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The Warlock & The Wizardess Ch. 09

Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features anal sex and group sex, so be warned in case you're not into that sort of stuff. Consider this just a silly, smutty parody of a few fantasy cliches. Don't expect epic tones or anything even vaguely resembling seriousness and you won't be disappointed when you don't find them! Enjoy!

This chapter picks up exactly where the previous one ended, so it's best to read that first.


Understandably, the following day Aldarius was in no mood to discuss religion with Jadrik, but the warlock didn't mind.

His head was full of happy memories revolving around cackling imps and floppy troll penises and stupid paladins screaming like frightened little girls. Grinning from ear to ear all day long, evilly yet truly happy, Jadrik felt no need to molest poor sulking Al any further. For the time being, at least.

Only in the late afternoon did the warlock snap out of his personal bubble of dark twisted joy, when, after cresting yet another wooded hill, they sighted the craggy vale that led to the Chapel of Red Spires, the ultimate goal of their quest. Looking like an incongruous, misplaced scar made of orange stone in the middle of the otherwise lush and verdant woods, the barren canyon-like valley that the companions were bound to travel stood right before their eyes, signifying the approximation of their journey's end.

"Uh, fancy that," Jadrik mused, scanning the bare rock-strewn valley from within the shadows of his hood, "we're almost there..."

Overruling Aldarius's fanatical suggestion to rush ahead there and then, the companions chose to head back into the woods and set up camp for the night instead, preferring to rest and then scout the terrain the following morning after some planning and preparation.

Once the rabbits that Laeny had caught earlier that afternoon were cooked into a fine stew, and after Jadrik spiked Aldarius's portion with a generous dose of knockout serum, the companions gathered around the campfire to chat and relax. Feeling in the mood for some quality beer and fine storytelling, Uli produced his treasured self-refilling drinking horn from his backpack and began telling one of his favorite tales: the legend of Zipfnir, the Alefather.

Addressing Laeny yet staring dreamily into the crackling fire, stroking the long twin braids of his red beard with one hand while taking large swigs from the horn he held in the other ham-sized fist, Uli began speaking.

"Ye see, lassie, the Alefather that I always call upon is Zipfnir, the dwarven God of Inebriation. He is the mythical ancestor that gave my people beer and ale, and infused us with a strong and serious passion for alcohol. As ye can imagine, we venerate him any time we can by partaking of his gifts!"

To stress his point, the dwarf raised his drinking horn in a silent toast and then guzzled down a few avid gulps, drenching his beard in frothy foam. Smiling under his beer-soaked mustache as he appreciatively smacked his lips, Uli took a moment to lovingly admire the horn.

Despite its plain and ordinary appearance, what the warrior held in his beefy hand was the fabled Horn of Karkaduss, an ancient relic hallowed among dwarfdom. According to legend, it had been crafted from the very horn of the Alefather's own riding ram. Beside its major religious and cultural significance, the horn was especially coveted by dwarves because of its unique magical ability to refill itself automatically at the imbiber's will with a beer of his or her choosing.

Uli had found the Horn of Karkaduss by mere chance inside a nondescript coffer full of ancient and mostly worthless trinkets while he was raiding yet another undead-infested dungeon with Jadrik, hunting for necromantic books. Such an unexpected and impossibly lucky find caused Uli unspeakable joy at first, soon followed by a deep and stubborn paranoia revolving around the possibility of being deprived of that priceless treasure.

Obsessively attached to the self-refilling artifact, Uli developed a nagging fear that some other dwarf might find out that he owned the legendary Horn of Karkaduss. To prevent such news from spreading, careful to avoid any risk of having to face thieves and rogues and scoundrels of all sorts who might attempt to steal the horn from him, Uli never used the relic in any public place, ever, no matter how much he ached to have a drink of its delicious brews.

Such determined and unbending cautiousness forced the burly warrior to make do with low quality beer in cheap inns and taverns most of the time, but he considered it a price worth paying for the ownership of the precious, irreplaceable artifact. Still, his paranoia notwithstanding, Uli had to admit that a campfire deep into the woods in the middle of nowhere was a safe enough environment to enjoy a few gallons of tasty, god-touched ale for a change.

After quaffing a dozen more long noisy swallows, Uli was ready to resume his tale. Licking the suds off his mustache, already about to evoke the glorious deeds of Zipfnir, the dwarf suddenly turned to the slim huntress and handed her the enchanted horn, rumbling out something between an invitation and an apology.

"I'm sorry, lassie, I didn't even offer ye a sip yet! Here, have at it: it's a deep red bubbly triple malt, thick and strong like a dwarf maiden's thighs!"

"Eww, no! Dwarven beer and thighs too?! That's so gross!" Laeny squealed, her breathtakingly beautiful, perfectly sculpted face remaining gorgeous even as it expressed disgust. "And please don't call me 'lassie' all the time," the elf added in her singsong voice, training her slanted green eyes on Uli. "I mean, it feels weird... 'Lassie' is way too dwarfish."

The warrior chuckled at that. "Aye, ye're right, it is. But I like calling ye 'lassie', that's affectionate," he said elbowing Laeny complicitly, "and ye do like my affectionate moments, don't ye?"

Rolling her eyes yet giggling, unable to deny the truth of Uli's allusive words, the elf attempted to resumed her gracious stillness, failing. Uli's beard-hidden lips curled up in a knowing grin. Despite her faraway look and the way she held her back straight and hugged her knees to her chest as she sat by the fire, the dwarf could see the alabaster skin of Laentharyel's cheeks getting rosier by the second.

No matter how hard she tried to maintain her elven composure, the huntress couldn't seem to stop wriggling in place and shaking her head nervously, making her long blonde tresses ripple across her delicate shoulders. Her squirming fits were clearly becoming more intense and more frequent by the moment, and Laeny simply couldn't help but rub her thighs together to give her itchy pussy and overcharged clit some much needed reprieve.

Of course, Uli knew, soon she would do way more than squirm and try to placate the tide of passion rising inside her, and he couldn't wait for her to succumb to yet another bout of alchemically induced lust.

The dwarf's flinty gray eyes were fixated on Laeny with such intensity that he could almost see through her light top and her tight-fitting trousers. Picturing in his mind the elf's pointy perky breasts and long supple legs along with the rest of her perfect lithe body, Uli nodded his head and chuckled, already savoring the imminent transformation that would turn the graceful huntress into a cock-starved whore. Feeling his thick pole start to stiffen under his kilt, the warrior tried to focus on his story again, to let the minutes pass faster.

"Anyway," Uli resumed after downing another healthy mouthful from the Horn of Karkaduss, "our legends tell that all the types of ale and beer we have nowadays are variants of the five primordial brews born of the joining between Zipfnir, the Alefather, with his five divine consorts, the revered Beermothers. To this day, each Beermother is associated with one of the five traditional dwarven brews: the Pale One, the Golden One, the Amber One, the Fiery One and the Dark One. Now, there's still some discussion about the Beermothers, ye see, what with the old texts being incomplete and, well, sort of sketchy here and there. Most monks of Zipfnir and brewmasters today think that the Beermothers were just the Alefather's wives, but a few think that they were his daughters instead. If ye ask me personally, I'd say that..."

A deep sigh from across the campfire, followed by a snort of annoyance, interrupted the dwarf's theological dissertation. "For the love of the Gods, Uli," Shayla snapped, "enough already!"

The wizardess's jet black hair shone in the orange radiance of the fire and her deep blue eyes were vivid with their characteristic feisty glint as she leaned forward to throw another stick into the flames. Her sudden movement almost made her huge boobs spill out of her plunging neckline, and, as she sat back, her ample jugs still swayed and wobbled enticingly within the confines of her figure-hugging azure tunic.

"We've heard the story of your drunken, raunchy beer god humping his even drunker and raunchier wives a thousand times, Uli," Shayla went on, eying the dwarf with undisguised boredom. "It's just a creation myth, and not a particularly interesting or original one at that..."

"Oi! Careful there, lass!" Uli bristled, the intended sternness of his reproach getting somewhat dampened by the distracting effect that the wizardess's luscious, nicely exposed cleavage had on him, magnetizing his gaze even as he tried to look Shayla in the eye and stare her down. "Watch yer mouth when ye talk about the Alefather, lass! It's my religion, ye know, and Laeny here never heard this tale before!"

"It's not such an uninteresting legend, actually," Jadrik interjected with a snicker, sitting closer to the wizardess. "I, for one, am quite a fan of the Alefather's chronicles."

