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The Making of a Fuck Toy Pt. 02

Chapter Four – A meeting of Mind and Body

When Morning came around for Cass, it was brutal. She'd not slept much thinking about what had happened to her. She was disgusted with herself and the way he'd made her behave. He being, Big Mr. Eric French. Taking advantage of helpless women, Mr. French. She thought. Yeah, Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous Mr. French. But the fact was, she'd thought about him all night. She'd brought herself off so many times, thinking about how he made her feel. She felt alive and disgusted. Cass's life had been turned upside down. With the loss of her job, boyfriend, and her parents move, she been left with no one to take care of her. No one until the long tall country boy, with his sexy accent and melt in your mouth body came along.

She was lounging around in bed when her phone went off. Cass rolled over to get her phone from the bedside table. She cringed when her, still tender ass, abraded on her sheets. She groaned but found his text and read it:

'Good morning Miss Mumford. I trust that the day finds you well rested and fully sated. By the way, how many times did you make yourself cum after I left? Hum? I believe I remember explicitly telling you to get some rest, that you'd need it. So you should expect to be punished again for not following instructions.'

'Meet me at my office at 5490 Huverton Dr. at precisely 11:30am. I'm on the top floor, the front desk will be expecting you. Wear something appropriate for business. I do have a reputation to keep. If you accept my offer, you will be spending the weekend with me. I didn't see any cats or dogs in your place, so I hope that you can make the necessary arraignments to be away for a few days. I will see you at 11:30.'

What an asshole. Who does he think he can order around? But the more she thought about it, she had no other options. She had nowhere to go. When he'd mentioned about punishing her for not getting rest. FUCK that makes me hot! And it was true. Cass's body was wet just from reading his text message. Her heart skipped a few beats when her phone went off again:

Cassandra, if you cum one more time without permission, I will staple your cunt shut!

Eric knew he would never do anything that horrible to Cass, but he wanted to keep the proverbial 'boot on her neck' for the time being. He thought she'd get the message.

Cass almost peed herself, because she had her fingers strumming through her wet lips re-reading his words. She looked at the time on her phone and only had an hour to get ready and be at his office. Having already been told to expect punishment, she didn't want to add to it.

Cass quickly showered. She did take the time to remove all of the hair from her body. It had been a while since she'd shaved her nether region and was surprised he hadn't said something about it. She dressed in a grey pencil skirt and matching jacket. The silk blouse was sleeveless and had a ruffled tie. The outfit was conservative even with the way if fit her. It was what she wore underneath that was meant to be sexy. Cass picked out matching bra and garter set with matching stockings. The demi-cups held her ample breasts high but it was well hidden under her jacket. The heels she wore were not conservative at all. The 6" matching grey ankle strap Victoire Yana's were a gift from Mark for a Christmas party they'd been invited to a few years back. Fucking asshole. I'm going to have to be a whore because you left me hanging. Cass thought as she strapped on the heels.

Her small bag for necessities was fit into a small clutch bag. She also had a small bag for a few things to wear for the weekend. She wished he'd given her more information about what they would be doing, or if they were going out somewhere. She though, if it came down to it, she could always swing by and pick something up later. When the cab arrived she was ready, which was a complete surprise to her. She was renowned for being fashionably late. During the short ride into the city, she took several deep breaths trying to calm her nerves. She had no idea what the future held for her and that was not even taking into account for the things that Mr. French had in store for her.

When Cass arrived at the building, she was impressed. How the hell does someone who owns apartments have an office this big? Cass cleared her head and made her way to the front desk. As Eric had told her, they were waiting for her. She never had to even give her name. Her bags were collected and she was told they'd be secured until she left. A nice looking security guard escorted her to the elevator and to the 9th floor with her. He gave her a big smile and told her 'good luck' and that he'd 'hope to see her later. It was exactly 11:30 when the receptionist walked her to the door.

Cass took one last deep breath and turned the door knob. When she entered, Eric was on the phone and deep in a conversation with whoever was on the other end of the line. His gruff tone let her know that someone had made a big mistake. Cass wondered if they would be getting a round with Mr. French's belt? A shudder went through her body.

