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Unconditional Love Ch. 05

The next two weeks went almost exactly as that first one back at school had. I spent my Wednesday nights with Becca and the rest of my time with Erin. Art history was a much more interesting experience than I had expected, as our professor Dr. Sommers (she insisted we call her Lily whenever we were in class) was an excellent educator and a fun time too. Lily was quick-witted, beautiful, and extremely attentive in her teaching style. Becca caught on quickly that I was intrigued by Dr. Sommers in more ways than one, but unlike our first meeting with the professor she kept any concerns to herself. Midterms came and went quickly and before you knew it Erin and I were in the home stretch of our college careers. Erin grilled me all the time on what my next plans were after school was out, but I had stayed somewhat evasive for the last half of the year, because I wasn't 100% certain at that point. I wanted more than anything to have myself a gap year and then come back to post-grad rested and refreshed, but my budget was pretty tight right then and I didn't think I could make it happen.

Oddly, the only person I was really forthcoming with about my plans was Becca. She had wormed her way into my inner sanctum by simply being an attentive listener that hid her ulterior motives very well. Erin was guileless in these conversations and always wore her heart on her sleeve, so it made me want to chat about my thought processes a great deal less with her.

With only three weeks to go in the semester the weather had completely broken and we weren't getting those pissy, freezing Northeast springs, rather we were finally getting sunshine and warmth. The first week the weather had improved, Becca called me up in the morning on Wednesday and told me she wouldn't be leaving her school that day because it was going to be too nice an evening to be wasting indoors. I could hardly argue with her, so instead I asked her if that would be a good time for Erin and I to visit. She agreed and I called up Erin to confirm plans. With Erin onboard, it would make for a nice evening of sisterly enjoyment while I hung back and let them do their thing, all the while earning boyfriend points for coming up with such a nice idea.

We left early in the evening and got to her campus by about 5:15. The sun hadn't been near to the horizon yet so we were still enjoying a wonderfully warm night. We parked right outside in Becca's dorm's parking lot and headed to the front desk. Once there, we were buzzed in by Becca's roommate and we trudged our way up the stairs to meet them in their room. We knocked on the door and Becca's roommate opened up and let us know that Becca had headed to the quad in front of the administration building we had passed on the way in to get some sun before it went down for the night. We thanked her and made our way to the quad with little conversation. When we got there, we could see that it would be quite a chore tracking her down because the entire green in front of the building was covered in sun worshippers getting their first real fix of the season. We split up and tried to spot her that way.

I walked toward the dining hall that neighbored the quad and found Becca waving animatedly right on the corner of the sidewalk where the two buildings connected to one another. I turned back and called Erin's name, but she was a ways off so I turned back toward Becca and shrugged my shoulders with a good deal of emphasis to show her I made my best effort. Walking over to her, I was nearly bowled over by what I saw. She wore a black bikini top that really did not leave much to the imagination coupled with a pair of denim shorts that were cut entirely too short (all right maybe not too short so much as very short). She was barefoot and wore sunglasses on top of her blonde hair. That blonde hair looked much lighter than normal and she let it just fall where it would, frankly a very appealing look on her. When I arrived at her blanket, she greeted me with a teasing smile and a pretty intimate embrace. She cupped her hands together behind my head and kissed me hard on the mouth when I reached in for a hug. After that, she released me from her kiss and looked intently into my eyes as she let her grip on my neck relax a little. I tried to create a little more distance between the two of us, but that wasn't happening. She leaned in again to whisper something in my ear.

"I have so many nice surprises for you. I'm so glad you're here."

"Now is not the time for this conversation," I whispered back a little too harshly.

"I'm so fucking excited, you can't even imagine."

Just then, I tossed her arms off of me and hailed Erin as she met my eyes from across the quad. Becca did not pout as she normally would have, instead she shot me a wicked smile that honestly made me a little nervous. Something wasn't quite right about Becca today, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Erin joined us shortly thereafter, gave her sister a friendly hug, and sat down on the blanket Becca had been using to sunbathe on.

"So is this what you guys do to ring in the new season?"

"This is only the first part of the festivities, we have a big party on the first beautiful sunny day of the season. It's a tradition we have every year. It's usually a little earlier than this every year, so everybody has been waiting for forever. It's gonna be a huge deal."

"Wow, I wish we had something like that at our school!"

"Well, you guys should come, it's going to be amazing."

Becca shot a sideways glance at me right after she said it. I didn't meet her eyes, instead looking away at Erin and giving her a plaintive look. Erin missed my look however, because she was looking straight at her sister when Becca made eyes at me. Erin looked away quickly and spotted someone heading over in our direction. We recognized her from earlier as Becca's roommate. Her roommate waved to us and walked right up to talk to Becca, turning her away from us and speaking in a lower tone.

"Well shit…Hey guys, I might have to take a raincheck. It looks like our Art History professor called and is looking for some midterm work I forgot to hand in. Dr. Sommers apparently wants to talk to you too Bastian. She says your midterm had some problems with it."

"What? What kind of problems?"

"I don't know, but apparently it sounded serious. At least, that's what Kristi told me. Did I introduce you guys?"

We all nodded at Kristi who waved back a little sheepishly. She blushed when she did and she looked adorable. Her face flush, she said a quick 'hi' to all of us and got ready to head out.

"Wait wait! Kristi, hang on a second. Bastian, do you want to take me back to school? Erin, why don't you stay for the party with Kristi? She practically knows you with how much I talk about you guys."

