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The New Nanny Ch. 02

Brenda Danforth was enjoying lunch in one of the smaller dining rooms of her opulent mansion. It was a serene Wednesday afternoon and the socialite relished the peaceful interlude between her many social and business obligations. She then turned her head to the sound of a door opening; into the room walked in an elderly butler.

"Yes, Reginald?" Mrs. Danforth asked.

"Sorry to disturb your meal, madam. Miss Emory would like to have a word with you."

"Send her in."

Reginald gave his employer a bow and stepped aside to let a young woman enter the room. She was a beautiful girl in her mid-twenties, with a shock of wavy bleach-blonde hair. She wore a tank top, a denim skirt, and sandals, while carrying a duffel bag. As she walked towards Mrs. Danforth, she looked to be in some minor discomfort. Mrs. Danforth took another sip of iced tea and set it down on the table.

"How can I help you, Sally?"

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Danforth," the girl said. "But, I don't think that I can make it to Friday. William, he...he never seems to get tired, and I'm really sore."

"That's very unfortunate. I hope you understand that I won't be able to pay you the full amount; our agreement was that you stay here from Tuesday to Friday, after which, you would receive $40,000."

"I know, and I'm really sorry about that."

"Very well," Mrs. Danforth sighed. "You were here for what, a day and a half? I already paid you $10,000, so I'll give another $5000 on top of that. Reginald will handle your payment."

"Thank you," Sally said before leaving the room.

Mrs. Danforth nodded and resumed her meal. For half a second, she could have sworn that Sally had shot her a dirty look, but it didn't matter to her. She, like all the other women who had been in her son's bed, had signed an iron-clad confidentiality agreement. William could have gotten Queen Elizabeth pregnant, and she would be unable to tell anyone who the father was, otherwise, she'd have to pay a hefty sum.

However, with Sally gone, William's lack of companionship for the next few days would certainly be a problem. Mrs. Danforth's brow furrowed as she tried to think of a solution. She turned to the elderly butler that had been in the room, waiting on her for all this time. After dismissing him, she picked up her smart phone and began going through the contact list she had for William's lovers.

As she scrolled through the list of names and faces, she began contacting all the women she could think of. Abigail, the blonde, busty amateur porn star, told her that she would be down in Miami for a series of video shoots that would last for a week. Agnes, the aspiring model who paid for her shoots by having William shoot all over her body, was in Dubai for the rest of the year; apparently, she was not doing much aspiring. She had even called veteran porn star Alyssa West, offering her to fly her out on a private jet. Alyssa apologized, but not before asking Brenda to give William a kiss for her.

On an on, the refusals came, the reasons all the same: pregnant, busy, engaged, married, or, in one strange case, now surgically a man. Already in her mind, Brenda was resigned to the fact that it would be she who would be keeping her son company in bed. After a few more downward swipes on the touchscreen, she was greeted by the face of a familiar Latina woman that filled her with hope.


She immediately called her primary phone number, hoping that she would answer. She couldn't believe that she didn't think to contact her first. Nina had been one of William's favorites. After her visit last month, William had been absolutely drained, not being able to get an erection for an entire day; Brenda hadn't seen that happen since William's 19th birthday, where he'd had his way with three escorts for an entire weekend.

Mrs. Danforth's heart leaped when she heard Nina answer the phone; apparently, she had just gotten home from the grocery store.

"Nina, I'll be brief. I have an emergency here, and William needs you...badly."

"Oh, my," Nina chuckled.

"Exactly. So, would you mind packing away those groceries and getting over here on the double? There's a nice $10,000 check in it for you."


"It'll only be for tonight. You can leave first thing tomorrow morning."

"Well, okay. Just let me pack a quick bag and I'll be right over in about 2 hours."

"Perfect, see you then." Brenda hung up the phone and finished what little remained of her lunch. After she had finished her meal, she hastily called a few more girls to arrange companionship for William for the rest of the week.