He motioned for her to sit in one of the two chairs that were placed in front of his large wooden desk. By large, she meant LARGE. It wrapped around him like a fence. It was ornate and looked to be hand carved from a single piece of wood. There were latches and handles all the way around it, like there were drawers on the outside. There was a small lamp, several files, and a computer off on one of the sides. He seemed to be looking through a file on the screen and giving the caller a firm tongue lashing. When he finished, he hung up the phone and turned to her. He got up and walked around the desk and took her hand and gently kissed the top of it. Hey this is a little better than I expected, she thought to herself.

Eric pulled a file from his very organized desk. He opened it and pushed it towards Cass.

"This is a non-disclosure agreement. Everything that we do or say will become confidential. It's for your safety as well as mine, besides my lawyers insist on it." His smile lit up the room and the languid manner of his speech, belied his inner drive. There was nothing lazy about Mr. French, but it was his slow southern drawl that made Cass melt.

"Miss Mumford?"

His calling her so formally shook her from her auditory trance. "Yes, I'm sorry. Of course I understand." She signed the agreement without even reading it.

"Then the next item is your 'service' agreement. Basically, you're agreeing to provide this 'service' of your own free will, without any threats or coercion. The term of the agreement is for 90 days. At the end of the agreement, you will be provided with a sum of a million dollars. Meanwhile, your debt to me will extinguished." When he looked up, he saw that her eyes were blank and her face flushed. "We both know that the service you will provide is that you will be my personal fuck toy. You will be available for my pleasure at any time that I might desire. The text of this agreement does not mention sex but between you and I, it is implied."

Cass hesitated but cleared her throat. "A million dollars? That makes me a..."

"A whore. Yes, in a direct definition of the word, you will be my whore. Don't get all hung up on the idea of that. Let's just keep it that you are being given the opportunity to clear a debt and if you make it to the 90 days, you'll be set for a new start in life."

"B b but what if I don't like what you ask me to do? I don't..." She couldn't finish her question.

"Miss Mumford. What I will ask you do will be within your defined limits. We will be working on that this weekend. That's why I made time for us to be together. You will have safe words, so that I will know when you are reaching your limits."

"Safe words? What is that?"

Eric knew that she was naïve to what the BDSM lifestyle was all about, including the terms. It was part of her charm. So he took the next hour to explain, in as much detail, all that he thought she should know. When they both felt that she was up to speed, he offered her the contract to sign. He'd not mentioned the clothing stipend or the week paid vacation that was all included. When the contract was signed, he offered her a chance to freshen up in his private bathroom. When she returned, the tide changed.

"Miss Mumford, I have been less than a gentleman." He smiled. "I have forgotten to compliment you on how beautiful you look today. While the yoga pants/t-shirt combination was nice, you look absolutely stunning today." He hesitated for her to give the obligatory 'thank you.' "Now remove your clothing!" His voice suddenly stern and authoritative.

Chapter Five – Down and Dirty

While Cass was startled by the quick change in his demeanor, she had been expecting something like this. It had always been somewhat of a fantasy of hers to have a little 'office sex." So without much hesitation, she removed her clothing. When she was down to her bra and garter set, he stopped her.

"Very nice choice of undergarments. You look absolutely ravishing." His words were true. He thought that she was even more attractive then when he'd met here just last night.

"Thank you Sir." Cass said blushing shyly.

"As usual, we will get your accrued punishment out of the way so that we can proceed to something a little more fun."

Cass was sure that he was trying to hide a smile. "Of course Mr. French." She immediately averted her eyes. Although she had been uneasy about the prospect of being punished again, her body seemed to be looking forward to it.

Eric noticed that Cass's nipples were erect, as they laid so perfectly on the gentle upslope of her ample breasts. The thin material of her bra did little to hide that fact. Personally, Eric loved to see a woman in stockings, especially thigh highs even the cotton sock type that the younger girls wore.

He watched as she became more comfortable with her state of dress. She was a true beauty. He couldn't imagine some guy just up and leaving her. He intended to get to the bottom of that story. But for now, it was time to tend to her bottom. He stood and walked to where she stood. He caressed the slope of her breast with the back of his hand. She gasped from his touch. Eric loved her responsiveness, it was another of her charms.

"I think we will start with the standard ten slaps on your bottom with my hand. Do you think that's fair Cassandra?"

She loved when his eye brow raised in a questioning manner. It was so sexy. "Yes Sir. Whatever you decide will be fine." Cass swallowed hard, trying to ease her nervousness.

"Did you cum again after I instructed you not to?" His hand was stroking the ridge of her collar bone.

