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The Pretty Girl

I've always been "the pretty girl." Even as a young child, I was always referred to as the pretty little girl. You probably think that would be a great, but not really. Everyone seemed to have higher expectations for me than my peers, I've always ended up being the teacher's pet, I always got picked out of the crowd and people either loved me or hated me for it. I grew up being a huge "people pleaser," wanting to meet everybody's expectations, hoping to never let anybody down. That can be a tough life in a small Midwestern town. Especially when you go to high school with the same couple of hundred kids that you went to elementary school with, you never escape it.

I have also always been little, topping out at five foot nothing. So all the way through high school, I was the "small" pretty girl. I quickly learned that "boobies" outweighed "pretty" by a mile for teenage boys. I seldom even dated. Then one summer night down at the lake between my sophomore and junior year; a graduated senior paid me some attention at a party. I was in love. I lost my virginity that night in the bed of a pickup truck and then he never asked me out again. In fact, I don't think he ever looked at me again, I was devastated. Afterwards, I saw him a number of times at football games, the whole town came out for our high school football games, but I don't think he even recognized me.

One day after I graduated and turned eighteen I decided I was tired of being that "pretty girl" in this small town, and that I was not going to live and die here like so many. I wanted an adventure. I was of age to do anything I wanted but being the over-achieving "people pleaser" that I was, I was afraid to disappoint my family. I wanted to head west until I bumped into the ocean, so I told everybody that I was going to tour college campuses and they bought it. I felt horrible about deceiving them because deep down in my heart I knew that I was planning to never come back. If they knew, my parents would have not wanted me to go, so I wouldn't have. I would have done without my adventure just to please them.

I had saved a fair amount of money working all through high school and I figured it would do until I found something. Doing some online research, I came across an ad from a young lady looking to go to Oregon and wanting to share expenses with someone with a car. I had the car and Oregon sounded as good as any place to start. We made contact and she was in the next state over several hundred miles west of us. Perfect, my plan was coming together. As I packed my old Honda, I felt the need to hide several long-term items packed in boxes so my parents wouldn't see. I feared them asking questions because I knew I would blow it somehow, I really suck at this whole lying business. Finally, the day came to hit the road and I have to admit I was surprised how few people I felt I needed to say goodbye to.

I didn't mind driving by myself the first day. It gave me a chance to clear my head and get excited about my "taking control of my life" adventure, really for the very first time. It was early afternoon when I reached my rendezvous point with my travel mate, Tracie. It was a diner near the center of town and she seemed to recognize me right off. Apparently I've got the look of someone away from home for the first time. She walked right up to me and said, "Well now, aren't you the prettiest little thing. Do you want to get a bite before we hit the road?"

All I heard was, "Blah, blah, blah . . . Do you want to get something to eat?"

We only sat long enough to eat a sandwich but we seemed to hit it off from the very beginning. Tracie was older than me, in her mid-twenties but interesting, funny, and easy to talk to. She was really pretty too, although seemed much more at ease with it than I was. In fact, she had a real "not a care in the world" air about her. I quickly determined that this was going to be a fun trip and was really glad we had connected. Once on the road we made good time the rest of the day. The Rocky Mountains were still a full day's drive away so we looked for somewhere cheap to stay the night. I hadn't really considered sleeping arrangements but when we found an inexpensive motel it made sense to share a room.

Tracie was a breath of fresh air for me, she was so uninhibited. She could talk about anything and seemed to unapologetically say anything that popped in her head. I was getting such a kick out of her. Our first night together was no different. After her shower, she spent the rest of the evening in just her panties. She watched TV, thumbed through a magazine, and did her nightly routine half naked, like I wasn't even there. I could never do that and had to pretend not to notice her near nakedness. I have to say that I was envious of her confidence and boldness, not to mention her figure. She was taller than I am which isn't hard, and had larger breasts which also isn't very hard. I don't think she had an ounce of fat on her but she didn't look skinny. I wondered why she was traveling alone and not hooked up with some guy. Maybe over the next day or two I'll work up the nerve to ask her.