True to her word, Nina arrived at the mansion a couple hours later. After handing her overnight bag to a butler, she followed Brenda to William's room. From the outside, the two could hear only absolute quiet. With a puzzled glance, Brenda unlocked the door to William's room. They peeked in to find William completely asleep.

"I'll see you later," Nina said as she slipped inside. She didn't even wait for the door to close before she started taking off her clothes. Her heart was beating rapidly as she walked over to the bed. Once there, she lifted the covers and climbed in, sidling up against the young man until her large tits were pressed against his back. She didn't even want to wait; she reached between his legs and began stroking his large sleep-boner.

William slowly stirred awake, rolling over to view the newcomer. His eyes widened with glee once he saw Nina.


"Hello, my sweet niño!" Nina cooed.

William smiled and quickly climbed on top of the older woman. Sitting on her abdomen, he sandwiched his throbbing meat between her breasts and began to fuck them. Nina stuck out her tongue, occasionally licking his glans.

"Ohhh," William moaned. "I was having a dream about titty-fucking someone, so I'm really glad you're here!"

"Yes, I can see that," Nina smiled. "You're so big today, my love."

"Squirt some milk on my dick, Nanny," William said, completely ignoring the compliment.

Nina obliged and began to squeeze her dark nipples until tiny droplets leaked out from then. Seconds later, William was blessed as tiny sprays of milk shot through the air, raining onto his groin. Once his dick was properly lubricated, he began to feel much better.

This was already driving Nina wild: the feel of his hot penis in her breasts, the sound of his breathing, and the way his fuzzy, blond pubic hairs tickled her abdomen as he rubbed his nuts on her skin. Her pussy was aching for him, slimy and ready to be wrecked; it had been that way since she'd left her house and gotten into the car.

"Enough, niño," Nina growled. "Dame tu salchicha. Fuck me, honey."

William quickly obeyed, sliding his milk-stained rod out of Nina's chest and into her hairy, wet twat. Nina cried out as the young man rammed his pole into her. She spread her thighs wider to allow him more room to thrust, which turned out to be wise decision, since he fucked her even harder and faster. Her body was on fire, and her heart was thumping within her chest. Her body writhed with pleasure from underneath her young, Caucasian paramour.

Just when she thought things couldn't get better, William bent forward and latched onto one of her brown nipples. Nina screamed with joy as William began to drain her breast of its milk. Ever since she'd met him, it seemed as though her milk production had doubled. Right now, she felt as though she could fill an entire punch bowl. William moaned with delight as his mouth filled with the savory cream.

"Gah!" William gasped as he removed his mouth from her breast. "Oh, Nanny, I'm gonna cum."

"Alreadyyyyyyy...AY!" Nina cried. "But, we...we just started."

"I'm sorry, Nanny," William panted, his mouth still dripping with milk. "I...I can't help it..." He let out a low growl. "Oh, I'm gonna cum...gonna cum...MMMMMMM!"

Nina opened her mouth to speak, but her words were drowned out with a loud moan as she felt her pussy being filled with William's cum. The young man cried out as well as he orgasmed, expelling an inhuman amount of semen into his lover. After several large spurts, William collapsed beside Nina, totally spent.

That was way too quick, Nina thought to herself. In the four months that Nina had known William, he'd never finished so soon. It must have been that one girl, who was here before me, she reasoned as she stared at William, who was quickly falling asleep. It would have been safe to bet that he'd masturbated a lot in the time between her leaving and Nina arriving.

This was a problem; William was satisfied for the moment, but Nina was still horny as hell. Her body was aching to be used, but there was no way of knowing how long William would be asleep. In quiet desperation, she looked around the bedroom for anything phallic-shaped to help finish herself off, but to no avail.

She jumped into the shower, to both clean herself and to finger herself, but the latter did nothing to slake her lust. After drying off, she put on a robe and slippers and ventured out to find something to take her mind off of her sexual frustration. Perhaps, she'd go down into one of many luxurious rooms, watch a movie, and enjoy a specially made meal by one of the extremely skilled chefs that the Danforths had on staff.

