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Vamp for the Living Dead Girl

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, people, places, conventions, events etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Ashley Costello (singer, New Year's Day)

Vamp for the Living Dead Girl

A celebrity erotic story

By DaxG2001

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, anal.

* * *

"Fucking shitty party..." Ashley Costello mumbled to herself. The leader singer of Hard Rock, Alt-Metal band New Years Day had somehow found herself dragged to some Halloween 2015 party held by some friend, or relative or a record executive or a tour sponsor or something. She was both so mind numbingly bored by the awful to her music being played, and personally disgusted by the more slutty or cheap than accurate monster "costumes" worn by most at this party that she had forgotten why she'd agreed to be here in the first place. "I must have lost a fucking bet..." She sighed, thinking that she was about ready to smash her glass over some asshole's head if another drunken "Bro" tried to hit on her. Again.

The one advantage she had here was that no one seemed to know her identity or career as the "Living Dead Girl" singer of the "Hauntedmansioncore" act. Clad in what she would consider just normal clothing for herself of a black, leather-like jacket with studs on the shoulders, a black tight-fitting top underneath and a short black skirt with leggings and spiked shoes, topped off by her signature dual-coloured hair of halves with black on one side and red on the other. She fit in at least along with her simple matching black bag over her shoulder, but she was getting more and more pissed off with each passing "guess" of her coming as a "Goth chick". The urge to strike was certainly rising.

Just as she was considering the best way to bail out from this all, her gaze fell across the room to the first actual costume she'd seen that had some effort put into it. No, in fact, a damn lot of it to her smoking, narrowed eyes. The long coat, the bat-shaped buckles on the belt and securing the cape, and cufflinks on the sleeves? The slicked back black hair and the hint of fangs when the handsome, and nicely built looking man spoke, currently dismissing a rather trashy looking "Maid" offering a half-bottle of booze. This was a fine looking Dracula indeed. In fact, he might be the pick up she needs...

Catching his gaze as the "Maid" stumbled off, she smirked a motioned towards a side corridor away from the main crowd. After a second to check her out and register the motion, he smirked back and gave a nod in response, causing her to smirk just a little more as it seemed clear he was enjoying proceedings as much as she was. All the better for her then...

After dodging more drunks and bad costumes, she eventually arrived at the corridor that still was as noisy as the party from the sounds of people and music still playing but found the awaiting "vampire" with a rather inviting looking smirk on his face.

"Quite the awful gathering, is it not?" He spoke in a truly practiced "Dracula"-like voice, enough to make her smirk again as she shivered with internal excitement. Like this guy was reading his mind.

"Indeed it is my Dark Lord..." Ashley replied, licking her lips a little as she showed her eagerness. "But perhaps we can have a... Gathering, of our own..." She boldly said, seeing the nearby door and pushing it open, barely checking to see if it was unoccupied - which it was - before she reached over, taking him by the arm and hauling him inside and closing the door behind her.

"My my... This evening is certainly improving..." The lucky hunk grins back seeing from the lusty look in her eyes what she's after as she set her bag down before she slips down to her knees in front of him. "May I have the pleasure of knowing the name of... Ahhhhh..." He goes to say, but is cut off when she slides a hand up his crotch to give him a squeeze.

"It's Ashley..." Costello smirks up at him, unfazed by him not knowing who she is as her hands are now reaching to quickly undo his belt. "But I already know your name, Count Dracula... Your reputation proceeds you..." She says, playing up his outfit like they're acting out some roleplay fantasy.

"Indeed... That it is..." He responds with a nod, keeping up the "vampire" voice as he quickly takes the hint, seeing what she quickly wants.

Hauling down not just his pants but his boxer shorts as well, her eyes widen in surprise and soon a dark, wide grin forms on her gorgeous face as she spies that he's packing quite a piece of thick and lengthy looking cock. "That it fucking is!" She says with approval, reaching to grip that cock and start to stroke him off. "A big fucking reputation..." She adds as she starts to pump him and get his dick stiff. "Hope you don't mind my Count... But instead of taking a bite out of my neck, how about you let me take a taste of you?" She offers with a seductively raised eyebrow.

"Ahhhh... I believe I can allow that..." A toothy, "fang" showing smile shows that "Dracula" likes the sounds of that, not caring that she hasn't even asked for his actual name yet. "As long as you don't sink your fangs into me..."