Kristi again blushed and this time looked right at me. Erin didn't miss that look either. Things were getting a little hot for me, and I didn't want this blowing back on anybody else. I could tell Erin felt that uncomfortable with all the looks and I now wondered if she had seen Becca kiss me.

Kristi looked at Erin quizzically as if to say 'whaddya say?' but Erin wasn't there yet. Becca wore a smirk on her face when Erin turned to speak, but caught her words in her mouth.

"Yeah, actually. That sounds really fun Kristi. Where are going to be partying?"

"Well, everything kind of starts out here as the sun goes down, and then everybody goes indoors. I know a couple places we could hit, you just tell me what sounds best to you."

"All right. I can live with that. Bastian, will you be back in time to pick me up? Like around 2:00?"

"2:00? That sounds pretty late. What is Becca going to do on campus until 2:00?"

"Why don't you have her take a nap in my room, or maybe you could drive her back over when you're done and we can all get together then."

"Are you sure you're comfortable being here by yourself? It sounds like it's going to be a crazy night," I figured now was as good a time as any to be the concerned boyfriend.

"I'll be fine, it sounds like it's going be pretty crazy. I could use a night where I let go a little."

Becca grabbed her blanket off the grass, rolled it into a ball and handed it to me. I took it and leaned into Erin to give her a kiss. She grabbed me by the sides of my face and kissed me deeply and intensely. She was sending a clear message, and I wasn't stupid enough to miss it.

Becca and I headed over to the car in her dorm parking lot and got in quickly.

"So we have to be there for the start of class, so we'd better hurry."

"It's two minutes until the top of the hour. The school is fifteen minutes away if there's no commuter traffic. There's no way."

"Well then, I guess we better take our time and catch her at the end of class."

"Listen this whole things doesn't sound right to me at all, and I don't think it sounds right to Erin either. So whatever you have planned, we need to forget about it right now."

"You wouldn't say that if you knew what I had planned."

"I don't really care what you have planned. This is not a good time for it. Let's just make it believable by being gone an hour and come right back."

"Come ooonnnn. I promise you'll have a good time."

I was thinking it over when my phone buzzed in my pocket. I opened the messages app and there was a blue dot next to Erin's name. I tapped on the text and it read:

- dont do anything i wouldnt do xD -

My blood ran cold as I decided that that tipped the balance.

"I bet I can guess who that was," Becca intoned as I steeled myself for what came next.

"I bet you can," I said through gritted teeth.

"I'm gonna guess it's the same person who never lets you out of her sight. I'll guess it's the same person who, for the first time, is actually jealous and stupid and you know it."

"What about her being jealous makes her stupid? She probably suspects that you'd like to have sex with me and it's making her jealous. Does she not have a reason to be jealous?"

"You know what I mean. She can't prove anything, why would she get all crazy about it without even talking to one of us?"

"I don't give a shit! I'm serious! I'm not going along with whatever plan you have!"

I started to get pretty animated as I spoke and I realized that there was another couple in the parking lot staring at us. I turned the car on, quickly put it in reverse and left the lot as calmly as I could. Convinced that I would just take Becca to our campus and then drive her back in an hour, I took off towards school and didn't stop to reconsider my decision for even one second.

"Listen," Becca was sounding defeated as she broke the silence, "I just wanted to have a good time with you tonight, but I won't do anything you're not okay with. How about this, let's just go over and meet with Dr. Sommers, because she actually did want to see me. After that, we'll head back and that'll be that, all right?"

"Fine. What did Dr. Sommers actually want from you? Because that thing from Kristi was bullshit."

"She just wanted to review some issues with my midterm paper. She thought that there might have been a concern about plagiarism, but I assured her that couldn't be possible. She wants to talk to me about it anyway."

"You didn't cheat on your midterm, I proofread that."

"I know! But she wants to talk with me about what she read."

My defenses largely went down after that, because I had never known Becca to lie to me. She told her sister stories and it's not like she was the most honest person, but she had always seemed to respect our relationship in that way so I was a good deal less suspicious. Not to mention, Dr. Sommers did not strike me as the kind to want to get wrapped up in a student's bullshit. We got on campus not long after we talked in the car, and I drove right past my street and parked in the administration building's parking lot. It was about 20 minutes past 6:00, so we would have to wait until the class was over. When we pulled into the parking lot Becca was texting away furiously as I stopped the car and killed the engine. She threw her phone into her bag and cheerfully told me to go with her. Having no idea where she meant, I told her to go on ahead without me.

"No no, listen, I was just texting Tory from class, she said we could probably make it into class because Dr. Sommers is late."

"Nice! Let's get going quick then."

We hustled down the hill and made it to the big stony annex off the library where class was held every week. I realized that Becca was still dressed for sunbathing and looked pretty ridiculous going into a class that way. I told her as much and she laughed me off. She said she dressed like this in classes all the time. We rushed up the stairs and rounded the corner into the lecture hall, but it was darker than normal and my eyes took a minute to get used to the light. Standing at the head of the class, as usual, was Dr. Sommers, but no one else was in the room.

Becca walked over to Dr. Sommers and they spoke together for a minute or two. When Becca looked like she was done speaking, Dr. Sommers looked at me sternly.

"Didn't Becca tell you I needed to meet you two here?"

"Well, of course she did Lily. I mean, we're here aren't w-"

"That's DR. SOMMERS!" she roared at me before I could finish.

