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The Corrupted Forest

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This Story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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The Corrupted Forest

Hidden deep within the eastern mountains of the world, two wizards protected a sacred and enchanted forest. The hidden valley housed ancient trees that reached for the sky. Gigantic trees who's far reaching branches became a highway for primates and monkeys.

Many different forms of Fae lived among the trees. Undisturbed by humans, the forest flourished. The only humans that have ever set foot within the enchanted land were wizards, men and women who swore an oath not to interfere with nature.

The real reason for their presence and continued service remained a well-guarded secret. For the forest grew over a magical ley-line, a source of magical power connected to the very core of the earth.


A robed man sat in the shade, enjoying the wind which pushed through his hair as he enjoyed a break. At first glance one might mistake him for older than his 28 years, mostly due to specks of blue which seemed to highlight both his long locks and medium beard. The color matched his bright blue eyes and complimented his strong features. Each person's body had a reaction to the magic they used. Enorim liked his. The blue highlights complemented his strong features. One day it would consume the brown, but he didn't mind.

A quetzal rested upon his shoulder peacefully. The young wizard admired the vibrantly colored bird as he leaned back comfortably into the large tree trunk.

He loved the peaceful forest life, and couldn't see himself living anywhere else. There were many dangers that he had to be wary of and avoid, all part of the circle of life, yet they really didn't bother him. Predators had to hunt and kill to survive. It didn't make them evil. He admired them equally, including the exotic bird on his shoulder. The only difference being that he wouldn't walk up to the dangerous animals.

The young apprentice took a deep breath, savoring the morning air. He looked around and smiled at the colorful bird upon his shoulder as it tilted its head at him. Enorim knew he had lingered long enough and had to get back. He let out the deep breath and slowly got up. The small quetzal flew away the second his body moved.

It was a short walk back to his home, a hollowed out tree with an enchantment placed over it. To anyone else it appeared as just another large tree. The blue eyed wizard in training approached the tree without any doubts. After many years of training he could easily detect the swirl of magic from the wards his master had placed there.

He straightened his back and took another deep breath. The part he always hated, walking through the enchantment, always imagining that one day he'd mistake the spell and walk face first into a tree trunk. With his face scrunched up he walked through the enchantment.

The spell's craftsmanship demonstrated his master's genius. If anyone had witnessed the young apprentice entering the enchantment they would have seen him walk around the tree, until out of sight. It wouldn't have been a good hideout if an onlooker could watch them vanish into the tree.

Eronim entered the tree he had called home since turning twelve years old, when he had levitated his first object. He'd always wondered how the old man had found him so quickly after that. Though he asked many times, he never got a straight answer.

The young wizard materialized through the doorway into a much larger space than one would have expected. Even though the tree trunk had indeed been massive, it still didn't compare to the size of the magically created home. A large open space with tables and beds expanded before him, with a modest set of furniture, considering their ability to conjure things at will.

There were two beds, one on top of the other. They weren't large, yet were long enough for a tall man. Everything along the outside of the space was carved out of the tree. His master explained that living simply kept them humble and connected to the earth.

The impressive part of their home expanded far above his head. A library spiraled upwards as far up as Eronim could see. Balconies circled each floor with ladders extending between floors. The shelves contained thousands upon thousands of books and scrolls. One of the many tasks the old wizard had given him over the years was the endless task of reading every single one of them. The books contained knowledge collected over centuries untold. For sixteen years he studied for at least a dozen hours each day and yet he had only scratched the surface of the collected works.

He was just a scrawny boy when he first began the task, and now he was a grown man. Learning astronomy, mathematics, spells, herbology, and many other subjects. The most unbelievable of them all were the ancient history tomes, the ones so old they were made out of strange leather that reminded him of human skin. Those ancient books spoke of demons and a time when mankind were nothing but slaves.

Enorim had a hard time believing those; he had just skimmed through them, skipping whole sections. The books on wildlife and playful magic held his attention the most as a kid.

"Master, are you here?" He heard no reply. It had been two days since the old man tasked him with overseeing the forest alone. He normally would appear out of thin air suddenly, and startle the blue eyed man. His master had never been gone so long before, and the last two days had seemed to stretch on without the old man's familiar presence.

Perhaps the old timer finally felt confident in Enorim's abilities. Either that or something important simply kept him occupied longer than usual. A small piece of rolled up paper on the table caught his attention. He had never gotten into his master's things before and felt pride because of it. Yet that piece of paper for some reason tugged at his curiosity.

He looked around and briefly thought. It's not like he would be digging through the old man's personal chest next to his bed. The paper sat there out in the open. No one would expect anything if he took a peek. A feeling of mischief filled his chest, as if he were still a teenager, about to do something he knew he shouldn't. The paper felt smooth and new as he picked it up. It rolled open in his hands and he immediately recognized the hand writing.

It belonged to a sorceress named Knigrith, the master's previous apprentice. They had a falling out once Enorim entered the picture. He didn't know the whole story since the woman had left before he arrived. Since then he'd only heard bits and pieces of her whereabouts. The only reason he recognized the hand writing was because of a pile of notes left behind.

This note detailed demands and threats. Apparently their falling out had been worse that he had imagined. That made him worry for his master.

The old timer and master wizard with long white hair and beard went by the name Magus Proteus. He moved with a grace you wouldn't expect an old man to have. He even had a witty answer for everything, almost as if riddles were his favorite past time. Enorim hated having to decipher the answers to his questions most of the time. Others he anticipated and tried to outwit, never succeeding yet!

Now that he knew what kind of trouble his master had gone off to face, he paced back and forth, mind pondering on things he could do to help. Knigrith's note expressed her hatred at being pushed aside. Clearly she had expected to replace Magus as guardian of the ley-line.

Speaking of the ley-line, Enorim didn't exactly know much about it. His master hadn't entrusted the details to him quite yet. The young man knew it wasn't a matter of trust, and so he waited patiently for that day to come. But with all honesty he didn't want that day to come quite yet. It came with an enormous amount of responsibility.

At the moment he didn't live a boring life. Rather he spent his time learning from the countless books he'd never finish. That and adventures throughout the forest with the many peaceful animals. He could talk to them and enjoyed their company. Although they couldn't speak back, he could still understand their form of communication. Needless to say he wasn't in a rush to gain full responsibility. That day would come all too soon, and when it did, he'd be ready. Or at least he hoped.

Despite Magus Proteus' riddles and slight annoyances Enorim looked up to him. His unique outlook on life and witty attitude made life interesting.

The young wizard paced around with his mind wandering. Completely distracted he didn't see the small chipmunk trying to get his attention. With a frustrated look on its face the little animal scurried off, knowing full well that it'd be too late to warn the blue eyed wizard before-


A loud crash outside shook the very earth.

Nearly scared out of his skin, the young wizard jumped high into the air, barely missing the ceiling above him. With his heart beating hard in his chest he crept towards the door, almost afraid to venture out. The wards held strong and no silent alarms went off, so it wasn't an attack. With a deep breath he took that step back through the enchanted doorway.

Branches of all sizes littered the ground, as if something fell through the trees. Small pools of green vapor swirled before dissipating. Movement caught his eye; he noticed the little chipmunk bouncing upon the ground. Next to the small animal, a green form stood out among the foliage -- a woman with light green skin, dark green curly hair and red lips. There were leaves covering up her womanly parts, thankfully. He didn't think he'd be able to handle seeing those large tits in the flesh.

She looked like one of the Fae that kept to themselves. And she appeared to be injured. Without a second thought Enorim carefully picked her up and carried the delicate, slim woman inside, cradling her head against his shoulder. He couldn't help but feel chills run through his body as her hot breath met his neck. She was stunningly beautiful even when unconscious. He tried not to think of her as a woman.

He'd just mend her wounds and carry her back outside, away from the wizard's home, hopefully before she woke up. Fae were dangerous. Magus had warned him about interfering with them. He said they were full of mischief and malice, never to be trusted. Enorim imagined that couldn't be the only reason they were considered dangerous. Yet he couldn't let someone injured lay there to die.

Even if she had been one of the large cats that would kill him without a second thought, he'd still attempt to save its life. The trick would be helping it quickly before it woke up.

Inside the tree Enorim gently laid the woman down on a table after sliding the contents off. He took a step back and couldn't help but be taken away by her beauty. Her slim body appeared toned in all the right places. Looked like she would be about 5 feet tall when standing. A small scratching sensation rose up his body as the little chipmunk climbed up to his shoulder and sat down.

Just out of curiosity he looked to the creature and asked. "What is she?"

The chipmunk squeaked in return and the young wizard interpreted exactly as he had guessed. A Fae. He shook his head in disbelief. Even though he had read about them and his master had warned him, he still didn't quite believe they were real, having never actually seen one. It had been just like those ancient books about demons. It was hard to believe they actually existed without seeing it with your own eyes. And here she was, laying upon the table.

Perhaps there were more truth to all the tales and tomes than he wanted to admit. So caught up in his disbelief that he hadn't even inspected her wounds. With a tentative step he planned to do just that.

Suddenly her eyes shot open. Bright green eyes regarded her surroundings. Slowly she rolled to her side to face him. She propped herself up on an elbow as her other hand caressed her flat stomach. In a playful tone she asked him, "Did you carry me here to play a game?"

Both wizard and chipmunk's jaws dropped to the floor!

"W-what? No games. You shouldn't be here." He began to panic but he couldn't take his eyes off those moist red lips as she smiled. Her sexy tongue slid out and licked along her lips.

"Look into my eyes." She said with a sexy pout he couldn't resist. Those bright green orbs held his attention. Nothing else mattered. "That's it, stare into my eyes and lose yourself. Your body is starting to feel relaxed. Listening to my voice soothes your worries away."

His eyes slowly glazed over as his head lowed to a tilt.

"Everything you care about slowly fades away with each deep breath." Her smooth voice captivated the young wizard. The hand caressing her belly ascended to tease at her exposed cleavage. The wizard breathed heavily and deeply.

A squeak from his shoulder didn't even cause him to flinch. So the chipmunk snapped at his neck.

"Ouch!" He called out, eyes blinking rapidly as he snapped out of the trance. He looked back and forth between the smiling woman and the frantic animal. "Wh-what just happened?"

"You were losing the game, silly."

He couldn't help but think of all the warning bells going off inside his head. He said, with less conviction than he felt, "Last thing I remember was saying no to your game."

The woman didn't look up at him as he spoke. Her eyes were fixated at his crotch.

"That bulge, though." She said wickedly, causing him to look down.

She hadn't been lying. A large bulge was in his robes. He panicked. "I'm sorry I-I I didn't realize."

The last time he'd been in a woman's presence he had been twelve and it was his mother. He couldn't explain or understand his body's reaction.

"Want me to take care of that?" Her voice flowed like silk, making him shiver.

"NO!" He cried out in a panic, face flushed red, completely embarrassed. Yet he couldn't will himself to turn away from her. Something tugged at him to stare at her beautiful body, and that something throbbed.

"Look into my eyes."

"No, you need to leave. Clearly you aren't injured like I thought." He pointed to the doorway as he looked down at the ground.

"Heal my wounded pride and step closer, sugar."

His body twitched, eager to obey. Before his body began to walk towards her he acted. The hand pointing at the doorway quickly pointed at her and flicked to the door. Magic coursed through his veins as his eyes lit up with a blue glow. The chipmunk squeaked as it soared to the ground.

The Fae squealed as her body lifted up into the air and shot forward -- into his arms. Oops.

"Ohh, even better!" She moaned into his neck with a kiss as she flicked her fingers. Enorim's arms reflexively closed around her body, once again cradling her within his arms. Her own smooth green arms were around his neck and shoulders. The bulge in his robes bobbed and threatened to pop.

Her lips and tongue felt amazing against his neck. Her hands slid up his neck to his face. A hand rested on each cheek as she pulled him to look at her.

"Stare into my eyes and lose yourself."

Enorim couldn't resist. Her bright green orbs once again filled his vision. From this angle they were large and round, becoming his whole world. It looked like specs of even brighter green light flashed within those orbs. The young wizard's eyes glazed over once again.

"You don't want to send me away. I'm here for you, to take care of your every desire."

He stared at her blankly, all expression leaving his face. She leaned forward and nibbled on his lower lip, eyes never closing, never moving.

"Mmhmm, you like the sound of that. I'm all yours, and only yours. You will obey."

"Obey," he replied in a monotone voice.

"Yes, that's right. Deep down you've always wanted to be controlled by a powerful woman."

A tiny voice in the back of his head attempted to speak up, knowing that wasn't true! But the Fae's eyes kept him still and the voice went unnoticed.

"Put me down and let's take care of that ache between your legs." She slid from his arms and stood before him, a full foot shorter. Her hands teased at his waist and untied his robes, pulling them loose. His hard-on bounced free.

"Squeeze it for me." She said in a sexy pout, the corner of her lip still between her teeth. The young wizard slowly wrapped his hand around his tool and squeezed. "That-a boy."

"Take a deep breath and sink farther into trance. When I count to ten your mind will be putty in my hands." Mischief twinkled in her eyes.

"One, start to stroke it slowly for me." His body obeyed instantly. "Fall deeper as you listen to my voice."

"Two. My voice is all that matters to you." She licks her lips, enjoying her 'game'. "Three. Feel your body relax, desperate to hear my voice."

A small shudder went through his body and his knees buckled.

"Four, slow, long strokes for me sugar. Feel the world slip away. My voice is a beacon pulling you deeper." She noticed his knees buckle that time.

"Five. Feel your body's urge to give in. Stroke faster. Listen to your body, give it what it wants." Enorim fell down to his knees as his hand sped up.

"Six. That's it, doesn't it feel good to be on your knees before me?" He couldn't answer but there's a deep grumble within his throat.

"Seven. Even deeper, stroke harder, give into me." The green skinned woman was so turned on, she was practically panting for breath.

"Eight. Your mind obeys my commands as if they were your own. Bring yourself closer to release. Build it up, you want it!" She moans out, her hand rubbing circles at her clit. The leaves covering her up had moved to the side; as if with a mind of their own.

"Nine. So close now. So desperate to cum, to obey. Prove to me you'll obey my every word." The wizard's blank mind soaked up everything she said.

"Ten! Obey and cu- Edge! Hold it in for me, obey me." He let out a groan as his climax is denied but somehow his body cut off the orgasm mid pulse. Her own gasping for breath filled his ears between giggles.

"When I snap my fingers, your conscious mind won't remember anything that just happened. Your body will have a powerful urge to obey me. But you won't understand why. You'll try to resist, and it will be Hard!" The last word came out loud as her body spasmed. The thrill of what just happened rocked her body in a small climax. She pulled his hand away, closed his robes and snapped her fingers.

Enorim came to, blinking fast. The confusion and thoughts running through his head were written on his face. One thought that spoke louder than the rest was how horny he was. The wizard stood there attempting to speak, but words didn't form.

She says with a cute tilt of her head, "Is everything alright, boy?"

"I uh, I'm." He manages to stutter, completely confused.

"You were just healing me. You're so kind and loving." A smile formed on his lips; her words made him happy. But why? He couldn't remember.

A small moth flew into the room up to his ear. Its wings fluttered fast as small sounds reached him. All of a sudden the look of confusion vanished from his face, turning to pure horror.

"Magus has been captured by Knigrith!" His heart beat pounded hard within his chest. The hard erection temporarily forgotten. The Fae's eyes fill with malice once their gazes meet.
"You should go immediately. I'll stay here, where it's safe." There's a moment where he looks about to question her words, as if deep down he knew it would be wrong to listen. Yet no words of resistance formed on his lips.

"If you cum without my permission I'll be very upset." She said with a pout. "Go rescue the master." Her words came out almost condescending, and he repeated in a monotone voice. In the next moment he rushed out into the forest without any supplies. Not even his staff accompanied him.