"I'll behave... Now let's see if you can keep it up "Drac"..." She teased with a smirk, her words having double meaning but before he can process that thought she's always getting to work on him, sliding her tongue around the head of his hardening cock, stroking away at his rod as she laps at the crown with a couple of quick swirls that shows she wasn't messing around in wanting to get down in dirty. "Now let me get a taste of this "stake" of yours..." The New Years Day singer flashes another devilish grin before she promptly takes his fully stiff dick into her mouth, making them both groan as she pushes her pretty face down onto his cock to take a large amount of his inches inside with just the first push. She doesn't stop there of course, soon drawing back and making sure he feels those dark lips wrapped around his member as she begins to bob her head along his meaty tool.

"Mmmmm!! Ahhhhh... Fuck!! Mmmmm Yessss..." The costumed stud cannot be believe his luck as the Hard Rock beauty is slurping on his cock with long, savouring sucks as she takes her time with the task of giving some head, despite her eagerness to get nasty with him, not even bothering to jerk him off now as she uses her mouth to pleasure that thick shaft. "Ahhhhh... Usually I'm... Mmmmm... The one seducing my "meals"... Ahhhh... Not the other way around..." He says in his best, especially considering how hard it is to concentrate with his dick deep in the warm and wet mouth of the rock singer, "Dracula" voice, broken up between the moans she's making him let out as that oral hole slides effortlessly back and forth over his rod.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm... Mmmmmm..." The dual-colour haired stunner gazes up with those smoking hot eyes, a shiver going up her as this twisted roleplay goes on, imagining she's sucking off the real vampire Count and hearing his moans is all the encouragement she needs to keep on servicing him, running her lips back and forth over his size. Showing she knows how to handle a dick with her usually reserved for singing oral hole she pulls back and off from him, licking her lips briefly before spitting down onto that shaft and then plunging right back down with a hunger as she moans herself around that fuck stick. "Mmmmmphhh!! MMMMM... Mmmmm..." Skillfully using a hand to brush loose strands of hair away from her face, she keeps the bobbing motion going smoothly and now steadily, like she's testing the truly right place, right time, and certainly right costume stud as she picks up the pace and in turn his moans are getting that little bit louder in response.

"Mmmmmm!! Mmmm... Yes my... My subject... Worship me..." He groans out, encouraging her to keep on delivering this red hot cock sucking, a task she's clearly no stranger to dishing out but seems all too happy to do so, turned on by this no-strings-attached fling with this man she doesn't even know the real name off yet is hungrily working over his cock with loud and long slurps. "Ahhhhh... It's been quite... Ahhhhh... A few centuries since I experienced... MMMMM!! Skill like this..." Wisely continuing to keep up his "character" for her, he flashes his "fangs" with a grin as he gazes down at the self proclaimed "Living Dead Girl", who seems to be showing she knows how to handle a red blooded male with the way she's keeping him moaning with each back and forth motion on his shaft that she delivers.

"Mmmmmphhh!! MMMMM... Mmmmm!!" Narrowing her eyes both seductively and with a flash of her trademark sexy darkness, she raises her head up so she's got just the crown of his cock inside her mouth, using her hand to pump away at his cock and working her saliva all over that big tool with a couple of rapid-fire bursts of stokes. "Ahhhhh... Quite delicious, and still nice... No! Still nasty and hard for me..." She says with clear approval, spitting down onto his pole again and using her eager tongue to once again lick around and service the head of his cock, her hand delivering another round of pumps all the way up and down as the red and black haired beauty even moves down to give the underside of his cock a long lick all the way from the balls up to the tip.

"You... Mmmmm... You doubt the... Ahhhh... Ability of the Prince of Darkness?" The response, broken up by groans, came from "Dracula" as he returns the smirk she was casting up at him while jerking him off.

"Not at all my "Lord"..." Ashley replied as she releases his cock, getting up to stand and then brush past him, moving up towards the wall. "In fact, let your "servant" present herself for you..." She adds, playing along as well as she reaches back, raising up her skirt to show off her gorgeously rounded ass and already slick looking snatch to him.

"You truly are far from innocent..." He notes at the fact she doesn't have underwear on but is far from complaining as he steps forward towards her just as she starts to lean towards the wall, sticking that ass out for him.

