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The Sigil

This story starts off a bit slowly perhaps, but the ideas discussed during the build-up are important. It all pays off eventually, don't worry ;-)


Sonja was getting bored with reading about magic on the internet. She'd dabbled in Wicca before learning about the larger realm of magic that had long preceded such relatively modern forms of sorcery and divination. Now she was interested in expanding her understanding of various magical systems and learning about effective rituals, spells, and techniques for spiritual growth and power. Of course part of this was to figure out how to harness natural or supernatural forces to cause changes in her life or in the world, but she had read enough to know that one has to be careful with such practices. This is why she had not done too many rituals or spells on her own. She just didn't feel knowledgeable enough about these things to feel comfortable yet.

If you perform spells or rituals without the proper intent and protection, you can really invite some bad things into your life. It's essentially like karma, but it can perhaps be far nastier. Some even believe that whatever you do magically will come back to you threefold. So if you try to perform a spell or ritual that is intended to hurt someone, then be prepared to have harm visited upon you three times worse. Now, this may or may not be true, but Sonja believed it enough to assume that something like that might be in operation. So it's just safer to use magic for good reasons and to try and make sure that your intent is relatively pure.

She had done some simple spells and rituals with varying success. Obviously it can be hard to measure success in these things to begin with, but she felt that a couple of the magical workings she'd performed had rendered some good results. What she'd had the most luck with was sigils. These were very simple to do and didn't require any complicated ritual. The basic way to do it was to write down a sentence expressing your intent. Then you remove all vowels and any repeated letters. You take the remaining letters and play with them until you create a symbol (sigil) out of them.

After you've created the sigil then you have to charge it. There are a few ways to do this, but Sonja's favorite way was to masturbate. You could do it during sex also because the orgasm is the key, but she'd never tried that method before. She would put the symbol somewhere she could see it while using her fingers or a vibrator to get off. The point is not to focus on the intention behind the sigil while you do this, but to go into a no-mind state. During the orgasm, ideally you will have the symbol emblazoned upon your mind and you can see it even with your eyes closed. Once you've "cast" the sigil, then you destroy it, usually by burning it.

There are many variations on how to do this and many people cater it to their own needs, which is part of what magic is about, but this is how Sonja learned to do it and she enjoyed it. It's an easy, but generally effective way to cause some change in the world or in your life. Sonja still felt like she should be careful when using this method, but overall it was a safe way to practice magic. She really wanted to go beyond this type of simple, low-magic technique. There are a lot of magical systems in the world and she'd gotten glimpses of different approaches. She was hungry for more knowledge and a deeper understanding of how to use this kind of power.

She felt that it was time to find a mentor or at least some others with a similarly serious interest in the subject. The internet just wasn't cutting it anymore. She had talked to some people on forums, but hadn't made any real allies or met any people she felt worthy of guiding her on her journey. She had recently decided to put things in the hands of fate. She'd made a sigil to try and meet someone to mentor her. Turns out it worked pretty well. Actually it worked far better than she could ever have expected.

Two weeks after she did her sigil for magical assistance Sonja was invited to a Halloween party by her friend Patrick. He was a guy she'd known since the beginning of college. That was six years ago now and she considered him one of her closest friends. He always threw wonderful parties with lots of interesting people in attendance. Patrick was an artist and was bisexual, but mostly gay. They'd flirted a bit when they first started hanging out, but he was just more interested in guys. This led to them being closer friends than ever though. She knew she could trust him and there wasn't that annoying sexual tension that can sometimes exist between male and female friends. They knew where other stood.

The party was happening about a week after she got the invitation. She was very excited about it. There were always lots of attractive people at the parties and Sonja was looking to have some fun. She'd been single for a few months and hadn't really had a serious relationship in a couple of years. Most of the time she was ok with this, but she'd been feeling a bit lonely (and horny) lately. Even if she didn't meet her new Mr. Right at the party, she was hoping to at least meet someone to play around with. Also, she wasn't thinking about it consciously exactly, but part of her was still wondering about when she'd meet that new teacher or helper that could expand her knowledge of the world of magic.

There wasn't much time before the party. She hadn't even been thinking about Halloween, so she wasn't sure what kind of costume to go for. After she thought about it a while, she finally settled on something simple, but sexy. She'd go as the goddess Isis. She'd always been fascinated by ancient Egyptian mythology and with Isis in particular. She was the goddess of magic, sacred sexuality, and fertility among many other things. Also, she'd always loved the comic books based on this character when she was growing up. Her dad had shared it with her along with the live action TV show based on the same character.

The outfit would be easy to emulate and make sexier. She already had a very tight, short, white dress that would work well. It was more revealing than she'd usually wear out in public. She'd actually bought it for a former boyfriend and only wore it around the house when she wanted some sexual attention. This was a perfect time to employ this garment again as she was looking for a little excitement and appreciation. All she'd have to add to it would be a pair of gold shoes of some sort, a golden headdress (preferably with a gem or Egyptian symbol on it), and some Cleopatran eye make-up.

She wasn't attempting to be historically accurate here. Halloween is one of those times of year where you can play dress up and have some fun with your public persona. It's an occasion to dress a little slutty maybe and kick your heels up. Sonja was excited to play a role other than the one she played in her normal workaday life. Maybe she'd even meet a nice, handsome guy to go home with. It'd been a while since she'd been laid. The more she thought about it, the more she realized she couldn't wait until the night of the party.

Making it through the week before the party was frustrating. Work was hectic, but her heart wasn't in it right now. She wasn't quite sure what she expected from this party, but she was just really amped about it and it was making her really impatient with what had become her daily routine. She was currently working a boring office job at a small business. It paid the bills and her boss was very nice, but it wasn't challenging and it wasn't really going to take her anywhere. She had some ideas for the future, but as of now she was in a bit of rut.

When the night of the party finally arrived, she couldn't have been more thrilled. She found that she had some butterflies in her stomach, but mostly she was just excited. She hadn't been to a party in a while and though it had sounded great in theory, she was now doubting her choice of costume. It was very skimpy and figure hugging. It also showed a lot of cleavage. Was she in shape enough to pull it off? Would people think she was a skank for wearing it? She pushed the doubts away from her mind and decided to have a cocktail as she got ready.

In reality, she had nothing to worry about. She was a lovely young woman with an amazing body. Her face was very pretty with its large, wide set, green eyes and full, sensual lips. If she hadn't been blinded by the self-criticism that many people suffer from, she would have recognized that the woman she was viewing in the mirror was an actual goddess. Her long, toned legs led up to a shapely ass that many women would kill for and the dress showed it off wonderfully. She also happened to have been blessed with almost perfect breasts. They were plump and firm and virtually symmetrical. They also sat high on her chest and hadn't begun to sag appreciably. The low cut garment displayed them well.

Her shiny brown hair came down almost to her shoulders. She had fixed it up in a stereotypical Cleopatra style with the headdress tying the look together perfectly. Even with the self-doubt that had crept in momentarily, she had to admit to herself that she looked kinda hot. Maybe it was the stiff drink she'd made herself, but she was feeling a bit more confident about the evening now. At the very least she was still anticipating having a fun time with friends and strangers.

It took about twenty minutes to get to Patrick's house. Unfortunately it was raining, but it wasn't torrential. Fittingly, the moon was surrounded by ominous clouds and lightning struck every couple of minutes as she drove. When she pulled up in front of the bi-level mid-century modern house she had to take a few breaths and gather up her courage to go in. She hadn't been to a party by herself in a really long time. The last time she'd been invited to one, she had invited a guy she'd been seeing off and on. She usually was in a relationship, so this had never been that big of an issue. She wasn't terrified or anything, but it was always a little scary to walk into a room full of people alone. Especially when she was dressed as she was.

Finally, she grabbed her purse and umbrella and headed inside. She told herself it would all be perfectly fine even though she didn't totally believe it. When she got to the door, she knocked and Patrick answered. Sonja immediately felt stupid for worrying so much. He greeted her warmly and invited her in to the living room where only a few other people were and she knew almost of all of them. There was no need to feel self-conscious with so many friends around. They all smiled and seemed genuinely pleased to see her. She even got a couple of joking whistle and catcalls for her sexy costume. It had gone over very well so far.

When Patrick brought her a nice dirty vodka martini, knowing she loved them, things only got better. It wasn't long before she was gabbing it up and joking with the rest of the partygoers. The crowd grew quickly as more and more people showed up. Patrick's house was a great party venue because it was spacious and he'd really catered it to being a wonderful space for social gatherings. More people would have been outside on his amazing deck also, but it was still raining. So, everyone was currently confined to either the living room or the large kitchen.

As the evening progressed, Sonja got more drunk and comfortable. She chatted with a bunch of people and flirted with a couple of cute guys, but she wasn't particularly into either of them. The rain finally ended and people spread out more. It was quite welcome because a lot of people had shown up and it was feeling a little crowded at times.

Now that there was more room, some people started dancing, including Sonja. She was feeling very sexy now, as multiple people had commented on her costume and how hot she looked in it. So, she didn't feel embarrassed at all to get down to the music. She was having a great time and felt wonderful. As she danced, she happened to notice a couple of women out of the corner of her eye. They were staring at her. For some reason, she felt compelled to stare back. Something was very intriguing about them.

They seemed maybe a little older than her, but not much. She didn't remember seeing them come in, but she'd been engrossed in conversation a lot of the time. They were both very attractive and interesting looking. They didn't continue to stare at her, but every now and again when she spun around she'd catch one or the other looking her way. Normally, she wouldn't have given it a second thought, but there was something about them. She couldn't put her finger on it.

They both seemed very classy. The taller one was a redhead and she was dressed kind of like one of the women in a Hammer horror movie. She was wearing something vaguely Victorian, but she had major cleavage showing. Sonja thought it was sexy, but sophisticated somehow. The other woman had dark hair and was going as Morticia Addams. She was seriously the spitting image of Carolyn Jones, who had portrayed the TV character.

Maybe that was all it was. Sonja had always loved The Addams Family and Morticia's character in particular. She was also a big fan of Hammer horror movies, so perhaps they just caught her eye because she recognized their well-done costumes. Whatever it was, she was weirdly intrigued by them and couldn't help but notice where they were at all times.

She noticed them move around the room and have conversations with people, including Patrick at one point. It made sense of course. She assumed he'd invited them to the party. When she finally got tired of dancing and needed a new drink she headed for the kitchen. As she was drinking some water to rehydrate before having another cocktail, Patrick waltzed in. She was glad to see him because she wanted to ask about the women.

She felt kind of strange asking about random women, but she played it off by saying that they had been staring at her, which was true. He filled her in, "Oh, that's Sharon and Kora. They're super cool! Really interesting people and very funny and smart. I met one of my art openings a couple of years back."

Sonja, was oddly excited to hear that they were cool and intelligent. She had sensed as much herself from across the room. Why was she so interested though? She was here to meet a hot guy, not wonder about enchanting older women she knew nothing about. She thanked him for the information and then asked, " why do you think they were staring at me?"

