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The Warlock & The Wizardess Ch. 08

Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features anal sex and group sex, so be warned in case you're not into that sort of stuff. Consider this just a silly, smutty parody of a few fantasy cliches. Don't expect epic tones or anything even vaguely resembling seriousness and you won't be disappointed when you don't find them! Enjoy!

This chapter picks up exactly where the previous one ended, so it's best to read that first.


Their intense nights of passion were undoubtedly the highlight of the companions' journey into the woods. Their progress toward the Chapel of Red Spires was quite easy, impeded only by the occasional wandering monster which was swiftly disposed of, thanks to Shayla's fireballs, Laeny's arrows and Uli's massive axe.

As a rule, Jadrik had always been more than happy to let the wizardess's pyromania and the dwarf's bloodthirst compensate for his lack of interest in fighting random enemies coming their way whenever they were on an adventure. Predictably, with the addition of Laeny's marksmanship to boost the group's damage dealing potential, the warlock now felt even more entitled to let his laziness run rampant.

Jadrik did decide to get his hands dirty on one specific occasion, though.

It was early afternoon on their fourth day of travel, when the party ran into a huge forest troll. Squatting in the middle of the trail that they were following, the hulking greenish brown monster was taking a humongous dump, which, beside making Laentharyel go pale with barely contained nausea, only served to make the humanoid's presence even more loathsome to the companions.

Within moments of sighting the disgusting creature, Uli's battle shout pierced the air and his charging stomps resounded among the trees, announcing the troll's imminent demise. Watching intently as the monster's squishy flesh was chopped to pieces by the dwarf's whirling axe strokes while at same time Laeny's well-aimed arrows mercilessly pincushioned its abhorrent frame, the warlock took action only at the very last moment, right before Shayla finished off the maimed and agonizing brute with a powerfully charged fireball.

Unlike Aldarius, who had spent the whole short-lived fight cowering behind a bush, Jadrik knew perfectly well that setting the troll's smelly, mutilated carcass aflame was necessary to prevent the foul humanoid from regenerating, thus killing him for good. Still, in that particular instance, the warlock chose to ignore that key detail of efficient troll-slaying.

While Shayla got ready to launch her fireball at the troll, Jadrik grinned with evil joy and started casting a spell of his own. Intoning the words firmly and briskly, the warlock chanted the tongue-twisting, dissonant sequence of blasphemous syllables necessary to summon a swarm of imps.

As soon as Jadrik was done pronouncing his demonic formula, an aetheric crepitation reverberated in the air, followed by a crimson flash and a discordant cacophony of high-pitched cackles. Blindsided by the warlock's quick, unexpected spellcasting and by the clamor of all those grating voices screeching together, her concentration broken, Shayla cursed and turned around. Despite her irritation at having been interrupted before she could finish casting her fireball, just a long resigned sigh escaped the wizardess's lips as she took in the array of Jadrik's freshly invoked minions.

Tiny and spindly, laughing maniacally like the bunch of annoying infernal pests that they were, the pack of dark purplish imps emerged from a mist of dense violet smoke and immediately turned en masse toward the black-robed warlock. Still suffused with the unhealthy red glow of the ritual of demonic evocation that had called them from their hellish plane of existence and bound them to Jadrik's will, the little fiends tilted their heads in unison, nodding at him as one while he mentally commanded them to do his bidding.

Snickering in amused obeisance to their master's instructions, the puny devils suddenly let out a collective chortle as they skipped and darted toward the troll's butchered remains. Grinning as he silently directed the swarm of demonic pests, Jadrik made the imps pick up the foul chunks of the troll's butchered carcass. When every tiny devil was holding a stinky, gooey piece of the disgusting monster, the warlock commanded his demonic army to turn about, take aim and throw those foul projectiles at Aldarius, just for fun.

The embarrassingly girlish squeals of terror that erupted from the dumbstruck paladin's mouth were so amusing to Jadrik that he almost lost control over the swarm of nettling devils. Much to Laeny's shock, neither Uli nor Shayla seemed too surprised by that grotesquely weird turn of events.

"Of course..." the wizardess sighed, slumping her shoulders and shaking her head. "I was wondering why Jad hadn't done anything like this yet."

Jadrik's sadistic chuckles and Aldarius's yells of shocked repugnance filled Shayla's ears as she watched the imps pelting her betrothed with a barrage of meaty, squishy pieces of troll carcass. Once the paladin had been mercilessly hit and smeared from head to toe in the monster's fetid chunks, the imps rushed to retrieve every last icky bit so that they could throw those nauseating projectiles at Aldarius all over again while he just stood there rooted in place, paralyzed and horrified as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

"That's so yucky! It's just so, so... Eewww!" Laeny squealed, disgusted and yet unable to remove her big green eyes from the spectacle of a holy paladin of the Order of the Golden Shield getting plastered in dead troll goo by a hysterically laughing warlock and his imps. "Sacred Tree of Life! Jadrik can be really, really nasty... Eww, this is soooo gross!"

"Aye, it is," Uli scowled, giving up on cleaning his axe just yet, "and if the lad doesn't stop playing blasted demonic puppeteer soon, that big ugly bastard will regenerate and patch itself back together in no time. Bah, I don't want to chop that thing up again, I'll smear my axe in its crappy blood even more!"

"Jad, come on!" Shayla yelled at the laughing warlock, trying to make herself heard over Aldarius's screams, the imps' demented yapping and the revolting splattering sound of the monster's butchered remains relentlessly hitting the paladin's no longer spotless armor. "The troll is about to regenerate, cut it out already! Just have your stupid little demons pick up all the pieces and pile them in one place so I can roast this thing before it heals itself back to life! I mean now, Jad!"

