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The Tutor Pt. 02

This is the sequel to The Tutor, Pt. I, which introduces the characters and relationships. I strongly recommend you read that first before continuing.

This story contains elements of nonconsent and reluctance. If these are not your kinks, this story is probably not for you.

Otherwise, enjoy! Comments and feedback are always welcome.



Jen heard muffled voices outside the bedroom door. She must have dozed off, exhausted from the exertion. Someone must have undone her restraints as she slept, for her wrists were now free. Her body felt well-used. Not sore or achy, but loose and tingly. She closed her eyes and sighed to herself, trying in vain to clench her tired pussy, recalling with pleasure the feeling of fullness the two men had given her.

The door opened, and she immediately recognized Mr. Davies' deep voice.

" - definitely one of the best I've had in recent memory. You've just got to see her to believe me." Jen feigned sleep, but her ego swooned with pride, knowing he was talking about her. Mr. Davies was no inexperienced cocksmith; she couldn't imagine how many women he had bedded, and she relished the feeling being labeled one of the best. Despite her overt reluctance, a part of her - buried deep until recently - still wanted to please him, and she had succeeded.

Her confidence kept her from moving or even closing her splayed legs. She knew the second man wasn't Hunter, but the thought intrigued her in untold ways. She envisioned herself laid out before his eyes with a plaque above her, declaring her "The Best," and she silently laughed at the thought. "Go on, take a look," she mentally dared. "Look and lust. Get hard for me." She thought of the Mullins twins at school, of Hunter, of the men at the peep show, of Mr. Davies, and thrilled at her power over male anatomy. They might be able to restrain her and to punish her, but she could control their very bloodflow, swelling their dicks with hardly any effort.

The men approached the bed, and Jen heard a long, low whistle.

"Amazing, right?" Mr. Davies whispered.

"My fucking God, what a perfect body," the stranger intoned. "That ass is the cutest, roundest little package I've ever seen. How are her tits?"

"More than a handful, with these big, juicy caps," Mr. Davies described.

"And you think she'll be down for it?"

Mr. Davies chuckled. "Ha! What difference does that make?" Both men laughed. "Besides, she's all caught up with my son, does whatever he tells her. And after this afternoon, I'm sure she'd love the idea." Jen felt fingertips travel slowly up her leg, from her ankle, past her knee, to the inside of her thigh, and around the curve of her ass. The touch was gentle but not tentative, and she was sure it wasn't Mr. Davies' hand. Her pussy fluttered, wondering if he would dare. To her disappointment, the fingers left her skin as they passed along her spine.

"I don't know how you do it, Davies, but we'll be here. Just make sure she is, too. This is going to be one hell of a poker party."

"Literally!" The two men laughed at the joke as they left the room. Alone, Jen rose and dressed. She saw no sign of the men or of Hunter as she left the house, filled with anticipation and apprehension.


"Hey, barmaid! Get me another one!" the husky man yelled at Jen. She rose from the couch for the umpteenth time to fetch beers for the players at Mr. Davies' poker table. Hunter had said his dad and some co-workers would be playing poker at his house that night when he invited her over, but she hadn't expected to play servant girl to the five middle-aged cops. She wasn't sure what she had expected, to be honest, after hearing Mr. Davies and the stranger she now knew as Chase checking her out the day before. She had played innocent with Hunter when he asked, knowing full well that whatever happened, this was no innocent date-night of movie-watching and copping feels.

She had certainly dressed for the part, though, deciding to exercise her new-found power over the men with a knee-length black skirt, plaid stockings, and a white button-up blouse through which her black bra could just barely be seen. At the last minute, she decided to leave her panties at home. "Just one more thing to carry later," she thought, laughing to herself.

She was bent down, getting a beer from the fridge, when she heard a cough behind her. Surprised, Jen bolted up and spun to see Chase taking a long pull from his bottle. She knew he must have had quite a view from his vantage point.

"Don't move on my account," he said with a wink. He turned slowly and went back to the living room, leaving Jen slightly embarrassed even though he had seen much more just the day before. She straightened her skirt, popped open the bottle and went back to the table.

"That's a girl," said Dan, the husky guy, as she put the beer in front of him. "Now, no peeking, you little cheater," he joked as he covered up his cards. Max, the slim, clean-shaven guy to his left, feigned a peek up Jen's skirt as she lingered by the table.

"Aw shucks," he jokingly moaned. "Not even a little peek?" he asked, eliciting raucous laughter from the group. Jen put a hand on his shoulder and played along.

"Now, now," she scolded. "You need to focus on your cards, especially with a short stack like that."

"Not the only thing on him that's too small to impress," Terry, the only black guy at the table, shouted, and the five of them erupted again. Hunter had edged closer to the table and laughed with the older men. "Hey, honey, why don't you come over here and keep a real player company?" Terry invited.

"We can't all be blessed like you, Terry," Max replied. "You just stay right next to me, baby. I need all the help I can get." His arm had wrapped around her waist, his hand resting on her hip. Jen caught Hunter's eyes. He was smiling and gave an almost imperceptible nod in permission.

"Now, what do you think of these?" Max asked her, showing her the cards in front of him. He had leaned closer to the table to keep them from other prying eyes, pulling Jen closer in the process.

"I think you've got quite a handful," she said, emphasizing the last word and twisting her hip into his palm. His grip tightened, and he was now massaging her hip, his arm pressing harder against her backside as he considered the ace and jack in front of him.