"Same goes for you... Taking me like this, and not even a fucking rubber on..." Costello grins back, watching her "Dracula" lining his rod up with her entrance. "And I bet... You're going to fuck me like I'm some... Cheap... Dirty... Fucking slut... Aren't you?" She says not just to keep up the roleplay, but as a clear challenge for him to take advantage of this opportunity.

"My dear... It's like you're reading my mind..." He chuckles as he pushes forward, making them both moan out in sinful delight as he invades the Hard Rock singer's snatch, feeling how wonderfully tight and indeed wet she is down there, and in return she's getting the sensation of that passage being filled up and made to stretch already just from the first stroke. "Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM... Oh yes... You'll be... Fucked!! Good alright Ashley..." He grunts, drawing back his rod just so he can send it right back into her with a stiff thrust, then another, and soon he was into a rhythm to pump the dark-styled stunner, gripping her hips for that bit of support so her can put force into the motion just as she demanded, causing her already to rock back against the motion on her heels in response, despite the pumping having only just begun.

"MMMMM!! Oh yes!! Ahhhhh... FUCK!! Almost... Almost like that... But more!!" She states, as even as she's being made to moan out and look back at him with a devilish smirk as she arches her body out from the wall that's she's up against, her arms crossed so she can freely move and keep working against his pumps, ensuring he's going in deep to stuff her needy slit up as much as he can. "Harder "Drac"... MMMM... Don't fucking hold back on me!! Fucking use me... Mmmmm!! Use me!!" She instructs as the Ahaheim, California native shows how much it's going to take to satisfy her needs, and it seems that getting her snatch fucked from behind while she's still almost fully clothed still isn't enough to fulfill this dirty to say the least sex being played out as this still nameless stud is taking her from behind like they've been an item for years instead of just the actual minutes it's been.

"MMMMM... Quite... Quite understood! Ahhhhhh... Let's see... MMMM... How much you can take..." He nods with a smirk of his own, loving how shameless the lead singer of New Years Day is being for his cock, having no problems taking him bareback and especially when he thrusts in firmly, making his cock connect with her shapely ass and making her groan in response as the fucking goes balls deep, and all too easily at that. "Mmmmmm yesssss... Ahhhhhhh... You will... Uhhhhh!! See what experience I have... MMMMM... In dealing with lusty maidens like you..." He's able to speak out in his "Dracula" voice, still dressed up in that Halloween attire himself with just his pants and underwear gone as he pumps the rather similarly dark-dressed stunner bent over in front of him, giving her tight and wet pussy more deep and stiff thrusts, adding that slap of skin meeting skin to mix in the air along with their completely shameless moans.

"SHIT!! Yes!! More... Fucking!! AHHHHHH!! OH YES!! Hard!!" She lets out a signature scream as he delivers a hard thrust straight into her needy hole, staring back over her shoulder at the "vampire" who rather than sucking her blood is ravaging her in a different but certainly sinful manner as his fuck stick slides swiftly and with the right amount of force to keep her jolting forward every time he drives into the sexy singer's slick snatch. "UHHHHHH!! Harder!! COME ON FUCKER!! Mmmmmmm... MMMMM... Tear it up!! Make me... AHHHHH... Fucking feel it!!" She demands, gritting her teeth as she tosses that sexy red and black hair back, reaching under her jacket with a hand so she can squeeze her own tits through her clothing, making her groan again as even with this kind to pumping that's filling up her pussy with every thick inch of his rod, it still isn't quite enough for the darkly beautiful front-woman.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmm!! Have... Have it your fucking way then..." He hisses, using a hand to reach forward, gripping those long dual coloured locks and then pulling back, forcing her head back and causing her to scream out not in pain, but in dirty delight with a wide, nasty grin on her gorgeous face, still able to look back a bit as he keeps driving his cock in deep and hard into her wet tunnel that's clearly built to be banged in such a rough manner. "Mmmmm!! FUCK!! Seems... Ahhhhhh!! We've found the nail for the coffin..." The lucky but clearly sexually experienced "Dracula" is able to comment in-character even as he focuses on giving the New Years Day star the kind of pounding that she not only deserves to take, but has been demanding from the start as he ass continues to smack back into his crotch each time he slams into that snatch and makes them both moan out.