I admit it sounded a little insolent, but I didn't think I deserved to be shouted at. I nodded my agreement and looked back half-confused and half-defiant.

"I told Becca last week that I wished to see the two of you here at class time, not 20 minutes past. Do you have a good reason for being so late?"

Becca was now smiling smugly at me and it made me feel two inches high. I didn't know how I got wrapped up in this, but it was getting worse by the minute.

"As you're this late, I'm afraid we no longer have the time necessary to finish our meeting in this room. I have released the room for the library to use for another lecture. They are currently waiting for us to leave. That being the case, I'd like the two of you to join me across campus in the art building, where my offices are."

Becca did a double take and the smug smile was gone from her face.

"What do you mean? I thought we were going to have the meeting here."

"I told you, we no longer have time for that. Now come with me!"

Becca hung her head a little as we were lead out of the room, down the stairs again, and onto the street. We walked back up the hill, past the parking lot where my car was, and past three or four campus buildings when we saw the joint art/science building where a number of advisors and professors also had offices. Going up two flights and heading down a long hall, we arrived at the door to Dr. Sommers' office. It was a large, wooden door and actually was kind of imposing when it opened to a room with a vaulted ceiling and a giant wooden desk in the middle of the room. I knew the building was old and I knew that it was huge, but I had no idea that rooms of this size and this beauty existed in it. I was stricken by how cavernous the room was, every professor's office I had been in to this point had been a much more humble experience. Becca entered first and immediately sat down on a love seat along the wall facing what I assumed was the professor's desk. Dr. Sommers motioned for me to sit on the love seat with Becca.

"Thank you both for making your way in to meet with me today."

"It's our pleasure professor," Becca answered for us, apparently.

"I brought you here for a very specific reason, but I think Becca would do a better job explaining it than I would."


I felt the air rush out of me as I realized I had been duped. Becca turned quickly on the love seat, looked me in the eyes and grabbed my hands.

"Now I know I said I wouldn't do anything crazy tonight, but I just want you to hear me out."

I clammed up at this point and let go of Becca's hands. I started to stand up, but Dr. Sommers looked at me imploringly and held up a hand and pointed back to the love seat to get me to sit back down. I hesitated as I saw her hold up her hand, but I did sit back down to hear her out. My professor I would listen to, but Becca was officially on my shit list.

"Becca approached me after our first class and asked me for my help, and I'm here to offer it. She explained the entire situation between you two and she has told me she recognizes that it can't last forever. The two of us have been meeting up at lunchtimes once a week to speak about what she views her options to be. I have been guiding Becca through this issue and we arrived at an interesting solution last week. We have just been waiting for the right moment to speak to you about it. This evening happens to be what we feel is the right time. Becca has been very measured in the way she has approached her solution and I salute her for that. That said, it is unorthodox so please try to keep an open mind."

Now I knew I was in trouble. If Becca was cooking up 'unorthodox' solutions to her issues around my sex life, I knew it would have to be a pretty big leap of faith.

"I don't know how comfortable I am with all this. I told Becca earlier this evening that I didn't want to engage in anything sexual while Erin was on her guard like she is right now."

"You can rest assured that Becca will make sure that whatever happens tonight stays between us."

"Wait a second, what about Kristi? Is she is on this too? I don't know about all this."

"Kristi doesn't know anything about what's happening here tonight, but she does know about us," Becca was starting to at least flesh out some of the details, "she really doesn't know anything about tonight, I promise. Lily called her and told her everything she said to us while we were on the quad together, but that's it."

I was extremely uneasy and didn't know where to look as both Lily and Becca eyed me expectantly. Lily looked a little cooler on the issue, she likely viewed this whole experience as a bit of a lark, but it certainly wasn't any such dalliance to me. Becca looked concerned when I turned my head back to her and I could tell she was even a little bit hurt. I didn't want anyone to feel hurt, I didn't even want anyone to feel awkward, I just wanted for this whole scenario to end.

"All right," Becca turned her head to me morosely, "I'll make you a deal…"

It sounded like I was being thrown a life preserver, I just hoped it wasn't made out of cinder blocks.

"How about this: we have our fun tonight, but after that, we're done. I won't bug you about this stuff anymore, but you can't bug me about it either. We'll just pretend that none of this ever happened. Nobody gets hurt, and nobody has to worry about it getting back to anyone it shouldn't get back to."

This was tempting and while Becca wasn't the most trustworthy person in the world right in that moment, I had to strike while the iron was hot. I cocked my head and rested it on my hand as if I were deep in thought. Becca looked at me suspiciously and Dr. Sommers seemed somewhat distracted as she fidgeted in her seat and looked at her fingernails.

"Oh stop fucking pretending. We all know this is exactly what you want," Becca shouted lowly. Hearing this from Becca hurt me a little and I didn't want to give her the impression that I didn't care for her; saying yes to this deal too quickly would signal exactly that.

"Listen, I'd love to think that this is a great deal, but why would I want to just give up on you like that?"

"Because you've been waiting for an opportunity to get rid of me for weeks! You love having me on the side, but I'll never be Erin will I?"

Things were finally getting real. I didn't know a way to come out of this making everyone feel good, so I figured I may as well just do what I wanted to do. I was changing my mind seemingly every minute or so, so I just went with that last thing I thought might be a good idea.
"Can I make a counter-offer? I think it would be better if we left the option open at least. Maybe we should agree to put things on hold for now and see how we feel about it by the end of summer."