"No Sir." She hesitated. "But I was touching myself when I received your text." Her eyes never leaving the ground, even though she wanted to sneak a glimpse of his reaction.

"I think that your honesty is commendable. It shows that you have learned from your previous punishments. So in that case, I will add just a slight deviation from my planned punishment."

He guided her gently to his desk. He had her stand with her back facing it. Eric then went around and removed something from one of the many drawers. Cass really wanted to see what he was getting. When he returned he was holding some kind of 'choker" which he placed around her neck, securing it with a small lock. It looked like it was made of silver or stainless steel.

"This is my collar Cass. I've locked it in place and it will remain around your neck for the remainder of the 90 days. It is a symbol of my protection and ownership. You are now officially my fuck toy. I've taken the liberty to providing your collar with a tag. The tag has the name I will be calling you from this point on. Miss Cassandra Mumford, from this point forward you will be called many names, most of them meant to degrade and humiliate you, but my term of endearment will be 'Toy'."

Cass took a moment to take in what he was saying. The collar fit snug and she felt constricted by its tightness around her neck. She'd noticed the tag but hadn't had a chance to read it. But his constant soft touches had her body strumming. "Thank you Sir. I accept my new name and your collar with complete submission." Her voice demure and seductive.

"So how do you feel about being restrained? Being tied up?" He further clarified.

"I've been tied up before. You know, with scarves and stuff like that. I liked it." She smiles and quickly looked up. Their eyes met. She saw that he was really focused on her answer. That was comforting.

"Good. Let's have you lay back on my desk." He helped her to do as he said. He quickly took several cords and started securing her hands and feet together, right wrist to right ankle and so forth.

He made sure that each binding was secure but not tight enough to restrict blood flow. It was when he pulled her bound arms and legs back around her head and secured them to the desk, that she finally let an audible gasp escape her lips. It was a little uncomfortable but what really made her feel uneasy, was that her pussy and ass were lewdly on display. Her arms and legs were spread enough that her torso was open and provided easy access.

Eric stood back and assessed his rope work. Her breathing had increased but she appeared nowhere near any danger. Since this was their first real encounter, he would be closely monitoring her responses. He stroked her skin, gently caressing the lines of her tight muscles. He ran his fingers through the locks of her hair, then pulled the long strands into a ponytail and looped an elastic tie to bind it.

Then he took a finger and ran it down the side of her breast, stopping and pulling the cup down, exposing her soft globe. Her pink areola showcased her thick nipple. It was already erect as he took it into his mouth. He sucked gently, then started to swirl his tongue around the sensitive nub. His efforts were rewarded when he released it, as she whimpered with need. His intention was to train her body to be in a constant state of arousal. He pulled down the other cup of her bra and exposed her other nipple. He gave it the same treatment and got a matching result.

Eric's hand stroked a line from her breasts, down across her belly. He noticed her shivers as his fingers reached the gentle curve where her hip bone sloped towards her vulva. His thick fingers teased along the seams of her thong panties. He chuckled to himself when she tried to move her hips to meet them. Such a wanton slut already. He thought.

When Eric got around between the girl's spread thighs, he noticed the copious amount of fluids that were soaking her panties. He ran his finger through the cloth covered folds. She moaned loudly. He could already see the outline of her erect clit poking against the soft material. He flicked his fingertip, caressing it.

"Please. Sir. Please." She cried.

"Toy you are in this position for punishment, so you can stop with your begging."

She felt her face flush. She needed to cum so badly. It was like her sex drive was an out of control train, rolling down grade with no brakes at all. Despite his reprimand, she still wiggled her hips trying to gain some friction from his touch. His hand came down on the back of her thigh.

"Ouch Sir."

"We'd better begin before you get another ten added for misbehaving."

He reached for the seam of her panties and pull them out. He quickly snipped them with his pocketknife. He pulled the other seam and cut them completely away. He took the small cloth fragment and stuffed them into his toy's mouth. She whimpered as she was forced to taste her own arousal. Her face flushed anew. It didn't help that his thick bulge was pressing lewdly against her open pussy. He stayed there and bumped her sex rhythmically. It was driving her crazy with lust.

"Now Toy, I don't want to interrupt your enjoyment of the sweet nectar in those panties, so I won't require you to count. But I will get this over with quickly, for we have lots of things to do that are pressing." He watched as she nodded her understanding. He also noticed the hollow of her cheeks from her gentle sucking.

