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The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 16

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"Focus Duncan!" Gary told me for what felt like the thousandth time. "Keep both eyes open, and don't fight the recoil." I tried to follow the directions he was giving me. It was no use. I pulled the trigger, feeling the heavy pistol power through my hands. I rolled my head in annoyance as I missed my target once again.

"Damn It. Gary this is useless." I said in frustration.

"At Least you didn't hit yourself in the face with the gun this time."

"Hey that only happened once." We shared a long look. "Okay twice." He nodded and laughed before taking the gun from me and reloading it. "Do we really have to do this?"

"Duncan, you're going to meet members of the Russian mafia. If it were up to me you wouldn't go at all. If you're going to go, I need to make sure you can handle yourself. To some degree." He said handing the newly loaded handgun back to me.

"I know. Just can't seem to get the hang of this."

"You can do this. I won't set up the meet with my C.I until I know you can shoot."

"Alright." I told him before taking aim again. I tried to remember all of the tips Gary had been giving me since we started these lessons. I used both of my hands to get a better grip on the weapon. I pressed the trigger, making sure to hold my stance. I watched as the bullet hit the target. Quickly followed by two others. I emptied the clip into the fake target, trying to keep my aim focused. When the gun was empty, Gary brought the target back towards us.

"Not bad. Much better. You're shooting pattern is all over the place, but you're hitting the target. I think that's enough for today." He said patting me on the back before once again taking the gun away.

"Thanks Gary. I really appreciate this." I told him as I took off the goggles and took a swig from a bottle of water.

"You're welcome. Just keep practicing."

"How are you doing on the money trace?" I asked him as we walked out of the gun range and towards our cars.

"I found quite a bit of his hidden funds. Those documents you brought in were a huge help. I knew that guy was an asshole. Didn't think he'd be crazy enough to steal from the Russians as well."

"Hopefully, once they know what he's been doing. They'll cut him loose and we won't have to worry about them anymore. Did you check out more of those names?" With all of the documents about Stamps financial indiscretions, we also found a list of names. It was populated by a few celebrities. Some in music, some in film, but with no direct connection except one.

"As we suspected they are all either clients of Stamps or they use to be. You called up a few of them already right?." Gary asked.

"Yeah, i have a couple of meetings set up for tomorrow. I'll let you know where we are then."

"You got it. See you tomorrow."

"Oh and Gary. Thank you for doing all this. I know you had your reservations. But this means a lot." I told him through the window.

"Stamp is a bad guy. It'll be much safer if we can get the Russians out of the equation."

"We will." I said before walking back to my BMW parked a little farther.


Early the next morning, I arrived at the sizeable mansion outside L.A. I parked my car by the gate and stared in awe and disbelief at the sight before me. I had seen pictures online but seeing this immense property with my own eyes was something else. I pulled up my car to the main gate and pressed the intercom button.

"Hello?"" Said a sweet voice through the speaker.

"Hello, Miss Spears. It's Duncan Bryant. We spoke on the phone." I answered, unable to hide my nerves.

"Oh yes of course. Right on time." With that the gate opened and I was able to drive my car through. I drove up to the main entrance, trying my best to keep myself from dropping my jaw at the beautiful residence. I parked my car, and out came someone even more beautiful than the mansion. Britney Spears walked towards my car in a simple blue dress that hung on her wonderful body. I gulped as I opened my door and joined her.

"Hello Miss Spears. How are you?" I asked shaking her hand. Her megaton smile made it's appearance.

"I'm fine thanks. I'm sorry for having to make you come over so early. I am flying back to Vegas this afternoon." I saw her eyeing me and for a fleeting second thought that the pop princess was checking me out.

"Oh no trouble at all. I'm glad you agreed to see me." I told her as we entered her wonderful home. "I really love your house. It's incredible." I told her as she led me into the living room. I couldn't help but marvel at her great legs.

"Thank you. We just moved in a few weeks ago. The boys love it here." She said as she sat on the couch in the living room.

"I would imagine. I would have loved growing up in a place like this." I replied sitting down in a chair across from her.

"Congratulations on your Emmy. I'm a big fan of yours." She told me.

"Oh thank you very much. That means quite a bit. I'm a big fan of yours as well."

"Really? You don't seem to be the type of guy who listens to my music." She questioned.

"Oh since I was a kid. I know most of your songs by heart to this day. I obviously don't sing them as well. But I feel i hold my own in the shower." I joked. She laughed tossing her hair back.

"That's a show i'd like to catch." She said flirtatiously. Compounding the look that she had given me outside.

"Well let me know the next time you're in town. We will work something out." We both laughed. "How are you enjoying performing in Vegas?" I continued.

"I love it. It's so great being back on stage. I just miss my boys while I'm away."

"I can imagine. They seem like good kids."

"Yeah they are. It's just hard for them sometimes. You know they hear all of the things people say about me. Kids make fun of them. Especially about some of the things I did during my crazy phase."

"And soon they'll be teased about having the hottest mother on the block."

"Thanks. That's sweet of you. I don't get nearly as many compliments as I used to."

"That's crazy. You're gorgeous." I said honestly. She smiled and I could have sworn that she had blushed a little.

"Thank you. It's nice to hear that." She told me looking away.

"You must hear it all the time."

"Yeah, but with people you never know if they actually mean it." She looked at me again. "With you I can tell it's genuine."

"Must be hard. Never knowing if people are being real, or just pretending in order to get something." I continued.

"It is. It can get very lonely at times. Never knowing who to trust. Expecting everyone to stab you in the back. Even people you thought you knew, and trusted. They change too."

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. It's just this damn business. It changes everyone."

"I haven't been here very long. But i've seen the effects it can have. It shouldn't have to be this way." She smiled sweetly at me, clearly relieved to see me agreeing with her.

"Would you like some coffee?" She offered standing up.

"I would love some." I told her as I watched her walk towards the kitchen. I couldn't help but look at her ass, and how well it was defined within the confines of her dress. She looked back and totally caught me staring. She returned with a smirk on her face, holding two cups of coffee. She handed me mine as she sat down next to me.

"I saw that you know."

"Saw what?" I asked acting innocently and drinking the delicious coffee.

"You were checking me out."

"Of course I was. I've had a crush on you since I was a kid. I was nervous as hell pulling into the driveway." I told her. It was my turn to blush.

"That's sweet. I'm glad I still have that effect. You kind of have it on me too." I couldn't help but smile. "Why did you want to see me Duncan?"

"Ms Spears."

"You can call me Britney." She said cutting me off.

"Okay. Britney." I began again. "I'm actually here to talk about your representation." The moment the word came out of my mouth, there was a quick change in her demeanor.

"You're not an agent? Why do you want to talk about that?" She asked clearly puzzled.

"I'm not. I wanted to talk about your old manager. Derek Stamp." The moment she heard the name, I could sense the change in her immediately. She balled up her fists, and bit her lower lip. Almost as though she was trying to hold back a scream.

"What about him?"

"I learned that things ended badly between the two of you."

"Badly? That piece of shit nearly ruined my life." She said with more vitriol that I had expected from the pop princess.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Stamp was my manager. He "discovered" me when I was young. All was fine for awhile. My records were selling, I was doing what I loved and I had found someone who loved me."

"Justin." I said. Watching her as she nodded. Tears began to fill her eyes as she looked away from me.

"Yes. Justin. We loved each other. Ever since we were kids. We were finally together and so happy. Until Derek signed Justin. He felt that Justin had more talent, and could eventually end up becoming a much bigger star than me." I listened without saying a word. I could see the toll that remembering all of this was causing. "He hung me out to dry. He started horrible rumors about me cheating on Justin. And he believed them. Along with the entire world. Justin skyrocketed and I was such a mess from losing him, I made stupid decision after stupid decision."