He smiled and said, "No idea. But, you are radiant tonight babe. You look sexy as hell! They aren't a couple, but they're always together and from talking to them, I've learned that they are bisexual. Don't know which way they swing mostly, but it would seem that you might be of interest to them tonight. Haha! You interested?"

Sonja smiled and giggled with him, but felt tongue-tied when she went to respond, ", no. I I just was wondering what was the deal with them."

Patrick grinned conspiratorially before replying, "Hmmmm...ok.....why are you blushing then and unable to speak? You sure you aren't interested in....uh....expanding your horizons?"

She suddenly realized that she felt hot and probably was flushed. She told him, "'m's kind of hot in here....and I've had a lot to drink.'m, you know....not against 'expanding my horizons' as you put it, but I really just came to have some fun and a cute guy."

Her friend decided not to push her too much harder, though he could tell she was more curious about them than she was letting on. He said, "Well, there are definitely plenty of cute guys here, girl! I've got my eye on a couple myself. Just let me know if you want to meet the ladies. I think you'd like them." Then as he was walking away, he added, "Oh yeah. They are into all that stuff you like. Magic, divination, you know.....occult stuff."

Now, maybe she understood her fascination better. They seemed to have a strange presence and now it made sense. There was a kind of connection between them maybe. Suddenly the sigil she'd cast came into her mind. She was immediately even more intrigued by them. Was she brought here to meet these people by that little bit of magic? Before she even knew what she was doing, she went to find Patrick.

He was already flirting with a really sexy guy in a toga. The guy had an amazing body from what she could tell, but he was clearly gay. It was written all over his mannerisms and way of talking. "Good for Patrick, " she thought to herself. It didn't stop her from interrupting him, "Hey, Pat....sorry to bug you again."

He didn't mind at all and stopped to introduce Sonja to the guy. His name was Quentin and he seemed very friendly. After this he looked at her, grinning again, and said, " want to meet them?"

She felt nervous and foolish asking him, but said, "Uh...yeah...I do. You sold me when you said they were into magic. You don't meet a lot of people to talk about that stuff with and you said they were intelligent. Would you just....ummm...just help me break the ice and tell them that we have a shared interest in magic?"

Patrick replied, "Oh sure, honey! It's no problem. They're right over there. Excuse me for a minute Quent. I'll be right back."

As they walked over to the two ladies, Sonja thanked him again for the introduction. He told her that it was his pleasure. She was very nervous for some reason, but her interest in the women and what they might be able to tell her about her favorite subject was overriding her butterflies. As they drew closer she could see that they were both even more attractive up close. They also seemed nicer and less severe than they had when she was across the room wondering why they were looking at her.

Patrick was very smooth as he introduced the three women. Sharon was the shorter, dark-haired one dressed as Morticia and of course Kora was the taller red-head. He did as requested and explained that he thought they should meet each other since Sonja was interested in magic and he knew that they were very knowledgeable about it. The two older ladies responded warmly and enthusiastically to this. It didn't take long for Sonja to feel more comfortable and after Patrick acquainted them a bit and they all chatted for a couple of minutes, he excused himself to get back to Quentin.

Sonja was now alone with the two intriguing women. She quite enjoyed their company and it didn't take long to realize that they were indeed very knowledgeable about magic and the occult. They talked for a bit and she picked their brains as much as she could at a party and they traded phone numbers so they could discuss it more seriously another day. She thought they were both flirting with her a bit here and there, but she didn't mind. In fact, she was surprised at her own internal reaction to them. She found them both tremendously appealing. It wasn't just their personalities either. Aside from liking them as people and finding them incredibly smart and quick witted, she thought they were very beautiful.

Actually, she found them downright sexy in different ways. Thinking back to what Patrick had said, she wondered about their bisexuality. The image of making out with one or both them flashed through her mind a couple of times. "What's gotten into me?" she wondered. She was so fixated on these lovely beings that she hadn't even paid much attention to the cute guys that seemed to be all over the place tonight. She'd thought about experimenting with another women a few times in her life, but had never actually tried to make anything happen. It just had never been a driving desire. Tonight she felt different somehow. She didn't fully understand why, but she felt that if one of these wonderful ladies were to make a move on her, she might just let herself fall under their spell.
She was jarred from her reverie by Kora telling her they were going to dance. They invited her to come dance with them. She demurred and explained that she felt a bit lightheaded and wanted to get some water. They said ok, but told her it'd be fun. She still held out though she wasn't sure why. Hadn't she just been thinking about letting them seduce her? She was just confused and she really did want some water. As they left, Sharon said with a slightly naughty smile, "Well....if you change your know where we'll be."

They headed off to where everyone was dancing and she headed into the kitchen. She got some water and then used the bathroom. She didn't realize how badly she had to piss. Afterwards, she felt much better. The water was also making her head swim a bit less. When she finally made it back to the main party area, she felt pretty good. She saw Sharon and Kora dancing and they were really getting down. Well, as much as they could in their fancy dresses.

They were mostly dancing across from each other, but occasionally they would embrace and she even saw them kiss a couple of times and talk into each other's ears. She found it surprisingly arousing. It was even hotter when Sharon's hands moved down to Kora's ass as they tongued passionately. Patrick had said they weren't a couple, but apparently that didn't mean they wouldn't fool around. Eventually they looked over and Sharon spotted her watching them and she smiled mischievously.

Kora then came over and told her to come dance with them. She was tempted but still declined because she was weirdly anxious. She didn't want them to get the wrong idea about her though she was extremely turned on. Kora pouted and said, "Boo....come on! It'll be fun. We like you a lot and just want to hang out some more and see some of your moves girl!"

Sonja decided that it would be rude to not go dance a little with them. So, she smiled and got up as Kora put out her hand. The lovely redhead led her out to where Sharon was swaying to the beat. She welcomed her as she noticed her arrival, "I'm so glad you decide to come get down with us! We saw you sitting there looking bored. We noticed you were watching us, so we thought we'd try again to get you to join us."

Sharon looked very seductive as she said this to Sonja. She wasn't quite sure what she was being invited to be part of, but she just decided to assume that she was just being nice and wanted her to dance with them. She replied, as they all started moving to the beat, "Yeah....I just needed to use the bathroom and get some water. Thanks for getting me back out here. I love to dance!"

Sharon said, "Great! So happy you're here with us! It's wonderful to meet intelligent and sexy people like you. We've been having such a good time tonight, too. Patrick throws really terrific parties."

Sonja appreciated the compliment, but it also made her wonder. Was Sharon coming on to her? She just responded, "Well, thank you! I'm really glad to meet you two lovely and clever women as well!"

They settled into dancing and occasionally chatted. Quentin showed up at one point and danced with them. Sonja paired off with him momentarily as they spun and swayed. When she turned to look at the two ladies after a minute they were making out again. They each had their hands on the other's ass. Kora spotted her staring and smiled sexily. Sonja quickly averted her eyes and just went back to boogieing with Quent. Eventually though, he headed off to dance with someone else and she was alone again with the women.

Witnessing the kissing and groping had made her pussy flutter, as it had earlier when she was sitting down. Why was it turning her on so much? It's not like she'd never seen women kiss before. Heck, she'd made out with a couple of ladies herself when she was a bit younger, but since she'd always considered herself predominately heterosexual, she'd never really explored that side of herself. And normally she was content with that, but something tonight had awakened a curiosity she didn't totally understand.

Sharon got her attention by dancing up close to her. She put her hand on her back and rubbed her shoulder softly while speaking into her ear. She said, "Sonja, Kora said she saw you watching us kiss, but when she smiled at you, you looked away as if you were embarrassed."

It took Sonja a second to respond because she wasn't sure what to say, but finally she grinned nervously and said, " just didn't want to stare. It just surprised me a little is all."

Sharon smiled and said, "Sweetie, it's ok. You can stare if you want. We aren't shy. In fact.....we kind of liked it when you watched us.....but to be clear....a couple of things. First, we are not together romantically, but we do play with each other sometimes. Secondly, we don't know anything about you. We just thought you....uh....were maybe into women because you kept staring at us during the night. If we made you uncomfortable, we really are sorry."

Sonja suddenly felt really silly and simultaneously quite relieved. She said, "No, you didn't make me uncomfortable. Uh....I just...I guess I just wasn't sure what I was feeling when I saw you two kissing. I'm not gay....but watching you two make out was kind of sexy and I surprised myself. When Kora smiled at me, I didn't know what to do."

The two women laughed together before Sharon said, "It's ok darling.....I understand....actually we're not gay either. We're bisexual and so we understand that there's a spectrum of thoughts and feelings when it comes to sexuality. Don't feel bad if you liked what you saw. Most people aren't as black and white in their orientations as they sometimes believe. Kora smiled at you because we both find you very attractive, so I guess you could say she was.....flirting a bit."

There went that flutter again as Sonja listened to the sexy older woman admit that they were enticed by her. What had gotten into her? She had never considered herself rigid when it came to her sexuality, but there seemed to be a bit of a conflict between her ideas about what she liked and what she was feeling tonight. She replied to Sharon, flustered, "Ok...I ummm....I'm flattered.....but...I wasn't...uh...I wasn't really interested in you guys like that I guess.....but I.....oh I don't mean to offend you! You two are sooo beautiful and smart and sexy. I do admit that I've been intrigued since I saw you. I just don't want to give off the wrong signals."

The dark haired woman chuckled softly, "Don't stress out baby. You haven't offended me. Look.....just be yourself. We're're cool.....let's just have fun together. There are no expectations. Hey, why don't we take a breather and get some fresh drinks?"

Sonja agreed and felt much better now that they got things out in the open. The three women proceeded to the kitchen where Patrick was fixing some shots for Quentin and a couple of other guys. As soon as he saw them he said, "Hey ladies! Time to do some shots with us!"

They all initially declined, but he talked them into it. As they readied themselves to take the shot, he toasted, "Ok,'s to a really fun night with good friends and to.........everyone here opening their minds and....exploring their boundaries!"

With this he looked seductively at Quentin and everyone took their shots. After she recovered from shooting it back, Sonja smiled to herself as she realized that Patrick was flirting with him and looking to hook up. A second later she thought about the toast again and realized it should apply to her as well. Then, following the train of thought, she again remembered the sigil and the magical path she was on. Sometimes it was hard to remember that magic is indeed a lifestyle and a way of seeing the world; a belief that there is an indelible connection between all things and a hidden force influencing our lives.

She had already noticed that she might be experiencing the results of her sigil, so why had she been so resistant and uptight tonight? She decided it was time to relax and go with the flow. It was time to see where the evening would lead her. If she was having sexual feelings towards the two fascinating women she'd met, why fight it? There must be a reason for the way things were unfolding. She was now determined to explore the night's possibilities with a more open mind. She started by taking another shot with Patrick.

