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Through the Gate of the Gods Ch. 06

ORCHID heard her own name yelled in the midst of the shrieks of joy and peals of happy laughter.

She was hugged so hard she could barely breathe, and gave back hugs that were just as hard.

"Together again! Look out Vens!" Midnight shouted above the cacophony, and everyone laughed.

"Gods, I've missed you," Heart said, happy tears shining on her cheeks.

Magenta rolled her eyes. "Forbell's shiny gold!" she grumbled. "It's been five days. Settle down a little."

Thistle looked at her sideways, her eyes gleaming with mischief.

"Just because no one missed you doesn't mean we didn't miss our nice Sisters."

Magenta raised her eyebrows.


Thistle stuck her tongue out.

"That's it. Let's go!" Magenta growled, and the two girls squared off, waving their little fists at each other in the classic fighter's pose.


Wisteria, ever the peacemaker, started to step between them, but stopped when she saw they were both struggling not to laugh.

"Little smart ass," Magenta shouted.

"Big dumb ass," Thistle retorted.

Magenta bobbed and weaved. "I'm gonna slap your tits off!"

"Oh yea? I'll smack you so hard you'll be flat as Ornament!"

Watching the show with the rest of her giggling Sisters, Ornament's mouth fell open.

"Hey!" she squeaked. Laughing, Flower ruffled her hair affectionately.

Thistle's control broke. Grinning from ear to ear, she spread her arms wide.

"Come here, stupid," she laughed.

Magenta rolled her eyes again, but stepped forward and embraced her Sister as the other girls cheered and whooped.

Thistle leaned back, her arms still around Magenta's slim waist. their noses almost touching.

"You missed me. Admit it."

"I guess," Magenta teased, and the two were engulfed by the rest of their Sisters in a giant, twelve girl group hug.

"I'm not flat, I'm perky!" Ornament complained from somewhere in the middle.


The girls sat down for a sumptuous brunch, and of course the talk soon turned to their experiences dancing and going to the private rooms.

All of them had exchanged their ruby 'virgin' earrings for something new. Orchid had a pair of lovely pearls.

As the girls chattered, she noticed with surprise that Ornament also had a tiny diamond nose-stud.

Orchid knew what that meant. Thistle had gotten one after their second night entertaining, and told her wide eyed Sisters what she had done to earn it.

Before she could say a word, Heart chirped. She was sitting right next to Ornament, and couldn't help notice the little decoration adorning her nose.

"Sayennit's mercy!" she said in amazement. "You got your nose pierced!"

Ornament bit her bottom lip, blushing.

"You?" Thistle exclaimed. "I never woulda guessed you'd be the only other one!"

"What?" Midnight and Magenta chorused, and Heather added, "What does it mean?"

After her difficult night with the servant of Blazell, Ornament had been quiet and subdued, even for her. She didn't-couldn't-tell even her beloved Sisters what had been done to her.

Gem giggled. "It means she took it up the butt," she explained.

There were gasps, just as the girls in Thistle and Orchid's group had gasped.

"No way!" Flower finally said, as Ornament sat and blushed crimson.

There was a pause in the chatter, as the girls contemplated an act that none of them had even thought of-until they learned one of their Sisters had done it.

Breath broke the ice. Rising, she went to Ornament's chair and hugged the small girl warmly.

"We're all very proud of you, Sister," she said with genuine tenderness in her voice.

"Hell ya!" Magenta shouted. "Who woulda dreamed you'd be the sluttiest one in our group?"

Ornament leaned her head against Breath's chest and put her hands over her face, but it didn't hide her smile.

"Will...will we all have to do...that?" Flower asked.

Wisteria made a small sound, like 'eeek', and Heather spoke up.

"I guess if it pleases our partner, we probably should."

Thistle looked at her Sisters and laughed.

"Wait til you find out how to get your nipples pierced!"


As the girls chatted, Orchid and the rest found out their personal experiences were similar to the others.

She wasn't the only one that had been 'splashed', as Lily put it. Several of the girls had had that happen to them.