True to his word, his hand came down on her splayed ass. He was tempered and gave each cheek an equal thrashing. Her only reprieve was when he dipped and gave her throbbing pussy a few gentle licks. He sucked each of her swollen lips, pulling them as far as he could from her body before releasing them. Just when she was luxuriating in his excellent tonguemanship. He finished with a flurry of slaps that left her cheeks and inner thighs red and her pussy boiling over with need. He finished by grinding against her sopping wet folds again. She could feel his bulge pulsing. She wanted him in the worst way possible. He pulled back. She groaned with her displeasure. That earned her three sharp slaps to her pussy.

"You're her needy cunt. Needy cunts get attention; don't they Toy?" He said with a chuckle as he moved up towards were her head laid. He removed her panties from her mouth.

She took in a fresh breath of air. "Yes Sir. I'm sorry Sir." Her eyes never left the thick bulge that laid right in front of her, albeit from an upside-down perspective. She licked her lips, preparing for what she hoped who be her first taste of him. She noticed that the front of his suit was dampened by her juices.

He moved right to her mouth. "You did such a nice job and cleaning the juices from your panties, why don't you do the same with my trousers?" He pushed his cloth covered cock against her mouth. She obediently licked and sucked her own juices from them. She moaned with his lewd treatment of her. His hand reached down and tweaked both of her tight nipples. Her pussy was throbbing and the jolt of electricity from his rough treatment of her buds only added to her agony or pleasure, she wasn't sure.

Eric reveled in his toy's responsive body. Her labia was red and swollen from his slaps and her arousal. Her fluids were clearly overflowing. Her tight areolas were crinkled and responding to his touch. His cock was throbbed with a need for release. Now that she was his, he welcomes the chance to sink his cock down her throat. He leisurely unzipped himself, as calmly as he could muster, hiding his own need from her.

Cass was biting her lower lip, anticipating her first glimpse of his cock. When his hand pulled it out, she openly panted. He was around 8" long and had a thick girth. The crown of the head was extra thick and bulbous. It was hard to judge upside down and against his large hand, but it was clearly bigger than she'd ever seen. She could see a thick droplet of pre-cum emanating from the large slit on the head of his cock. She licked her lips, almost tasting it before he even offered it to her.

Eric could see that his toy was ready to take his cock. He squeezed his shaft and let the thick blob of pre-cum hang right above her mouth. He watched as she attempted to catch it with her outstretched tongue.

"This is the reward for your honesty earlier. My cum will always be your reward, whether it be deposited in any of your holes. My holes. My pussy. My ass. My mouth." With that he let her tongue lick the head of his dick, lapping up his fluid.

She moaned with her first taste of him. It was salty sweet. His manly scent almost made her go over the edge. The stirrings of her orgasm was precariously close to completion. When he slipped his cock between her lips, she swirled her tongue around the thick head. She made sure to bring her tongue up and brushed the underside of her tongue on the sensitive underside of his cock. He'd been right when he said that Mark had left because she didn't give head. She never liked the idea and would find any excuse not to do it. But there was something about him that made her want to, some innate desire to please him. Cass wasn't sure if it was his rough treatment, or something darker still, but she felt her cunny clench when her lips wrapped around his thick cock.
Chapter Six – Nice to Meat You

Eric loved his desk. It had been made especially for him. There were hidden drawers where he kept some bondage equipment, ropes, clamps, even some leather slappers and small floggers. There were cleverly design restraint points to tie willing submissives to. Much the way his toy was now. Her wrists and ankles tied together and secured to desk, leaving her splayed wide for easy access. His cock was buried in her mouth now. He was standing on a pull out drawer specially design to give him footing to feed his cock into her.

He was letting her take his cock at an easy pace. Later he would press her limits with regard to taking him down her tight throat. She was energetic but he could tell that she didn't have much practice in the art of fellatio. He would soon rectify that. She was laving his cock when there was a knock at his office door. He was expecting it. While she'd been 'freshening up' he'd ordered them lunch. He could tell by her lips tightening around his shaft that she heard the knock too.

"Enter." He said without taking his cock out of her mouth.

One of his lawyers entered his office. She was a young and attractive blonde. She had two brown bags and a manila folder in her hands. She didn't appear shocked at the sight of her boss receiving head by a restrained naked woman on his desk.