Thirty minutes later she and the two women were all dancing together again. Patrick, Quentin, and some others were out there too. She felt much more comfortable and was having a lot more fun that earlier. Her new mindset had loosened her up, but also, the shots and the drink she'd so recently consumed had her feeling pretty loopy. She'd largely lost her inhibitions and was now perfectly fine bumping and grinding with a couple of cute guys and dancing much more intimately with Sharon and Kora.

This was not lost on the either of the women. They too were feeling a bit liberated after the shots. Sonja's increased level of comfort and her provocative dancing had them enchanted. They were increasingly aroused by her sexual allure and their own attention to each other. What was also having an effect was the fact they both had decided to wear discreet remote control vibrators for public use. Each was the other's controller as well and they had been racheting up the pleasure for a while now.

When Sonja, fired-up from dancing suggestively with a guy, backed her ass up to Kora jokingly, the sexy redhead was more than game to play along. She grabbed her by the hips and grinded softly against her. Sonja felt that familiar tingle between her legs, but this time she didn't question it. She simply looked back at the beautiful woman behind her and smiled wickedly. Sharon enjoyed the sight and thought that perhaps Sonja was coming around.

They danced for a while longer, getting increasingly frisky and touchy feely. Hands wandered and lingered and Sonja didn't object. In fact, unknown to Sharon and Kora, she was incredibly turned on after all this frolicking. Also, at some point, when Sharon was thrust hard up against her ass as she gyrated, she could swear she felt something vibrating. Had she really felt that? She wasn't sure, but it caused a further tingling sensation in her pussy.

Eventually they decided to take another breather. This time, Kora suggested they all go outside. She led Sonja out by the hand. She told them, "Wow! I'm having a lot of fun, but I really needed some fresh air."

The other two agreed wholeheartedly. The night air felt cool and refreshing to them all. Their faces had a sheen of perspiration and they each were glowing and flushed. Sonja felt so free and giddy around these two. She was very glad she'd met them and looked forward to spending more time with them in the future. She told them as much and they smiled and agreed with her. Sharon then said, "It seems like someone finally came out of her shell. You were really getting down on the dancefloor!"

Sonja replied, "Well....yeah. I just decided to go with the flow this evening and to stop.....questioning everything. I don't know what the hell was wrong with me earlier."

Kora then interjected, "Yeah....geez! You were such a bummer before! Just kidding! We've been having a wonderful time getting to know you. It was especially fun dancing once you started getting all frisky!"

Sonja then felt slightly embarrassed, but got over it quickly and laughed. Then she said, "I was just having so much fun.....and dancing with those cute guys.....and you two sexy vixens....I don't know what got into me! Hahaha!"

Sharon grinned wickedly and said, "Well, I know a couple of those studs you were dancing with wanted to uh.....get into you! Hahaha!"

The women all laughed at this. Sonja replied, "Yeesh, they sure did. One guy couldn't keep his hands off of me. I'm not even sure I wanted him to, but I had to show some ladylike self-restraint. So I had to pry his hands off of me a couple of times."

They giggled again at this before Kora said, "I think I know the one you're talking about. He was cute! Why didn't know.....go spend some time with him when he headed off?"

Sonja had kind of wondered this herself, but she replied, "Ummm....I was just having a lot of fun....and I don't know, it was cool to dance with you two. Also, I'm not sure he was my type. As much as I was kinda hoping to maybe meet someone to fool around with tonight.....he was......maybe a bit forward for my liking."

Kora, smiling mischievously, said, "Oh, you don't like a guy that takes control? Dominates you a bit?"

Sonja laughed again and said, "Hmmm.....well, sometimes I do....hee hee.....I just, he was coming on a bit strong maybe, not knowing him and all."

Sharon then said, "I know what you mean darling. You don't have to explain yourself. sure didn't seem to mind as much when we got a bit forward with you."

Sonja looked down at the ground, slightly embarrassed, but then she brought her gaze back up to Sharon and met her eyes while grinning. This had the effect of making her look accidentally sexy and naughty all at once before she responded, "I guess.....maybe I kind of liked it.....when you guys did it."

Sharon and Kora looked at each other surprised and then they looked back at the sultry young girl in front of them. Sharon said, "Hmmmm...interesting. Seems like you really did decide to go with the flow tonight. I'm glad.......for a couple of reasons. Hahaha!"

Sonja giggled with her before adding, "I...umm...did....I really had to tell myself earlier to stop being so uptight. And I'm glad I did because I've had so much fun and I really have enjoyed being around you two. Dancing was so enjoyable.....and....kinda made me horny."

She blushed as she said this and looked mildly bashful, but she was still smiling. Kora, who was next to her, leaned against her and put her arm around her and said, "Mmmm.....that's excellent. It was making us pretty horny too........well, we kinda already were from making out and......well, should I tell her?"

Sonja looked at her inquisitively and said, "Tell me what?"

Sharon smiled widely and replied,"Uhhh....I guess we might as well, now that we've piqued her interest."

Kora said, "Ok...well...we sometimes like to have a little....extra fun in public. Parties are always a good time to do it.......well, some parties. Anyhow, tonight was perfect for this. We're each wearing a remote control vibrator in our pussy."

Sonja looked shocked, but bemused. She said, " I know why I thought I felt a vibration at one point when someone was pressed against me!"

Sharon continued, "Yep, that's why! And we each hand off our remote to the other person. To make it more exciting."

Sonja giggled and said, "Oh my! That does sound exciting. I bet you guys are super turned on with all that going on, huh?"

The two ladies smirked at each other and then they both said yes at the same time. They all cackled together then. Kora then added, "I've been soaking wet for the last two hours! But so far it's been manageable. I'm glad we didn't decide to wear our butt plugs too!"

Sonja was now genuinely stunned. She inquired, "Wow! You wear toys in your butt too?"

Kora answered her, "Oh yeah! It's fucking hot as all get out! But, it honestly makes me almost too horny. Especially wearing both toys together. But sometimes we wear them to work or just when we're out and about. It makes the day more....interesting....hahaha!"

Sonja said incredulously, "That's crazy! I didn't know people did stuff like that. I've never used a toy in my butt before. I don't know if I'd like it."

Sharon went on to explain that they feel quite good when you're used to them. She said they are very experienced with all things anal as it's a kink they share. She then asked if Sonja had ever had her ass played with. The younger woman said she'd had a couple of boyfriends try to play with her ass, but she'd always discouraged them. She just thought it was kind of gross and probably uncomfortable. However, she clarified that a couple of years back another guy had teased her there while he was going down on her and she actually enjoyed it. He hadn't pushed his finger in very far, but it was surprisingly pleasurable.

The two women told her that it could be incredibly enjoyable if done properly. They alluded to there being a lot of ways to cum from ass play, but they didn't want to scare her off. The conversation came back around to the toys currently inside their pussies. Sonja smiled at them and asked, " have them in now huh? They're vibrating as we're standing here?"

They both nodded in unison and she continued, "Wow!'s hot! I don't know how you're standing here as if everything is normal with that going on. I'd be going out of my mind. Aren't you.....isn't it hard to concentrate?"

Sharon answered, "It can be.......I'm definitely hot and bothered and I find it really distracting some times. In fact the more we talk about it, the hornier I'm getting......but we turned them down a bit when we came outside."

Kora jumped in, "Yeah....we'd worked up to quite a plateau while we were dancing. In fact, I turned Sharon's on high once when you guys were dancing and I'm pretty sure she came. Did you babe?"

Sharon looked at her friend and nodded, "Boy did I! Wow, it was all I could do to muffle my moans! You really know how to press my buttons! Hahaha!"

Kora laughed with her and then said, "I sure do, but I think some of that had to do with being up against Sonja. I bet you were having some naughty thoughts while pressed against her sexy little ass."

It was Sharon's turn to be a little embarrassed. She blushed slightly and replied, "Yes....I suppose that's true. Haha. I did have some dirty things go through my head. It couldn't be helped with such...uh...stimulation."

They all laughed together again. Sonja was getting more and more aroused now. All this talk about toys and thinking about Sharon getting turned on by her was really exciting. Before she could think much more about it, Sharon said, "I hope this isn't making you uncomfortable babe. I don't want to freak you out."

Sonja replied, "Oh....I'm uncomfortable alright.....but not in a bad way. Hee hee! All this talk is turning me on quite a bit......I can't believe I'm telling you about it though! God! Anyhow, I'm just.....I'm actually kind of jealous of......uh.....of the toys you two have between your legs!"

They all cackled again. Sharon looked at Kora and they both smiled impishly. Kora then turned to Sonja and told her, " might be able to help you with that!"

Sonja opened her mouth wide as she explained that they happened to have an extra unit with them. She told her that they were kind of hoping to meet someone to "play with." Then Sharon came up close to Sonja and put her arm around her while staring deep into her eyes. She said seductively, " you want to play with us? We promise it'll be fun."

Sonja was slightly intimidated by her erotic gaze, but she was also entranced by it. She was suddenly scared again about going places that made her uncomfortable, but with both of the beautiful women touching her softly and staring at her lustily, she gave into her desires. She nodded at Sharon. Kora suddenly produced a small, black egg-shaped object. Sonja stared at it nervously, but she was also excited. No one else was outside with them and it would have been hard for anyone to see them from inside. She began trembling as Sharon's hand slid further down her back and lovingly massaged her.

Kora leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "I'm so glad you want to play baby. Is your pussy nice and wet already?"

Sonja sighed and looked at her. She nodded as Sharon began kissing her neck. Kora's hand also moved down the sexy girl's body. The two women's hands roamed over her back and bare arms languorously. Eventually, Kora's ended up on her ass. She squeezed it softly as she leaned in and kissed her. Sharon's hand moved onto one of the girl's plump breasts. She moaned with pleasure as they manipulated her. She couldn't believe she was allowing two women she barely knew to fondle her like this at a party. It felt so good though, she didn't want it to stop.
Kora's hand now slipped under the back of her short dress and more forcefully groped the lovely globe of her buttock. The woman's hand savored the mostly exposed skin it was grasping. Sonja was now breathing very heavily and whimpering a bit from their ministrations. She shuddered violently when Kora's hand moved lower between her legs and cupped her sex lightly. At the same time, she whispered in her ear again, "I want to put it in for you. Are you ready?"

Sonja hadn't totally expected this impromptu make out session and certainly didn't expect one of them to be the ones to insert the toy, but now Kora had mentioned it, she wanted it very badly. She told her yes and gave herself fully to the two sets of hands now fondling her. Sharon now moved behind her and cupped both of her breasts as she pressed herself against the girl. It felt divine as she squeezed them and tweaked the girl's erect nipples. Kora was now in front of her. She leaned in and gave her a kiss while sliding her hand between her legs. Sonja couldn't help but moan out loud.

The two older women definitely knew what they were doing. They were manipulating her sexy body masterfully. Kora eventually slipped her hand inside Sonja's soaked panties. Her strong fingers pressed against the girl's smooth outer lips. After teasing her a bit and playing in her liquid, she removed her hand and grabbed the egg with it. Then she pushed her hand back inside the moist underwear. Sonja sighed and shivered with pleasure as the woman pressed the toy into her hungry channel. It slipped in with no trouble and felt good, but not overwhelming. Then it began to vibrate.