The warlock's pale, hollowed visage was mostly hidden under the hood of his black robes, which he held wrapped tightly around his thin frame to fend off the night's chill, but the grin on his lips was clearly visible as he went on.

"I'm not sure if the Beermothers really were Zipfnir's daughters or just his wives, since the texts are indeed all pretty obscure and ambiguous about it, but it's clear that they were all sisters. Either way, great job nailing the bunch of them, Alefather! I don't know of any other legendary ancestor of any other race who could handle five horny women all at once and still find the time to distill beer!" Jadrik concluded, chuckling and nodding at Uli, who raised his horn and hooted in appreciation of the warlock's praise to his god before drinking a huge celebratory gulp of magically conjured beer.

"See lass," the dwarf said half-rebukingly and half-affectionately, arching his bushy eyebrows as he met Shayla's gaze, "that's proper respect! The lad may be a sickly, scrawny, godless human with not an ounce of muscle on him, beside the one between his legs maybe, but he knows his dwarven lore at least!"

Tilting his head musingly as he thought about the legend in question, Jadrik added: "I've got to admit, I really like that part of the story where the naughty red-haired sister and the big-titted blonde one go to the brewery, probably to do the nasty together, based on the allusive subtext, and..."

"Oh, aye!" Uli intervened, his eyes glittering with excitement. "And once they get there they..."

"...they catch Zipfnir fucking their older sister in the ass, the bitchy, busty dark-haired one with the epic bubble-butt!" Jadrik continued vehemently, getting into the story. "That's such a great scene, when the redhead and the blonde see him and the brunette doing it, and she's bent over a barrel and he's holding her by her black hair, pushing her head down in a vat of sudsy ale, and she's chugging away while he rams his fat cock hard and deep into that round juicy ass of hers and then..."

"Yeah yeah, Jad, of course..." Shayla cut in, rolling her eyes at the warlock while scooting even closer to him, brushing her ample chest against his side. Meeting Jadrik's smirking gaze and smiling enticingly at him, the wizardess purred: "I had no doubt that the buttfucking part would be your favorite!"

As she spoke, the wizardess did not offer any resistance as she felt the warlock's long-fingered hand slowly tracing her back, moving lower and lower to finally rest on the plump, protruding curve of her ass. Cooing as her lover wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer into a tight embrace, Shayla wiggled her round rump into Jadrik's fondling hand, feeling pleasantly flustered as he began caressing her juicy booty through her tunic.

"Of course it's my favorite part!" Jadrik snickered as he squeezed the fleshy plumpness of the wizardess's buttcheeks with one hand while cupping her chin with the other. "After all, I'm an ass man. And just so we're clear, that's mostly your fault, my sweet slut."

As the wizardess laughed and leaned in to kiss the grinning warlock, initiating a languid make out session, Uli turned to the slim elf sitting beside him and tried to resume his story.

"So, lassie, as I was saying..."

"Oooh, Blessed Stars!" Laentharyel screeched, interrupting the dwarf. "I think... Aahhh it's happening again! My sacred well is so wet and hot... It tingles so much, I need... Owwhh, Goddess help meeehh..."

Watching the graceful, effortlessly beautiful elf shake and shiver under a fit of irrepressible carnal desire was almost as arousing to Uli as hearing her call her pussy her 'sacred well'. That specific detail, that last shred of verbal composure, seemed especially exciting because the dwarf knew that, very soon, Laeny would be past any form of restraint and she would willingly act and talk like a cheap dick-hungry whore.

As expected, within moments Laentharyel reached one hand between her thighs and rubbed it on the crotch of her trousers while with the other she started tweaking her long, engorged nipples through her light blouse. The huntress's lustrous green eyes zeroed in on the warrior's tenting kilt as Uli teasingly asked: "Ye want some help, lassie? Because if ye need it, I've got a thick hard slab of dwarven cockmeat all for ye right here..."

"Yes, oohh yeees!" Laeny sighed, licking her cherry-hued lips as her slanted, unfocused eyes glinted with lust in the glow of the campfire. Without a second thought, she took off her top, revealing her perfect, gravity-defying tits. Unable to stop staring at Uli's bulging groin, the elf swiftly kicked off her boots and removed her tight trousers, remaining gloriously naked.

"Oowhh, fuck... I can't resist anymore, I need it so bad!" Laeny blurted out, biting her lips and stepping closer to the warrior, moving as if in a daze. "I need your big dwarven cock right now!"

"Good," Uli chuckled, flipping up his kilt to reveal his massively erect boner, "come here and get all the cock ye need then!"

In the blink of an eye, the naked huntress was down on all fours between the dwarf's heavily muscled thighs. With her taut little butt tilted up and her weight resting on her elbows, Laeny lowered her face so that her sculpted cheekbones brushed along the shaft of his pulsing pole while she wrapped her delicate fingers around the broad base of Uli's dick. Panting and cooing, the elf held that meaty tool with both hands as she opened her mouth wide to take the warrior's bloated glans inside her welcoming oral cavity.

The dwarf groaned as the soft seal of the elf's lips encircled his large shaft and she engulfed him in the warmth and wetness of her cock-hungry mouth. His stocky body shook with pleasure as the pointy-eared girl began bobbing recklessly on his throbbing thickness right away, causing him to mumble his lusty appreciation.

"Aye, lassie, that's it... Look at those sweet lips of yers, all stretched out around my dickmeat..."

Uli's girth was clearly making it tough for Laeny to fit his veiny hardness into her constricting gullet, but the huntress was not deterred and just went on with her aggressive blowjob. Sucking hard on him and slobbering away with lecherous joy, the elf thoroughly bathed the dwarf's fat length in her saliva as she struggled to jam his massive erection down her throat over and over again, making Uli grunt in pleasure.

"Aarghh aye, like that! Get my cock all nice and ready for yer tight little pussy, lassie!"

Drooling long shiny rivulets of spittle all along his lip-stretching shaft, Laentharyel bobbed her head furiously up and down on the dwarf's obscenely wide pole, fucking her own face with his fleshy boner. She was so hot and tingly all over that, despite her need to feel that big cock widening her snug slit and stuffing her full, she just couldn't stop herself from orally worshiping Uli's huge dwarven pole and trying to take his whole pulsating column inside her esophagus.

At each pass, Laentharyel forced herself to gobble more of that mouth-clogging slab of dickmeat, pushing her face down on the dwarf's lap until she simply couldn't fit another tiny bit of his saliva-glossy rod into her tight gullet. As she slid her mouth back up, stopping to suckle intensely on Uli's bulbous purple tip, the horny elf breathed in as much air as possible through her nose before taking another deep plunge, determined to eventually inhale the entirety of the warrior's fat cock deep inside her throat.

While Uli groaned in ecstasy and Laeny choked and mewled as she blew him ever more ravenously, across the campfire Jadrik and Shayla's make out session was getting heated up as well.

With their lips still locked in a passionate soulkiss, the warlock had sneaked a hand underneath the hem of the wizardess's tunic to diddle her dewy pussy. Having already freed her huge jutting tits from the confines of her low-cut tunic, Jadrik was cupping and caressing Shayla's spectacular jugs with his free hand, teasing and pinching her puffed-out areolas, mercilessly stimulating them with his fingertips.

As she moaned huskily into her lover's mouth, crazed by the way he played with her sensitive nipples and strummed her budding clit, Shayla tugged at the warlock's brown hair with one hand and pulled him deeper into her kiss. While she sucked his tongue into her soft mouth, the wizardess's other hand swiftly reached for Jadrik's crotch. Parting his robes and opening his pants, Shayla let the warlock's big hard cock spring free and swiftly wrapped her fingers around it, starting to masturbate him with deep, long strokes.

Still kissing Jadrik with burning ardor, Shayla vigorously pumped her hand up and down along his rigid boner, coaxing drop after shiny drop of pre-cum from his spongy purple glans. As she lathered her lover's veiny shaft with yet another huge dollop of oozing pre-ejaculate, Shayla finally decided that she could not let any more of that precious fluid go to waste. The wizardess was about to break their lip-lock and dip her head down to take the warlock's stiff pole into her mouth, when Laeny's squishy cocksucking slurps on Uli's pole turned into a needy, slurred request.

"Please, Shayla, pleeease, come lick my pussy!" Laentharyel begged, looking over her shoulder at the buxom wizardess with an expression of devouring urgency painted on her delicate features. "Oohhh Shayla, I need your lips on me sooo bad... I need you now, pleeease!"