"YES!! MOTHER FUCKER!! Mmmmmmm!! Yes YES YES AHHHHHHH!!" She lets out another wild, spine-shaking scream that thankfully has been blocked out from the rest of the Halloween party just a wall away from the party music, but this current get together is of a far more physical nature as sweat is already starting to form on the forehead of the proud "Living Dead Girl". "UHHHHH!! More... Don't!! Don't you... DARE FUCKING STOP!! MMMMMM!!" Any potentially ruined make-up is currently the least of her worries as she gets off on being fucked from behind by a man she doesn't even know the name off, just lusting for his accurate in her mind costume of the legendary Count Dracula, and even more so now as he takes the reigns, in a literal sense as he keeps a tight hold of her half black, half red hair while banging her.

"UHHHHH... I don't plan on it, but I think it's about time... Ahhhhhh... To approach things from a different angle..." He says, giving another deep pump before he lets go of her hair and pulls out of her snatch.

"I said... Don't fucking stop!" Ashley snaps with wild, angry eyes for a moment, grabbing him by the jacket and suddenly sending him down onto his back with a thud, not even giving him a chance to recover as she quickly mounts him with both hands on his shirt-covered chest.

"Ahhhhhh!! You... Mmmmm!!" He goes to complain but is cut off with a moan as she drops her snatch down and takes his cock up into her, starting to bounce on him in an almost desperate way. "You... You dare defy the Dark Lord like this??" He manages to stay in character as "Dracula" despite her now switching their roles to be in the dominate position, and in more ways than one.

"MMMMM FUCK!! I'm... I'm sure you'll... AHHHHH!! Fucking forgive me, you blood sucking... MOTHER FUCKER!!" She moans and screams out with another dark and lusty smile as she runs her nails teasingly down his chest all the way to just above his crotch, and all while she bounces swiftly up and down on his cock to stuff herself full with his cock and in turn make them both moan, and unsurprisingly it works wonders to make the brief tension vanish between them as get right back to the red hot fucking. "UHHHHH!! YESSSSSS... Gonna... UHHHH!! Ride the FUCK!! Out of this fucking cock!!" She vows as hair sways with every upward and down motion she delivers onto his rock hard fuck stick of her "vampire" lover underneath her, her hands now raising up her top up until she nicely sized and rounded tits are shown off, and she can't help but smirk as she seems him grin at the sight, especially as those breasts start bouncing in time with the rest of her Alt-Metal body as she rides him.

"AHHHHH!! Shit!! MMMMM... I don't... Ahhhhhh... Doubt that fact at all..." He comments, thinking that this was in a way exactly what he wanted to do - continue the smoking, nasty sex in a brand new position - just not with such a sudden way to get to it. However considering he's getting to be once again deep inside that tight and wet snatch as she works herself over his thickness, he's not going to complain as the horny beauty goes wild once more on his shaft, getting off on fucking "Dracula" like the true "Living Dead Girl" she is. "UHHHHH!! Then do it! Ride... AHHHHH!! Ride me!! Worship my... MMMMM... Worship my fucking cock!!" He now feels confident enough to make the demands from the gorgeous stunner, even though it already feels even better than top notch with the way she's bouncing on his dick like it's second nature to her, showing that this must be far from the first time she's taken cock like this, even when it's from a hunk she's barely met and doesn't even know the real name of.

"FUCK!! You... MMMM!! You have no fucking idea!! FUCK!! We're just getting STARTED!!" She yells back in delight as she drops herself down hard into his crotch to once again make that dirty slap of skin meeting skin ring out before she quickly lifts herself up a few inches on his rod so she can repeat the motion and make them both moan out in a totally shameless and very pleasurable way, appearing to put on another show as she spits onto a finger and uses her tongue to wet that digit. "MMMMMM... OH YES!! FUCK!!... FUCK FUCK FUCK!!" As she rides the lucky, costumed hunk, she's reaching back with a hand so she can skillfully spread her ass cheeks apart, now pushing that finger into herself and able to finger-fuck her own ass, in a sense double stuffing herself as she works her tighter rear hole with her own digit and stuffs her pussy full of thick dick at the same time.