Sharon came around in front of her and kissed her softly before slipping her tongue between Sonja's lips. The young woman responded passionately and kissed her back. An amazing heat was radiating outward from her pussy. If she thought she was turned on before, she was now going crazy with lust. The constant pulsation from the egg while hotly tongue-kissing this wonderfully sexy older woman was really pushing her buttons. Her naughty little cunt was getting even wetter. She didn't even know that the toy was still on a relatively low setting. It also had different pulse patterns and these women knew how to use them.

Just then a couple of people came outside to smoke. They were laughing and chatting. The two women didn't move. Sonja was a little nervous with the people near them, but it wasn't a big deal. Nobody's hand was between her legs anymore and they were just embracing and occasionally kissing from the perspective of the other partygoers. After a little bit more groping and making out, Sharon suggested they all go back inside and dance some more. Sonja wasn't sure she could do it. Her knees felt weak and her legs were shaking. They reassured her that she'd be fine though and she finally agreed.

First they got another drink and sipped it a minute before walking back to where the people were dancing. This gave Sonja a chance to catch her breath and get used to the vibrating toy between her legs. After a few minutes of giggling and chatting about what they had just done, she felt like she could probably dance. So they headed back out and started getting down. There weren't as many people now as it was getting later and the party was thinning out a bit. Most of the ones left were sweaty and appeared pretty drunk. There were about three couples that were just swaying to the beat and openly making out and fondling each other. It was fairly dark though, so it's not like it was terribly noticeable.

The rest of the people were just dancing in small groups. The women formed their own and started grooving again. Just when Sonja got into it a bit and felt more steady on her feet, the pulsations in her pussy increased. It felt wonderful, but Jesus did it make it hard to dance properly. If anybody had been closely paying attention they would have noticed her jerk a bit and slow down her steps. The other women sure noticed and they smiled teasingly at her. They also moved closer to her. One was behind and one was in front. They all started moving together.

Sonja let them take control. She was feeling very good now and was starting to care less about the other partiers that were around. Kora was pressed up against her ass and was grasping her hips to guide their movements together. Sharon was in front of her and was holding her hands in her own. Soon the pulse pattern changed and it felt even better. It was a long, slow, building pattern that soon had her quite worked up. The women traded places and now Sharon was velcroed to her ass. Kora came closer in front and kissed her.

Soon the women were more or less openly groping her as they danced increasingly dirtier. She felt hands squeeze her breasts and ass and the women were whispering seductive and kinky things into her ears. After working her up more and more, the pattern changed again to something more constant. It also grew considerably stronger. If the two women hadn't had her sandwiched between them, helping her to stand, she might have actually collapsed from the sensations.

She was getting close to her orgasm. It was so erotic and surreal to feel like this while standing in the middle of the party. She didn't even care who was around or watching. She just needed to cum. The women could sense that she was getting close and told her to let go and enjoy it. Sharon was behind her and was pressed firmly against her ass. She squeezed Sonja's firm breasts and whispered into her ear, "Oh yessss baby! Cum for us......cum hard. We want to make you feel so good. I'm really close also and all it will take is watching you lose it!"

Her horniness took over and all that mattered now was cumming. She started to shudder and spasm as the sexy woman tweaked her nipples. Kora pushed her tongue hard into her mouth at the same moment. It was the hottest thing she'd ever experienced and the weirdest. She was now completely under the spell of these two beautiful women and she wanted more.

Just as she was finishing up her incredibly intense climax, she felt Sharon clenching her and spasming against her. She was cumming also! It was so fucking hot. She couldn't wait to go somewhere with these women and just let them have their way with her. In fact, she didn't have to wait long. Once they recovered from their orgasms they left the dancefloor and sat down. After discussing it a bit, she decided to go home with them. She was still a bit nervous, as this was all so new to her, but she was mostly just excited and more aroused than she could ever remember.

So, it was now after midnight on Halloween and they were driving to Sharon's house. Kora and Sonja made out on the passenger seat while they sped along the highway. Something had been awakened in the girl and she was hungry for pussy. She wanted to taste it and be licked herself. She wanted to do everything all at once. Her cunt was throbbing and she was still riding the vibrations inside her. She had it pressed against Kora's thigh and was dry humping her as their tongues intertwined nastily. They soon arrived at their destination and headed inside.

Her world was currently undergoing an enormous transformation and she was enjoying the ride. As soon as they got in the house, the women couldn't wait to shed their clothing and start making out. There was literally a trail of removed garments leading to Sharon's bedroom. Within minutes, Sonja was on her way to the most intense orgasm of her life. Kora was between her legs licking and fingering her drenched slit. She sucked the girl's swollen clit for all she was worth, while Sharon tweaked and tasted her perky nipples. Her own hand was buried between her legs. She played with her horny cunt as she pleasured Sonja's beautiful tits.

It didn't take long to give the pretty young woman an earth shattering climax. She trembled and bucked against Kora's mouth as she came. She had never felt anything so intense. After she recuperated a bit, she wanted to taste her first pussy. She pulled Kora on top of her and kissed her feverishly. The woman's face was glazed with her liquid and she could taste it in her mouth. It was very arousing. She squeezed her ass as they made out and Sharon laid next to them watching and playing with her own pussy. Eventually Sonja told Kora that she wanted to go down on her. It didn't take much convincing.

The rest of the evening was spent with the three women in varying configurations of pleasure. It was very late and they'd been drinking a decent amount, so though they played passionately for a bit, they were quite tired. After they had all had at least one orgasm, they cuddled together to sleep. Sonja knew she was now absolutely addicted to licking pussy and fucking women. She guessed she was now bisexual as well. That quite expanded her world of potential romantic and sexual interests. For now though, she was only interested in these two sexy ladies. She was so glad they'd introduced her to joys of lesbian sex. With all this floating through her mind, she drifted off to sleep.

When she woke, she had a bit of a headache. Turns out they all did. That's what drinking too much will do. It was Halloween though and sometimes you just want to kick your heels up. Which is exactly what they did. They had all indulged wholeheartedly in the adventure the night had presented to them. Sonja didn't regret it for a second, but she did feel awful physically. Sharon told her she should take a shower as it would probably make her feel better. She also gave her some water and ibuprofen. The young woman took her up on the offer for a shower.

The warm water felt very soothing on her pounding head. Sharon's shower was a large walk-in style one with two shower heads on separate walls. It was large enough for 4 or 5 people probably. It also had benches you could rest on. She was very thankful for this. She just sat down on one and let the water rain down on her head. After about 15 minutes of this she started to feel a bit better, but she still didn't move. It felt too good and was quite relaxing.

A couple of minutes later, Sharon came in the bathroom. She was still naked and just walked directly into the shower with her. She said, "Hey darling, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I'm right there with you. I hope the shower is helping some."

Sonja replied, "Oh, it's helped considerably. I feel a lot better, but it's just nice to let the water come down on me and relax."

The dark-haired woman still looked beautiful and sexy even though she was hungover and still bedraggled from the night before. She said, "Well, I'm very glad it helped. I'm going to do the same thing. Mind if I sit her with you and aim the other showerhead at me?"

Sonja smiled and told her, "Oh...go right ahead babe! It's your shower after all!"

Sharon slightly chuckled and said, "Don't make me laugh. My head hurts too much! Kora is sleeping in. She drank a bunch of water and had a pain pill also. I hope we all feel better soon."

Sonja agreed with her and then they sat there in silence for a few minutes. They both clearly felt rather rough. Soon enough though the girl felt Sharon's hand on her thigh. She opened her eyes and looked at her. The woman was staring at her and smiling. She said, "I never properly said good morning did I? Well, good morning, beautiful. Even with a hangover, you look so lovely. I hope you....uh....enjoyed last night as much as we did."

The young woman beamed warmly and replied, "! I don't regret it at all and I had a wonderful.....amazing time! Thanks to you kinky sweet ladies."

Sharon smiled lovingly at her and said, "That's so great to hear. We really, really had a terrific time as well. It's such a turn on to meet a stranger like that and do things in public before bringing them home. It's even better when they are as beautiful as you and someone who will undoubtedly become a good, new friend."

When she finished speaking, she leaned over and placed her hand on the side of Sonja's head and softly guided her into a kiss. It started innocently, but seconds later they were tonguing like long lost lovers. Sharon's other hand had also moved up the girl's pretty thigh and was closing in on her honey pot. It was quickly awakening her arousal. The two women began squeezing each other's plump tits. Their skin was supple and slippery from the warm water coming down on them. Sonja was quite enjoying all the sensations.

When Sharon's hand began caressing the girl's now enflamed sex, she moaned softly. Her hand moved slowly over the moist folds and teased her deliciously. They were still kissing and twisting their tongues around each other. Soon the woman pushed a finger inside of Sonja's tight kitty. She whimpered out loud from the pleasure. The digit was shortly followed by another and then her thumb moved onto the swollen clit above. The older woman was now frigging the lovely young girl's wet pussy harder and it was driving them both wild.

After working her over with her fingers for a bit, she told Sonja to move down a bit on the bench so that the water wasn't pouring down on them as much. Then she moved onto her knees in front of the girl. She placed her hands on each of the young woman's knees and had her open her legs wider. Then she began kissing up her sexy thighs. As she drew closer to the increasingly aroused slit in front of her she said quietly, "Mmmm......I can't wait to taste you again. Your naughty little pussy is so pretty and yummy. I'm gonna make you cum baby."

And with that she moved her mouth onto the girl's hungry entrance. She licked and sucked her masterfully and she did indeed make her cum. Much of the rest of the day was spent with them kissing, licking, and fucking each other and Kora later after she woke up and showered. The two older women gave Sonja pleasures that she never thought possible. They used their fingers and tongues and later toys to get her off in so many ways. They allowed her to explore their own bodies in any way she wanted. She quickly learned how to arouse and get another woman off and it turned out she was quite good at it.

In the next few weeks, she spent a lot of time with Sharon and Kora. They got to know each other well and aside from their lovemaking, she found that they had many shared interests. Their knowledge of magic and the occult was fascinating and wide-ranging. They taught her a lot and pointed her to many helpful resources. They explained some of their rituals and spells and even demonstrated a couple. They filled her in on the proper tools and materials needed as well as how to protect herself. She took in all they had to offer with an unquenchable thirst.

The sigil appeared to have worked. She had finally met a mentor to guide her on her path deeper into magic. Two in fact! Obviously she never expected to be in a sexual relationship with her teachers, but it certainly wasn't a bad thing. In fact, she found over time, that the sexual connection and energy between them was actually useful in their magical workings. They taught her more about this over time, explaining tantra and various forms of sex magic. Of course she was already familiar with the concept on a simple level from her use of sigils.