As the wizardess turned toward the elf, her deep blue eyes instantly focused on the nectar-drenched folds of Laeny's exposed little pussy and the miniature puckered hole of her virgin anus. The huntress's thighs were streaked with her trickling juices and she was wiggling her upturned heart-shaped ass invitingly.

"Pleeease, Shayla..." Laentharyel whimpered again, all the while licking Uli's girthy tool like a sexy, naughty kitten. "I want to suck this fat cock some more but I also need someone to take care of my pussy! Oooh, I'm just so hot right now... I need your tongue in me or I'm going to explode, Shayla! Eat me out now, pleeease, I promise I'll do the same to you later!"
As she basked in the obscenely beautiful sight of the graceful elf on all fours with a massive dwarven cock pressed on her parted saliva-glossy lips, the wizardess couldn't help but shiver at Laeny's words. Shayla knew that the huntress was an incredible muff-muncher, even when she wasn't alchemically sexed up. Moreover, beside the obvious appeal of the elf's offer to return the favor, Shayla had to admit that it was always a pleasure in itself to eat Laeny's pussy out; the huntress's juices were so impossibly sweet, they tasted almost flowery.

As she licked her lips at the mere thought of once again drinking her fill of Laeny's honeyed secretions, Shayla moaned from the feel of Jadrik's lips sucking on her engorged, sensitive nipples. Looking up at her from between the lush valley of her cleavage, his sharp cheekbones immersed in the soft fleshy slopes of her jugs, the warlock winked at the wizardess, grinning.

"Well, Shay," he said after planting a long suckling smooch on each of her puffy areolas, "it would be cruel not to do as Laeny asks. She's begging you after all..."

"Pff, she always begs when she's in this state... Aaahh yes, like that!" Shayla replied, chuckling between lustful sighs as she enjoyed the warlock's devoted tit-worship and his deft fingers playing with her soaked snatch.

"Oohh please, Shayla, pleeease!" Laeny yelped again, screeching over the wizardess's husky moans, her tiny fists jacking Uli's beefy erection at the base all the while as her tongue lapped and swiped all over his swollen glans. "Just come here and eat my cunt, pleeease! I'll lick you until you pass out later, I promise!"

"That sounds like fun," Jadrik snickered, giving the wizardess's clit a delicate rubbing pinch that sent her curvy body trembling in a quick mini-climax.

"Mmh it does... Oohh yeeess, it really sounds like a lot of fun... Aaahh!" Shayla gasped, enjoying the sizzling wavelets of pleasure washing over her and egging her on, making her want more.

As soon as her quick peak abated, Shayla gently pushed Jadrik's face away from her big jutting tits and removed his talented hand from her drooling slit. Standing up a bit unsteadily, the wizardess met Laeny's flashing green eyes and purred: "Alright, sweetie, no need to beg anymore. You can stuff that fat dick down your throat now, I'm coming to lick your sweet little pussy."

As the huntress let out a joyous squeal and swiftly plunged her face back on Uli's cock to service his imposing girth with her full attention, Jadrik helped Shayla take off her azure tunic before letting his own black robes fall to the ground and shedding his pants. Naked and horny, the lovers instantly threw themselves into each other's arms, pressing their bodies firmly together while their lips met again. Then, after sharing a long passionate soulkiss with the warlock, the wizardess pulled back and sexily strutted her way toward the horny elf.

Illuminated by the warm glow of the dancing flames, his adored slut's luscious curves were so mouth-wateringly beautiful that Jadrik couldn't help but grab his aching boner and start stroking it as he drank in Shayla's voluptuous hourglass figure. The warlock's eyes were still glued to the wizardess's sumptuous jiggly bubble-butt and her huge swaying tits as she knelt down behind Laentharyel's upturned derriere.

Shayla's plump round ass was sticking out irresistibly as she arched her back and leaned down, resting her hands on the elf's tiny rump and parting Laeny's taut buttcheeks to get perfect access to her hot, weeping slit. Without wasting another second, her nostrils filled with the heady fragrance of her friend's overflowing nectar, Shayla dove tongue first into the soft smooth folds of the elf's little pussy.

"Mmpph! Oohh Shaylaaahh... Lick my mmmh pussy... Oohh yeeesmmph...!" Laentharyel mewled around Uli's cock, managing to unclasp her lips from his stiff meat for just a moment before her head plummeted down again on his throbbing bloated glans, inhaling him avidly into her gullet.

With the wizardess's lips and tongue slurping away on her slit and the dwarf's calloused hands pulling and pinching on her long erect nipples, it took mere seconds for the elf to orgasm spectacularly, drenching Shayla's face in her delicious girl-cum. While Laeny's screams of release were muted by the girthy slab of throat-jamming dickmeat that she just couldn't seem to let go of, the wizardess voraciously drank up every single rivulet of the elf's scrumptious gushing juices.

Hornier than ever, high on the sugary flavor of Laeny's pussy saturating her taste buds, Shayla waited for the elf's orgasm to abate before unclasping her suctioning lips from the huntress's sopping snatch and looking over her shoulder. The warlock was still standing there, naked and grinning, his brown eyes shiny with lust, madly fisting his boner. His cock was so hard that it looked like it could break in two at any moment. It made Shayla feel warm inside to see that Jadrik was looking at her with undivided attention and evident desire, devouring her curvaceous body with his eyes.

"So, Jad," the wizardess cooed teasingly, wiggling her fabulous juicy ass, "is jacking off while I lick this sweet elven pussy enough for you, or are you going to come here and fuck me already?"

"Enough? Oh, Shay..." the warlock snickered, snapping out of his masturbatory trance and rushing to crouch behind the wizardess's magnificent jiggly rump. As he nestled his aching shaft between her split pussy lips, sliding it back and forth to tease her swollen clit and bathe his length in her dripping juices, Jadrik leaned over Shayla's arched back to whisper in her ear: "When you're involved, my sweet slut, I don't know what 'enough' even means."

"Aww Jad, that's really... Oooh!" Shayla suddenly sighed, her taunting quip dying on her lips and turning into a long contented moan as she felt the warlock's bloated glans parting her dewy folds and pushing into her. "Ooohh... Fuck yeees, Jaaaad!"

With a firm gliding stroke, the warlock buried himself balls-deep inside the silky soft wetness of the wizardess's pussy. He stayed there for a long rapturous instant, glorying in the engulfing, quivering warmth of Shayla's vaginal channel tenderly caressing his hardness. Then his pent-up lust took over, and he started moving in and out of his adored slut, fucking her fast and deep right away.

The wizardess felt faint with bliss every time the incomparable sensation of being vigorously taken and wonderfully filled by her lover's perfect cock registered in her mind and radiated through her body, making her head spin and sending her pussy juices flowing all over the warlock's pistoning length. As Jadrik penetrated her again and again, completing her and satisfying her like only he could, Shayla surrendered herself entirely to the warlock's frenzied desire for her and returned to licking Laeny's sopping wet labia, moaning her pleasure straight into the elf's sweet snatch.

As Jadrik pounded the wizardess's pussy with unrestrained gusto, jarring her forward into Laeny's offered little slit at each passionate in-stroke, Shayla kept joyously eating the elf out. Inspired by her lover's ardor, the wizardess renewed the intensity of her hungry cunt-munching efforts every time the warlock's raging boner sent a rippling mini-climax reverberating through her curvy frame. Needless to say, Shayla's oral attentions were making the slim elf gasp uninterruptedly around Uli's cock, causing Laeny to experience an orgasmic ebb and flow of pleasure that annihilated every semblance of coherent thought in her lust-possessed mind.

As she frenziedly slurped away on the dwarf's massive thickness, all the while drenching the wizardess's lips in an almost uninterrupted overflow of her scrumptious nectar, Laeny could almost feel the fire inside her lithe body burning hotter and hotter by the second. The huntress knew that soon she would need more from Uli than his mouth-cramming cock throbbing inside her throat and his calloused fingers tweaking her nipples, but she just couldn't bring herself to impale her dripping slit on the dwarf's pole just yet, not while she had Shayla's lips devouring her pussy and clit so marvelously.

Soon the rhythmic impacts of the warlock's groin clapping against the wizardess's glorious bubble-butt became the underlying beat to the companions' lewd symphony of pleasure. With the girls' cock-muted and pussy-muffled yelps and the guys' grunts and growls of throat-banging and pussy-plowing delight filling their ears, the four friends lost themselves in another intense nightly orgy, warmed by the dancing flames of the campfire and by the heat of their shared, collective lust.


