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The Craving Chronicles Bk. 01 Pt. 02

Author's Note: I recommend that you read the 1st installment in the series before venturing into this one. This story contains graphic lesbian sex and vampirism. Much of the sex is anal -- I've marked the beginning and end of these paragraphs with *** if you want to skip them but still continue reading Chris and Lily's story. Again I mention that the story might contain grammatical errors, but hopefully few.

As always, comments and feedback is much appreciated.

P.S This story is solely written and published by TheAnonymousFan here at, and if you as reader have found this story elsewhere, I would appreciate it if you could contact me here on Literotica, or report it to the host on that site. Thank you very much.


###What to do about her? I had lied to her when she had asked me what had happened, and I had acted like a complete asshole towards her for most of our time together. Not intentionally, of course, but still -- my behavior during the past four-five months dawned on me suddenly. My feelings toward Julie might not have been the strongest and most faithful, and she deserved better than me. I had to talk to her, at least try.

"Julie, I... I'm sorry that I've acted like such a douche towards you." I walked up to her and told her as she came home. She had hung with some friends all day; I think she wanted to avoid a confrontation. She looked taken aback.

"Uhh... t-thanks, Chris. I've never done this before, you know? I'm not sure what to expect, really." She said hesitantly. Yeah, I was her first real relationship, she had told me that earlier as well. I guess I didn't exactly have that much experience either. Hadn't I been so compelled by Lily's sole existence when we met (or if Lily and I had never met at all), I think Julie and I had worked out a lot better. The move-in was sort of unexpected too, and to be honest I felt a bit suffocated, but I didn't think it necessary to bring that up right then. The thought of breaking up with her had passed through my head multiple times by then, but I just... couldn't. I don't know if it was egoism, or self-pity or whatever -- but I couldn't bring myself to do it right at that moment. Julie didn't seem too excited to venture further into a relationship-talk, and frankly neither did I.

"I've just had a lot... on my mind lately", I explained lamely, then tried (and failed) to subtly switch subject, "Anyways, I'm going to call in sick tomorrow too. Rest up a bit more before going Tuesday." Julie smiled weakly, probably not so surprised at me for changing subject. Dinner was stiff and awkward that evening, and sleep just the same. I think Julie was a bit relieved as I snaked my left arm around her, which had been my purpose. To me, it felt faked.

I was unable to sleep for a long time. Thoughts about Julie and our relationship occupied my mind, thoughts about Lily (as if that was unexpected), and the whole scene at the street on Thursday. I replayed it over and over in my mind, trying to find some sort of indication to when the hallucination had started, if it had been one. By then I was mostly leaning towards believing that what I had been through had been real, and that Lily had been real -- but it still felt safer to just dismiss it all as something my imagination had conjured. There had been more than two days, and I wondered if she had actually shown up somewhere waiting for me. Ugh, I would have to attend to that problem the following day. Julie would be away in her study-group after classes were finished, so she wouldn't be back until late the following evening.

###The sudden sound of someone opening the door almost made my heart jump out of my chest. That someone being Julie, of course. Fan-fucking-tastic.

"Hey Chris, I— who're you?" Julie interrupted her intended sentence, and directed the question at Lily. Oh fuck. Lily was looking sort of pale (touché), and uncharacteristically panicked. In fact I had never seen her panic. Lily and I had just been talking -- similarly to the evening before, so there really weren't any reason to get paranoid or defensive. Yet both of us acted as if... well, as if there had been... something else going on between us. When Lily didn't muster up an answer in what Julie deemed an appropriate time-frame, she directed the question to me:

"Who is she, Chris?"

"Uh, hey," someone please shoot me, "her name is Lily, she's a... friend." Julie picked up on my hesitancy to explain mine and Lily's relationship towards each other.

"Right, 'a friend'." She snapped coldly.

"It's not what you thin—"

"So, have you already fucked, or were you going to?" Oh, Jesus. Lily and I stood pretty close to each other; her left arm and shoulder were almost touching my right counterpart. Too close. I actually felt Lily shudder, and in the next breath, she forced out:

"I should... probably leave." Great, now I had to explain this all by myself. Nice one, Lily. Considering it all; the secrecy between Lily and I as we had met on too many occasions without Julie's knowledge, the lies and evasive excuses, I probably deserved this tenfold. I hadn't cheated on her; I had kept resolute in my convictions -- not to cheat on anyone the way Mira had done to me -- despite several subtle approaches from Lily's side. I knew what she wanted, and it took a lot of stepping on my own pride to admit, but I felt almost ready to go there again. Just not until I had come clean with Julie. Even through my many opportunities to tell her what was going on, I hadn't. I had evaded it until the last second, but the time was right. Besides, she had sort of forced my hand by walking in while Lily was here.