The little chipmunk charged off after him with a petrified look upon its face. A light green hand swooped down and grabbed the poor thing. The Fae lovingly caressed and pet the animal before adding with a sexy pout.

"You wouldn't leave a girl all by herself would you?" The chipmunk whines and squeaked, worried about the wizard. "Someone has to witness my ascension as I tap into the ley-line." Her lips curl up wickedly.


The young wizard with blue highlighted hair stopped at a dark part of the forest. Vines grew all over the evil looking trees whose branches reminded him of skeleton fingers. Some of the trees still had leaves, as if life clung to them. He looked around with confusion, unsure of where or how he got there. The last thing he remembered was a moth whispering in his ear.

His eyes opened wide as he remembered the message. Master Magus is being held prisoner by his old apprentice. Now his surroundings made sense. It is Knigrith's territory, dark and twisted land. By the look of things he stood on the very edge of her borders. Vibrant colors behind him slowly faded to the death and decay before him.

His brow scrunched up and he moved forward. Suddenly realizing his hands were empty. 'Where in the blazes is my staff!?' He mentally questioned himself. He'd have to go back for it. But it would be too late for his master if he had to double back. What could have possibly made him leave the tree without his staff? The plain looking stick enhanced his magic and connection to the ley-line. It acted like an extra source of power before sapping his body's strength.

The realization caused his heart to hurt. It would be dangerous but he'd have to push on. Into the dark twisted part of the forest he ventured. Strangely enough there were no thoughts of a particular green skinned menace.

He moved carefully, keeping away from the sinister looking plants. They moved if he got too close, almost as if they were slithering towards him. Now he fully understood Magus' disgust with his former apprentice. She had fallen far from her vows to never interfere with nature.

Briefly he pondered what the sorceress looked like. Would she be crouched over and covered in corrupting warts? Allowing her body to be twisted like the forest around her?

The path to her base formed as he walked. Almost as if the wicked plant life knew where he wanted to go. He remembered the notes she had left behind, quite clearly. She had found an ancient castle deep within the forest. The notes spoke fondly of it and he expected to find her there. It would make sense if she had used the power of magic to her own gain, which Proteus frowned upon.

The farther he traveled the more sinister his surroundings became. More vines grew within the skeleton trees -- so many, in fact, that they formed a thick ceiling above that cut out the sun. It felt like he ventured into a completely new world, one he didn't want to be in. Without the light he couldn't make out any colors. It all appeared grey and black, like someone had sucked the life out of the environment.

Further he crept and the foliage felt like it slowly closed in around him. He got claustrophobic and found it hard to breathe as his throat swelled up. The vines appeared to be like slithering snakes. A speck of color caught his eye, a red pedal among the sea of black and grey. It pulled at his heart and he found it hard to look away. The way the pedals were shaped reminded him of naughty pictures. Well to him they were naughty. In truth they had just been naked diagrams of females. The part this flower bud reminded him of was clearly between the drawing's legs.

A voice whispered in his mind knowingly. Warning him to be on guard and avoid it. He pressed on and realized he saw more of them with each step. They were everywhere within the slithering vines. Yet luckily the pathway remained clear. He just had to stay on the path.

The moment he thought that he realized he had stepped extremely close to the path's edge. One of those vibrant red buds called to his attention, inching towards him. Thank goodness he caught himself before he took another step. He turned back towards the path and spotted patches of stonework through gaps of vines.

It had to be the castle Knigrith's notes spoke of. A few more minutes of careful steps and the castle revealed itself to his gaze. It looked massive and anything BUT warm and inviting.

With deep concentration he cast a concealment spell that masked his presence. He took deep breaths and attempted to steel his nerves. He needed confidence to face his master's old apprentice. Silently he crept up a large stone staircase that led to massive wooden doors.

He placed a clammy hand upon the door and pushed. It opened with surprisingly smooth ease. With the door open wide he gazed upon a large elaborate courtroom. The sorceress sure did use her magic for personal gain. Cloth tapestries hung on the walls. Tables and chairs were littered around the room as if she expected to host a feast.

He didn't see any servants or anyone at all actually. Not even a speck of dust. The room appeared as if magic kept the space perfect at all times. He continued to sneak farther inside, briefly wondering where the woman would keep his master prisoner. The first idea that came to mind, the dungeons. All castles had them but he wondered if that would be too obvious.

A powerful master wizard with many years of experience wouldn't be easily kept behind bars of iron. He'd need special quarters to hold him within. His thoughts were interrupted when he noticed movement within a large elaborate chair. By the stories told by Magus the woman should be in her late fifties. Not quite an old hag, but neither should she be young and full of life.

The movement that caught his gaze didn't look old at all. In fact she didn't look a day older than twenty. Smooth pale skin framed by dark raven colored hair. Dark eyes scanned the room with boredom. A long, tight flowing gown covered her fit body like a second skin. Little of her pale skin revealed itself to his eyes. Luckily her no doubt massive chest had been covered by the tight cloth. Her thin lips were held tightly shut as she chewed or ground her teeth.

If this woman had indeed learned her craft under the tutelage of Magus Proteus she'd be a challenge. He'd have to take care with each move he made. Carefully craft a clever plan to outwit her. He closed his hands together and thought of a spell.


Suddenly the large doors slammed shut behind him causing him to jump in fright. The dark haired woman stared directly at him and laughed. He had walked right into her trap. A silent curse mouthed from his lips.

"I see my little moth found you." Her voice filled the room with a sense of power and confidence. Before Enorim had a chance to speak she continued as if reading his mind. "Oh your master isn't here. I have him distracted fighting my plant minions in another part of the vast forest. Necessary to get you all to myself. However I hadn't expected you to arrive defenseless."

The powerful woman stood up as her delicate hand shot out and pointed at him. The air around him bent and it felt like a large hand closed around him. The tapestries flared up as the magic flowed through the air. Helplessly the young wizard's body lifted into the air. The invisible hand squeezed and held him tightly.

Knigrith's hand smoothly pointed to the room's center. He felt the hand's grip tighten and move. Slowly his body floated to the spot she pointed at. He attempted to struggle, to no avail. That hand held him tight.

A sinister smile formed on her thin lips as she opened her hand and forcefully brought it down.

Enorim felt the invisible hand release its grip on him. His body dropped the few feet and landed awkwardly. Without any time to react that invisible force pressed down on his shoulders. The force was too strong to withstand and he found his knees bending under the weight. With a painful grunt his knees hit the floor. He was effectively kneeling before Knigrith.

"Why do you follow that old cripple when you could be worshiping at my feet?"

He felt a pull in his heart urging him to agree with her. More of her magic, he knew, as he felt it flow from her lips and into his ears. Somehow despite himself and her powerful influence he resisted and kept quiet. Her powerful and infectious voice went on ineffectively. The young wizard remained on his knees silently. She smirked down at him.

"Hmm, not defenseless after all. There's a powerful ward on your soul that feels ancient. Much more powerful than anything that old man could conjure himself." Her head tilted to the side. "What have you been up to behind his back, little one?"

She spoke to him as if a child. And yet she appeared younger and healthier than him. It made him very uncomfortable. Honestly he didn't know what she spoke of. He never did anything behind his master's back. Not like she had done. The magic he protected within the tree gave him the needed strength to carry out his task. Nothing ancient and all powerful that he knew of.

The wizard felt an itch on his mind. Almost like a scratching sensation. The deceptive looking woman dug around his mind, he guessed. What would she find if he didn't know anything? Before he could question her, that smug, confident smile returned to her lips.

"So, your mind and soul are protected from me. How about that cute body of yours?" Her confident smile widened as she stood up and rolled her shoulders back. The black elegant dress slipped from her body, pooling at her feet.

It all happened so fast, but to Enorim the dress fell in slow motion. He watched her shoulders roll back as the falling garment exposed her pale white flesh. Smooth kissable skin became visible inch by inch. With how tight it had looked he couldn't imagine the dress falling from her body without help. But nonetheless, it slipped down over her hidden chest. Those large gravity defying tits bounced free. He stopped following the dress. His eyes locked onto those hard nipples.

To say his eyes bulged out of their sockets would be an understatement. His mouth went dry and he struggled to form thoughts, let alone words. Regardless he managed to breath out one word. "Nope!"

The wizard spun around on his heels and ran for the humongous wooden doors. The woman simply laughed.

"I didn't think so." Her arms shot up and an invisible force stopped him in his tracks. It hit him so hard, his breath had been knocked out of him. With a yelp his body flung backwards. He slammed into the ground on his back and slid. The spell kept him sliding until two slender legs stood on either side of his head. Enorim's eyes remained bulged as he stared up at the first naked vagina in the flesh.

Those tender lips didn't have a single hair upon them, pink and glistening with her juices. Instinctively he licked his lips, suddenly finding himself parched. As if in response to his tongue a single drop fell. He watched it fall as the world slowed down. He groaned out in agonizing anticipation as the droplet descended to his lips; landing square on his lower lip. He felt a strong desire to taste it.

Who did this woman think she was!? Falsifying information to get him here. Then trying to what? Seduce him? Did she fear Magus that much that she had to tempt his new apprentice to her side?

Distracted by his thoughts his body acted. He sucked on his lower lip and moaned. Fireworks went off inside his mind and all other thoughts melted away. He didn't even attempt to roll away or get up. Even though that powerful yet invisible force couldn't be felt on his body. He just laid there and watched as those nether lips slowly descended.

One taste had been electrifying and he wanted more! For that reason alone he eagerly lapped her juices as she sat on his face. The sorceress sighed with pleasure as he hastily began eating her out. Her hips began to grind in small circles and he brought his hands up to pull her tighter against him. He could taste her magic and he loved it.

Enorim felt the temptress lean forward and fiddle with his robes. Soon after a cold breeze met his sweating skin as she opened his robes. A wet tongue slid along his member. He groaned with desire he never knew he could feel. When her lips closed around his swollen head he almost lost it.

Deep down he really wanted to let loose. But something stopped him. He couldn't explain it or even think about it. The blue splotches in his hair lit up and his eyes glowed. How could he have allowed this to happen? He had completely forgotten about his greatest weapon, his own magic!

The young wizard growled as Knigrith laughed in a condescending tone. She no doubt expected him to give in and blow his seed down her throat. One last hard suck caused her to squeal as he savored her taste. He couldn't help it, she did taste amazing.

In her moment of expected victory the sorceress became vulnerable. He flicked his wrist as his eyes flared bright blue. Her luscious yelp became one of confused surprise as her body suddenly flung backwards. She landed on her large chair and felt it splinter. For a moment she sat there confused. The splintering sounds continued and once again she let out a yelp. The broken chair fell apart as she fell with it.

Enorim stood up and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. A luminescent blue egg-like shape formed around him as he closed his robes.

"You'll have to do better than that, miss."

The stunningly fit woman sat up and laughed. "I'm impressed. You must have nerves of steel to hold back that climax. Let it build up. Your fall will be that much sweeter."

Slowly she stood up, her every action meant to hold his gaze. He couldn't look away as her hips tilted and her hands slid up her tight body. He tried to blink and look away before she... Nope he couldn't. She cupped her large chest and squeezed.

The young wizard swore he could feel his knees buckle and legs wobble. Why did she have to have that hot body? Why couldn't she be old and deformed? Her smile vanished as a violet hue flashed within her eyes. Those slender hands holding his gaze shot out and pointed at him. Violet, almost pinkish light arched through the air towards him.

The blue shield took the arcane bolts with a loud crackle. The force of the bolts pushed him back, but he remained on his feet. Sky blue bolts of his own fired back, along with a blazing fireball. Knigrith's brow scrunched up in concentration, her fingers dancing through the air.

The sky blue bolts were deflected easily. Then she noticed the fireball blazing towards her. The look of shock made Enorim grin. He caught her off guard!

She jumped, barely escaping the fire as it exploded against her ruined chair. The wood went up in flames.

The young wizard pressed his advantage, firing two more sky blue bolts along with chain lightning. He watched as her jump turned into a roll and his bolts smacked against stone inches from her body. The lightning however didn't miss. He watched as the electricity coursed through her body.

Her agonizing scream echoed throughout the room and... Wait, that wasn't a painful scream. He watched as her body shook and her hands roamed all over. Did he just give her an orgasm? Enorim stood there dumbfounded. Her body appeared to glow as her arrogant smile returned.

She said between gasps of breath, "Give me more!" Her laugh sounded more genuine this time. The young wizard didn't know how to react. A part of him did however, it pulsed with need. The lightning appeared to have energized her as she stared at him with pure lust.

Her hands became a flurry of movement, blurring through the air. Hundreds of violet bolts slammed against his shield. He held strong but each new bolt hurt more than the last. He felt like a caged animal being rattled around. Sweat poured down his face as he focused with all his might to reinforce the shield. It flickered regardless of his efforts. She's too powerful! The young wizard felt his body weakening.

Knigrith's confident smile grew wider with each passing second. "It's hard to concentrate when all you can think about is my delicious, wet pussy, isn't it?"

His shield flickered as the spell started to break. Her words sent chills through his body and blood between his legs. Her hand reached out and caressed the shield. When had she gotten so close?

The weak shield hardly tickled her flesh. He tried to avoid her knowing gaze as his member twitched. The wizard's body felt desperate and he knew he wouldn't be resisting her twice.

"Look at my body. Feel that desire pulse between your legs."

He licked his lips as he stared at her glorious chest. Her hand slid down his weakening shield, mere inches from his throbbing erection. She pressed her body against the shield and he felt the weight of it against his willpower. Yet the movement caused his eyes to follow her right tit.

The edge of his vision blurred from lack of focus, yet he still noticed a window far up on the castle wall. With an iron will he closed his eyes and pictured that spot. The shield failed and her smooth fingers twirled around his cock, squeezing hard.

"It's time for an earth shattering--" She was cut off as his body disappeared.

He reappeared upon the window sill with a moan. Her hand had felt... Before his body could rebel or she could react he blinked again, by focusing on a spot outside the window on the horizon.

Somehow against all odds he managed to escape her grasp. A picture of her screaming in frustration popped up in his mind's eye. The young wizard couldn't hold back a smile. With each step he felt the desperate need of his body as it rubbed against his robes. He attempted to walk it off. The corrupted part of the forest didn't feel so sinister anymore. At least not after meeting Knigrith.

He briefly wondered what kind of spell she used to enhance her body. Using magic for her own gain had defiantly worked to her advantage. His mouth watered as he thought of that body and how tight, hot, and sexy it had been.

Distracted by his thoughts the young wizard walked right off the path. The slithering vines opened a path for him. He continued to walk as they opened, and closed behind him.

A large red bud caught his attention and he realized instantly the mistake he had made. He spun around and moved his arms quickly; his exhausted body rebelled. The shock and refusal of the failed blink made him feel sick as vines wrapped around his wrists. They pulled his arms up and out. The slight pain from his stretched shoulders made him panic as his body lifted up off the ground.

The slithering orgy of vines before him had cut off his escape, effectively trapping him within. Yet he could still see through some gaps through their slithering mass. On the other side he saw Knigrith walking down the path. Her tight dress hugged her curves with each step.

In his panicked state he almost called out to her for help. If he just thought for a moment he could come up with an escape route. The last thing he would want to do is rush back into her arms. Even though his body wanted nothing else but that.

She had a frustrated look on her face as she walked by without seeing him.

Enorim let out a sigh of relief. Now all he'd need to do would be concentrate and—"
"What!" He gasped as something closed around his dick. He looked down to see that red rose bud attached to his crotch. "Why!?"

He couldn't understand why a plant would--- then it squeezed! He gasped louder and watched in horror as Knigrith stopped in her tracks and turned around. Her head tilted and slowly she approached the vines.

"Have you caught my prey, my pretties?" She said in a motherly tone; as if speaking to her offspring. The vines blocking her view tightened and she snorted. "Show me."