She exited the bedroom, making sure to close the door behind her, and started down the hallway. She quietly walked past numerous doors, and turned a corner to reach the stairs. Unexpectedly, she bumped into someone after making her blind turn.

"Oh!" Nina exclaimed. "I'm terribly sorry!"

"It's quite alright," the man chuckled. "It's easy to think that you're in this big house all by yourself."

Nina was taken aback by the appearance of the stranger; he was extremely handsome. He was tall, had soft brown hair, a boyish face with an attractive amount of stubble, and blue eyes. He wore a sky blue polo, khaki pants, and penny loafers with no socks. It took a few seconds for Nina to realize whom the man resembled.

"Mr. Danforth?" she asked.

"At your service," the man replied with a smile. "And who might you be?"

"My name is Nina, I'm one of..."

"William's playmates, yes! I've heard of you from my wife. Apparently, you're my son's new favorite. My wife talks about you all the time."

Nina felt herself caught off guard, not sure of what to say. She couldn't remember the last time she had been so taken with someone. She simply giggled and blushed, fidgeting like a high school girl.

"Um, I was actually heading down to get something to eat while I wait for William to wake up," Nina said.

"Would you like some company?"

"Oh, that's alright Mr. Danforth, I don't want to keep you from what you're doing."

"No, please, allow me to be a good host. You've done so much for my wife and son."

Nina could no longer feign modesty, especially to a man with his looks. "Okay, if you insist."

"Follow me. And, by the way, no more 'Mr. Danforth'; call me Raymond."

Nina and Mr. Danforth walked through the house, all the way to a wing of the house that she had never been to before. He opened a door and held it open for her. Walking inside, Nina was in another spacious bedroom with a large four-poster bed. As she heard the door behind her close, she realized that Mr. Danforth hadn't brought her here to get something to eat. She turned around to face him, her hard nipples tenting through the fabric of the robe.

"Will your wife hear us?"

"Not at all."

He walked up to her and gently undid the belt of her robe. He then slowly brushed the robe from her shoulders, allowing it to fall off her body and to the floor. As Raymond's eyes feasted upon her nude body, Nina could see the impressive bulge in the front of his khakis. She reached forward with her right hand and a gently rubbed the protrusion with her palm. Raymond moaned and began to undo his belt.

Nina watched hungrily as his pants and boxers joined her robe on the floor. Based on what he was packing between his legs, there was no doubt that this man was William's father. Raymond's throbbing cock was adorned with dark brown pubic hair, and was already dripping with pre-cum. He took off his shirt, revealing his toned chest and abdomen, which were also covered with a fine layer of hair. Nina reached forward and placed both hands on his pectorals.

"You have an amazing body," she whispered.

"I'm glad you like my chest," he breathed. "Let me examine yours."

Nina moaned as Raymond took her lovely mounds into his strong hands and gently massaged them. He smiled as she shut her eyes and bit her lower lip as the milk began to flow. He relinquished his hold on her chest, pulled her body against his, and kissed her deeply.

Nina wrapped her arms around him, surrendering herself to his embrace. She felt Raymond's hands roving all over back and buttocks, raking through her hair. His turgid dick was pressed against her tummy, staining it with his secretions. While he wasn't the horny sex maniac that his son was, he was proving to be quite seductive. She'd never been kissed so well in her entire life.

William moved his mouth to lavish kisses on her ear and neck. Nina inhaled sharply, firmly grasping his ass as he drove her into a frenzy. Raymond then slowly moved a hand to her crotch and expertly slid his fingers in and out of her hairy slit. She was wholly unprepared for him, squirming and yelping in ecstasy as he fingered her. Her knees began to buckle.

"Mr. Danf...Raymond, please!" Nina cried. "Take me to bed, I'm begging you!"

"You want it bad, don't you, Nina?"