The next day as we traveled we grew closer and she asked me about the men in my life. I joked about not having one yet since all three of my relationships were with "boys." I told her about losing my virginity in the back of the pickup and then about the other two boys I went out with for a while. When I put it in story form, it didn't sound like much so I added the part about my adventure. I was very curious about Tracie's love-life and I barely had to prompt her. She sat back and with a dreamy smile on her face began, but it wasn't about any particular man at all. She talked about one sexual encounter after another. It was clear she loved sex; in fact she said those exact words several times. She spoke of "getting fucked" in a number of ways and different positions, painting a pretty vivid word-picture of her sex life. I'm sure I was blushing as we drove. I found out that she loved anal, enjoyed being tied up, and had had several bi-sexual experiences along the way. Even though I wasn't sure what to think, I found myself becoming embarrassingly wet as she fed in to several of my secret fantasies. I've always considered myself a bit hypocritically demented, "goodie two shoes" on the outside but having thoughts I could never admit to anyone on the inside. I was relieved as we approached the Rockies and the majestic views took center stage.

Finally we had driven as far as we were willing to and found another cheap place to stay. Tracie booked the room as I ran to the restroom. When we entered the room it had a single king size bed instead of the two queens we had the night before. Tracie said that's all they had. It was fine with me; I just wanted to get some rest. We watched a little TV and then settled down for the night. As we snuggled in under the covers lying on our sides facing each other, Tracie pulled up so close we were almost nose to nose. She, of course, only in her panties and I had my tee-shirt on. She was close enough that her breast lightly pressed up against my arms which I had crossed in front of me. Quite naturally, like two young girls sharing a secret she asked me, "So you've really never kissed another girl before?"

I defensively said, "I never said that," but she looked at me with a knowing smile making it clear that I had, just without using those particular words.

I'm sure I had a sheepish "I'm busted" look on my face when she leaned in and gave me a short kiss on the lips. Never taking her eyes off me, she waited a moment then leaned back in and gave me a deeper kiss. This is where I am such a "people pleaser," I don't want to be a lesbian but I don't want to hurt her feelings either. Not to mention it was a pretty great kiss that sent a small shockwave through me. She looked at me for a moment more then said, "Flip over, time to go to sleep."

I rolled over facing the other way with my heart still thumping as she just pulled herself snug against my backside, placed her legs up under my butt, wrapped an arm over me and said, "Good night."

It took a short while to calm myself after my first "girl kiss." She was so warm and soft and close, that I wondered if she could feel my heart beating. I could definitely feel her breasts pressed up against my back. It took a while to fall asleep but nothing more happen so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the cuddling. I must have slept like a log because I don't remember even getting up to go pottie during the night. When we finally woke up our positions were reversed. Tracie had her back to me and I was pressed against her with my legs tucked up under her shapely bottom. My arm rested over her waist and she was snuggling with it up between her breasts. I would have normally felt so self-conscience but with Tracie, I didn't. It was sort of like being sisters but with an air of excitement, the thrill of taboo. We had one more long-day of driving ahead so we got ready and hit the road.

By not imposing her sexual prowess over me the previous night, I had drawn even closer to her. As the road went on and on, our chatter seemed to cover all topics. More precisely, she would tell a story or share an exploit which I would have to respond with, "No, I've never done that." After listening to her stories, I had to admit to myself that I wasn't even sure if I had ever had an orgasm before.

Tracie asked me to please stay with her and her friends for a while when we got to Oregon. It sounded like a beautiful place and I told her I would think about it since I really wasn't headed anywhere particular. Also, I didn't want to commit until I saw how our last night together went. I didn't want to lead her on or anything but I also realized I wasn't in any hurry to leave her either.

We were getting close to the Oregon border as we looked for one last motel. We would reach Tracie's friend's house tomorrow. We booked a room and I didn't think twice about it being a king size bed. Once we got our stuff unloaded, we went through our regular routines, of course with Tracie wandering around in her panties. I had to admit I checked her out a bit more after our little kiss. She was pretty spectacular. She had a long slender torso, great legs and an ass that was to die for. She's so cute and confident I don't doubt for a second she had had all the experiences she had been telling me about. When we finally turn off the lights we were again snuggled up spooning each other again. I didn't mind, I liked it. After a minute or two, Tracie half sits up and says, "I'm sorry, this has to go."

She grabbed the bottom of my tee-shirt, lifted it over my head and off. It caught me by such surprise that I ended up just frozen there for a moment until Tracie snuggled back up against me and tucked her legs under my butt. Her arm came over cupping one of my breasts pulling me tight to her. Just as she seemed to reach maximum skin to skin contact, she gave me a kiss on my neck and said, "Good night."

Lying there I thought of her stories over the last couple of days and how she had hit on several of my dark fantasies, although this wasn't one of them. Hearing about getting tied up, forced sex, or even group sex had me all worked up but I've never had a midnight fantasy that had me lying in bed, embraced by another woman . . . until now. I was really hoping something else was going to happen but was just too chicken to initiate it myself. I ended up enjoying her hand on my breast and sinking into my fantasy dream world until I drifted off.