Lying motionless on the ground in the darkness just outside the orange glow of the fire, armored up and still clutching his breviary, Aldarius Van Holt snored and drooled in his obliterating, potion-induced sleep.

Earlier that night, when he had suddenly felt lightheaded as he was reciting his evening devotions after dinner, the paladin had smiled as he had started feeling awareness slipping away. While swiftly transitioning into unconsciousness, crumpling to the ground in a dead faint, Aldarius's last coherent thoughts had been happy, glorious even.

Far from being suspicious or worried about the fact that he was passing out on a regular basis since they had started their journey into the wilderness, Aldarius saw his nightly blackouts as divine signs. The paladin's faith was so boundless, unwavering and blind that he had become convinced that he truly was a chosen of the Gods of Light.

Stubbornly self-involved and prone to delusions of grandeur as he was, Aldarius had no doubt whatsoever that his collapses were due to the blessed touch of the deities of Good, whose approval he was sure he had gained once and for all by embarking on the sacred quest to reclaim the Chapel of Red Spires. In fact, the paladin had come to see his blackouts as the ultimate proof of his uniqueness in the eyes of the Gods.

Certainly, those long nightly absences were a sign that They deemed him worthy of being spirited away from the mundanity and insignificance of the material world, so that through divinely inspired dreams he could catch a glimpse of the glorious future that They had in store for him. And indeed every night, as he slept safe and sound in Their transcendental embrace, Aldarius was lulled into a deeper and deeper slumber by holy and highly revelatory visions.

In his dreams, swaddled in the absolute peacefulness of his Gods-sent rest, the knight could see himself standing on the pulpit in the great Cathedral back at the Temple of the Order of the Golden Shield, preaching to his devout brothers. In those visions, Aldarius couldn't hear himself speak, but he could see his fellow paladins drinking in his every word with rapt attention and responding zealously to his disputations, cheering him and crying out with bellowing "Aahh's" and rumbling "Oohh's" while they vigorously clapped their hands in celebration of his greatness and sanctity.

Even when he didn't have any actual visions but was only enveloped in the refreshing and well-earned sleep of the virtuous, Aldarius could still hear the echos of enthusiastic, piously joyous crowds ringing in his ears, and some higher and sweeter praises too. The melodious feminine voices whispering into his sleeping mind had to be those of angels, no doubt, blessing him as they egged him on in his pursuit of glory with their long approving "Yeeesss's" and urging him to persevere in his sacred endeavors with their choruses of "More, mooore, mooooore!"

Those nightly messages from beyond the material world never failed to boost the paladin's already inflated ego. Nothing but self-congratulatory righteousness lingered inside Aldarius every morning when he woke up, rejuvenated and contented and already craving the moment when, after another fruitful day of travel toward his heroic ascension to greatness, the Gods would once again come to visit him, welcoming him into their otherworldly peace and allowing him to enter the ethereal realm of visions and dreams, so that They could communicate with him, Their chosen one.

And so, while the companions fucked and sucked and screamed in pleasure just a few steps away from his passed-out and armor-clad body, that night, like every other night, Aldarius slept and dreamed and was happy, reassured about the path that he had taken in his pious Gods-fearing life and blissfully oblivious to every debauchedly fun, spontaneously life-affirming thing that was actually going on around him.


Pushed forward by Jadrik's vigorous cunt-plugging thrusts, Shayla shivered and came again, letting out a long pussy-muffled moan of release into the slick delicious folds of Laentharyel's little slit. Through the haze of her climax, panting and trembling but still automatically swiping her tongue to lap up the elf's scrumptious nectar, the wizardess did her best to keep licking the huntress's smooth wet labia and swollen clit.

No longer on all fours but still offering her pussy to Shayla's slurping mouth, Laeny was now straddling Uli, facing away from him as she recklessly rode his thick pole, moaning uninterruptedly. Reclining against the warrior's barrel-like chest as she rocked and bounced wildly on his lap, the slim elf impaled her own snug pussy with eager abandon on Uli's obscenely wide boner while the dwarf just sat still, grabbing and mauling her perky pointy titties in his beefy hands.

While she slid her slit up and down along the warrior's robust cock, cramming him as deep as possible inside her nectar-drenched vaginal passage over and over again, Laeny still greedily craved the warm wet caress of Shayla's tongue on her clit. With her slender hands entwined in the wizardess's black locks, the overexcited elf urgently held the human girl's face pressed firmly into her dick-filled pussy, mewling in unrestrained enjoyment.

Despite her willingness and her thirst for Laeny's honeyed secretions, Shayla had a hard time giving her horny friend the great cunt-licking that they both wished she could give.

Beside the obvious difficulty presented by the huntress's wild slit-stuffing bounces and erratic rocking motions on Uli's pole, having Jadrik's cock rammed incessantly into her own creamy pussy was making Shayla deliciously unfocused with pleasure. Still, displeased as she might be that her oral technique wasn't optimal, the busty wizardess loved the way Jadrik was pounding her doggy-style with all he had, making her vaginal channel quiver and gush, keeping her curvy body in a state of persistent orgasmic ecstasy.

Shayla's breath caught in her throat whenever the warlock's powerful, toe-curling slams jarred her into the elf's juicy slit or, at times, into the dwarf's upward bucking boner. Her mild annoyance at not being able to focus on getting her fill of Laeny's intoxicating ambrosia was more than mitigated by the pleasure she got from Jadrik's rabid pussy-jamming strokes.

That was why the wizardess was particularly surprised when, instead of picking up his pace even more and gifting her with yet another crashing climax before finally filling her fiery core with cum, the warlock suddenly slipped his nectar-dripping cock out of her pussy with as swift squishy plop.

"Mmh nooo, Jad! Don't stop, baby... I want more!" Shayla whimpered, removing her juice-glossy mouth from Laeny's snatch to look back over her shoulder at the warlock, maddened by the unexpected emptiness in her hot, needy pussy. "Put it back in me, pleeease! Give me more, mooore!"

"Oh, I plan to give you lots more, my amazing slut," Jadrik grinned, nestling his raging boner between Shayla's plump luscious asscheeks and reaching into the right pocket of his discarded robes. "I just wanted to switch holes," he explained, retrieving and opening his trusty jar of lubricating salve. "That story earlier about the Alefather fucking his raven-haired wife in the ass sort of inspired me, I guess..."

Soothed by that announcement and already excited about what was coming next, Shayla purred and shivered joyously as Jadrik humped his rigid nectar-shiny dick up and down in the lush valley of her butt-cleavage, mimicking a sort of tit-fucking motion as he held his shaft immersed in the cozy cleft between her round ass-globes. While her lover proceeded to pour a healthy dose of lubricant all over his throbbing erection and on her winking little pucker, the wizardess wiggled her magnificent bubble-butt and teased him with an impish smile.

"Oh, so it was his wife then? I thought you guys said there was a theological controversy about those Beermothers being maybe Zipfnir's wives or maybe his daughters..."

"Well, that's a debatable point indeed," the warlock snickered, gently circling Shayla's adorable pink butthole with his fingertips, massaging her tiny crinkled rosebud into relaxation. "Still," he added, slowly slipping his greased forefinger all the way inside the wizardess's eager sphincter and then starting to carefully masturbate her snug forbidden hole, "one thing remains indisputable."

"Uuhh, really? And what's that? Aaahh..." Shayla moaned as Jadrik gently eased a second digit inside her hot slippery anus and kept finger-fucking her tightest, most private and delicate orifice, making her tremble all over.

"Wives or daughters, none of those dwarven goddesses could have had an ass like yours," the warlock said in a heartfelt tone, leaning down to plant a reverent kiss on each of the wizardess's luscious buttcheeks while he pumped his fingers gradually faster and deeper into her backdoor.

"So round and juicy, so soft and meaty and full... Oh Shay, if the Alefather was an ass man, and all the legends about him seem to indicate that he was, I bet he'd have sent all those Beermothers packing in a moment if he'd only seen your epic booty! I mean, really, just look at this amazing ass..."

A loud coughing grunt from Uli interrupted Jadrik's inspired yet somewhat blasphemous rant and made him look away from the wizardess's mesmerizing little asshole and gloriously plump bubble-butt.