"You should." Julie snapped. Lily was quickly out of our room. If I knew her right she was parked outside the dormitory, listening to our ensuing conversation.

"How long have you been cheating on me?"

"I haven't cheated on you!"

"Oh, you fucking liar," Julie's voice was vengeful in its intensity, "I knew something was going on with you. I knew this was going on! Why you were never happy around me... w-why we almost never had sex, and when we did you didn't even seem to enjoy it..." Julie's anger with me went over into heartbreaking sobs, and my insides twisted with resentment towards myself. Julie was never the angry or emotional person, she was the fragile and shy one, and I hated myself even more thinking what this would do to her self-esteem. I should have told Julie a long time ago what was going on, and spared us both all of this.

"Julie, it's not what you think... I haven't told you about my... relation towards that... woman." My voice was soft; I guess I wanted to be gentle towards Julie before I was going to break her heart, and our relationship. A realization that Julie could have been completely wrong in her accusations fluttered by through her eyes, but then she seemed to instead steel herself for what was coming:

"That woman and I had a brief... liaison over two years ago. We met a couple of times, we spent one night together, she... confided in me, and told me that she was falling for me. I told you about Mira, right? How hurt and fucked up she left me? That woman, Lily, she sort of... inadvertently got me through that. And then... she left. Without a word, without a note -- I hadn't heard a single word from her up until about a month ago. When she left, I realized my own feelings -- how strong they were. I was miserable for a long time. When you and I met, it sort of emptied the void -- and I did feel something towards you, I do. It's just..." I realized it was cruel to tell Julie that she had basically been a substitute, but I knew I had to be completely honest and then take it from there.

"Not as strong as what you feel towards her...?" Julie filled in with a scowl on her face. It was quickly replaced with a sort of hopelessness.

"I don't know if I believe you. You should have fucking told me, you asshole. We could have... I don't know, worked it out... talked about it..." About halfway through it probably dawned on Julie that doing so would not have resolved anything. Lily's presence would still have been there, and our feelings towards each other would still have existed.

"I'm sorry it turned out this way. Her coming back was never planned on my part, I was shocked. I meant to tell you about it in the beginning, but I just... I don't know what I was trying to do." Making excuses wouldn't help anyone, I soon realized.

"How can you love someone who abandoned you...?" Julie asked in a wounded tone.

"I don't know, okay? I can't put words to it, I just know that I have to pursue this second chance I have been given. And I don't want you to have to compete with someone that I have such a loaded history with, that's not fair in any way."

"You're cruel, Chris. I loved you! You could have told me! I don't see us recovering from this, not even as friends. I have completely switched my social-life, so that we could be together; I came out, and lost a bunch of friends. My parents even threatened to disown me! And you do this to me!" Julie was moving from shy and silent, towards emotional pretty quickly. I, on the other hand, had my emotions a bit closer at hand.

"What! I never forced you, or even mentioned that you should come out! I was perfectly fine just keeping this between you and me, and maybe our closest friends! I can't help that you decided you wanted to be out and proud two months after falling in love with a woman! And I can't help that the majority of your friends are bigots!" my voice was by then a lot louder than in the beginning of the confrontation. Julie looked like she was boiling, which was a rare sight indeed. Instead of shouting at me, she let loose a forced "Argh!" and stomped her foot in the floor, then turned around and left. She slammed the door after her as she left, and her footsteps in the hallway were loud as she stomped off. I hurried to lock the door; I needed some privacy. Just a moment later there was a knock on my window, which almost made me soil myself.

What the fuck!

Lily was perched on the very narrow window-sill facing the street. How she kept her balance was certainly a question, but then again I wouldn't bother asking it. I just released a heavy sigh, and hurried to open the window; someone outside could see her sitting there and that would be... problematic to say the least. Lily crawled in, brushed off her tight jeans and turned to me.

"I'm sorry it turned out like this."