I saw a light go off in Becca's eyes and Dr. Sommers got up and walked away from her desk; she was clearly losing interest. Lily spoke quietly to Becca to help her make up her mind.

"You know sweetie, that's probably not the worst plan. It seems like you two actually do have some pretty intense feelings for each other. Maybe it would make sense to have an actual adult conversation about it sometime."

Becca broke down crying at those words. It seemed to me that this was her play at making that conversation happen in the present-tense rather than waiting until the end of summer, but she was between a rock and a hard place. She had a thousand-yard stare aimed at the back wall of the office, but she didn't reply right away. When she did, she looked right through me.

"All I wanted was to have a real relationship with someone who got me. You get me. You get me better than anyone I've ever been with. We like the same things, the same people, we even have the same sense of humor. I just thought I found someone I could have a real relationship with, someone who wanted me for me."

"Someone who just happened to be fucking your sister?!" the professor interjected. I'm not sure it was appreciated by anyone, because we both snapped our attention to the other side of the room and shot Lily the same look.

"Listen this isn't easy for anybody. Let's just be civil at least," it was the best I could do to sound like the good guy here, a role I didn't earn and wouldn't be very good at right then.

"No, she's right. I'm being naive and stupid. How could I expect to steal you away from Erin? Erin is the perfect girlfriend, isn't she? She takes care of you, she fucks you, she's sweet and kind and thoughtful and wants to have your babies. All the things I'm not and will never be."

Convinced she was now just fishing for compliments, I tried to stay on topic with my response.

"Listen, you know very well that almost all of those things apply to you too. I just don't think you've considered what our relationship would be like if we tried to be a couple right now. Your parents would have nothing to do with you, Erin would be ruined, Fleur would probably never speak to you again, and even Kristi would wonder what the hell's wrong with you. And think about what it would be like when you weren't at school? Are you going to come stay with me? I live with my parents! It would NOT be a good fit."

The idea was rolling around in her brain, but she just couldn't let it go.

"But I want to BE with you. That's all I want…"

Her desperation was starting to show and I didn't really know how to handle it. I hadn't had this kind of conversation with Becca before. We just played things fast and loose. That's what we did, that's what we always did.

"I'm sorry I just don't think that will work for us right now."

The crying began anew, but this time in earnest. Becca's chest was heaving with wracking sobs and flowing tears. I considered stepping out for a minute, but I couldn't leave her like this. I shifted over to the other side of the love seat and hugged Becca around the shoulders. She laid her head against my shoulder and curled up into a ball while she cried. I felt responsible for her, I felt awful about leading her on and making her get attached to me. None of this was how things should've gone.

"Just tell me something…" she intoned, meekly, "do you love me?"

I looked her right in the eye while I thought. I knew I should be honest this time. I needed to stop shying away from Becca and I needed to stop running away from what was really going on all this time.

"I think I do, yes," I said it quietly and seriously. She wouldn't miss the significance of that.

"Good. Because I think I really love you too."

Becca hugged me back right then, and hard. She wiped tears from her eyes and leaned over to Lily's desk to fetch a tissue. She blew into the tissue loudly and made us both give a little chuckle. It seemed like things were finally going in the direction she wanted; I felt like she deserved that.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom, when I get back let's talk about what happens now."

"Sounds good."

Becca left quickly and quietly. Dr. Sommers picked up where Becca left off.

"She really respects you, you know. She told me that. She told me she hasn't respected a man in her life in a long time."

"Do I seem like the kind that deserves anyone's respect right now?"

"Not as far as I can tell, but she knows you better."

I put my head in my hands and thought about my next goal: getting back to Becca's school and picking up Erin before she got any more suspicious.

Becca came back into the room just then, but I didn't look up. She put her hand on my shoulder while I hung my head. I turned my head to meet her gaze and when I did, I was reminded why it was that I put us through all this. She looked gorgeous. She looked confident and hopeful for the first time since we got back to campus.

"Now, I had a little treat for you that I just know you'll love. You'll have to clear out of here for a few minutes, but I'll call you in when I'm ready for you."

"Now, I just want to be clear. Where are going to talk about this all again in the next few months, right?"

"Don't worry about that, just worry about tonight. You have a lot of work on your hands."

The mood swing was a full 180 degrees, but I thought I should be thankful that there was no more crying. I really didn't like seeing Becca cry, I decided. Stepping out into the hall, the door was closed behind me by either Dr. Sommers or Becca, but it was closed somewhat hard and a loud sound echoed through the empty hallway. I idly glanced at the walls in the hall, most of which were cluttered up with bulletin boards or fliers announcing different campus activities. One bulletin board actually did draw my interest for a minute though, it was a whole board full of photos from a trip to Haiti. Apparently Dr. Sommers and a number of students had traveled there to assist with all manner of tasks related to cleanup after a natural disaster. There was photo after photo of students standing in piles of rubble with an armful of this and that, moving things around and trying to clear debris. The pictures got less and less focused on deeds of heroism as the collage went along and by the end of the timeline the photos mostly represented what the students and natives did for recreation time. In this sequence I noticed a number of pictures of the doctor as she was relaxing as well. One photo of her with her arms around the shoulders of some Haitian women was particularly striking. She was wearing a yellow sundress that showed off her curves very nicely. She had wider hips than I remembered seeing and her breasts looked perfectly framed by the top of the sundress. The next photo showed her in athletic shorts kicking around a soccer ball. Her legs looked stunning, they were muscular but not huge and they were beautifully tanned. I had a hard time getting over what I was feeling as I looked at these pictures and it made me think I was being a little insensitive based on the conversation with Becca that had just concluded.