Max raised, and the laughter died down as the men settled into the hand. Check, raise, call, fold. By the river, Max had drawn two pair - aces over jacks. His other hand had gotten stronger, too, and he was now practically kneading Jen's ass as she pressed against him. Dan and Mr. Davies called on the river and revealed their cards. Max topped both of them, but in the midst of the excitement, the intensity of the hand finally breaking loose, Jen had jumped to clap for him, bumped the table, and sent Max's beer all over his shirt.

"Goddammit!" he yelled. "Fucking hell, are you good luck or bad luck?" he asked angrily, futilely wiping the suds in a futile attempt to dry his shirt.

"Jesus, Jen, you got to be a little more careful," Mr. Davies reprimanded her. She saw the smiles gone from the men's faces, partly because she'd almost knocked their drinks over, too, and partly at frustration over losing a big hand.

"Fucking hell," Max swore. "I don't know whether to kiss you to spank you."

"Well, both are my job," she heard Hunter say as he moved around the table in her direction.

"Yeah, keep your girl in line," Terry encouraged. A chorus of agreement went up from the table, mixed with mirthless laughter. Hunter stood behind her, a hand on her shoulder, and playfully tapped her ass.

"I've raised you better than that, boy," Mr. Davies said. "She ain't gonna learn her lesson from a love-tap." The table was silent as Hunter placed his left hand between her shoulder blades and his right hand on her waist, bending her over the table. Jen braced her elbows on the green felt as Hunter parted her hair over her face. She had expected an interesting night, but finding herself bent over the table with her ass in the air so suddenly took her by surprise. She surveyed the expectant faces of the players. Terry licked his lips. Mr. Davies grinned and leered. Both Max and Dan leaned back to get a better view.

Finally, she locked eyes with Chase. He was easily the best-looking of the bunch. His eyes were cobalt blue, standing out in contrast to his dark, tanned skin. A five-o'clock shadow framed a long, angular jaw, and his black hair, peppered with the first hints of gray, lay perfectly on his head. He was a detective, the only one of them not on the beat, and he wore a shirt and tie with the top button undone. The corners of his closed lips were turned up in a slight smile as his gaze bore into Jen's eyes. She glanced at his long, thin fingers, recalling the feel of them on her leg and felt herself melt onto the table as he sipped his drink, his eyes ever leaving hers.

Hunter's hands were on the hem of her skirt, and he let his fingernails graze the back of her thighs as he lifted it over her ass. From their positions, none of the other men could see her butt, though she was sure they hadn't missed the bunched-up folds of skirt on her back and were now imagining the display it revealed to Hunter. Again, the swell of pride asserted itself, as she envisioned five cocks springing to attention under the table. She may be helpless under Hunter's strong hands, but she was far from powerless.

The first swat was expected, and she felt the table jostle under her as her body shifted forward from the force. Her eyes were locked steadily on Chase's, and the same mysterious smile played on his lips. He had seen her ass twice now, and she was sure his mental image was not far from reality. Hunter spanked her again, and she felt the familiar tingle in her pussy as his fingers trailed down her crack before swinging back to smack her again. The last spank missed its mark, and Jen toppled off one elbow, nearly falling into Dan.

"Terry, help me out here," Mr. Davies said, grasping her left wrist and pulling Jen flat to the table. Terry's large hand wrapped round her right wrist, and she was now laying flat on the table, her upper body spread and still. Hunter spanked her again, and she squirmed, feeling the sharpness of each smack on her swiftly reddening ass. She closed her eyes and heard the chair nearest her scrape against the floor as its owner stood up.

"Mmmhmm, look at that," Max said appreciatively. "Guess we're breaking that 'no peeking' rule after all, Dan."

"You can say that again, bro," Dan replied as he, too, got up. "And no panties to boot." Jen heard him clap Hunter on the back. "You did a good job training this one up right, son. Now let us help you out." Hunter's hands left her body only to be replaced by four others, grasping and pulling at her ass cheeks. "Hold her open now, Max." Jen felt each man grab a cheek and spread her wide.

"Fuck, dude, look at those lips shine! She's fucking wet already," Max marveled. He leaned a little closer to her. "You liking this, girlie? You like showing off your tight little cunt?" Jen felt embarrassed at the young cop's blunt words, but there was no denying the moisture accumulating between her legs. "Good thing," he continued, "because you're going to need all the juice you got tonight." He punctuated his sentence with a swift, hard slap of her ass.

A finger traced her lips before dipping inside her. "Oh yeah," Dan said. "She's a tight one. Don't have what it takes to stretch her out, boy?" he teased Hunter. "Bet she's a real good fuck."

"Hell yeah," Hunter and Mr. Davies said in unison.

"What?! You fucked them both, bitch?" Terry yelled in mock shock.

"Ha, at the same time no less," Mr. Davies replied.

Terry guffawed. "You are a little slut, aren't you?" he asked, pinching her cheek. Jen squeezed her eyes shut in embarrassment, not wanting to see the look on his face. Dan and Max continued their ministrations, and her hips were undulating up and down with each new insertion. She yelped in surprise when one of them spit on her asshole before spreading the saliva around to coat the tight rosebud. A fingertip prodded at her before slipping inside her ass as two others entered her pussy. The hand slowly slid, back and forth, in and out, going deeper in both holes each time. Her ass clenched and relaxed, pulsing with each penetration.