"My second guy made me do that," Midnight told them. "He said it took the edge off so he could last longer when know."

"Fucked?" Magenta supplied, and they all laughed.

"Yes, fucked," Midnight giggled, and added "I'm trying to be delicate here."

"No need," Thistle told her. "We've all been fucked."

"Some of us three times," Flower chipped in, and grinned.

The general consensus was that there were two basic types of patrons, and Orchid had experienced both. One kind of guy took his time, enjoyed pleasuring the girl as much as himself, and waited ("sometimes too long," Gem said to giggles) until she had climaxed before taking his own pleasure.

Others were simpler, but less fun. Wisteria shyly described how her first partner had simply pushed her face down on the bed, her feet still on the floor, then shoved her legs open, thrust into her a few times, finished, said 'thank you' and left.

"Aww sis I'm sorry," Heather told her. "You kinda got cheated."

"The second night was better," Wisteria said, blushing, "but he still turned me upside-down at the end."

"He wanted to look at your big butt while he...did it," Midnight teased.

Wisteria stuck her tongue out.

"Gee, you think?" Thistle said sarcastically, and even Midnight laughed.

"Yea, that was a pretty obvious thing to say," she giggled.

After a few hours, the girls from Orchid's group were called away to start getting ready for the night's dancing. There were showers to take, legs to shave, outfits to select, a thousand and one details to attend to.

There were hugs but no tears-the two groups were no long being kept apart, and would see each other almost every day.

The last thing Orchid heard before she left the room was Ornament softly telling someone "what if I don't want my nipples to get pierced?"


"Darella's balls!" Orchid swore. "This place isn't that big! How the hell did I get lost?"

She looked ahead, then looked behind her. Stretching in both directions was a long, featureless, straight white hallway, extending as far as she could see.

"Crap," she sighed. Picking a direction at random, she started trudging ahead, noticing the white carpet under her bare feet was thin and worn.

She grumbled and muttered under her breath as she walked...and walked...and walked. There was still nothing to see but the white walls. She couldn't even see a ceiling when she looked up.

She was wearing a royal blue robe almost identical to the one she'd worn at her Naming Ceremony.

'I don't remember bringing this to Vens," she thought idly as she walked.

Finally, she paused and leaned one arm against the wall so she could massage an impending cramp from her left foot. She was tired and thirsty and grumpy and just wanted to get back to the club and take a nap.

"Bout fucking time you showed up, girl!"

Squeaking with surprise, Orchid stumbled back, nearly falling before she managed to lean her back against the wall.

"Where...what..." was all she could manage as she stared at the woman walking towards her.

She was about her own age, maybe a little older, with long sandy-brown hair. She was dressed in the the gold top and skirt a Chosen wore her first night dancing, and as Orchid calmed down from being startled, she realized the woman was breathtakingly beautiful.

A flawless face. Deep blue eyes. A lovely, impeccable body, dazzling in its perfection.

"What...who..." she stammered again, her overwhelmed brain barely working.

"Finish a damn sentence, girl!" the woman snapped.

Orchid stood up straight and gave her head a little shake.

"Who are you? Do I know you?"

The woman tilted her head impatiently.

"Look and think, brat."

Orchid examined the woman's beautiful face, her eyes widening by the second.

'It can't be,' she thought, but the resemblance was there.

"Old mother?" she managed to whisper.

"Always knew you weren't as dumb as you look," the woman laughed. "Although I'm not old, or a mother, just yet."

"You're so beautiful," Orchid breathed. "And!"

"I told you I was, bratling."

Orchid's head spun. She couldn't think of anything to say.

"Let's walk, girl," the woman said, and without waiting for an answer turned and began strolling away. With another squeak, Orchid hurried to catch up.


"Well what?" Orchid asked, confused.

The young old mother stopped and sighed.

"Aren't you going to ask why I'm here," she said, and fluttered her hands down her body in a 'look at me' gesture, "looking like this?"

"Ummm...why are you..."