"Yes, please, fuck me! I...I'm going to go crazy!"

"Ask me nicely," he said, continuing to finger her. "Ask me in Spanish."

"¡AYYYYY, Dame lo, papi!" Nina moaned. "¡Cógeme como una puta!"

"Oh, yeah!" Raymond growled, as he swept her up into his arms, walked over to the bed, and threw her onto it. Nina spread her moist thighs open as Raymond crawled between them and plunged his rod into her weeping vagina.

Nina groaned and clawed at his back as he thrust in and out of her. He didn't fuck her with the reckless abandon that William did, but he sure knew his stuff. The slow, firm rhythm, coupled with being on the edge of orgasm from her previous liaison with William, was making her body burn.

Raymond then stopped, still buried up to the hilt inside of her. The two lie on the bed, panting and moaning. He slowly slid himself out of her, which she really didn't like. Her brain was still stuck in a haze of sexual energy. All she could do was moan, "Noooooo."

"Don't worry, I'm not finished yet," Raymond assured her.

He rolled off of her and pushed her onto her side, so that he was spooning her. Nina felt him lifting her leg into the air, and, afterwards, was soon rewarded for her patience by the feeling of his meaty cock reentering her. Raymond nuzzled her fragrant hair as he renewed his coitus with her.

"I like this position, don't you?" He whispered.

"Ahhhhh, yesssss," Nina breathed.

"Ohhhhh, of course you do."

Raymond delivered a long lick to her neck, which caused her to give a pleasurable shudder. This man was hitting all of the right spots. Though she had come here for the promise of being fucked silly by William, her father was filling that capacity very well (no pun intended).

Again, Raymond stopped fucking her. Irritation, confusion and sadness filled her again. She was so close to release. He slid out of her and rolled onto his back. Nina looked over at him for an explanation.

"Ride me, Nina," he murmured, lying on his back.

Nina wasn't sure if that was a request, a command, or a suggestion, but she didn't care. She mustered up the strength to get to her feet and straddle Raymond. He simply watched her with a smile as Nina grabbed his dick and lowered herself onto it. She wasted no time in moving her hips, desperate to cum before he wanted to change positions again. She didn't care how muscular he was; she'd pin him to the bed, if she had to.

Raymond looked on with delight as the voluptuous Latina bounced up and down his shaft. He couldn't believe how wet she was. She raked her hands up and down his hairy stomach, shaking her head from side to side. She let out a sharp gasp and tilted her upper body away from him. Nina grabbed her pendulous teats and began to knead them.

"Ohhhhh," Raymond moaned. "You're such a big titter, aren't you?"

Nina's face and ears burned from the compliment. "Yeah."

Raymond chuckled as the milk began to flow, splattering itself onto his front. "Let's have a taste." He sat up in the bed latched his mouth to Nina's left teat. Nina wailed and began running her hands through her brown hair, unintentionally revealing her hairy armpits.

"Hmmm, what are these," Raymond asked with a devilish grin before using his hands to play with her underarm hair.

"Nooooo, don't do that, pleeeeease," Nina said, half moaning and giggling. "I can't...stop...oh, I'm going to cum!"

"Not yet, you're not."

Raymond drew his knees up and began rapidly moving his hips upwards into Nina. She wrapped her arms around him, holding on as best as she could as the rich man coupled with her. Raymond shut his eyes tight as he neared the crest of his release. Nina's bouncing tits pelted him in the face as she writhed atop him. The two screamed as they came in unison.

Nina's chest heaved as she tried her best to recover from her orgasm. Raymond gently laid her body on the bed and got beside her before pulling the covers over them. The two looked deeply into each other's eyes as they rested their sore and sticky bodies.

"I can see why my son enjoys you so much," Raymond said.

"Ohhhh, thank you," Nina said, sidling up to him and nuzzling his firm, hairy chest. "My brain feels like it's on fire."

"Well, rest up, Nina. We'll get something to eat after we recover, I promise."