All humor had left her voice. Slowly but surely enough they obeyed her. The slithering vines arched up and opened. Then the raven haired women really laughed.

"A bit tied up are we?" She approached the wizard with a knowing look. She pet the red flower as she would an animal companion. In a panic he tried to blink again. His body shimmered, faded and reappeared several times.

"Not this time sweetie. Don't you feel that pleasant sap seeping into your flesh?" Her hand moved from the flower to his stomach. His muscles flinched and spasmed, causing her to smile. "Your body is so desperate. Look at you jump at my touch."

"Get away!" He cried out. "What do you want with me?"

"For you to prove to that crippled old man that my way is best for everyone." She said as her hand continued up his chest. Her fingers pinched at his chin and forced him to look at her. "For you to worship at my feet like a dog."

He moaned and his eyes rolled back as the flower's suction increased.

"It's what your body wants."


"Don't worry, your mind will crack over time. It's too hard to think when you're too hard to think." Her words wormed their way into his skull. Yet something inside him said he didn't have permission to cum. That part of him resisted the sorceress' charms. Her arrogant smile returned as her other hand swatted at the flower. It reluctantly released his desperate member and moved off. She looked down at his twitching, bobbing dick and licked her lips.

"No one has ever made me feel the way you did. That lightning gave me chills. Show me what else you can do. Show me what you can do with this!" Her free hand once again closed around his member and squeezed. He stared into her eyes helplessly as she started to stroke.

"I can't!" He groaned out loud, clearly enjoying her touch.

"And why not? What secret are you hiding from me?" Her slender hand squeezed his tip hard and he screamed out in pain.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" He shouted back at her. His body wanted, no needed, to cum. But something held him back. He couldn't explain it. Soaked in sweat he panted and gasped for breath.

"Tell me and I'll give you the kind of pleasure that melts your mind. You'll be forever in my debt and eager to please me for eternity."

"I--" His body twitched uncontrollably, legs lashings out. He didn't plan on kicking her but he did. Knigrith doubled back, more from surprise than pain. His kicks were weak and flared out randomly. His glowing blue eyes entranced and amused her.

"Enough!" He yelled as all the blue hairs on his body lit up bright and the vines retreated quickly, as if burned. He fell back to the ground onto his knees.

"My, oh my. You are full of surprises. While you're down there..." She stepped forward, lifting her dress. Her silky smooth thighs came into view. They were soaking wet and not from sweat. Instinctively he licked his lips, remembering the divine taste of her juices.

It took all his will to resist closing that gap and lapping at her nether lips again. It didn't help when she scratched at his hair and scalp.

"What's the harm? Hmm? You've already enjoyed a taste. Make me cum with that tongue of yours and I'll give you what you want."

"You-you'll let me go?" His mind felt reduced to scrambles when his gaze locked onto her tasty snatch. He didn't even know why he listened to her.

She said, with a soothing voice, "If that's what you want, after I cum."

Her hand pulled him forward. The blue glow flickered out from his eyes, yet remained on his body. She placed his head mere inches from her pussy, wanting him to take the final leap himself.

He lingered there for a moment, taking deep breaths and allowing the scent to melt his resistance. Escape was a notion far from his mind at the moment. He licked his lips, barely coming into contact with her wet skin. A second later he couldn't hold back any longer. The young wizard's head shot forward, closing the gap and sealing his lips.

Enorim's cheeks hallowed as he sucked hard, causing Knigrith to gasp pleasantly. Her hand kept rubbing the back of his head, while her other kept her dress pulled up at her waist. His mind struggled to think as he savored her delicious taste.

"Oh that's so good. You're a talented young man." Her hand gripped his head hard as her hips began to buck. She fucked his face as he slid his tongue along her slit. Then he stuck his tongue out as far as he could, deep within her. "Yes! Just like that!"

Her thighs tightened around his head as her knees buckled.

The vines began to get bold again, slithering down into the clearing. The large mass of undulating plants descended like a curtain around them.

"By the heavens! You are good!" Her body tensed up as her breath caught in her throat. Movement barely caught her attention. Enorim doubled his efforts, keeping his tongue deep as he sucked hard, drinking in her flowing juices.

"I'm gonna, I'm going to! Oh my—" Her voice caught in her throat as building climax exploded within her loins. Vines wrapped around her limbs slowly. Three wrapped around each arm as two more slithered around her upper body. Those two circled and squeezed her breasts.

The plant texture around her tits caused her to open her scrunched up eyes, more curious than anything else. A large red flower filled her vision.

"What are you—" The flower shot forward, cutting her off. Her moans and protesting mumbles met Enorim's ears. Such a change from her screaming moans. After devouring her gushing juices he looked up. A slithering mass of vines entangled her struggling body. At that instant her body lifted up.

The young wizard fell forward onto his hands, without her body there to hold him up. By the time he regained his senses the entire area squirmed above him. They blocked his path from all sides and as he looked around pink flesh peaked his interest.

The vines attacked their own, um, creator, mother? He didn't know what to think. They held her up, slithering all over her upper body, while a vine wrapped around each ankle, holding her legs up and out. Her dripping pussy presented just for him. Enorim swallowed. He could leave right now and escape.

The young wizard couldn't help but lick his lips. The twitching member between his legs told him to get revenge. To take advantage of her while caught in her own trap. Never once thinking of tightening up his robes. That desperate little mind had control now, and it wanted to fuck.

He walked up slowly, her wet, dripping pussy his target. Lesser mind bobbing with each step. His blue eyes couldn't look away as her nether lips pulsed before his eyes. Her body gagged for it, needed it. He knew she wanted it. Another step and his hard-on met her tight sex.

A vine slithered down his back. He nudged it away with annoyance. Just about to push his hips when the vine touched him again. He rolled his eyes and reached back and grabbed it. The vine hissed. He looked back over his shoulder and saw that it wasn't a vine. He had grabbed hold of an actual snake.

He yelped and jumped as he shoved it away. His actions caused his dick to poke Knigrith's belly and point up as he jumped forward between her open legs. Once his feet touched the ground again his member sent pleasurable waves up his spine, pinned between his stomach and her pussy.

Violet energy shot out from the mass of vines and her legs sprung free. Those legs quickly wrapped around his waist as she bucked her hips. Enorim's eyes opened wide in shock as her wet lips slid along his cock. The act snapped him back to reality. He had come so close to giving up his virginity to his enemy.

Anger more than guilt filled his mind. It's not like he had saved it for a special woman or anything. But nonetheless... He couldn't give it to her. She boasted that he'd worship at her feet. He resolved just then to make sure that never happened.

He reached down to her interlocked ankles and pulled. With his muscles strained he remembered how exhausted that fight and flight had been. He couldn't tear her legs off of him. Her waist kept forcefully bucking at such an angle he feared he'd slip into her.

Enorim couldn't help but look up her body and watch as the vines slithered and squeezed. Her muffled moans barely reached his ears. The closer his body got to that desperate need for release, the more his mind became clear. His clear mind wanted to get away. Yet his body wanted to stay.

He felt her clit rub against his tip and he let out his own moan. Just a little more and he'd slip in. Just one thrust to see what it felt like. That's it and he'd pull out. His mind fought back with his body. His rational mind knew if he couldn't loosen her legs now, then he'd never be able to, once he slid within that warm tunnel of carnal delight.

He thought about trying to blink one more time. Just picture the path, he thought to himself. With his mind focusing on the path and not the silky pussy against him he attempted it. The wizard's body fizzled out and back a few times. Something hot squeezed his throbbing dick and he looked down. Still within her legs but now his entire penis glistened.

Blue eyes opened wide. Did he? That doesn't count, does it? Questions and thoughts ran through his mind in a panic.

Without even thinking bolts of lightning flashed between his fingertips. His hands grabbed her hips and she screamed into the flower. The raven haired woman's lower body shook violently as her pussy gushed. Enorim couldn't hold back his own grunt. The effects washed over onto him as well.

The attack backfired, and he felt his body tense up, balls ready to blow! His head rolled back as a mass of vines closed in around him. His only chance to escape had vanished because of the needs of his dick!

"I can't hold it!" He moaned out. All the blue flashed bright on his body as the climax built.


A blue spark went out around his midsection. The vines retreated from him and his body flung backwards. He slid and rolled upon the rough pathway, robes ripping in the process. For a long moment he couldn't move. Minutes, hours, days... He didn't know. He laid there completely exhausted, without any clue as to what had happened.

All he knew was that after he landed on the path, the vines closed back up around Knigrith. They'd have an angry sorceress to deal with if she ever got out.


The journey back felt like an eternity but he finally arrived back at the secret tree house. His long rest did nothing to rejuvenate his magic energies. His connection to the ley-line proved to be a form of addiction. He loved magic and needed it to survive. He'd been exposed to it for too long.

That thought made him wonder. If he got his power directly from the ley-line, then where did Knigrith get her power from? She didn't have access to it. And on that note, her magic had been a different shade. Did that mean there were different types of magic? Some more pure than others perhaps. She used hers for personal gain. Perhaps she once used the ley-line but corrupted her source of it?

The tree house felt so good compared to that twisted part of the forest. Wildlife carried on outside and birds sung their songs. So peaceful.

He stumbled inside with his tired body hardly able to stand. He looked around upon entry. Something wasn't right. The little chipmunk that always greeted him... Didn't. He went to call out but his exhausted mind realized he never gave the little guy a name. He just showed up one day and stayed. Their friendship flourished over time. Which may or may not have been because of the food Enorim provided.

He chuckled at the thought of his friend only caring about the food.

Weakly he made his way into a back room, only to find the trap door already open. He peered down below into the darkness and called out in a hoarse voice.

"Master Proteus are you back?"

No reply.

The young wizard pondered for a moment and shrugged. Slowly and carefully he climbed down the ladder and walked through a dark tunnel. The tunnel curved and reflective light danced upon the wall. Blue light, the same as all his highlights. His heart warmed at the thought of meditating within the chamber.

He moved around the last bend into the chamber. A large pool of water filled three quarters of the room, the direct connection to the earth's ley-line of powerful magic. One of the last remaining in the world—that they knew about, anyway.

His peaceful thoughts were interrupted when he spotted a form sitting within the waters. His master's one strict rule above all others. Never go into the water! Yet sitting there chest deep in the sparkling blue waters was a fae woman. She had light green skin and long, dark green hair. Within her hands sat a petrified chipmunk that she slowly pet lovingly.

Her red lips smiled at him and her green eyes sparkled. Her face visibly lit up once she saw him.

"Yay! You passed the test!"

Enorim looked at her with confusion. "What test? Who, what was she?"

She giggled at the look on his face.

It all came flooding back to him. His first encounter with her, having found her laying outside after a loud crash and bang. The first thought that came to mind made him furious. His face turned red and he shouted.

"You sent me against Knigrith defenseless and without my staff!"

She giggled again, the wizard's anger clearly not threatening her. "Not completely. She couldn't control your mind, could she?"

She smiled wider and it all made sense to him. The raven haired woman said she felt an ancient ward on his soul and mind. It didn't, however, explain the test she spoke of.

Her eyes twinkled and he got a distinct feeling that she could read him like a book.

"My energy has long been dormant. I wouldn't have been any use fighting the evil witch." She let the little animal go and it scurried off. "You had to prove that you were worthy of my help. You proved it!" She beamed, overly excited.

Enorim's legs gave out and he fell to the ground. His exhausted body unable to stand any longer. He couldn't find words to retort with, and sat there listening.

"I'm regaining my strength, but it'll take time. How about a little wager?" She spoke so quickly he could hardly keep up. Her bright green eyes stared at him with affection and humor. The young wizard felt too tired to argue, and absentmindedly nodded weakly.

"If you can resist cumming for one week while I recover, I'll grant you all the assistance you'll need to defeat the witch, and then go back into hibernation until the forest needs me again. However if you can't resist and cum before the week is done... I'll grant the power to your master and take you as my personal fuck-toy for all eternity. Doesn't that sound positively fun?"

The fae spoke so fast the young wizard could hardly keep up. She stared at him as her eyes flashed—Enorim fell asleep.


The sun had set as Enorim slowly walked back towards the tree house. Grass tickled his bare feet as he walked. The peaceful sounds of wildlife calmed his heart during his evening walk.

He returned home and walked through the wards, passing into the tree house. A squeaking caused him to smile as he bent down and pat the chipmunk's head before feeding him. His little buddy always brought a smile to his face.

The young wizard attempted to end the night studying but couldn't focus. The words on the pages didn't make sense. He sat there for a moment distracted. Whispers echoed throughout the room that he couldn't make out. Yet they were alluring.

Absentmindedly the young man got up and sought out their source. They led him down the dark tunnel towards the blue swirling waters.

"Cum to me... Obey. Listen to your desires."

The waters came into view and the edges of his vision blurred. Standing before him curling her fingers suggestively was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen.

The more he focused the more he swore there were two different images. They both were the same woman. Light green skin, dark green hair that framed an angelic face. Her bright green eyes held his gaze. Yet if he focused hard enough her visage shifted. He couldn't explain it but he got a chilling feeling from it.

The woman's hands squeezed her gravity defying chest and twisted her hard nipples.

"Cum to me." She practically moaned out the words, with a smile forming on her red luscious lips. The form he couldn't focus on reminded him of a select number of ancient books. The form that captivated his attention reminded him of the fae queen Tatiana. He had seen her picture in one of the books.

A delicate hand caressed his cheek as she batted her eyelashes. When had she moved? Those bright orbs never blinked and he struggled to force his own. They stung and began to water as he stared into her hypnotic eyes. She leaned slightly forward and lightly kissed his lips.

"Lose yourself to me." She planted more insistent pressure upon his lips. This time he couldn't hold back and returned the attention.

A hand at his waist caused his muscles to spasm. His own hands circled around her lower back and up. They slid along her smooth, tight body until -- her hands shot to his wrists and pulled them down to her firm ass. He groaned into her mouth as he squeezed. Completely lost to her sparkling eyes, he didn't think twice about the leathery substance upon her back.

Her hands loosened their grip on his wrists and ran up his arms to his chest. They curled into his robes and opened the cloth as her hands continued down his body. When they curled around his member he groaned more forcefully. Their tongues twirled around each other's. The young wizard squeezed her firm ass and pulled her body against him. His hard dick slid between her thighs, rubbing against her moist pussy along the way.

The feeling reminded him of his dual with Knigrith and he blinked finally. He pulled back from their kiss as her thighs tightened, causing him to moan.

"Can you hold it for seven days?" She had the sexiest pout he'd ever heard.

What did she mean by that? The blurred edges of his vision began to swirl around. The green woman smiled sweetly, almost arrogantly.

~~ He woke up with a gasp. His throbbing erection created a tent within his sheets. That dream had been vivid and extremely hot. He couldn't help himself as he laid back down, grabbing hold of his member, squeezing hard.

A few quick strokes and the blue eyed man started panting. She had been so sexy, and her voice! He groaned as he remembered her words. 'Lose yourself to me.'

His body shook as he repeated the words in his head. About to give in, eyes glazed over and sleepy, about to cum! 'Can you hold it for seven days?'

That sentence caused him to stop. What had she meant by that? The question barely formed as he pushed it away. It had just been a dream. A very vivid, very sexy and real dream. Nothing more. His hands continued.

The pressure built up again and he pumped faster. Nothing would stop him this time—

"Ow! That hurt!"

The little chipmunk had bitten his neck just before he burst. The bite had startled him fully awake. The small animal jumped repeatedly, freaking out.

"What has gotten into you?" He rubbed his neck. The chipmunk squeaked in response. "What do you mean, it wasn't a dream? How do you know what's going on in my head?"

A series of quick, high pitched squeaks followed.
The young wizard couldn't hold back his surprise as his little buddy kept repeating. "She's here! Who's here?"

