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The Lowdown Ch. 04

Disclaimer: I do not intend for anyone to mistake this as being true and real. It is a fictional story involving fake versions of celebrities all over the age of 18.


Chapter 4: Resolutions

December 2012

'You got any resolutions for next year?' Jennifer asked, taking a sip from her champagne as the two of us sat in a limousine.

'My life's already perfect,' I said jokingly as I took a sip from my own flute.

Jennifer smiled and rolled her eyes. 'There's always something that can be better,' she said.

'Alright well, you tell me yours,' I said, placing my hand around her shoulders.

'I'm going to try to be more adventurous in the bedroom,' she said seriously, giving me a seductive side glance.

'I think my resolution is going to have to be to fuck you more,' I whispered, kissing her on the lips and lifting my hand up to squeeze her tit through her loose green dress.

'Like right now?' She whispered as our lips parted momentarily.

'You were the one who wanted to be adventurous,' I said softly, kissing her cheek and ear.

Suddenly a voice was heard on the intercom. 'We've arrived at The Plaza,' the driver informed us.

We quickly separated. 'Thank you,' I said as the divider came down. 'How much do I owe you?'

'That's fine sir, the studio will be footing the bill for this,' he said, giving us the go ahead to leave the limo.

'Gotta love dating an actress,' I said as the two of us climbed out of the limo and made our way toward the happening club.

'Would you call what we do dating?' Jennifer questioned as we walked up to the entrance.

'What would you prefer I call what we do? Fucking?' I suggested, half sarcastically.

Jennifer slapped me playfully on the arm. 'Well no that's gross!'

'Well I don't know what else to call it,' I said as we were waved through by the bouncers.

'You can't think of a middle ground between dating and fucking?' Jennifer questioned as we walked through the hallway and past the elevators.

We turned a corner and walked into what seemed to be the busiest club in Hollywood. 'Seeing?' I said.

'I like that, we're seeing each other,' Jennifer said as we stood there and took in the scene before us.

'Well as long as you're happy,' I said.

We went straight up to the bar and were delighted to find that the staff insisted on the two of us not paying. 'Thank you so much!' Jennifer exclaimed as the female bartender handed us our drinks.

'Thank you for Hunger Games!' They replied.

The night went along just about as well as you'd expect, lots of return visits to the bar. Lots of intense and sexualised dancing, sometimes being interrupted by drunken fans who wanted to talk to Jennifer. Eventually though after hours of drinking and dancing, Jennifer leaned close into my ear and whispered; 'Take me to the bathroom and fuck my brains out!'

I did a double take, making sure I'd heard her correctly. She drunkenly nodded, gesturing her finger to follow her as she broke free from the crowd. I grabbed her hand and followed her through the sea of people before eventually stopping at the women's bathroom.

'I want you inside me so fucking badly,' Jennifer slurred, pulling me by my collar into the only free stall.

We didn't bother to lock the door behind us. 'I'm so fucking hard,' I exclaimed, as I turned her around and pulled her dress up, ripping her panties down.

'Put it in me,' she exclaimed as I unzipped my fly, pulling my erect cock out and readying it against her pussy.

I shoved my cock deep into her and she moaned loudly, gripping the back wall of the cubicle as I penetrated her. Just as we were getting into it we heard two vaguely familiar voices from inside the bathroom.

'Look there's a free one,' the male voice called out, he could only have been referring to the cubicle Jennifer and I shared.

'I can't wait to feel you in me,' the female voice exclaimed, I quickly pulled my cock out of Jennifer and attempted to fit it back in my pants.

Jennifer pulled her panties up and turned around, grabbing my arm as we watched Ashton Kutcher pulling up Mila Kunis's dress as she dragged him into our cubicle.

'Hey,' Jennifer said awkwardly, readjusting her dress as Ashton and Mila stopped dead in their tracks.

'Uh...' Ashton slurred, clearly wasted as he and his girlfriend stared us, eyes wide like a deer in headlights.

'Well this is awkward,' I said simply.

The four of us burst into laughter, the moment we realised what each of us had just witnessed. After getting acquainted with each other, we decided it must be fate and headed out to the bar together.

'You know, we actually have the penthouse suite booked,' Ashton exclaimed over the music.

'In The Plaza?' Jennifer questioned as we pushed past the hordes of drunken dancers.

'Yeah, right upstairs, it's fully stocked!' Mila exclaimed.

'Awesome!' I called out.

'You guys wanna come?' Ashton asked.

Jennifer and I looked at each other. 'Yes!'

We made it out and to the elevator without much trouble. 'So why'd you book the penthouse?' I asked, I knew it was a huge space, usually saved for huge parties.