As soon as his gaze shifted up, the warlock took in the stern line of the dwarf's bushy eyebrows arched in a warning frown right above his hard, flinty gray eyes. Still holding Laeny by her slender hips, guiding her up and down on his wide dickmeat as she writhed and whimpered and slammed her pussy on his pole ever more urgently, Uli was too busy enjoying the elf's snug honey pot to protest any further, but his steely stare was explicit enough for Jadrik.

Quickly dropping the religious theme, realizing that Uli was unlikely to tolerate any further disrespectful reference to the Alefather, Jadrik shrugged and smiled sheepishly at the sturdy warrior. Nodding placatingly one last time as the dwarf grumbled dismissively and let his stony frown dissolve while he bucked his fat boner up into Laeny's juicy slit, the warlock returned to focus on the fleshy jiggly globes of Shayla's majestic ass and her lube-glossy, irresistible little sphincter.

Lathering her pink winking rosebud with yet another dollop of oily unguent as he kept persistently masturbating her tight receptive asshole, Jadrik carefully twirled his digits inside the wizardess's steamy anus. As he thoroughly coated her smooth anal walls with lubricant, making her whole curvy body shake with arousal in the process, Jadrik slipped his achingly hard cock inside Shayla's drooling pussy once more, filling her up with a long, deep, cunt-stuffing push.

Staying buried to the hilt inside her wet vaginal tunnel to soak himself in her gushing juices, basking in her husky moans of unrestrained joy, the warlock pumped his digits faster inside the wizardess's asshole, flexing his boner in her pussy at the same time. Eventually, overcharged with pleasure and crazed with anticipation, Shayla just couldn't take it anymore.
"Ooohh Jad! Owwhh, fuck..." she mewled, high on lust at the feel of the warlock's veiny hardness stirring her pussy while he expertly masturbated her clingy, sensitive orifice. "Please fuck my ass, fuck it now! Uuuhh, you're driving me crazy... Your fingers feel sooo good inside me, baby, but I need more, pleeeease! I need your cock deep in my ass!"

Sliding his digits out of her snug forbidden hole and withdrawing his boner from her silky soft slit, the warlock lubed up his nectar-glossy shaft some more, just for good measure, before nestling it between Shayla's bouncy buttcheeks. Laying his hands on the wizardess's plump meaty buns and spreading them nicely open, Jadrik gently pulled the slick tender edges of her sphincter apart with his thumbs, slightly gaping her adorable tiny asshole.

Glorying in the sight of that pink twitching star beckoning hypnotically to him with its excited spasms, the warlock felt his cock flex with arousal as he indulged for a moment in the thought that the wizardess's exquisite butthole was positively begging for his penetration, as if she was inviting him to enter her body through that tight little opening.

As he pressed his hardness against her eager backdoor, the feel of Shayla's tiny pucker pulsating urgently against his bloated spongy glans in the lewd parody of a nibbling kiss made Jadrik's head spin, putting a beatifically horny smile on his lips and causing a flow of unbidden, extra sincere words to escape his mouth.

"This is the roundest, juiciest, most beautiful ass in this world and many others," Jadrik proclaimed as if in a trance while he poked his fat, precum-leaking cockhead against Shayla's winking rosebud and started gently pushing himself into her ass, "and now I'm gonna fuck it like the divine bubble-butt that it is."

"Yeees! Oooh, Jaaadd yeees!" Shayla yelped as she felt the warlock's bulbous tip nudging against her pliant sphincter, teasing her tiniest and most intimate hole, expertly pressuring that forbidden gateway to her body into widening and surrendering to his passionate invasion.

Within seconds, Jadrik's calm and steady persistence combined with Shayla's devouring need to feel his cock deep inside her snug needy asshole did the trick. Her willing butt-ring yielded to his glans and dilated, allowing him to enter her and then gobbling his greasy, swollen knob inside her ass. As her sphincter relaxed completely and his thick shaft started sliding into her slippery anal passage by gradual yet unstoppable increments, the wizardess's gasps and the warlock's grunts fused together over the fleshy clapping and panting and squealing of Uli and Laeny's intense coupling.

"Ooohh Shay, you're so hot and tight!" Jadrik mumbled as he watched the wizardess's elastic distended orifice wrapping itself around his slowly penetrating, butt-cramming boner. "Aaahh I'll never get enough of your sweet little asshole!"

"Uuhh and you're so biiiig! Fuck, Jaaad aahh... I love how you stretch my ass!" Shayla whimpered.

As the warlock slowly packed his veiny cockmeat inside her clutching anus, the wizardess reached a hand to her clit and started rubbing away. Her frenzied pussy-strumming whirls multiplied her pleasure immensely as she trembled all over from the incredible, irreplaceable sensation of having Jadrik's cock slowly burying itself deep in her ass, filling her amazingly full.

High on anal lust, too impatient to wait when Jadrik stopped his slow gliding plunge into her rectum to let her tight backdoor adapt to his impaling girth, Shayla lowered herself on her elbows and arched her back even more. Tilting her sumptuous rump further up, the wizardess rocked back and forced her pink stretched out asshole to suddenly gobble more of the warlock's butt-skewering hardness.

That move caused both the lovers to gasp and moan. Even though his glans and a good portion of his rigid length were already cozily tucked inside her welcoming cock-hugging rectum and her smooth anal tunnel was readily accepting inch after inch of his thick shaft as he carefully kept wedging himself into her butthole, Jadrik chuckled with glad surprise at Shayla's obvious invitation to get deeply sodomized right away.

"So, you want more, uh?" the warlock murmured, leaning over the wizardess's sweat-shiny back to kiss her neck while his hands never stopped their relentless caresses on her plump jiggly asscheeks. "I can give you as much cock as you want, my sweet slut," Jadrik teased, flexing his partially buried boner within the slippery confines of the wizardess's snug anus, "all you have to do is say so."

"Yeesss! Pleeease, Jad, give me moooore! Don't stop, baby, uuhhh... I need more cock in my ass, pleeease!" Shayla mewled, getting ever more excited as she felt her sensitive anal walls getting deliciously widened and stuffed to the limit by her lover's perfect cock. "Fill me up, Jad! I want all of you deep in my aaaass! Aaahh yeees... Yeeesss!"

A long, contented sigh was Shayla's response as Jadrik dug his fingers into her glorious bubble-butt and straightened on his knees, resuming his deliberate anal penetration. As he gently wormed his way deeper into the gripping, massaging tightness of her ass, Jadrik marveled yet again at the sensation of being enveloped by the heavenly, velvety smooth warmth of his adored slut's dick-squeezing rectum. He loved how Shayla's asshole felt so snug yet docile, clingy yet surrendered and genuinely willing to be packed full of his cock.

As always when he buttfucked her, the warlock panted ecstatically as he savored the incredible feel of the wizardess's narrow anal passage capitulating to him and allowing his raging erection to delve deeper and deeper into her ass. With her buttery bowels tugging amazingly at his boner and swiftly opening up for him while he relentlessly immersed himself in her steamy rectum, it was pleasantly difficult for Jadrik to tell with certainty if he was penetrating her asshole or if it was actually Shayla's hungry anus that was avidly sucking him into her slick, cock-hugging snugness instead.

As Jadrik looked down to admire their anal coupling, the obscenely beautiful visual of his fat length gradually disappearing inside Shayla's dilated butt-ring enforced the impression that he was being avidly inhaled within her sphincter. It took little imagination to see the wizardess's pink distended butthole as an overstretched mouth bent on gobbling his cock, and it was immensely erotic for the warlock to watch her tiny hungry orifice as it devoured all the dickmeat he had to feed her, until her rectum was finally stuffed full of his girthy hardness and his groin was pressed against the soft roundness of her plump bubble-butt, leaving only his swollen balls outside of her ass to rest on her puffy wet labia.

As always when he bottomed out inside Shayla's incredible ass, Jadrik just stood still and smiled as he savored the moment when he was fully engulfed from tip to root in her slippery, dick-squeezing anal depths. Suddenly though, while the warlock enjoyed the warm massages of her eager rectum adapting and contracting around his shaft, the mixture of squishy sounds caused by the wizardess's clit-rubbing digits and the symphony of their mingled moans of anal bliss ended, interrupted by Shayla's wail of release.

"Oohhh Jaaad! Uhhh, fuck yeaahh!" the wizardess screeched, frigging her engorged nub crazily while her dick-jammed anal walls rippled in climax and her heart thrummed in her ears.

