs.

Vijaya cried out at the pressure of his warm lips against her jam-covered cunt. RDS's tongue darted out to swirl up and down the length of her secreting throbbing slit, gathering the ambrosial substance from its many crevices.

The naked young man tasted the nectar of her femininity as well as the strawberry jam and the sweet combination made his lust-bloated hunk of meat pound hotly, Mmmmmm, what a sweet pussy, he thought, his tongue slavering among the wet folds.

When he came upon the slit of her flowing vagina, his tongue poked its way among the creamy tissues to lap up the jam his fingers had deposited there. Diluted by the cunt juices of her arousal, the distinctive flavor was highly pleasing to the young man's taste buds.

Once he had cleansed her feminine aperture of its nectar, RDS's oral member sought the tight ring of Vijaya's anus.

Grabbing her thighs to split her legs even futher, the over-weight young man sent his long oral member far up into the tight opening, swirling it around her asshole ring and rectum aperture and once he had lapped up the sweet confection he had placed in Vijaya's rectum, he withdrew his tongue to grin up at the naked Tamil beauty, his face smeared with jam and feminine secretions.

He loved her ass and that was evident and Vijaya was learning how much her lovers in the future will love her more for her ass giving and she knew how much it was important to keep that hole clean neat and attractive for her men lovers.

"Now for your tits!" he panted, reaching once again for the jar of strawberry jam.

Moving to Vijaya's bosom, he dipped the spoon into the jar to deposit a generous portion of the flavorful spread on each of her uplifted nipples.

Setting the jar on the floor, RDS bent over the table to lift a savory brown aureole into his edger mouth.

Sucking voraciously, his pudgy hands kneaded at the firm hills of flesh surrounding the delectable tip.

Mmmmmm, what a tasty pair of knockers, he thought, his big balls churning.

Watching his friend devour the jam-coated nipple proved too much for Ashok and his hot shaft of masculinity was pounding furiously and his lips hungered for the same carnal treat that his roommate was enjoying.

Moving quickly, Ashok circled around to the opposite side of the table, bending his slender body over his sister-in-law's other luscious mound of femininity and drawing the jam-coated nipple into his mouth, he drew on it vigorously while his fingers dug into her warm flesh.

Even though he had little use for Vijaya, Ashok had to admit that she had a gorgeous pair of boobs.

Vijaya arched her back, moaning in ecstasy. Oh, it felt so heavenly to be sucked like this by two hungry mouths. This was the best going over her aching tits had ever received.

Her brown dark distended nipples felt as if they were about to be torn off but she did not want the delicious sucking to cease.

Her entire pelvic area swirled hotly while her clitoris caught fire again, rising from its hooded refuge. "Suck, suck!" she cried in wild abandon, writhing on the table. "Oh, it feels marrrvelousss!"

Hearing her wanton plea made RDS's deeply veined organ ache with need, a need that could no longer be denied.

Whimpering, he lifted his mouth from her breast to climb up on the table. His breathing grew even more labored at the physical exertion. Panting, he straddled the naked Tamil beauty and then yanked her legs apart.

The sight of his friend still sucking away on Vijaya's uplifted tit only added to the heat of his lust. His semen-packed balls pounded, demanding release.

His fingers shaking, RDS grabbed his thick shaft and poked it wetly and uncertainly among the slippery folds of her pussy and then finding the right aperture, his blood-filled organ slipped inside. The wetness of her grasping cunt felt wonderful and he fucked fast and hard, ramming his vastness into her with all the strength he possessed.

His beloved sexual fantasy was becoming reality at last and he was actually fucking a beautiful woman on top of a kitchen table!

All he needed to make it complete was a pair of observing eyes. "Watch us, Ashok," he gasped, his hips jerking back and forth, making the table shake. "Watch us fuck!"

Ashok lifted his head from Vijaya's nipple and the bright brown radiating sweating nipple slipped wetly away, red and elongated and glistening with saliva. "I'm watchin', RDS,"

Ashok assured, grinning lasciviously."Go ahead and fuck, pal. Give her the fucking of her life!"

The obese young man balanced his heavy weight with his arms, ramming the Tamil beauty's inner depths with determination.

The few times he'd fucked before were with real dogs, women who very seldom felt a hot prick within their vaginas.

Although they had met his physical needs, the women he'd screwed before had not excited him the way that Vijaya was exciting him now and never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that he would be pounding his hot prick into someone as luscious as the naked dark-haired young wife who lay defenselessly under him and swept away by physical sensation, Vijaya lifted her hips in harmony with each forward thrust of RDS's heavy body.

The fact that he was homely and fat was blotted out by the incredible vastness of his hot penis, the thrilling and forceful manner in which his big pole of masculinity was cramming her inner pussy depths.

"Harder!" she begged, swirling her pelvis. "Push harder!"

Pleased by his sister-in-law's performance, Ashok played with himself while he watched and he squeezed his dangling sacs with one hand while he rubbed the knoblike tip of his cock with the other while he saw Vijaya's legs curl around his friend's thick waist and he grinned, pulling even harder on his fiery shaft.

Vijaya sure knows how to fuck, he observed. RDS's having the time of his life!

Their naked bodies moving in frantic accord, the copulating couple's energetic gyrations caused the table to shake.

RDS's pale flaccid ass cheeks jiggled like gelatin and his big balls slapped against the Tamil beauty's buttocks as he tore in and out of her slick aperture. His greasy hair swung back and forth and his wet mouth hung loosely, spittle trickling down the sides of his chin.

He wanted this glorious fucking to go on and on, to last an eternity.

Aware of his friend's observing eyes, the young man's passion rose to a feverish pitch. Harder and harder he fucked, his lust overpowering him. Unable to hold back a moment longer, his massive bulk humped wildly, sending fiery spurts of sperm exploding into the Tamil beauty's creamy vaginal walls. "Oh shit!" he gasped, "I'm cumming! Aghhhhh!"