"I don't think I believe you," Lily sucked in a breath as if to start defending herself, "I think you are ruled by primal instincts more similar to those of an animal than a human. I don't think you care much for Julie's well-being, you care about your own and I dare say mine -- but that's it." Lily was starting to look annoyed, but I kept pushing. She had shuddered when Julie had jumped to the conclusion that we had either already fucked, or that we were going to -- exactly proving my point; the urge had been there. And for all I knew, Lily was constantly carrying around these primal instincts and impulses, and normal, societal ethics and morals barely kept them on a leash and possibly kept her from acting on them the second they surfaced. She had a primal way with emotions that I believe the average human is too eviscerated to truly show or comprehend. If that is a good or bad thing, I am not so sure of.

"Everything is heightened for me. Where 'normal' ethics and social-codes would inhibit me had I been human, they no longer do. Even if I dislike being psycho-analyzed, you are fairly accurate in your reasoning. Let me just add that I carry secrets that are not mine to share, like I told you yesterday -- and they play a very important part of the 'leash' you think of." A small grin was playing on her face, and I was left dumbstruck. Had she heard my thoughts, again?!

"W-when...?" I stammered. She had told me that too much misery had clouded my mind, that she had been unable to hear me.

"Just now, in fact. I think that you confronting your misery helped a great deal, as I said before. You and I are entwined... I'm beginning to believe that we are meant to be." Lily whispered at the end, while she moved closer and eventually embraced me. She was poetic at least, I'll give her that. My body was stiff as a steel-pipe during the embrace, I was certain that I wasn't ready for the emotion she wanted to assault me with. Besides, five minutes after breaking up with my previous girlfriend was a bit too soon to jump back in the hay. Lily's cold skin seemed to wrap around me, not physically but mentally. There was comfort in the recognition or her skin against mine, but I still pushed her gently away from me.

"If you would just relax, we could easily put two years of longing behind us." She said in a hushed tone, as she was resting her head on my shoulder. Now it was my turn to shudder. I knew from experience that sex with Lily was... mind-blowing, unreal in its intensity -- but I was frightened that history would repeat itself. That Lily would leave, and I would be left with only the memories of yet another night.

"I've told you, I will not leave this city in a long time, and when I have to I'll be sure to bring you along. Two years away from you wasn't easy for me either. I was always wondering if you still remembered me, if you had moved on, if you were even alive, if I should return to rip open old wounds. You need to put more trust in yourself and in me, and let me show you what two years of longing for you looks like..." She was going all-in on the seducing, that was for sure. Goose-bumps were rising on my skin, and I was definitely tempted. But it was too soon, not to mention the fact that the whole dormitory would hear us through these paper-thin walls.

"I c-can't, Lily. Not yet, not now. I'm not ready lose myself to you yet." Lily growled quietly in my ear, frustrated at the refusal. Nevertheless, she reluctantly pulled back. I think she knew that she had no one else to blame for this than herself. She couldn't blame me, or punish me for acting the way I did. I wanted to be certain, as certain as one could be with a 300-year old vampire, before proceeding.

###"Oh yes, Lily... please lick me..." I whispered as her tongue reached the neatly trimmed pubic hair on my mound and continued past. Her fingers left the warm cavern between my legs, and reached up towards my face. They insistently caressed my lips, and I took them into my mouth and sucked them clean. Lily proceeded to run her -- now roughly-textured -- tongue over my pussy, sampling my fluids. A somewhat predatory sound gurgled forth from her throat at the combination of me sexily sucking clean her fingers and the taste of my juices. Her tongue darted in between my folds, and a yelp followed by a moan escaped past Lily's fingers in my mouth. Her tongue somehow felt longer and much more agile than an ordinary tongue -- maybe she was becoming more beast-like similar to what she displayed our first night together. Way back then she had showed me a very monstrous aspect of herself when she had grinned at me; her mouth a maw of jagged, extremely sharp-looking teeth. She had just moments later come back to her senses and apologized for the frightening display, though. But that did confirm that she was capable of much more than her ordinary physical-self revealed at first glance. For all I knew she could probably morph into something even more monstrous, but she had promised me to try not to scare me by displaying those fiendish traits if I found them frightening. And I did, of course.