"I'm sorry. I never meant to make you relive all of that." I finally said.

"You...You... believe me?" She asked. In that moment she looked like the fragile little girl that had broken through almost 20 years ago.

"Of course I do. I've met others. Other people that he's hurt and sacrificed in order to get what he wanted."

"No one has ever believed me. They just thought I was lying. Because I had messed up and let go of Justin. But I didn't. I would never. I loved Justin. I...I... Still do."

"I'm so sorry Britney." I said finally moving by her side and trying to comfort her. She wrapped her arms around me and held me so tightly I was worried she would stop my blood flow.

"Why? Why did you come here to bring this up?" She pleaded.

"I'm trying to bring him down. Make him pay for all of the things he's done. When I found out about your falling out, I was hoping you would have some information to help me."

"Oh. It's about time someone did. He's an awful man." She said resting her head against my chest. I couldn't help but take in the smell of her hair. "He took away my chance at being with the man I loved. I'll never forgive him. Why do you want to bring him down so bad?" She asked me, looking at me with her soft eyes.

"I just think it's time for things to change. And as long as he's around, that can't happen."

"You're trying to do good? That's... well that's refreshing." She said smiling a little.

"Well i'm glad I have at least that going." I threw back laughing.

"Amongst other things." She flirted with me once again.

"Really like what?" I asked totally getting into it.

"Well you're an awesome writer for one. Your show is spectacular."

With that we began a long conversation about both of our careers. She asked a lot of questions about the show, and I asked her about her shows in Vegas.

Our eyes met, and I couldn't help but feel the flutter in my stomach. I watched her as she closed her eyes and leaned into me. I smiled to myself before doing the same. Our lips came together and I felt the electricity right away.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her deeply into the kiss. We both moaned as our tongues met. I couldn't help but both be marveled and excited at the technique of Britney's kisses. Her mouth and lips were so soft and she knew just how to use them to elicit so much pleasure. I took my time kissing her. Enjoying the feel and taste of her tongue against mine. I pushed Britney down onto her back and laid atop of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. We never once broke away from the kisses. They were just too good. She was just so good.

She pushed me off of her. Trying hard to catch her breath. She stood from the couch and reached her hand out to me. She smiled as I grabbed her hand and allowed her to lead me upstairs to her bedroom. We quickly found our way to her bed. I was again on top of her, our tongues continuing to get better acquainted. I couldn't believe it! I was making out with Britney Spears. I felt my hard on gaining strength, almost as though it had just taken an energy drink. Britney spun us around, until she was laying atop of me. Her tongue doing marvelous things to me, as her hips began to grind against my hard cock. I moved my hands and grabbed her ass. She groaned into my mouth in pleasure and surprise. I lifted up her dress and touched the bare flesh of her asscheeks. They were warm and full. Her skin was so soft that I felt I was touching clouds.

Britney pulled away from me, pulling her dress over her head. I stared lustfully at the perfect tits that were mere inches from my face. She was wearing a blue thong that matched the color of her dress. The wet spot on the front was unmistakable. She quickly kicked them off, and Britney Spears was naked in front of me. A sight that I had imagined many times. I felt that I could cum just from the sight of her.

The former pop princess quickly jumped atop my body and began removing my clothes. I helped as best as I could, far too distracted with the view of her body in front of me. She pulled my pants down with an enthusiasm that took me by surprise. I couldn't deny that I loved every moment of it. My boxers quickly followed. Britney just kneeled at the edge of the bed, staring at my hard cock. I felt my heart pounding in my chest, waiting with bated breath for her to make the next move. It didn't take very long before she wrapped her warm and soft hand around my shaft and began pumping me. I groaned as I watched her. A smile had come across her face. She enjoyed being able to drive me so crazy with so much ease.

"You have a great dick." She barely whispered with her mouth inches from my cockhead. "I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks." These were the last words that made any sense before she engulfed my dick with her lips. I groaned in excitement as she moaned deeply with my cock in her mouth. As though it was the greatest thing she had ever tasted. Britney's tongue was moving all over my cock and I could do nothing but take it. She fiercely bobbed her head up and down the length of my cock, as her tongue swirled all around my cock head and shaft. She held my cock, and used her tongue to push against the hole within the head. I rolled my head back, at the mercy of the talented singer. Whose mouth could do more than just sing.

Britney dropped her head and began licking and sucking on my balls. She was switching between them. At one point she had both of them in her mouth at the same time. All the while her hand was busy continuing to do it's best to pump the cum from me. All of these intense sensations all stopped at the same time as Britney stood away from my cock. She began kissing me again as she removed my shirt. We were both finally naked.

The blonde pushed me down on my back and aimed her pretty pussy right above my face. I moaned before she slowly lowered herself onto my tongue. The moment I had my first taste of her juices, I was hooked. It was my turn to groan with pleasure as I pleasured her with my mouth. I drove my tongue as deeply into her cunt as I could

"OH GOD!" She screamed as her juices continued to fall into my mouth. "That's so damn good." I opened my eyes and through her thighs, I was able to see the beautiful MILF. Her eyes were closed, her mouth opened in a silent moan as I sucked her cunt. I raised my hands up and began playing with her sexy tits. I palmed her wonderful chest while playing with her hard nipples. "Mhmmm" she moaned as she grinded her hips harder against my mouth. This caused me to speed up my tongue in and out of her. I then decided to wrap my lips around her clit.

"AHHHH!! FUCK!!" She screamed as she felt me add pressure to her sensitive clit. I sucked it into my mouth as the tip of my tongue spun around it. "Oh shit! shit! I'm cumming!" She screamed as I felt her entire body detonate in orgasm. I was surprise as her juices squirted out of her cunt, practically soaking me. I was amazed at the amount of cum her cunt was producing, and it just would not stop. Britney finally collapsed next to me on the bed. Moments before I was sure I would drown from her juices.

"I'm sorry. I should have warned you." She said. "That happens sometimes."

"It's fine." I told her kissing her forcing her to taste herself. "I actually love the way you taste. That was just what I needed." I told her before kissing her once more. I lay atop of her, fitting myself in between her legs. Our lips met once more as my dick was preparing to pierce her. I nudged my cock harder against her opening, pleased to see me pushing in with such ease. The warmth of her pussy quickly engulfed me.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned against Britney's mouth.

"Fuck me!" Britney pleaded against mine. I wrapped my arms around her tight body and began to slowly drive my cock deeper and deeper into her. Her arms and legs wrapped themselves around my body and we quickly found a rhythm. Once again I had to take a moment to realize the absurdity of it all. Here I was fucking Britney Spears. I looked at her beautiful face which just seemed even more beautiful within the throes of passion. I loved the way she bit her lip whenever I would push into her. She looked sexy as hell.

I kneeled on the bed, and hooked both of her legs around my arms. In this position, I was able to drive my dick harder and faster into the blonde bombshell. I watched with lustful eyes as her perfect breast continued to jiggle as I fucked her mercilessly. I eventually had to close my eyes shut as the pleasure overcame my sense. I pushed Britney's legs closer to her head, almost bending her in half. Her incredibly flexible dancer's body made it so that it was no trouble whatsoever. I continued drilling her causing both of us immense pleasure.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" She screamed out loud as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she came hard once again. Her juices squirting out once more. I quickly pulled myself out of her and dropped my head to lick and suck on her cunt. "Mhmmm, you really do love the way i taste." Britney groaned as she felt my tongue make it's way through her cunt. I simply nodded and moaned as i continued to suck up all of the juices that I could.

When I was satisfied, I spun her around so that her ass was pointing in my direction. I quickly returned my cock inside of her, both of us groaning. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. My dick making its way easily in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Britney dropped her head onto the bed lifting her ass to give me even better access to her depths. I could feel the heat radiating off of her skin as her tight pussy continued to push me closer and closer towards an impending orgasm.