Becca leaned her head out of the office and told me to join her inside now. I walked back over to the giant wooden door and grasped the handle. I breathed deeply and resigned myself to whatever happened now. Whatever made Becca happy even for one night was what I wanted more than anything. I crossed the threshold keeping my head up as I did. When I shut the door, I turned and saw Becca on the love seat again, only this time she wasn't wearing anything. I started to walk toward her, but movement from the corner of my eye stopped me for a second. I turned towards the movement and saw Lily come out of the closet off of her office wearing the same outfit as Becca. She smiled a broad, devious smile and set about moving things around behind the desk. I eyed her as she moved her lithe form about the office, kicking things out of her way and then spreading a blanket on the floor.

I turned back to Becca and continued moving towards the love seat. I could see what was in motion here and I didn't know how to react besides the obvious. There would be no objecting and there would be no hesitation, I was so excited about this prospect I didn't even know where to begin. Sensing my interest peaking, Becca spread her legs and started idly circling her clit with three fingers. While she stroked herself, she spoke brusquely to me.

"I'm going to sit out this first part. You go ahead over to Dr. Sommers."

Making my way around the desk without breaking eye contact with Becca, Lily grabbed me by the belt and pulled me towards her from the floor. She got up on her knees and started to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my shorts. Dropping them to the floor, Lily then fished my cock out of my briefs and held it gently while she looked it over. I would suppose she approved because her next movement was a swift one, she put me in her mouth right down to the hilt in one fluid motion. She was trying to tongue my balls while my cock invaded her throat. She was gagging each time she tried to deepthroat and the noise she made was at once grotesque and a huge turn-on. Long strands of spit hung down from her lips as she pounded her throat with my fully erect dick. I never was one to finish just from a blowjob, but Lily got me very close with the concerted effort she put forth. As I felt like I was beginning to crest that particular wave, she locked eyes with me used her entire tongue to circle my cock and wipe all that spit over her own face. It was like nothing I had ever seen before and it made me incredibly excited; I couldn't wait to get my hands on her.

Becca then strode over to our little huddle on the blanket and dropped down to her knees right next to Lily. Without missing a beat, Lily handed me over to Becca and then began to suck on both my balls, one at a time. Becca tried to do her best Lily impression on me, but she couldn't get my cock all the way down her throat when it was this hard, even despite her best efforts. She still slobbered all over me and made a huge mess of both me and Lily, but I wasn't complaining. Becca released me with an audible 'pop' and then grabbed Lily and began kissing her deeply and unreservedly. The two of them appeared to be voraciously embraced and otherwise distracted, so I grabbed my cock and began stroking slowly. I was interrupted shortly after when Lily released Becca and grabbed me with her free hand. Stroking forcefully (maybe a little too forcefully), Lily turned her attention to Becca's remarkable breasts and began sucking and teasing them with increasing fervor. Becca was clearly peaking in her excitement as well as she started squirming and tossing her head from side to side as Lily's attentions got more intense.

Becca's breath got short and her stare went a bit glazed. Her mouth dropped open and didn't shut until she grabbed my cock back from Lily and tried deepthroating me again, with similar results. She plunged me in and out of her mouth continually while she tried to cum, but she remained frustrated as Lily did just enough to keep her wet and ready, but not enough to send her over the edge. I had tried this technique with Becca before, and I had a feeling that Lily seemed to be even better at it than I was. All I knew was that when Becca finally did take that leap it was going to be a big drop and she would likely have little left to give after she landed.

Lily laid back and waited patiently for Becca to finish her attempts to get me to cum prematurely. This wasn't going to be one of those two or three orgasm experiences for me, these two were wearing me out very capably. I was like to be one and done tonight, but that wasn't about to get in the way of me enjoying myself immensely. Becca again let go of me and gave a little gag as she removed her mouth from my dick. She smiled at me coquettishly, turned her head, and leaned over onto her hands and knees. As she looked up to smile similarly at Lily, she wiggled her ass in the air as a clear invitation to get started with the next phase of our enjoyment. I shed my briefs and got down to a kneeling position behind her. With her face now buried in Lily's mound lapping away at her clit, I pushed my cock slowly inside her pussy and wasted no time pounding away in time to Lily's rapid breaths and appreciative moans. While I began to pick up my pace a little more, I wet my right thumb and placed it at the entrance to Becca's tight ass and applied even pressure. I didn't have to wait long to get the reaction I was hoping for as Becca gasped and her pussy clenched up tight on me. I adjusted the angle I was fucking her at and plunged my thumb deep inside her, only to see her back stiffen as she fell forward right into Lily's lap, convulsing. She fell on her hands and then placed them underneath her to circle her clit while I continued my assault on her wet cunt. With Becca prone, her face flat on the blanket, gasping for air and release, Lily reached into her desk drawer and grabbed what appeared to be a condom. She tore the wrapper off with her teeth and pulled the rubber sheath out of its packaging. I fucked away at the puddle of Becca crumpled in front of me and withdrew my thumb suddenly and quickly. Becca's head bolted up out of the blankets and into the air while she struggled for breath and control. I grabbed her hair around her shoulders and pulled hard while I got ready for her impending orgasm. Her head arched towards the sky, she bucked her hips and yelled loudly as she came on my cock. I kept up my pace while her bad spasmed strongly for nearly a full minute, following which she crumpled like a cheap suit and collapsed right in the middle of both Lily and I.

