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The Worst Night of My Life

I had been married to Laura for about a year when I made the biggest mistake of my life; even now I don't know how I could have been so stupid. Laura was the most beautiful girl I had ever met and I almost couldn't believe that I was married to her; she was tall and skinny but with full c cup tits and the most perfect arse ever. She was also smart and funny and had all the usual great qualities one looks for; the only thing that wasn't perfect between us was our sex life. Don't get me wrong, sex with Laura was incredible but she never seemed that interested, she had sex with me once or twice a week but I got the feeling she was just doing it to stop me pestering her. Although I enjoyed fucking her perfect body, she wasn't very adventurous in bed, she liked straight forward positions, only in bed, only at night, she never wanted to be spontaneous or try anything different.

I think that was ultimately why I found Emily so exciting. Emily was a friend of someone I worked with and I met her while I was out for a drink with some colleagues one evening. We hit it off and she contacted me the next week to say that she was looking for a new job and wanted some industry advice. I should have realised straight away that that was clearly an excuse but maybe deep down, I just wanted to see her again. We met after work and one thing led to another; by the end of the evening, she was lying flat on the back seat of my car with her skirt up around her waist, frantically wanking my cock while I fingered her tight pussy. I hadn't hooked up with a girl in my car since before I met Laura and I think the excitement of the situation just got the better of me. Emily bucked her hips against my hand as she came and then whispered "I want to make you cum baby, come on give it to me." The sound of this slim but curvy young woman moaning that into my ear made me immediately start to spray my load all over her hand and thighs, and she kept stroking me until I was completely drained.

Although I almost immediately felt guilty as I drove her home, it wasn't until the next day that I realised what a big mistake I had made. Emily texted me three times before I had even got to work saying she wanted to see me again, and I realised that this maybe wasn't the casual encounter I had thought it was. I tried to let her down gently and say that maybe we should be a bit careful but that just prompted angrier messages about how I had used her and how I should have thought about that before. I panicked a little, thinking that this woman was clearly crazy but then after a day and a half of trying to calm her down, she suddenly stopped texting me. Against my better judgment, I contacted her one last time in an attempt to check everything was okay but I didn't hear anything back from her.

I put it down to a mistake and hoped that would be the end of it; that was until a week later when I noticed that Laura was acting a little strange. We hadn't had sex at all that week as she had worked late a few times and we had both been busy. She seemed annoyed and distant so I thought maybe it was just beside we hadn't seen much of each other but then when we were sitting in the living room having a drink, I caught her staring angrily at me and asked what was wrong. She didn't answer for a few seconds, she just stared at me with a kind of crazy look that I had never seen before, and then asked me if I was enjoying my drink. I was a strange question so I furrowed my brow questioningly and then tried to answer her to find that I was struggling to form a sentence. I didn't know what was happening to me and as I looked down at the glass in my hand, I lost my grip on it and dropped it to the floor. I looked up at Laura and saw her pull something out of her pocket and as my mind started to get a bit foggy, I realised it looked like a pair of black panties. In a moment of panic, I tried to move but couldn't; I thought back to that night with Emily where I had used the interior lights from the front of the car to make sure I cleaned all my cum off the back seat but was it possible that in the dim light I had failed to see her panties lying on the floor? Laura's expressionless face gave nothing away and I tried to understand what was happening for a few seconds until my vision faded to black.

I don't know how long it was before I came too but it took a few seconds for me to realise where I was. I was sat in an arm chair in the corner of our bedroom and when I tried to move my arms, I realised they were tied to the arms of the chair. My head was foggy and my mouth was dry, and my limbs felt heavy; it felt like I was very drunk except I wasn't dizzy or confused. As my surroundings became clear, I heard a voice say "you're awake then?" I glanced over to see my wife standing in the doorway wearing a loose fitting dress, and once again holding Emily's panties in her hand. I tried to respond to her but somehow I couldn't get my lips to move, I could only groan pathetically which caused Laura to laugh as she walked over to me. "Don't worry" she chuckled, you probably won't be able to talk for a while but I don't need you to, I just want you to watch."