"Britney, shit! I'm so close!" I let her know.

"Me too! Keep fucking me! Cum in my pussy! Keep fucking me! AHHHH!" She screamed as my dick continued to bury itself deeper into her. I pounded her pussy with all I was worth. Determined to make her cum once more. I watched her perfect form move gracefully and powerfully as she would rock her body back onto my pounding cock.

"Shit! Britney!" I groaned as I did my best to hold back my impending orgasm. I watched as she moved her hand beneath her and began playing with her clit. It was just what she needed and it set her off. I marveled for a brief second at her body while she came. Every part of her tightened and once again a huge flow of cum exited the blonde beauty. Finally so relieved to see her letting go, I quickly followed suit. I grabbed a firm hold of her hips as I felt the cum explode out of my cock and fill her gushing pussy. "Oh GOD!" I groaned as i emptied my balls into the pop princess.
I lay down on the bed, happy to see Britney cuddling up against my chest. Our lips met once more. I couldn't get over how great of a kisser she was.

"That was...oh god...that was amazing." Britney told me between kisses.

"That really was! You're even more incredible than I ever imagined." I told her honestly. She smiled and kissed me once more before noticing the time on the clock.

"I gotta rush out I'm so sorry. I do have time to share a quick shower. If you're interested?" I agreed and quickly followed her into the bathroom. She turned on the hot water and we enjoyed the little time we had kissing and washing each other. Once we were dressed we made our way to her front door. She held me and brought me in for another kiss.

"I don't know how much I can actually do, but I would love to help you bring Derek down."

"Thank you. I'm glad to hear that." I handed her my card. "Give me a call, if you can come up with anything that can help."

"What if I just want some more of you?" She asked sexily.

"Well then by all means. Please do." We kissed again.

"I'm glad you're going after him. " She told me before jumping in her car. I walked over to mine and got behind the wheel. I couldn't help but smile at how well this meeting went. I could only hope the next one went as smoothly.

As I drove away from Britney's mansion, I put a call into Gary.

"Hey Gary. I just met with Britney Spears."

"How did it go?"

"She told me what about between her and Derek. It feels like the same story. Sacrificing one person for another. It's gotta end."

"Well I got in touch with my C.I. He'll meet with you tonight and accompany you to meet one of the mid level bosses."

"Great. Thank you Gary."

"Don't thank me Duncan. This is a crazy idea."

"I know. I just have to give it a shot." I told him.

"I know. Good luck with the next meeting. I'll call you later with all of the details for tonight."

"Bye Gary." I got on the highway and headed downtown for my next meeting.


I arrived on the lot, and easily found parking. I was directed to wait in a trailer not far from the set. I stepped inside and was instantly greeted by the sweet scent. I sat on the couch and waited patiently. I looked around, trying to take in as much as possible, without actually peeking. It wasn't long before the door opened and in walked the trailer's owner.

"Hey. Sorry to have kept you waiting." She said in that incredible voice of hers.

"No trouble. I wasn't waiting very long." I said as I stood and shook her hand. Scarlett Johansson was one of the most gorgeous women in the world. Seeing her in person only compounded that. As we shook hands, I couldn't help but take a long look at her perfectly chiseled features. Especially those lovely full lips of hers.

"Good. I'm pleased to meet you. I've heard a lot of good things about you."


"Well of course. Why else would I have taken this meeting. You wouldn't even tell me what it was about. But I asked around and everyone you meet seems to think very highly of you."

"I'm glad to hear that. I'm sorry about all the secrecy."

"Don't be sorry. I just hope you have a good reason for it." She said as she sat across from me and crossed her legs. I followed suit and sat down, taking a close look at the floral skirt she was wearing. I tried not to stare at her white blouse, which was doing all it could to keep her massive chest contained.

"Well, thank you for seeing me. I actually came to talk to you about Derek Stamp." I waited to see a reaction from her, but the blonde woman stayed cool.

"He's my manager. What about him?"

"It's come to my attention that you two aren't getting along very well."

"Really?" She asked with a little smirk. "How did you hear about that?"

"It's Hollywood. It's a small town. Things get around."

"Not this particular thing. I've done my damndest to keep it under wraps."

"Just lucky, I suppose." I told her. She laughed.

"Very lucky indeed. Okay Stamp and I are not seeing eye to eye right now."

"May I ask why?"

"May I ask why you want to know first?" She asked looking me dead in the eyes. She had a way of disarming me and keeping me off my game.

"The honest truth is that, Derek has caused a lot of pain. To me and quite a few people whose path i've crossed."

"And you want to take him down." She said leaning towards me. "That's it? Am I right?"

"Yes. You're right. I'm tired of him and the way he conducts himself. It needs to stop."

"Believe it or not, Duncan, I totally agree with you. You're not the first one to have tried to bring him down. He's had plenty of other agents, managers even some studio heads who have gone after him, and they all failed. Why would you be any different?" Her eyes never strayed from mine. She was watching me, studying me. Almost as though she was wondering if I was up to the task I had undertaken.

"I know his secrets."

"If you do. Why are you coming here to speak to me? What can I help you with?" She asked perplexed.

"I'm trying to get as much information as I can."

"And how do I know you're not just looking for gossip? Something that you can sell to TMZ for some quick cash."

"I thought you had done a thorough background check." She smiled once again, clearly enjoying the back and forth as much as I was.

"I have! But you just never know these days. People are always out to get you."

"I can promise you, that the only person i have the intention of getting is Derek."

"Okay." She said, sitting back into her chair and folding her arms across her chest. "A few months ago, Derek held a party at his house. His annual bash where he tries to impress new clients."

"I remember, I was at that party."

"Oh did you have a good time?"

"The chicken was a little dry."

"I love dry chicken and sycophantic suck ups." She joked.

"Well then you missed quite an evening."

"Derek wasn't happy that I had missed it. His assistant called a few times and I tried to explain to her that our daughter was sick. Derek called and as is Derek's way when things do not go how he would like them to, he was incredibly rude. I've been dealing with him for years, so i just brushed him off. Romain couldn't. He grabbed the phone from me and told Derek off. I didn't think much of it, until a few weeks later, Romain was on his way home, he stopped at a red light and two thugs jumped his car. They forced him to get out and beat him. Derek called me that same night telling me that he hoped he had "taught the frog eater a lesson." Romain was really shaken by everything. He took Rose back to France."

"He actually sent people to attack your husband? Just because he was rude over the phone?" I asked incredulously.

"This is the kind of man you're dealing with Duncan. He's vicious and merciless."

"Why do you continue to let him represent you after that?"

"There's no real alternative Duncan. I hate what he did. But if I left him, i'd be done in this town. That's what many of us have to deal with. Romain thankfully understood. He just needed some space."

"When will you be seeing your family again?" I asked.

"Hopefully soon. I have a few commitments I can't get away from. Hopefully, i'll find sometime to visit."

"How's Romain?"

"He's doing better. But won't be coming back anytime soon."

"I understand. Thank you so much. I think i've taken up enough of your time." I said standing up.

"Wait?" She said standing up as well and standing between me and the door. "Did any of what I tell you help you at all?"

"It did."

"Is there anymore that I can do?" She asked placing her soft hand on my arm.

"Nothing for now." I handed her my card. "But if there's anything else you can tell me, please give me a call."

"Well since i've helped you, maybe you can help me." She said slowly licking her lips.

"How so?" I asked feeling my body react to this beautiful woman standing in front of me.

"Well I've told you that I did some research on you before taking this meeting." I nodded. "And I heard some very interesting things about you." She said taking a step closer to me. Her intoxicating perfume quickly taking hold of me.

"What things?" I asked, praying that this was headed where I was hoping.