Glorying in the feel of Jadrik's scrotum brushing against her soft nectar-soaked pussy lips and in the reassuring contact of his crotch staying glued to her pillowy asscheeks, the wizardess felt lightheaded with exhilaration as her orgasm washed over her surrendered, bent-over body. With Jadrik's perfect cock buried balls-deep in her ass, loving how totally stretched out and crammed to bursting she felt, Shayla yelled out in unbridled physical ecstasy as she savored the sensation of being truly, deeply, gloriously full of her lover. It was a unique and intensely intimate feeling, one that the wizardess craved above all and that always thrilled her beyond description.

While Shayla's voluptuous frame thrashed underneath him all through her sudden crashing orgasm, her anal walls tightened erratically around the warlock's embedded boner, making him groan with delight. Grunting and gritting his teeth as he tried to ride out Shayla's powerful cock-milking contractions, straining not to flood her rectum with cum just yet, Jadrik looked away from his adored slut's beautiful, dick-packed ass and turned to the other couple.

Totally engrossed in the sodomy taking place right before her, Laeny was mewling incessantly as she kept bouncing on Uli's pussy-jamming tool, her eyes wide and glinting as she took in the spectacle of Shayla accepting the full length of Jadrik's veiny dick inside the tight sheath of her dilated pink asshole. Breathing hard, the warlock focused on the silvery albeit shaky sound of Laeny's voice resounding in his ears to distract himself enough not to spray his adored slut's quivering bowels with a huge load of his ejaculate.

"Uuuhh look at that!" the huntress squealed between raspy sighs of pleasure. "How can she take all that cock up her ass?! Aaaahh! Such a big cock in such a tiny hole... Oowwhhh! It looks so wrong, but in such a fucking hot way!"

"Ye know, lassie, we can try that if ye want..." the dwarf replied, bucking his fat pole up harder into the elf's gushing little pussy and grabbing her by her slender hips with his coarse hands to slam her forcefully down on his slit-cramming girth.

"Mmh oooh I... Uuhh, fuuuck..." Laentharyel whimpered, diddling her budding clit with one hand and pulling at her stiff elongated nipples in turn with the other, all the while squirming and riding Uli's beefy rod ever more wildly. "Oohh just keep fucking my pussy! I'm soooo close... Aahh fuck, I'm gonna cuuuum!"

A strong clutching anal tug caressed Jadrik's ass-plugging cock from tip to root, making him focus once more on his adored slut. Panting, still circling her pulsating nub, the buxom wizardess was looking at the warlock over her shoulder with half-closed yet sparkling eyes, an ecstatic smile dancing on her luscious lips.

"Don't get distracted, Jad..." Shayla purred huskily, her voice thick with need. Wiggling her plump bubble-butt and massaging his fully buried boner with mind-blowing suctioning squeezes of her anal walls, she went on: "I won't let you out of this ass until I feel you cumming deep in me and filling my naughty little asshole full of your creamy cum. And before that, you need to buttfuck me real good."

"Oohh fuck, Shay! You're the most amazing slut ever..." Jadrik grunted, overcome by the delicious intensity of another powerful, deliberate contraction of her warm slippery rectum. Grinning, he leaned down closer until he could plant a long loving kiss on the wizardess's parted lips before he murmured: "So... A hard buttfuck and a huge load of cum in your ass, is that what you want?"

"Uh-hu, that's right..." the wizardess sexily replied, shivering with pleasure and relaxing her gripping asshole as she felt Jadrik starting to withdraw from her hot anal tunnel and then gently sliding back in all the way, filling her up again in a long gliding push. "Aaahh yeeaaah... That's what I need, baby!"

"Then it will my pleasure to make it happen, my sweet slut," the warlock whispered in the wizardess's ear after giving her a long smooch on the neck. Then, straightening up on his knees, Jadrik possessively cupped Shayla's fabulous bubble-butt in his hands and started sodomizing her.

Clicking and fusing together as they always did whenever they reiterated their favorite sexual act, the warlock and the wizardess soon lost themselves in their umpteenth passionate buttfuck.

Their bodies synced effortlessly as they established a fluid ass-stretching rhythm, so that each one of Jadrik's slow deep thrusts was met by the backward rocking pushes of Shayla's bouncy bubble-butt. All the while, her docile anal tunnel responded with practiced ease to his pistoning in-out tempo. The surrendered relaxation of Shayla's hot snug rectum facilitated Jadrik's long breathtaking in-strokes just as much as the clinging dick-hugging caresses of her anal walls accompanied the teasing withdrawals of his boner from her steamy, insatiable anus on the out-strokes.

At those times, while her lover's shaft temporarily vacated her asshole, Shayla moaned from the maddening sense of emptiness in her needy, rippling rectum. The only consolation that remained to the wizardess was the feel of Jadrik's bloated glans staying unfailingly wedged within her dilated gripping sphincter on the out-strokes.

Luckily, within moments the warlock was again sliding his entire butt-stuffing hardness all the way back inside her clingy orifice, making Shayla whimper in ecstasy as she reveled once more in the unique sense of fullness that his fat cock always caused as he reentered her sensitive ass and stuffed her snug, slippery anal depths to perfection.

As the lovers got into a steady buttfucking rhythm underlined by Jadrik's excited grunts and Shayla's husky moans, the other rutting couple couldn't help being affected by the intoxicating intensity and eroticism emanating from the warlock and the wizardess's passionate sodomy.

"Ye like watching that, uh, ye little pointy-eared whore?" Uli was grunting as he brutally rammed his wide tool upward into the elf's drooling slit. "I swear, lassie, if I didn't love this tight little pussy of yers so much, I'd have stretched yer virgin bumhole already! Soon though, soon... Aaaghh!"

Reclining limply back against the dwarf's barrel-like chest and sturdy belly, too pleasure-weakened to keep riding him actively, Laeny was glad to let Uli slam her slack body up and down on his robust dick while she just came and came and came. The huntress had trouble keeping her slanted green eyes open, but the sight of Shayla taking Jadrik's swollen boner deep in her ass over and over again, and liking it wildly too, was something the elf never tired of watching.

"Uuhh they're so hot... She's loving it, look at her... But how can she fit it aahh... Her asshole is so tiny and his cock is so big..." Laeny mumbled between sobbing squeals, writhing all the while as Uli fucked her with all he had. "Aaah yes, pound my pussy hard... Haaarder! Aahh give me that fat dwarven cock!"

As the huntress mewled and squirmed on the dwarf's lap with her pussy impaled deeply on his rock-hard shaft, Shayla smiled, feeling naughtily proud of herself.

The intoxicating aroma of the elf's sweet dripping nectar filled the wizardess's nostrils while the broken murmurs of awed admiration that Laeny let out increased Shayla's pleasure even more, making her feel dizzy with shared orgiastic lust. Getting fucked in the ass by Jadrik was always incredible, but being watched while he vigorously buttfucked her and being praised for her extreme sluttiness was an added reward that the wizardess gloatingly savored. It not only empowered her inner slut, it actually made her anal pleasure flare brighter.

Even if she could only sigh and moan throatily to express her appreciation of his masterful sodomizing assault, Shayla was completely high on the feel of Jadrik's strong cock sawing in and out of her gripping, stretched out sphincter. The butt-cramming presence of his stiff meat thrusting relentlessly into her snug rectum triggered an almost uninterrupted chain of mini-orgasms that made her whole curvy frame shiver and tingle deliciously.

Feverishly strumming her clit as the warlock mounted her majestic ass with increasing ardor, the wizardess couldn't tell exactly where the pleasurable wavelets sizzling through her body originated from, since both her anal tunnel and her nectar-drenched nub were humming in constant bliss. What Shayla did know was that every single one of those delightful tremors was bringing her closer to a massive, ever growing orgasm, and she couldn't wait for it to claim her.

As Jadrik panted behind her, kneading and fondling and cupping her plump jiggly buttcheeks in his hands as he gradually picked up his already intense sodomizing tempo, Shayla couldn't stop mewling, cumming and cumming on her clit-rubbing digits all the while. As the warlock fucked her beautiful ass faster and harder and deeper at each pass, getting hornier and ever more consumed by his rump-riding frenzy the more he plowed her luscious bubble-butt, Shayla fed off of her lover's passion for her ass and let her own anal lust devour her completely.

Frigging her clit like a woman possessed, rolling that thick pulsating nub savagely between her nectar-slick fingers, the wizardess wailed rapturously as she began slamming her juicy booty back into the warlock's fat cock with reckless urgency. While meeting his every ass-skewering thrust with a passion born of her all-consuming craving for anal satisfaction, Shayla encouraged Jadrik to ream her rectum even harder with her animalistic mewls and pleasure-distorted groans.