The next morning Tracie was all excited about reaching her friend's place. She said they always have a small reception when she returns and that we needed to dress up for it. We spent the morning trying to get dolled up; I even dug out one of my "long-term" boxes to look for a dress. I had only packed one that qualified as party-wear, my little black dress. It was a tight little shoulder-less, strapless number that I bought online. The dress was a tight elastic material that shaped nicely to every curvature of my body. A little too sexy for my hometown so I'd never had the occasion to wear it before now. Tracie thought it would be perfect and joked that she would have never guessed I owned such a tasty little dress. Tracie put on a cute button-up the front, Catholic schoolgirl blouse with a very short skirt and I was envious, her legs went on for miles. After getting some make-up on and loading up the car, we hit the road around noon for last couple of hours drive.

We finally reached the Oregon coast and headed for Tracie's friends place. As we pulled into this long private drive, I was caught a bit off-guard by how big and beautiful it was. It was nestled amid large trees without another house within sight. Not what I was expecting. We parked, put our cute shoes on and walked up to the front door . . . the big and beautiful, cut-glass, double front door.

I was excited to get here and spend time with Tracie other than in the car. I hadn't been able to get kissing Tracie out of my head since the other night. I think it was the combination of being on my own for the first time and doing something new, something that I would have never considered before now, especially in my small hometown. As we reached the door, Tracie turned to me, sweetly holding my face in her hands and told me that I didn't need to say a thing, that she would "handle" everything. Then she kissed me, rang the bell and walked right in. She moved through the impressive entryway and headed towards one of the rooms towards the rear of the house. I had to scurry along quickly in my heels to keep up as she entered what looked like a large den or parlor. It was beautiful and fit well in the house with its dark wood, beautiful bookshelves and multiple groupings of leather furniture. Standing in the center of the room as we entered was a nicely dressed, handsome couple. I was still trying to keep up and figure out what Tracie was going to "handle."

Tracie walked up to them and embraced the woman first, then the man, just like long lost family. They obviously knew each other well. The man seemed to be in his early forties, fit and good looking. The woman was younger, maybe by ten years and was tall and gorgeous. As I walked up to the three of them they all brought their reunion to an end and turned to look at me. The woman stepped forward first and said, "Oh Tracie, she is as pretty as you said. This will be a lovely time."

My confusion continued as I didn't know they had spoken of me. As the woman came towards me Tracie introduced her as Amanda and the gentleman as Sam. Amanda slowly walked around me making a thorough inspection, it was a bit disconcerting. Once she made a complete round, touching my arms and lifting my hair on the way, she stopped directly behind me. It felt like she towered over me even in my heels. She placed her hands on my on my shoulders and slowly ran them up and down my arms. My eyes widened as I processed this unexpected attention. Tracie took notice of the look on my face and moved right up in front of me taking my hands in hers. She lifted ours hands out from each side as if she was inspecting me as well. Without removing her eyes from mine Tracie said to Amanda, "She's cute enough to eat, isn't she?"

"Oh yes," Amanda responded as she slowly reached under my arms and around to my front and cupped my breasts. I was shocked. Tracie was still holding my gaze as she pressed a finger against my lips saying, "Shhhhh, not a word. I'll handle this."

First Tracie kissed me deeply and then slowly lowered herself down to her knees in front of me. I watched her as she sunk down never taking her eyes off mine. My heart pounded and I held my breath. Amanda's hands fondled me for a moment as my nipples harden immediately, responding to her touch through my dress. She began lowering the top of my dress down my braless chest while Tracie began raising the bottom hem up above my hips. All of a sudden my cute little black dress was gathered around my waist. Amanda continued fondling my breasts from behind as Tracie brought her mouth up to my panties. My heart was ready to jump right out of my body as she ran her nose, then her lips up between my legs until she mouthed my clit. She obviously felt the moisture that had been collecting there and looked up at me slyly. The sudden wave of stimulus that hit me as Amanda pinched my nipples and Tracie mouthed my vagina made my legs go weak and wobble. If it wasn't for Amanda holding me up by my breasts I think I would have dropped to the floor.

Tracie was sliding my panties down gaining full access. I didn't know what to do, I should do something, but I was powerless. My head was spinning, my body felt limp, and I was going to have an orgasm. A wave washed over me as Tracie sucked my clit into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue and Amanda expertly rolled my nipples between her fingers while stretching my little titties out away from my body. I gushed, all over Tracie's face. That just seemed to encourage her more as her tongue dove deeper into my body. I had never had an orgasm like this, having such stimulation heaped on me unexpectedly and the reality of being so taken advantage of took me to a place I had never been to before.