How could the figment of his vast imagination be here? Knigrith! The animal couldn't read his mind. He'd just assumed. Enorim jumped to his feet and grabbed his staff as he ran. In his haste the wizard forgot to put on a robe, and ran out in just his undershorts.

The small animal ran ahead and Enorim followed. They ran down the ley-line tunnel and he stopped in his tracks. It couldn't be!

"You're real?" He said as his jaw dropped. He felt like the image from his dream had spawned inside the waters. She appeared exactly how he pictured her within his dream. He focused hard and expected her form to shift but nothing happened. She just sat there smiling at him, clearly amused.

She held a hand over her cute mouth and giggled as she nodded. "And you almost lost, silly." She licked her lips. "You must really want to be my toy!"

Her lustful look gave him the chills. The previous day returned to him and he let out a sigh. Why did he keep forgetting his encounters with her?

"Look at you! Standing there ready to burst. Does my body look that sexy to you?" She posed.

He couldn't help but allow his eyes to wander. He felt a pulse between his legs as his member twitched. His blue eyes bulged out as she spun around. The woman giggled in that cute little voice that had to be practiced.

"Who are you?"

She looked up into his eyes in concentration. The young wizard felt a scratching sensation at his temple. He scratched at it as she smiled a bright, wide smile.

"Tatiana!!" She practically spat out the word. "The fairy queen. At your service." The green skinned woman said with a mischievous smile and a makeshift bow.

"Uh, okay."

"Why don't you whip it out and give your queen a nice morning meal?" Her eyes twinkled as their gazes met.

"Yeah. That is not going to happen."

"But your body really wants to." She moaned, and he swore he heard her mumble something else. One word, obey. But clearly he just imagined it because he wasn't going to!

"Like I said, not happening."

Once again her hand covered her mouth as she giggled. She looked down at the same time then back up at him. He followed her eyes down and couldn't believe his eyes. How did he not feel himself whip out his cock and start stroking?!?

"See? Your body wants to obey!"

His knees buckled as she said that word and he felt a strong desire to fall upon them and blow his load. "Wha—what have you done to me?"

"How can you expect to win the wager if you're so eager to obey?" Another shudder went through his body as he fell to his knees. "That's it, kneel before your queen."

She stifled back her laughter that time, as if the sentence had been so foreign to her. His body tensed up. If he didn't do something, she'd win. The look upon her face as she stared at his pumping fist drove him wild.

"Stop!" His blue eyes flashed brightly as energy formed around his wrists and pulled them clear. He felt his body struggle against the binds but his will proved stronger.

Tatiana smiled wide and looked up into his glowing eyes. "Such willpower! But...don't you still feel your fists pumping along your dick?"

He didn't, until she said that. Her words had an effect on his body as he groaned out and the bonds around his wrists fizzled but held. His hips bucked forward into the invisible hands stroking him.

"I sa-said s-st-stop!!" The invisible hand squeezed at his base as the fae woman pondered for a moment.

"If you insist." She sounded bored.

With a flick of her wrist the hands left his dick. He panted, gasping for breath as his body fell, held up by his arms still bound by magic. The blue binds fizzled out and he fell to his hands. Already on his knees he attempted to regain his breath.

"Wouldn't be fair to force you to obey, I guess."

A wave of pleasure coursed through his body at that word. It took several seconds to regain his breath.

She leaned back within the waters and readjusted her leaf coverings. They molded to her skin since they were soaking wet. The young wizard pretended not to have noticed. Her warm, and inviting smile told him that she knew anyway.


For the rest of the day she remained in the pool of water. Enorim stayed away, deciding to hit the books. He searched for any information that would help him. He knew he had read about the fairy queen before but he couldn't find the book.

He scoured through many books to no avail. The dream kept popping back into his head but he couldn't discover a hidden meaning. The more he thought about her shifting image the harder it became to remember what it looked like.

The rest of the day progressed without incident. He even got a good night's rest without any interruptions or dreams.

The morning rays of sunshine warmed his face. With a pleasant sigh the young wizard stretched before rising from his bed. Thoughts of the troubling Fae entered his mind. He didn't know if her arrival would turn out to be a blessing or a curse. For now he just had to steer clear of her and pass her odd test.

Enorim had more concerning problems on his plate, like Knigrith's spreading corruption. The Fae's presence may be strange and extremely arousing, but he had a duty to protect the forest. Knigrith proved to be a more pressing threat, and required his full attention at the moment.

After getting dressed and grabbing something to eat the young man set to work within the large spiral library. He spread out a large map of the area onto a table. The first course of action had to be a plan, and a map of the spreading corruption felt like a good start. He wrote notes on areas that he knew of, like that vine trap he had sprung.

A few birds had flown in while he worked, chirping to each other.

The young apprentice finally finished the map to the best of his knowledge and flexed his hand. Hours writing and drawing had left a painful cramp. One of the birds flew down and landed on his outstretched hand, causing him to laugh. The tiny animal's feet tickled his tired fingers. Then an idea popped into his mind.

"Do you think you and your friends could scout these areas I haven't seen? Find out how far this corruption has spread?"

The bird's head tilted and it chirped before flying off. The rest followed and he smiled. The forest was his weapon and he'd be better off not fighting alone. The sorceress didn't fight alone, after all. She had her minions, mindless minions that he could fight without remorse, so he needed his.

Progress on the map would have to wait for the birds' return. In the meantime he turned to the books. His foe used magic that bent nature to her whim. He needed to fight back, to fight fire with fire, controlled spells to limit damage to surrounding areas. Some protector he'd turn out to be if he accidentally burned the whole forest.

He studied and focused. Before long he began practicing. The young wizard snapped his fingers and flames sparked to life, floating inches above his skin. He felt the heat but it didn't burn. Chirping interrupted his concentration and the flames went out.

A half hour later he finished the map. The corruption appeared to have taken over one third of the forest. It remained concentrated around her fortress. Now he just had to figure out how to prevent it from spreading more.

The sun began to set. He had spent an entire day getting the ground work done for a plan. He paused in mid thought as he sniffed the air. Something didn't smell normal. The scent bothered him. It had a strong musk to it.

He concentrated and swore he could hear Tatiana moaning. It sounded like the Fae called out his name, begging him to come to her. Enorim had tried to avoid her for an entire day. It appeared his luck had just run out. He attempted to ignore her and get back to work.

A part of his body didn't agree with that. The ache between his legs grew with each of her moans. In a last ditch effort, the young wizard tried to imagine how his master would handle the situation. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Guidance. He needed guidance.

Feeling more confident, the blue eyed wizard opened those bright orbs and... Wait, what? How?

He realized that he stood overlooking the ley-line's trap door -- with his cock in his hand?! All he had done was take a deep breath. Surely he would have felt himself moving, wouldn't he have?

Unfortunately her moans were too distracting. Hidden within those heart melting screams of pleasure were whispers he could barely make out. The thought of running away never crossed his mind before one word met his ears.


His body obeyed, and the wizard knew immediately what would happen. Cheeks flushed bright red with embarrassment, the young man attempted to fight back, urging his hand to resist whatever hold she had on him. The hand started to shake in defiance as he heard another whisper within her loud moans.

'Come to me.'

Before he could even comprehend it, his body took a step forward. Enorim's eyes bulged as he stepped into the open trap door and fell forward.

Her spell was broken as fright filled his heart. With quick action he was able to catch himself.

Enorim found himself hanging by his upper body, with his lower body dangling below. His head was ringing and he could swear he heard giggles. After a moment of recovering his bearings he started to pull himself up, only to be stopped by slender hands that held his waist. The surprise scared him and he almost lost his grip. Somehow he managed to hold on.

In a panic he began to kick out at her. The fae's arms wrapped around his legs and squeezed just as he felt her warm, wet mouth close around his tip. The world started to go fuzzy. His head wouldn't stop ringing and his body began to tingle all over. Tatiana licked and kissed his traitorous member. Before long his straining arms gave out. He fell and bashed the back of his head against the trap door. Darkness took over.


Enorim groaned as he woke up, struggling to keep his groggy eyes open. It was dark and he couldn't quite tell where he was. The back of his head hurt, causing him to cry out in pain as he attempted to move.

With a deep breath he realized the Fae's scent entered his nostrils. In fact the air was thick with the strong, distracting scent. The young wizard had to mentally force his hands back to his side a few times. It felt like his body had a mind of its own. By the third time he groaned with frustration.

His eyes flashed bright blue as bindings formed around his wrists, effectively pinning his arms at his sides. Exhaustion caused his heavy eyes to close as he drifted off.

The twenty eight year old forced his eyes open. An unknown amount of time had passed. The Fae queen lay beside him with a sexy pout. Her hand tickled up along his chest.

"You can't move your arms?" He forced his heavy eyes to look down. The bindings were gone, yet he couldn't move.

"How can I tempt you if you can't move?"

"I-I nneed to sleep." He retorted with a dry hoarse voice.

The green woman's pout turned wicked. "The real question is... How can you resist me if you can't move?" She licked her lips as mischief sparkled within her eyes. Her hand traveled back down his body to his crouch. Enorim gasped in pleasure as her small hand closed around his member and began to stroke slowly. "You go ahead and sleep. I'll just be here playing with my toy --"

He woke up with a start. Pain shot up his neck at the sudden movement. Yet Tatiana wasn't there. He laid there alone in the cold darkness. To say he woke up groggy, frustrated and horny would be an understatement. The blue eyed wizard attempted to take deep breaths to calm himself.

Once his heart beat settled down feather light movements could be felt against his lower body. He strained his neck to look. The first thing he noticed was the blue magical bindings around his wrists. It had just been a dream then. He let out a sigh of relief.

He had expected to see a green hand teasing his skin. But instead he realized there was a weird layer of light green swirling vapors. They're almost invisible. The vapors seeped into his magical bindings, creating a green tint. Enorim focused and tried to will the bindings to vanish... Nothing happened.

More vapors swirled around his body. It almost felt like thousands of tickling fingers. The pleasant feeling sent tingling sensations between his legs. The wizard sighed and rolled his eyes as his member began to stand proud. The vapors continued to swirl around it, coaxing its growth. It felt like a hand teasingly stroking, yet barely touching.

He heard faint whispers telling him to relax. The whispers echoed two more times, soothing the fear from his once again pounding heart. It got unbearable as his lust coursed through his body. The exhaustion prevented him from reacting or thinking clearly.

The voice attempted to calm him down again as the hand squeezed his now steel erection. Somehow his rational mind resisted the siren's call.

Magical energy exploded from his body in a blue wave. The vapors and shackles vanish as darkness once again overtook him.


The chirping sound of birds woke the young wizard up. He stretched out his arms and realized he felt great. All he had needed was a real good night's rest. It took a moment for the blue eyed man to realize the birds chirping belonged to the same birds he had sent out to scout the forest.

"Well, you didn't waste any time, did you?"

The small creature tilted its head and responded.

Confusion replaced the young man's smile. "What do you mean, it's been two days?"

Briefly he wondered if all of yesterday had been a coma induced dream. The painful head injury didn't hurt anymore, at least. That was a plus. He got up, dressed and headed for the table he had been working on. The birds flew down onto his shoulders as they explained what they had saw. After updating and finishing his work he was shocked to see how far Knigrith's influence had spread.

Delicate hands squeezed his shoulders and a sultry voice whispered into his ear as the frightened birds flew away. "Don't worry, I'm regaining my strength faster than I anticipated." Her hands caressed his sides and around his belly. "I'll be able to help you soon..." Her hands moved lower and pressed into his crotch. "That is, of course, if you pass my test." She squeezed his hard member as he moaned.

Enorim leaned back into the temptress and felt her chest pillow out against him, hard nipples stabbing into his flesh. Her hands opened up his robes and began to stroke him fast and hard while whispering into his ears.

"You've been resisting me so far, but tell me honestly. Do you want to cum? Do you need it?" Her hands started to twist as they pumped. His head fell back as she kissed his cheek.

He tried his best to say no, but after that teasing dream, his body overrode his will. Her strong stroking was exactly what his body needed. As he moaned, the Fae smiled brightly.

"It's ok to be honest with me. Tell me you want to blow your seed all over the map you just slaved over." He weakly nodded. "What was that? I can't hear you."


"That's a good boy." Pleasure flowed through his body. "It feels so good to be honest with me, doesn't it?" He moans another yes. "You want to cum so badly right now, don't you?"

He moaned yes as his body shook. Too much pleasure kept him leaning back against her.

"Yet you still don't want to fail my test?"

He groaned. It sounded like a no.

"It feels good to be honest and obey."

Enorim's eyes rolled back as his body was overloaded with a wave of pleasure.

"You've been such a good boy. I'll let you get back to work." Her hand slowed to a crawl as she kissed his cheek once more. "You've earned it."

His body tensed up at her words, ready to blow!

She released his member. Just one more stroke would have sent him over the edge.

The rest of his day was spent recovering from her actions. Her words kept repeating inside his head. "Honest" and "Obey." Each time his body shuddered. Needless to say he couldn't focus on any task.


The next day he stood looking over the map, completely clueless for the next step. That night he had been restless, tossing and turning. Sleep completely evaded him. His body desperately needed a recharge. He felt drained but he had been avoiding the ley-line chamber. So he stood there lost in his own mind, oblivious to the area around him.

"What do you have there, my young apprentice?"

Enorim gave a start as he turned. Master Magus Proteus stood there with a small smile on his tired face. The man's long and shaggy hair appeared whiter than he remembered. Even his long beard was unkempt. Bags appeared to have formed below his eyes.

Clearly the battle with Knigirth's minions had taken their toll.

Enorim smiled back and explained the map that showed Knigrith's corruption. He even talked about the trap she had set for him, leaving out all the details of course.

Proteus nodded in approval to all the work Enorim had done.

Out of everything they discussed, the young wizard left out the Fae. Something compelled him to keep that a secret and he couldn't explain it. The two of them got some food to eat and it became apparent to him just how tired his master truly was. It came to no surprise what his master suggested next.

"We should meditate near the magical waters. I could really use a recharge."

Enorim hid his fear well and nervously followed. That dreadful sentence made him worried, even though he knew that his body needed it as well.

They entered the ley-line chamber and the Fae sat in the water, relaxing at the far end of the pool, arms up over the side with her head leaning back against the wall, her green skin glistening with moisture. The large swells upon her chest were beneath the surface. With each breath she took, her breasts would rise half way out.

The young wizard's breath caught in his throat. So caught up with watching her every move he didn't even notice his master had sat down. The old man took a deep and labored breath as he began to meditate. Apparently he hadn't noticed the beautiful bombshell resting within the sacred waters?

Quickly he sat down before drawing attention to himself. Time went by without anyone making a sound. Enorim could feel the magical waters fueling his body's source of energy, a feeling he had become quite addicted to. With each deep breath he could feel it course through his veins.

A weight upon his lap broke him out his concentration. As his eyes opened he realized the Fae rested her head on his lap, her other hand lightly drawling circles on his other leg. He couldn't suppress the smile that formed on his lips as his eyes close once again. Within no time at all he reentered his meditation stance.

After a pleasant day with his master and no teasing from Tatiana he woke up the next morning, feeling more refreshed than ever. He got up and joined his master for breakfast. Even the master looked more refreshed and alive than the day before. Meditating near the magical waters truly did wonders for their bodies. He couldn't even fathom what it would do if he stepped into the pool.

Enorim sat down at the table with a smile, as a plate of food already awaited him. He took a bite of a green leaf. The one thing the forest had an overabundance of was greens.

His master spoke, sounding more refreshed than yesterday. "I'm going to commune with the forest later today. If I can will the creatures to band together, it'll help our fight."

"You plan on bringing the fight to her?"

"Yes, yes I do. I've sat idle and allowed her perversions to go too far." The older man gave him a knowing and sad look.