"Relax, Shay. There's at least another half minute before the self-regeneration kicks in," Jadrik snickered, hoping to convince his friends to let him torture Aldarius a little bit more.

Unluckily for the warlock, the dwarf and the wizardess just glared grimly at him in a concerted 'cut the crap, or else' sort of manner that left no room for negotiations. Rolling his eyes as Uli and Shayla stared him down, Jadrik grumbled and let out a theatrical sigh.

"Pff, fine... You guys are no fun at all."

As he commanded the swarm of tiny infernal pests to gather every piece of dead troll in sight to form a big stinky heap, the warlock couldn't resist giving Aldarius one last good scare.

Noticing the monster's huge, hideously warty penis lying on the ground, Jadrik sent an imp to retrieve it. Instructing the little demon to climb its way up Aldarius's trembling frame to stand on his gore-smeared pauldron, the warlock made the imp wag the troll's floppy, nauseatingly pustulent cock right in the paladin's face.

That abominable sight undid the besmirched, miserable knight completely. Already on the verge of a nervous breakdown, with his precious blessed armor drenched in snotty gobs of the troll's acidic brown blood and crusted with squishy traces of his foul greenish meat, Aldarius simply couldn't take it anymore. With a final shriek of ultimate revulsion, the distraught paladin buckled at the knees and fainted, crumpling to the ground with a ruinous metallic clang.

"Now that's what I call a fun prank, with an even funnier finale!" Jadrik commented, his voice dripping with satisfaction as he sent the last imp to put the troll's hideous cock on top of the other bits and pieces of the butchered monster.

Right after sending a blazing bombardment of firebolts into every last fragment of the troll's carcass, targeting the whole lot of screeching imps too just for good measure and thus incinerating everything in a roaring conflagration of magical flames, Shayla slowly turned toward Jadrik. Though she tried to give him a look of stern reproach, the wizardess couldn't help but be infected by the warlock's naughty, thoroughly inappropriate and yet irresistibly contagious joy.

"Happy now?" Shayla said as tersely as she could, barely able to contain a complicit smile.

"Yes, very happy!" Jadrik replied, leaning in to plant a huge smooch on the wizardess's succulent lips. "I'll be good now, Shay, I promise," the warlock said, grinning shrewdly before adding in an almost serious tone: "Besides, Al should thank me for this, once he wakes up."

"Thank you? Really?!" the wizardess snorted, pointing at the stinky, motionless heap of slime-coated armor that was her fiance. "And for what exactly, Jad? You humiliated him, and he's gonna get acid burns from the troll's blood dripping through the gaps in his plates too, you know!"

"Yes, I know," the warlock replied, blinking his eyes in mock-shock, "that's why he should be thanking me. Finally, our self-appointed and blatantly useless healer will be able to use some of his mending prayers," Jadrik said, before concluding with a chuckle, "on himself! Haha!"

Despite her better judgment, even as she shook her head and rolled her eyes at him, Shayla couldn't stop herself from laughing along with the warlock while he winked at her and walked away, whistling a merry tavern song completely out of tune.


Given how great that day had been for him until that moment, Jadrik didn't expect it to get even better, but it did.

While Shayla watched over Aldarius and energetically slapped his face to make him regain consciousness, Laeny entered one of her cyclic lustful phases. Noticing this, Uli swiftly swept the slender huntress off her feet and carried her away in his massively muscled arms, marching off into the woods with a spring in his stomping steps.

As a chortling and salivating Uli passed by Jadrik's side with a visible bulge tenting his kilt, the squirming elf grabbed the warlock by the sleeve of his black robes and dragged him along, moaning and whimpering about needing lots and lots of cock. Never one to shy away from a wild fuck, Jadrik tagged along with pleasure.

Minutes later, in the comforting seclusion of a grassy clearing among the trees, the three companions were naked, sucking and fucking with gusto.

Lying on her back on a soft carpet of moss, Laentharyel was pinching her own stiff rosy nipples while Uli crouched between her legs, pounding her pussy with vigorous thrusts. Meanwhile, kneeling by her smooth shoulders, Jadrik was holding the elf's sculpted face in his lap and slightly turned to the side, just at the right angle for her to gobble his rigid boner deep into her gullet.

A sheen of drooling spittle coated the warlock's cock as Laeny slid the soft seal of her cherry red lips up and down along his length, sloppily bobbing her head on his raging boner while he humped her throat with deliberate mouth-stuffing strokes. Despite the somewhat awkward position and the powerful cunt-plowing slams that jarred her delicate body, Jadrik was impressed by what a hungry, reckless deep-throating blowjob the huntress was giving him, and his growls of pleasure made his appreciation clear.

With his robust dickmeat sliding incessantly in and out of Laentharyel's delicious slit, Uli was having an amazing time too. Grunting lustfully, the dwarf rammed his thick tool as deep as possible into the elf's snug slippery folds while holding her long beautiful legs straight up, so that her tiny feet were pointing up at the clear blue sky as her toes curled and uncurled in time with the ebb and flow of her pleasure.

Grabbing hard onto her thin ankles with his big coarse hands, Uli planted an uninterrupted sequence of hungry nibbling kissing all along the smooth, soft skin of Laeny's shapely legs, tickling her with his mustache and beard in the process. That mix of pleasurable sensations coursing along her legs, on top of the incessant hammering that her pussy was getting from the warrior's fat meaty rod, was making the horny elf see stars.

Gushing all over his pistoning boner, Laeny's slick vaginal walls quivered erratically around the dwarf's wide cock, massaging him and clinging wetly to his girthy length at every plunge, causing deep rumbling growls of appreciation to erupt from his avidly smooching mouth in turn.