"I'm not a monster Chris, you know that..." she responded to my inner monologue in a mumble, while perched in-between my legs. Her words caused some very nice vibrations to flow through my pussy and excite me even more. I knew she wasn't a monster per sé, I mean she had morals and honor and a conscience -- she just had a very spontaneous leash on her impulses and wants and needs. She knew how I felt about that anyway, and she didn't bother to comment it further. Instead she proceeded to tongue-fuck me -- of which she possessed immense skill. My head fell back and my jaw turned slack. Her fingers that had been inside my mouth pulled out and went down to my right breast to roll my nipple between moist fingers. Her tongue felt almost like a miniature-cock, it slithered and coiled and stabbed inside my vaginal-canal. My chest was starting to feel tight, my breathing had become shallow.

"Ah fuck Lily... you're so, ugh, good at this. Just... ugh, a little more... Oh fuuuuuck...!" I wailed as I erupted into a fairly powerful orgasm. If I knew Lily correctly, that was only the beginning. Speaking of whom; Lily growled sexily and greedily licked up my juices that were spilling forth as I came. My body sagged completely in the aftermath of my orgasm, and I ended up in an uncomfortable position where half my body was hanging of the armrest of the couch. Lily barely let me catch my breath for longer than 20 seconds, before she demanded to know where I kept "that toy".

"Uh..." I tried to remember what box I had stashed all my intimate items in when I had packed up all my stuff for the move, "it's in one of the boxes in my bedroom." I finally reasoned. In a flash, Lily was gone. In the meanwhile she was gone in search of my strap-on, I pondered my situation. I was with Lily again -- a sort of silly, warm feeling took place in my chest. The pessimistic side of me tried to reason that I should be careful because I couldn't know if she was going to stay this time or not, 'don't get attached' it said, but the earnest side of me reminded me of how Lily had seemed to relish our re-union, how she had described to me how she had felt during our two years away from each other. I had no time to reflect upon the future of our relationship before Lily returned. As I lazily turned my head to look at her I noticed that she looked sort of perplexed.

"Uh, which one? I must admit, all these modern notions of... appliances for sex confuse me. Back in my days it was only what she flesh could offer that mattered." Did Lily just give me a 'back in my day'-lecture...? She laughed out loud at my glum expression.

"You know, you may have the body and appearance of a sexy 20-year old, but giving me a 'back in my day'-lecture sort of reveals how old you really are." I teased, and then addressed the so-called 'appliances' that Lily had fetched. She had already put the harness on -- a sexy leather-strip harness -- and just the sight of her made my mouth almost water, but she had still to attach an actual toy to it.

"How about that one?" I suggested and motioned for the purple silicone dildo that she had fucked me with last time. She looked at it with new eyes it seemed and grinned as she recognized it.

"What's with these then?" she asked and held up two bottles of lube. She appeared a lot more curious and thoughtful than last time.

"Well, the water-based one is the correct one to use with that toy, but I don't think we—"

"Oh, we will need it. I aim to claim you any and all ways possible and make up for these two years of longing." She interrupted me. I had only used lube a few times when I had been with Julie. I had been her first penetrating sex, so just as to make it more comfortable for her, but since then we hadn't really used it. The second lube that Lily was holding was a silicone-based lube that was more suitable for... back-door play. Anal-play had never been a real favorite of mine, not that I had much experience at all with it, but when I had been together with my long-forgotten ex Mira she had basically demanded anal which had been fine with me. It had been very sexy to fuck her behind, but personally I had probably been penetrated with a finger up to the second knuckle like once so my experience was almost non-existent. It was sort of an un-breached territory. Julie had made very clear to me that she did not like anal -- not that I thought she had tried it -- but I was happy to oblige to that as well.

"First it was 'back in my days', and now you aim to claim me...? That sounds like we're newly-weds in the 1800's and you aim to claim my virginity..." I made a gasp to amplify what I was going to say next, "you do know that I'm not a virgin right?" and then I laughed at my own joke.

"Touché." Lily quipped.

"The second one is better suited for anal-play." I said spontaneously, not fully aware of what I was saying and how Lily would interpret it. Lily's expression turned thoughtful.

"I want to try that." Lily said curiously. My purpose hadn't been to entice her about it, frankly the thought of it made me nervous. Mostly because of my very limited experience with it, but also because of Lily's... fortitude in other sexual matters, not to mention her lean for raw and rough sex. I probably wouldn't be able to sit for like a week. However, I had sort of expected her to have done it in the past considering her sexual appetite.