"I'm so glad you asked," the woman said, rolling her eyes.

"You are the finest student I ever had," she continued. "You absorbed every lesson, worked your little butt off, and met every new challenge with enthusiasm and passion."

Orchid whispered a thank you.

"You're thriving here, girl. There's a joy in your eyes. This is where-and what-you were born to be."

"Every night has been amazing," Orchid admitted.

"And they will only get better. The gods have smiled on you, child. Honor them-and remember everything I told you."

Orchid's smile was angelic. "I will," she promised.

Old mother lightly pressed her palms to Orchid's cheeks and brushed her lips on the girl's trembling mouth.

"I'm so very proud of you. And all your Sisters," she added. "I just wanted to tell you that."

Orchid smiled widely, happy tears misting her eyes.

"I'm going to make you prouder," she whispered.

"I know you will, child."


"Orchid! Orchid!"


"Spira's smile, Orchid, wake up!" Breath said excitedly, shaking her shoulders. "Mist is here!"


Orchid tried to blink away the fog of sleep as her best friend tugged on her arm.

"Come on!"

She stumbled to her feet as the girls crowded around Mist. The tall woman touched the girl's hair and faces affectionately as she moved deeper into the room.

All it took was one look at Mist's expression and Orchid knew. She started to tremble.

"Girls!" their former teacher called out over the chatter, and the girls quieted. She had an arm around Magenta and Lily, and she pursed her lips, her expression somber.

"Girls," she began again, softly. "Sayennit...and Ardell (Chulda) have finally taken mercy on Old Mother."

A few of the girls looked puzzled. Others pressed hands to their mouths as the awful realization sank in.

A tear trickled down Mist's cheek.

"She's gone."

Some people claim to this day that the sobs and wails could be heard by the gods themselves.


There was some discussion of closing the club, but Mist demurred.

"If you want to honor her memory," she told the girls, "do it by being the best Chosen you can be."

Still, the mood at the club that night was subdued.

They hung a large painting, bordered in black, of a Chosen called Jewel-a breathtakingly beautiful girl who, many years later and for many years, would be called Old Mother.

The girls were somber, the music was slower and quieter than normal, and conversations were mostly conducted in near-whispers.

Even the love making was low-key. "The guy acted like I'd break if you moved too fast," Thistle joked the next morning, and Orchid could only nod.


ORCHID thought she had learned a lot from her Teachers on Mulvadora, and from Mist and Old Mother after she came through the Gate, but her real education came from the men she met in the club.

On her fifth night of dancing, a servant of Spira taught her something new and wonderful.

He wasn't very handsome, but he had kind, brown eyes and soft, clever hands. He held her for a long time, standing behind her, rubbing his bulge against her naked rear end as his talented hands fondled and toyed with her large breasts.

Orchid was gasping and whimpering with need when he fluttered his tongue up her neck to her ear and whispered "come ride me, sweet girl."

She stood there, uncertain as he slipped off his breeches and stretched out on the narrow bed.

The man looked at her puzzled expression and grinned.

"Have you ever gotten on top before?"

Orchid shook her head, staring with hungry eyes at the thick erection sticking straight up from his loins. He held out his hand and she took it, letting him guide her into position.

He moved her until she was straddling his hips, and when she felt his thick, swollen cockhead bumping against her wetness, she understood what he wanted. They both moaned as her delicate hand wrapped around his shaft and helped it slip inside her.

It was a bit awkward at first, but Orchid had a Chosen's natural gift for sex, and was soon sliding up and down his hardon easily.

She loved it! Being on top, she could control the depth and the speed. She could sit straight up, and he squeezed her luscious tits as she bounced lightly on his cock; or she could lie on top of him, her nipples rubbing against his chest as her hips lifted and fell.

He held her close and ran his hands down her back to cup her firm buttocks and she groaned with pleasure.

"Like that?" he grinned, flicking his hips up to drive his cock even deeper into her soaked, aching pussy.

"Ohhh yes, yessss, play with my ass!" she babbled, bathing his cock with her cream as she climaxed.