Their knowledge went far beyond this and they were quite serious about it. Fucking was still just fucking most of the time, but when it came to magic, they didn't mix the two lightly. They kept promising to introduce her to some heavier aspects of this soon, but they wanted to make sure she and they were ready. She wasn't sure what to expect when it happened, but she was quite intrigued. Part of her was nervous about it, but mostly she was curious and excited to learn more.

The women, it turned out, were essentially chaos magicians. They knew a lot about many different formal systems of magic, but they didn't follow any one in particular. Basically, they would pick and choose bits and pieces of what they thought fit into their own belief systems and practices. They weren't opposed to more strict and structured magical disciplines, but they had come to the conclusion that blending many ideas into their own personal approach was best for them. This had actually become quite a common perspective among many serious practitioners.

Sonja had read about this idea before she ever met them and she often felt like this might be close to her own take on things. Some of her favorite artists, musicians, and thinkers were in this school of thought. She was just glad that she'd met some actual people that actually practiced magic and knew what they were talking about. It was just what she had been looking for. She was still surprised that it showed up in the form of these two sexy and kinky ladies who had been teaching her so much. In and out of the sack.

As the weeks passed, they had many more sexual encounters and they showed her many ways to have pleasure. They introduced her to some very kinky things, but they were very caring and giving lovers. Her pleasure was always their first concern. They told her it wouldn't always be this way, but for now, they enjoyed turning her on and getting her off. Slowly they pushed her boundaries. They started by introducing her to ass play. This was one of their favorite things, as they had mentioned at the party.

She saw them do things to each other first, but it didn't take long before she felt a tongue licking her anus while they were playing. It had progressed to a finger teasing her there and then eventually pushing inside. She had quite enjoyed it and found herself wanting it to go further and soon it did. Kora made her cum incredibly hard one day while licking her clit and pumping two fingers in and out of her tight asshole. She couldn't believe how good it had felt.

She found that when care was taken to properly prepare for a little anal play it could be very pleasurable and arousing. They got her used to butt plugs and then eventually they fucked her with a small strap-on cock. It was mind blowing! Soon after this they introduced her to rougher sex and bondage. Sure, she'd been tied up before by a boyfriend, but these women knew what they were doing. They taught her about spanking and enjoying pain a bit. She came to quite enjoy being dominated. Sharon and Kora took turns being her mistress.

One day when Kora was out of town for business, Sharon called her to come over and play. She said she had a surprise for her. When Sonja got there, she was surprised to find another young girl. Sharon introduced her as her 22 year old niece, Brittany. The girl was very attractive and very flirty. This confused Sonja. She didn't know why Sharon had called her over to "play" if she knew her niece would be there.

It soon became clear when Sharon asserted her dominance as their mistress. She told both girls to remove their clothes. Brittany said, "Yes, Mistress," and began unbuttoning her shirt. Sonja was totally shocked. Sharon was dominating her own niece? She wasn't sure how to feel about it. Sonja started to ask her what was going on, but the older woman said, "Shut up! Are you questioning me slut? Why aren't you taking off your clothes?"

Sonja wasn't sure what to say. All she could eventually get out was, "But....but she's....your niece?"

Sharon replied haughtily, "Yes. She is my niece. What of it? What business is it of yours? Take your fucking clothes off! Your punishment is going to be worse the longer you wait."

Sonja wasn't sure why, but her arousal at being treated like a slut and her curiosity at the situation were taking precedent, so she began removing her clothing as instructed. Once they were both naked, Sharon had them follow her to her "play" room. This was a room that Sonja was quite familiar with now. It's where they Sharon kept all her sex toys and various pieces of furniture that were used for pleasure, pain, and bondage. Sonja was told to kneel on a low platform. Then her mistress instructed Brittany to spank her for her insolence. The girl didn't hesitate and began sharply smacking each of her buttocks in turn. It hurt, but it wasn't horrible.
As she was being spanked, Sharon stepped in front of Sonja and tied her hands to some restraints that were attached to the front of the platform. She then looked into the young woman's eyes and said, "I'm sorry that I have to punish you so, but you must never question my judgement. I will be finishing off your beating and it will be a little more intense than what you're used to. You must learn your lesson!"

She then stood up and had Brittany stop spanking the now rosy red ass. After a few seconds Sonja heard a swish and then a much more stinging pain surged through her ass cheeks. Sharon was using a whip of some sort and it hurt. The young woman yelled out with each swat of the flogger. It really did sting, but she was surprised to find that her pussy was still getting wet. It seemed that her sexual training to enjoy pain was beginning to pay off.

She was still glad when the flogging stopped. She was even more glad when Sharon instructed her niece to kiss the recently tortured, red ass in front of her and then to lick her asshole and pussy. The girl was very skilled with her tongue and it wasn't long before Sonja had forgotten about the punishment she'd just received. Soon though Sharon unclasped her hands and had her stand up from the platform. The beautiful older woman then sat down in a nearby chair. She had the two young women kneel in front of her.

Sonja was stunned and surprisingly aroused when their mistress instructed her niece to crawl towards her and lick her pussy. The girl moved forward on all fours and was soon eagerly lapping at her aunt and mistress' hairless cunt. Sonja really couldn't believe this was happening. It was incest, but god was it making her horny to witness. She also noticed that the girl appeared to have a butt plug inserted in her ass. She could see the base of the toy in the cleft between her buttocks.

As she was watching and noticing these things she found herself wishing she could play with herself. She knew better than to do such a thing without her mistress' permission. Before she had long to consider this her thoughts were interrupted by Sharon. She told her to lay down under Brittany's pussy and allow the girl to lower it on to her face. Then she was expected to pleasure the girl as she continued to slurp her aunt's cunt.

Sonja did as she was told. She found it highly arousing to lick the girl's pretty pussy. It was strange to be doing this with someone she'd just met, but it served only to make her hornier. The girl also tasted very good. She was soaking wet and clearly enjoyed eating out her aunt. Soon the room was filled with moaning and sucking sounds.

After the girl gave her mistress an orgasm and Sonja got Brittany off they were allowed to stand up. Their shared mistress had them do a number of other kinky things to each other over the next hour or so and less than two hours after walking in the door, Sonja found herself getting pounded from behind by Sharon wearing a rather sizable strap-on cock. Both girls had been forced to suck on it when she'd first put it on. Neither of them could get take it very far into their mouths because of its size.

As she got fucked by the monster cock, she was licking Brittany's soaked and open pussy again. She'd also been instructed to pump the butt plug in and out of the girl's sexy asshole. It turned out that it was fairly large plug. Sharon wanted her ass to be good and warmed up for the next act. Sonja was surprised that she was taking the cock so well because it had literally stretched her and hurt a bit when it first went in. Now it actually felt amazing and she was getting close to cumming.

The toy had another smaller dildo that went inside Sharon and vibrated as she fucked the loosened hole in front of her. This allowed her to get off while fucking her sluts. She too was getting close. Watching the two sexy younger women getting various orifices stretched and pumped had her immensely turned on. She wanted to save her climax for what she was about to do though. Sonja was disappointed when her mistress pulled the strap-on out of her and left her feeling empty and unsatisfied. She'd been so close to cumming.

Sharon now had her niece replace Sonja's position in front of her. The girl's now slightly gaping anus winked at her. She squeezed some lube onto it and onto the enormous cock. After spreading it out some and making sure the hole was greased up well, she placed the tip of the fake dick against her asshole. The girl knew what was coming and though excited, she tensed up slightly. To get her mind off of it slightly, she had Sonja lie in front of her and told Brittany to lick her.

The girl began tasting Sonja's well used cunt and lapping up her copious juices. The head of the cock was making its way into her formerly tight sphincter. It stretched her asshole out beautifully. The girl moaned and whined into the pussy in front of her. It definitely hurt a bit, but she also kind of got off on the pain. She also knew that once she fully accommodated the monster, she'd enjoyed being so full. She was a very good ass slut and had long enjoyed a proper anal fuck. Sometimes she could even cum without clitoral stimulation.

It didn't take long before the large tool was buried to the hilt in her rectum. Sharon allowed her niece to get used to it. She'd fucked her sexy little ass before, but not with something quite this big. She knew the girl could take it though. Brittany was the best anal whore she'd ever seen. The girl simply couldn't get enough of being stretched open and fucked. She'd even taken Sharon's fist once. It was possibly the hottest thing she'd ever witnessed.

Sharon was now moving back and forth slowly in her niece's asshole. The girl was whimpering and starting to get used to it. Sonja was also moaning from the tongue lashing she was receiving. Their mistress handed the lube to Brittany and told her to work the plug that had been in her ass into Sonja's. Her pace grew faster and harder while the girl followed her directions. It wasn't long before the big strap-on was pounding in and out of her.

They were all really getting into it now. Sharon started to engage in some dirty talk. She asked her niece if she liked getting fucked by her aunt's giant cock and if she liked being her kinky little whore. The girl squealed and screamed that she loved it. Sonja was really starting to get off on the incest thing that was happening. She had always considered it very taboo, but she had to admit that she'd even found a couple of her own cousins and one of her uncles attractive. She began to wonder what it would be like to fuck them.

The sizable toy that had been inserted in Sonja's ass was driving her even crazier with lust. Brittany was slurping her engorged clit and pumping her with two fingers. All three of them were getting closer and closer to brink of climax. Sharon was immensely enjoying watching the two pretty young girl's assholes getting expanded and stuffed. Surprisingly, Brittany was the first to cum. The massive cock pumping her stretched open asshole drove her over the edge. She felt so full and the toy had the effect of hitting her g-spot from her rear channel.

She started screaming out with her powerful orgasm. Her ass bucked back against her aunt's thick shaft as she came. Watching her convulse and spasm with pleasure pushed Sharon into the throes of her own climax. Her pussy pulsed and constricted as she too shrieked in ecstasy. She had buried the cock to the hilt and was thrusting against it as she came.

Much to Sonja's relief, this chain reaction also extended to her. As her mistress' cries of pleasure died down, her own started to fill the room. Brittany's talented tongue and fingers had worked their magic and suddenly the pussy in front of her started quaking. Liquid spurted from it as Sonja came her brains out. The large toy in her ass only serving to enhance her bliss. It was possibly the most satisfying orgasm she'd ever had.

After they'd all recovered a bit Sharon suggested they take a shower together to clean up and relax a bit. She praised her little sluts for a good job and they both embraced her and gave her a kiss. They kissed each other as well and Sonja quite enjoyed tasting her own pussy off the girl's tongue. Their mistress got the water ready as they made out. She liked watching them kissing and fondling each other before joining her in the shower. She was glad they were getting along and that Sonja had played ball. She wasn't sure how she was going to respond.

Later when the two of them were alone, Sharon asked her how it had made her feel to have included her niece. Sonja explained that it had certainly made her uncomfortable at first. Incest was a taboo that she had always considered disgusting, but today's events had definitely shifted her thinking on the matter. She told her how eventually it had actually turned her on more knowing that Brittany and Sharon were related. It made her feel kind of guilty to admit it, but the taboo nature of it absolutely made her hornier.