"Aahhh, Alefather bless ye, lassie... Ye're incredible!" Uli murmured dreamily as he kissed and licked the huntress's calves and slammed his rock-hard pole into her slit with boundless ardor, immersing himself balls-deep inside her syrupy sheath at each passionate, battering thrust. "Ye've got such a sweet, soft little snatch! So tight and wet!"

With her mouth full of the warlock's shaft, Laentharyel couldn't do much but let out a long dick-muffled mewl of climax as she crested over. While her flowery girl-cum flowed copiously, bathing Uli's stiff cockmeat from tip to root in her love juices, the huntress's snug needy folds contracted warmly around the dwarf's relentless pussy-pleasing tool, squeezing him wonderfully and making him redouble his cunt-stretching efforts.

All through her orgasm, Jadrik kept humping the elf's face with abandon as she slobbered and gagged but refused to unclasp her cock-munching lips from his pulsing mouthful. The warlock was about to compliment Laeny for the quick improvements he was registering in her oral technique, when an unexpected sound was heard.

"Jad!" Shayla shouted, her voice vibrant with urgency and excitement. "Here, catch this!"

The warlock barely had the time to turn around and see the buxom wizardess approaching them and throwing a small object at him. Catching it as he moaned and kept plugging the lust-addled elf's mouth, Jadrik blinked in surprise as he realized what it was that he was unexpectedly holding in his hands.

As his adored slut sashayed into the clearing, swaying her juicy ass and puffing out her busty chest to make her spectacular tits even more prominent, the warlock spoke tentatively, genuinely surprised.

"Uhm, Shay..." Jadrik said over the squishy gagging sounds coming from Laeny's dick-squeezing gullet. "Why did you just throw me a jar of lube?"

Shayla chuckled and took off her azure tunic in response, remaining gloriously naked except for her knee-length leather boots. Jadrik panted and lost his throat-banging rhythm as he stared at the wizardess's gorgeous body, spellbound. Her huge jutting tits were jiggling mouth-wateringly in time with her breathing while her pose, with her hand resting on her side and her hip teasingly cocked, accentuated to the extreme the magnificent bouncy roundness of her plump bubble-butt.

"What kind of question is that, Jad?" the wizardess snickered, a warm sense of naughty pride buzzing inside her as she basked in the warlock's undisguised adoration for her sexy curves. "A devoted assfucker like you should know what his slut wants when she brings him the lube..."

Jadrik's only reply was an excited laugh and a nod of true admiration toward his amazing, irreplaceable Shay. He almost told her that she needn't have bothered getting the ointment, since he kept a little jar of it in the pocket of his robes at all times just in case, but then he simply shook his head and shrugged, loving the way the day was turning out.

Without waiting a second more, Shayla pushed Jadrik back and away from Laeny's face, dislodging his boner from the slippery, constricting prison of her throat with a lewd wet plop. The huntress whimpered for a mere second because of that sudden deprivation, but the wizardess immediately placated her.

Turning away from Jadrik so that she was facing a grunting, snatch-pounding Uli, Shayla swiftly sat on Laeny's face and pressed her needy slit against the elf's sensuous lips. Though pussy-muffled, the blonde ranger's squealing moan was one of surprised joy as she shifted seamlessly from sucking cock to eating cunt with renewed enthusiasm.

"Aahhh yeah, sweetie, that's great! Lick my pussy like that..." Shayla mumbled as she planted her knees firmly on either side of Laentharyel's head and pushed her fabulous ass up, wiggling it right in Jadrik's face.

"Come on, Jad," the raven-haired wizardess purred through gasps of delight, looking at the warlock over her shoulder with fire in her blue eyes, "grease me up and stick that big fat cock of yours up my tight little asshole. I want you to buttfuck me hard and deep."

"Yeah, absolutely!" the warlock exclaimed wholeheartedly, loving the commanding intensity of Shayla's anal lust. Then, managing to retain a shred of lucidity as he knelt behind the wizardess's majestic bubble-butt, he asked: "Not that I'm backing out, Shay, not at all but... Well, just out of curiosity: if you're here, who's distracting good old Al?"

"That idiot!" Shayla barked in annoyance.

Sitting down harder on Laeny's face and grinding her swollen clit into the elf's talented mouth, trying to mitigate her anger through pleasure, the wizardess explained the situation between mewls and sighs.

"Stupid Al, I knocked him out when he yelled at me... Oohh yes, sweetie, lick me right there! I was just offering him some healing potions because, let's face it, we all know they'd do a better job on his acid burns from the troll's blood than his pathetic mending spells... Oohh yeah, eat me like that, Laeny, aahhh! So, I was helping him and trying to cure him but he got mad at me, that moron! He started one of his rants about how potions are evil and alchemy is heresy and he just kept acting like such a rude, stubborn jerk that uuhhh... I almost fireballed him, you know, but then I managed to calm down a bit... So I picked up his breastplate and I smashed it on his stupid head instead, and now he's out cold and here I am and... Aaahh yeees! That's great, sweetie, suck my clit uuhh... Oohh fuck yes, yeees, that's sooo good!"

"Ouch! A breastplate to the head'll knock ye right out and no mistake! That'll teach him, eh, lass?" Uli guffawed as he rammed his wide dick full-force into Laeny's soaked little slit.

"Nice move indeed, Shay, that's my slut!" Jadrik concurred with a huge grin, fondling and caressing the wizardess's smooth fleshy buttcheeks all the while as she writhed in climax from the elf's exquisite clit-lapping efforts. "Alright then," the warlock snickered, "celebratory assfuck it is!"