He held the trembling girl close, letting her grind and wiggle her hips through her pleasure, then started to playfully glide a fingertip up and down the sweet cleft between her cheeks.

"OOOOhhhhh!" she gasped as he tickled the tiny virgin hole hidden there, and fresh passion made her start to move again.

His lips moved on her neck and shoulder and he gently wiggled his finger into her little hole. Orchid shuddered with forbidden lust as her ass was penetrated for the very first time.

"Is that a virgin hole, little one?" he asked, panting, his finger moving gently in and out.

"Yessssss," she moaned, her little cunt pulsing wildly from the double penetration, and he could hold back no longer. His hips bucked, slamming up into her as he shot his load, and Orchid pushed back eagerly onto his finger and spurting cock as his cum splashed deep inside her, triggering her own orgasm.

She clung to him, her body a light, quivering weight, and he stroked her warm skin tenderly.

"Oh, how I envy the first man to take your ass," he murmured, grinning at the way she trembled in his arms.


The servant of Blazell stood before his bosses desk, giving his daily report.

"The border skirmishes continue between the two countries north of Mulvadora," he read, "but so far none of the fighting has come within forty kilometers of Mulvadoran territory."

"Uh-huh," came the reply, the listeners eyes unfocused and disinterested.

"Purple wolverines wearing tutus continue to attack minor officials, but we've trained dancing giraffes to stomp on their tails, ameliorating that difficulty."


The younger man set the report on the desk and sighed. This was getting ridiculous.

"Lord Corbett?"

"Lord Corbett!"

Corbett's head jerked, finally giving his underling his attention.

"You haven't heard a word I said...sir."

Corbett rubbed his left eye. "Sorry," he muttered. "I'm just...I'm..."

The younger man put his palms on the desk and leaned closer.

"Go back to the club," he said slowly, "and see her again."

Corbett's brow furrowed. "Who?"

The other man's mouth twisted with impatience. "You know who, sir. The Chosen girl you can't stop thinking about."

"This is none of your business, Oldren," Corbett replied, his eyes narrowed in anger.

"With all due respect, sir, it is. You've been useless since that night. You came in, talking non-stop about this lovely girl for an hour...then stopped. Ever since, you just sit behind this desk and stare at the walls."

Corbett glared, but didn't reply.

Oldren pushed the papers he'd been reading across the desk.

"There's my report, sir," he said, and turned to leave.

"You know I'm right, sir," he said without looking back.

Corbett scowled at the door, then scrubbed his face with his hands. In moments, his eyes got that glazed look again, focused on nothing, his thoughts filled with by the sweet little dancer.

His heavy sigh sounded a lot like the name Ornament.



Breath waved her Sister and best friend over, and the two of them slipped away from the group.

The girls were wearing their usual offstage outfits-loose, wrap around skirts that hung low on their hips, and baggy, lightweight tunics with long sleeves, cut short enough to leave their midriffs bare. Orchid's outfit was grey, and Breath's black.

Breath looked around furtively, then smiled.

"Check this out," she said, and lifted her top.

Orchid's mouth fell open when she saw the tiny, glittering gold hoops dangling from her friends nipples.

"Sayennit's heart!" she exclaimed, her face breaking into a huge grin. "How did you get those?"

Breath covered herself back up and giggled.

"You get them with your mouth."

"With your..." Orchid mused.


Breath laughed. "Nah, sis really it's not that bad. It was kinda fun!"

"So really...?"

Breath nodded. "It's not as fun as...the other...but it still feels good-and it really made me feel like a servant. it was all about his pleasure, you know?"

Orchid pondered that for a moment.

"But what about when...when the stuff comes out?"

"You swallow it, silly."

"Ew!" Orchid said again, and Breath laughed.

"Aww, it's not so bad. There's not that much of it."

"Yea, but how does it taste?"

"It doesn't really have much taste," Breath answered, "and anyways there's not that much of it."

Orchid's expression was still doubtful.

"Remember when they used to serve us those pureed turnips that you hated so much?"