"Well." She said bringing her sexy lips ever so close to mine. Leaving but a few inches between us. This up close, I could really see just how incredibly perfect she was. "I heard that you were quite proficient with the use of your tongue." I gulped as I felt my dick quickly harden. Scarlett moved in closer, I could practically feel her lips brushing against mine. I stood still, almost as though I was afraid that I would kill the moment by saying something stupid. But I had to ask.

"What about Romain?"

"Well!" She said hooking one of her arms around my neck, her hand playing softly with the hairs on my neck, making me gasp and yearn even more for her. "He and I spend a lot of time apart. So we have an arrangement."

"What kind of arrangement?" I asked, barely able to breathe at this point. Scarlett's hand was now slowly running up my thigh, getting ever so closer to my cock.

"Well I can't let you fuck me. Even though I would love to." She said, a smile on her lips. "But we can do a few other things. All I've had is my trusty vibrator. I need more. I need your tongue." With that she kissed me. Her lips were so full and so soft, I groaned instantly. I wrapped my arms around her slim waist, pulling her amazing figure against my body. Scarlett grabbed my dick through my pants, stroking it lightly. He tongue swirled around my mouth, making it hard for me to even think.

I didn't need to think for my hands to grab her incredible ass. They reached it without needing any encouragement from myself. Her ass had always looked incredible, and it felt even better. I spun her around, laying atop of her on the couch where she had just been sitting. My mouth never left hers. My hands were busy roaming around her plentiful curves. I was glad to find that hers had not been idle. She had run her hands underneath my shirt, touching me lightly with her nails.

I pulled her skirt down, making sure to take away her panties while I was at it. I kneeled between her thighs, bringing my face inches from her shaved cunt. I took a beat to admire the beautiful sight before me.

"Don't tease me! Don't fucken ...OOOHHH! YES!" Before she had finished her sentence my tongue had already made it's way from the bottom of her sweet pussy to the top. She tasted almost magical. So sweet and fruity, just like her mouth had. I continued to run my tongue up and down the length of her pussy. I couldn't understand why, but each drop of her I swallowed only seemed to make me hornier and hornier. It was almost as though her juices were an aphrodisiac. A nectar meant to be savored. And savored them I did.

I watched Scarlett from between the heat of her thighs. She looked so unbelievably sexy. Her mouth was open as she moaned, her hands were playing with her huge tits through the blouse she had yet to remove. It wouldn't be on for very long. Scarlett tore it over her head and quickly tossed it aside. Her black bra quickly followed and her perfect breast were now free. She quickly began pinching and playing with her nipples, causing her to moan even louder.

I wrapped my lips around her clit and began sucking on it with gusto. Scarlett wasn't kidding, she clearly hadn't been touched by a hand other than her own for sometime. It only took a few well placed sucks and licks to set her off on an orgasm that rocked the entire trailer. "Ahhh fuck! FUCK!! FUCK!" She screamed as her hips pumped against my tongue. The blonde's was practically pulling on her tits as my tongue continued to create waves through her body.

I never stopped tasting her. Even after her orgasm had subsided, I wanted to bring more pleasure to the beautiful actress. I knew I couldn't fuck her, but it didn't stop me from wanting to be lost in the unquestionable beauty of her body. I pushed my index finger in between her lips. I felt it sinking deeply into her. I could also feel a pang of jealousy coming from my cock. Knowing my finger was entering where it couldn't. I fucked her with my finger, slowly at first. Enjoying the feel of her tight walls grasping at the digit almost for dear life. I returned my tongue to her clit.

"OHHHH SHIT!!" Scarlett screamed from the sensations I was causing through her body. I ran my remaining free hand up her torso until i finally reached the weight of one of her heavy breasts. They were perfect in their shape and softness and even more in their fullness. Feeling more of her body I wanted to continuing pleasing her. I pushed a second finger into her folds and began fucking her for all I was worth. "YES! OH GOD YES!" Scarlett moaned to the roof as she was hit by another tremendous orgasm. More and more juices continued to leak from her. I did my best to suck them all up, they were too delicious to waste.

"Wait!" Scarlett said, pushing my face away from her delectable juices. I feigned a pout, like a child who just had his favorite toy taken from him. Scarlett laughed, a great laugh, when she noticed the look. "Don't worry, we're not done yet." She promised me as she kissed me. Tasting herself on my mouth. She gently pushed me until she was laying atop of me. Her heaving bosom against my chest making me dizzy with desire. Scarlett kissed my neck as her hands deftly unburdened me of my pants and boxer shorts. I felt her warm hand wrapped around my cock and I could do nothing but moan. "Your cock is even better than I heard."

"I'm glad I could live up to my reputation." I replied playfully.

"Your tongue surpassed it by the way. I may have to make this more than just a one time thing." She said as she sexily kissed her way down my torso, getting closer and closer to my hard cock. I groaned and wrapped my hand through her hair as her lips wrapped themselves around my hard tool. I couldn't look away. I continued to look at the beautiful woman whose perfect lips were currently wrapped around my cock. Scarlett was so patient. Effortlessly taking my cock deeper and deeper into her hot mouth as her tongue whirled and twirled around my shaft. Her eyes were locked onto mine, making me feel as though I were the most important person in the world. I don't know what it was about her that made me feel so wanted almost needed. Her lips were wrapped so tightly around me, i could see her cheeks sink into her face as she sucked harder and harder. Her tongue was rolling around my cockhead sending pleasure through my body.

I wanted to cum so badly, but also wanted this to last longer. I reached for Scarlett's hips and spun her around so we were in a 69 position. I prayed that keeping myself occupied with her sweet tasting juices, would keep my orgasm at bay a little longer. Scarlett was such a skilled cocksucker however that it didn't matter what I was doing. Her mouth and tongue, as well as the gentle massaging of my balls, were all pushing me closer and closer to an orgasm that would more than likely leave me weak in the knees for days to come.

Luckily, feeling my mouth against her clit again, distracted Scarlett. When I began mercilessly sucking on her clit, while my hands were busy playing with her tits, Scarlett let my dick slide from her mouth, giving me a much needed reprieve. The Black Widow sat on my face now, practically fucking it. Her hips were pushing hard against my tongue making it almost impossible for me to breathe. I couldn't care less, as my tongue continued to make it's way through the folds of her incredible pussy. I sped up my tongue and it only took a few more careful presses before Scarlett's entire body went rigid. The next second, it seemed that every nerve on her perfect form exploded with the feel of an incredible orgasm that rocked her to her core. Scarlett continued to ride my face as her orgasm ran its course. She moved away, taking deep breaths. I took a long lingering look at her and couldn't believe how sexy she looked. It was not possible for someone to be this sexy.

"I know what you were doing." She said with a large smile on her face.

"What is that?" I answered coily.

"You were close to cumming weren't you? But didn't want this to end?" I raised my hands in a gesture signaling that I was giving up.

"You got me." I answered as I watched her lower her mouth to my cock once again.

"Don't worry. Just enjoy it. This may not be your only chance to fuck my mouth." She told me before opening her mouth wide and devouring the entire length of my cock.

"OHHHHH FUCk!" I screamed as I was once again acquainted with her powerful suction and acrobatic tongue. Within seconds I was once again on the verge of orgasm. Scarlett pulled my cock out of her mouth. I almost groaned in frustration before seeing what she was up to. She placed my cock around her huge tits, and within moments was using them to fuck me. I was tit fucking Scarlett Johansson. I lost all control and began pumping my hips. Scarlett continued to lick the tip of my dick whenever it presented itself to her lovely mouth. "AHHHHHH,FUCK!!" I groaned as I felt my dick exploded onto the chest of one of the most beautiful women in the world. My dick wouldn't stop firing as I watched in incredible lust as my cum continued to cover her chest. Some of it had even reached her chin and lips. I marveled as i noticed Scarlett licking my cum as though it was the most delicious thing in the world. Scarlett scooped up all the cum on her chest and quickly drink it all up.