"You know you don't have to even ask. I'm with you till the end."
"I know, my young apprentice. It just saddens me. It shouldn't be like this. You aren't responsible to clean up my mess."

"It's alrigh-" Enorim's voice caught in his throat as his robes were pulled open.

It didn't take a genius to realize that Tatiana was beneath the table. Her small, cold hands tickled up his thighs. The blue eyed man almost leapt out of his skin. The thought of getting up and pushing her off did cross his mind. However, the confused look his master gave him stopped that from transpiring. He had just taken another bite of food. He'd have to think fast.

"You alright?" His master said, concerned. Enorim let out a cough as the Fae's hands closed around his member.

"Y-yeah, just bit m-my tongue." Her warm, wet mouth closed around his swelling head. To his horror he felt his cheeks flush bright red.

The master laughed. "Nothing to be embarrassed about. It happens to even the best of wizards."

Enorim sighed, letting out a deep breath he didn't even realize he had taken. He placed both hands flat on the table as his vision blurred momentarily. Tatiana sure knew how to take his breath away.

He closed his eyes and let out a gasp as Tatiana began to bob up and down.

"Must have been one powerful bite." Proteus laughed as he shook his head. "I'll just give you a minute." The older man got up and walked away, chuckling as he went.

The second the old man rounded the corner Tatiana took him deep within her throat, almost causing him to moan loudly. It took him a moment to realize the coast was clear. Enorim took the opportunity to shove his chair back and pull her off of him.

The Fae let his member free with a pop and looked up at him with a smirk and mischief sparkling within her eyes.

"Stop, you're driving me crazy!"

She gave no reply besides her smirk widening. The young wizard had grabbed hold of her hair and kept a hold while she rose to her feet. She climbed into his lap. He had been about to say more as his voice cut off. She had pressed her weight down on him, pinning his member.

Soft leaf coverings caressed his member as she bucked her hips into him. The young wizard attempted not to think about how those leaves were the only thing between him and her. The Fae took his open lower lip between her teeth and pulled before closing her lips and sucking hard.

It felt like she had complete control over her 'clothing' as the leaves shifted. His eyes rolled back as he moaned when her soaked nether lips spread upon his dick. Her bucking hips caused her pussy to slide along his member.

Enorim never wanted to lose his virginity more than right then. He felt a desperate need to lift her up just enough to slip within her tight, wet... He almost lost it.

The wizard quickly shoved her off as his body tensed up. Somehow he had managed to prevent his body's climax. The Fae giggled at his struggle. Sitting on the table, she brought a hand down to strum her dripping sex. Their eyes met and he could see her lust within those bright green orbs. Reluctantly his gaze lowered, admiring her body, before realizing her juices were dripping into his salad.

For the first time that morning Tatiana spoke. "Better eat up." Her voice flowed with her hunger for sex. He could tell she needed it. But the very thought scared him.

Deep down he knew that he'd enjoy it, because everything she had done so far had felt amazing. The thing that scared him most was that if he gave in, how could he resist Knigrith after knowing what sex felt like? The power that raven haired woman wielded frightened him.

Tatiana giggled as she got down off the table and circled around him. Before he could react she pushed his chair in and whispered into his ear. "Let's see who finishes first."

Enorim's face scrunched up in confusion just before her hand closed around his erection. She nibbled on his ear lobe as her hand started to pump slowly. He sat there, frozen, unsure what to do as the pleasure coursed through his body in waves.

She moaned into his ear as her hand squeezed, causing him to gasp. "Eat it all before you cum." He couldn't focus; her hand felt so...

The first bite caused his taste buds to explode. Her juices added a flavor that wouldn't help him resist the urge to cum. Each bite just fueled his arousal.

"Mmmm I can feel you pulsating. Have I teased you too much? Do you need to cum?" Her hand sped up as she spoke. He only had two more bites left but he couldn't move.

"Ppplease. Stop."

"Aww, does my hand feel too good?" She purred as she stroked him. "You're so close! Your body doesn't want me to stop." Her hand squeezed his base and twisted along the way back up.

Enorim decided there was only one way to stop her. He shoved the last bit of food into his mouth all at once, just as he felt his balls twitch and his head swelled within her pumping hand.

The moment hung in the air as he struggled to hold back with all his might.

An older male voice said, "You done eating yet?"

Enorim was startled. How long had he been frozen there? Tatiana had left and he didn't notice, or she had suddenly vanished as his master returned. For the life of him Enorim didn't know which of the two had happened. His body tingled with frustration and his erection throbbed under the table.

That woman drove him insane.

The blue eyed wizard began to chew as he mumbled a reply that he'd be done in a second. He chewed slowly, mentally willing his erection to go down. If Tatiana hadn't pushed his chair back in, Proteus might have seen something embarrassing.

A full ten minutes passed by before Enorim had the strength to join his master at the makeshift map he had created.

"I've been studying this map you made. I have a plan. I'll commune with the forest tonight and we'll set everything in motion quickly. We've got to act before her corruption spreads any further."

"Are you going to contact the Fae?" Enorim pondered whether to speak of Tatiana or not.

"No, they're too dangerous. They only care about playing games and causing trouble. They'd cause more harm. It's best to leave them alone. We've had many good years of peace since they took up residence in the north."

"I understand. What should I do in the meantime, master?"

"Study and meditate. I need you at your best when the time comes."

Enorim nodded his understanding as the older man grabbed his staff and hat on his way out. He knew that communing with the forest could be dangerous, especially with the intent of getting help from predators like bears or panthers. Talking to the trees and smaller creatures, however, wouldn't hold any risk. But that wasn't what his master headed off to do. He needed real help.

The blue eyed wizard felt an urge to rush off to the ley-line chamber to 'meditate,' knowing full well that Tatiana would be there to interrupt. The next time he saw her he just knew that he'd give in. Earlier he would have given in, had his master not interrupted. Talk about a timely intervention.

The part of him that wanted to give in, to lose the battle, raged within his mind. Instead he remained with the countless books and studied. If Enorim's master had anything to say about him, he knew it would have something to do with being a good student.

Hours slipped by unnoticed as he remained in the zone, reading page after page. Before long his eyelids felt so heavy he could hardly keep them open. He longed for his comfortable bed. The heavy book closed with a loud echo that repeated above him countless times. A few hand gestures later and the book floated up three floors to its proper place.

The blue highlights within his hair lingered brightly after his spell was cast. He rose with heavy eyes and headed towards his bed, walking into the dense and musky fog that blocked his way. Before he could even fathom where the fog had come from, he took a deep breath, eyes glazing over.

Three distinctly different female voices met his ears. They teased and taunted him that the next time he would see their mistress he'd lose their wager. He already knew the voices were right and didn't argue as he dunked in search of his bed.

The thick fog masked his view and the young wizard began to cast a disburse spell. The moment he opened his mouth to speak the words green swirling vapors within the fog entered his open maw. Instantly his vision clouded over, as his mind was filled with images of a woman covered in fur with five tails, submitting to a much denser, green mist.

He couldn't help but stare at the woman's face. She expressed the pure bliss that the three voices promised to give him if he gave into them.

"Forget about her and fall to us."

"You'll never regret it."

"Our mistress is much more powerful than the one you follow."

That thought interrupted the pleasure the swirling green vapors created. He couldn't defy his mistress. That word didn't even ring a bell within his mind as he thought it. Tatiana had consumed his every desire in life. She replaced all his goals and ambitions. He wouldn't betray her!

Blue energy surged within his eyes as a pulse wave shot out from his body. The magic purged the room of all foreign entities. The three voices sighed with disappointment as they faded away. A powerful wave of pleasure ran through his body at the mere thought of having obeyed his mistress.

The fog cleared and revealed his bed, which never looked so comfortable. He laid down with a smile and felt his tired body drift away. Before his mind fell to the darkness he felt someone climb onto his back. Her boobs pressed into his flesh as wet lips kissed his ear before whispering.

"Good boy."

He fell into a deep sleep, only to be tormented by naughty dreams with Tatiana.

His dreams were so distracting that he woke up in a daze. The air smelled thick with her scent as he threw on his robe. He felt like a sleep walker as he wandered towards the ley-line chamber, robe flowing wide open.

When he finally woke up fully he was standing at the water's edge. Tatiana swam towards him and he couldn't will himself to look away as she rose from the water. The way her body glistened as water ran down her body, her hair and leaf coverings plastered to her skin, was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

The familiar mischief sparked within her eyes as she pushed him back against the wall before spinning around. His throbbing erection slid between her ass cheeks before being pinned against his belly. She moved her waist and squeezed his member with her ass.

Between gasps of pleasure he couldn't help but mentally slap himself. He had, after all, just walked down here and invited this to happen. Somehow he mustered the will to raise his hands, intent on pushing her away. Yet before he could, she grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands to her chest.

When his hands met her chest his member had twitched. He began to squeeze her large breasts on his own, which allowed her to lower her hands to her sex. Enorim strained his neck as he watched her hands travel down into her leaf panties.

"Ah, I felt that!" She laughed with sultry need.

"That's it baby, watch me play with myself as I rub your cock with my ass." She laughed as she felt his dick twitch again. "You can't possibly resist this time."

She moaned loudly as she flicked at her clit with one hand. She had been squeezing his leg with her other hand, but she brought it up to the back of his head, grabbing hold tightly.

Her moans became more frequent the closer she got to a climax.

"I've needed this! Oh I'm going to cum! Cum with me! Please oh please cum with me, baby!!"

Enorim closed his eyes tightly and tried with all his might not to give in. He had known the next time he saw her that he'd give in. But that didn't mean he would just cave in right away!

"That's it baby, I can feel how close you are! Don't hold back!"

They both cried out as she climaxed and her body began to shake. Had he not been fondling her chest Tatiana would have fallen forward. The intensity of her orgasm shut her body down, she passed out and hung limply within his arms.

The young wizard had come so close to giving in. If she hadn't passed out, there was no telling what she would have done, or him, for that matter.

For the rest of the day, no matter what he did, his stiff cock just would not go down. He attempted to meditate but couldn't focus. He tried to read but kept finding his hand rubbing his crotch. The Fae consumed his every thought. He couldn't get her out of his head!

For the third time that evening he found himself in the ley-line chamber without remembering entering. Luckily, however, Tatiana had remained asleep all day. He had laid her down in his bed after she had passed out. It felt like the right thing to do, rather than simply place her on the ley-line chamber's floor.

He sighed with relief as he found himself alone. Hopefully this time he could meditate and will his traitorous member to go down. He was so close to winning the wager. He knew he wouldn't get lucky again. The next time he would no doubt--

"Whah hey!" Having let his guard down the young wizard hadn't heard her approach. Nor had he been prepared to be pushed. With an outburst of curses he flew into the forbidden water with a large splash.

The master had forbidden anyone to enter the water! Master Proteus didn't know what would happen and that scared Enorim more than anything. With a struggle the young wizard attempted to quickly escape. His entire body started tingling.

He gasped out for air as his head broke the surface of the water. The Fae was nowhere to be seen. He started to wade his way towards the edge when he felt the water move behind him. Reluctantly he spun around and was greeted by a grinning Tatiana.

She leaped into his arms even as he attempted to back up and escape her presence. Nothing could stop her as she latched her lips against his. It was the most passionate kiss he had ever felt as her warm body pressed against his. Out of pure instinct his arms closed around her slim form and pulled her close. Their tongues warred within his mouth as the kiss fueled his lust.

The momentum from her leap sent his body crashing against the edge of the pool. Water splashed everywhere. The impact hurt just enough for him to push back, separating their lips.

"We can't! Not here!" The fear of being in the forbidden pool overruled his lust.

Yet Tatiana just shook her head and smirked. "Not this time."

Her hands closed around his aching member and squeezed. He could feel the magical waters sparking against his nerves. She jumped up by using his shoulders for leverage. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he felt her naked nether lips against his dick. Wait! When had she gotten naked? He suddenly became aware of her hard nipples pressing into his chest.

That thought alone caused him to pause just long enough for her to angle his erection and descend upon him with one hard downward thrust.

The shock became visibly apparent on his face as his eyes bulged out and his jaw dropped. All words of protest and resistance melted away as his member slid within her extremely tight and warm pussy. Her pelvic bone hit his, and she remained still as she watched him with eyes that shined with triumph.

"Good luck resisting now, toy!" She squealed with mischief as she rose up only to slam back down. She repeated the movement countless times before he found his voice.

"You're evil!" He grabbed hold of her ass and squeezed, before forcing her down harder. The pleasure he felt now overruled everything. He never imagined it would feel so great!

She laughed in way of response and it chilled him to the bone.

"You have no idea!"

Her triumphant smirk turned more wicked than he thought possible, as she fucked his brains out. He had almost forgotten that they were inside the forbidden waters when he felt a twitch within his balls. Her pussy squeezed as if it knew he was getting close.

"You're mine now. And to think, you came sooo close to winning our little wager."

Her legs tightened to the point of almost causing him pain. Her nails dug into his shoulders, drawing blood. Needless to say he cried out; but it wasn't a pain filled scream.

"Oh here it comes! I've teased you all week. Your body is aching for release. Give in!" She moaned out each time their pelvic bones hit. The look she gave him just then almost sent him over the edge.

"There's no use fighting it anymore. You couldn't stop me even if you tried."

His hands ceased to squeeze her ass as she spoke, as if to say 'challenge accepted,' but no words escaped his open mouth. Tatiana smiled and leaned down to kiss him. The young wizard's head leaned back, avoiding her lips, but that only made her smirk.

"Oh really?"

Without the help of his hands she had stopped rising and thrusting.

"That's right, try and resist me. It wouldn't be much fun if you just gave in, would it?" She spoke with the sluttiest voice he had ever heard.

Enorim felt his eyes flash as he concentrated on a spell. The Fae's pussy began to move as if it had a mind of its own. He gasped out as his concentration broke and his eyes returned to normal.

"I'll be your cum slut forever! These waters will bind us together if you cum. You might even get me pregnant!"

His eyes opened wide as she gave him a knowing look.

"Oh, you liked that thought, didn't you?"

His hands squeezed once more and pulled. He pulled so hard the muscles in his arms bulged. Yet he couldn't budge her.

Desperate, he moved his hands to her ankles and pulled her interlocked death grip loose. With her legs pulled apart he attempted to shove her off again. Still she wouldn't budge. Her nether lips had sealed at his base as her inner walls milked his cock.

"So desperate, your body is going to give in! I can feel it baby!"

He could only grunt in response.

"Here it comes! I can feel you pulsate with need!"

His eyes flared bright blue as he erupted deep within her. He could feel his energy being drained along with the intense pleasure. The spell he cast had come too late but he could feel her being forced away from him. She could feel the pressure push against her skin.

Slowly as if he could witness each and every millisecond her legs closed back around his waist and interlocked. The push spell became a part of them both and they flung towards the middle of the pools. The Fae squealed with joy as their pelvic bones slammed together again and his climax continued to fill her womb.

Enorim sure he could feel something else flow into her womb alongside his seed. They splashed into the center of the pool and went under just before Enorim could feel himself passing out.

Blue light filled his eyes as his screams were masked by the water rushing around him. The pool lit up like an explosion that surprised Tatiana. The wizard rose out of the water like a monster leaping for prey. Water splashed in every direction.

His eyes glowed bright blue and every single hair on his body changed, shining blue. It all had the exact same tint as the magical water. The wizard gasped for air as he looked around. Colors he never noticed before threatened to blind him. It only took two seconds for him to realize what had happened. Panic caused his heart to race.

The young wizard raced for the edge of the pool and started to pull himself out. Something wrapped around his ankle and pulled back. With a yelp he went back under, swallowing some water. His eyes were open as he began to cough and choke. He struggled, kicked and resurfaced.