"Yea-they were yucky!"

"But you still ate them. You took small mouthfuls and gulped them down fast, and it was no big deal-right?"

"I guess," Orchid said.

"Well, this is kinda the same. Just swallow fast and you're done."

"What about the hoops?" Orchid had to ask. "Did it hurt?"

Breath shrugged. "A little, and they're a little tender still, but they also feel kinda sexy. Like nipples are being gently tugged all the time."

"That does sound nice," Orchid smiled.

"It is-and I bet you get yours soon."


It didn't surprise anyone that Gem was the first girl to find her life long partner. She was so pretty and so sweet, smart, and a wonderful dancer too.

What was surprising was how it happened.

She had been up on a platform next to Orchid, and moments after they both hopped down for a break, the girl's eyes went wide. She clutched Orchid's bicep in a death grip.

"Sis...oh sis it's him! It's him!"

Orchid followed her gaze. Gem was staring in awe at one of the younger men in the club, a tall, handsome servant of Hartsell with curly brown hair.

"Oh wow, oh wow," Gem kept repeating. "This is incredible!"

One of the club's workers joined them, smiling happily at the signs of love on Gem's face.

"Him him him!" she whispered loudly, eagerly pointing out the man.

He escorted her across the club to meet him, and Orchid saw at happen. As soon as the guy caught sight of Gem, he froze, his mouth falling open in amazement.

The new couple were so overcome with the force of their infatuation they could barely speak. Quickly, arrangements were made for Gem to spend the traditional two nights at his home, just to make sure the gods truly had matched them.
Orchid was very happy for her Sister, a little bit envious, a little sad she wouldn't be seeing Gem every day, but also glad it wasn't her time yet. She was having too much fun at the club!


HER next night at the club, Orchid had two new experiences.

She was drinking a glass of juice at the bar when Markan, a quiet, massive servant of Spira who always made all the girls feel very safe, tapped her on the shoulder.

A group of four friends-servants of Forbell-wanted a private dance.

Orchid bit her bottom lip and quivered, knowing that meant dancing totally nude.

She had found an incredible outfit to wear-a full length, long sleeve, stretchy red bodysuit that fit her like a second skin.

The outfit left almost nothing to the imagination anyway, as sheer as it was, but there was still a big, exciting difference between dancing almost naked and dancing fully naked.

The men, all handsome and in their forties, pulled chairs into a square. The music from the main club was just audible enough for Orchid to get the beat to dance.

It was hard to be graceful and get out of the snug bodysuit at the same time, but the men were more than willing to help. With compliments and encouragement, they soon had her stark naked except for her scarlet heels.

Orchid moved slow, turning and smiling at each of the guys. She knew they hadn't brought her to the small room to watch her dance-they wanted to see her body, and she obliged eagerly.

The guys continued to holler ideas, mostly involving her playing with her breasts or laying on her back and spreading her legs to flaunt her pussy.

The whole scene was so exciting to her! She rolled on her back again and raised her hips. balanced on her shoulders and toes as she pumped her hips, and all four men could see the wetness gleaming in the soft hairs between her legs.

Chuckling, one of the men stood. He took hold of her wrist and gently guided her hand down her body, placing it on her soaked pussy.

"Go ahead sweetheart," he urged. "Give us your best show."

Orchid couldn't have stopped herself if she'd wanted to. Overcome with desire, helpless to fight the lust blazing inside her, she rubbed and fondled herself, then slid two fingers deep into her aching, heated softness, shamelessly masturbating as the men watched with eager excitement, quietly clapping and cheering, egging her on.

The thought of performing so wantonly in front of these strangers just spurred her to greater heights of passion. Her fingers pumped frantically in and out as her body stiffened and bucked, masturbating herself to a climax for the first time in her life-in front of a group of lustful men.

Finally, the waves of pleasure slowed to gentle tingles, and she collapsed, her lovely chest rising and falling as she panted to catch her breath.