The harsh volcanic bursts within her made Vijaya's steaming cunt ripple and convulse in thrilling orgasm.

She dug her fingernails into RDS's fleshy back, straining against him, her throbbing pussy sucking at his erupting cock.

A strange gurgling sound came from RDS's throat as he emptied his pulsating organ into her canal. The spouting head of his ejaculating prick rammed the mouth of her womb as they bucked and jerked up on the table, climaxing in unison, until the consuming waves of carnal sensation finally diminished.
"How was it, RDS?" Ashok wanted to know, leering at his fat friend whose spent penis was still deeply embedded in Vijaya's saturated pussy. "Did she give you a good fuck?"

"Oh God, yes!" the sated young man replied, lifting a heavy leg to dismount. "Better than all ever had!"

Ashok looked pleased. "Glad to hear it, pal. But then Vijaya's got a real generous nature. Always willing to cater to a friend in need, right, Vijaya?" he added, his mocking gaze shifting to his sister-in-law.

"Now that RDS's been takin' care of, how about actin' out one of my fantasies, sweetie?" Pulling out a kitchen chair, he turned it around and sat down on it, his towering cock rising like a sapling reaching for the sun.

"Get on top or me, doll," he instructed, patting his lap. "And I'll make you feel every bit as good as RDS just did."

Her cheeky bright with humiliation, Vijaya slid off the table and straddled her brother-in-law. She hadn't meant to enjoy herself like that, but somehow her traitorous body always got the best of her.

The fact that Ashok had observed her enthusiastic response to his roommate's table fucking meant that he had succeeded in degrading her once again.

She had no secrets from him now. Not after all Vijaya had endured ... and yes, enjoyed ... under his watchful eyes.

She'd been forced to suck Ashok's cock and had ended up swallowing his hot cum in great greedy gulps, kneeling in front of him in naked abandon.

Her throbbing cunt had been fingered and tongued and she had flipped her pelvis in heated response. She had been subjected to the perverted passions of another woman and had writhed in forbidden ecstasy.

Ashok had even witnessed the invasion of her helpless pussy by an oversized dildo and saw the shameful way her streaming cunt welcomed the huge rubber cock. What was the point now in trying to hold back?

There was nothing new that her brother-in-law could learn about her, so Vijaya decided, with a sense of total debasement and defeat, that she might just as well relax and enjoy the lap-fucking she was about to receive.

Grasping her by the hips, Ashok guided her naked body downward until her parted pussy hovered directly over his taut glistening prick head and the huge knoblike tip poked wetly among her saturated membranes until it found the sperm-soaked slit it sought.

Once the mushroom like head of his dripping organ found its target, Ashok pulled the split-legged Tamil beauty down hard while he jerked his pelvis, sending his hot poker far into her vaginal orifice.

"Oooooohhhhhhh!" Vijaya cried as he penetrated her with lightning speed and sitting on top of him like this made his swollen shaft seem even bigger, more punishing.

It crowded her cunt opening at a breathtaking angle, its thick base rubbing briskly against the nub of her clitoris, making her pussy come alive again. It throbbed in quick response, grasping greedily at this new and glorious invader.

Again and again, Ashok lifted her high in the air before yanking her down on his lap. He fucked her mercilessly, pounding against the mouth of her womb on each reentry, making her gasp for air.

The steady friction of his piston like cudgel against her sensitive clitoris made the tiny organ quiver hotly.

Vijaya's cheeks were flushed and her eyes glazed. Her long dark hair awhirl, she flew up and down on his distended shaft, her melon like breasts dancing wildly.

"Deeper!" she begged, her fingers clutching his shoulders as she rode him like a broncobuster. Completely consumed by flames of passion, the bobbing Tamil beauty knew no shame."Split me in two!" she pleaded, her lovely features contorted by lust.

This was the first time when she was fucked by two men back to back in her pussy while she was still holding the first man's jism in her orifice and the slick hole was now accommodating a second cock which would spew more semen in a short while – she had arrived and was now the cherished whore – slut – harlot and the most sought after sexual object.

RDS watched the copulating couple with a look of glee upon his fleshy face and now that his lust had been satisfied, he was thoroughly enjoying the role of spectator, watching someone else fuck was another of his secret sexual fantasies and he grinned foolishly, fondling his withered organ as he gazed.

She sure is dynamite, he observed, watching Vijaya ride his roommate's prick.

Ashok is one lucky son-of-a-bitch to have her for a sister-in-law.

Ashok was almost mindless with animal lust while hurling his hips savagely, he grunted like a pig as he tore into her. Vijaya's cunt was wet and satiny and it clung tightly to his piston rod, making it good for him and he felt the mouth of her womb bump into the sensitive tip of his organ, driving him wild with carnal joy.

He jerked his hips as hard as he could, trying to fuck her even deeper, to make his fiery shaft split her in half and her big tits undulating just inches from his face increased his excitement until it rose to a feverish pitch, with one final savage thrust of his pelvis, Ashok's steaming cock erupted inside her, sending fiery bursts of hot semen to blend with the passion juices already coating her pulpy vaginal walls.

The violent explosion inside her innermost depths made Vijaya climax too and their naked sweating bodies humping on the chair, the orgasm filled pair moaned and whimpered in sweet release.

When it was over, Vijaya collapsed on top of her brother-in-law, her sated pussy purring contentedly while her cunt overflowing with the combined juices of masculinity.

Vijaya knew that the afterglow in which she was basking would end all too quickly, that the pleasant warmth would soon be replaced by the dreaded cloak of guilt, and that the familiar garment would hang heavily on her shoulders.

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