'Well we booked it months ago with a bunch of couple friends of ours,' Ashton started to explain.

'But, everyone kept dropping out, filming schedules, family duties... but we'd already paid for it so we just thought, fuck it,' Mila said, smiling and gripping Ashton's arm.

'Well we've got a party now,' Jennifer said, as the elevator finally popped us off on the top floor.

'We're party animals,' I said dryly, causing the group to chuckle as we stepped out the elevator and into the tiny hallway that lead to the penthouse suite.

As soon as we made it into the room Mila and Ashton went into drunken host mode, with Mila rushing to her iPod dock to put on some tunes and Ashton heading right to the bar.

'This is really great,' Jennifer exclaimed, clearly drunk as she wandered over to Mila.

'Need any help?' I said as I headed to Ashton, who was juggling four glasses and two bottles.

'If you don't mind,' Ashton said as I approached.

Suddenly the suite filled up with both music and the sounds of Mila and Jennifer laughing as they began dancing together.

'You know,' I said, half watching the girls while I helped Ashton with the drinks. 'Jennifer makes a pretty damn good cocktail.'

'I'm not really half bad myself,' Ashton said confidently as he placed in front of me a nice looking glass of liquor.

'I'll be the judge of that,' I said, taking a sip.

Ashton looked at me apprehensively. 'That's pretty damn good,' I said.

'Perfect,' he said, as the two of us carried two glasses each toward the dancing females.

They seemed appreciative to receive their alcohol, our respective partners each kissing us in thanks. 'No problem,' we each said as Mila and Jennifer went right back to dancing.

'Come out to the balcony Des,' Ashton said, gesturing toward the balcony right near us.

'Alright,' I said, following him through the glass door, my drink in hand.

We watched the two women dancing together a while, switching between different styles of dance as the music changed. Ashton and I just leaned against the railing, watching them through glass, sipping our drinks and talking about life.

'How long have you been with Jennifer?' Ashton asked eventually, grabbing the bottle he'd brought out with us and refilling our glasses for the umpteenth time.

'We've been seeing each other for the past month,' I said, making sure to use the terms we previously agreed on.

'I've known Mila for about half my life,' Ashton said.

'Wow,' I said, not quite sure what else to say.

'They look like they're getting along,' he said suddenly, as we watched the two mock slow dance.

'Yeah, two peas,' I said, sipping my glass.

'Mila's been talking lately, about her New Year's Resolution... wanting to spice things up in the bedroom,' Ashton said, he was clearly very drunk at this point.

'That's funny, Jennifer's is to be more adventurous in the bedroom,' I said, also pretty drunk myself.

Ashton looked at me with his head cocked as a sly smile started to appear. 'Do you think... we should try to get them to fuck,' Ashton slurred.

I looked from him to inside, and noticed that their faces were inches away from each other's. 'They're already practically there,' I said, pointing inside.

'Just gotta give them a little push,' Ashton said, climbing up off the railing and leading me inside.

'What have you boys been talking about?' A drunk Mila questioned as she watched us walk back into the room, her arms wrapped around Jennifer's waist.

'We've just been wondering when you're going to kiss already,' Ashton let out, unable to contain himself.

Mila looked embarrassed. 'Don't be silly Ash, Jennifer here wouldn't want to-'

Jennifer planted a wet passionate kiss on Mila's lips, putting an end to whatever it was she was going to say. Mila's eyes widened at first, but quickly closed as she resigned herself into the kiss.

'Oh my god!' Ashton exclaimed as our girlfriends French kissed.

'Happy new year,' I said, looking at my watch, noticing that the time had indeed clicked over to midnight.

Mila and Jennifer separated for a moment. 'Whoa,' Mila sighed, unable to tear her eyes away from Jennifer's.

Jennifer said nothing and simply pulled Mila back into a kiss, this time taking the time to let her hands wander up her new partner's body. Mila did the same, taking Jennifer's shoulders and back in her hands as Jennifer squeezed Mila's ass.

I smiled as I stood next to Ashton, watching our partners make out. 'Come on,' Ashton said softly, tapping me on the shoulder as he led me closer to the girls.

Mila and Jennifer separated as Ashton and I approached. Ashton took Mila in his hands and kissed her deeply and passionately on the lips, I did the same to Jennifer as soon as I approached.

We all separated and even though the music was still playing, silence filled the room. I looked at Ashton as he looked from Mila to Jennifer, letting go of his girlfriend. Mila looked from Jennifer to myself and raised an eyebrow, as I let go of Jennifer. Finally, Jennifer gave me one last look in the midst of the loud silence, and silently asked me if I was okay with what was about to occur.