"Here, Chase, hold this," said Mr. Davies as he got up from the table. Jen turned her head in time to watch him leave. Chase's hand held her wrist fast, and his other hand tickled her bare arm, making the fine blond hairs stand up. She felt her nipple harden in her bra as she watched him trace her skin. His gentle touch was a sharp contrast to the rough, invasive fingers plying her ass and pussy. She sighed in longing for a moment along with Chase. Would he make love to her or fuck her? Would he be tender? Would she want him to be?

Too soon, Mr. Davies returned and plopped a black duffel bag on the table. He threw it open and rummaged through it, eventually pulling out two sets of large handcuffs.

"Remember that fat fuck we picked up this summer? Couldn't even get his hands 'round his back, the bastard was so fucking fat. So I got me some cuffs with longer chains. Work perfect for lots of things," Mr. Davies explained. Jen felt the warm hands of Chase and Terry replaced by the cold steel of the cuffs as they closed on her wrists. Mr. Davies knelt down and secured the other end of each set to the legs of the table. She pulled at them, and Chase chuckled.

"No getting out of those, girl," he said. "You're stuck now." The remaining three guys rose from their chairs and joined the other three already behind her. The hands left her ass, only to be replaced by new ones, and Jen felt hot breath on her sex as Chase spoke. "More beautiful than I could imagine. And smells like heaven," he said.

His tongue passed wide and long over her pussy, and Jen moaned with pleasure. She felt the tip flick her clit before orbiting her lips. Chase's tongue zigzagged across her sex before circling the sensitive button again, flicking against it and driving her wild. She felt his hands on her ass, holding her open as he pressed his mouth against her, the stubble on his cheeks scratching her thighs. He dipped his tongue inside her, teasing her before sucking each lip into his mouth. His thumb pressed the sensitive skin between her asshole and pussy as his tongue returned to her clit. He was slow and deliberate at first but gradually picked up steam until he was assaulting her clit with his tongue. Jen moaned and groaned in pleasure, and she barely registered the sound of zippers and buttons and belt buckles hitting the hardwood floor, as Chase ate her pussy. His fingers held her lips apart, and he nestled one digit insider her, finding instantly the swollen g-spot inside. More hands explored her ass now, and another set reached under her to grab her tits. She felt the knuckles curl against her as they grabbed the lapels of her shirt and violently tore it open.

The sharp crack of a belt on her ass shocked her, but Chase expertly kept his face pressed to her crotch as she moved. She felt her orgasm building and knew it wouldn't take much more. He pressed his tongue flat against her clit as her body squirmed. She was close, so close, one second longer...

"Alright buddy," she heard someone say as Chase's face left her pussy. She groaned in frustration. "This ain't a fucking romance movie. This hole is here for fucking, and it's time this little slut got pounded."

The voice, which she barely registered as Dan's, had hardly ended the sentence before she felt rough hands grab her ass and the older man's dick sink into her pussy. He kept it buried, adjusting his footing, before unceremoniously fucking her with short, fast thrusts. His balls bounced against her as he rammed his cock in her. He was smaller - in length and girth - than Hunter or his dad, but his eager hips banging against her made Jen moan loudly.

"Oh, fuck!" she groaned.

"Yeah, bitch, take that cock! Fuck yeah, you tight little cunt! I'm fuck you til you limp out of here, little girl! Goddamn, your pussy is so fucking tight!" Dan jackhammered her hole, fucking for all he was worth, and Jen felt small beads of sweat drip onto her back. His rough hands pulled at her skin, wrapping around her midsection and pulling her body - and the table - against his bucking hips.

Someone unclasped her bra and lifted it off her tits, scattering poker chips and cards from the table. Immediately, hands were under her body, squeezing her breasts and pinching her hardened nipples. Her hair was tousled and covered her face, leaving her blind to see what was happening around her. All of her attention was on the sensation of Dan's pistoning cock and the mauling hands on her tits.

With several deep grunts, his pace slowed, and Dan thrust into her hard before pulling out. Surprised, she noticed that he had not yet come. The thought barely crossed her mind before another cock replaced his at her entrance.

"Yeah, Max! Get that pussy. She's so fucking sopping right now, and that ass is the perfect little handle," Dan encouraged. Max gripped his shaft at the base and slapped Jen's ass with it. She felt his steely hardness against her. The copious precum leaking from his tip left a cool trail down her ass to her crotch.

Dan's fucking had been hard and fast. Max, on the other hand, was taking his time. He traced her slit with his swollen head, teasing her clit, passing through the pool of wetness at her entrance, and stopping for a moment at her asshole. Event the earlier fingering had not readied her for penetration there yet, and Jen steeled herself against eh shot of pain that would surely come if he put his cock in her ass. With relief, she felt his cock-head slide back down to her clit, finally coming to rest just inside her pussy.

She moaned as he slid in her achingly slow until she could feel his wiry pubes on her sensitive skin. He pulled out, inch by inch, until just the head remained inside before making the long journey back deep into her pussy. His strokes were slow and long, and Jen relaxed a bit as he took her, enjoying the feel of each line and vein on his long member as it slid between her lips. Max's hands spread her open as he moved, and she heard whoops from the other men.

"Goddamn, look at those pretty pink lips!"

"Fuck, that pussy is beautiful! Hurry, up there, boy-o. My dick is so hard it's like I took Viagra!"

"Max, are you fucking that bitch or giving her a backrub?" Laughter erupted again.

"Mm...fuck. I'm taking my time with this one," Max groaned. "Her cunt is like a damn vacuum tube. Fuck, man. tight."