"Umm... you've never done that...? I mean, I... haven't really. Well I have, I guess, to other people -- but not really... myself." I was nervously rambling. Lily had that spark in her eyes that indefinitely made me feel smaller and in-secure, and a confident grin played on her lips.

"Oh, I have," she said with confidence, "but I have only been subject to it -- it was quite stimulating -- and it certainly wasn't with another female. Mm, I would love to claim you that way Chris... to have you on all four in front of me..." she said and sexily bit her lip to amplify her dirty-talk. My nether regions practically spasmed with delight -- Lily made it sound oh so sweet, but I felt I wasn't quite ready for that yet. That flute would most likely sing a different tune later into the night however, I thought sarcastically to myself.

"I don't know if I... am ready for that just yet with you. You are very rough and frankly it terrifies me a bit to... you know... do it there." I stammered honestly -- Lily had some sort of ability to bring out the most submissive part of me.

"I can be tender if you want; you just have to ask for it..." Lily was prancing closer to me now having lathered up the toy with the correct lube. Crazily in-sync I got up as Lily had arrived at the sofa; we shared some electrifying eye-contact, and without a single word spoken Lily sat down and awaited me. The silicone-dildo stood out from her groin where she sat on the edge of the couch, glistening with lube from the light of the bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. With fluid motions I grabbed each of Lily's shoulders with my respective hands and positioned myself above her lap. I leaned in close to her face while slowly sinking down towards the toy springing out from her lap, and whispered just as the toy penetrated me;

"I want you to be tender now and then maybe..." I left the rest of it unsaid, hanging in the air. Then a pant escaped me as the toy stretched my opening. It was big considering what I was used to. Lily was completely still; tense like a strained spring -- revealing just how much she wanted to act but held herself back. There was no thrusting, no pulling me down, just her hands buried deep into the couch's cushions. I slowly inched further down on the toy, my legs were starting to tremble both from lactic acid building up due to the strange position I was in, but also from my increasing excitement. When eventually I seated completely on her lap, the toy pushed inside me to the hilt, I released a moan to let Lily know just how good it felt. Then I leaned further against her, and planted several kisses on her shoulder and neck. Lily kept her lower-body completely still -- still not thrusting or rotating with her hips -- but her upper-body felt almost erratic with its sudden movements. Her shoulders twitched a few times, her hands fidgeted around on my body -- it was as if her body was so full of energy and a need to act that it had to get out some way.

"Is it hard for you...?" I asked partly of sincere curiosity but also partly in a teasing manner. I slowly rose up on the silicone-dildo and fell down.

"Mmh, very." Lily mustered up. My hands went up to her breasts and I cupped each one in my hands. I kneaded them slowly while I repeatedly fucked myself on the dildo. Another orgasm was building up within me. I leaned back again to study Lily's features. Her mouth was slightly open, the points of her sharp teeth visible just behind her upper-lip. Her eyes were closed; overall the expression on her pale face was mostly relaxed. That lasted for but a few seconds though.

Her expression tensed up, and her eyes opened. They had changed; still the exquisite color of yellow and green swirled together, they were glowing far more than any normal set of eyes and the pupils had sort of shrunk so that they resembled those of a cat. For but a moment -- until she said it herself -- I realized that she was losing it. Slowly but certainly. Her self-control only went so far after all.

"I'm slipping Chris. I need to--" before I knew it she had grabbed my hips and suddenly we were moving at a speed my mind wasn't accustomed to. The kitchen, the short end of the dinner-table. She put me down on it with such force that the other end slammed against the wall with a mighty thud. A fleeting consideration about what my neighbors must have been thinking swept across my mind. Her movements weren't exactly forceful, but they were hurried. Like she tried to vent some sort of energy before it consumed her. A moment of shame clouded my mind; I had goaded forth this change in her -- I was very well aware of the strained leash she had on the more vicious part of herself, and I seemed to have torn that leash from her hands so to speak.

"It's not... your fault. It is these... feelings within. I love what you do to me, but... it's hard to control them. I'm not going to hurt you, but it's not possible for me to stay passive any longer." she struggled forth before her lips locked lustfully with mine. The toy was slowly retreating from my canal, and once almost completely out it was re-introduced with a mighty push.

"Hnngh..!" I quivered in the midst of our deep kiss. My right hand went to the back of Lily's skull and powerfully seized a bunch of her hair in my fist. That only fueled her further. A bit too high as it was, the dinner-table proved to be too much of a hassle to fuck me properly at -- so with the same blinding speed Lily pivoted around and sat my naked butt down on one of the lower kitchen counters. After sweeping her arms across the surface sending whatever utilities that were placed on it across the room, of course.