I nodded yes and almost unconsciously Ashton and I swapped places. Jennifer was now in Ashton's arms as the two began to kiss, and I'd taken Mila into mine, excitedly pressing her lips against mine.

We closed our eyes as we passionately made out. We let our hands travel around each other's bodies. My hands went straight to her waist and ass, while her hands dug deep into my trousers, gripping my hard cock and stroking it as we kissed.

I opened my eyes and noticed Ashton taking Jennifer by the hand into another room, which gave me the greenlight to grip Mila by the shoulders and push her down onto the couch behind us.

Finally one of us spoke. 'Put it in me,' Mila moaned as she undid my belt, sloppily pulling my cock out as I lifted up her dress.

I found once I pulled the dress up to her waist that she was wearing no panties. 'Little slut,' I slurred drunkenly as I shoved my now exposed cock into her shaven pussy, guided by her slender helping hands.

'Oh fuck,' she moaned, gripping the couch as I lunged the length of my cock into her.

I kissed her on the lips as we drunkenly fucked. 'You feel so fucking good,' I breathed, before sucking her bottom lips between mine.

From the other room we could hear the sounds of Ashton and Jennifer fucking, and from the volume it sounded like he was really giving it to her. 'Fuck me harder!' Mila exclaimed, possibly wanting to match their levels.

I pulled my cock out and pulled my pants and underwear right off to give myself a bigger range of movement. After I was prepared I pulled her thighs up with my hands and shoved my cock hard into her, fucking her in a mild version of the pile driver.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' Mila screamed repeatedly with each thrust.

The harder I fucked her, the more she'd beg me to fuck her harder. Each time she begged me the more I pulled her legs upwards, until eventually I was on my knees pile driving into her cunt which was raised far enough in the air that only her head and shoulders were even touching the couch anymore.

'Yes!' She bellowed as she squirted all over my cock, presumably cumming.

I thought for a split second that she might want to slow down after that, but if anything, it made her want to go faster. She took matters into her own hands, pulling away from me slightly and drunkenly pushing me to the ground.

'Ow fuck!' I exclaimed once my body made contact with the floor.

The pain didn't last long though as she quickly straddled my cock, sending me into a near fit of pleasure as the sensation of her pussy engulfing my cock reverberated up my spine. 'Oh yeah baby,' Mila called out, riding my cock and moaning like a porn star.

'Ride that pole Mila,' I moaned as Mila rotated her pussy around my cock.

'Your cock feels so nice,' she moaned, closing her eyes and biting her bottom lip.

I gripped her ass cheeks and squeezed them. 'Take off that dress baby,' I commanded, causing Mila to open her eyes and smile.

'Good call,' she said, quickly pulling her dress up and revealing her nice little tits as they bounced slightly up and down.

'Fuck these are nice,' I said, reaching up and grabbing her tits as she continued to ride me.

'Thanks,' she said, before ripping my shirt open and squeezing my chest as she popped her pussy on my cock.

'That's so fucking nice,' I moaned, eyes rolling in the back of my head as I played with her hardening nipples.

'You gonna cum for me baby?' Mila questioned as she continued to do things with her pussy that I'd never experienced before.

'Not yet,' I said, thankful that I had enough alcohol on board that I could effectively continue on all night. 'I need to fuck you on the balcony,' I informed.

Mila pulled herself off my cock. 'Come on then,' she said, taking my hand as I got up and followed her out to the balcony.

I pulled my shirt off and left it on the floor of the balcony, instantly pulling her into a kiss. While kissing her I noticed out of the corner of my eye that I could see Jennifer riding Ashton through the glass. That was when I realised that the balcony not only opened to the living area, but also to the master bedroom.

Our lips separated and I placed my hands on her shoulders, not so subtly signalling her to suck my cock. Mila smiled at me and gladly got onto her knees, immediately taking the head of my cock into her mouth. What she didn't realise however is that while she was sucking me off, I was watching Jennifer's ass as it bounced up and down in Ashton's dick.

'Fuck baby that's nice,' I moaned as I ran her black hair through my fingers, resting my hands on the back of her skull.

'Mmm,' she moaned, happily chugging down my cock, her soft lips feeling like silk as they caressed me.

I couldn't help but fall into a fantasy as I watched Jennifer ride Ashton. I greedily imagined the two women both sucking my cock together, Jennifer and Mila's perfect lips wrapping around not only my cock but also each other. The two gorgeous goddesses gorging themselves on my cock, moaning as they practically kissed each other around my dick.

'Fuck,' I said, feeling like I was going to cum at any second if I kept up my fantasising.