"I'm not just waiting around here. Let's see how this slut multitasks," Mr. Davies replied. She felt two bodies move around her, then a cock press imploringly at each hand. "Get your fucking hand on my cock, whore," he ordered. Jen chanced a glance as the two men wrapped her fingers around their ample meat. She knew before she saw that her hands were full of Davies - Hunter and his dad.

The extra links in the cuffs gave her just enough space to grope their cocks, but there was no way she could move her hands from the base to tip of either, long as they were. She squeezed each one and stroked the loose skin up their hard shafts, jacking both cocks with short, quick strokes. Both men groaned in response, and she continued stroking them, relishing the hard shafts in hands as Max continued to fill her from behind.

She paused as Mr. Davies peeled her hand away and spit on his cock, replacing her hand on his now-lubed length. She grimaced at the cold feel of the spit now coating his dick and her hand as Hunter did the same.
"Oh yeah, mmm. That's the ticket," Mr. Davies said as he bucked his hips, fucking her tiny hand. His thrusts were long and slow at first, matching Max's, but picked up speed rapidly. She squeezed her hand tight so as not to lose her grip on the slippery man-meat. Her hands were still while both men fucked them, and she bit her lip to stifle a moan. A hand wrapped in her hair and lifted her head, nearly to the point of pain, and Jen saw the entirety of the scene: two cocks in her hands, and two others being stroked by their owners as they waited their turns.

"Little cock-slut," Dan said through gritted teeth. "You fucking love this, don't you, you little whore." It wasn't a question.

"You know she does, man," Mr. Davies stated. "This dirty bitch of yours loves nothing more than a bunch of dick, right, Hunter?" The humiliating words sent a course of shame over Jen's body, and she tried to bury her head. The hand holding her hair yanked hard, keeping her face up, and forced her to turn toward Hunter.

"Couldn't agree more," Hunter replied. "Just check out how hard those fucking nipples are," he continued, reaching for her tit. He grasped her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulled hard on the wrinkled nub, drawing a squeal from Jen. A more gentle hand that could only belong to Chase cupped her left breast and massaged it, her hard nipple pressed into his palm. He squeezed it until only the tip of her nipple remained between his fingers, and he twisted it as far as he could before releasing and grabbing her whole boob again. As Max's pace picked up steadily she longed to have Chase behind her, or to feel his cock replace the thick manhood of Mr. Davies in her hand. Whether she wanted it or not, the other men would take their pleasure from her, but Chase...Him she wanted to give that pleasure to, and felt no small amount of guilt for desiring him, even as her boyfriend let her be shared in so nasty a way.

"You're doing good, baby, but I want to fuck you now," Hunter said bluntly, pulling his cock from her hand.

"No way, kid," Terry interrupted. "You've had your time with her before. My turn with this ass." He slapped her cheek and mauled it possessively, even as Max's dick was in motion inches away.

"Fuck that, Terry," Mr. Davies said. "My house, my cunt." He, too, slid from her grasp. "You can use her hand. My dick is so hard it's starting to smart. Time for me to share the pain," he said menacingly.

"Bullshit, Davies," Terry replied indignantly. "I've been stroking and watching this pussy stretch. My turn." The two men took to arguing, each punctuating their words with slaps to Jen's ass or hard grasps of her flesh, like a piece of meat. Max's cock never stopped, and Jen could hardly follow their disagreement.

"Gentlemen," Chase finally cut in. "No need to argue or take turns." The men waited in silence for his suggestion, the only noise the rhythmic slapping of Max's pelvis against Jen's. "Terry, sit on the couch. Davies, get your keys.

"Haha! Following you, detective," Terry laughed.

Dan leaned close to Jen's ear, his tongue snaking out to it. "You're gonna get torn up now, girlie," he whispered. Chase stroked her hair, but any sense of soothing was undone by his words.

"Why take turns when she can take both at once?" he advised.

Mr. Davies unlocked each cuff and grabbed her wrists roughly. He spun her around, her hands behind her back. Dan moved in front, his dick swaying side-to-side. He held a knife in his hand, and fear gripped Jen. She struggled against her captor to no avail. Dan sneered, came close enough for her to smell the beer on his breath and grabbed her face, his fingers digging into her cheeks. His lips were on hers despite her muffled protest, and his tongue lewdly filled her mouth as Mr. Davies held her fast. She could feel Mr. Davies' dick prodding her ass as Dan's own tool poked into her belly, both leaving a wet mark of precum on her skin. Finally, Dan broke the kiss (if you could call it that), grabbed the folds of her skirt, and cut away the garment, leaving the shreds on the floor.

As he stepped away, her eyes searched the room. Four hard cocks surrounded her, jutting out from four bodies glistening with sweat. Hunter's long beautiful manhood; Max's lean pecker; and Dan's thick root, the shortest of all. With growing lust, she stared at Chase standing proud and still, his hands clasped behind him. He retained the same curious smile, looking only at her eyes, which traveled south, taking in his broad, muscled shoulders and his chiseled pecs and abs, covered with a light coat of dark hair. She inhaled sharply as her gaze fell to his hips. From his tight thighs and perfectly flat midsection rose a magnificent cock. It was at least as long as Mr. Davies' and nearly as thick. The shaft was strikingly smooth but for one pulsing vein along the bottom, from his balls to just below the pink, arrow-shaped head. It stood out at a sharp angle upwards, pointing nearly to the ceiling. His balls were large but high and tight, nestled below his base. Jen licked her lips, a scene that did not escape Hunter, who struggled to control an awkward sting of jealousy. It was one thing to possess and control her, to force her to please others at his whim. It was something very different to watch her desire it.