I was huffing and puffing, barely keeping my feet as Tracie finally finished and stood. Her mouth, nose and chin were drenched in my fluids. Looking at me with a satisfied look on her face, she leaned in and kissed me again. I could taste myself as she ran her tongue into my mouth, then pulling me even closer for the best kiss of my life and said, "Are you ready for an adventure?"

She stepped away leaving me standing there, barely. I watched Amanda walk over to Sam and sit in his lap. Oh my goodness, Sam, I had forgotten about Sam. He had been sitting in a nearby chair watching the whole episode. I caught myself being oddly more embarrassed about my dress being squished around my waist than by him watching what had just happened. Still not fully sure what was going on, Tracie shows back up in front of me with a short piece of rope in the shape of a figure eight. It had little leather sleeves around the rope in the middle. I just watch as she lifted one of my hands up and slipped it into one hole and then my other hand into the remaining hole. I don't know why I didn't say anything and just watched as she slid the little leather sleeves from the middle out to tighten the figure eights around each wrist. They were little rope handcuffs. There were no locks or anything but seem to do the job just fine. Tracie gripped the center of the figure eight in between my hands and led me over to Sam and Amanda. My head was still spinning a bit and I wasn't sure what else to do, so I followed.

Sam and Amanda were looking up at me as I stood there almost naked. Sam asked, "Are you enjoying our intimate little reception?"

Being flushed and spent it seemed silly to say no, so I nodded a small yes. "Good," he said. "But it's a shame that the girls have made a mess of your dress."

Amanda got up from Sam's lap as he pulled Tracie to him having her stand between his knees facing me. She was watching me as he ran both of his hands up one of her legs and under her skirt. When the inside hand reached her crotch, she closed her eyes and purred. Amanda took the couple of steps to me as Sam said, "It seems that the rest of the ladies are a bit overdressed."

As Sam unzipped Tracie's skirt and let it drop to the floor, Amanda gently tugged my dress from my waist to my feet and held my shoes. I stepped out of the dress and the shoes in one effort and she stood back up next to me. Sam was now running his hands up inside the front of Tracie's blouse, squeezing her tits as the both of them kept their eyes on me. Sam gave a head motion towards Amanda and asked, "Will you please help my wife with her dress please?"
I turned towards Amanda to see what she needed. She had turned her back to me, lifting up her hair exposing the zipper. I reached up with my handcuffed hands and pulled the zipper down, opening the back of her dress. With it still on her shoulders, she turned back to me and said, "Would you mind dear?"

It took me a second but I finally caught on that I was supposed to remove her dress. I first fumbled with my hands being tied together, then reaching down with my fingers, slid the leather sleeve open and removed one hand. I reached up to her shoulders and gently pulled her dress off. Next to what had just happened a few moments ago, this was the most erotic experience that I had ever had. I was naked, Tracie was down to her panties, and my eyes followed Amanda's dress neckline as it reveal more and more. As the tips of her breasts came into view I started getting really excited. My heart was pounding but I wasn't sure why, I have seen lots of naked girls in my life, but this was different. Amanda's breasts were perfect. Her nipples were hard and erect, and her breasts stood firmly on their own. I lowered myself so I could follow her dress down. Her tummy was beautifully flat, her hips were narrow and her pussy was panty-less and perfectly shaven. I held her dress at her feet so she could step out of it.

Amanda didn't step backwards but forward. This put her crotch right up to my face. Her scent was intoxicating. I looked up at her and she back at me, then she reached down and helped me up. Once standing, I slid my hand back into the rope and tightened the leather sleeve. Somehow being handcuffed felt better, giving me some sort of excuse, as if I wouldn't be responsible for anything that was coming. I had no control for goodness sakes, I was handcuffed.

Still seated, Sam had his arms wrapped around naked Tracie with his head leaning on her hip and said to me, "You seemed a bit unsure of what was going on when you arrived, didn't Tracie tell you what we had planned for your visit?"

I shook my head and Sam said as he looked up, "Tracie, Tracie, Tracie, do you think that's how you treat a new friend? Not offering a formal invitation, not letting her know about our little family? I'm disappointed, what should we do with you?"

I almost jumped in, being the "people pleaser" that I am, to take the blame somehow when Tracie dropped her head and said in a small voice, "I'm sorry, I should probably be punished."