Mila pulled my cock out of her mouth. 'You want to fuck my face baby?' Mila offered, as if she were asking if I wanted sugar in my coffee.

I didn't answer, I merely responded by shoving my cock back in her mouth. I gripped the back of her head and fucked her face, watching and trying to keep it in the same rhythm as the show inside. Saliva began to seep out of Mila's mouth, slobbering all over my cock as I roughly jammed my cock in and out of it.

Inside the master bedroom I could see Jennifer turn and notice me watching finally. She shot me a smile and alerted Ashton to the situation, who smiled and nodded. I looked down at Mila as I face fucked her, she seemed to be absolutely loving it, not showing any signs of needing a break, clearly read for me to cum deep inside her mouth.

I couldn't though, because inside the room Ashton had pulled Jennifer off him and dragged her to the glass door that separated us. He pressed her up against the door, so her face and tits were squeezed right up to it and shoved his cock deep into her cunt, causing me to nearly shoot inside Mila's throat.

Mila pulled away and turned her heard when she heard the sound of Jennifer hitting the glass. 'I think he wants a competition,' Mila said. 'Come on,' she said, gripping my cock and pulling me toward the door.

'Fuck me,' she said, leaning against the door and popping her ass out to press against my cock.

I gripped her ass and shoved my cock into her pussy, not wanting to question whatever it was that was going on. She moaned and pressed her hands against the glass, managing to mirror Jennifer pretty much exactly, give or take a couple inches in height and in tit size.

'Ahh fuck yes!' Mila moaned as I doggy fucked her against the glass door, my hands gripping her perfect ass.

'You have such a fuckable little body,' I seethed as I railed her, not able to help but watch Jennifer's tits as I did so, thinking I may be getting the best of both worlds.

'You cock is so nice,' she complimented back.

'It's like you were crafted by the heavens for the purposes of sex,' I insisted, tightening my grip on her ass as I pulled back and fucked her harder and deeper.

'Jesus fuck!' Mila moaned, it was then that I realised that we could hear Jennifer moaning from the other side of the glass as well.

I took one of my hands off Mila's ass and slapped it, causing her to cry out in pleasure. 'Treat me rough,' Mila begged.

I quit holding back, pushing myself forward so that Mila was pressed extra hard against the glass. I absolutely destroyed her pussy with my cock, fucking her so hard, so fast and so deeply that I thought for sure I might break the glass with her petite little body. She loved it though, screaming so loudly that the club goers downstairs could probably hear.

Ashton looked at us and felt challenged so he pulled out of Jennifer and twisted her around. He lifted her legs up and pressed her against the glass as he fucked her. I didn't have any intentions of following his lead though, I knew exactly what I wanted to do next, and I was sure that Mila did also.

I pulled my cock out of Mila's cunt and shoved it directly in her tight ass without missing a beat. 'Oooohhh!' Mila bellowed.

'Fuck that's so fucking tight,' I exclaimed, thinking I may have taken her anal virginity.

'That! Ahhh! Hole's for! Ahhhhh! Special! Ah! Occasions!' Mila somehow managed to let out in between long and drawn on moans of pleasure.

'I can stop if you want,' I suggested half-heartedly.

'Don't! Ahh! You Fucking! Ahhhh! Dare!' She screamed.

I fucked her as hard as I could in the ass, until eventually she came again, screaming loud enough that Ashton actually stopped and looked at the two of us to make sure everything was fine.

'I'm gonna cum!' I exclaimed as I felt myself nearing the end of my run, Mila's tight near virgin asshole proving to be too much for my drunken cock to handle.

'Cum for me baby,' Mila moaned as I fucked her in the ass.

I pulled my cock out and came hard all over her ass and back. 'Shit!' I exclaimed, heavily panting as I fell backwards down on the cold floor.

Mila lost her balance and felt down as well, landing down next to me and laughing as we watched Ashton finish inside Jennifer. 'Fucking hell,' I panted, knowing I was going to feel a lot of pain in the morning.

'I know right,' Mila sighed. 'That has to be the best sex I've had all year!'
I laughed, remembering it had only been 2013 for about thirty or so minutes. 'You fucking little minx,' I said pulling her towards me and kissing her forehead.

'But seriously, I wouldn't mind doing that again...and again...and again,' she said, as Ashton and Jennifer walked out onto the balcony, still naked and covered in sweat.

Ashton laid down next to Mila and Jennifer laid down next to me. 'So...' Jennifer started as she crawled into my arms. 'You think of a resolution yet?'

'Yeah,' I said, looking from Ashton to Mila and then finally back to Jennifer. 'Make more friends.'

End of Chapter Four.

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