Such lustful and unrestrained participation in their sodomy was the final incentive that Jadrik needed to plummet irreversibly into a furious buttfucking rampage.

For long amazing minutes, the warlock persistently jammed his raging boner balls-deep in the wizardess's spectacular ass with primal, unbridled fervor. Shayla's loud yelps of incoherent yet palpable appreciation only drove Jadrik wilder, causing him to ride her rump with renewed energy at each powerful, impaling plunge. Too far gone to stop or decelerate, the warlock kept mounting the wizardess's glorious bubble-butt at full speed and without restraint even when he felt his climax rushing closer.

A final butt-busting assault was Jadrik's reaction to the awareness that he was seconds from filling Shayla's rectum with his potent cum. Since his imminent ejaculation meant that he would soon have to stop fucking the wizardess's divine ass, the warlock began hammering into her tight little hole with desperate, savage vigor. As expected, the increased intensity of his butt-splitting thrusts was met with lewd joy by his incomparable slut.

"Uuhh yeees, Jad... Aaahh fuck my ass harder, haaarder!" Shayla yelled, the tell-tale pulsing of Jadrik's swollen cock and the delicious vehemence of his ass-pounding slams sending her teetering on the brink as her smooth anal walls contracted crazily around his veiny length.

"Aaarghh, Shay!" the warlock growled, ramming his aching cockmeat deep inside her anus like a rabid beast again and again and again. "Your tight little asshole is incredible... You're squeezing me so good, you're sucking my cock with your ass... Oohh fuuuck, I love this beautiful ass! I'm gonna cum so hard in your ass, Shaaayyy!"

The warlock managed to immerse himself in the engulfing warmth of Shayla's snug slippery rectum for a few more reckless ass-wrecking strokes, then he just couldn't hold back anymore. Burying his raging boner balls-deep in the smooth tightness of Shayla's dick-hugging butthole one last time, Jadrik growled at the top his lungs and came, spraying her buttery bowels with a torrential load of cum.

The feel of her lover's hard shaft swelling even bigger and throbbing deep in her ass while he flooded her twitching anal passage with jet upon jet of thick surging seed triggered Shayla's own orgasm, causing her massive build-up to explode in a blazing, toe-curling burst of pleasure.

"Uuhhh yeeaahh! Fill my ass with cuuuum! Ooohh Jaaaaad, yeeesss!"

As her detonating climax took her breath away and turned her lust-slurred words into unintelligible screams of release, Shayla's rippling rectum started to tighten powerfully around Jadrik's spurting boner, milking him and empowering his ejaculation. While her massive, long-built orgasm burned through her surrendered body, pulsating in delicious rolling waves from her cock-stuffed ass and well-fingered clit, the warlock howled out in pleasure as his fully immersed, cum-jetting dickmeat was tugged and sucked and squeezed wonderfully inside the clenching, spasming sheath of Shayla's cozy rectum.
Unable to stop stirring his still squirting pole within her quivering anus, Jadrik kept plastering Shayla's velvety anal walls with such a humongous deluge of creamy semen that he was lightheaded by the time his liquid essence stopped inundating the deepest depths of his adored slut's asshole.

Leaning heavily down onto her arched back, keeping his groin pressed firmly into the pillowy roundness of her epic bubble-butt, Jadrik reached his arms underneath Shayla's gorgeous curvy body, hugging her tightly. Draped over her sweat-slick back, holding a huge heavy boob in each palm, the warlock rested his head in the hollow of the wizardess's shoulder and started peppering her neck and face and ears with ravenous kisses, panting and breathing raggedly all the while.

As soon as she managed to regain a vague sense of herself, with her eyes still closed and her brain still hanging upside down and swimming in the heady ecstasy of the afterglow, Shayla immediately reciprocated Jadrik's impulsive, wild kisses with breathless, passionate smooches of her own.

For a while, the lovers stayed as they were, still connected by his cock jammed deep in her ass, his chest pressed to her back, their mouths trading voracious kisses, their lips joining over and over again. The sounds of wild fucking coming from a few feet away barely registered, Uli's grunts and Laeny's screeches fading in the background as Shayla and Jadrik made out and enjoyed the awesomeness of being caught in another perfect bubble of shared post-orgasmic bliss together.

Eventually, between a nibbling peck and a tongue-suckling kiss, as they broke their prolonged lip-lock to breathe in some much needed air, Shayla gathered herself enough to mumble her appreciation of their sodomy into Jadrik's still smooching mouth.

"That was so fucking incredible, Jad... I just love how you fuck my ass, really. I go crazy when I feel you getting harder and bigger, right before you start pumping all that sweet cum in me... Oohh Jad, this is the best!"

"Yeah, Shay," the warlock agreed with a long sigh, flexing his barely softening boner deep inside the sperm-flooded depths of her warm snug rectum, "it really is."

Hugging her tighter, stirring his chubby length within the welcoming, seed-sloppy sheath of her anal tunnel, Jadrik stopped kissing the wizardess's flushed, beautiful face to look into her deep blue eyes and speak in as serious a tone as he could muster.

"This is the best ass in the world and it deserves the best assfucks I can give. I adore your ass, Shay," he truthfully stated, too high on his afterglow to care about what he said. "I venerate this perfect bubble-butt. It's my own personal plump, round, pleasure-giving god. Paying homage to your cute little asshole and making it cum is a mission to me, Shay. I consider it my spiritual duty to my irreplaceable, incomparable slut."

Already cooing from the combined feel of his butt-cramming cock buried in her rectum and his warm soothing load coating her anal walls, Shayla smiled and went all fluffy inside as Jadrik's absurdly sweet, weirdly touching, totally sincere words sank in. Her flustered cheeks camouflaged the sudden bout of blushing that reddened her glowing face, but her unrestrained giggles and the softness of her husky voice belied her immense pleasure at hearing Jadrik open up to her like that, so honestly and sweetly, in his own peculiar way.

"Holy Gods of Light, Jad!" the wizardess laughed, smooching the warlock's hot lips. "That was the best declaration of love to my ass that you ever put together! I can recall a couple more, and pretty good ones at that, but none involved anything like religious devotion or a spiritual bond between you and my ass!"

Grinning, knowing that beneath her teasing and joking Shayla understood and appreciated exactly what he meant in ways that no other girl ever could, the warlock gave his amazing slut a long deep soulkiss before replying.

"Let's just say that it was about time I found a god worth worshiping, and I think your ass is perfect for that role. Still," Jadrik added, moaning as he felt Shayla softly contracting her smooth seed-slick anal passage around his snugly engulfed dick, "I may yet come up with even better professions of adoration in the future. In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to keep fucking your beautiful ass, Shay..."

"Oh, I'm counting on it!" the wizardess quipped, sucking the warlock's lips into her warm mouth and massaging his plump pole within her rectum, keeping him hard and ready for another round.


Later, after the nightly sex-fest was done and she was lying down, spent and sated and leaking cum, things were somewhat hazy in Shayla's fully satisfied, pleasure-clouded mind.

She was sure that after their first sodomy Jadrik had kept his cock buried in her ass for the rest of the evening, plowing her sphincter incessantly and cumming twice more inside her rectum, much to their mutual delight. During their third buttfuck, the wizardess's anal depths were so flooded with the warlock's creamy loads that his sperm kept lewdly squelching around in her seed-sloppy anus while thick milky dollops overflowed her stretched out, reddened rosebud at his every lustful ass-stuffing thrust.

Shayla recalled sucking Uli's mouth-clogging cock to completion at least once and, unless she was mistaken, also licking another massive batch of the dwarf's dense cum out of Laeny's semen-filled pussy. It was all quite confused, but a clear and definite feeling of deeply gratifying sluttiness was buzzing inside the wizardess's relaxed body, making her afterglow even better than it already was.

She might not recall exactly what had happened and everything she had done that night, but it mattered little. All that mattered to Shayla was the present moment, which saw her snuggled under a blanket by the fire with Jadrik, spooned safely in his warm embrace.

The warlock's cock was cozily nestled between the wizardess's round pillowy asscheeks while he held her close to his thin body with an arm draped across her buxom chest, so that he could titillate her huge bulging boobs, and the other circling her waist, his hand resting on her soft tummy and gently caressing her smooth skin. All the while, Jadrik's nose was buried in Shayla's sex-tousled black mane, and he was sniffing her signature scent while he murmured softly into her ear, unbidden words of adoration tumbling slowly out of his mouth.