I slide myself from Becca while I watched her back rise and fall rapidly, but I had no desire to linger. I got up and walked over to Lily, who grabbed me and guided me back down the blanket to lay on my back. Once there, she grabbed the condom and placed it in her mouth. With a deft movement, she wrapped her lips around my Becca-soaked organ and unrolled the condom right down the entire length of my shaft. I threw my head back and just enjoyed the sensation while she worked. Once finished, I adjusted the condom a little while Lily straddled my hips and sunk herself down onto me. She impaled herself and gently rocked back and forth until she was used to the size and shape. Once comfortable, she placed her hands on my chest while she lifted herself up and placed herself back down onto me over and over. She moved only her hips and banged them into my cock at an incredible pace. Her eyes stared right into mine as she moved her hips in a blur. She moved so fast I couldn't match the speed of my upward thrusts because I couldn't move quickly enough. Becca was starting to come back around and lifted herself first up onto her elbows and then slowly to her feet. Once she could finally stand up she walked over to the two of us, turned so she faced away from Lily, stood over me with her legs splayed apart, and began to squat down until her pussy was right in my face. I got ready to began nibbling on her clit again, but she repositioned herself so it was her asshole right in front of me instead of her cunt. Needing no more prodding, I grabbed her hips on either side and pulled down on her while I shoved my tongue up inside of her. I lapped long strokes at the outside of her anus in between spreading her cheeks with my hands and bottoming out inside her. The three of us continued our activity for some time (it seemed like hours) until Lily started to cum, then Becca, and then it was my turn.

"Oh fuck, don't stop, I'm almost there."

Becca took this as her cue and stood over Lily and waited for her to stand up and remove me from her dripping pussy. Once Lily was up, Becca bent over and removed the condom from me.

"I want you finish inside me."

Becca knew this was off-limits, but I wasn't surprised at her attempt at an end around. She had tried this before too, always claiming she 'just wanted to see what it felt like.' I was not into it nearly as much as she was and I wasn't this time either.

Wagging a finger at her (with all of my remaining brain power), I smiled and shook my head to emphasize how little chance she had of making this happen. Ignoring me entirely, she again straddled my waist and lowered herself down. She licked her palm and slid it across her asshole, then positioned me at the opening to her ass and drove down hard. She met little resistance and I was inside her to the hilt in no time. Lily gasped when she saw this and sat right with Becca to watch all our efforts come to a head. Becca continued to work her ass up and down on me for another minute or two and the time had come. My breathing picked up and my vision became intense but narrow in focus just as my cock began to throb. Becca could feel every heartbeat in the head of my cock as she kept the pace up. I laid my head down as if in slow motion and the release finally washed over me. Becca shouted again as she felt every pulse and every rush of semen out of me and into her. Lily watched in rapt attention and met eyes with Becca, just as a pout ran across her face and her heart rate began coming down once again.

Everybody was a little creaky and a little slow in their movements once things subsided. We became picking ourselves up and getting dressed. It had been one hell of a terrific fuck and none of us were in any rush whatsoever. We all got dressed right there in the office and opened the windows along the back wall to get some fresh air. It was stuffy as could be, causing Becca and I to sweat profusely to the point where we were just swamped. Once I was dressed, I reached into my pocket to check my phone and sure enough there were a few texts I had missed.

- you wudnt mind if i went to a frat party with kristi, wud u? -

- this place is loud!! come see us when you get hre. kristi says its the black house and that becca will no where -

- hope ur having fun with becca! ;) -

- so… -

- im drunk -

- like -

- rlly drunk -

- come say hi!! -

This banter was a combination of drunk, needy, and desperate. Those three things had let to events in the past that did not do Erin's and my relationship a lot of good. She had a tendency to seek solace with anything or anyone that moved on those occasions, and I had little doubt that her newfound lack of confidence wasn't helping much. I showed Becca and she almost jumped when she saw where Erin was.

"Umm, we might want to get over there quick. Good things don't normally come from women visiting the Black House."

"What's the Black House anyway?"

"That's the lacrosse house. They have a bit of a reputation."

'Oh terrific,' I thought to myself, 'this is exactly how this should go. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.'

Becca and I spoke briefly with Dr. Sommers and told her how much fun we had had and how we'd love to do it again sometime. Lily didn't seem as enthusiastic as we did, but I chalked that up to her not wanting to interfere where she didn't belong, which was a pretty reasonable position to take. Following our quick conversation, Becca and I retraced our steps back to my car and we took off for Becca's school again in a big hurry. Pulling up in the dorm parking lot for the second time that day, I realized that I hadn't even had time to clean up from our earlier tryst. I hoped it wouldn't come back to haunt me.

We made our way to the Black House in a big hurry and saw a couple guys sitting on the porch drinking beer. They had cigars resting in a makeshift ashtray on the railing of near where they were sitting and they wore serious looks on their faces, not at all in keeping with the ethos of the event as near as I could tell. On our way over to the Black House, Becca and I had seen party after party after party and everyone reveling rather than reeling. The sight had actually done me some good, because I assumed that Erin must be doing the same thing. The looks on these guys faces told a completely different story from the rest of campus.
Becca spoke first, "hey guys! You guys have a party like everybody else?"