"Fuck me." I said, shocking myself. It wasn't so much that I didn't want to be fucked -- I really did -- but I had thought I wanted soft sex. Clearly my subconscious preferred Lily's roughness.

"I will fuck you 'til your senses overload." Lily's voice said in a dark but still erotic tone. And so she did. What began slowly and innocently for the most part, ended with Lily powerfully grabbing my hips and thrusting the strap-on inside me as if in a frenzy. I was barely touching the surface of the counter in the heat of it; my moans, Lily's growling and the sounds of her pelvis slapping against my wet inner-thighs and vulva were the only things my ears could perceive.

"Yo-hou-hou ah-are su-such a fuh-fuck-ing ah-ha-nih-mal!" I shouted in between the pounding she exposed me to, and then I screamed my ecstasy out loud like a maniac. Lily drove me through it, and honestly for a while I thought it would never end. My insides were on fire, from friction and pleasure and everything in-between. I think there was another orgasm after that, and probably yet another after that for all I knew -- I think I passed out after the first.

###"Uhhhnnn..." I released a deep moan and tensed up, and the dildo stopped its progress.

"Relax and I'll slide it further inside. It feels good doesn't it?"

"Yes..." I mumbled groggily, and tried my best to relax my anus. Lily put some pressure on the dildo with her hips, and it slid in just a tiny bit more. The dildo's girth was increasing, and thus the resistance from my rectal-cavity trying to block the intruder out. I felt exhilarated and the dildo wasn't even two inches inside me yet. There was something about it all that just excited me beyond reason. Lily's right hand went to the dildo to manually try to insert it further, holding it and tilting so that it could slide in un-obstructed. A finger of hers poked my tensed-up muscle, and then gently stroked it to make it relax. It did just as Lily gave a push with her hips, and the heavily lubricated dildo shot inside me almost entirely to the hilt. I screamed out.

"Aaahh!" reflexively I rose up on my elbows and pushed with my rectum as if trying to get the dildo out. It was a subconscious reaction to having the dildo so suddenly violating my entire rectum. Pushing only resulted in the dildo being absorbed within me quicker due to Lily still applying a light pressure. I almost gagged, not from disgust or in a heaving manner, but from the perceived feeling that the dildo was shooting through my entire (albeit short) body as it was buried in my rectum to the hilt. For a short moment just as the dildo was making its last move I experienced it almost as if it was impaling me up to the throat. The sensation of being completely filled-up in that body-opening and having my rectum so sexily intruded upon was so entirely foreign that I didn't quite know how to react. It was my senses playing tricks on me of course; the dildo was less than seven inches long and roughly four and a half inch around the base, so it was impossible in every single way that it actually impaled me that thoroughly.

"Uh! Mmh...!" sounds were involuntarily escaping my mouth as I tried to adjust to the size of the object penetrating my anus. I was still holding myself up on my elbows, but my face was buried in my hands whilst I grunted, my sphincter slowly relaxing around the shaft of the dildo.

"You are beautiful beyond words, flung across the armrest with a dildo so far up your ass that it's buried to the hilt. I just want to... Mrrghh...!" Lily's voice was literally trembling, dripping with fetish-oid excitement. My breath was coming in loud puffs.

"I'm going to fuck your behind now, and you are going to enjoy it beyond words." Lily stated in a sexy voice.

"Mmh, fuck, yes. I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to claim it, to take-- Ahhh!" I was rambling sexily when Lily pulled the dildo out about half-way and un-ceremoniously stabbed it back in, sending what felt like a convulsing spasm from the most inner area of my rectum through my body and torso causing my mouth to break free from my hands and release a surprised shout. The movement cranked my back even further resulting in my ass pouting even more invitingly to Lily. She repeated the motion, and I let out a similar sound.

"You're mine, you're always going to be mine -- because I'm the only one that can make you feel this way." Lily said in a slightly demeaning tone as her hand powerfully grabbed a fistful of flesh on my left ass-cheek and kneaded it roughly. If being hers meant I'd be treated to this sort of sex regularly, then I'd die before leaving her.