As she slowly began to slip off her dress, she explained how Emily had contacted her and told her the whole story, although I got the feeling that what Emily had told her wasn't quite accurate. I listened with dread as she asked "maybe I should be more adventurous in bed, it sounds like that's what you want?" She wasn't really asking me, it was a rhetorical question but I was terrified to think where she was going with this. Just as I looked down and realised I was completely naked, Laura called out "we're ready" and I watched with a look of confusion as a naked man I didn't recognise strolled confidently into the room. As she dropped her dress to the floor and stepped out of it, I saw that she was wearing her wedding lingerie that she had kept and modelled for me as a special treat on our anniversary a couple of months before. She looked incredible in her white stockings, garter belt and lacy white panties but I couldn't enjoy it as the anonymous naked man was moving behind her and placing his hands on her hips.

Her face suddenly changed a bit as the guy began to grope her arse and she looked at me angrily and said "So clearly our sex life isn't enough for you and you think its okay to fuck other girls. Well I decided to start doing some of the things you've been begging me to do" she paused for dramatic effect and added "but I won't be doing them with you." Still pretty much paralysed, I couldn't move but my stomach lurched and I tried to shout and scream but all I could manage was a moan, which caused Laura and the guy to laugh again. With that, she turned to the guy and kissed him passionately, shoving her tongue in his mouth while he grabbed her firm arse and spun her around while shuffling her closer until they stood side on to me, just a foot or so away. I felt like crying as I watched this guy running his hands all over my wife's tight body and as I tried not to think about what would happen next, I noticed for the first time that his cock was pretty big, noticeably bigger than mine I thought.

When Laura had had enough of kissing him, she dropped to her knees, grabbed his stiffening cock in one hand, and looked back at me as she spat "do you remember that last time I went down on you honey?" I couldn't respond but she wasn't expecting me to so she continued "I don't, it must have been just after we were married, I don't do it anymore." Then looking back towards the dick she was holding she added "let's see if I remember how." My stomach lurched again as I watched my gorgeous wife take another man's cock into her mouth and start sucking on it enthusiastically. To be honest I couldn't remember the last time she had given me a blowjob either but this was nothing like she had ever done for me. It immediately became clear that she was trying to hurt me as much as possible because she was really ramming her mouth down over this guy's dick and slobbering all over it. She kept pushing it right to the back of her mouth and trying to force it in as far as it would go until her face went a little red and I saw a tear run down her cheek.

When she eventually pulled off it gasping for air, she held it up and put her face under it so she could stick her tongue out and lick his balls. She bathed them with her tongue for a few minutes before looking back at me and saying "mmm, I've never licked anyone's balls before, it's so naughty." She turned back to him and pushed her face up into his scrotum, opening her mouth and sucking in as much of it as she could. As much as it felt like torture watching my wife lovingly massage another man's balls with her tongue, deep down I knew this wasn't the end of it and when she pulled her mouth off him and stood up, I dreaded to think what was coming next. I didn't have to wait long to find out as she stood just a foot in front of me, looked down at herself, and said "you like this underwear don't you honey, it's what I wore on our wedding night." She bent at the waist a little and rested her outstretched arms on the arms of my chair and moaned "do you remember I wore this for you on our anniversary? I said I would always do that for you didn't I?"

Right on cue, the anonymous guy stepped in close behind my wife and reached a hand down behind her arse, then I saw him firmly pull his arm away and I heard a loud rip of tearing fabric. Laura stumbled a little, scrunched her eyes shut, and grunted loudly and I looked down to see the white lace of her panties now hanging around one of her thighs, the crotch torn away and her sparse pubic hair visible between her legs. Although I had just watched her sucking his dick, I think that hurt me even more, this was her wedding underwear, the special outfit that I spent a lot of money on that only I had ever seen, and here she was letting this stranger tear it off her willing body. I still couldn't move and could only watch with horror as the guy stroked his hard cock a couple of times and moved his hips up behind Laura. She looked me dead in the eye and, suddenly turning aggressive again, she spat "so you want to fuck other girls then, that's fine but I'm going let my new guy, ungh fuck!" Her sentence was cut off as the guy flexed his hips and rammed his cock up into my wife, and I felt like someone had punched me in the gut. She steadied herself on her arms as he began to firmly slam in and out of her, jolting her sexy body back and forth and causing her tits to flop around on her chest.