Sharon was glad to hear that the girl had responded as she had hoped to the situation. She told her as much and explained that it obviously turned her on tremendously as well but that wasn't the only reason she'd included her in this scenario. She explained that when it came to sex magic, arousal was a very powerful force. Things that increased desire and enjoyment could be used to make the ritual even more potent. Less common or taboo sexual practices were a way to unleash this potential.

Homosexual sex was one thing that could enhance the power of the ritual. This worked best for people that weren't actually gay. It was the taboo nature of the sexual relationship in the mind of the practitioner that gave it its strength, so if a person felt they were basically hetero, then being aroused by someone of the same gender could increase ardor. The same was true of anal sex and ass play. Obviously, this is a less common or discussed sexual practice. It's a fetish really and if a fetish increases arousal then the same rules apply.

Sharon inviting her niece in to fuck the two of them had a couple of levels of taboo or kink. First and foremost was the incest. This is a very powerful taboo that very few are comfortable approaching, much less practicing in real life. Another layer was the master/slave or BDSM relationship between the women. Adding all the different things together can greatly heighten the psychological, and therefore, the physical enjoyment. The erotic energy is increased accordingly.

The older woman brought all of this up to lead into a conversation about the heavier aspects of ritual. They had discussed it before and the women had told her that they would introduce her when she was ready. Sharon told her that she finally felt she was ready. She explained that there was a ceremony they wanted to initiate Sonja into. Kora, Brittany, and herself had already gone through it and it was a very powerful ritual. She presented it to her as a very good opportunity if she was willing to take the next step.

Sonja wasn't sure what the nature of this was, but she assumed it included sex and taboo. It made her a bit nervous to contemplate, but she was still intrigued. She asked what kind of ritual it was. Sharon explained that it was a prosperity and fertility ritual. She went on to explain that after performing this magical working many aspects of her life improved. Her material wealth increased, her sexual power and allure grew stronger, and essentially all areas of her life underwent improvements. Most importantly, her magical knowledge and spiritual strength increased exponentially.

Sharon explained that it had literally blown her mind how effective this magical procedure had been. Apparently it had been every bit as effective for Kora and Brittany. She told her that it was a very intense undertaking and though it had parts that were difficult or uncomfortable, the overwhelming majority of it was powerful and ecstatic. She had no less than ten orgasms during hers and Kora had twelve. So, though it was a challenge at times, she felt certain now that she knew Sonja better, that she would be able to handle it and would most likely quite enjoy it.

It all sounded a bit scary to the girl, but she trusted Sharon and Kora. She didn't think they would have her do anything like this if it was going to hurt her. She considered them to be witches that used white magic. She had never heard them discuss black magic techniques which would cause harm to anyone. In fact they detested such practices. They had clarified the threefold rule for her and explained that while it wasn't that clear cut, reciprocity was something to consider when performing magic.

Another thing Sonja was considering, despite her trepidation, was the mention of all those orgasms. That did sound enticing, but it seemed as if she'd have to work for it. Of course anything worth a damn in this world had to be earned, so it wasn't that surprising. She told Sharon she was definitely interested, but she wanted to know more about the specifics of what would happen. Her mentor replied by telling her that she couldn't actually tell her much about it. Part of what gave it its power was the element of surprise.

What she could tell her was that it would involve some normal ritual elements like banishment, protection, and other spells. It would also include other ceremonial aspects like using certain magical implements and materials in a specially prepared location. It would also occur just after midnight on the winter solstice. There would be many participants, but the overall focus would be Sonja.

There was also another very important part that the girl should be aware of. She asked her if she'd ever heard about what many believe the significance of the witches' broom was. Sonja recalled reading a couple of articles about this. Some people thought that the broom, aside from being a symbol that tied together masculine and feminine elements, as well as holding other connotations, had a very specific purpose. It was a phallus and it was thought to have been used sexually and in the context of sex magic ritual.

Inextricably tied to this theory was the idea that certain witchy ointments, that can still be read about in some witch-related fairy tales, were used to anoint the broom and then it would be inserted in a mucus membrane and would cause hallucinogenic effects. In other words, the idea was that earlier witches or magical practitioners would create plant-based drugs that were sometimes made into ointments. The ointment would then be smeared on the phallic end of a broom or similar implement and then inserted in either the vagina or the rectum. This would cause them to trip.

This is supposedly where the witches flying on broomsticks idea came from. Supposedly, flying was a common hallucination while on the drugs. Not all people believe that this is where the witch/broom association comes from, but a great case has been made for it. It is definitely believed that witches used plant-based drugs as part of their rituals, so it's not much of a stretch to wonder if the ointments were used in combination with the broom or other phallic instrument. Administering a drug in this way causes it to get into your system faster, as well as bypassing the liver and other filtration systems of the body and helps to avoid discomfort.

So, after they had discussed all of this, Sharon explained to her that they have a special ointment they use for this ceremony. It had been given to her by one of her mentors and it was an updated version of the drugs used by earlier witches. It was safer and more focused in its effects. Sonja explained that she had not done many drugs in her life other than smoking the occasional joint. The older woman told her not to worry. She said that it wouldn't heavily sedate her or freak her out. The benefits of it having been specifically designed were that it had fairly measurable effects and there was little risk of either overdoes or psychological cataclysm.

The drug had been made to do a number of things at once and its effects were cumulative. It would be administered repeatedly and the experience would build up. She reassured her that though it would be intense and disorienting at times, she would be observed and cared for during the ritual. Also, she would very likely really enjoy the whole experience.

Sonja was definitely nervous about being drugged, but it didn't sound like she was going be drugged into unconsciousness and made to be part of something awful. She still trusted Sharon overall and didn't think that she was planning to do her harm. Still, she needed to think about it. She asked Sharon if she could mull it over for a couple of days. She told her that would be perfectly fine. In fact, she was going to suggest that. The solstice was about two weeks away, so they had plenty of time to prepare.

The young girl left and drove home with much to think about. This was a very unorthodox situation she would be getting herself into. It was potentially very risky, but again, she trusted the two women. She figured she could always tell Patrick that she was going to do this thing, without going into too much detail, and he could make sure at least that she didn't disappear off the face of the earth. She would contact him once she was finished with the ceremony and if she didn't, he would investigate.

She really wasn't fundamentally worried about something really bad happening to her. These women weren't Satanists or black magicians that practiced animal sacrifice. She had only ever seen them use their powers for good, so she felt pretty safe doing this thing. Going through with it also had a lot of potential benefits. Increased prosperity and spiritual power. A deeper understanding of esoteric ritual. Multiple orgasms. She smiled to herself at that last one. These all sounded quite fantastic really.

Two days later she called Sharon and told her she wanted to do it. The older woman was very happy. She told her she would get everything set up and they would be ready to perform the rite. She reassured her that they wanted nothing but the best for her and she also explained that this wasn't something she took lightly. They wouldn't have just offered something like this to just anyone. She felt that Sonja had great potential and that there was a real affinity between them. Kora and Sharon truly considered her to be a terrific friend and ally, so they wanted to give her the best gift they knew of.

During the few days leading up to the solstice Sonja was very fidgety. She couldn't settle down at all. At work, she was impatient and bored. She was both anxious about the coming ceremony and excited to take part in it. There were only a couple of opportunities to spend time with Kora and Sharon. They were both very busy between getting things ready for the ritual and their own job related tasks. Also, Sonja had been instructed to not masturbate or cum for a week preceding the event. This was proving to be very challenging.

When the night finally arrived, she was beside herself. She couldn't focus on anything all day and she didn't have an appetite. It was ok that she didn't want to eat because she was supposed to avoid food that day anyhow. She was apparently going to receive an enema when she first got there and they didn't want much in her digestive tract. She felt pretty certain that she was going to be getting assfucked during the ritual.

After making it through the day somehow, it was finally time to head to Sharon's. She was going to be taken blindfolded to the actual location of the sexual rite. When she got to the older woman's house she was greeted by a giddy Kora. She was very excited to get started on this. She had already given her some reassurances before and she again reinforced that this was going to be a positive, life-changing event. Sharon came down the hall and said "Hi, beautiful," before kissing her lovingly.
The two women told her to follow them to Sharon's bedroom where she was told to remove her clothes. They removed their own clothes as well. She did as instructed and then they brought her into the bathroom. Sharon got the water temperature ready and they had her go in the shower. The women cleaned her body thoroughly before having her lie on her back on the bench with her knees bent above her. She was told to wrap her arms around them to hold them in place. They had hooked up another hose system near the second showerhead attachment. This one had a tapered end, not unlike a butt plug.

This was for administering the enema. Sharon grabbed some silicone lubricant from just outside the shower door and they squirted some on her asshole. This kind of lube worked really well in the shower. Soon she felt the tip of the enema attachment pushing into her anus. She was very horny already, so this actually felt good to her even without any real foreplay. The women's hands had felt amazing and erotic when they washed her also, but they hadn't lingered or tried to tease her unduly. She was just so sensitive from not having cum for over a week that any physical touch was being perceived as sexual.

The enema tip had now been fully inserted and she soon felt warm water begin to fill up her bowels. It was very strange feeling. Not necessarily unpleasant, but odd. She hadn't had an enema in years and it was in a very different context. Eventually it started to get to the point where it was a bit uncomfortable and they had told her to say when that happened. So she told them and they stopped filling her up. She was told to hold it in for a little until she felt like she need to go to poop. When this happened she was to go sit on the toilet until the water had been expelled.

After going through this twice, they filled her up once more, but this time she was told to just expel it right in the shower as she should be thoroughly cleansed at this point. It was a bit embarrassing doing this with the other women around, but they assured her that it was ok and didn't gross them out or anything. In fact they told her that administering and receiving enemas was actually quite erotic to them. They said they'd teach her more about this later. For now though, she was done.

They left the shower and dried off. Then they went back into the bedroom where Sonja was given a red ceremonial robe to wear. It was long and flowing and very soft. Her perky breasts jutted out in it and her nipples were clearly visible. It felt very sensual on her body. The other two women had similar robes but theirs were white. After gathering a couple of things from the living room, they went out to Kora's SUV. They put Sonja in the backseat and blindfolded her.

Then they began driving. Sonja couldn't tell how long, but it had to have been at least 25 minutes. She had no idea where they were going. The women weren't saying much to her, but occasionally they would ask if she was ok. She told them she was. She was definitely getting more nervous, but she was also antsy as hell. Her horniness was getting out of hand! She was actually slightly relieved when they finally arrived at their destination.

She was taken out of the vehicle and walked into a structure of some sort. She heard the creaking of a door opening and then closing behind her once she was through it. Her blindfold was removed. She was in the entrance hall of some kind of building. There wasn't any furniture to speak of and only a few tall candles for light. They flickered over what appeared to be light blue walls with some magical symbols on them here and there. There was a door ahead of her.