"I'm yours, I'm yours, I'm yours..." I mumbled again and again, and Lily repeatedly pumped the dildo in and out of my ass. Eventually my arms started to tremble and I sagged down on the couch, just shuffling about back-and-forth as Lily's increasingly powerful thrusts frankly ricocheted through my body.

"Uggnn, ugghh, nngh... hiss, ahh, ahh... ah!" The sounds were welling forth from deep within; versions of sexual gratitude I had never vocalized before, and they just kept coming, and coming... and coming. My anus tensed up, causing Lily's thrusts to meet some resistance and actually causing a pleasant sort of discomfort as Lily just pushed through again and again. A hand quickly reached down from the front of my body and rubbed urgently on my exposed clitoris. Like being hit by a speeding train, what she did threw me over the edge. My body completely tensed up, my knees buckled, my arms shot out and flailed around, and Lily gave one final, powerful push causing me to scream out loud.

"AIIYYHHH!" the fingers kept rubbing my clitoris in frenzy, and as if a dam burst within me liquid shot out from inside my pussy, staining the carpet underneath us.

"Ohmyfuckinggodddd...I've... ah, I've never-- ahh, a-mmh..." if someone would have told me 12 hours ago that I would be having anal-sex for the first time in my life and enjoying it immensely I would have seriously doubted them; if someone had told me 12 hours ago I would be having anal-sex for the first time and enjoying it so much that I squirt my juices all over my carpet I would have thought they were completely insane. The fingers so diligently rubbing my clit retreated, and Lily released a guttural -- almost sort of strangled -- cry, but I was too distracted by the fluid running down my legs and the musky scent in the air in the aftermath of heated sex. I naturally just assumed that Lily's strange sounds just were her having an orgasm. If not -- if that wasn't a possibility for someone of her kind, then it was the first time I had ever heard her pant from extorting too much energy.

"There would be nothing left of you if I had actually orgasmed." She panted. I just shut my eyes and breathed. If due to my fragility she was denied release, then I did feel a bit bad. Of course I would want her to experience the same kind of satisfaction that she repeatedly made me feel. Lily's hands went to my hips and took a hold of them much gentler than just a few minutes earlier. She pressed against me, molding her pelvis and hips to the back of my thighs and my ass-cheeks. The dildo was stretching against the insides of my ass. The movement wasn't forceful or aimed primarily as sexual -- it was just a means to get even closer to me. Lily draped her longer body over mine and -- like last time -- smelled me. Her nose ran over my shoulders, in my neck, over my arms and even down my back.

"My smell on you makes me really excited, proof that you are mine..." she panted. When she did or say things like that, I was always reminded that she indeed was more beast-like and primitive than a human. Eventually she shuffled us both down from the armrest and onto the cushions of the couch. She grabbed a hold around me, and shuffled around a bit more until we were spooning -- the dildo stirring inside my ass causing some very pleasing movements during the re-positioning. We just laid there in silence for a while, Lily completely quiet while her nose travel across my skin absorbing our mixed scents, and me seeming unable to get enough of the sensation of the toy in my ass, clenching and unclenching the muscles in my butt causing some very minor up-and-down movements on the slippery plastic toy.

"You can't seem to get enough." Lily eventually stated in a calm voice, probably feeling every single movement I was making. I moaned quietly.

"It's... so good. Like... how come I have never tried this before? You' fucking good at... at pleasing me. I just, I'm frankly shocked." I said, and while speaking tried to increase my movements around the shaft. I could probably bring myself to another orgasm by just pumping myself up and down on it. I was determined to.

"You want to get off again, love? I want to bring you more pleasure if you feel you are ready for it."

"Mmh yes, but I want to... do it myself. It's so goddamned good." I panted.

"Wait, let me make it easier." Lily said. Relaxing in her embrace of sorts I patiently waited until she had moved us around again -- the dildo never once leaving my insides. Lily grabbed a back-rest cushion from the couch and placed it sort of leaning towards the back-rest on one of the sitting-cushions. She made me half-get-up and moved us so that she was sitting on the leaning cushion, and I was impaled on the dildo on her lap. The extra cushion made Lily lean slightly forward, offering me more momentum to move up and down the slick shaft of the dildo so long as Lily held me. It was actually a very effective position short-term, and within seconds I was rocking back and forth on the toy with a bit of assistance from Lily's strong hands and arms; bringing myself closer and closer to yet another orgasm.

