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The Intruder

Here is another new idea that kind of just jumped right out of my head. The best part about doing this story was getting to play with the visuals that give this story that spice.

Thank you to Wayne & TheNaughtyWife for their editing help and plot suggestions.

Another big thank you to silkstockingslover for looking over the story, giving some input and some edits as well.

Also, I have written down two separate ending options in the end. Why? Well, you as the reader gets to decide what ending works best for you. J

*-*-*"Fuck! I'm cuming!"

"That's it!" said the man.

Wave after wave of orgasm began to coarse through her body, pussy juice flooding out of her cunt, making her even wetter. She began to shudder and thrash around as the last of her orgasm hit her.

The man removed his fingers from her wet cunt as Nicki looked on in shame.

"You liked that didn't you?" asked the man.

Nicki just closed her eyes and turned her head.

"Answer me bitch! And don't fucking lie to me!" growled the man menacingly.

"Yes," admitted Nicki.

"Good! Cause there's more to come!"

The intruder pulled Nicki up. He then sat on the ottoman.

"Now, get back to sucking my cock, slut!" he demanded.

Nicki's mind could think of nothing but the cock in front of her as she bent over, and grabbed the big cock, licking the shaft. She licked the head of the cock teasing it and licking it like a lollipop. She didn't care that Arthur was in the same room watching them, she craved the big black cock, as she couldn't get enough of it. Her slutty instincts had taken control of her as she began to suck on the monster cock. She licked the shaft and took the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. Then she took as much of the cock in her mouth as she could and bobbed her head taking it in deeper.

"Yeah! That's the shit!" laughed the man.

Nicki jerked the cock and licked the head at the same time.

"Looks like your girlfriend is enjoying herself!" said the man, looking in Arthur's direction, as he watched Nicki suck the big dick.

Arthur couldn't say a word. All he could do was watch.

"Time for a fucking now, bitch!" said the man.

He grabbed Nicki, pulling her off his cock, and then positioned her right above Arthur. He bent her over, and then slammed his big cock right into her gushing wet pussy.

"OH FUCK! It's so fucking big! FUCK!" screamed Nicki.

The man grabbed both of her arms and began to fuck her.

"That's it baby, take my cock!" commanded the man.

He began to pound her pussy hard. Nicki had completely given into him. Although ashamed, she loved every bit of the fucking she was getting. She began to meet every thrust that the intruder was giving her.

Nicki opened her eyes and saw Arthur looking up at her with a wimpy look on his face.

"I'm so sorry baby," she said.

Arthur just looked away in disgust.

The man grabbed Nicki and pushed her on top of the table. He turned her on her back and pulled each of her legs into the air. He aimed his stiff thick cock at Nicki's pussy and slammed it in once again.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" screamed Nicki.

"Now that's how you fuck a bitch!" said the man as he looked at Arthur and laughed.

Arthur just held his head down.

"Look at her getting fucked you faggot!" yelled the man.

Arthur raised his head and watched as the intruder continued to fuck Nicki with his monster cock.

He felt so completely insignificant. His cock was not even close to this man's cock. Nicki was enjoying every minute of the fucking. She was moaning like a bitch in heat. She had never ever moaned and screamed this way when they had sex.

The man grabbed Nicki once again and pulled her towards the ottoman.

"Why the fuck should I do all the work! Ride my cock!" demanded the man.

Nicki got on top of the ottoman and slowly sat down on his big black cock.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" screamed Nicki.

"That's it bitch! Fuck yourself on my big fat magic stick," grunted the man.

Arthur was almost in tears as he hung his head down as his girlfriend rode the stranger.

"You love big black cock don't you bitch?"

"Oh I fucking love it!" grunted Nicki as she continued to ride the cock.

Nicki's pussy was gushing like a dam that had burst. Her cum was coated all over the intruders big cock.

"Your bitch is in heat you faggot! Looks like she ain't had a nice hard fucking in a long time!" laughed the man as he watched Arthur who still held his head down in shame.

The man grabbed Nicki while she was still bouncing on his cock and in one swift motion turned the position so that Nicki was on her back. He lifted her legs and slammed his big black cock in her pussy.

The man continued to drive his big cok in and out of the buxom blonde. He was giving her every inch of his cock and Nicki's pussy was taking it all. She made an O face as she could feel each thrust. The fucking had been going on for a while now and the intruder was still no closer to unleashing his load. He wanted to hold out as long as he could while he fucked the big tittied bimbo.

Electricity began to run through Nicki's body. She could feel another orgasm closing in.

"Shit! I'm going to cum again!" announced Nicki.

"That's it you fucking whore, you like it when a big fat cock makes you cum don't you!" growled the man.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed as the orgasm hit her and began to flow through her body as if lightning had just hit her. This time the orgasm was even more intense as the intruder still had his cock inside her, pumping in and out.

Nicki finished riding out her second orgasm. Once the intruder had seen that her orgasm began to die down, he pulled his cock out of her sopping wet pussy.

"Why don't you come over here and suck me off again!" demanded the man.

Nicki got on her hands and knees on the ottoman and began to move towards the intruders cock. She took it in her mouth and began to suck on it like a crazed animal. She sucked it like a woman possessed. Huge amounts of saliva were flowing from her mouth and making the intruders cock slick.

The man grunted at the sight of Nicki sucking his big dick like a wanton slut.