The three women all walked up to it. Sharon stopped her and said, "Ok, were are about to begin the ritual. Sonja, once we open these doors and you pass through them, you are not to speak unless spoken to by me or Kora. You must follow our instructions exactly. This isn't quite the same thing, but treat it as if we were engaging in our mistress/slave relationship." She allowed this to sink in a moment before continuing, "You will see some men when we go in here. They are part of the ritual and you will allow them to do anything I tell them to do to you. Brittany is not here tonight. I would have liked her to be part of this, but the ceremony calls for 3 women only. You, me, and Kora. That is all you need to know for now. It's turning midnight and we must begin."

Kora opened the door and Sonja was led into a very large room that was like an atrium. It had large windows on the ceiling that let in moonlight and through which you could see the night sky. There were more candles flickering and providing faint illumination. She could see five men standing across the room from them. They were completely naked except they each had on a mask of some sort. They each looked like some sort of shamanistic or ceremonial mask from a different culture. Probably Aboriginal or African or maybe Siberian. She wasn't sure what all of them were or what they represented. The men were all in very good shape and had rather large cocks.

The floor of the room had two large circles on it. One was very large and bounded almost the whole space. The second was much smaller and was in the middle of the room. They each had been hand drawn with chalk or something and they contained magical symbols that obviously held some significance. They had told her that it wasn't important to know what everything represented. In fact it was better if she didn't know beforehand. She knew enough to recognize that they were probably to enclose the ritual space and to offer protection during the ceremony.

In the middle of the room there were three low platforms and two tables that held many implements. She assumed that this is where all the action would be taking place. She was told to drop her robe at her feet. Her nervousness was growing, but trembling, she did as she was told. The two other women also removed their robes and once they were all naked, she was led to the platforms and told to lie down on the middle one.

Sharon proceeded to begin the banishment ritual as she lay there. She intoned the words involved in the process and performed certain gestures. This part of the ceremony was to prepare the ritual space for use. It cleared out any negative energies and made the area ready for magical workings. Following this section, which Sonja was more or less familiar with, she moved into another portion that she didn't recognize. After Sharon, and occasionally Kora, repeated the prayers and invocations for this section, Sonja was asked to stand up.

Some strange ambient music started to play. It was somewhat relaxing, but also very droning and heavy sounding. In other words, quite appropriate. She noticed the 5 men standing across from her still. Kora turned her around to face the other direction and she saw that there were 5 more men standing on the other end of the circle. She became a bit nervous. Hopefully all of these men weren't supposed to fuck her or something. She guessed she would soon find out.

Sharon stepped in front of her and started the initiation into the prosperity ritual. She asked her to state her name and then if she had come of her own free will to this place. Following this she chanted some prayer and then asked Sonja if was ready to proceed. She answered that she was ready. Sharon then explained that the first part would probably be one of the more challenging sections, but that she would soon begin to feel more comfortable and start to get into it.

The young woman swallowed hard and nodded her understanding. Kora had been behind her preparing for what was to come. Sharon told Sonja to turn around walk to the end of the low platform. She now saw that Kora was wearing a very large black strap-on dildo. It was slightly larger than the one used to fuck her pussy and Brittany's ass recently. Though she knew it would stretch her, she knew she could take it. Kora reached into a jar and got some sort of ointment out of it and spread it all over the cock.

Sonja was pretty certain that this was the ointment that Sharon had been talking about. It didn't look like regular lube and had come out of jar instead of a dispenser or tube. Once she had coated the toy well, she laid down on the bench with her legs off the end of it and her feet on the floor. Sonja was told to straddle Kora and to lower herself onto the huge phallus. She was a bit afraid to start the sexual acts involved, but she did as instructed without hesitation. The ointment tingled a bit as she penetrated herself above Kora.

She looked deep into the beautiful woman's eyes and tried to read her expression. She had a slight smile on her lips, but otherwise, she was inscrutable. The strap-on was definitely opening her up. It caused slight discomfort, but it wasn't too bad so far. It got a bit more challenging when her tight cunt met the larger part of the cock's girth. Also, as it went deeper, she really felt its length. She had no warm up or foreplay, unlike the last time she'd been fucked by something approaching this size. Kora whispered to her to take her time.

Eventually she had lowered herself completely onto Kora's enormous dick. The ointment felt strange and still tingled a bit, but that was all she felt so far other than the intrusive tool that had her pussy more open than it had ever been. It definitely wasn't comfortable at first, but her body soon began to grow more accustomed to the sensations. Her pussy actually started to get a bit wet thinking about being fucked by this thing.

Just as she was finally getting used to the first intrusion, she felt Sharon's fingers spread more cool ointment on her tight anus. She tensed up and suddenly realized that she was probably going to be double penetrated. She'd never had it happen before, but had always wanted to try it. The problem was, she hadn't expected it to be in a situation like this and also she wasn't sure what exactly was about to be put in her ass. She soon found out as Sharon walked in front of her and was wearing an identical strap-on.

The girl wanted to protest, but she remembered the rules. Sharon could see the fright in her eyes and said, "Don't worry baby. I know this looks intimidating, but I know you can handle it. We're going to go slow and soon the ointment will be kicking in and you're going to be begging me for more of this thing." After a pause while she spread the ointment all over the fake dick, she continued, "As you can see, this is an updated version of the broom and ointment application. We are administering the drug while simultaneously upping the sexual energy. We purposefully didn't warm you up first. You need to feel yourself getting stretched and opened up. It may cause some pain at first, but you will soon want us to hurt you darling."

With that, she walked behind the girl and looked down at her beautiful little pucker hole. She placed the tip of the giant cock against it and began to push it inside. The sadistic side of Sharon quite enjoyed stretching the slut's ass open and this was part of enhancing the sexual energy. The girl's mixed fear and arousal also added to the sum total erotic charge. And they were only just beginning.

Sharon continued the slow penetration of the sexy girl's tight asshole. She had begun to breathe heavier and to whine a bit from the discomfort. Not only was it a snug fit in her ass, but she had the other sizable dick filling her other hole. It made it more difficult and more uncomfortable. Soon though the big black cock had made its way about halfway into her rectum. Around this point Sonja started to feel something change. A warmth flooded her pussy and she felt a wave of relaxation sweep through her body.

Her tight orifices still felt stretched and distended, but perhaps she was growing used to it. The one in her ass was still going deeper. She felt like she might just explode if it kept going. Finally, Sharon whispered in her ear that whole length was inside. She couldn't believe she had taken them both. She felt so fucking full. It was a very strange sensation. She had a nice quivering in her cunt just then. Another wave of warmth washed over her and she was starting to maybe feel different and, good?

Sharon told her that they would stay like this until her body was ready to proceed. She had nodded in understanding. Her head was starting to swim slightly and a deeper wave of euphoria spread through her. "Oh my god!" she thought, "I'm so filled with's unbelievable." She was starting to enjoy these sensations. Her ass and pussy were starting to vibrate with pleasure. It was totally amazing to her.

The background was blurring out and she could only focus on the cocks stretching her open and Kora's deep, beautiful eyes beneath her. Kora was smiling at her and she could sense that the drug was having its effect. She asked if she was ready to be fucked yet. Sonja could barely answer with all the sublime feelings suddenly swirling through her consciousness. She smiled at Kora and said, " feels sooooo good now. I....yes.....I think....I'm ready."

Sharon now slowly pulled back and almost out of the girl's tight anus before pushing back in. She gradually built up a rhythm. Kora was slightly moving inside of her too, but they were still making sure she was completely ready. Sonja started to moan and her pussy began to drip copiously with arousal. Kora saw her eyes roll back in her head as the ecstatic feelings surged within her. She knew the girl was enjoying it now.

The two women then built up speed and started to properly fuck her. The two formerly tight holes were being pumped obscenely and she was loving it. Sharon had been completely right. The girl couldn't get enough. She had never felt anything even close to this. It was miraculous and hot and fucked up and just so many things all at once. She begged Sharon to fuck her ass harder and deeper. She told Kora she loved her cock and to never stop fucking her. Soon after this she had her first orgasm and it was explosive.

Sonja hadn't cum in over a week and now she was losing her shit while being double penetrated by giant fucking strap-ons during a magic ritual. "Holy shit!" she thought to herself. "How the fuck did I end up here?" She was definitely ready for whatever the night would bring. Now it all made sense.

The two women were pounding the hell out of her and did so until they each had their own first orgasms. Seeing a women being used like this always got them both off very hard. After they recovered a minute they continued to fuck the girl more slowly. Sharon set the next encounter in motion by motioning for one of the men to come over. Sonja had her eyes closed as she simply enjoyed the sensations of being double fucked.

The guy walked up and stood next to the trio. Kora's eyes got huge with anticipation as she watched his cock grow. Sonja was told to open her eyes and she saw the man standing there and eyed his erection as well. She had noticed his mask was probably some sort of Javanese or Indonesian mask. It probably would have been frightening had she not been so horny. Now all she could think about was his dick. Sharon told her and Kora to suck it together. They didn't need to be told twice.

Sonja took it into her mouth and tried to deep throat it immediately. She wasn't warmed up at all though and just gagged on it a bit. Kora grabbed his thigh and started to lick his balls. She took one of them at a time in her mouth and sucked on them. Sonja was bobbing up and down on him and taking him deeper and deeper. She was more hungry for cock than she'd ever been and he had a nice big one. She'd never given a blow job on one this large, but she was determined to take him all the way into her throat.

He was moaning continuously as the women worked him over. Their talented mouths felt so amazing as they licked and sucked him. Sharon told him to fuck Kora's mouth now and so he pulled out of Sonja's and pushed it into the willing one below. The young girl watched jealously as the other woman sucked him off. It looked so hot and just stoked the fire within her. She wanted it back in her mouth, but Sharon had other plans.

She told him straddle Kora's face and fuck her throat. He didn't hesitate to get into position. This put his tight hairless asshole in front of Sonja. Sharon told the girl to lick his asshole while Kora sucked him. She buried her face hungrily into his ass. While she was tossing his salad the older woman fucking her ass leaned forward and said, "Mmm....yeah...that's so fucking hot! Eat his asshole baby! Push your tongue in deeper."

The girl did as she was told and was licking him feverishly while he pumped the tight throat below him. As she continued to tongue fuck him, Sharon again whispered, "Mmm...Kora always wanted to fuck her brother. Now she's going to get her wish. I know he's enjoying fucking his sister's warm mouth."

Sonja's brain did a flip. The guy's ass she was licking was Kora's brother! She couldn't believe it, but it made her even hornier if that was possible. Obviously this was part of the plan to up the erotic energy for the ritual. He was moaning and whimpering as the two women worked on him front and back. Sharon was also back to pumping Sonja's tight asshole harder again and it was feeling quite good. She licked down and took his balls into her mouth. He said out loud that he was getting close to cumming and Sharon strictly said that he better not.