As Shayla panted and yelled out her assent, Jadrik parted her meaty buns to reveal the pink little rosebud of her asshole in all its beckoning, twitching cuteness. Unable to resist that alluring sight, the warlock instantly dipped his head down and buried his face in the lush, soft valley of his beloved slut's butt-cleavage, instantly starting to swipe his tongue all over her adorable tiny pucker.

Full-body shivers ran through Shayla's curvy body as Jadrik kissed and lapped and rimmed her winking asshole, making her shudder and moan with pleasure. Her reactions to his rimjob were intoxicatingly rewarding to the warlock and egged him on to lick Shayla's docile crinkled sphincter with increasing gusto. Jadrik was thrilled by the way his amazing slut convulsed in ecstasy under his analingual ministrations, and he absolutely loved the feel of her spit-drenched butthole spasming around his tongue, nibbling at him like a tiny hungry mouth begging to be fed and filled full of dickmeat.
Despite her urgency to get sodomized, the wizardess couldn't deny herself the mind-blowing pleasure of getting both her holes licked at the same time. As much as she wanted to get her tight little asshole stretched out and stuffed to bursting by her lover's big cock, the thrilling sensation caused by his butt-probing tongue pushing into her tingling backdoor while at the same time Laeny feasted on her clit and labia like a crazed demoness felt just too delightful to interrupt.

Eventually though, after cumming hard with Jadrik's tongue poking and wiggling inside her spittle-coated anus while her gushing pussy bathed the elf's incredible mouth in girl-cum, Shayla allowed herself to stop that combined oral stimulation to ask for something else, something more.

"Oohh fuck, that was amazing!" the wizardess panted, slumping down onto Laeny's lithe body until her face was resting on the soft, hairless mound of the huntress's cock-stuffed pussy. "My asshole is so tingly... I want your big cock inside me, Jad! Come on, fuck my ass now, I need it so bad!"

Breathless with excitement, the warlock poured an abundant dose of lubricating salve straight onto the wizardess's pulsating, saliva-glossy little orifice. While he dutifully lathered his already spittle-shiny boner in gooey ointment with his left hand, Jadrik circled the forefinger of his right hand all around Shayla's lovely pink rosebud, massaging her tender pucker and further mollifying her willing butt-ring until he could effortlessly slip one digit inside her warm, tight asshole.

As the warlock slowly masturbated her tiny forbidden hole, coating her pliant anal passage with dribbles and dollops of unguent in the process, the wizardess squirmed all over, wiggling her luscious bubble-butt and grinding her hot pussy on Laeny's nectar-drenched face.

"You like that, my slut?" Jadrik asked as he gently wormed his middle finger into Shayla's welcoming anus and started sawing it in and out along with his forefinger. His eyes were glued to the elastic ring of her sphincter dilating docilely around his probing, slippery digits as he kept up his teasing. "I bet you can't wait to feel something bigger, longer and harder than my fingers in your ass... Isn't that right, Shay?"

"Uuuhh fuck, yes!" she replied, trembling and rocking back and forth, forcing her sumptuous bubble-butt to meet Jadrik's long ass-delving fingers, wailing out her irrepressible desire to get her receptive hiney-hole thoroughly filled. "I'm ready for your cock... Give me more! Mooore, Jad, I need iiit!"

Maddened with arousal by his protracted preparations and further turned on by the intoxicating sound of his voice when he called her his slut, Shayla felt like she would explode from the sheer overpowering intensity of her craving to feel Jadrik's dick stuffed deep in her rectum. Despite the gratifying waves of pleasure radiating from her well-licked pussy and the delightful feel of the warlock's greased up digits slowly finger-fucking her ass, she knew that nothing would truly satisfy her at that moment except for a hard, passionate buttfuck with him.

The nectar-squishy sounds of Uli's relentless cunt-stuffing tool pistoning in and out of Laentharyel's dripping slit right under her nose only increased Shayla's horniness even more. As Jadrik's oily fingers twirled and pumped and dilated her snug butthole, the wizardess couldn't help but give the elf's budding clit a swift suckling kiss before looking back over her shoulder to lock gazes with her lover and beg him yet again.

"Give me your cock, Jad!" Shayla whimpered throatily, wild with anticipation. "Fuck my ass right now, I'm going crazy here! Please, baby, fuck your buttslut in her horny little asshole... Pleeease!"

"As you wish, my sweet naughty slut..." Jadrik purred with a grin, slipping his fingers out of Shayla's ass and grabbing her plump beautiful buttcheeks in his hands to splay them nicely open.

Her well-prepared, slightly gaping sphincter was already starting to shrink closed on itself when the warlock swiftly lined up his raging boner with the wizardess's pink little asshole and pushed, wedging the very tip of his glans within the hot grip of her soft, twitching butt-ring.

"Oohh fuck yes! Stick it in me, Jad, fill my ass with your cock!" Shayla cooed as she felt her snug slippery asshole dilating around Jadrik's fat mushroom head.

Her tender blooming rosebud pulsed and clenched for a moment, straining to accommodate the warlock's big butt-poking knob, but it quickly yielded, letting him slide inside her anus, trapping his whole spongy glans within her warm tightness. Feeling him stop, refusing to wait any more, the wanton wizardess egged her lover on, knowing she could take him.

"Just give it to me, Jad, push your cock all the way inside me! I want to feel you deep in my ass!"

Plunging her face down on Laeny's dick-filled pussy, Shayla relaxed her anal muscles completely, surrendering her tiniest, most intimate orifice to Jadrik's invading hardness. Sure that he would treat her forbidden little hole well, as he always did, the wizardess wiggled her fabulous bubble-butt and rocked back, forcing her clingy cock-stretched sphincter to slip over the warlock's boner, gobbling more of his length into her snug, thoroughly lubed backdoor.