"Fuck off. This party's private."

"All right. Well fuck you to you too. I'm just looking for my sister. She looks like me only less sober."

This elicited a bit of a chuckle from the guys, but their answer didn't change.

"We said fuck off."

"Listen, my roommate is in there too and I have to bring her back to our room. She forgot to call her boyfriend."

"Nobody in this house has a boyfriend, you can trust me on that."

Right about now was when I became legitimately concerned for Erin's safety. I flipped them both off and started to walk further down the sidewalk. When Becca and I were out of sight, we doubled back and headed to the backyard to look for a way in. They weren't the best watchmen ever; we just headed up the back steps and were in a deserted kitchen in no time at all. We heard some commotion going on upstairs, but we were being extra careful, so we moved through the space slowly and guardedly. We got to the foot of the stairs up to the next level and saw the basement steps through a door to the right of the landing. We decided that splitting up was not the way to go here. I grabbed Becca's shoulder and guided her to the landing so we could go up the steps. We took it one stair at a time and spotted the guys on the porch through the window on our left. We heard voices as we reached the top of the stairs, but they sounded echoey and we couldn't see anybody from where we were. We took a right and headed down the long hallway that greeted us when we poked our heads around the corner. I thought it was very strange that we didn't hear any music or any celebration of any kind. Not only strange, but very unnerving to put too fine a point on it.

We explored all the rooms upstairs and didn't find anyone, so now it was off to the basement. I hadn't noticed any other buildings on the lot when we were out back, so I assumed the basement was our last option. We retraced our steps and headed through the door to the basement. We chatted briefly at the top of the basement stairs and decided that trying to be sneaky wasn't going to work here, we'd have to walk in confidently, like we belonged there.

Arriving at the bottom of the stairs, we saw what all the commotion was. There was a loud game of beer pong going on in the middle of the basement floor and the table was surrounded by men and women of all shapes and sizes. There were two teams on either side of the table, two men and two women, and judging by the tenor of the crowd they were probably pretty close to the end of the game.

Becca walked in ahead of me and saw someone she recognized right away. She called out to them and walked quickly over to that side of the room. I followed her closely behind and we found that her friend (who I found out later was called Ashley) was due to play in the next game. Looking on the wall, we saw a giant bulletin board with probably 60 names on it laid out in your typical March Madness style. Glancing around the room, I only saw about 25 people so naturally I wanted to know where everybody else was. I took a closer look at the board to see if Erin or Kristi's names were up there. Sure enough, Kristi and Erin's names were up there on two separate lines with the names of two people I didn't recognize next to them, both men's names. I quietly urged Becca to ask her friend if she knew where Erin and Kristi were.

"So have you guys seen these two anywhere?"

The guy that was sitting with Ashley piped up before she could, "who wants to know?"

"I'm her sister and she told me to meet her here, but now I can't find her."

"Who the fuck let you in here?"

"We were invited by Erik."

"Ooooh, so you know Erik?"

To be clear, I didn't know Erik from a hole in the goddamn wall, but if this was going to help me prevent my girlfriend from getting date-raped then Erik was about to be my new best friend.

"Yeah! I met him in the commuter cafeteria last week and he invited me along."

"Nice. I can see why he'd want you over."

The name wasn't one I was familiar with, but as I glanced back up to the names on the wall, Erik's was the one next to Kristi's, so it would probably be an important one to know right about now. I wasn't convinced that this guy chatting up Becca had the best of intentions either judging by how he was continually eye-fucking her as we were speaking. I didn't really have much of a choice to go along with things right that instant, so I kept my mouth shut.

"So what're the rules?"

"You guys are too late to get in on the bracket."

"Oh oh, I didn't mean to play, I just wanted to know what the prizes are. It looks like Erik and Kristi are doing really well, are they gonna win anything?"

"Yeah, you win something all right. Somebody wins something every round. You said she's your sister right?"

"Yeah, she came to visit from another school."

"Oh that's too fuckin' good. Yeah they win something. The winners get to pick something the losers have to do. You should've seen what Erik made your sister do."

That was all I needed to hear. I had to find Erin and fast. I didn't know where to start looking and I didn't know how I was going to get her out of whatever it was she was doing right that second, but I knew I had to do something. I looked around some more in the basement and saw that there were two other rooms just off the main one. The first was clearly a bathroom because people were coming and going from there the whole time we were downstairs. The other room I wasn't sure about, but there was definitely some sound coming from there, but nothing that was loud enough to be able to tell what was up. That was probably the best clue I had had to that point. Only problem with that was, there were two guys sitting on either side of the door and they hadn't let anyone come in or leave since we arrived.

I had an idea that would at least send me in the right direction if it worked, so I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Erin. Right after I sent it, I walked over to the door with two guys outside of it and tried to listen. I didn't hear anything from her phone, but I clearly heard someone say 'oh shit' inside. It didn't sound much like Erin, so I tried again. This time I heard a female voice behind the door say something in an urgent tone and a male voice respond pretty nonchalantly. One of the guys outside the door looked at me when I pulled my phone out again and watched what I was up to.

"Do you need some help, dude? Are you lost?"

"No, I'm just trying to track this girl down. She's my connect and I don't see anybody else getting blunted, so I need her over here."

"Oh shit, that's a good idea. You're gonna hook a brother up, right?"

"She's got enough for everybody in here, I just gotta get her ass outta bed!"