She whispered in Sonja's ear that none of the men were allowed to cum until the end of the ritual. This confused the girl a bit, but she didn't think much of it as she was close to another cum. She stopped sucking the guy's balls and started screaming out in pleasure. She felt another wave of euphoria go through her body and realized that the drug was still increasing. Moments later she shrieked as she came hard again. It was astonishing how good it felt.

She must have blacked out for a minute because moments later she came to and the women were no longer inside her. She was laying on the platform now and Sharon was standing above her. The older woman asked her if she had enjoyed her first double penetration. All she could do was smile weakly and nod. Her body felt electrified and she was still intensely horny, but she felt momentarily spent. It was just as well because it was time to move to the next phase.

Sharon and Kora did another invocation and some more chanting. Sonja couldn't follow much of it in her state. She just knew that in a couple of minutes three of the guys came over to her get her to sit up. They stood in front of her and she was told to suck their cocks. She is so horny that she doesn't even remotely hesitate. She takes them in voraciously and sucks them like a seasoned whore.

At first she takes turn working their dicks, but eventually she just wants to stuff them all down her throat. She takes two of their cockheads into her mouth at time and plays with their balls. Her talented mouth is now definitely warmed up and she allows them all to fuck her tight throat in turn. They announce when they are getting close to cumming and are told to back off when that happens.

After they all have moved away from her, Sharon performs another part of the ritual. It's all going by so quickly and Sonja is losing track of time. She realizes it must be the drug and she just rides it out. She's not supposed to understand it all anyhow at this point.

The next thing that she realizes is that three guys are on her again. She's not sure if they are the same guys. They all still have the masks, but she can't remember what the other masks looked like now. They proceed to put her back on the platform and are basically gangbanging her. All her holes are filled again and she is being fucked hard by these muscular guys and their big dicks. Of course she's having no trouble taking these cocks after the giant strap-ons. She's kind of proud of herself.
She'd always kinda wanted to do a gang bang, but how exactly do you set something like that up? She laughs to herself as she has probably her fourth or fifth orgasm. She's yelling out loudly from the intensity of her cum and when she stops the sound doesn't. She's confused and looks over and sees Kora being fucked on one of the other platforms. She does recognize the guy that's fucking her. It's her brother of course and she's cumming too apparently.

Then she looks the other way and sees Sharon being fucked by a different guy. "This is crazy," she thinks to herself, "and fucking hot....oh my god!"

As before, when the guys fucking her get close to cumming they back away from her, but this time when they do they are replaced by another man from out of the shadows. So she realizes that she has no idea how many guys she's fucked tonight. This is surprisingly arousing and she proceeds to cum again. This happens for a little bit longer and before she knows it all the men have moved away from her. She then hears Sharon having another climax.

She can't even look over, she's so tired. Soon, she's roused and told to stand up again and sees Sharon in front of her with a chalice. Kora and her brother are standing to her left. She is told to drink from the cup and she does. Sharon tells her that this will help clear her head a bit, but she doesn't tell her what it is. Sonja is then told to stand where she is as Sharon and Kora perform some more ritual activities. She hears them chanting and sees them making shapes in the air in the four directions. It makes some sense to her from having done some rituals with them recently, but she's fundamentally at a loss as to what's going on.

Next thing she knows she's led back to the platform and told to kneel. Thankfully its surface is slightly cushioned so it's not uncomfortable. She sees Sharon lubing up the phallus again with more ointment. She's surprised because her head was just starting to feel clearer. She doesn't question it much and just assumes that the woman knows what she's doing. Then she looks over to her left and sees Kora and her brother in a similar position. He's lubing his cock up with ointment and preparing her asshole.

On the right, she sees two of the guys doing the same. "Wow," she thinks to herself. "Anal incest on one side of me and gay sex on the other! Awesome!"

She realizes her pussy is dripping again. How can she still be horny after all of this? She doesn't have long to think about this as Sharon's thick phallus enters her ass. She can tell it's much bigger than the guys that have fucked her. It feels fucking amazing! She has decided that she absolutely loves having her ass stretched and pounded. Maybe it's just the drugs, but damn if it doesn't feel good as shit right now.

Soon Sharon is pounding her asshole again and she's screaming and loving it. A more overwhelming wave of the drug starts to oscillate throughout her body. She says to herself, "Jesus! How could this feel any better? Ohh.....fuckkkkkkk!" With that she came yet again.

Sharon leaned into her ear as she now slowly worked her tight anus, "'re doing so well. Are you enjoying this?"

Sonja nods and pushes back against the giant cock inside her. The sexy older woman continues, "God I love fucking you darling....and watching you get totally used was sooooo arousing. Here's something else to turn you on. Kora is being ass fucked for the first time by her brother. She's wanted him for years. And over to our right, the two guys fucking are also brothers. They've never fucked either!"

Sonja cannot believe her ears. This is the most fucked up, yet erotic scenario she's ever even heard about. How can she be a part of it? How was this arranged for her benefit? What the hell? Then she just lapses back into enjoyment. Her ass is being fucked so hard and so good. The toy is stretching her rectum tremendously and she just loves it and wants more.

She must have blacked out again because she opens her eyes and she's laying on the platform again. Sharon and Kora are performing another invocation. She sits up slightly and watches them. They look so lovely and fluid in their movements. When they finish, they come back over to her. Sharon looks her in the eye and says, "Ok baby, we're almost done. There is one more thing I want you to do before we perform the final part of the ritual."

The girl nods in agreement. They put a pillow behind her that helps her to sit up some. Kora moves in front of her and kisses up the girl's thighs. It feels simply lovely and she closes her eyes. Soon she realizes that Kora is licking her pussy. Then she feels her tongue flicking her clit. It's just amazing! Soon she feels two fingers slipping into the soaked folds of her cunt. Then there's more fingers and now she's lost count. She looks down and realizes that Kora has four fingers in her. It feels so fucking good.

She puts her head back in ecstasy and moans deeply. When she looks down again the woman's whole fist is inside her. She can't believe it! She also can't believe how good it feels. She cums again as Kora slurps her clit masterfully. When she's done bucking and spasming, she feels a hand on one breast and a mouth on the other breast's nipple. She opens her eyes and it's Sharon.

Sonja smiles at her and just enjoys the sensations as Kora continues to work her pussy and clit and Sharon kisses her way down her body. They place another pillow under her back and this lifts her ass up. She's momentarily confused, but then she feels a lubricated finger slip inside her anus. Now it makes sense. It feels really good and soon there are three inserted and they are pumping in and out. Her entire body is on fire and her pussy and ass are simply pulsing with erotic pleasure.

She's told to open her eyes and is surprised to find that Sonja's whole hand is just pushing into her asshole. She's amazed that she was able to take a woman's whole fist in her asshole. What's even more amazing is that as she pumps it in and out, she finds that it feels wonderful. The two women are now fist fucking both her holes while Kora sucks her clit. They are both playing with their own pussies as they work her over. Kora takes no time to cum. She's been wanting to see this happen for a while.

Sonja is the next to lose it and starts clenching on the both the women's hands as the orgasm rocks her body. She can't believe she's still able to cum and furthermore that they are still so powerful. Her pussy squirts a bit with this one, but the flow is obstructed by Kora's hand. She swallows all she can as it explodes in her face.

As this is happening Sharon finally starts cumming. She screams out loud as her pussy quivers. Watching Sonja get her ass and cunt fisted was a fantasy come true for her as well. After she recovers, the two women slowly withdraw their hands from the girl's well used orifices. They get up and perform the final invocation before the grand finale.

The girl watches them moving around, but is too spent to react much. Her body feels worn out, but still very sensitive and aroused. She closes her eyes for what seems like a moment, but when she opens them again all ten men are surrounding her. They are jacking their cocks and readying them for something. She realizes that Kora's pussy is right above her head. The woman is kneeling above her but facing away.

Sharon pushes a vibrating egg into each of Sonja's throbbing holes. It feels astounding even after all that's happened. A man then gets up behind Kora and fucks her pussy above the girl's face. It doesn't take long before he cums inside her. Sharon tells Sonja to take any that comes out or gets on her face into her mouth, but not to swallow it. Another guy is fucking Sharon and when he's read to cum, he moves over to deposit it in Kora's nasty cunt. No cum to speak of really gets on the girl. The guys are all being very careful to cum inside Kora. They ejaculate close her entrance when they shoot though so that it doesn't get too deep.

By the time they get to the fourth guy, some starts to drip out and Sonja licks what she can. Sharon gathers any that gets on the girl's forehead or cheek and pushes it in her mouth. Kora's brother is the last one to fuck and he actually uses his sister's asshole to get him off. Once he dumps his load into her cummy pussy, Sharon helps guide her nasty cunt over Sonja's mouth. She is told to suck all the cum out of the hot pussy above her. A lot of it just pours into her mouth, but soon she starts licking and sucking the rest out. Sharon puts her fingers in her and drags the remaining amount out.

Sonja's mouth is filled to the brim with hot, fresh spunk now. She actually is enjoying the way it tastes and can't wait to swallow it all. The vibrations in her pussy and ass are spurring her on in her depravity. Just before she is allowed to drink the kinky elixir down the other five men are told to surround her and jack off on her. Two are each side and one is now above her face. They are all close, so they begin masturbating more furiously and soon their hot cum begins spraying all over her. Sharon and Kora spread the cum all over the girl's pretty, pale body. Then she's allowed to swallow the thick load in her mouth.

As she does, she has her final orgasm from the vibrators inside her and the idea of what she's just done pushing her over the edge. That made twelve all together. She had never felt so spent or satiated. The women then perform the final invocation and they clear the ritual space.

When they help Sonja to her feet, the men are nowhere to be seen. She is dressed in her robe and the blindfold is placed back over her eyes. In a daze, she is guided back to the SUV. Soon they are driving along the highway again and she drifts off to sleep. She barely remembered being helped back inside Sharon's house and into her bed. The three women are quite spent after the evening's events and soon all are lost in slumber.

Sonja had the weirdest and most fascinating dreams influenced by the ointment. She did actually remember a part where she was flying, but she couldn't recall much else the next day. She did however remember most of the ritual. It would be something she would never forget. It was the most interesting and erotic night of her life. She still couldn't believe it had happened. It felt as if it were a dream itself. Thankfully the women had recorded the entire thing so she could watch it later. They did this not only for her enjoyment, but to help prove that nothing she wasn't aware of had occurred.

In the coming weeks and months, the power of the ritual began to manifest itself. She got a better job doing something she actually enjoyed. Her knowledge of magic and the occult grew by leaps and bounds and she found that she had a much greater aptitude for recalling the information she learned. The spells and magic she performed worked more readily and people started to just respond to her differently. They were drawn to her as she had been drawn to Sharon and Kora.

Her relationship with the two women continued and increased in intensity. She loved them like sisters and like lovers. They were both. They have since shared many other sexual adventures and wonderful times. Those will have to be told about in future stories. You would not believe what these women get up to sometimes.

Oh, and one last thing. About two months after the prosperity ritual, Sonja won the lottery. It's funny how things work out sometimes.

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