"MMMMM!! Ahhhhhh FUCK!! Oh yes... MMMMM!! Fucking take it!!" He grunts, loving the feeling of being so deep in such a wet and still tight snatch despite the repeated pounding she's taken and is currently giving herself as the New Years Day singer puts on a better than pornstar performance as she effortlessly takes all of his manhood straight up into herself each time she drops down sharply onto his shaft. "Ahhhhhhh... A woman like you... MMMMM!! Seems to know how to... UHHHHHH!! Raise... The Dead..." He's able to groan out to stay somewhat in character even at this point, sweat clearly showing on the exposed parts of his similarly partially-clothed body as he happy takes this wild and then some ride from the stunning, dual-colour haired beauty mounted on top of him, her tits jiggling in an extra visual treat with every bounce her dark-styled but gorgeous body does on his meaty pole.
"MMMMM!! Ooooooooooh!! You... AHHHHH!! You have no FUCKING idea!!" She's able to laugh between moans and her loud screams of sinful joy as she keeps on stuffing her own snatch full with all this cock being offered up to her by the costumed hunk, finding herself gasping as she's also fingering her own anal passage at the same time to show how truly down and dirty the Hard Rock beauty can really be. "UHHHHH!!... Thank... Thank FUCK you can fucking handle me!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK!!" She notes the clear sexual skill of the fuck buddy she's managed to pick out from this Halloween party and is showing her thanks for that in kind, keeping on this swift and stiff motion as she raises and lowers herself again and again to leave his cock coated with her juices, that slap of her pussy meeting his crotch ringing out, and of course keeping their moans loud and long as the shameless, no-strings-attached sex carries on.

"AHHHHH... If you're so sure... MMMMMM!! Then perhaps it's time I once again... AHHHHH FUCK!!" He grunts out as she delivers another hard bounce down onto his rod. "I took the lead once again..."

"MMMMM... Give me one moment... "Drac"..." Costello teases with a smirk, lifting herself up and off from him, dismounting and moving across towards her bag, knowing where to look as she pulls out a small bottle with a clear liquid in it. "We're going to get full on fucking sinning here!" She grins darkly as she pours some of the lube down onto his cock, making groan as she uses her hand to stroke it all over his dick with a round of pumps.

"Ahhhhh... All three holes?? Mmmmm..." "Dracula" flashes his "fangs" with a smile of his own as he figures out what she's planning. "Most... Sinful indeed... I approve..."

"No fucking shit..." Ashley laughs, pouring lube out onto her fingers before putting the bottle away, and now assuming the position as she gets down onto her elbows and knees, her skirt still raised up to show off her ass and in turn herself as she reaches back and starts to finger her asshole again, now working that lubricant right in for good measure.

"Then say no more... My willing beauty..." He smirks as he moves up into position behind her, gripping his length and pushing it firmly into her awaiting hole, groaning as he feels how tight she is and she tenses up at the invasion, but soon both are yet again moaning out in an indeed sinning and shameless way as he begins to thrust his cock into her rounded backside. "FUCK!! Ahhhhh... SHIT... MMMMM!! FUCK!!" He grunts at the intense but pleasurable, thanks in part to the skillful lubing up she'd done on them both prior, grip that's all around his thick rod as he firmly but steadily to begin with fucks the stunning Hard Rock beauty up her gorgeous, tight ass and is making her moan out as she looks back with those smoking hot and now lust-filled eyes at the costumed stud fucking her butt from behind.

"UHHHHH!! HARDER!! DE-DEEPER!! MMMMM!! AHHHH... AHHHHHH!!" She screams out in a just as intense way as she does on stage for New Years Day, but with completely different motivation as she craves more of the cock of the "Dark Lord" deep between her rear cheeks, one of her arms stretched out in front of her so she can begin rocking herself back in a rather slutty manner towards his pumps. At the same time her other hand is deep between her legs, the fingers that had been lubing up her asshole moments before now stuffed deep into her already well fucked snatch to ensure she gets the maximum pleasure possible from this ass fucking. "MMMMM!! YEAH!! FUCK!! OH SHIIIIIIIT!! MMMMMMM AHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCK!!" Her half red, half black haired head tilts back when to her lustful delight he gives her a stiffer pump into her back passage, sending another inch of his man meat into her asshole and in turn making her jolt forward, her exposed tits swaying in time with the motion of the rest of her as sweat starts to drip from that gorgeous, "Living Dead" body.