He kissed her forehead and wrapped her arms around her as she dozed off.

Nina felt like she'd been asleep for only a few seconds before she heard the click of the door opening.

"Oh, here, they are, William!"

Nina lifted her head from Raymond's chest, leaving a long strand of drool that connected it to her mouth. Brenda Danforth was standing in the doorway with an amused expression. Her heart sank, horrified that she had been caught naked in bed with her husband.

"Raymond, I've been looking all over for you!" Brenda said, striding up to the bed.

"Oh, sorry, honey," Raymond said as he sat up in the bed and yawned. "I got a bit sidetracked."

"I should say so. He wasn't too forward, was he, Nina?"


"Well, I'm glad you two have met," Brenda said pleasantly. "Isn't she darling, Raymond?"

"She sure is," he said, smiling at Nina.

Nina was still dumbfounded. What is wrong with this family? Brenda and Raymond carried on some tedious conversation about some garden party they had to attend, completely ignoring Nina. Apparently, Mrs. Danforth was completely fine with her husband being in bed with another woman. Nina didn't know whether to remain there until she was dismissed, or to simply get up and leave the room.

It wasn't soon thereafter that William entered the room, stroking his enormous penis and saying, "Mom, I want pussy."

"I know, dear," Brenda said wearily. "Just be patient."

"How's it going sport?" Raymond asked him.

"Hey, dad." William's eyes went as big as saucers the second he spotted Nina in bed with his father. "NANNY!"

The young man ran to the bed and leapt onto it. He grabbed Nina and kissed her roughly, just the way that she liked it.

"Nanny, I'm horny," he whined. "Let's go to my room."

"Nina's hungry, son," Raymond said sternly. "How about you let her get something to eat, first?"

"Awwww, okay."

"Supper should be ready in a few minutes," Brenda said. "Strip steaks, stuffed baked potatoes, and green beans."
"Sounds great," Raymond said, getting out of the bed and grabbing a robe out of the bathroom. "Let's go eat."

Nina retrieved her robe and followed all three Danforths out of the room and to the dining room. They all enjoyed their dinners, and afterwards played the game Taboo in one of the living rooms. Nina couldn't believe that she was having such a great time that didn't involve sex.

"Oh, that was funny!" Raymond said. "I love this game!"

"We used to play it all the time, when the kids were younger," Brenda told Nina. "It never fails to make me laugh."

"Wow, look at the time," Raymond remarked as he glanced at the clock. "It's already after nine!"

"Oh, my," Brenda said, getting up from her seat. "Well, I'm going to bed. Good night, all."

"Wait, honey!" Raymond said, jumping to his feet and running over to his wife. "Why don't we both go to bed? I know another fun game that we can play..."

"Awww, not tonight, dear. I've got to be up early tomorrow to have breakfast at Muffy Thompson's. That cow will never forgive me if I miss it." She looked over towards Nina. "Maybe Nina could look after you?"

Nina blushed where she sat, the memory of her first encounter with Mr. Danforth still fresh in her memory. "I don't mind at all."

Brenda arched an eyebrow and gave a wry smile. "Well, then, good night, everyone."

After she left the room, everyone quickly disrobed.

"I hope you don't mind sharing your nanny, son," Raymond said to William.

"Not at all, dad," William replied. "But, her ass is mine."

The three nude people adjourned to a nearby bedroom which was already stocked with the lube Nina needed before she had William enter her. William got onto the bed and lie on his back, stroking his waiting member slowly as Nina prepared her rectum. She quickly climbed into the bed and crouched on top of William, facing away from him. Her heart beat anxiously; even though William had breached her many times, she was never wholly ready for him. With the utmost delicateness, she lowered her ass onto his penis, letting the glans pop into her puckered asshole.

"¡Ay, hijo de puta!" Nina hissed. "Oh, qué grande."

"Oh, you know it drives me wild when you speak Spanish," William grunted, right before thrusting his hips upwards.