"Mr. French, I have some papers that need your signature and your secretary handed me your lunch as requested." Her eyes stayed on the folder she brought with her.

"Thank you Liz. Where do I need to sign?" Cass moaned around his cock, thinking of how this looked to the woman. She was horrified but her cunny clinched with need.

Liz was trying to flip through the pages to find where Eric needed to sign. When the pages began to stick, she started to lick her fingers, but instead, reached over to the conveniently splayed pussy on Eric's desk. She slipped two fingers into Cass's tight slit. Both girls moaned in unison. Liz fingered the submissives pussy before removed them and used Cass's slick juices to find the page she needed.

"Right here Sir, and then I'll be out of your hair." She said clearly eyeing the writhing female her boss was feeding his cock to.

"You don't have to run Liz. Stay and have lunch with us. There's plenty to eat." He chuckled at his intended pun.

"As much as I'd love to eat that, I have tons of paperwork to get done before close of business. Can I take a raincheck?" Her smile bubbled over at the thought of sharing in the fun.

"Absolutely. Toy here will be around for the next several months, so there will ample opportunity for you to get to know her better. And Liz, don't work so hard. Nothing here needs to be so pressed that you can't leave early on a Friday. Have a good weekend."

"You too Sir. Looks like that's a no brainer." She said as she closed the door behind her.

The way that Cass was hollowing out her cheeks to suck hard on his cock, coupled with the thoughts of having some fun with Liz and Toy, was all that he could handle. His dick throbbed and pulsed when his balls tightened. "Here comes your reward Toy. Make sure you receive it all." With that he emptied his load into her waiting mouth. He could see her pussy muscles pucker with each rope of his seed that erupted into her mouth.

To her credit, he marveled at Cass's focus. She struggled to take all of his cum, with some slipping out from around his cock, but she swallowed more than he thought she would. She didn't stop sucking until he reluctantly pulled it from her lips with an audible 'pop'.

"Very good for your first attempt. I'm pleasantly surprised. You didn't even freak out when Liz came in. I'm impressed." Eric was stroking her hair before beginning to untie her restraints.

When he'd gotten her untied, he worked his hands up and down her arms, shoulders and thighs. Cass moaned with his touch. Eric could feel her body trembling as his hands caressed her. When he felt that her limbs had regained adequate circulation, he lifted her up and carried her in his arms over to the sofa. He returned with their lunches and they ate without saying any words. Both were thinking about what had happened and what laid ahead for them. While Eric was sated for the moment, Cass's body was still pulsing with need. She caught herself whimpering even while she was chewing her food.

Eric watched his new submissive. She looked lovely sitting there on his couch, naked save for her garter, stockings and heels. Her full breasts were still held up by her bra which was pulled down under them. He could tell she was still on edge. He wanted her that way. He planned on keeping her that way for the rest of the day. When they had finally finished their lunch, Eric had her freshen up again while he made some phone calls.

When she came back, he marveled on her simple beauty. He could tell she'd probably been abused by men in her past. While he was doing the same thing to her, he felt that there was something different about her. Maybe something special. He loved how responsive her body was to him. As much as someone might look at their agreement, or her situation from the outside and think that this was outright extortion, Eric knew that she wanted this, maybe even needed this. She was already starting to get under his skin, even though that's not how he did things. Eric pushed that thought away. I don't have time for girlfriends. This ends at the end of the contract. Period. He thought to himself.

Eric instructed Cass to remove her bra, then had her lay back on the couch. His red marks on her soft behind made his cock twitch, it didn't get any softer when she lay down and spread her legs for him. Her pussy was red and swollen. Eric could see that her juices had started to run down her thighs. He knew she still hadn't cum yet and she wouldn't until tonight if she continued to do as she was told.

Eric still had his clothes on as he got down between Cass's splayed thighs. His hands ran up her inner thighs. He watched her as he got close to her sex. He gave her pussy a soft slap when she had pushed her hips towards his hand.

"This is not about you Toy. I want to taste what is mine." He said as he leaned in and laid kisses on the soft part of her inner thigh.