I groaned in pain and I could feel sweat pouring down my face as I watched this man fuck my gorgeous wife in front of me. He slapped her arse a few times and then gripped her shoulder for leverage as she panted "uh fuck, it's so big, he's so much bigger than you honey." As he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up slightly, she scrunched her face up and grunted "oh yeah, fuck me baby, do it harder." He obliged and she gripped the arms of the chair tightly as he sped up and continued to assault her tight little pussy.

I guess I understood why she was being so cruel, and she clearly knew how much her taunting was hurting me because she kept encouraging her man to fuck her harder and telling him he could have her pussy anytime he wanted. Eventually, she turned really nasty and moaned "I think he's gonna cum soon baby, I wonder where he'll do it." She knew I couldn't respond except for another pained groan but I did manage to move my head a little this time so she smiled and asked "do you think he should do it inside me or should I let him do it on my face?"

I was totally crushed. She knew exactly what she was doing by giving me those two options. Although I knew she was on birth control, she had told me when we first got together that she had never let anyone cum inside her, she usually used condoms and it was only after we had been dating for several months that she finally let me cum in her pussy. I was the only man who had ever done that and thought I always would be. Also, she had never let me cum on her face even though she knew I desperately wanted to, the closest I ever got was my birthday when she gave me a blowjob and I came in her mouth so much that a little but spilled down her chin.

Both options made me feel sick to my stomach but I thought that if he came on her face, I would never get the image out of my mind. I was worried that every time I looked at my pretty wife I would imagine her face streaked with another man's jizz. As much as I hated to admit it, having him cum inside her was the least bad option but of course, I couldn't say that, all I could do was groan and shake my head an inch or so. Laura giggled and panted "what's that, you don't want him to cum on my face?" I groaned again and shook my head as much as I could. "So you want him to shoot a load inside me then do you, you want another man to shoot his cum in your wife's pussy?" It sounded ridiculous when she said it like that, of course I didn't want that but I certainly didn't want the alternative either. With a look of part excitement and part contempt for me, she glanced back over her shoulder and moaned "he wants you to cum in me baby, he wants you to fill me up, are you ready?"

The guy grunted "fuck yeah" and I watched with absolute horror as Laura stood up, causing his dick to drop from her pussy, and then quickly turned to the side and jumped down onto her knees in front of him. Before I could even comprehend what was happening, he grabbed hold of his dick, pointed it at my wife, and started to spray spurt after spurt of his cum all over her beautiful face. I didn't think I could feel any worse but if I could move, I think I would have keeled over; my wife had deliberately given me a choice and then done the opposite just to hurt me. I don't think I'd ever seen anyone shoot so much cum in one go but when he was finished and Laura looked over at me, one of her eyes was plastered shut and she had ropes of sticky white jizz all the way from her chin up to her forehead. I felt sick and could only whimper pathetically as I watched her fall back onto her arse, giggling and looking up at the man who had just showered her with his cum.

After thinking for a few seconds, she unclipped her left stocking from the garter belt and rolled it down her long smooth leg as she said "wow, I didn't know a man could cum so much, I'm covered in it." As she pulled the stocking off her leg, she looked over at me and asked "how do I look honey? Do you think I look pretty?" She stood up and brought the thin fabric up to her face to wipe her eye and then made a token attempt at wiping the rest of her face before screwing the ruined garment up in her hand. She stumbled again as the guy grabbed hold of what was left of her panties and firmly ripped them away from her body. I struggled to take everything in as my wife stumbled around, now wearing just her garter belt and one stocking, with cum smeared all over her face, and I watched her throw her cum soaked stocking to the floor while the guy used the tattered remains of her bridal panties to wipe his dick clean.