The green skinned woman laughed as he came up choking. She followed him as he climbed out of the magical waters, only to curl up in the corner. The bright new spectrum gave him sight of things he'd never seen before. A sinister creature climbed out of the water. He couldn't put words to the fear he felt. The Fae woman looked beyond evil. He swore he had seen a tail slither away after it had pulled him under.
Quickly he pressed his hands against his face and hid. The new spectrum began to fade.

"So close to winning our wager. You just couldn't resist the thought of being my toy could you?"

He couldn't reply but his heart broke at her words. Not only did he lose the wager but he broke the one most important rule. 'Never go into the water.'

The tingling static charge that coursed through his veins made him start to whimper, tears began to fall. He felt devastated and like a complete failure. Yesterday his master had looked so proud of him.

He almost jumped out of his skin when her warm hand pressed against his cheek.

"Aww don't cry, you'll love it." Her other hand slid into his lap and squeezed his already hardening cock. "See? Your body already loves it."

He tried to keep his body curled up, but the hand at his cheek closed around his neck, pulling him up to a seated position. She pushed him back against the wall and slid down into his lap. Reluctantly he opened his eyes. The room had returned to normal. Even the Fae appeared as she did before.

Had it been a figment of his frightened imagination? His mouth opened to ask when she gave him the hungriest kiss he had ever felt. Lust filled his body has if his heart had replaced his blood with the need to fuck. Her hand squeezed harder and began to stroke his hard member inches from her dripping pussy.

When she finally pulled back from the hard kiss Enorim gasped for breath. With his guard down, she impaled herself on his dick and giggled as his eyes bulged wide.

"Does it feel good to no longer have to worry about that virginity of yours?"

"H-ho-how did you know?"

"Oh come on. It had been written all over your face every time I teased you! But none of that matters now. You're mine!" She gave a sultry moan as she began to bounce. His body felt like it suffered from an overdose. She had only just started, and he already felt his member swell larger than ever before. Her moans and sexy cries aided in its growth.

"Doesn't it feel so good to give in to your desires? Your body doesn't care anymore, it's addicted to me."

He couldn't find words to reply and simply nodded. Her smile grew wider as she bucked her hips with short, fast movements.

"That's it, lose your mind to the pleasure I promised you. When you fill my womb this time there won't be anything left up here." She brought both hands up into his hair as she referred to his mind. "You'll be nothing but a toy to fill me up."

That made him shake. He didn't want that! But his body shuddered in another way as he felt his scrotum tighten. The pleasure didn't keep the fright from his face. He grabbed her hips and squeezed hard but couldn't stop her.

"Oh, some fight left in you after all! I like that!" Her smile continued to widen until it frightened him.

"Can you stop me baby? Your body really wants to cum." Almost as if on her command his body tightened up. "Too late to fight back, isn't it?"

She giggled at his expense and watched as his body passed over the edge.

"Cum for me!"

He cried out in bliss as his body shook violently, shooting his seed deep into her womb.

"That's it! Lose yourself to me... Wait a minute!" She said in a tone filled with mischief. Her pussy squeezed, milking his dick. He barely even understood what she had said. "Didn't we make the wager in the evening a week ago?"

"Huh?" His body calmed down. Her pussy milked the last of his seed before he could think again. That climax consumed all that lust and energy her hungry kiss had filled him with. The edges of his vision began to fill with black as he struggled to remain conscious.

She giggled again, hardly ably to speak. The whole situation appeared be extremely funny to her. "You had already won..."

The words felt like a dream as he faded out.


Those sinister vines were growing all over the hallowed tree Enorim called home. They wrapped tightly around his limbs. The pain woke him up with a start. They were everywhere. Books were scattered all around, covered in slime.

The young wizard strained his neck as he looked around, expecting to see Knigrith standing over him. But she wasn't. Something else, however, stood behind his bed. The same vision he had had of Tatiana. Quickly he closed his blue eyes and chanted to himself.

"This can't be real, wake up!"

The vines shook at his side and he attempted to retreat further inside himself.

An older male voice shouted, "Enorim! Enorim wake up!" He remembered that voice. It was his master!

The young wizard woke up for real this time, covered in sweat.

"It's OK, boy, calm down." Proteus kneeled down and wiped the sweat from his apprentice's face with a dry cloth. "Just a dream, my young apprentice. Everything's going to be OK."

It took a few moments for his thundering chest to calm down. He glanced around and sighed with relief. The room appeared normal. As he calmed down his master began to talk again.

"It's time. We have to take the fight to her. Before it's too late."

Enorim nodded as he continued to look around. That dream had spooked him.

The two wizards prepared all of their things quickly before heading out. Enorim had searched but found no sign of Tatiana. In fact, she didn't leave any evidence at all. He remembered the first day master Proteus returned. They had meditated in the ley-line chamber. The master hadn't seen the Fae even though she had been relaxing in plain sight.

Had he imagined everything? No, he couldn't have... The sore ache between his legs proved he hadn't.

The two wizards exited their home with staffs in hand. Enorim turned to his master as the older man placed stronger wards on their home.

"Do I look different at all?" He said, feeling uncertain of himself.

"Up until this morning you looked more confident than I remembered. But that nightmare must have shaken you to the core. Rest assured, whatever it had been, was just a dream."

The master smiled warmly as Enorim nodded agreement. "Just a dream."

"Your highlights look brighter, but other than that, you appear to be the strong willed apprentice I've been proud of for a long time."

Those words brought warmth to the young wizard's heart. They set out for battle as the forest animals followed. Large panthers, bears and birds joined them, until their journey became a marching army of beasts.

The march felt like it took all day but the sun still shined overhead. Regardless of that fact, however, the closer they got, the darker it became.

"Completely unacceptable!" The master shouted as the first sign of corruption came into sight. "This woman has gone too far! I can't believe I didn't see this coming."

The older man turned towards Enorim with hate in his eyes.

The young apprentice just pointed at the slithering vines that grew everywhere but conveniently off the path. "Those were part of my nightmare, Master."

"Yes, they sure are things out of nightmares. We'll be putting a stop to this mayhem today."

The countless vines reached out for them, causing the marching army to hug the path's middle. An animal yelped out in painful fright behind them. Enorim turned on his heels as blue fire shot out from his fingers. The single vine that dared snag a deer turned to ash.

That, however, became the least of their worries. The young apprentice's attack spurred the entire hive of vines.

All at once the slithering mass attacked. Wizard spells shot left and right! Many animals were dragged off. Bright blue flames joined the masters red. Yet the slithering mass kept falling.

It felt like a mountain falling on top of them as the mass landed. Vines slithered around their limbs before they could react. The young wizard could barely see a foot in front of him, but the fear on his master's face didn't go unnoticed.

He had to act fast. His blue eyes closed as he chanted between clenched teeth. The spell in mind had come from his studying. He had never attempted it, but right then he couldn't think of anything else to do.

A red rose bud descended towards his face. The young man opened his eyes just as the rose bud closed in. The blue glow returned as the last syllable of the spell left his mouth.

All the hairs upon his body glowed bright blue as a controlled explosion expanded from his body. The intense blue light flashed out, cutting through the vines like butter. Since he had pronounced each word perfectly the spell only struck the unnatural plants. Everything else it passed through harmlessly as the ball of light kept expanding. The vines melted and the wizards fell back to the ground.

Enorim hadn't even noticed the vines start to pull them up. They hit the ground with a thud, followed by thousands of animals landing around them. A huge section of the forest had been cleared of corruption. Only skeleton trees remained.

The young wizard attempted to stand up and a wave of nausea overwhelmed him, bringing him back down to his knees.

"Impressive, young man!" The master stood up and turned towards his apprentice. "Whoa! Your hair!"

The startled shout caught him off guard and Enorim gave a start. He opened his mouth to reply but the nausea held strong.

"It's completely blue now. I've never seen anything like it. You truly have surpassed me." The older man helped him up and kept hold until the young wizard could stand on his own.

"I've been studying, like you commanded."

"And it shows. Each person has a different reaction to the ley-line, but this is like nothing I've seen before." The master gripped some of the blue hair and studied it. "It's almost as if... No, that couldn't be it. We must not tarry. You've given us an edge and we must make use of it."

The older man thought for a split second as three panthers ran ahead. "Try and hold back for a while. Regain your strength and stay behind me. The real fight has yet to come."

They continued on towards the castle and each step thundered inside Enorim's skull. That spell had been too much for him. It would take quite a while before he could cast even a simple spell again.

The castle came into view along with another slithering mass of vines. They covered the tall towers, spilling out from above, as if they were spawned from within.

Several blasts of fire soared through the air, impacting the vines around the castle gates. They curled up and died, opening the way.

Hideous humanoid plants stormed out of the opening. Six large bears charged forward, as birds soared all around them. The three panthers that had run ahead could be heard whimpering. Enorim looked around until he saw them, caught within the slithering mass of vines from the right tower.

"Master, can you free them?"

"I'm afraid I don't know that spell you used. My flames wouldn't care about friendly damage. Perhaps."

He raised his hands into the air, chanted and shouted the last word. A gust of wind closed around the vines holding the three panthers captive. The wind pulled, yanked and shoved at the slithering mass. Another spell, and the animals were pulled free. The older man turned back to him, winked and rushed up towards the gates.

Two of the bears remained standing, but they had cleared the way. Enorim followed his master but at a slower pace. The two bears stood close to Proteus as the older man shot blasts of red flame into waves of humanoid plants.

Before long they entered the courtroom. Knigrith sat on her throne like a conquering tyrant.

The master's rage boiled over as he saw her new enhanced form. "Blasphemy! You have abused your right to wield magic!"

Enorim entered the large room right behind his master, and tried his best not to look at her chest.

Violet bolts of energy flew through the air in way of response. They smashed into a white barrier that shimmered around Proteus. More humanoid plants rushed into the room from every angle, except from behind them. The two bears swung their claws as elk, panthers and many others joined them in the fight.

The two spell-casters stood atop the throne room's raised platform, swinging their staffs at each other. Each were hit with powerful spells that were easily countered as the magical weapons swung in the air between them.

Enorim took a deep breath, attempting to gather his strength. He focused and charged through the mass of animals and humanoid plants. With a jump and somersault he landed beside his master. Blue bolts of energy launched from his staff. Knigrith struggled to counter it all now. Slowly the sorceress crept backwards, until her heel hit the tapestry covered wall.

"Surrender Knigrith. Your blasphemy ends here." The master gave up a grin.

"Ha, that's a laugh old man." The magically stunning woman spun around. The tapestry flew up and towards them, only to be slashed in half by Proteus' staff. By the time the cloth fell they realized she had escaped through a doorway that had been hidden behind the tapestry.

"Coward!" The older man took off, his long white beard flowing over his shoulder.

The blue eyed apprentice took one look behind him before following his master. Animals and plants continued to fight, oblivious to the spell-caster's drama. He entered the tight passageway as it twisted and turned. Each time he round a corner the older man disappeared around the next.

Many turns later he approached a T in the passageway. He looked right and saw a long empty, cramped hallway. When he looked to the left he saw his master squeezing through the tighter path. The younger wizard began to follow the master as he looked over his shoulder; having a feeling of being watched.

Knigrith stood at the far end with a smirk that vanished as he saw her. He stopped in his tracks and called out to Proteus.

"She's the other way, master!" However as he turned back to look, the older man had continued out of sight. "Master!"

After hearing no reply Enorim cursed and headed after the sorceress. The tight corridor made it difficult to run but he gave it his all. Dust began to rise up with his movements; making it harder to breath. By the time he made it to the end He saw no sign of Knigrith. However the 'secret' path only continued in one direction, so he kept moving.

All throughout the passage little beams of light had peeked through the many cracks in the wall, but up ahead he saw a doorway of bright light. It had to be the exit. If he was lucky the sorceress wouldn't have gotten far. Had he been thinking clearly, he would have taken a second for his eyes to adjust. Instead, he raced for the opening.

The blue eyed wizard shot from the passageway within a cloud of dust. The bright light instantly blinded him as something large moved behind him. A loud grinding sound made his ears ring before the large object crashed. Enorim rubbed his eyes clear of dust as his vision returned. The large gap he had run through had vanished. Or more like the wall had closed back up. All that greeted him was large stone bricks.

Slowly details became apparent as his eyes adjusted. He had ran into a bedroom from the looks of it. Dressers lined a far wall and... Oh my. The large bed had see-through cloth hanging from posts. Behind those sheets Knigrith laid spread out staring at him with an amused look.

"Couldn't resist running after me all alone, could you?" She licked her lips. "There aren't any windows to escape through this time."

Enorim just rolled his eyes. "Don't flatter yourself." He raised his staff defensively in front of himself.

"Always so feisty! I love it."

~*~ The Master Wizard ~*~

Magus Proteus felt the ache in his joints long before he exited the awfully tight secret passage. The fact that he had exited alone didn't go unnoticed. There were no signs of Knigrith ahead or his apprentice behind.

Had he taken a wrong turn? He thought hard and couldn't remember any point at which the path had divided. He exited at what appeared to be a storage area covered in dust. Clearly it hadn't been in use for quite some time.

Only one option presented itself on his mind; he had to turn back. He spun and headed for the tight tunnel with his staff pointed ahead of him. Suddenly movement caught his eye and he stopped, just in time. But the wall violently slammed shut and crushed the crystallized tip of his staff.

He stared with disbelief at his ruined staff, his link to the life line. Sounds filled the room, of objects sliding on the floor. The humanoid plants walking towards him, dragging their feet.

All alone, and he had to fight with a weapon no better than a broken stick.

The first of the ugly abominations came into view, opening its maw as sap spilled out from within. The elder man almost gagged. If that had been a scare tactic, it worked. The thing crept ever closer as Proteus began to sweat.

The once powerful staff launched forward, the splintered end stabbing into the creature as it howled in pain. Countless more of the fiends joined the fight as the elderly man fought for his life. Small magical spells were cast but without those jewels on his staff his powers were limited.

By the time the master wizard fought his way clear of the abominations, his energy had run out. He leaned heavily on what remained of his staff as he slowly made his way back towards the throne room. Age it would seem had caught up with him. He only hoped his apprentice would be strong enough to defeat his corrupt former apprentice.


An aura of blue surrounded Enorim as he prepared to fight the temptress laying upon the bed. Oddly enough, she hadn't made a move. She had just continued to taunt him with sexual advances.

Her black hair framed her magically perfected face, with high cheekbones and rosy red bee-stung lips. Those violet eyes stared at him with a hunger that chilled his bones. She wore a black lace top that clung to her body like a second skin, showing glimpses of pale white skin. Her chest threatened to tear open the material.

The sorceress' lower body hid under black satin sheets. The slow movements of her hand made it obvious that she had played with her clit, not to mention her breathing.

He had stood perfectly still while preparing a powerful spell to strip the magic from her body. The time to strike had come!

He shouted out the last word while angling his staff... Why couldn't he move his staff?!? The powerful incantation fired off into the wall as he looked down. Knigrith laughed as he found his staff to be wrapped up by a sneaky vine. No wonder she hadn't attacked.

The area the spell hit began to crack, stone slowly decaying. It started out small and went unnoticed. It would keep working, even though Enorim had missed his target. Slowly but surely the magic holding the stonework together would cease to exist.

The vine pulled back as he struggled to hold on. The wicked witch choose that moment to pounce. The black satin sheet flew off her body, revealing her to be naked from the waist down. She leapt up from her bed to kick him square in the chest. The blow forced him back as his staff stayed put; the vine quickly dragged it off and out of sight.

Enorim had landed against the wall hard and slid to the ground. It only took a moment to recover but that had been long enough for his weapon to vanish; he cursed and rose to his feet.

The raven haired woman pressed herself against him, forcing him back against the wall. Her lips pressed against his and he felt an unnatural surge of lust take over. Her hard nipples stabbed into his flesh like daggers. By the time she pulled back he had been left breathless and desperate for more.