At that sight, witnessing her eagerness and sure of her readiness, high on lust and affection for his amazing slut, Jadrik dug his fingers into Shayla's round bouncy buttcheeks and started pushing himself into her ass.

Jamming his boner into her tight greasy anus with shallow and gentle strokes, Jadrik kept Shayla's reactions in check all the while as he watched her pink dilated butt-ring swallowing inch after thick inch of his cock. Carefully but persistently, the warlock eased his rigid pole into the wizardess's oily asshole with practiced patience, letting her adjust, so that they could both enjoy their sodomy in full. Loving every second he spent delving into the deepest depths of her ass, Jadrik moaned ecstatically as he savored the way Shayla's slick, smooth anal walls gradually opened up for him and allowed him unconditional access to the warm, dick-hugging tightness of her rectum.

Predictably, the wizardess's willingness and horniness, combined with Laeny's cunt-pleasing mouth, allowed Shayla to stay absolutely relaxed while her devoted assfucker packed her glorious bubble-butt full of his hard, throbbing cockmeat. As if that wasn't enough, Shayla had gotten completely absorbed in her own clit-suckling attentions on the elf's overexcited nub, which offered a delightful distraction and helped preventing her slippery little asshole from cramping up around the warlock's relentless sodomizing tool.

By the time Jadrik's groin bumped into Shayla's pillowy rump and his cock was buried balls-deep inside the snug steamy sheath of her rectum, Uli was ramming his large shaft into Laeny's pussy with such powerful jarring thrusts that the wizardess had trouble keeping her mouth clamped onto the elf's pulsating clit.

Mere moments after the warlock bottomed out inside his slut's exquisitely tight asshole, the beefy warrior bellowed out his climax and blasted a geyser of dense cum deep inside the huntress's enveloping slit, inundating her womb with potent dwarven seed. Laentharyel's soft vaginal walls massaged Uli's robust pole amazingly as the elf came too, squealing her pleasure into Shayla's dewy folds.

As they often did, the orgasmic ripples coursing through the huntress's pussy and her awesome natural tightness managed to keep the dwarf hard inside her. Insatiably horny for the beautiful elf's little slit, Uli paused just for a few seconds as he emptied himself completely into her hot silky soft tunnel, then he resumed fucking the pointy-eared girl all over again.

As Uli pumped his fat rod in and out of Laentharyel's cum-sloppy honey pot with undeterred furor, rivulets of dwarven semen started escaping the huntress's sperm-flooded passage, squelching out at his every ramming thrust. Though woozy with pleasure from the feel of having her twitching asshole stretched out around Jadrik's veiny dickmeat while he was stuffed from tip to root inside her rippling rectum, Shayla didn't fail to notice the milky droplets oozing out of the elf's puffy little slit.

Burning up with delicious lust and high on anal bliss, the wizardess simply couldn't resist that lewdly inviting display. Before she even knew it, Shayla's tongue had left Laeny's clit and was busy scooping up every last trace of cum in sight, her pleasure-foggy eyes glinting with desire as they greedily followed each new gooey dribble of Uli's spunk overflowing the elf's swollen pussy.

Holding her amazing bubble-butt possessively in his hands and staying perfectly still with his cock buried to the hilt inside Shayla's quickly adapting anus, Jadrik was pleased to see the wizardess's tongue swiping all over Laeny's split labia and voraciously slurping up Uli's cum. All the while, the warrior's slimy thickness kept pistoning in and out of the huntress's tender slit, dragging out thick globs of dwarven seed at each pass and making the elf coo wetly into the wizardess's pussy.

Stirring Shayla's warm dick-tugging rectum with his fully engulfed length, flexing his boner excitedly within the unique snugness of her anal tunnel, Jadrik grinned in lecherous assent as he watched his adored slut's luscious mouth sucking away on the elf's slit and the dwarf's pole to scoop up as much of Uli's dense oozing ejaculate as possible.

Egged on by that debauched spectacle, sure that Shayla was as ready as she would ever be, the warlock took a deep breath and slowly withdrew a few inches of his stiff cock from the wizardess's anal sheath only to push back into her slick, warm tightness soon after. Both Jadrik and Shayla moaned as he filled her rectum totally full again and began pulling out once more, starting to fuck her beautiful ass for real.

After some slow, deliberate butt-stretching strokes that caused the both of them to grunt and pant with shared anal bliss, Jadrik gradually picked up his sodomizing pace. The way Shayla's cock-hugging anus accepted him with increasing ease at each pass made the warlock so rabidly horny that he was soon mounting the wizardess's incredible bubble-butt with deep energetic thrusts, shaking with pleasure as he repeatedly immersed himself in the gripping, slippery tightness of her rectum.

As he passionately made love to her ass, Jadrik tried to match the pace at which he sawed his raging boner in and out of Shayla's butthole with the relaxing and contracting phases of her velvety smooth anal walls. Syncing almost effortlessly, managing to attune to one another even while engaged in a heated group sex session with Laeny and Uli, the warlock and the wizardess easily got into a shared buttfucking rhythm.

While her mouth sucked alternatingly on the elf's pussy and the dwarf's cock, Shayla never missed a beat as she kept up with Jadrik's lustful ass-plowing pace. Instinctively focused on their sodomy despite all the other delicious distractions available around her, the wizardess flawlessly massaged her lover's butt-stretching boner with needy anal suctions at his every gliding out-stroke while surrendering herself completely to him at each plunging, rectum-cramming in-stroke.

Kneading and caressing the round bouncy plumpness of her majestic bubble-butt as he kept fervently riding her rump, Jadrik was unable to remove his eyes from the pink dilated ring of Shayla's asshole. As his throbbing length entered and reentered her clingy cock-gobbling orifice, the warlock found himself mumbling random words of adoration for his incredible buttslut, all the while jamming himself harder and faster and deeper inside her cozy rectum, over and over again.