"UHHHH!! Mmmmmm!! MMMMM FUCK!! AHHHHH... Awwwwwww SHIT!!" Having given up now on the act of keeping up the "Dracula" character, he's wisely got his focus on giving her fine, rounded ass the pounding she's demanding from him, and now used to the tightness of that third and final hole of hers that he's gotten to experience he's letting her have it, his thrusts now deep and stiff to keep him moaning as she screams out her approval. "AHHHH!! FUCK!! MMMMM... MMMM!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK!!" He groans, drops of sweat falling from his nose and chin as the toll of keeping up with intensity she's been demanding of him in this wild and truly Hard Rock-style fucking shows, running almost on a primal autopilot as he keeps staring down at the nicely juicy booty he's slamming into even as he grips those cheeks for an extra bit of support so he can keep on hammering her.

"OH FUCK!! YES!! FUCKING... FUCKER!! AAHHHHHHHH!! FUCKING FUCK!!" She screams out, not even caring that if it wasn't for the ongoing Halloween party on the other side of the wall this sinful fucking would be discovered as she stares ahead in a sex-drunk look on her face, just as little concern for the strands of her dual-coloured hair sticking to her face of her make-up running from the sweat as she looks more and more like a dirty slut with every thrust she takes from behind into her ass and with every moan and scream she shamelessly lets out. "UHHHHH!! UHHHHH!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHHHH!!" Add in the fact her fingers are feverishly driving in and out of her own wet pussy while she takes this anal pumping only shows not just her love of some anal action, but her filthy nature as a whole as she takes this roleplay fucking from the man she still doesn't know the name off, only caring that he keeps on giving her all of that wonderful feeling cock deep and dark into her still tight and clearly far from virgin asshole over and over again.

Without warning, just as she takes another hard and deep thrust of the cock of "Dracula" deep into her backside, Ashley Costello collapses down onto the floor with a long and sharp scream of delight as she cums hard over her own fingers, getting on being fucked up the ass by a man who is still essentially a complete stranger to her despite him having been deep in her mouth, her snatch and now finally her tight asshole over the course of this roleplay banging. The dark grin on her face shows that she's loving it as he's able to keep on giving her another few thrusts in and out of that now even tighter entrance as she feels the powerful orgasm ripping through her "Living Dead Girl" body, aiding her in being able to ride out every moment of a sexual peak she's not likely to forget for a long while.

Having managed to hold off from blowing during the sudden vice-like grip she's created as she enjoyed her high, his throbbing cock can take no more as he has to pull out of asshole, seeing her gape for a moment as he grips his dick and begins to stroke himself off. Still recovering from her orgasm, she's unknowingly offering up the perfect target for her "vampire Count" as he lets out a deep groan, sending out thick stings of spunk down onto her rounded ass cheeks, causing her to groan and return to reality as she looks back to watch him blast her backside with his jizz. Licking her lips, she watches with approval as he strokes out every drop of a nicely sizable load down onto the very ass he'd just been banging, leaving both cheeks with a generous glaze of spunk to leave the mark of a job very well done.

"Mmmmm... And a nice fucking mess as well..." Ashley smirks, boldly reaching back and simply pulling her skirt downward, covering up those coated cheeks and showing no regard to how ruined her clothing will be as she starts to get up to her feet.

"Fuck... That... That was fucking something else..." The lucky costumed hunk says with a chuckle and a grin in his normal voice, taking a moment to catch his breath.

"I'll fucking say! I... I still don't know your fucking name!" She admits with a laugh, watching as she steps back into his underwear and pants while pulling down her own top herself. "Say... Feel like getting fuck out of this shit hole party? I think we've hit the highlight anyway..." She adds, liking her lips.

"Reading my mind again? I was gonna suggest the same thing..." He responds, finishing looping back his "Dracula" belt and fixing his cape. "No point wasting time at this party, when can have enjoy the after-party instead..."

"Good... But one condition... The outfit stays on." Costello says with another lusty, dark smirk as she eyes him up.

"...But of course, my darling..." He says back in his "Dracula" voice. "The sin shall continue into the night..."

"That it fucking will... That it motherfucking will..." Ashley replies with a laugh as she turns towards the door with her Vamp for the night following close behind.

* * *

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