"Oh wow, you taste so good. I'm definitely going to have to have some more of this." She said as we had begun cleaning up.

"Well that shouldn't be much of a problem." I told her as i finished putting my clothes on. "Thank you again for all your help Scarlett."

"You're welcome. And if there's anything more that I can do please let me know. That son of a bitch has been bugging me for far too long. You may be our best chance."

"No pressure." I joked.

"Just do what you can. And remember, be careful." She said before kissing my cheek. I left her trailer feeling both awesome and also filled with dread. Stamp had beaten up her husband for almost nothing. what would he do to me once he found out what I planned to do to him? I couldn't think of that now, I told myself as i sat in my car. Too many people were counting on me.


That night I drove to Downtown L.A to meet with Gary's C.I. The gun he had lent me was nestled close enough to me that I could reach it easily. His name was Alexei. He used to push drugs for an outfit of the mob. He dealt to a very high clientele. Celebrities and studio executives. Gary had nailed him when he was working on the force, but chose not to turn him in. He believed that Alexei could be useful at some point. Gary seemed to have a good sense of these things.

I parked the car in the lot where we had agreed to. I waited. Not for too long before a skinny, almost stringy man knocked on my passenger window. I unlocked the door and allowed him in. He sat next to me and I was shocked at how much the man looked like a malnourished rat. He had a patchy beard and his teeth were incredibly yellow.

"You are Duncan?" He said, his voice much lighter in tone than I had expected.

"Yes. You must be Alexei." He nodded.

"You have something for me?" He asked holding his hand out towards me. I handed him the enveloped that contained the payment Gary had promised him for brokering this deal. He quickly counted the cash and put the envelope in his pocket. "You are sure you want to do this? These men, very dangerous."
"I'm sure." I told him, determined yet still feeling my stomach going into knots.

"Your choice. Let's go. I will lead the way." I drove out of the parking lot and joined the busy L.A traffic, following Alexei's directions whilst also thinking I would have to get my car cleaned to get the stench out.

"How long have you been working with them?" I asked him.

"Since I was a young boy. They get you when you are small. Make you loyal. Make you family."

"Who will I be meeting?"

"His name is Vasily. Very good, fair man. But he has...he has.. how do you say...temper! Don't make Vasily angry. Never angry!"

"I'll keep that in mind." I said as we pulled into a small club. We parked the car and walked to the door. Alexei was walking ahead of me, leading the way. We passed many young beautiful women to the door. From their clothes and their posture I could easily tell they were prostitutes. Alexei was speaking in Russian to the doorman who took a long look at me. He came over and patted me down. He pulled out the gun that I had tucked into the waistband of my pants before exiting the car. He looked at me very menacingly. I did my best to remain calm and not give any hints of my nervousness away. He nodded his head towards the door, letting me know I was good to go while keeping my gun.

The club was full and incredibly loud. It was difficult to maneuver and get around without running into someone. I tried my best to stick close to Alexei as he continued to say hello to acquaintances. Along the way I bumped into a woman and she fell to the floor. I reached my hand out to help her up, and instantly lost my breath when our eyes met. She was beautiful. Her short dark hair framed her face beautifully. Her lips so full were just begging to be kissed. Her hazel eyes bore right through me, touching me deeper than any I could remember. I took a beat and paid closer attention to the outfit she was wearing. The orange halter top and a bronze silk mini skirt. Her legs were divine and incredibly toned. Her breast, looked to be a perfect handful. I helped her up and she was eyeing me as well. She smiled a smile that could change the life of a man. Making him forget who he was and all of his fears.

Alexei pulled me away. I allowed him to guide my body but my eyes never left those of the gorgeous beauty before me.

"Stay away from the women here. They belong to Vasily. Temper. Remember?" He told me in a hurried tone. I nodded but continued to try to find the dark haired beauty in the crowd. We finally reached a door all the way in the back that was being guarded by two very big men. I was once again padded down before being allowed in.

The room was nothing more than a mob movie cliche. A few men in various parts of the room with beautiful women all around. Alexei led me all the way to the back where a man was sitting with two beautiful women on each side of him. He saw us approaching and quickly signaled for the ladies to leave.

"Vasily, this is Duncan Bryant." Alexei introduced me to his boss. He had seemed so comfortable outside in the club with the other patrons. With this man, his demeanor changed. It was easy to tell that he was afraid of him. "He comes to bring you information."

"Well I hope whatever he has, it was worth taking up my time." He said surprising me with an american accent. He must have noticed the surprise on my face. "I'm second generation. My dad came to America. I was born here." It explained why someone as young as he was already in such a high position of power within the organisation. He was a legacy. He barely looked to be older than I. "Leave us Alexei." Alexei nodded and quickly scrambled away. "Have a seat Mr Bryant. How can I help you?"

"Actually I thought that maybe we could help each other." I told him as I sat down.

"Really? What do you have for me?"

"I know that you've been working with Derek Stamp."

"Yes, he launders money for us." Vasily said without batting an eye.

"Do you know that he's been stealing from you for years?" That got a reaction. His dark eyes seemed to only get darker.

"How do you know this?" He asked leaning closer towards me. I saw the tamper Alexei was talking about. There was an anger and violence emanating from this man that could not be ignored.

"I've been investigating him for some time now." I told him removing the pages I had brought from my jacket and handing them over to him. "He has accounts set up where he dumps all the money that he steals from you." He quickly looked through the papers. He was a smart man. I could tell the moment when he realized my claims were true. It didn't take long.

"Why come to me with this? Why not go to the police?"

"I figured if I did, you and yours would try to kill him."

"Of course. You don't want this man dead?"

"No, I need him alive."

"What is it that you want from me?" He asked handing the papers over to one of his associates.

"I want you to cut him loose. Let him know that he is no longer under your protection."

"And then?"

"And then you leave him to me."

"You want to kill him yourself? Is that it?" He asked with a smirk.

"No. Something that he will consider much worse than death."

"Okay. Say that we choose not to kill him. What if he speaks to the police about our activities?"

"Well you can always get to him, i'm sure. And you seem to come off as an incredibly intelligent man. I doubt that Stamp knows very much about your business and it's workings." I doubted that last part very much. Stamp was very meticulous and probably knew quite a bit. For my plan to work, I needed Vasily to believe otherwise.

"Even if that were the case. We couldn't let him get away with stealing from us. We would appear weak."

"What if I promised you to return every penny that he had stolen from you? Would that balance things out with your superiors?" I looked at him as he gave this some thought. He leaned back into his chair studying me.

"What is your quarrel with Derek? Is it business or is it personal?"

"Why does it matter?"

"Personal always messier. Emotions get in the way. It can lead a man to do things outside of himself."

"Well in this case it's both. Stamp has to go. That cannot happen until he no longer has your protection."

"Okay Mr Bryant, give me a day to talk with my people and we will get back to you."

"Thank you." I said as I rose to finally leave.

"You better be able to keep your promise about the money. Or else once we kill Derek, we will come after you."

"You'll get your money." I said as I turned to leave the room that began to smell of cold testosterone.

"Get me Liana." I heard Vasily yell behind me. As I was walking towards the door, the incredible brunette I had noticed earlier walked in. I couldn't help but stare at her incredible figure as she moved towards Vasily. "I need your mouth now!" I heard him order her over the sound of his zipper being pulled down. I looked back as she crawled under the table and without question took his limp cock between her sensual lips. I was quickly pulled out of the room where Alexei was waiting for me by the door.

"You gave him bad news? That's why he called for Liana. She always makes him forget bad news."