"Probably nothing young lady!" responded Sam, as he took her by the hips and moved her to his side. Looking up at her he brought his knees together and patted then. Tracie knew exactly what to do as she laid across his lap. Sam adjusted her a bit and then ran his hands up and down her body. She still had her panties on but it was a thong and didn't offer any protection. I was memorized; watching Tracie get in position, the anticipation was killing me. When Sam brought his hand down hard three or four times it made me jump and Tracie squirm. He rubbed her bottom and offered some words of encouragement causing us all to relax a little, and then continued with more hard spanks, eight or ten. Tracie was whimpering.

Amanda moved to me and pulled me into her from the side, neither of us were taking our eyes off poor Tracie. Sam again began to rain swats down on that perfect butt. Startled by the volume of abuse I snuggled up tighter to Amanda. Due to or height difference the side of my face pressed up against her breast as she held me tightly. Tracie was breathing so hard I thought she would hyperventilate, her bottom was bright red and she was groaning. Sam had one more continuous beating until he reached his goal, Tracie was grunting and groaning. After about twenty or so solid spanks she came hard, virtually spraying cum onto the hardwood floor and down her thighs. She collapsed over Sam's knees like a rag doll, just draped there. Sam slowly rubbed her bottom and back telling her she was a good girl until she was ready to stand.

After a moment or two I realized I had my face half hidden in Amanda's breast, not willing to watch with both eyes. I also realized that I had heavy amounts of moisture running down my legs. Amanda released her hold on me and slowly took me by the rope handcuffs walking over to one of the couches. She had me sit down and then sat next to me pulling me close. I have never been as sexually stirred up as I was as that very moment. Sam walked off somewhere and Tracie came over to Amanda and me, but rather than sitting with us on her freshly spanked bottom, she laid on her back across both or laps. She stretched out with her head on the couch and her arms above her head on my side, leaving her breasts in my lap and her hips on Amanda's. I politely placed my cuffed hands on her chest and Amanda began stroking her upper legs and tummy.

Sam re-entered the room completely naked with a drink in his hand. He stood across from us studying the trio before him. It was clear to me in that moment that he was in charge; up to that time I wasn't sure how this all worked. I'm not sure why, but I no longer had any doubt. As he drank us in, I was fixated on his penis. It was soft and just hung there. I have never had a male on display in front of me before; in fact I've never really looked at a real man's cock before. It hung down farther than I expected and I wondered where in his pants he kept it all. I certainly wondered what it looked like fully erect. My stomach fluttered as I had the feeling I was going to probably find out.

Sam finally set his drink down on an end table and walked to my end of the couch. Climbing on the couch over the top of Tracie he placed a knee on either side of her head and outstretched arms. His knees were right up against my leg as he just kneeled there right above Tracie face. Once again, I found myself not having a clue what to do and thanks to my little rope handcuffs I felt justified in just sitting there. After a moment, Tracie's arms snaked up around Sam's thighs and pulled him down. I watched his testicles drop down into Tracie's waiting mouth. Her tongue reached out to pull each testicle into her mouth, one after the other. She would suck and lick and sometimes her face would completely disappear between Sam's legs and do something that made him groan. I was absolutely fascinated as his penis enlarged. It twitched and grew until it stood straight out from his groin, right over Tracie's breasts which were lying in my lap. I was spellbound by the length and thickness. It had a perfect mushroom head with bulging veins running up the sides and a trace of fluid forming on the tip. It would fill someone like me to overflowing and the thought of something like that plunging in and out of me was making me a bit lightheaded. Again wondering if anything was expected of me got answered when Tracie's hands left Sam's thighs, reaching up and started to stroke his cock right in front of my face. She couldn't see from where she was but had no problem finding it.

Sam had his hands on his hips as he watched Tracie suck his balls and stroke his cock. All I could see was her chin as her tongue would occasionally dart up to the base of his penis but then swallow another testicle down into her mouth. Tracie found the rhythm that she wanted with one hand rubbing around in circles on the head of Sam's penis and the other stroking the other eight or nine inches. All of a sudden Tracie gave an unexpected arch to her back and moaned. I looked down her body to find that Amanda had multiple fingers inserted up between her legs and was pumping in and out vigorously. My attention was drawn back to my end of Tracie watching her chest rise and fall rapidly with each breath. Her excited nipples were so tempting that I had to touch them. I took one between my fingers and squeezed as I rolled it around. I could see that Tracie was gripping Sam's penis tighter as she stroked from the base up. At the same time, Sam raised his head towards the ceiling letting out a manly roar and started to shoot cum down the length of Tracie's body. Four or five good strings of sperm shot across from her breasts to her legs, not missing Amanda and me in the process.