I still couldn't really move and although some of the feeling was returning to my face, I couldn't even express how distraught I was; it was like I was trapped in my own body watching my wife torture me. She turned back to the guy and playfully grabbed his semi hard penis, casually stroking it, and moaned "mmm thanks Dom, that was fun. I think we enjoyed it more than my hubby though." While the guy I now knew was called Dom reached around and groped her naked backside, I saw her look towards the door and say "did you enjoy that Jack?"

What? It felt like my heart thumped against the inside of my chest; was there someone else here? I still couldn't turn my head fully so I had been focussed on what was happening right in front of me, but now I saw another guy walk into my field of vision; he was also naked and his dick was jutting out proudly in front of him. As he walked up to Laura, she turned toward him and asked how she looked with Dom's cum all over her. Jack just laughed and told her she looked sexy but he thought she would look even better with another load on her face. She laughed loudly as she turned back to me with the guys on either side of her, and took a cock in each hand, idly stroking them, and then said "you didn't think that was it did you honey? Did you think you could fuck around on me with some bitch and get off that easy?" She let go of the two hard dicks and looked behind her, picking up Emily's panties from the bed and continued "I find some slut's dirty knickers in your car and you think I'd let it go that easy? Well I'm not nearly done yet, I think Jack deserves a turn too; and judging by that I think you want to watch him fuck me."

I didn't understand what she meant until she threw Emily's panties at me and I felt them land on my crotch, and as I managed to glance down for the first time, I saw that my cock was hard. For a few seconds, I didn't know what to think; I had no idea why I would be hard, I was absolutely devastated that this was happening, I certainly wasn't enjoying it. By the time I looked up, Laura was lying on our bed, sideways so that I could see what was happening, with Jack knelt between her legs and Dom stood next to the bed on the other side, feeding his dick into her mouth. As she began sucking on it, Jack pulled her right leg up over his shoulder, angling her body towards me, and then pushed his cock down into her pussy and started thrusting quickly in and out. Laura groaned loudly around Dom's cock and reached a hand up to massage his balls as I watched the two strangers take my wife.

After what felt like hours, they both pulled their cocks out of her and switched ends; Dom flipped her over on to her hands and knees and slammed his cock into her from behind as Jack stepped up in front of her face. When she saw his hard cock swinging about in front of her, slightly wet with her own cum, she giggled and grabbed hold of it as she looked up at him and asked playfully "mmm, is that for me baby?" Jack just laughed and gently slapped his cock against the side of her face. She yelped and giggled again as she said "my hubby used to love it when I sucked his dick nice and slow", then she paused for a second as she looked over at me and added "but I want you to fuck my face."

I didn't think I could feel any worse than I did already but this was ridiculous; no woman wants a guy to fuck her face, obviously she was just doing this to hurt me but that didn't stop Jack plunging his dick into her sweet mouth a few times before he grabbed the back of her head and began to force it in as far as it would go. She gagged and coughed a few times as he forced his cock against the entrance of her throat and then took a handful of hair in his hands and started slamming his hips against her head. Her cum smeared face turned red again and her back arched as she tried to back away from the intrusion, but Dom kept hold of her hips with one hand, clasping her garter belt as he continued to fuck her from behind. As I continued to slowly regain some more feeling in my face, I felt my eyes well up a bit as I sat there, completely crushed watching my beautiful wife get spit roasted on our bed while still wearing the tattered remains of her wedding lingerie.

I don't know how long it was before Jack announced that he was going to cum but when he pulled his dick out of Laura's mouth, she coughed and spluttered and gasped for breath, then when she finally gathered enough oxygen, she managed to gasp "yes, do it on, on my face." She was still gasping for breath when Jack roared and began to spray his cum out all over her red puffy face and up into the fringe of her hair. She hung her head down, causing her hair to fall down over her face, and then collapsed her upper body down on the bed, smearing all the cum from her face all over her hair and the sheets of our bed. Her body was still being jolted around by the force of Dom fucking her so she clasped the sheets in her hands and held on tight, trying to recover while he pounded away at her.
He slowed down a little and she eventually managed to get her breath back enough to prop herself back up on her outstretched arms and pant "are you close baby? Are you gonna cum for me too?" As Dom slammed his hips hard against her, he yanked on the garter belt and I heard another loud tearing sound, followed by him laughing and saying "yeah I'm close, do you want another load on that pretty face?" Laura grunted as he fucked her and replied "uh no, I just remembered, uh, my hubby wanted you to cum inside me." I couldn't believe my darling wife was still trying to torture me, I desperately wanted to put a stop to this, to cry out or get up or do anything to stop this from happening, but I couldn't. I just had to watch helplessly as Dom tensed up, slammed his hips forward, and began to blow a load of cum deep into my wife's body as she moaned "yes, do it inside me."