"I'm sure." I said feeling guilty but not really sure why. I allowed Alexei to lead me out of the club and towards my car. I said my goodbyes to him before entering my BMW and driving home. When I reached my apartment, I quickly showered and went to bed. Laying there I couldn't help but think about that girl. Liana. I couldn't understand what it was about her that had gripped me so powerfully.

She was beautiful. But there was something else. Something in her eyes that I had seen that had made me incapable of not wanting to see her again. I couldn't help the pang of jealousy I felt when I thought about seeing her drop to her knees to suck Vasily's cock. I tried to shut these thoughts out of my mind. I had another long day ahead of me tomorrow. I needed all the rest I could get.


The following morning I drove to a very high class gym. It was a very private and pricey one, reserved for the Hollywood elite and those lucky enough to be near them. I parked my car across the street from the main entrance and waited patiently. At around 11 o'clock, Kara Banks walked into the building. Gary had taken some time to follow her and get her routine down. I remembered talking to her the night of Derek's party. I knew that she was tired of his way of doing things as well. I waited patiently while she went through her usual routine. A little over an hour later she made her way towards the parking structure where her car was parked.

I left my vehicle and followed her. She took the stairs up to the third floor and unlocked her car.

"Kara." I finally choose to call out to her, thinking we would be safe from many prying eyes. She turned around and looked both surprised and pleased to see me.

"Duncan, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk to you." I told her as I approached her.

"About what? If you're trying to ask me out, you could have picked a less creepy place than a parking garage." I laughed. Taking the time to take a good glance at her, I couldn't help but appreciate how attractive she was. She wore a pair of tight yoga pants that made her ass look incredible. I almost forgot what I was there for while staring at her tight athletic figure.

"No, i'm not here about that today." I answered. "I'm here for business not pleasure i'm afraid." She cocked her head to the side. Trying to see me from a different angle, hoping i would look less crazy.

"What business do you need to talk to me about in a deserted parking garage Duncan?"

"The kind that I don't want to be overheard." I tossed back looking around me to make sure we were actually alone. I watched Kara as she crossed her arms, covering her impressive chest barely hidden by her black tank top.

"What's going on Duncan?"

"Your boss. I'm coming after him. I want your help." I finally told her.

"What?" She asked looking surprised. She ran a hand through her hair, and took a step away from me. Almost as though she were afraid to catch my insanity.

"Your boss is a sick, twisted bastard and he's gotten away with too much for too long. It ends now. But I need your help to do it." I told her keeping my voice even and controlled.

"Duncan, you're crazy. You can't do this. You don't know him. He's dangerous. He has people that can hurt you. Stop this." She told me clearly freaked out.

"I know. I 'm working on that. But I still need you." I told her getting closer to her. She took another step, she was now against her car with a hand on her chest, trying to catch her breath.

"Duncan! I can't. This is insane. He's my boss. He's the most powerful man in this town. If I help you! If you fail! If he finds out... oh god! please! Just leave me out of this."

"Remember the night of the party?" I asked her. She nodded while she pinched her lips together. "You told me that you had always wanted to be a part of this business, ever since you were a kid. This is not what you wanted and we both know that."

"It's not, but I don't have a choice for now. I'm paying my dues."

"You think things will just change by themselves?" I asked her, watching as she calmed down and regained her composure. The girl looking back at me now seemed very different from the one that stood before me less than a minute ago.

"No. I don't. I'm just not ready to try to get in the way of the man who practically owns this town. Duncan." She said my name, getting closer to me and grabbing my arm. "Let this go. For your own sake, just let it be."

"I can't Kara. If you don't want to help, I understand. But this is something I have to do." She stepped back from me and unlocked the door to her car.

"I won't tell him about this. Just be careful Duncan."

"You too Kara." I said as i watched her drive away. I walked back to my car disappointed but not totally surprised by the reaction from Kara. She was way closer to Stamp than some of the others I had spoken to. She would have been a great ally, but I would have to do without her.


That evening I drove to the Avalon Hollywood on Vine street. It was a historic nightclub that was known the world over. The Beatles held their first west coast concert here in 1964. There was a long line outside. A lot of tourists and lesser known celebrities wanting to get a view of the bigger names. For the tourists, just a picture or an autograph with a celebrity would make their day and give them so much to brag about when they went home. For the lesser known celebrity, maybe being seen with someone important would give them a few minutes of infamy. I watched this crowd and hoped that some if not all would get what they had come her for tonight. I hoped the same for myself.

I walked up to the bouncer and gave him a greeting before he let me in. Now I wasn't one of the Hollywood Elite, far from it. But I did know that a few tickets for the Creed premiere could unlock quite a few doors. I had to remember to thank Michael again as I walked through the hallowed halls of this infamous venue.

The dance floor was full of hot sweaty bodies rubbing against each other. There were neon lights flashing all around the club as well as beautiful dancers strewn about all across the nightclub. There were of course some celebrities. I ran into Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan of the L.A Clippers. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were all over each other on one of the couches. I was taking in all of the activity when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and was nearly staggered by Olivia Wilde's beautiful smile. She leaned into me. For a second I thought she was trying to kiss me, only realizing this was the only way that I could hear her.

"You're Duncan right?" She shouted into my ear.

"Yeah, How are you?" I yelled right back over the pounding sound of the music.

"I saw what you did at the Emmy's. That was really something special." I was almost able to make out.

"I was just looking out for a friend." I responded.

"Well, more people should have friends like you." She kissed me on the cheek before rejoining her group. I was both flattered and surprised by the gesture. I smiled while I continued to search for what had brought me to the noisy nightclub. From where I stood I had a pretty good view of the whole space. I was pretty blown away by some of the crazy things happening in front of me. I focused in on the dance floor and saw her. I couldn't believe it had taken me this long.

Megan Fox was breathtaking. She was dancing with a few girlfriends of hers and you could tell she was having a great time. Hell I was having one just watching her. She wore a short brown leather skirt and a barely there black top. I watched her swing her hips and move to the tune of the music. I waited and was pleased to see her friends retire to the bar. I could understand. It seemed hard to keep up with Megan's energy. She was dancing by herself and decided that it was the perfect moment for me to make my move.

I made my way towards her. After what had happened with Kara, I had decided to change my approach. She spun around and caught sight of me when I was merely a few inches away. Her dark hair was flowing down her remarkable body. Her incredible blue eyes were riveting and were pulling me in close. She smiled and cocked her head, inviting me into her personal space. I was no fool and quickly stepped in. Moments later, the sexy actress was rubbing her body all over mine and I was thoroughly enjoying it.

She had her back turned to me, her sexy ass against my crotch with her arms pulled back behind my neck. She looked at me over her shoulder and shot me a smile that almost made me weak in the knees. My hands were resting on her hips, guiding them even harder against my throbbing cock. I was quickly forgetting why exactly I was there in the first place, completely caught off guard by the sensuality that she carried with almost every movement of her sexy body. She turned around and we were now face to face. Her arms were around my neck pulling me closer to her beautiful face.

"Do you want to get a drink?" She asked bringing her flawless lips right next to my ear. I simply nodded and pulled her towards one of the empty booths on the other side of the club. A waitress quickly came to take our drink order. Megan was sitting to my left and I couldn't help but look at her beautiful legs. She caught me staring and leaned back onto the seat, giving me an even better view of her legs and some of her smooth thighs.

"You're an amazing dancer." I told her leaning into her so that she could hear me. I was once again hit by her perfume.

"Thanks. It's nice to be out with someone who can keep up." From the tone in her voice I guessed she must have been talking about her ex. She and Brian Austin Green had been together for a number of years and had very recently started divorce proceedings. The waitress came back with her drink. Megan quickly took a long sip from hers. She kept her eyes trained on me as her lips pressed the straw.