"Ow!" Jen shouted, half in pain, half in surprise as Hunter brought the belt across her tits. He grabbed her arms roughly, turning her away from Chase and toward the couch.

"Enough watching. Let's get back to it, princess," he ordered gruffly. She tripped a bit as he pushed her toward the couch. Terry was there, his legs spread, a broad smile on his thick lips. His hand was wrapped around a huge pole, black as night, with a dark, ebony head. Terry caught a drip of fluid from the tip and spread it down the shaft, lubing the monstrous cock as he stroked it.

"Yeah, bring that pussy right over here. You ready to get stuffed, slut?"

"Fuck yeah, she is. Aren't you?" Hunter asked. Jen remained silent. "Aren't you!!" he yelled, shaking her. Jen still said nothing. His grip tightened. "Cat got your tongue, whore? Well, then let's put that mouth to work." He forced her to her knees in front of Terry, grabbed her hair and pushed her face down into his balls. "Lick them, bitch," he ordered. Terry's cock loomed over her, easily taller than her face. She tentatively stuck out her tongue, tasting the salty musk of Terry's sac.

"What's the matter, baby? Not your flavor?" Terry teased.

"You better start bathing those black balls before I shove your face in his ass," Hunter threatened. Jen shuddered at the grotesque thought. She stuck out her spit-covered tongue and whirled it around Terry's smooth, hairless bag. She licked it like ice cream, with long, wide swaths. She delicately sucked one of his balls into her mouth, pulling as much as she could with Hunter's hand on the back of her head. She released his ball and a river of spit dripped down his sac. Terry guided his cock toward her mouth as Hunter held her head above it. Terry swiped his cock across her lips and cheeks, and she could feel his leaking juice coating her face.

"Paint that slut, Terry," Hunter encouraged, his teeth clenched. "Doll her up for us. That's better than any make-up, right, Jen?" he cruelly teased. She kept her lips closed until Hunter forced them open, prying them apart on the head of Terry's dark cock. Jen had no time to adjust to its girth before Hunter forced her head down, her nose tickled by the nappy hairs at the base as she gagged around the long tool. He pumped her face up and down even as Terry bucked his hips, force-fucking her mouth. Her cheeks billowed out as she struggled to take it all. Hunter's grip relaxed as she settled into a rhythm, deep-throating the black pillar and thankful for the clean taste replacing the beer-breath of Dan's snake-like tongue.

She cupped his balls with one hand as Terry groaned, and quickened her pace, trying to bring him off. Her other hand, released from Hunter's grip, snaked under her body to press her swollen pussy. She shoved one finger inside herself, fingering her pussy as she sucked the long cock. Despite (or maybe because of?) the nastiness of the scene, Jen was still a woman, and having the cock in her mouth as she rubbed her pussy made her juices flow. She bobbed her head up and down, timing the pace to the beat of her finger inside her channel.

Hunter knelt behind her, lifting her ass up and threw her hand aside. His own cock filled her pussy now, and he banged against her as she continued to suck Terry's cock. She groaned around the black meat, the low vibrations from her throat sending shockwaves of pleasure through the dick in her mouth. Terry's head flopped back, and his breath became short and ragged. She could feel the familiar fullness of Hunter's cock in her tight pussy, and she relished the sensation. He fucked her hard, pulling back slowly, before slamming into her again and again. He slapped her ass he did so, using the belt to sharpen the pain and pleasure washing over her body. Her hands were braced on Terry's legs now as she pushed back against Hunter, matching him thrust for thrust.

The belt clanked to the floor, and immediately, Hunter's hands were on her ass, kneading her skin. He spread her open with his palms and stroked her outer rim with both thumbs, teasing her tight asshole. She felt a cold drop of spit as he lubed her up, prepping her ass for the thick tip of his thumb. She moaned around Terry's cock as Hunter inserted it, stretching her wet hole. He left his thumb still as he continued to fuck her, graciously letting her muscles relax around his thumb.

"I love your pussy, baby. It feels so fucking good wrapped around my cock," he intoned.

"Jesus, your bitch can suck a cock, man," Terry complimented Hunter. The two men slapped hands. "I mean, goddamn, she's got my nuts fucking churning. Shit!" Accustomed as she was to the filthy words, Jen took the compliment in stride and sucked harder on the thick dick, tilting her ass up for Hunter. The men continued to fuck her mouth and pussy, and Hunter's thumb moved in tight circles inside her ass.

A sudden emptiness filled her loins as Hunter pulled out quickly and got to his feet. He yanked her hair, and Jen sprang to her feet. He used his foot to force her ankles apart as she stood. Terry stretched his legs and held his glistening cock still, waiting, she knew, for her to sink down on him. She moved forward to straddle the tall cock. Her knees had barely touched the couch before Hunter yanked her back upright.

"You know, Terry, I think it's time for a little variety," Hunter suggested. He spun her roughly, his cock bumping against her hips as she turned. She looked imploringly into his eyes as Terry grabbed her ass. The two men forced her down until she felt the head of Terry's cock at the bud of her asshole, still tight despite Hunter's stretching. Hunter pushed as Terry pulled until with a groan the black man buried his pole inside her ass. Jen cried out with pain and pleasure as it slid in, her muscles working furiously to accommodate the ebony invader. She had barely stretched to fit his manhood when Hunter lifted her under her arms only to drop her again on to Terry's cock. With hardly a preamble, she was bouncing on his dick, gradually getting used to the feeling of fullness.