He stayed buried inside her for a minute before he pulled out and they both collapsed down on our marital bed where they lay breathing heavily for a second before Jack playfully slapped his semi hard cock against Laura's forehead. She giggled and said "ooh, it looks like someone's ready for more", then looking over at me she asked "you know what's left don't you baby?" By now, most of the feeling was returning to my face but I still couldn't really talk. I started to move my arms just a tiny bit until I remembered that they were tied to the chair but then I froze as I saw Jack grab a bottle of hand lotion from the bedside table.

As Laura moved to lay on her front at the end of the bed facing me, I realised what she meant and I panicked; this couldn't be happening. I tried to scream and thrash around but I could barely move as I watched Jack pull Laura's hips up and place a pillow under her. With a devious smile she said "that's right, my hubby has always begged me to let him put it in my bum, but I never let him." I moaned as loudly as I could and suddenly she shouted "shut up! This is your fault, you caused this, you're the one who couldn't control yourself, now you're gonna sit there and keep quiet while I let Jack fuck my arse."

Totally crushed and dejected, I sat there wishing the ground would swallow me up as Jack climbed on the bed behind my wife and spread her sexy arse cheeks with one hand while pushing his cock between them with the other. I can't even describe the pain in my stomach as he asked if she was ready and she replied "yes, just go slow." He pushed down into her unbelievably slowly and she shouted "ow, fuck!" as she clasped the bed sheets in her hands. Dom and I both watched on as Jack slowly sped up and tried to push deeper into my wife's virgin arsehole while she gritted her teeth and grimaced.

As Jack had already cum, he was able to last for some time and eventually, Laura relaxed and her gasps of pain turned to moans of pleasure. Jack had sped up and was now pounding down into her tight arse as hard as she would let him. He had also gripped hold of what was left of her garter belt and held on to it for leverage, riding her like a pony until we heard another loud ripping sound and the belt came away in his hand. They both laughed as Laura looked back to see the tattered lacy fabric, now just connected to the leg of her remaining stocking and, if it were possible, my heart sank even further when I heard her moan "just tear it off baby, it's ruined anyway." She was just adding insult to injury but I don't think even she realised how much it hurt me. Her wedding night underwear was something special that she had worn the night we were married and now she was just discarding the soiled remains of it while another guy fucked her in the arse for the first time.

When Jack was eventually ready to cum, he asked where she wanted it and my wife nearly shouted "in my arse baby, do it in my arse, I want it inside me." I was just lucid and free enough at this point that l could feel tears running down my cheeks as I watched Jack bury his cock as deep as he could and fill my wife's arse with his cum. When he pulled out, we heard a popping sound that prompted Laura to giggle as she rolled over to look up at Jack. None of us had been paying any attention to Dom but suddenly he appeared next to Laura's chest, stroking his cock rapidly in his hand, and grunted as he shot a small load out onto her tits.

When Laura finally stood up, she was a total mess; all she was wearing was the tattered remains of one stocking and I could see cum dribbling down her thighs. Her tits were also covered in jizz and there was more of it smeared all over her once beautiful face and matted in her hair. I'll never forget the look of absolute disgust she shot me as the three of them left the room together but the last 'fuck you' she gave me was to pull off her last stocking, rub it between her legs covering it in the sticky cum leaking from both her holes, and then throw it at me. It landed on top of Emily's panties that were still hanging from my cock and I hung my head, looking down at the mess in my lap and wondering what I had done.

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