As the lovers spooned and rested, rivulets of Jadrik's cum were oozing out of Shayla's slowly closing sphincter. Even though earlier Laeny had lecherously sucked and licked at length on her thoroughly-sodomized rosebud, drinking down part of the overflowing loads that the warlock had pumped deep into her bowels, there was still a constant trickle of his abundant sperm dripping from the wizardess's wanton anus. Uncharacteristically, Shayla was glad that her lover's precious seed was slowly leaking out of her body at that moment.

As it bubbled out of her well-fucked asshole and dribbled along her butt-cleavage, coating his wilting dick in the process, Jadrik's semen created a sticky gooey layer that glued their bodies together. The idea that his cum was keeping them closer and more firmly conjoined was so weirdly appealing to Shayla that it superseded her usual need to keep Jadrik's liquid essence inside her body for as long as possible, either by swallowing it or by holding it within her welcoming womb and insatiable rectum.

Still, glowing and blissfully tired as she was, cooing in Jadrik's arms and wiggling her plump bubble-butt to cuddle tighter into his embrace, Shayla couldn't help but feel a sudden pang of anxiety sneak its way into her ecstatic relaxation. A tiny yet persistent sliver of doubt had been nagging at her since before the evening orgy began, like a dark current of anxiety hiding just underneath the surface of her thoughts, always slyly out of reach but never too far away.

As she purred from yet another of Jadrik's delicate lingering kisses on her neck, the wizardess opened her eyes and bit her lips, frowning as she decided to finally voice her fears. Shayla looked fixedly into the glowing fire as she spoke in a murmur.

"Jad... What happens now? What will we do tomorrow?"

Taking his time to end his soft smooch on her fragrant, smooth neck and adding a tender nibble on her earlobe, the warlock was calm as he replied.

"Well, what happens now is that we close our eyes and I kiss you some more until we fall asleep. As for tomorrow," he added, holding Shayla tighter in his arms, "I guess we'll just see what's happening with this silly Chapel of Red Spires and then we'll be done with Al's idiotic quest."

"That's my point, Jad. What then? What about us?" the wizardess persisted.

Shrugging, apparently unfazed by her evident worry, Jadrik cupped Shayla's chin and gently turned her head to plant a kiss on her pouty lips before saying: "What do you mean, Shay? We're fine, more than fine: we're great! The only thing that might make it all even better between us would be going back to civilization, but still..."

Craning her neck to meet the warlock's gaze, feeling somewhat reassured by his persistent calm as she took in his knowing sardonic smile, the wizardess let out a sighing groan before opening up completely. Feeling the words escape her mouth as if of their own volition, like a host of shadows rushing out of the deep places of her being where she could not keep them locked away anymore, Shayla let it all out, looking into Jadrik's intense, penetrating brown eyes.

"I mean, what are we even doing, Jad? What am I doing?! We're here because I was supposed to get marr... I was supposed to... Damn it, I can't even say it! It seems so totally insane now, like it was someone else's life and not mine! But I'm still engaged to Al, technically at least, and... Oh Gods, this is such a mess! Why did I even start this whole thing? I knew that something would happen if I came to you for help, and I guess I wanted something to happen, in a way... That's probably why I chose to reach out to you in the first place, actually... But now the quest is almost over and I really don't want it to be, because I don't want to marr... I mean, not that I seriously wanted to even before but... Oh Jad, what do I do now? I just don't know what to do!"

As he felt her tensing and growing more and more restless as her agitated rambling went on and on, Jadrik just held Shayla in his arms. Caressing her soft tummy and massaging her full juicy boobs, he traced feathery kisses on her cheek and jaw, nuzzling her face as he listened, patiently allowing her to let it all out, until she was silent once again.

When she was done speaking, Shayla's gaze remained locked with Jadrik's as she cuddled in his embrace. Her brow was furrowed and her deep blue eyes were gleaming with emotion as she waited for his reply. Rather than talk though, Jadrik reached a hand to Shayla's cheek and caressed her beautiful face while he kissed her, long and deep. Feeling her respond immediately, sensing her body relaxing, the warlock pulled back but kept brushing his lips against hers as he finally spoke.

"Shay," Jadrik said slowly, his scrutinizing eyes boring into hers, "do you really want to marry that idiot in shining armor?"

Before she even opened her mouth to answer, the wizardess was already shaking her head vigorously. "No way. No, Jad, I don't. Not in a thousand years."

"Did you ever want to?" Jadrik insisted, serious and direct.

"Gods no..." Shayla sighed, curling her lips in a grimace of self-pity and disappointment. "I hate paladins, you know that! And Al is the most paladiny paladin ever, and I don't mean it in a good way at all. I was just going along with what my parents wanted me to do, for the sake of the family and the good name of the Du Vervains and all that stupid crap... I must have been temporarily crazy, Jad, that's the only way I can explain it now. I don't even know why I thought that..."

Without giving her the time to spiral out into another bout of regretful confusion, yet feeling honored to be one of the very few people she allowed to see that vulnerable and carefully hidden side of her otherwise fiery and self-confident personality, Jadrik stared hard into Shayla's blue eyes and went on.

"Are you happy when you're with me, Shay? Do you like how it feels to be together, you and I?"

"Yes," she immediately answered, her face brightening visibly, the corners of her luscious mouth turning up in an instinctive, genuinely joyful smile. "I love this, Jad. You know I do."

"Yeah," he agreed with a smile of his own, leaning in to give her another kiss, "I do know. And you know I feel the same, Shay. This is how we're supposed to be, you and I. I mean, look at us: it's been little more than a week since you showed up at my door after three years, and it's like we were never even apart at all! And we shouldn't be, ever."

"You really believe that?" Shayla giggled, feeling all tingly and fluffy inside now that her mind was totally relieved of fear, thanks to Jadrik's presence and his tangible, deep-seated love for her.

"Of course I believe that," the warlock replied, truthfully, "don't you?"

"Yes. Yes, I do," the wizardess purred, nuzzling the warlock's sharp cheekbones.

"See? Problem solved!" Jadrik chuckled, squeezing Shayla's soft curvy body in an affectionate bear hug, making her coo and laugh along with him.

"The way I see it, Shay," the warlock musingly went on as the wizardess snuggled nice and comfy in his arms, shifting back in an even tighter spooning position than before, "we might as well just get this whole ridiculous quest over and done with, then we can let that sanctimonious clown crawl back to his stupid Temple and never think about him again. I mean, we got this far, so why not see how it ends? After all, we did have our fun so far..."

"Lots of fun, yeah!" Shayla chuckled throatily, grinding her fabulous bouncy ass into the warlock's groin. Then, tilting her head and speaking from the heart as she met his intense gaze again, she added: "I can only feel this good when you're around, Jad. Only with you I feel like I'm truly me."

"It's the same for me, Shay," he nodded, kissing her nose and swiping his tongue over her hot, succulent lips. "I do mean it when I tell you that you're the best and you're irreplaceable and stuff. So don't worry about tomorrow, or the day after that. We'll still be together, I promise. I'll never leave you, Shay, not ever. Not for as long as you want to be my sweet adored slut, of course."

A shiver ran down the wizardess's spine as she nodded and smiled widely, overjoyed by the warlock's weird way to express what she knew to be his deepest, truest feelings for her.

"I'll never get tired of hearing you call me that, Jad... And yes, I'll always want to be your slut."

As he grinned and kissed her lovingly in response, Shayla relaxed and melted into Jadrik's soulkiss, cuddled in his enveloping embrace. Sighing contentedly, feeling warm and safe and understood, the wizardess pressed her luscious lips into the warlock's mouth, smooching him hard and long as she reached an arm around his neck to pull him deeper into her kiss.

By the time they broke their lip-lock, the lovers were both so blissfully tired that their heads were spinning, ready to give in to sleep.

As Jadrik adjusted the blanket over the two of them and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly to his thin frame, Shayla's eyes were already closed and she was humming softly. Purring as she felt the warlock's warm hands clutching at her curvaceous body and his cock nestled snugly between her plump soft buttcheeks, the wizardess let out a long contented sigh.

A peaceful smile played on Shayla's lips as she let the slow steady rhythm of Jadrik's breathing lull her to sleep. Her head was resting beside his and their bodies were as close as they could be while they drifted off together. No matter what happened the next day, the wizardess knew that her one true love would be there with her.


To be continued...

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