Tracie slowed her pace to where she was just squeezing the rest of Sam's cum onto her chest. When Sam was done he stepped up off of Tracie and the couch, and retrieved his drink. I look down at Tracie. She smiled, again with her face covered in moisture. This time it was her own spittle that had covered Sam's balls. Sam walked away saying, "We should select some music before our guests arrive."

Tracie jumped up following Sam to one of the big bookshelves that held the stereo equipment and said, "I'll help!"

Amanda stood and offered her hand to help me up as I was wondering to myself "what guests?" She reached for several cloth towels that were stored in the lamp tables at each end of the couch and cleaned up where our wet little bottoms were outlined on the dark leather couch. Once finished, we stood together as she looked at the cum on my chin and chest and she said, "Here, let me help."

I thought she would wipe it off with her towel but instead she gently leaned forward and ran the tip of her tongue across my chin capturing the wayward cum. She followed that with a full lick with the broad width of her tongue. She repeated the process across my chest and breasts. The tip of her tongue grazed my nipple sending electrical shocks through my body, then she pushed my nipple upward with a full lick. I was gasping for a breath by the time she finished her clean job by sucking my breast into her mouth. As she straightens back up I had wished I had gotten cum further down my body and I'm sure I had a doe-eyed, wanting look on my face. Amanda looked at the cum across her breasts said, "Could you be a dear and give me a hand here?"

I had to lift up on my tippy-toes to reach her chin and worked my way down. My job was to clean Sam's cum off Amanda's chest but it wasn't lost on me that I would be touching another woman's breast sexually. I licked lightly at first but found the temptation to press in irresistible. Her skin was perfect and my mouth told me that her breasts were completely natural. I lost control a bit as I found myself licking and sucking on her breasts long after Sam's cum was gone. I felt her nipples harden as I took them into my mouth and even though it was her nipples getting excited; it was my body screaming with exhilaration. At one point, Amanda reached up behind my head and pulled my face tight to her breasts and held me there. I could have stayed there all night. But wait . . . guests, what guests?

Amanda ran her fingers through my hair, putting it behind my ear. She was studying my face as she said, "You really are very pretty. Are you comfortable? May I touch you some more?"

I didn't respond to the "pretty" comment and shrugged at the "comfortable" question. I had to double check myself if I had heard the "touching" question correctly. She patiently waited for an answer. This whole experience has been so outside my reality and here again, I was faced with a first. I didn't know what to say but I was so stimulated. Not to over commit, I gave a small unsure nod.

She took me by my rope handcuffs and walked over to a different part of the room. It was almost like we were holding hands, feeling sensual in a juvenile way. As we reached an open area near some bookshelves she reached up and loosed a small chain that hung from the ceiling to a hook on one of the bookshelves. I hadn't noticed it before; it looked like it was part of the furnishings. She took the end and threaded it between my hands and then reached up and hooked it back on itself. My arms were effectively raised above my head about a foot. There I stood, completely naked, stung up to the ceiling by my handcuffs. Her breasts were grazing my face as she reached up above my head to position the height of my arms to her satisfaction.

Amanda ran her hands down my arms, down my torso to my hips. The trill of being restrained was almost overwhelming. As I stood there with my hands above my head, Amanda leaned in and ran her tongue across my nipple in the longest, slowest lick ever. Then stood and just looked at me in such a lustful way it made my breath go shallow. She reached out and placed a hand on each hip, continuously touching me as she walked around to stand behind me. Her hands wandering from my tummy to my breasts, she seemed to know exactly how to stimulate me. Maintaining contact she moved down to find a cheek of my bottom for each of her hands. She squeezed and groped, spreading my cheeks in different ways. I had no idea how erotic touching my bottom could be. Staying behind me, she began to reach in between my legs, touching me to the front of my vagina. I looked down my body to see Amanda's fingers coming out between my legs seeking to cup my sex. Being stretched out my waist and hips looked so small. Without thinking I moved my legs a bit wider apart as her hand moved back and forth getting coated in my juices. Once she reached my front, she would pull back far enough to touch my anus, sending electrical shocks through me before moving it back forward. I found myself rocking my hips with her trying to grind a bit more into her hand.