She could feel the rough stubble of his 5 o'clock shadow. It tickled her. The whirling vibrations in her belly made her moan as he continued to tease her. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair and pull his lips to her flaming pussy. This was torture. She needed to cum so bad. He had her so turned on when he had her suck his cock earlier. It only got worse when that girl came in. They talked about her as if she wasn't even there. But the one thing that had surprised her, was when the girl had fingered her. OMG that was hot. Cass thought, as she fell her orgasm grow closer as he finally started licking her swollen pussy lips. She fought the urge to grind against him. Her cunny was stinging from the last slap it had received.

Eric ran his hand up and down on her labia, letting her pouty lips protrude between his fingers. When her clit popped out, he leaned in and gave it a quick swirl with his wet tongue. His fingers moved up and down. Her swollen lips teased the sides of her engorged clit, while his tongue continued to make soft licks across it. He knew she was really close. His hands stopped, still holding her lips between his fingers. Her sensitive bud was peeking out between them.

Cass watched as he laved her wet cunny. When his hand came up, she watched as he tweaked her turgid nipple, twirling it with his fingers. Then he trailed over to the other and pulled it away from her body. She wanted to move with it but fought it, trying to please him. He let go and her breast swayed. His hand came up to her mouth and he offered her two fingers. Her lips parted before they got there without her even thinking. She took his offering and sucked them as if it was his cock. She hollowed her cheeks and sucked them hard, while her tongue swirled around them. Her eyes were locked in on his. He growled while his own tongue still flicked lightly over her clit.

He pulled his fingers, slick now with her own saliva, and made a wet trail from her collar bone, down between her breasts. He continued over her tight stomach, which was quivering with need. His wet fingers traced the line of her hip bone towards her slit. When Eric slipped them inside her she let out a gasp.

"Please Sir. Please fuck me." She cried.

"Not yet girl. Remember, this isn't about your pleasure. Your just my fuck toy and I wanted to taste you." Eric said. He wanted nothing more than to bury himself inside her until they were both tired and sated. But he fought back that thought, for now anyway. His fingers moved slowly in and out of her quivering channel. The wet sloshing sounds of her arousal just added to his own. "Spread your legs wider slut."

She complied by taking hold of the spoke of her heels and pulling them wide. His fingers curled up and softly rubbed the back of her clit from the inside. He opened his mouth and huffed hot air on her clitty. She moaned loudly. Eric smiled. Then he pursed his lips and blew cool air over her throbbing nub. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Eric could feel the muscles of her pussy clinch, milking his fingers. He couldn't wait to feel that around his cock. It took everything he had not to bury himself inside her right then.

Eric continued to alternate between blowing hot and cool air across her engorged clit, while his fingers teased her from the inside. When she would get close, he would still and let her regain control. She was being very obedient, even if she kept begging for release. When he felt that her muscles were getting tired, he removed his fingers and stood.

Cass whimpered as her pussy was left strumming again. When he stood, she could see the outline of his thick cock. OMFG Why would he not fuck me? He certainly aroused. She bit her lip and kept her legs spread wide for him. He'd not told her to stop. But she did plead with her eyes. He licked her juices from his fingers, then reached into his pocket, pulling out a small box. Is that a ring box? Oh hell. Her mind was reeling.

"I have something for my little fuck toy." Opening the box. "These are Duotone balls or BenWa balls. They help strengthen your kegel muscles. You will wear them every day for a few hours. While they will help intensify your orgasms, you will be wearing them so that your kegels will be able to massage my cock when I'm inside you."

"Yes Sir." Cass looked at the 1" balls in his hand. They looked harmless. She heard about them and always wondered what they would feel like wearing them. Her cunny clinched hearing them rattle in his hands.

Eric knelt down between her splayed legs and slowly inserted, first one ball, then the other. Because of her copious juices, they slipped in rather easily. "Now, just one more thing then we need to get out of here. We've got lots to do before I take you back to my home. Turnover and get on your hands and knees slut."

Cass quickly complied. She held her ass up and presented it to her Master, hoping that he was going to fuck her silly. She wiggled her ass lewdly, in suspense of what he would do next. She felt his fingers teasing her slit, then enter her. She gasped, but it came out more like a whimper. She felt so slutty on her knees, naked in his office. She looked out the window at the city below. He took his moistened fingers and teased her tight rosette. Cass had never played with her ass before. While it was something that interested her, she was still an anal virgin. But because of her aroused state, she openly pushed back against the intrusion. She moaned as his fingers slipped inside, past her tight ring. It burned a little but the light caress of his thumb on her clit helped with that. When his fingers moved further inside she felt full. He held them there, letting her adjust to their size. The movement of her hips gave her a tingling feeling inside her pussy. The balls he put there were stimulating her.