With Laeny devouring her clit and amplifying the sizzling sparks of anal pleasure radiating from her dick-stuffed asshole, Shayla was in a permanent state of sensuous exhilaration. Just watching her writhe in orgasm after rolling orgasm caused Jadrik's cock to flex and swell, making him even harder and bigger inside her slick rippling rectum, if that was even possible. Plowing Shayla's tight little butthole was always heavenly in itself, but the wizardess's evident enjoyment of their intense sodomy made it even more amazing, fueling Jadrik's lust for her ass to incendiary proportions.

Shayla's hot twitching anus was milking his cock so fabulously and her cunt-muffled moans of climax were so erotic that soon Jadrik just couldn't help but start sodomizing her even more vigorously. Picking up speed at each booty-plundering pass, the warlock reamed the wizardess's snug slippery sphincter so wildly that he felt his ejaculation getting closer and closer every time he buried himself balls-deep in her epic bubble-butt. After a while, knowing he couldn't hold back much longer, Jadrik let his anal frenzy take over completely and just hammered away at his adored slut's amazing ass, rushing to his climax.

"Aahhh fuck, Shay... I'm gonna cum..." the warlock grunted as he slammed his boner as deep inside the wizardess's cock-squeezing anal depths as it would go, again and again and again, in a final ass-wrecking assault.

As Shayla's pillowy buttcheeks jiggled mouth-wateringly at his every pounding impact and her whole curvy body writhed in delight underneath him, Jadrik rammed his aching hardness one last time inside her greedy asshole, thrusting balls-deep into her anus with all he had and pressing his groin into her soft cushiony rump. Ecstatically dizzy, feeling his sperm surge along his throbbing length as her velvety anal walls wrapped him from tip to root in their smooth caressing tightness, Jadrik yelled out over Shayla's cunt-muffled moans and came explosively inside her epic ass, flooding her rectum with a torrential spray of his thick seed.

"Oohh fuck, I'm cumming! Arghh yeesss... Take my cum, Shaaaay... Aahh I love your ass!"

The warlock's head was spinning from the intensity of his massive ejaculation and his digits dug possessively into the juicy plumpness of the wizardess's dick-skewered bubble-butt as he kept growling in release and pumping her anal tunnel full of jetting semen.

The incomparable feel of getting her buttery bowels sprayed with a deluge of Jadrik's potent sperm triggered Shayla's umpteenth climax, her most intense one yet. A gigantic orgasmic tremor reverberated throughout the wizardess's pleasure-saturated frame and radiated outward from her wonderfully cock-stuffed and deliciously cum-filled asshole, taking her breath away and forcing a long throaty scream to escape her nectar-glossy lips. Shayla's vision faded to a flash of blissful white as her buzzing ears barely heard her own gasped, rapturous mewls.

"Uuhh yeaahh, babyyy! Aahhh cum inside meeee... Oohh Jad, yeesss! Fill my aaaass!"

Egged on by the erotic sight of his friends' spectacular and almost simultaneous anal climax, Uli fucked Laeny's sweet little pussy with savage might. The dwarf was pounding the elf's honey pot with such furor that, except for the wonderful feel of Jadrik's shaft pulsating in her ass and inundating her deepest depths with soothing cum, the only other sensations that filtered through the haze of Shayla's breath-taking climax were the squelching, clapping impacts of Uli's groin bumping incessantly into Laeny's hairless, drooling slit.

When Shayla's crashing orgasm faded and she managed to reopen her eyes, her face was lying sideways on the huntress's smooth flat tummy. The sense of perfect fullness inside her cock-crammed anus was amplified by the feel of her lover's creamy seed squelching and squishing deep within her anal tunnel. Humming in slutty delight, the wizardess looked groggily over her shoulder to see her devoted ass-worshiping lover staring right into her clouded blue eyes.

"Hey there, my amazing slut!" Jadrik said, smiling and panting as he knelt behind her with his hands still covetously cupping the plump, smooth globes of her bubble-butt.

Purring huskily, the wizardess happily basked in the feel of the warlock's long fingers caressing and fondling her asscheeks with palpable adoration. Still, as much as she was thrilled by his touch and by the unique stuffing sensation caused by his fully buried cock embedded deep in her cum-slick rectum, Shayla still hungered for wilder, hotter action.

"Mmh... Hey yourself, my lazy buttfucker..." Shayla teasingly snickered back at the warlock while she lasciviously clenched and unclenched her sperm-coated anal walls around his chubby length.

"Lazy?!" Jadrik chuckled, knowingly grinning at his incomparable slut.

Shayla's sultry, teasing tone clearly told the warlock where her mock-accusation was headed. His suspicions were confirmed by the amazing anal suctions with which she was squeezing him, as if she was giving him a sloppy deep-throating blowjob with her ass, keeping him hard and getting him turned on like crazy all over again.

"Are you accusing me of not assfucking you with sufficient ardor, my insatiable buttslut?"

"Uh-hu, that's right! I am accusing you of not fucking my ass nearly as much as you should, Jad..." Shayla giggled back at Jadrik.

Milking his recuperating cock within her snug warm butthole like the true anal queen she was, the wizardess attempted to sound stern as she rebuked her lover. She failed, however, pleasure-mellow and intimately attached to him as she was.

"You know, Jad, the needs of your buttslut are very, very deep... This ass you always claim to adore is very demanding and high-maintenance, so to speak. Anything you wanna do about it?"

"Oh, yes!" the warlock snickered, amazed and insanely aroused by Shayla's unbound sexiness. "I've got a pretty clear idea of what I'm gonna do about it..."