After getting me about a stimulated as I thought I could get, she plunged her fingers deep inside of me. A couple of fingers to begin with, then more. She would pull them back, bringing them in between my butt cheeks and rubbing my little asshole. Pressing hard back into my pussy again, I was unable to keep my feet. I dropped and hung from the chain above. She was hand-fucking me aggressively when she pushed her thumb up into my ass. I gasped an animalistic groan and climaxed. My eyes rolled back in my head as I hung there, trying to catch my breath. Amanda brought her cum covered hand to my breasts and gently fondled me until I could see straight again. It seemed so soothing.

She helped get my feet back under me as I gathered myself. Hands still above my head, I looked around the room and found Sam standing there watching, he was fully erect again, Tracie was off on the other side of the room pouring herself a drink, and four or five other people were milling around. The "guests" I presumed, I hadn't see any of them come in. They were each dressed in a variety of sexy attire, everything from lingerie to leather, how odd for a party. I was trying to figure them out when Amanda stepped back in front of me holding my face in her hands. She kissed my forehead a couple of times before she took my mouth and my tongue into hers.

After a great kiss, she took a step back and stood next to Sam. They were both looking at me as Amanda reached down and stroked Sam penis several times while he spoke to her in a soft voice. Her attention came back to me and she moved in close to say, "Sam wants me to touch you more, is that okay with you?"

I had no hesitation this time and responded with a soft, "Yes, please yes."

She walked over to the bookshelf and pulled open a drawer built into the lower section and lifted out a small whip or maybe it was a riding crop. The sight of it made gasp. The pit of my stomach lurched and my legs got weak again. As Amanda walk back towards me she was sliding the crop through her hand as if she was trying to stimulate it. I don't know about the whip but it was certainly stimulating me. In the moment I couldn't tell her no, but I didn't really know if I wanted to go any further. Oh my goodness, I'm restrained, chained to the ceiling, even my arms couldn't cover me or protect me. Then it happened, the realization that I was completely at her mercy. I had no choice in the matter, she controlled me, I belonged to Amanda and her whip. I climaxed as she got up close to me, hanging there with no one touching me. Sam and Amanda both smiled.

She began by walking around me with the tip of the riding crop touching me the whole way. As she came to my backside she swatted me across the butt. I flinched and yelped. She continued to walk all the way around me again and when she got behind me again she punished my bottom once more. Oh, the burn. This time she stayed behind me. The suspense was killing me, not knowing when she would strike again. I didn't have to wait long. First the swoosh, and then the whip striking my butt and the top of my thighs three or four times. The pain was excruciating, but the pleasure was intense. What was wrong with me, I must be sick, I wanted more . . . I got more.

Amanda began a regular assault on my backside from my thighs to my shoulder blades. My eyes were squeezed shut and my back was arched forward, my mouth opened to scream but no sound came out and then she stopped. Oh good, it was over. I relaxed, thinking I would be taken down and given a break as I felt the sharp pain across my breasts from the front, then another. I immediately had an orgasm as I fought through the pain. Another crossed my upper thighs and then my lower tummy. I thought I was going to die when she brought the whip down from the top and struck just my nipple. I came again.

By the time I opened my eyes again, the only person in my view was Sam slowly stroking his cock. The whereabouts of Amanda became clear as the crop struck the tender skin on the inside of my upper thigh from behind . . . then again. It overloaded me and I came again. I couldn't believe it; this was the most powerful sexual experience I could have ever imagined. I am so sick. Now the whipping picked up pace and severity, each cheek of my butt in turn, the back of my thighs, across my legs, and back to the inside of my thighs. Orgasms washed over me in rapid succession. When I thought I had reached an apex of sexual experience, Amanda brought the crop up between my legs and whipped my pussy. A bomb exploded inside of me. I splattered cum onto the floor below me and down my legs. Once, twice and then a third time, slapping my cunt and striking my clit with the tip of the crop from behind. I lost all control. My body went limp, my legs gave out and I pissed myself adding to my mess on the floor.

I'm not sure how long I hung there until I felt Amanda's arms caress me from behind, holding my small breasts and kissing my neck. She held me for a while and then asked, "Are you done?"

I had nothing to give but fearful I would never get back sexually to this place again. I'm sure I was delirious, not in my right mind but slowly shook my head, "No."

"Good, Sam still has one more treat especially for you" Amanda cooed.