Eric let her get used to his fingers, before he spread them inside her, stretching her tight anal channel. Then he slowly moved them in and out. He watched as her hips started to move in sync with them. He took a small butt plug and rubbed it in folds of her wet pussy. When it was lubed with her juices, he replaced his fingers with the plug. She grunted with the change in size, but moaned when the phallus slipped past her tight ring and was seated. He tapped gently on the base of the plug, it elicited a mournful whimper from his toy.

"Let's see you walk around with your new presents. Be careful not to let them slip out." He said with a wry smile.

Cass got to her feet. Her holes felt full. With her every movement she could feel the vibrations from the balls. She walked gingerly around the room. At one point she had to stop as she felt that one of the balls was sliding out. She tightened her stomach muscles, then took a few more steps. Every step was precarious. The plug in her ass reminded her of her place. Once she got the hang of keeping each toy seated, she walked over to her Master.

Eric fingered the D-ring of her collar and pulled her towards him. Even in her 6" heels he was a few inches taller than her. He leaned in and their lips met for the first time. His stubble scratched her face as his lips devoured hers. His tongue pressed against her mouth and her lips parted obediently. He drove his tongue deep into her mouth and hers danced with his as he pulled her closer still. Her nipples abraded against his jacket. His hand grabbed her hair and pulled back. Their kiss broken. She whimpered from the rough treatment. He could see the vein on her neck pulse.

Cass had never been kissed like that before. He'd left her wanting more. Needing more. When he leaned in and bit it her neck she lost it. So enraptured by his passion, one of the balls slipped out of her cunny and fell to the ground. It bounced and rolled a few feet away. She clinched her pussy but it was too late. She felt her face flush.

"Oh, you silly cunt. Now bend and pick it up!" Eric watched as she knelt down. "No. Pick it up with your slut mouth. Then I will put it back inside you."

She had a difficult time getting it into her mouth, but when she did, she knelt up in the presentation position he had taught her the first night they met. Cass made sure to tighten her pussy muscles so the other ball and plug didn't slip too. This only added to her frustrations. Her cunny was leaking profusely, to the point that it was now dampening the lace tops of her stockings.

Eric watched as she knelt before him submissively. She was a picture of loveliness. He offered his hand and she spit the silicone covered ball into his palm. Her face was flushed and her breathing ragged. He bent down and re-inserted the toy inside her. His hand stroked her hair before he fingered her collar and helped her stand again.

"Good girl. Now let me get you a coat and we can run some errands."

"Yes Sir."

Eric slipped a small London Fog raincoat he had placed in his closet this morning in anticipation of their shopping trip. He wanted her naked underneath while they would be out and about. He knew this would push her limits, but that's what this was all about.

"Sir. Am I not going to put my clothes back on?" She asked shyly.

"No toy. You're perfect the way you are. We need to stop by my physician for some blood tests. Then we're going to do some clothes shopping. Remember to not let your toys slip out or you will have to pick them up just as you did and replace them. Now let's go. We have a lot to get done." He buttoned up her coat and took her in his arms.

They stopped at the security deck and picked up her small bag. They passed several people on the way down to the lobby. Cass felt like everyone knew she was naked underneath her coat. They went out to the parking garage. He opened the door of his truck and helped her in. Each step was tantalizing. She had to remain focused with every movement of face the embarrassment of losing one of her toys. The whole ordeal was very challenging for Cass.

Chapter Seven – Clothes Make the Fuck Toy

They're first stop was at the doctor's office. She was surprised they didn't have to wait at all. They took her blood first and while they waited on the results, she was examined by a female doctor. Cass was completely embarrassed when she removed her coat and stood naked except for her garter, stockings and heels. It didn't get any better when the doctor found her ass was filled with the plug, or the two balls in her leaking cunny. But the doctor never gave any comments and went about her business very professionally. They left the office with the verification of her clean blood work along with proof of her birth control implant that her doctor's office had faxed. They also had a copy of Eric most recent results.

As Cass got back into her Master's truck, she felt the plug press further inside her. The full feeling made her tummy whirl with tingles. She welcomed being seated though, as this let her relax her pelvic muscles that were holding in the balls. She needed to cum so bad. She found herself whimpering with any bump in the road.