A huge radiant smile danced on Shayla's lips and a long contented sigh escaped her slack mouth as Jadrik's veiny cockmeat started sliding out of her ass and then surging back in, then out and in again, as he once again set about the mutually satisfying task of stretching her seed-slippery, dick-milking sphincter. Helped by the ungodly amount of sperm he had just unloaded inside her steamy bowels, the warlock mounted the wizardess's magnificently round bubble-butt with all he had, setting a sustained ass-reaming rhythm from the very start.

As Jadrik devotedly plowed her snug cum-lubed rectum again, Shayla resumed sucking sloppily on Laeny's pussy and Uli's pole alternatively, while the dwarf kept relentlessly ramming his rock-hard pole inside the huntress's tight slit. The wizardess moaned incessantly as she lapped up her friends' combined juices, driven crazy with pleasure by Jadrik's butt-plugging thrusts and by the elf's persistent clit-munching attentions.

Immersed in the peaceful tranquility of the woods, the companions fucked and sucked with abandon for long, pleasure-infused minutes. As the guys' ass-stuffing and cunt-jamming cocks pounded away into their bodies, the girls came almost incessantly on one another's mouth. All the while, as they enjoyed the taste of the other's sweet pussy juices and liberally gave away their own overflowing nectar, Shayla and Laeny kept eagerly enveloping the warlock's big boner and the warrior's beefy pole within their needy, quivering holes.

Eventually, after Uli shot another massive wad of dwarven spunk into Laentharyel's snug elven pussy and Jadrik unloaded more of his abundant cum deep inside Shayla's incredible ass, the foursome's devouring passion started to abate, allowing the companions to regain some semblance of rationality after their delicious ride into the realms of pure undiluted lust.

Panting and sighing, still high on her latest mind-blowing anal climax, Shayla was alternatingly licking Uli's deflating but still massively large cock and Laeny's swollen cum-oozing pussy when she felt Jadrik begin to stir from his momentary post-orgasmic absence.
Wiped out by his second epic ejaculation inside her tight dick-squeezing asshole, the warlock was draped over the wizardess's arched back, huffing in joyous exhaustion as he held tight to his adored slut's voluptuous frame. With his arms encircling her soft curvy body and his hands cupping her huge heavy tits, Jadrik just stayed there like that for a bit, resting his head on Shayla's neck and absentmindedly peppering her neck with kisses, making them both purr contentedly while they gloried in the aftershocks of their passionate anal coupling.

After a while, gulping down big lungfuls of air as he emerged from his blissful afterglow, the warlock felt strong enough to shift from his cuddling embrace. Straightening up on his knees, Jadrik surprised Shayla as he unexpectedly slipped his softening dick from her dilated, seed-smeared asshole.

As the warlock's fat glans escaped her tender gripping butt-ring with a squishy pop, the wizardess couldn't repress a mewl of protest at the sad empty feel inside her rippling, insatiable rectum. The sensation of Jadrik's two massive loads of cum still sloshing inside her bowels mitigated the sudden absence of his ass-stretching dick somehow, but it was far from enough. The lewd need to feel her devoted buttfucker crammed deep in her ass made Shayla sigh unhappily.

"Aww nooo, Jad..." the wizardess sulked as she turned to look over her shoulder, depriving both Uli's cock and Laeny's slit of her suckling mouth, thus causing both the elf and the dwarf to groan their disappointment in turn. "You know I don't like it when you leave my asshole all empty like that! I love feeling your cock in my ass so much..."

The wizardess's half-innocent and half-devilish pout almost made the warlock change his mind and slip his plump shaft back inside her gaping, sperm-sloppy anus. Shaking his head to resist Shayla's adorably sulking face and the obscenely beautiful sight of her distended, seed-leaking reddened sphincter, Jadrik sighed and got to his feet. Standing on wobbly legs, the warlock put on his pants and donned his black robes as he spoke.

"Believe me, Shay, I am truly sorry to leave you like this," he said, meaning every word, "and I swear I'll make it up to you as soon as possible. But I really have to go now."

"Och! Are ye daft, lad?!" Uli grumbled, raising his bushy eyebrows in perplexity as he squinted at the warlock. "Where else would ye rather be than deep inside that big meaty arse?!"

"Nowhere, of course," Jadrik replied, dead serious and stupefied that anyone would ever seriously ask him that sort of absurd question, let alone someone who knew him as well as Uli did. "I adore Shayla's ass, completely. I'd never stop fucking her tight little asshole, ever, if I could."

"So why are you getting dressed?" Shayla inquired, her brow furrowed in doubt, the shadow of an idea about the warlock's unusual behavior already forming in her mind.

Unable to repress an evil grin, the warlock confessed: "Well, I need to run back to camp before good old Al wakes up. I want to douse him in healing potions while he's passed out, so when he wakes up I can torment him and call him a hypocrite for getting cured by 'evil soulless alchemy' instead of divine intervention and prayers! That's gonna piss him off so much, don't you think?"

Shayla just slowly blinked her eyes in response, staring in disbelief at a wickedly snickering Jadrik. Before she could say anything, the warlock was already talking again, briskly taking his leave.

"Alright, then. I gotta go before that moron wakes up. See you guys in a bit!"

As the warlock bounded away, laughing wickedly as he disappeared from sight, Shayla rolled off of Laeny's face and lay on her side on the lush grass, leaning on her elbow with her head resting in her hand. Sighing, she shrugged and mumbled in resignation: "Well, I guess that does make some kind of sense, in a very distorted and Jadriky way..."

"Pheeew!" Laentharyel exhaled as she sat up and propped herself on the wizardess's round rump for support. "I thought I would die there, suffocated by your juicy pussy, Shayla!"

"Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry!" the wizardess said, caressing Laeny's face and planting a gentle kiss on her nectar-glossy mouth. "I thought you were fine. You never stopped eating me out for a second, so..."

"Don't worry, I'm just kidding. I was totally fine!" Laeny said brightly in her singsong voice, smiling widely. After placing a long wet smooch on the wizardess's tumid lips, the elf added in a slow, sexy tone: "You know I can never get enough of your pussy, Shayla."

As the girls laughed and traded soft yet passionate kisses, tasting their own pussy nectar on the other's mouth, Uli chuckled and positioned himself right behind Shayla. With his large juice-shiny pole flexing excitedly as he took in the lesbian make out session unfolding before him, the dwarf lay his coarse ham-sized hands on the plump globes of the wizardess's bouncy bubble-butt.

"So, now that the lad is busy elsewhere..." Uli suggestively rumbled, fondling Shayla's fleshy asscheeks and crouching over her protruding rump. "What'd ye say, lass? Want me to fill that void in her bumhole for ye?"

Snorting as she broke her lip-lock with Laeny to turn and look at the stocky warrior, Shayla said: "Yeah, right... Nice try, Uli, but the answer is still no."

Wagging her finger at the burly dwarf, arching a thin eyebrow in reproach, the wizardess went on, only half-joking: "You know that my ass belongs to Jad. Nobody fucks my tight little asshole except him."

"Aye, I know... That's the special hole for ye two lovebirds, I get it!" the beefy warrior guffawed, shrugging his massive shoulders. "Still, ye can't blame a dwarf for trying, can ye?"

"I guess so," the wizardess conceded amiably, though her tone remained quite serious, "but Jad's is the only cock that has ever been inside my butthole, and I want to keep it that way. He is the only one I want in my ass, just him and no one else," she concluded, meaning every word.

Then, as her expression relaxed into a playful smile and she sat up on her knees facing the dwarf, making her big jutting tits jiggle mouth-wateringly, Shayla added in a mischievous tone: "But since we're still here and you're still kinda hard... How about I suck your cock clean while Laeny licks Jad's cum out of my ass? Are you up for it, sweetie? I could really use your amazing tongue on my poor little asshole right now..."

"Of course," the elf nodded eagerly, tucking her flowing blonde tresses behind her long pointy ears and already positioning herself behind the wizardess's majestic bubble-butt. "I always like licking you, Shayla. And if there's cum involved, that's even better!"

Before he could even utter his obvious assent, Uli was moaning and panting as he enjoyed the feel of the wizardess's warm wet mouth slowly inhaling his chubby, obscenely wide tool into the depths of her slick, constricting oral cavity. Within moments of swallowing his entire broad pole balls-deep inside her experienced gullet, Shayla started bobbing her beautiful flushed face on the warrior's mouth-cramming cock, humming contentedly as she treated him to one of her trademark sloppy, deep-throating blowjobs.

Uli's grunts grew in intensity and volume as the busty wizardess's skilled lips glided smoothly up and down along his robust boner in a fluid, hungry fellating rhythm. Still, as much as he loved watching his stiff dickmeat disappear inside Shayla's pouty cocksucking mouth over and over again, the dwarf was pleasantly distracted by the lewd wet sounds that Laentharyel was making as she lapped and slurped up the rivulets of cum overflowing the wizardess's twitching, slowly shrinking butt-ring.

A big smile was hidden beneath Uli's scruffy mustache while his flinty gray eyes took in the spectacle of Laeny's graceful, delicately sculpted face pressed between Shayla's sumptuous round asscheeks. The dwarf was entranced by the sight of the huntress's wiggling tongue working avidly on the wizardess's distended sperm-coated sphincter, determinedly trying to catch all the dribbles of cum escaping her well-fucked anus.

The elf's naughty sexual willingness combined and somewhat contrasting with her elegant spellbinding beauty represented such an arousing mixture for Uli that he couldn't help but voice his thoughts about Laeny.

"Where in the Thousand Hells have ye been all these centuries, ye sexy pointy-eared bitch..." Uli muttered, as fondly as could be expect by a dwarf warrior talking about an elf huntress.

His long sigh of longing soon morphed into a lustful growl though, as an intense slurping suction on his cock made Uli's gaze turn to Shayla's incredible mouth wrapped firmly around his wide shaft.

"Aahh aye, that's it, lass... Suck me like that!" the warrior grunted in pleasure, reaching down to part Shayla's juicy plump buttcheeks, thus giving Laeny better access to the wizardess's seed-oozing asshole.

The bright yet impish smile that the elf flashed him to silently thank him before she continued her devouring rimjob sent a thrill down Uli's spine, making his fat boner buck with joy deep inside Shayla's dick-gobbling throat.

"Aaachh, ayeee... That's just grrrreat!"


Understandably, the following day Aldarius was in no mood to discuss religion with Jadrik, but the warlock didn't mind.

His head was full of happy memories revolving around cackling imps and floppy troll penises and stupid paladins screaming like frightened little girls. Grinning from ear to ear all day long, Jadrik felt no need to molest poor sulking Al any further. For the time being, at least.

Only in the late afternoon did the warlock snap out of his personal bubble of dark twisted joy, when, after cresting yet another wooded hill, they sighted the craggy vale that led to the Chapel of Red Spires, the ultimate goal of their quest. Looking like an incongruous, misplaced scar made of orange stone in the middle of the otherwise lush and verdant woods, the barren canyon-like valley that the companions were bound to travel stood right before their eyes, signifying the approximation of their journey's end.

"Uh, fancy that," Jadrik mused, scanning the bare rock-strewn valley from within the shadows of his hood, "we're almost there..."


To be continued...

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