"I'm Duncan." I said finally introducing myself and reaching my hand out for her. She grabbed it gently.

"I know. I saw you at the Emmy's. Congratulations by the way."

"Oh thanks. But I wasn't there to win my award."

"It's too bad you didn't get that chance."

"Yeah, hopefully that won't be my only emmy."

"I have a feeling it won't" She said smiling at me and resting her hand on my upper thigh.

With that we began a fun flirty conversation. We continued to get closer and closer on the couch until we were mere inches from each other. The club was full of activity, but all that either of us paid any attention to was each other. After we had polished off our drinks, Megan led me back onto the dance floor where we resumed dancing. This time, feeling much more comfortable and both of us having a pretty good idea where the night would end, were touching each other much more. Our hands were roaming, and the glances we were giving each other were nothing if not sexually charged.

"I'll be right back." Megan whispered into my ear, gently pressing her lips against my lobe as she pulled away. I watched her as she went to the girlfriends I had previously seen her with. She came back to find me, swaying her hips all the while. "Want to get out of here?" She asked me with a smile that was making many promises if I said yes.

"I thought you would never ask." I replied before grabbing her hand in mine and leading her out of the busy nightclub. We made our way to my car giving each other side glances. When we reached my vehicle, I opened the door for her, before she sat down she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. Our lips met and a desperate desire was hard to miss. I'm not sure from which of us it was coming from, but there was no doubt at that moment there was nothing either of us wanted more than the other.

I pushed the lovely brunette against my car leaning deeper into the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her slim athletic waist and pulled her wonderfully curvaceous body against mine. Megan's tongue softly spread my lips and quickly found it's way into my mouth. I could taste the cocktail she had on her tongue. That along with the flavor of her mouth was damn near intoxicating. I groaned into her mouth as I pressed my hard cock harder onto her thigh. I lifted my hand under the back of her shirt. I felt the warmth of her skin as her tongue continued to wrestled with mine.
I pulled away from her before we got too carried away. She sat down in the car and smiled at me sexily. I quickly ran around and started the engine. We were on our way to my apartment. I wasn't sure we would make it. Megan's hand refused to wait until I could safely get us home. She continued to touch me. Her hands were turning me on so much it was getting difficult to focus on the road. When her hand wrapped itself around my dick through my pants, I nearly crashed the car. I moaned loudly as she began to pull and tug on my cock.

"You're going to kill us." I told her.

"Well, what better way to go?" She told me before unzipping my pants. She pulled my cock out and lowered those lips I had been admiring all evening onto the tip of my cock.

"Shit!" I groaned as I tightly gripped the wheel. Thankfully we were at a red light. It gave me a short reprieve to try to catch my breath as well as enjoy Megan's incredibly talented tongue on my cock. Her mouth was incredible. It was the perfect amount of suction. Her tongue seemed to know exactly what places to reach, almost as though we had been fucking for years and not only just met. I did all my best to focus on the road, but as Megan continued to tease and suck my cock, it made it that much harder.

We arrived at my building, and I parked in my spot in the garage. I turned the engine off and leaned back against my seat, finally enjoying the blowjob free of any stress. Megan had not stopped. Her velvet mouth continued to bob up and down onto my cock. I reached down and ran my hand across her thighs. I was surprised to find them wet. She had gotten so horny from sucking my dick during the drive over that her pussy was steaming. I quickly pressed my fingers against her wet pussy through her panties.

"MHMMM!" Megan moaned with her mouth full of cock. I pushed her panties aside and penetrated her wet cunt with one of my fingers. She easily accepted it while continuing to suck on my thick member. "Ohh fuck." The pretty brunette said pulling away from my cock. "I need to have this cock in me, NOW."

I was preparing to get out of the car, but Megan had something else in mind. She quickly straddled my hips and pressed her moist lips against mine before I had a chance to breathe. She readjusted and lined my cock with the entrance of her pussy. She slowly lowered her sexy body onto my thick and throbbing cock. I leaned even harder onto the seat as I felt her tight warm pussy wrap itself around my cock. My hand grabbed her incredibly toned ass, helping to guide her up and down the length of my hard cock.

"Shit!" Megan moaned. "You feel so damn good!" She said as her hips began to pump faster and harder on me. I squeezed the wonderful globes of her ass. She lifted her top, releasing the wonderful globes that I had been admiring most of the evening. She lifted one of her heavy tits and fed it into my mouth. I groaned feeling her hard nipple between my lips. "Oh yes!" Megan moaned. I lost myself in her chest. Her tits were so firm and perky. I continued switching between sucking and licking both of them. I could feel Megan's juices dripping all around me, not caring that she would stain my pants. I was too far gone in her wonderful body to care about anything else.

"Fuck me! Harder!" Megan screamed before returning her lovely lips to mine. We kissed deeply, feeling the heat and desire that was coursing through her body, making me want her all the more. I did my best to pump my hips as best as I could in the confines of the car. My hands were still grabbing her perfect ass cheeks as my tongue continued to dance across her wonderful tits. "OH! OH! FUCK! FUCK! AHHHH!" Megan screamed as her cunt muscles pressed tighter around my cock. I could feel the orgasm ripple through her incredibly. Hearing her moans as well as feeling her pussy was more than enough to send me over the edge. "Cum in me! Please fucken cum!" Megan urged me on. I let myself go and felt the cum run through me and attack Megan's insides.

"Oh god! I needed that so bad." Megan moaned once we had both finished cumming. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her mouth to mine.

"Let's head inside." I told her. We kissed again before she lifted herself off of my lap. We stepped out of the car, Megan walking funny trying to keep my cum from spilling out of her. After a few steps she just said fuck it, dropped her hand to her crotch and collected the my spunk. I watched in surprise and excitement as she licked her hand tasting my cum.

"Hmm, you taste good!" She said to me continuing to lick and suck on her hand, collecting as much of my cum as she good.

"I hope I get to taste you a little later." I tossed her way.

"Oh you definitely will." She promised as she leaned into me for a kiss when the Elevator doors had closed.I enjoyed the kiss as the elevator made it's way to my floor. Megan's tongue continued to draw more and more pleasure from me the whole way. When we got to my apartment Megan quickly ran to the bathroom to finish washing up, while i made us some drinks. She came back a few minutes later and joined me on the couch.

"I'm sorry for practically attacking you." She told me while taking a sip of her drink. "I promise i'm not a slut."

"I didn't think you were for a second."

"It's just been a long time for me. And I know you're a good guy so I felt safe."

"How do you know i'm a good guy?"

"Come on Duncan. Everyone knows who you are. We all saw what you did at the Emmy's. Everyone loves you which is saying a lot in this town. So although we just met, I knew what kind of person you were."

"That's very nice of you. Am I the first person you've been with since Brian?" I asked her knowing i was going into very personal territory.

"Yeah." She said looking down at her glass. "Even while I was with Brian, we weren't really sleeping together anymore."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Breakups aren't easy." I told her reaching for her. "Divorces have to be even worse." I said joking hoping to make her smile. She did a little.

"How about you? I know you're no longer with Alex Daddario." I just nodded. Thinking about losing Alex still hurt. "She didn't like you running off to the hospital did she?"

"I mean who would?" I said trying to lighten the mood.

"What happened that night? Is it really true that Eric was high?"

"He was. I saw him at the hospital. He was so out of it, i'm not sure he knows what really happened."

"But he was recovering so well. I've met him a few times. He seemed to be doing so much better."

"Derrick Stamp gave him drugs that night." I watched Megan's reaction. Not surprised to see the look of understanding that washed over her face.

"That does make sense. He was probably hoping Eric would pull a Kanye or something worth talking about."

"Seems like you have intimate knowledge of how Derrick works." I told her as we got more comfortable on the couch.