"OHH, that's nice!" he exclaimed as he got an idea.

Nicki continued to gobble on the huge man meat in front of her.

"Now, turn around. Ass up in the air!" demanded the intruder.

Nicki immediately assumed the position and turned her head around to watch the man come over and stand above her ass. He grabbed his cock and then began to rub it all over Nicki's asshole.

"It's ass fucking time!" he growled.

"NO!" cried Nicki.

"I aint asking for permission bitch!" he yelled. He then spat on her asshole and began to rub his cock around it. He slowly began to thrust his big cock inside her tight little asshole.

"FUCKKKKkkk!" screamed Nicki as she winced in pain.

She tried to move herself so that she could get away. The intruder had a tight grip on her and held her in place.

The man began to move slowly at first with his cock only halfway in. But he would keep moving it out and thrusting back in since Nicki was so tight. Each time he thrust in his cock went in just a little bit deeper.

"Fuck that's a tight ass!" said the man.

The anal assault hurt a lot, but she couldn't move as there was no escape. All she could do was take it. Then she felt more saliva around her plugged hole. The man began to move slowly but with more force. Slowly the pain began to subside, Nicki started to feel pleasure overcoming the pain, she began moaning once again from the intense stimulation of having her ass fucked.

"Oh Jesus!" she cried.

The man pulled out once again. He was very close to coming and didn't want that to happen just yet.

He sat down on the ottoman.

"Cum and ride my dick bitch," said the man.

Nicki got up and straddled the mans cock. She began to sit on it as it entered her pussy.

"It ain't going in your pussy bitch! It's going back into that tight little ass of yours!" commanded the intruder.

He grabbed his cock out of Nicki's pussy and spat on his hand and greased his cock. Next he spat on his fingers and then fingered Nicki's gaping hole. Once he was satisfied, he aimed his cock at her ass.

"You better take it in!" he growled.

Nicki then slowly and reluctantly again took the cock into her ass.

"Yeah baby. Show your pathetic gimp of a boyfriend what an ass slut you are!" grunted the man.

Nicki began to bounce slowly on the dick. It hurt her a little more as she bounced up and down. It also felt like the cock was going in even deeper. But at least this way she could control the length that she could take.

She turned around and saw Arthur watching her as she took the big fat cock into her ass.

"I'm so sorry Artie. I am so so sorry!" she whimpered.

The man was now close to erupting his seed. He grabbed on to Nicki hard.

"I'm about to cum. And you better take each and every drop of my cum in that ass!" commanded the intruder.

"NOO!" screamed a helpless Arthur.

"I'm cuming." declared the intruder.

Watching her wince around as he was about to cum in her ass only made him wilder as he began to thurst his cock inside. A few thrusts later, he began to unlease his massive load inside Nicki's ass.

"FUCK! YESS!" yelled the man.

Nicki could feel huge jets of hot cum released inside her ass. She was helpless as the man held her in place as the last of his spunk was unleashed into her bowels.

Nicki began to cry as the man was done. He pushed her off his cock as he got up. Arthur's humiliation was now complete. A stranger had not only just fucked his girlfriend in her pussy and ass, but he had also cum inside her.

The man grabbed his pants and put them on as he snickered. Once he was dressed, he moved over to Nicki and threw a key onto her body.

"Here's the key. You can let your boyfriend go now." laughed the man.

He grabbed his gun and hurriedly exited the apartment.

Nicki just lay there wailing.

"Nicki...." said Arthur, fighting to find the words.

Nicki just sat up and continued to cry as she saw the disappointment in Arthur's eyes.

"I'm so sorry Artie. I am so so sorry," said Nicki as she continued to cry.

"No. I'm sorry. I didn't do anything and didn't even put up a fight. That asshole was right! I am a wimp and a coward," said Arthur with guilt and shame ridden all over his face.

"You're not a coward Artie," sniffled Nicki. "I went along with everything just for you. I would never have done something like this if I didn't care. I didn't want to see you get hurt or worse get shot."

"Please forgive me," said Arthur.

"No. I am the one who needs to be asking for forgiveness. I am sorry," said Nicki as she continued to sniffle.

"Can you uncuff me?" asked Arthur.

Nicki picked up the key to the cuffs and released him.

They both immediately embraced each other as Nicki began to weep once again.

"Shh. Shhhh. It's over. It's all over," said Arthur as he comforted Nicki.

Arthur was trying to be strong, but inside he was guilt ridden and completely ashamed that he let all of this happen. He knew he was not a strong man and he didn't resist enough.

"Maybe I should call the cops," said Arthur.

"I don't know. I just want to forget all of this ever happened," said Nicki as tears continued to stream down her face.

"But...." said Arthur, but Nicki cut him off before he could say anything.

"I don't think we should say anything to anyone about this. A police case would make it public record and this could be leaked to the media. You have worked so hard for everything, I don't want your name to be dragged through the mud," said Nicki.

Arthur sat there and thought hard. Maybe Nicki was right. Involving the cops could be risky. What if the press really got wind of all this. He would become a laughing stock. Worse, if the cops ever caught the guy, he could maybe come back for revenge. Maybe it was best to keep this quiet.

"You are willing to do that for me?" asked Arthur insecurely.

"I would do anything for you. I love you.," said Nicki.

They hugged again as Arthur helped Nicki up on her feet. He took her towards the bedroom to help her clean up and forget this nightmare of an evening ever happened.


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