"I knew you couldn't --"

The young wizard interrupted her gloating as he charged forward; pushing her back towards the bed as he hungrily attacked her lips. Violent energy spawned from her finger tips as her magic tore his robes off his body. They climbed onto the bed before Enorim realized what had happened.
The young apprentice pulled free, blinking rapidity.

"Don't stop. I've wanted to feel you inside of me ever since our first duel. It's all I've been able to think about." She pleaded as she clung to his retreating my form.

He rose back up onto his knees and forced her back onto the bed with his hands. The desperate witch dragged her sharp nails down his back before he pressed her down against the bed. Her hands came around his waist as she produced an arrogant smile.

Enorim opened his mouth to warn her off as her hands closed around his aching member. He let out a gasp instead.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" She said with a laugh as her hands squeezed and stroked. "Your body sure is screaming yes."

The lust from her first kiss had settled within his balls and he couldn't deny how great her hands felt. Deep down he had been afraid of this. After submitting to the Fae and learning how great sex felt, how could he resist a temptress like this?

The blue glow began to form within his eyes. Electricity sparked all around him, sending little shocks out. That only made her laugh more as she pulled his member, bringing his waist closer to her. With each tug she twisted her wrists, literally stealing his breath away.

"Did you forget what happened last time you used lightning on me?" Said with a wink as she rubbed the tip of his dick against her clit. The electric shock that followed made Knigrith squeal with delight. Her hips bucked as she brought one hand around to squeeze at his ass cheek, nails digging into his skin.

The blue glow within his eyes intensified as his tip spread her eager pussy lips. One hand remained firmly attached to his butt as the other raked back up his spine.

"Stay just like that baby."

He sank fully within her. He could feel the magical energy coursing through his veins, but he couldn't concentrate on anything but the pleasure pulsing through his dick. Knigrith pulled him deep without any resistance on his part.

It caught him by surprise when she flipped him over onto his back.

"Ah, that's better!"

She moaned out loud as she sat up in his lap, hands pressing down on his chest. All at once he felt vines slithering around his wrists and ankles. The shock hit him hard as he began to panic. But his reaction came too little, too late. The vines pulled tight and he found himself effectively tied to the bed. Knigrith couldn't hold back her laughter as she began to rise up slowly. The blue eyed wizard could tell she savored the moment as his swollen tip began to slide out.

The moment felt like it lasted an eternity before she fell down hard upon his lap. Enorim's grunt came out against his will, along with the air in his lungs. He didn't even realize he had held it in.

Her moans echoed throughout the room as Enorim tried his best to hold back his own.

"Oh, this is exactly what I needed!"

Her pussy felt great but in no way compared with Tatiana's. If only he could concentrate, then he could cast a spell and fling Knigrith across the room. Yet each time she came down the impact of blissful agony took his breath away. The magical energy magnified every sensation he felt.

"Your eyes sure do look sexy like that!"

The sorceress bucked her hips so hard he couldn't hold back the grunts no matter how hard he tried. The sheer impact rocked his body around. If he had been tied down with ropes there would be some major burns on his limbs. He glared at her to no avail. She was completely focused on fucking him hard, so she wasn't even looking at him.

"The l-last time y-ou..uh yyour plants rebelled against you!" He attempted to say confidently but failed.

"They're not even mine!" She confused him even more.

"Huh—uh damn!" He attempted to question her but she sped up, knocking his thoughts for a loop. Another bolt of electricity shot through his body into hers. The scream she made hurt his ears, but it wasn't one of pain. Her body shook as her juices gushed out onto him.

Neither one of them could speak after that and he swore she had sped up. His thighs stung from the constant pounding. In truth he hadn't consciously cast that last one. She begged and his body reacted. Any strength he had to hold back his moans had been cast out with that spell. His entire body felt overly sensitive; especially his swelling member.

The sorceress pleaded with her moans as another climax built from within. He knew what she wanted but neither could form words to express it.

Movement in the corner of the room caught his attention as he felt his scrotum tighten. The movement had been different shades of green but had moved out of sight when he glanced that way. Enorim didn't have to wonder for long as the Fae, Tatiana, came into view. The green skinned minx appeared with a bright smile and a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Her mouth moved silently; Enorim laid there puzzled. It looked like she had mouthed the words; 'your cum is mine toy.'

By this time Enorim couldn't think straight and didn't know how he'd ever stop the coming volcano from going off. A tickling sensation made him look down. A bright green ring formed around the base of his dick and squeezed hard enough to cause pain.

The climax came at the same moment and his body shook violently within its confines. The vines stretched until he thought they'd snap. But they held strong as he twitched and thrashed about.

Knigrith felt his member swell and start to pulsate. Her own explosion came and shut her response system down! Not like she could talk before anyway. The seventh climax shook her to the core.

The young wizard couldn't believe it. His climax had been dry and left him aching for a true release. Tatiana climbed onto the large mattress after pulling the see-through sheets to the side. Knigrith didn't feel the mattress shift as the Fae snuck behind her. Green hands snaked around the black lace top, gripping and tearing the material off. The look of surprise the sorceress gave in response would have made Enorim laugh, had his body not been overdosed on pleasure.

He had just enough attention span to watch those glorious tits bounce free, only to be squeezed by smooth green-skinned hands. Knigrith panicked and attempted to find her voice. The fear radiating from her eyes spoke volumes. Her body ceased its hard pounding and shook. Sweat coated her skin and it appeared as if the room's temperature had dropped twenty degrees. The sorceress' body began to shiver as she strained her neck to look back.

"I thought I had more time!" She croaked hoarsely. The hands at her chest pinched her hard nipples; effectively silencing her pleas.

Tatiana glanced over the raven haired woman's shoulder. Her smile widened when she noticed Enorim's complete attention had been on her hands.

The wizard slowly began to regain focus, since the violent fucking had paused. Each time his dick twitched within that unnaturally tight pussy he gasped. With tired eyes, he looked up to see the Fae whispering in the sorceress' ear. The raven haired woman's eyes rolled back as her shivering turned to shaking.

Whatever Tatiana had whispered had drove the woman insane as her pussy gushed a series of orgasms, soaking Enorim's already wet pelvic region. He cried out as her pussy fluttered around his aching member like an earth quake.

Knigrith's body collapsed as she passed out. Tatiana shoved the woman to the side. She fell into a heap on the large mattress, breathing heavy.

With his lap finally released from its prison the wizard got a good look. His thighs were heavily bruised and his dick appeared swollen and angry. The cold air felt refreshing as it blew across his sweaty body.

The gorgeous Fae didn't go unnoticed sitting upon her knees between his spread legs. He took his time as his gaze traveled up her divine body. He admired the smooth skin of her thighs that led to her leaf covered waist to her fit stomach, where those finely toned abs barely showed themselves as she breathed. He followed their lines further up to the covered swells of her chest.

The wizard let out a sexually frustrated sigh as they threatened to bust free with each breath she took. His focus centered on her heaving cleavage, traveling onward to her kissable neck. She sat there silently as his gaze continued along her jaw bone to those luscious red lips he couldn't stop thinking about. The Fae smiled and his heart melted.

Once their gazes met he shivered. That mischievous glint made his aching member twitch and pulsate. He couldn't forget her green, curly hair, which had been in his sight since watching her large chest swell with each breath. Those long flowing locks framed an angelic face, completing the irresistible package that had conquered his heart.

She appeared too good to be true. His foggy mind thought back to that day she crashed into his life. All of the dreams and shifting forms came to mind after he saw her effect on Knigrith. He struggled to understand or comprehend it all. The only thing his body cared about was release.

No words were shared between them as the Fae sat there, allowing his eyes to roam over her body. The teasing games she played all week had driven him crazy. It had all begun with a promise to help him defeat the sorceress. The clouds finally cleared from his mind as he realized she had done just that. She just appeared, touched the witch, and finally whispered in her ear. The end.

It slightly bothered him that it had been that easy for the Fae. After all, it had been all her fault that he'd been thinking with his lesser mind all week. Those games had set him up, and made him an easy target for Knigrith.

"Is... Gah." He found his voice hoarse and painful.

Tatiana quickly leaned forward. She placed one hand on the mattress to support herself as the other covered his lips.

"Shh, you've been through a rough battle. Save your voice." Her sweet voice flowed like honey. His questioning mind soothed at her touch. She could work him like a fiddle. His body relaxed yet remained stretched taut by vines.

The hand that silenced him lightly teased his skin as it traveled down his body, pausing mere inches from the wizard's sore and overworked hard-on.

With glazed over eyes he watched the Fae lick her lips. Her hand lightly traced around his twitching member. When her slim hand closed around his tip and squeezed, his eyes opened wide. Enorim snapped out of the daze instantly.

"What are you doing!?! Get off of me!"

"Aw but I missed you, and your body needs me."

"At least let me loose!"

"I like the thought of you tied up and helpless. Besides, they're harmless, and that flower is really pretty." She nodded her head towards a spot behind his head. Enorim strained his neck and panicked when he saw it. One of those red rose buds dangled above the bedpost.

"No, don't let it near us! It's not right... Sto—ah. Please..." Her hand started lightly stroking. One thing she said proved right -- his body ached for her touch.

"How long do you think you'd last in my tight ass?"

Her question had been received by wide eyes and a slack jaw. The young wizard couldn't even fathom what that would be like.

Tatiana repositioned herself until she straddled his waist. She teased him by rubbing his tip against her very own puckered rose bud.

"Hmm, maybe next time. My womb needs another offering, don't you think?" She kept lightly stroking him, just a little faster. He leaned his head back into the soft pillows and sighed.

He watched that flower like a hawk between blissful moans. Her delicate hand felt divine compared to Knigrith's violent thrusts. Each light stroke felt—felt... The flower moved! He raised his head and opened his mouth, about to shout, when the rose bud plummeted down over his face.

The wizard's protests became muffled moans. Sap and a musky gas met his senses. His head shook from side to side but the flower had a strong suction and remained firmly attached. Before long his lungs began to burn, as he was forced to take a breath of musky gas that sent his senses for a loop.

Wet nether lips kissed at his aching member and he bucked his hips. All thoughts of resisting were gone now. All that remained was his deep seeded desire for release.

He moaned so loud, that when she lowered herself onto him, the flower vibrated. Tatiana laughed and flicked her wrists at the plant.

"Shoo. That's enough, little one."

The blood red rose bud released its hold on the wizard and retreated. Enorim gasped desperately for air the moment its seal had broken. All the other vines released his limbs as well. He stared up at Tatiana with furious hunger. Surprising even himself, he leaped up into her arms, lips pressing hard into her own.

The Fae remained still within his lap, savoring the way his aching member twitched within her pussy. His tired body lost balance and they tumbled to the side. Tatiana used the fall's momentum to her advantage; pulling Enorim so he'd be on top. Her long curly hair tossed all over as she landed upon the sorceress' curled up body... Knigrith whimpered on impact.

Tatiana giggled mischievously as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She didn't have to beg, since his lust had taken over all rational thought. The blue hair atop his head waved around as he thrust his hips. Despite the overwhelming need to cum, his thrusts were controlled, short bursts. The bruises on his thighs hurt too much to have them slam against Tatiana.

"Do you want to cum, boy toy?"

"Y-yes! YES!" He pleaded desperately.

"You're mine aren't you, baby?"

Enorim nodded instantly and sped up his small thrusts.

"Ugh, yes that feels so good! Let me feel it all!" She moaned out as her pussy squeezed tightly. Tatiana squinted and mumbled under her breath. The bound ring around his base evaporated as he thrust deeply to the hilt.

The howl that escaped his lips shook the room's foundation. His hips moved on their own, as the Fae tightened her legs around his waist.

"Give me everything! Become my champion!" She cried out. Her own climax had peaked, only to break the moment he slid fully into her.

The climax that erupted from his desperate body caused a chain reaction within both of them. White hot seed shot deep within her womb as his eyes glowed bright blue. Tatiana gasped in orgasmic bliss as she watched his entire body light up.

Powerful waves of magical energy caused the air within the chamber to swirl around as if a hurricane had spawned.

Just as quickly as it had started, the effect vanished. The glow upon Enorim's body vanished as he collapsed into Tatiana's embrace. The Fae took a while to regain her breath.

"Wow! That felt amazing. How are you still alive?" She lovingly caressed the back of his head, fingers curling through his blue hair. They relaxed within each other's arms in post-orgasmic bliss -- only to have their moment disrupted as the sorceress began to stir.

Enorim's voice came weak and labored. "What'll be done with her?"

Tatiana had been lost in thought and almost didn't catch his question. The wizard made use of her delayed reaction to gather his apprentice robes, throw them on, and tie them tight.

"What? Oh. Her. Right." Reluctantly she leaped up, aided by the wizard's helping hand. She turned slightly and they both looked down at the stirring raven haired witch.

"Um..." Tatiana thought for a moment. "Right. For your crimes against nature, you'll live out the rest of your life as a part of it." The Fae chanted as she waved her hands, creating symbols with her fingers.

Knigrith's eyes opened wide as she screamed a painful whisper. "We had a deal!"

Her cry drifted off as her body began to shift. Green mist formed around her as the sorceress' body shrank. Pale white skin melted to a greenish brown. Her mouth elongated as her teeth sharpened.

Enorim glanced at Tatiana. She just shrugged and smiled. He couldn't even find the words to ask... Something always felt off about the 'Fae queen'.

By the time the spell had finished, the once powerful sorceress became nothing more than a type of carnivorous fly catching plant within a brown pot of soil. It looked up at them with eyes black as oil, tilting its head.

Tatiana giggled, followed by a playful squeal. "Plant her in the garden and watch her grow." The green skinned Fae bounced up to her feet and clapped.

The castle began to violently shake, interrupting her moment. The walls cracked as the vines in the room slithered away. The magic cleansing spell had finally taken root. Knigrith's spell-work fell apart around them.

The Fae bounced up and down with glee. Her bountiful chest threatened to spill out of her leaf bra as she clapped her hands together.

"Oh, this'll be fun to watch! Good luck, boy toy!"

The last word dragged out, echoed and drifted away. One second she had been there and the next... Gone. The Fae and sorceress plant had vanished.

A loud crash made the wizard flinch, arms over his head. A large boulder broke free from the ceiling, bringing down chunks of stone and dust. Enorim ducked lower, and started to wave his hands over his head as he charged out of the room. He skidded out into a long hallway, where he almost slipped but managed to keep going.

Each step sent spikes of agonizing pain shooting up his spine. Knigrith sure did give him a pounding for his second time having sex. He'd be lying if he said he didn't like it, though.

Thick clouds of dust rose up to block his sight as thousands of stones fell all around him. The wizard pushed himself to the limit as he ran in zig zag motions in search of an exit.

"Ow!" He cried out as a large chunk clipped his shoulder. The pain swelled up and stung like he had been stabbed. His left hand reached of his right shoulder and pressed against the wound, grunting as the pressure caused more pain. Regardless, he knew it had been wise, in case the wound looked like it felt.

The long hallway cut to the right suddenly. The dust prevented him from seeing it in time. The wizard slid and crashed into the wall hard enough for the entire section of stone to shift. The next few seconds felt like a nightmare come to life. The floor bucked upward as if a giant had thrown a fist against the floor below.

The floor peaked after rising half a foot. Then it crashed back down and caved in. Enorim couldn't keep himself from getting sucked down along with it. The bright blue glow returned to his eyes by instinct. Mere seconds before he sunk into a huge pile of stone, a blue egg shape formed around him.

Those instincts saved his life. More rubble caved in around him. The shield fizzled but held strong. Weakly he held out his arms against the shield as if to brace it. The impossible pressure pushing in on the blue shimmering energy had the same effect on his mind. It made concentrating that much more difficult.

Troubled thoughts flitted into his mind. After everything he'd been through, this is how it ends. Slowly crushed to death. With a painful grunt that brought tears to his eyes he pushed against the shrinking shield. Even if the shield held for hours, he'd run out of air. Already each breath came harder than the last.