Hunter pushed her back against Terry, whose hands shot up to her tits, holding her tight against him. Terry ground his cock in her ass, grunting at the sensations pulsing through his member. Hunter stepped away, and the other four guys moved around her, watching her get fucked in the ass. Chase, Dan, Max, and Mr. Davies stared greedily at her, their hands blurring on their erect cocks. She watched them and lusted for their hard bodies, their eager pricks, and she swooned with desire. Her hand slid down her body to her empty pussy, its lips twitching, just waiting to be filled again. She patted her wet sex and stuck out her tongue, seductively licking her lips. She inserted two, then three fingers inside herself, roughly assaulting her pussy. Her palm pressed hard against her clit as she finger-fucked herself.

Mr. Davies was the first to approach, his hand in a deathgrip around his thick cock. She stared hungrily up at him, a lust-filled smile painted across her face. He leered at her, wagging his dick, and smacking her in the face with it. She fought to catch the swinging cock in her mouth, barely managing a few quick, licks with her pink tongue. He squatted, bracing his knees between hers and lining his cock up at her slit. He nudged her hand aside with the head of his cock and eased into her, his balls coming to rest on top of Terry's sac. But the only thought running through his mind was the pure pleasure of Jen's pussy quivering around his cock.

Mr. Davies' eyes bore into Jen's, his mouth was twisted in a lustful sneer, and a guttural groan bubbled from deep in his gut. The two men caught a rhythm, fucking her holes hard. From the angle he was at, Mr. Davies' cock rubbed her sensitive clit, and the two dicks pressed hard against her nerve-filled perineum.

"Yes! Fuck me!" she finally yelled, losing herself in the ecstasy of being penetrated by the two men. She wrapped one arm around Mr. Davies and cupped her breast with the other. "Suck my nipple! Please, please suck my nipple," she begged. "Oh god, oh god!" she screamed as Mr. Davies' lips surrounded her areola. He sucked hard, his teeth catching the hardened tip of her nipple. He tugged hard, and she shrieked gleefully at the sensation. She could feel her orgasm building and let loose between the men, swimming in the midst of their eager bucking.

"Fuck me! Fuck me with your hard fucking dicks! Yesss...fuck my slutty pussy! Please, fuck my tight holes, you motherfuckers! Make me your whore! Please, fucking fill me!" she begged through clenched teeth.

"OH GOD!" she screamed as the orgasm finally came. Her juices poured from her pussy, covering both men in her wetness. She stifled her screams in Mr. Davies' hairy shoulder, biting his skin hard, as her eyes took in the sight of Chase, Dan, Max, and Hunter all stroking their cocks ferociously at the sight. It drove her wild, and without thinking, she pushed Mr. Davies away.

"Please, sir. I need to fuck all these cocks. I want to feel them all inside me. Please, Mr. Davies, please. I know you didn't come yet, I know, but please let me fuck them," she choked out between ragged breaths. "Just let me fuck them, and then you can come on my face, ok? Please!"

Mr. Davies laughed as he pulled out. "As if you have a choice, slut," he said, slapping her tits and moving away. Dan replaced him immediately and buried his short, thick cock inside her. Once again, he was fucking her like a madman, banging his hard dick into her pussy, forcing Terry deeper in her ass with every thrust.

"Fuck," he groaned. "Stupid cunt. Mmm...your dirty fucking face? Uh! Uh! Bitch, when we're finished, you're going to have cum all (Fuck!) over you - your fucking face, these big tits, leaking from every goddamn hole. You're our fucking cum-bucket tonight, little lady."

He had intended it to be mean, even demeaning. But Jen was still in a swoon from her orgasm. His filthy language wasn't shaming her; it was swiftly taking her back to the edge she'd just barely left. She clasped her hands behind his neck and wrapped her legs around him, making her ass slide even further down Terry's pole. The two men fought for purchase on her ample tits. Looking deep in Dan's lust-filled eyes, Jen smashed her lips against his as he had done to her moments before. She jammed her tongue down his throat while his teeth nipped at her lips, tugging and pulling as their tongues swirled together, their moans echoing in each other's mouths.

She could feel both cocks pulsing in her, inching closer to explosion. Dan pulled out without warning and pinched the base of his cock, holding back the spray of seed. Terry couldn't pull out, though, and his cock erupted in her ass, filling it with hot cum. He held her tight against his chest as rope after rope of cum hit the walls of her tunnel. He mauled her tits, grinding the rest of his orgasm out with his hips. His breathing was short and quick. Jen looked down and saw what her audience was observing - the thick trails of cum leaking from her ass. Finally, Terry's cock quit throbbing, and he lifted her off of his lap. His cock fell from her ass with a loud squelch, sending cum running down her legs.

She had barely gained her footing when Chase was behind her. His hands wrapped around her thin body and covered her tits. She leaned back against him as he kissed and licked her neck and shoulder. Jen inhaled deeply, taking in the heady aroma of his cologne. His body felt hard against her. Her hands fell to his hips, and she swooned as his cock became trapped between their bodies. It laid upright in the crack of her ass, and she squeezed and massaged it with her cheeks. His hips made slow movements as he pushed his hardness in her crack, sliding it up and down between the soft, round globes.

"I bet you dreamed about me doing this since the first time I saw your ass," he whispered while teasing her ear with his tongue. His voice was too quiet for the other men to hear.

Jen moaned in reply, "You should have taken me then, right in front of the fridge."

Chase chuckled and pierced the subterfuge. "I meant before that when you heard us come in the bedroom. Pretending to be asleep while I felt you up, laying there still as a ragdoll so I could inspect you. Maybe I should have fucked you then?"