The men couldn't praise her enough. Each one bent down to kiss her cheek with genuine affection, whispering something about how sexy and wonderful the show was.

The knowledge that she had pleased them was almost as fulfilling as the orgasm she'd had.


AT the end of the night, Orchid was matched up with a servant of Harstell.

Thin and quiet, the man barely said a word to her. Instead, he made his desires known by constantly stroking and caressing her lips, smiling and fondling her when she obediently took one of his slender fingers into her mouth.

His hand toying with her breasts and pussy, and the growing realization of what he wanted, had her panting and gasping by the time he sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for her to get down between her legs.

Excited and nervous, Orchid drew his breeches down, and couldn't stop the little moan that escaped her lips when his impressive erection sprang free.

She'd had sex with several men, but this was the first time she'd seen a cock truly close up. Her trembling fingers slid up and down the long, thick member and she looked up at him, her eyes smokey with desire.

"I...I'm not sure what to do," she admitted quietly. "It's my first time."

He brushed his hand down her hair, petting her gently.

"Kiss it first. Kiss all of it."

"Ok," she murmured, her tongue wetting her lips as she leaned closer. His cock filled her field of vision, and the sight made little tingles of excitement flow through her.

She touched her lips to the shaft, almost in the exact middle, thrilling as the warm flesh shivered and throbbed under her soft kisses.

Her lips softly nibbled up and down, her tiny pink tongue flickering out to lick the stiff pole, and his groan of pleasure sounded beautiful to her ears.

Instinctively, she started to use her tongue more, licking wetly up the underside of the fat cock, and when she got to the swollen mushroom at the top she circled her tongue around and around, lifting her gaze so the man could see the excitement in her eyes.

She was amazed at how exciting, how thrilling the act was to her, and without thinking slipped a hand down between her legs, stroking herself wantonly as she licked and kissed.

His hand tightened in her long hair, just enough to guide her head farther up.

"Take it in your mouth," he groaned, his voice thick with lust.

Eagerly, she parted her lips and her warm mouth engulfed his thick cockhead.

"Just like if it was in your pussy," he muttered. "Just match that kind of motion."

It made sense, and she slid her mouth up and down, moaning with shameless passion. His cock was hot and hard, filling her mouth wonderfully.

He guided her head gently, panting as she took him deeper and deeper. Her lips felt so soft, squeezing around his aching shaft, and her moans massaged him erotically.

"Forbell's golden balls! You're so good at this!" he groaned, and the praise spurred her to even greater efforts.

With an animal growl, he struggled to his feet. His fingers tangled in her long hair, holding her head steady as he started to rock his hips, fucking her beautiful face.

Orchid felt the heavy knob of his cock push into her throat and fought not to gag. Her tongue licked wildly as the swollen member pumped in and out of her mouth.

Being taken this way ignited all of her natural, well trained submissive passions, and she put her free hand on his hip, urging him to thrust in even harder.

"Aahh fuck what a mouth!" he exclaimed, driving in until his churning balls rubbed against her chin. He weaved his hips as his cock swelled hugely in her mouth, groaning through clenched teeth as he shot his load.

"MMmmppffff!" Orchid squealed as the thick, creamy liquid splashed down her throat, and swallowed eagerly, her lower body twitching as her own orgasm blazed through her.

Finally, he released her head and fell back heavily on the bed. Orchid licked her lips clean of his sperm, then leaned to take his spent cock back into her mouth, nursing tenderly on the soft prick until he made her stop.

"I hope you liked that, little one," he muttered as he pulled her into his arms.

"Ohhh," she purred, "it was wonderful, my Lord. Thank you for teaching me!"

Cooing happily, she kissed his neck and chest, and hoped getting her nipples pierced the next morning wouldn't hurt too much.


Twirling and wiggling adorably on her little dance platform, her lovely, slim body wrapped in cute pink ribbons, Ornament didn't even see the servant of Blazell move through the club, seeking out Alma.

She didn't see the finger that he pointed in her direction.

"I want to see her again," Corbett said, trying to sound stern to hide his nervousness.

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