We shared a laugh at this fictional lazy weed dealer's expense, but now I had a good alibi for why I was trying to hard to be near the door. He started to lean in to see the screen on my phone, but I stashed it back in my pocket and told him she isn't answering.

"Why don't you call her up? Let's get ass over here!"

Not a bad plan. I figured I could call her and I might hear something a little more clearly then. I punched up her number and while I didn't hear her ringtone, I did hear the buzz of the phone vibrating. Once I heard that, I also heard that same panicky female voice.

"She says she's at the door upstairs, but those guys on the porch won't let her in. Can you get her down here for me?"

"Nice. Fives on the seat!"

He left hurriedly and I knew I didn't have any more time to think on what to do next. The other guy guarding the door was still there and the jig would be up in no time, so I walked right up to the door and tried to open it.

"The fuck you doin'? The fuck outta here."

I got shoved out of the way when I tried to barge past him, but as I did the door opened a crack and a girl peeked through to talk to the guy left posted at the door. He pointed toward me, I saw the girl's eyes go wide and she shut the door quickly behind her.

I turned toward Becca to see if she had any more ideas.

"Did you notice who that was at the door?"

"No idea, but I bet that's where Becca is."

The guy at the door saw us eyeing the door and whispering conspiratorially and a light must have gone off in his brain because he walked up to me pretty aggressively and asked me what the fuck was up.

"Nothing man. Just trying to figure out where my connect is at."

Just then the two guys from the porch and the other guy guarding the door came down the stairs and looked right at me. It was now or never. I pushed the guy in front of me hard and ran for the door. I swung the door open and saw a scene I wished I never had to see again. Erin was on her back on the bed with another guy standing over her and taking pictures with his phone. She was babbling and having no luck holding her head up for any length of time. She was sick, she was out of it, and she needed help. In the corner of the room, I saw a girl with very little in the way of clothing on trying to cover herself with a blanket. I didn't wait to find out who was who, I didn't hesitate at all, I took a quick look around the room, spotted a three foot high glass bong behind the door and smashed it right on the back of the guy's head. The glass made a tinkling sound as it covered Erin's chest and torso and the guy pitched ass over teakettle right onto the floor next to the bed. Nobody moved for half a beat, especially not the guy who just got knocked over and then silence was broken by one of the guys from the porch.

"Oooooh shit! You got knocked the fuck out!"

The rest of the room laughed at the Friday reference and the girl hiding behind the blanket started yelling and crying. She was crying about how 'he made me do it,' but Becca called bullshit right away and then let everybody know that the cops were on their way. Never have I seen a room empty so quickly. People were literally falling all over each other to get out of that basement.

Becca and I waited patiently for the police to arrive. When they did, they called for an ambulance for both Erin and who we now knew was Erik. Erik had only stirred since I first hit him and I think we were all concerned for his health if not exactly his well-being. Becca and I followed the ambulance to the hospital after we were done giving our info to a campus police officer. When we got to the hospital we were told she was in the ED and I should head over there to see if she's awake yet or not.

We ended up waiting about two hours or so before we could see her, and while we did I was absolutely beside myself. I couldn't believe I almost let something so terrible happen to one of my favorite people in the entire world. I didn't even know what did or didn't happen to her at that point and my imagination was running away with me. I started to get panicky and I couldn't sit still while I waited. I wanted to cry, I wanted to kill something, I wanted to just get even, I didn't even know how. I started rocking back and forth and muttering to myself. I was so terrified about what I would hear next, I just needed somebody to take my hand and tell me to get a grip.

While I tried my hardest to contain the little ball of fury eating away at my chest, Becca was crying continuously and quietly. She didn't want to draw attention to herself and she didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable so she just cried to herself and avoided eye contact with everybody. Every nurse that walked by saw what messes we both were, but nobody stopped to help. I felt like Erin was the only thing in the world that mattered at that moment. I just needed her to be okay and I needed to hear that right this second. I started looking frantically for a doctor to come down the hall and tell us everything would be fine. I jerked my head around looking from end of the waiting room to the other and started rocking back and forth in my seat more rapidly and more urgently. The chaotic waiting room was moving quickly around us too, so much so that I wasn't sure I could handle being in there even one more second. People coming and going, nurses acting like nothing was wrong, don't they understand? Don't they get it?! My girlfriend might've been raped, she might've been poisoned, anything could've happened! Why weren't they paying any attention? Why wasn't anyone fixing this? RIGHT NOW!?!

At that, I felt a hand on mine. It was a delicate hand. One with thin fingers and soft skin. One that felt like an anchor. One that felt like a feather. One that felt like salvation.

"She's going to be okay…okay?"

- Salvation -

"But how do you know?" I mewled.

"I don't. But what else can I tell myself right now? What else can keep my heart from jumping out of my chest? What else can I say that will allow me to think that she's coming back to me as perfect as she was when she left?"

"She was perfect, wasn't she?"

"She probably still is. Just be strong right now, for me okay?"

With that, Becca laid her head on my shoulder and we both cried silently for a time. We were so lost in each other right then that we missed the nurse calling out for us. We didn't even hear her say Erin's name. We kissed. I had never felt so in love.

But I had also never felt so adrift. Or so alone. Nobody could understand my loss right then. Nobody except Becca. God bless her. She let me keep my Erin and she let me keep my sanity. Everything was going to be okay. Everything except Becca.

unconditional   love  

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