Realizing she hadn't fooled him, and not really caring, she whispered back, "I would have let you."

"It wouldn't have mattered," he laughed softly. "If I wanted it, I would have had it. And now," he said, his hands going to her waist, "I want it." He bent her in half until her hair tumbled toward the floor. Chase expertly slid his cock in her wet channel as she bent over, filling her pussy in one languid motion.

Her big tits swung wildly under her body as Chase pushed inside her. His strong hands kneaded her ass, and Jen could feel familiar tingles through her whole body. Her first orgasm had come unbidden. Now, she wanted to cum, not just for her own pleasure. She wanted to please the older man, to let him feel her "O" around his cock. And she knew it wouldn't be long.

Chase parted her hair and lifted her face up to greet Max, whose cock was pointed directly at her mouth. Without instruction, she wrapped her lips around the lean tool and swirled her tongue across his cock-head. Each thrust from Chase bumped her forward until Max's cock was in her mouth, fully fucking her face. She moaned around it and her cheeks puffed out.

Hunter watched from the side, pulling on his ample hardness. He had objected when his dad first proposed the poker game with Jen as "entertainment." But there was no denying how hard he was watching Jen take cock after cock in each of her holes. He stroked his member hard and fast, watching her tits wobble beneath her. He moved closer to her and placed his hand just under her right tit, so the nipple scraped his palm with each undulation. She grasped his leg, sliding her hand up his slick thigh like a heat sensor searching for his hot crotch.

She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and jacked him off, never losing stride with the cock in her mouth. Without the cuffs, her strokes were long and hard, just grazing the head before slamming back to his base. She milked him, wanting to feel his hot cum on her. She could feel how turned on he was by her slutty behavior. She was pleased at the effect she was having on him, but the core of her attention was focused on the cock in her pussy and its owner behind her. She flexed in every way she knew how, massaging his dick and praying for the throbs that would precede his cum. She slammed her ass against him, urging him deeper, but his hands kept the rhythm steady and in control. His warm hands eased the prickly sensation still lingering from the spanking she had received earlier.
Chase marveled at the tight pocket of her pussy. He had fucked many, many women before. But few cunts could milk his dick like this one. He fought to keep a steady pace, to stay in control. He knew, though, that he would not last long inside this one. Her beautiful back, her narrow hips, and the round ass he had now committed to memory. His hips moved in a wide circle, forcing his cock into every corner of her pink pussy.

Max's hand curled around the base of his cock, and he held Jen's head still with his other hand. He stroked his cock fast, his fist banging into her chin, as he jacked off in her mouth. She grunted around the vibrating meat, her tongue tickling the underside of his head and the small slit leaking precum. She lapped up the salty fluid, sucking hard on his head to draw more from him.

Chase pulled his cock from her pussy, eliciting a groan of disappointment from Jen. She wiggled her ass at him, begging with her body for him to get back inside. He slapped it lightly and then grabbed her left cheek hard, holding her hips still. Jen waited with eager anticipation as she felt the warm tip of his dick trace her crack, from her pussy to her ass. Chase pushed, his head popping inside her tightest hole. He left it sit there without thrusting, and his hands grabbed each as cheek and spread her wide. He eased in, and vibrations from deep in Jen's throat coursed through Max's dick. His head fell back as he groaned with pleasure, driving his cock deep down her throat.

Chase eased into her until she could feel his tight balls against her pussy. The sensation drove her wild, and every part of her flexed - her ass around Chase, her mouth around Max, and her hand around Hunter. Chase fucked her with short, slow strokes, his moans a compliment to her smooth, tight ass. Jen smiled inside at the sounds of pleasure echoing from the men around her. She pictured herself, bent in half, surrounded by fleshy meat, and felt her own pleasure build.

The feeling was short-lived, though, as Chase scooped up her legs, pulling her away from Max and Hunter and holding her aloft with his cock still in her ass. His hands braced her knees wide apart, her body resting against his, as he carried her toward the couch. Holding her up, he laid down until she was sitting on him with her legs just outside his own. His arms snaked around her body, and he held her tight, flattening her tits with his forearms. He nipped at her neck, leaving tiny bite marks on her skin.

"Who's next?" he called to the men. She looked over toward the group. With Terry's cock rapidly returning to hardness, there were five men aiming their tools her direction, and Jen wondered who would be the next one to take her pussy. Max hurried toward the couch and placed his knees between Chase's and her own. She looked deep in his still-youthful eyes, clasped her hands behind his neck and kissed him deeply as he fed his snake into her dripping hole. With the weight, Chase could hardly thrust, but he flexed his cock in her ass, making her swoon.

"That's right," she whispered in Max's ear. "Fuck me hard. Pound my pussy. Mmm...your cock feels so hard inside me."

"So fucking tight. You're going to make me cum if you keep squeezing my dick like that," he grunted back. Chase squeezed her tits, forcing her nipples up and out, and Max wrapped his lips around her right one. Her hands messed his hair as she leaned back against Chase, sandwiched between two lovers. Chase moved his hips side-to-side and continued to flex his cock, grinding himself in her, while Max pounded her pussy, forcing her harder and harder against Chase.

"Yess! Fuck me!" she yelled out. Quicker than she had expected, another orgasm shot through her, and both Chase and Max cried out as her muscles clenched, then relaxed, then clenched again.

"Holy shit," Chase muttered. "I'm going to fucking cum in your ass! Goddamn!"