They pulled into the parking lot of a small shop that sold intimate apparel. Before they got out Eric fingered her collar. "You will do as you're told. Remember you can use your safe word, but this will end our arraignment. I won't let any harm come to you. You're under my protection. Do you understand?" Cass gulped hard and nodded, lost for wards. "Use your words toy. I want to hear your reply."

"Yes Sir. I will follow your instructions. You will protect me." She hesitated for a moment then furthered her reply. "I won't safe word Sir. I trust you won't let anything happen to me." Her eyes went to the ground.

"Very good slut. Now let's go get some pretty things for you to wear."

As they entered the boutique, they were greeted by a well-dressed young man. "Welcome to Play Pen Apparel. Can I help you find anything?" He said as he eyed Cass's coat suspiciously.

"We'll just be looking for now. Is there somewhere she can try on some things?" Eric asked the man.

"Of course. There are private dressing rooms in the back. You're welcome to go back with her." He said with a knowing smile.

"Thank you Evan" Eric read from the man's name tag. "If we have any questions, I'll call for you."

Evan nodded and they moved to the racks of clothing. Eric went through a few racks not finding anything. He efficiently moved from one rack to the next until he found some things for her to try on. Cass followed obediently. When he had a good assortment of things, he led her to one of the private changing rooms.

He had her try on a few corsets. When she put on a beautiful blue one. It pushed her cleavage up nicely and had garters on the bottom. Cass felt the constricting tightness of the ribbing. He nodded his approval. Next she put on a few dresses. The one he seemed to like the best was a nylon/spandex material. It had an open back and severe plunging deep V neckline that went almost to her navel. The hem line came just above her mid-thigh. Much shorter and more revealing than she felt comfortable wearing. Any quick moves and she would be flash her breasts or show her naked cunny and ass. But the lustful look in his eyes when he gazed at her, told her that it was the perfect choice.

After a few more dresses and corsets, she tried on some more intimate play wear. One of them was a leather body harness. It left nothing to the imagination and fit snuggly. Her breasts were cupped and all of her holes would be open for use. There was a chastity attachment that came with it. The thought of wearing this anywhere made her tremble with need. It made her feel very submissive. They picked several sets of sexy bra and panty sets, some thongs and boy shorts. There were several sets of high heels in varying heights, even a severe pair of thigh high leather boots. The last item was a full mesh open cup diamond V body stocking. Cass felt naked. She figured that she'd better get used to that idea. He had her spin around and model the last item. When she turned back to face him, he had a questioning look.
"I think we need an expert opinion on this one." He said before opening the door to the changing room. "Evan, would you mind giving your opinion on this last item?" Cass was abased at having to be seen in such a revealing way. "How do you think this looks on my slut toy?"

Cass felt so humiliated by his calling her a slut toy in front of the salesman. Evan eyed her closely. He had her spin around. He adjusted the open cups so that her breasts were centered. He had her turn around, then bend over. As soon as she did, Cass remembered she still had the anal plug in. Her face flushed bright red. When she felt Evan's hands between her legs, touching the seated plug, she almost came.

"It looks lovely on her. But I would have to insist that you pay for it anyway, as she seems to have soiled it with all of her leaking juices." He said coldly.

"Alright then, bag all of these up and let's check out. You've been more than helpful. Is there anything she could do for you to show her appreciation?" Eric smiled evilly. Cass's jaw dropped with his suggestion of her servicing the salesman.

"As lovely as that sounds, I'd much prefer something from you Sir."

"I'd love to help you out on that, but I'm strictly a ladies' man. But thanks for the compliment." Eric said as he watched Cass get back into her coat.

Once they were alone again, Eric helped Cass remove the balls that had been teasing her the whole time they'd been shopping. He had her hold them in her mouth. She whirled them around with her tongue, tasting her own juices, something she was sure she'd have to grow used to tasting. It was a relief that they hadn't slipped out, and caused further embarrassment. Then he helped her with the butt plug. He had her wrap it in a few paper towels and placed it in a bag. Though glad to have the plug out, she was more pleased that he didn't have her put it in her mouth to clean it. After paying for all of the clothing, Eric escorted his toy back out to his truck, placing their purchases in the back. They drove the short distance to his apartment, or should we say Penthouse?

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