Amanda stepped back and moved next to Sam. Several others, including Tracie had gathered around to watch as Amanda finished whipping me. Sam made some sort of an introduction to the group but I wasn't tracking. All I got was the gentleman named Dane, a tall black man standing with the group because he stepped forward. Dane's muscular body and huge dick were on full display. I thought Sam's was about as big as a cock could get but this was bigger. I must have been fixated on it because it startled me that Sam was all of a sudden behind me. He was gently touching my whipped bottom as he began pulling me back by the hips. I shuffled backwards as the chain above stretched me out until I was standing on my tippy-toes, causing my back to arch forward. The result was that my small, perky little ass was sticking right out at him as an invitation. There was nothing I could do in this position so I just let my head fall forward, down between my arms and waited for whatever was coming.

I could feel him fondling my butt cheeks with his fingers and then pushing his monster dick up against my ass. This was the second time in my life someone had touched my bottom sexually; the first was Amanda about twenty minutes ago. He massaged my smallest of holes with the mushroom head of his cock, then he'd stop to add lube before continuing to push it back at my asshole. Stretched out with my head hanging down, the sensation of his pressure was making my head spin. I was feeling intoxicated without ever having a drink. After a while he seemed satisfied with the amount of lubrication, so he gripped my hips in his hands and started to press in. Being totally limp, not having control of any muscle in my body probably made this easier for him, for both of us. But even so, it was still a sensation that I would have never imagined. As he pressed his cock against me with more pressure, I started to pant and moan. Then the sensation of the head of his cock as it finally popped into my ass was incredible. I was sweating and shivering all at the same time. I couldn't focus, it was absolutely amazing. Sam made these small movements in and out, up and down, again taking me somewhere I had never been before. Then he went back to pushing his cock deeper into my ass when all of a sudden, he pulled out completely and then drove it back in sending shockwaves throughout my body. Remembering the size of Sam's cock as Tracie had wrapped her hands around it earlier, it was unimaginable that it could ever be fully imbedded in me. I'm so small and it is so big, "Oh god" it was filling me up.
Sam began using me harder, actually lifting my feet off the ground as he sunk deep into me. I was near unconsciousness. Then he slowed, taking several slow full strokes making me grunt and groan, my mouth hung open and I couldn't lift my head at all. I felt my own cum running down my legs. Finally, he came to a stop completely inserted up my ass as I could feel my body pulsating around his cock with each beat of my pounding heart. He held me there as Dane approached me from the front with his very large dick in hand. Sam lifted me up from behind and opened my legs, ready for Dane to impale me from the front. As Sam held me, Dane rubbed the head of his cock against my vagina. It didn't seem to take much for him to enter me, even though I hadn't had intercourse in months, I was ready. Tracie, Amanda and Sam had made me ready.

Dane draped my legs over his arms as he opened me up like never before with the head of his dick. Then he suddenly shoved a large portion of it deep into my wet pussy knocking the wind out of me. Gasping for breath, I watched as Danes cock, the size of my arm, sink further into me. It didn't seem real, my thin white thighs spread wide as this black monster pressed into me. I was already full from behind and I thought I was going to split open, filled up to overfull. My brain was flooded with endorphins and high voltage coursed through my body. They were both starting to move in and out of me at the same time. I was completely off the ground being lifted up these two humongous cocks and then dropped back down onto them. These two strong me had no problem moving me any way they wanted me. It seemed that I had become the sex toy that these two were masturbating themselves with.

Dane said, "Shit, she's so tight! I can feel you Sam."

Dane embedded himself fully and held there, "Stoke my dick Sam, stroke it from her asshole. Yeah, that's it, I can feel it. Go Sam, I'm going to cum!"

With that, Sam pushed hard against Danes cock and pumped brutally. He was slamming my poor little ass down onto his huge dick, over and over. I could feel Sam's cock running up and down Dane's cock, causing a pressing and stretching of every square inch of my sex creating a rolling tsunami of orgasms. Dane gave a groan and started pumping again as he unloaded his balls. I could feel their balls slapping up against each other's in between my legs. This must have taken Sam over the edge as well as he grabbed my tits in a tight squeeze for one last painful pleasure, and I felt him cum in my ass.

Still impaled on both cocks, Dane let my legs drop and I just hung there in between these two strong bodies. Pressed from the front and the back, hands above my head, I dangled there between them until they decided to step back and remove their weapons of destruction from my body.

After they vacated me they left me hanging there for only a minute or two as fluids ran from both orifices, down my legs and onto the floor. Someone gently loosed my hands, carrying me to lay me on one of the couches. My head was in Tracie's lap as she stroked my hair telling me how truly beautiful I was. I had been looking for an adventure but I ended up letting myself get sexually brutalized. I don't understand it, this wasn't what I was looking for . . . but I loved it, I needed it. I want more.

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