"Yess!" she screamed. "Fucking fill my dirty ass with your hot cum! Cum in me, baby! Oh god! I want to feel you shoot it in me with your big cock!" Thick ropes of cum burst from the tip of his cock with such force that she felt each one in her ass. He held her hips locked down on his own as his cock pulsed with one, two, three, four, five eruptions of cum.

Almost at the same time, she felt Max convulse and soon his cock, too, was spraying inside her. The sensation of fluid filling her two tunnels took her quickly back to climax, and she held tightly to Max as her own orgasm matched his. All three bodies tensed and writhed on the couch as cum spilled from Jen's twitching pussy and ass. She felt Max and Chase tremor around her, their cocks finally starting to soften, and she breathed a contented sigh feeling the heat of their bodies against her and inside her.

All too soon, Chase shoved her off of his lap, sending Max springing to his feet. Chase grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees as the other guys circled around her. She was now surrounded by four other thick cocks, all aimed directly at her. The nearest belonged to Dan and was mere inches from her face, its bulbous head pointing straight at her forehead. She opened her mouth to engulf it, but Hunter beat the older man to the punch and forced his own hard dick inside. She sucked with ferocity on his head, looking straight up into his eyes. Her hands sought and found two other cocks to her sides. She recognized the smooth silkiness of Terry's in her left hand, and the angry, veiny shaft of Mr. Davies in her other. She stroked them both rapidly, bobbing her head on Hunter's. Her spit dribbled out the corners of her lips and coated his shaft and balls. With a pop, she released Hunter's dick and eagerly tongued Max's, cleaning his cum and her own juices from his softened meat. He held the back of her head steady as he pushed his still slightly hard cock in and out, popping it past her tingly lips.

For several minutes, she serviced each man, swapping her hands and mouth on each one. The sight of meat hardened all for her drove her wild, and her tits jiggled tantalizingly as he hurriedly tried to get to each one. Each had a slightly different feel - different girth, different texture - but all shared the same salty taste of precum that she lapped up.

Dan grunted and groaned heavily. "Oh fucking shit!" he yelled, grabbing her shoulder and tilting her upper body back. His hand was a blur on his cock, and his lungs heaved as the first spray of milky white cum erupted from the tip, hitting her neck. The second burst had barely landed across her left tit when Terry's high-pitched moan drew her attention to her right. His second cum of the night hit her mouth as Dan's third rope coated her chest. Some of Terry's cum snuck past her lips, and she swallowed the salty fluid. The rest fell from her chin to join Dan's pool on her tits.

Mr. Davies grabbed her hair, turning her toward his groin and grunted through gritted teeth as his own orgasm hit her square in the cheek. She marveled at the force of his cum and the unbelievable amount that covered the side of her face and neck. She opened her mouth wide to catch some, and licked her lips with delight as the older man's legs trembled with the force of it. Before she knew what was happening, Hunter was behind her, his cock shoved in one thrust up her ass, just in time to seal around the shaft as he, too, came. She was forced to a folded-up position as he worked his shooting cock in and out of her tight, gripping ass. In far too short a time, he pulled out, sending a trail of his and Chase's cum leaking from her ass, at the same time more cum dripped from her face and tits.

He stood, pulling her back into a kneeling position just in time for Chase to press his hardened tip against her tit. Her eyes went wide at his condition, surprised by his stamina. He had cum in her ass only moments before, but now, he was ready to go again. He stared straight into her eyes as his cum mixed with the rest on her body, the pearly white strands layering on her tits, and soon, Jen could barely even see her areola. White streaks covered her skin, and she rubbed it in, squeezing her tits with one hand and rubbing her pussy vigorously with the other. She looked from one man to the other, a delirious smile painted on her face, and watched in fascination as their cocks softened, the skin loosening and retreating as drips of cum continued to leak from their tips.

"You're a mess, slut," said Dan. "A beautiful fucking mess."

"Fucking right, man. Goddamn that girl can fuck," agreed Terry.

"We really covered this one," Max said. "You can barely see her fucking tits. Nice work drawing all that cum out, slut."

Jen smiled at the praise and sat back on her heels. She looked down at her cum-soaked body. "You guys covered me. I don't think you missed a single spot," she marveled, rubbing the cum into her skin.

They stared for a few more moments before Dan, Max, and Terry started reaching for their clothes. The others soon followed. .

"Back to the game, guys?" Mr. Davies inquired.

"Sounds good," said Chase. "I'll grab some fresh beers."

The men dressed quickly and sat at the respective places around the poker table. Jen moved to stand, ready to get cleaned up, exhaustion suddenly creeping over her. Hunter caught her movement and walked toward her. He looked down, his height making him seem very imposing. Jen caught several of the men glancing in her direction.

"No," he said firmly. "You stay right there. You wanted that cum. Now sit in it. Don't fucking move."

Jen sat back on her heels as the men chuckled and turned back to the game, cum leaking from her ass even as it dried on her upper body. Confused and embarrassed, she waited there for his next direction, a direction that seemed to take a long time coming. Chase emerged from the kitchen with beers in hand and caught her eyes. He smiled and winked before taking his seat at the table.

They played several hands as Jen waited anxiously, her muscles aching from the position, the pools of cum drying on her body. Finally, after what must have been three hands, Hunter left his seat to get a beer. He returned and stood next to her, taking a long pull from the can. He bent down and kissed her temple.

"Go clean yourself up," he said. As she got up to go, he slapped her ass. "You did good tonight."

Despite herself, the smile never left her face as she made her way to the bathroom down the hall.

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