"He used to be my manager. He was great at first, making all these promises, put me in Transformers. Then he started pushing me to have surgeries. He made me feel like I was pretty but not enough. I got my lips and nose done, a few other things. Then he dropped me. I never knew why. I got kicked off the Transformers franchise. It was just all around craziness for a bit."

"But you climbed back. You're still making movies." I told her trying to reassure her.

"I'm playing opposite CGI turtles. No one really thinks I can do much more than these brain dead movies. I wish that I could prove them wrong. Show that i'm much more than just a pretty face and a hot body."

"Well it is a pretty hot body." I joked. Luckily she smiled and laughed.

"We i'm glad you think so! You're not so bad yourself you know." She said as her hand rubbed my flat stomach.

"I try." I replied as I kissed her lips once more. "I'm sorry for making you bring up all those bad thoughts. I really want to make you feel better. Is there anything I can do?" I asked her as my lips suckled on the tender skin of her soft neck.

"Well there is this one thing, that I love but Brian wasn't a fan of at all."

"What's that?" I asked. Megan stood from the couch and walked over sexily to my dining room table. She bent herself over it so that her ass was pointing straight at my direction. She lifted her skirt, introducing me to one of the greatest ass I had ever seen.

"Fuck my ass, Duncan! Please? It's been so long." The sexy brunette moaned to me. I quickly went to meet her. I kneeled until her ass was mere inches from my face. I could see the wetness from her pussy. I was so close I could practically taste her, yet I took my time before diving in. Her ass was simply perfect, a down right work of art. I grabbed each cheek firmly, kneading the flesh between my hands. I spread them, giving myself a perfect view of her puckered ass. I took a beat, inhaling the sweet scents radiating from her, before i had my first taste of Megan Fox.

"Ohhh, fuck!" She moaned as she felt the tip of my tongue pass through her pussy and ass. I was only encouraged by her reaction so I repeated the movement a few times. Each time being rewarded by more and more of her sweet juices as well as the delectable moans and groans that were escaping her amazing lips. I continued licking and sucking at her backside, loving absolutely everything about it. The feel, the smell, the taste. The sounds she made only made my blood boil more.

"Fuck yeah! That feels so good." Megan cooed. "Wait a second." She asked looking back at me over her shoulder. I did as she asked and was quickly rewarded. Megan turned around and removed her top. Soon after the skirt followed, leaving the beautiful actress naked in my dining room. I was a lucky, lucky man. She turned back around once again presenting her wonderful ass for me. She spread her legs and used her hands to do the same with her ass cheeks. She leaned down until her face was on the table. "Please! Keep going." She whispered back at me.

I leapt back into her and we groaned simultaneously. Her from the feel of my tongue and I from the taste of her wonderful juices. "You taste so good." I told her meaning every word. She pulled her ass further apart, giving me more and more access to her nectar. I sucked and licked away at her glorious cunt, listening intently for every moan, groan and grunt Megan was making. Feeling my knees against the floor, the sting was no longer unignorable. I raised to my feet and guided the very naked, very horny Megan Fox to my bedroom.

"Get on the bed." I told her as I began removing my clothes. Megan climbed up on the bed and stuck her ass in the air, laying her head on the bed and waiting for me. When I was finally naked, I joined her on the bed.

"Keep eating me. Please!" Megan begged. I returned my tongue to her ass, pushing it as deep into her as I could. I used my tongue as a small cock, fucking her slowly and almost lovingly. I used my fingers and pushed it deep into her warm and snug cunt. "ohhhhhh fuck!" Megan moaned as I viciously attacked her from both ends. "Oh god yes! Please don't stop!" I pulled my tongue my tongue out of her ass and smiled inwardly at the grunt Megan made. I quickly replaced my tongue with my middle finger. I pushed it deeply into her ass, feeling it grab and tighten my digit. I fucked her from both ends with both hands, she was screaming louder than I thought she could. That was of course until I wrapped my lips around her clit.

"OHHH SHIT! OH GOD DUNCAN!" Megan screamed out as I felt her entire stiffen and then release with a powerful orgasm. Even more powerful than the one she had in the car only moment earlier. "Oh god! That was amazing." She said as she laid her face on the comfortable sheets.

"We're not even done yet." I told her as I speared her pussy with my hard cock.

"AHHHH!" Megan yelled feeling my cock deep within her again. I fucked her hard and fast, loving the ripples of her tight pussy.I moved my hands to her torso and grabbed one of her firm heavy tits in each of my hands. I pinched her nipples and used them for leverage as I continued stroking her pussy with the maddening pace of my cock.

"Ohhh Megan!" I groaned as I felt her tight walls do wonders to my cock. I was losing myself to her wonderful body. I couldn't stop but look at how perfect and flawless it truly was. My thrust quickened, the sound of our bodies slamming into one another's could clearly be heard through the apartment. Megan lowered her hand and was now playing with her clit. She was close to cumming. I had to get her there. I gripped her ass cheeks and closed my eyes, sending all of my energy and focus into the movement of my hips.

"AHHH! I'm cumming, i'm cumming!! FUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!" Megan screamed just as her body detonated around my cock, sending shivers and waves of pleasures throughout my body. I held firm and refused to cum. I held on for dear life and continued to fuck Megan through her orgasm. "Oh shit!" The lovely brunette swore as she dropped her head on the nearest pillow.

I was still hard, and still inside of her. I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy, only to then aim it at the entrance of her ass. I slowly pushed my cock passed her sphincter, I groaned as I felt my dick go deep within her. Her ass was a furnace. It was so hot and tight, I felt that my dick would burst from the pure pleasure it was deriving from her depth. I had to take my time and fuck her slowly. I could easily tell it had been sometime since her ass was last taken. I felt so lucky that it had opened its wonders to me. I simply watched in amazement as my dick continued to appear and disappear into her.

"Oh god." Megan moaned looking at me over her shoulder. "Go ahead! Fuck me now!" She pleaded with her beautiful lust filled eyes. I had been holding back the tempo of my strokes, now that I had been accorded the green light, I planned to use it. I pulled my hips back and pushed into her as hard as I could. "FUCK!" She screamed as I repeated the movement over and over again, loosening her passage more and more. I sped up my strokes keeping the force I had begun with, sending my dick careening into her hot ass. "OH SHIT! This feels...It feels...GOOD! AHHHH"

I grabbed her hips and began pushing and pulling her entire body up and down the length of my cock. Her hair was flying all over her face, her wonderful tits were bouncing and her moans only continued to go higher and higher. I grabbed one of her breast with my left hand while my right circled around and began playing with her clit.

"I'm cumming! OH SHIT, i'm fucking cumming." Megan screamed again as her whole body exploded from the thrill of an anal orgasm. I held on for dear life as I felt her ass clench hard against my cock.

"FUCK, FUCK, fUUUUUCKKKKKK" I shouted as my own impending orgasm ripped through me, sending all of the cum I had straight up into Megan Fox's wonderful asshole. We both collapsed on the bed, a sweaty sexy mess. I wrapped my arms around Megan and pulled her body against mine.

"That was...That was..." Megan kept trying to say, but couldn't find the right words as she continued to attempt to catch her breath.

"It really was." I said finishing whatever thought she had. I was pretty sure we were on the same page. I fought the urge to close my eyes and fall asleep after the incredible sex we had just experienced. I enjoyed the feeling of my softening cock still within her ass. We stayed that way until my dick, fully spent, came popping out of her canal. By this point Megan was sound asleep. I heard my phone ring and went to the other room to pick it up. I didn't recognise the number.

"Mr Bryant, your request has been accepted. We will meet tomorrow evening for the final details." The russian accented voice said before hanging up without giving me a chance to answer. I went to bed to rejoin Megan and fell asleep next to her. The battle would resume the following day.

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