"Uhg. Uhg. Uhh, yes, mmh, right there. Mmh fuck, ah... Ah! Ah, yes! There, mwhaaa...!" I sputtered as I increased my own pace and eventually slammed down on Lily's lap as my orgasm overtook me. It was weak compared to all the others, but then again it was (mostly) self-induced, and probably my fourth for the night. Pleasing, nonetheless.*** While riding the after-waves Lily's voice asked:

"Can I taste you, Chris?" Her voice was again guttural and trembling. I knew what she meant the second she spoke the words. She didn't mean juices, or my ass, or my mouth. She meant my blood. She was thirsting for it. I considered it for just a brief moment; she had given me so much that night in the term of pleasure and passion and a weird sense of safety and familiarity, and she held 99,99% of my trust -- the odds that the 00,01% would prove to be the exception where she accidentally killed me while drinking my blood was slim. Call my reasoning shallow and even callous towards myself, but Lily deserved it. Words suddenly felt unnecessary, so I just balanced myself on her lap, took her hand from my hip and gave it as strong a squeeze as I could muster up. Lily gave a relieved sigh, and recuperated my squeeze.

"Thank you." Lily's chin came to rest on my shoulder; she then tilted it so that her mouth was perched just over the thin flesh of my neck. I lifted my arm over my shoulder so that my hand could grab her hair at the back of her head and give an encouragingly squeeze there too. Two hard and pointy surfaces landed on my flesh and my breathing turned shallow -- I felt elated and terrified at the same time, the constant mix of contrasting emotions familiar by now.

The three words "I love you" was thrown from Lily's mouth just a fraction of a second before those sharp teeth pierced my flesh. The words Lily spoke just before she bit me juddered through my mind; honestly I was so shocked that I almost didn't feel the bite. There was pain, and I did involuntarily cringed and gave out a wounded whimper -- I won't dismiss that -- but the pain was brief and almost feeble compared to what I had dreaded. The bite was quick, more like a shallow stab, and then there was only a dull, pulsing ache similar to that of an ordinary wound. Lily ran the flat of her tongue over the wound -- I felt those strange cat-like barbs that seemed to adorn her tongue at times, and as she did -- catching every so-far leaked drop of blood and coating the small wounds in her saliva - the world before my eyes warped.

I had been smoking quite a lot of pot during my stormy relationship and break-up with Mira -- who had been a party-girl to the marrow. She had been into somewhat heavier party-drugs, too -- of which I had abstained. When Lily had left me two years prior I hadn't even thought about a joint, and even less so as I started collage and realized that pot-heads don't ascend to anything important and are solely ignored by the great scheme of things. Suddenly my mind had a sort of whoosh of recognition. The warped, heady feeling that took place in my mind reminded me of a particularly potent recreational plant Dex and I had purchased and smoked once when we were younger. A feeling of floating on clouds, almost seeing sounds and an uncontrollable urge to laugh presented themselves. It was hard to wrap my head around in my obviously drugged-up state -- but I assumed that Lily's saliva contained some sort of substance that mimicked the rush that accompanied drug-intake. Or some such. The more times Lily's tongue rasped across the wounds on my neck, re-coating them in saliva, the headier I became. I felt and probably looked high as a kite, yet I couldn't really shake a peculiar nagging feeling that suddenly popped up. My skin sort of itched, and the skin around the wounds tingled and felt prickly. When Lily then sealed her lips over the wounds and applied suction I was pulled out of my rush in an instant. That feeling was uncomfortable, my body alerting me that it was wounded. With a powerful jerk I flew off Lily's lap. I ended up landing on the carpeted floor in front of the sofa head-first. I could feel three physical things at that point: the friction-burns on my knees as I had slid over the carpet, the pain on my forehead and nasal-bone from slamming to the floor, and my anus slowly retracting itself to its normal tightness. Very mixed emotions in other words.

"Chris, are you alright?" Lily hollered and reached for me to help me get up.

"Ouch. What was that for?"

"I had to get the venom out, you know like I explained before, so that you wouldn't... turn into what I am. But I should have warned you, and held you so as to avoid this. I'm sorry." Lily's explanation made sense. She had told me that as long as the venom of her bite can't spread through my system I wouldn't become what she was.

"I'll survive," I said, pardoningher, got up and turned to her, "In fact..." I walked up to her and leaned to whisper in her ear while my eyes grew misty:

"I think I love you too."

The End

...for now at least...

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