Raymond Danforth stood watching Nina's chubby body jiggling as his son fucked her reverse-cowgirl. The busty Latina vocalized loudly as the hot log of flesh went in and out of her anus. The sight was more than he could bear. He quickly climbed into the bed, got between Nina's chunky thighs, and stuck his dick into her furry snatch. Nina's mind went blank at having both of her holes filled with Danforth cock.

"Ugggggh, you're so fucking wet! MMMMM!" Raymond grunted as he continued to plow her.

"And your ass is so TIGHT!" William added.

"Ohhhhh, my god! AHHHHHH!" Nina shrieked.

The two men continued to pump into her body with carnal ferocity. Nina had never known such pain and pleasure before. Her nipples began to drip with milk and sweat as her gravid melons wobbled madly. Raymond noticed this right away and put his mouth to one of her stiff nipples. The darkened nub shot milk into the rich man's mouth.

"Save me some, dad," William cried. "That's my milk!"

"Ohhhhh, just shut up and fuck meeeeeeeooh!" Nina begged.

"If you insist," Raymond said. "ARRRRRGH!"

All of a sudden, he pulled the both of them backwards, so that she was lying on top of his supine body. He then wrapped his arms around her and began to thrust in her anew. Unfortunately, he had unintentionally removed her ass from his son's dick, and William was not happy.

"Come back here, Nanny!" he cried, jumping to his feet.

The young blond man leapt onto Nina's back and roughly reentered her ass. Raymond's heart leapt at the sight of Nina's face as his son plunged his dick into her rear; her eyes were clamped shut and her teeth were gritted. Her wet breasts were being mashed against her chest, lactating wantonly on him. He licked Nina's burning face, and the feel of his tongue prompted her to turn her head so that she could answer his tongue with hers. Nina could feel all sense of decency and restraint being forgotten; she was in bed with a man and his son, and she loved every minute of it.

"I need to spit roast you," Raymond said, pulling out of Nina and sliding from beneath her.

"Good idea, Dad," William panted. He slapped Nina on her large rump, making her cry out. "Get on your hands and knees, Nanny."

"Yes," Nina gasped. "Yes, mijo."

The voluptuous woman tottered as she complied with the command. Her eyes were still closed, but she could feel something hard and wet slapping against her face. She let out a weak chuckle as she felt the tip of it being placed up her nostril, but moved her head so that she was able to take it into her mouth. She relaxed her jaw to better fit Raymond's dick in her maw, bobbing her head up and down along its length. She put her tongue to work on giving it the affection it needed.

"Oh, my god...that feels great!" Raymond exclaimed.

"Golpholobobobob," Nina said, her mouth full of Raymond.

Raymond put both hands upon her head, steadying it as she sucked on his shaft. He could feel gusts of air caressing his genitals as Nina breathed hard through her nose. Her tongue slobbered all over him, sending surges of pleasure throughout his body.

"Oh, shit. I'm cumming...GUHHH!"

Nina felt the white hot globs of sticky goo pelt the back of her throat, sliding down like chowder. She slobbered Raymond's cum, savoring the taste of his seed and flesh. Though he was very well hung, his output was nowhere near that of his son. He pulled out his flesh rod, smacking it playfully against Nina's cheek as it gave out a few remaining weak spurts. Milky white tears stained the Latina's beautiful visage.

"Oh, Nina. That was so good!"

"Thank youuuuuuu," she moaned, still being reamed by William.

"Oh, Nanny, I'm gonna cum. Gonnacumgonnacumgonna ARGH!"

"Oh, si. AHHHHHHH!"

William clenched his fingers into Nina's waist as he came into her ass. Nina felt as though someone had shot a water gun into her rectum; the flow seemed never ending. William grunted with each inhuman spurt, causing cum to gush out of Nina. He fell back on the bed, festooning Nina's rump with the leftovers of his orgasm. She fell forward, her ass still pointed in the air, leaking cum onto the sheets.

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