Tears formed in his eyes as he struggled to hold on. The pressure really started to hurt. The shield wouldn't hold for much longer. Only one spell he could think of would save him, but he worried he didn't have the strength left to cast it. In the end, however, he'd be dead anyway if he didn't try.

The blue aura intensified around his body. He took one last deep breath. The thin air barely filled his lungs. No matter what happened next, that had been the last of his air.

The concentration required for the spell took everything he had. Even the shield slowly faded. Stones came crashing in for the kill, inches from burying the wizard alive when he screamed. The explosion that followed incinerated everything close to him. It kept expanding out, dealing less damage every inch. By the time it spread five feet it barely moved the large chunks of stones.
With the space around him opened up the wizard took a deep breath of dusty air. It had never felt so good as his lungs filled back up. A crater had been formed by his spell. The young wizard stood in the center of it, hunched over and panting. All of his strength had been spent with that spell, but he would live to talk about it. In the end that's all that mattered.

Weakly he began to climb his way out of the crater. His surroundings had stopped crashing down but still made creaking sounds. It would only be a matter of time before the rest of the building fell apart. With each step painful throbs warned his brain of his exhausted body. Not that he needed the constant reminder.

Finally after several painful moments he had climbed out of the crater, returning to the hallway that had caved in. Everything looked different now. The hallway had become a blocked passage and the wall opened up to the outside. He looked out from the third floor by the way the height appeared. Far off outside the castle gates he could see a lone figure. The silhouette had his master's shape and the thought made him smile weakly. His master had made it out. Now all he had to do was make it down there before the place came crashing down.

He stood on the opposite side of the collapsed section wall. Go figure, right? Yet he could see that the fallen debris created a slight slope. He took one last deep breath to steel his nerves. The wizard leaped over the crater to land on the largest chunk of stone on the other side. The stone shifted with his weight and slid down the steep slope, gaining speed every second. Enorim held his arms out to keep his balance.

The leap had hurt and the edges of his vision blurred. The wind striking his face stung but he managed to keep his eyes open just enough. The ground below raced towards him and he braced for the coming crash. But it came too soon. The stone's momentum should have been strong enough to make it all the way. Yet it still got stuck. About six feet from the ground it jammed between two large chunks, sending the wizard flying forward.

He hit the ground hard and rolled.

The apprentice's body came to a stop in a heap. He laid there, a complete tattered mess at the master's feet. With tired and blurry vision he looked up at his master's smiling face.

The old man leaned heavily on his broken staff, looking just like Enorim felt. The tired, painful smile on his face spoke volumes.

"Been waiting long?" Enorim croaked out with a weak voice. The master replied with a chuckle as he shook his head.

"I'm proud of you." The older man spoke more seriously than normal. "Even if you look like a ghost."

Master Magus Proteus spoke that last part with a hint of sarcasm; along with a smile. Even though the man could barely move he still had a spark left in him.

"Yeah, almost didn't make it, almost!" The younger wizard replied as he shook his head. A thick layer of dust fell off him. Now he understood his master's comment.

"I saw the blue flash after that section of wall collapsed up there. I knew you were safe then." The master spoke slowly.

"Barely had en—"

The extremely loud rumbling behind him cut off his thought as they both turned to look. The remnants of the ruins collapsed in on itself, creating a massive cloud of dust. The wizards covered their faces as the raging dust storm blew past them. It has so much power that both of them were thrown to the ground.

Shortly afterward it died off and Enorim rose to his feet, happy to be alive. His legs felt like noodles as he looked around. It only took a moment for him to find what he searched for. The master laid on the ground, struggling to rise up. Quickly the apprentice rushed to the man's aid. When he bent down a wave of nausea hit him. Somehow he managed to bite down the feeling as he reached out to help his master to his feet.

Proteus clung to his broken staff the moment Enorim handed it to him.

"Now we both look like ghosts!" The apprentice laughed.

The chuckle from the master came along with a puff of dust as he coughed. Enorim glanced around and couldn't believe his eyes. The entire area had been covered in dust. Now the trees truly did appear like skeletons. Just then the unfinished thought came back to him.

"I barely had enough energy left when that wall collapsed on top of me. I never would have forgiven myself if you had been forced to find another apprentice."

The joke left Proteus coughing after he started to laugh. When he finally cleared his throat the older man replied.

"I'm going to need a week of meditation near the ley-line to recover from this nightmare."

"I couldn't agree more, but right now... I could use a nap." Enorim said with a yawn.

"Help an old man back home first?"

"Of course, Master."

With the broken staff under one arm, Proteus wrapped his other arm around Enorim's shoulders. They walked very slowly towards their home.

Each pained step they took sent waves of life into the ground. Even though they didn't have much energy left their bodies emitted just enough. The dying land around them surged from that small amount. It started small and without their knowledge. Tiny buds of grass began to grow in the wake of their foot prints.

The energy flowed through the entire area. Bark began to strengthen, leaves started to grow back. By that time Enorim noticed.

"Wow, look, Master!"

Vibrant colors grew all around them. Their footsteps caused a chain reaction of restoration. They paused for a moment and enjoyed the magnificent event.

Birds returned, along with squirrels and many other smaller animals. The corruption appeared to be defeated. After a long pause Proteus made a gesture. His tired body had had enough.

Standing still for a bit had given Enorim some strength. His next step didn't hurt quite as bad. The bruises on his thighs remained the most painful part of his body.

One thing worried the younger wizard. They had arrived with a marching army of animals. He wanted to ask his master what had happened. After all he had been the one that found and 'fought' Knigrith. Yet Proteus looked worse than he had ever before. The ragged robes would have to be discarded. Even the staff had been rendered useless. Those crystals weren't easy to come by. If they had extra crystals laying around it'd be a different story, but they didn't.

The only thing that stopped him from asking had been the fact that Proteus could barely move. By the time they were in sight of their tree Enorim practically carried the older man. It worried him seeing his master like that. Suddenly the older man spoke and Enorim flinched. Embarrassment flushed his cheeks red. It had been a long and silent walk after all.

"It's time you found yourself an apprentice, Enorim." Each word dragged out. It took an awful lot of energy to speak.

"What do you mean?"

"I need a vacation." That caused the apprentice to laugh. "You've earned it. You're the master now, my son."

They walked through the protective wards. Enorim didn't know what to say, truly speechless. At long last he replied by thanking him. Carefully the blue eyed wizard helped Proteus into the ley-line chamber.

"I'm going to go lay down. Will you be alright, Master?"

"Go, go I'll be fine."

Moments later Enorim's head hit his pillow; snores echoed around the room shortly after.

~*~ The Master's Cry ~*~

Magus Proteus sat hunched over, breathing heavy. The magical water's aroma filled his every breath. Age had definitely caught up with him. Normally sitting that close to the waters filled him with a sense of calming clarity. The waters felt different now, however. After all these years he had never lost or damaged his staff.

That staff had served as his life line to these waters whenever he had been away. It always needed to be recharged, and normally, sitting here gave him a similar type of recharge.

It didn't this time, though. He felt disconnected from the ley-line. Maybe he just needed to meditate and let the waters do their work. He had spent so much fighting those humanoid plants without his staff. It could just need a while before his body felt the surge through his veins.

Everything would be fine in the end. He'd retire, or possibly help Enorim find an apprentice, and then retire. He could finally be done worrying about the sacred, beautiful forest. Just by knowing his apprentice had grown to be a powerful and noble wizard warmed his heart.

The evil, corrupted rein of Knigrith had come to an end. He could go off toward the sunset and live happily ever after.


Quiet laughter filled the chamber. The meditating older wizard didn't notice it at first, lost in thoughts of a happy future. It steadily grew louder until finally interrupting him.

The sound echoed throughout the area, making it impossible to pinpoint its origin. Proteus glanced around with tired eyes. He felt no better than before, as if the waters weren't connecting to him. Finally the feminine laughter paused and spoke.

"Do you really think your pathetic apprentice defeated that witch on his own?" The voice spoke with malice.

Proteus propped up his staff and slowly rose to his feet. "Show yourself!"

"All in good time..." His thoughts became a whirlwind of doubt as he attempted to decipher the voice's owner. Nothing came to mind. There were many sentient beings within the forest, but all those that were evil had been routed a long time ago.

If he had a working staff a simple spell would cancel any effects on the room and flush her out.

He said, "So, you helped my apprentice and you -- what? Want a thank you note?"

"Ha, nothing will stop my ascension."

That narrowed it down to a new player in town. But didn't help give him hints as to what he faced. If only the ley-line would have recharged his system.

"Troubled old man can't figure out how to respond. That's alright. I don't need you. The boy will provide everything I desire, like a puppy to its master."

That hit a nerve. Anger filled the older man's eyes until he saw red. The broken staff slammed against the floor as he shouted. A pale white wave shot through the air. "Ahh!"

Pain flashed before his eyes as his body rejected the spell. His vision blurred as black dots appeared everywhere. The pain forced him back down onto a knee as a cold sweat chilled him to the core.

Once again the unknown female laughter echoed around the room.

"Aww, did the sacred addictive waters cut you off?" The way she said it with a condescending tone made him worried.

"What did you do?" His words came out slow as he struggled back to his feet.

"I've been corrupting the waters all week. Your little apprentice had been too embarrassed to tell you." He had looked down at the waters only to quickly snap back to attention once she mentioned Enorim.

"What have you done to him!?"

"Oh, nothing short of seduced him. He doesn't know it yet but his body is addicted to me."

Now he understood the subtle change in how the Ley-line felt. Even the air smelled slightly different. If she'd been here for a whole week; who knew what kind of damage she had caused.

"Oh, just noticed the pheromones you've been breathing in, have you? Your weak old body will be nothing but a light snack."

The old man's heart pounded in his chest painfully. Pheromones!? Types of Fae had potent odors that they used to enslave their prey. If Enorim had been exposed to it for an entire week, the Master could not blame his Apprentice one bit.

A sound caught his attention as he turned back towards his severed life-line. There were subtle ripples within the water. As he watched they grew until a shape appeared. A dark green shape slowly rose up from under the surface. With hair plastered to her face, she continued to rise. Once her eyes cleared the blue water their lids opened. Blazing green eyes stared at him with intent he didn't want to understand.

She had spoken the truth about one thing. He stood there tired and weak. After what happened with his last attempted spell he feared trying any other. He didn't know what to do and it showed. She continued to rise as her shoulders broke the surface. Every inch of her was a shade of green. Her skin the lightest shade.

She licked her wicked lips. "Enough talk. I'm hungry."

She continued to walk towards him. With each step more of her body met his reluctant gaze. He could feel the pheromones effect when her large gravity defying chest greeted him, hard nipples and all. They had just the slightest hint of a sag in them. Despite himself his mouth watered.

She didn't have any defining marks or traits that would have told him what type of Fae she was. In all of his years the Fae communities kept to themselves. He didn't bother them since they didn't upset the balance of the forest.

Mentally he ran through countless books in his mind. Nothing rang a bell. Her skin color fit in perfectly with the many descriptions of many different types of Fae. Regardless of what type she came from the real question that bugged him was how did she get past all the wards? The powerful incantations were spells that couldn't be tampered with. A simple invite didn't allow entry or foreign magic to be cast within. They served to keep this place hidden from all senses.

A powerful caster could stand right outside the tree and have no clue of the secrets hidden within. So how did she get in?

More of her body rose out of the sparkling water. She had a body he would have killed to lay with, back in his youth. It didn't come as a surprise when he felt a long forgotten tingle down below. If she had the room filled with her scent the last time he meditated, he hadn't noticed. She must have to be extremely powerful to do that.

Then again he had been exhausted from fighting those humanoid plants.

"Those minions were yours, weren't they?" He said, connecting the dots.

"Oh clever..."

"You had orchestrated this whole thing?"

"I began corrupting your first apprentices' dreams years ago, even though I had been ignorant of this world. Recent events changed all that."

Tricks! It had to be tricks... Speaking like she had come from another world! That meant everything about Enorim could be a lie! Proteus turned around and ran, as fast as he could. The green skinned woman's waist had just risen above the water. His body's reaction scared him. Sure, years ago he would have welcomed the challenge, but right now, he simply didn't have the strength. He just needed to reach his apprentice and they'd fight this unknown threat together.

"Where you going? Don't you want to touch this body?"

He reached the closed trap door and pushed at it. Nothing happened. They didn't have a lock on the other side and the lock dangled on this end, unlocked. Giggling startled him and he turned. The woman stood dangerously close. Her bright eyes penetrated into his soul.

"Use your magic or I'll..." She leaned closer, taking a deep breath. Too late. A spark went off as she closed the distance and their flesh touched. The surprise contact made Proteus gasp. Tatiana slid her tongue into his mouth to tangle with his.

An unexplainable surge began with her kiss and flowed through his body. It made him feel energized. That wasn't even a great description of how he felt. The aching of his bones numbed and replaced with an unnatural rush of lust. Tatiana's hands wrapped around his head and pulled him tighter.

By instinct he tried to push her away. But his hands pressed into... Large, soft yet firm pillow breasts. He let out an audible moan that caused her to giggle. The vibrations from it made him moan louder.

When she pulled away he panted for breath. Pheromone filled air entered his lungs. He had the strength now to fight back, regardless of the lack of magic.

The problem though, was... His mind couldn't comprehend that fact. Deep seeded hunger replaced his fright. The focus of said hunger... The green skinned bombshell with a wicked grin standing in front of him.

"Isn't that better?"

Her condescending tone flowed to his ears like a siren's call. He didn't even nod. The lust charged hunger counteracted all rational thought. Proteus shot forward, grabbed her face, and pulled her into another kiss. Their hands roamed all over each other. His slid down her slim frame to cup a naked and firm ass. Each hand squeezed as the Fae pushed him back against the wall.

Eagerly she tore at his tattered robes until they fell from his body, shredded into rags.

Cold air bit at his naked flesh, but he didn't have a care in the world. With force he spun around until her back hit the wall hard. The grunt that escaped her lips fueled Proteus' desires to new heights.

Tatiana raised a leg and wrapped it around the older wizard's waist. The growl that followed from deep in his throat made her giggle. Her juices coated his length as she bucked her hips and pulled his hair with one hand, and his beard with the other.

Magus Proteus' roar would have frightened anyone else. He pushed her leg down and forced her to spin around as he pressed her face against the wall. With her hips angled out he lined himself up and thrust to the hilt in one move.

Tatiana squealed and he pressed harder, forcing himself as deep as he could. Only the animal side fueled by lust could be found within the wizard's eyes. Her inner walls massaged his length like nothing he had ever felt before in his long life. The primal rage came out in the form of growls and roars. When he attempted to pull out, fully intent to thrust back hard... He couldn't. Old hips flexed and strained but he couldn't pull out.

The harder he tried the harder her inner walls squeezed. Tatiana moaned deeply and looked back over her shoulder.

"My turn!" She said with a sexy pout. The Fae pushed her hips out and her inner walls began to milk his aching member. That's all it took. The wizard unloaded pulse after pulse like a fireworks spell. All the lust she had thrown at him flowed out along with his seed.

He stood there panting and moaning, losing strength by the second. Bags formed under his eyes as they regained focus. Tired hands pressed against her hips as he leaned into her, head resting on her shoulder.

The Fae continued to moan as her body convulsed. Proteus knew what had happened but he needed a moment to catch his breath, once again feeling the painful absence of the ley-line's magic. He felt the strange woman's inner walls quiver along his unusually hard member. When he couldn't pull out he knew something wasn't right.

Proteus leaned up and watched the woman shake. To his horror two sharp bones pierced through her temples. The bones grew, until he realized they were horns.

"You aren't a Fae!" He cried out, struggling to free his tormented member from the prison of her snatch. The green skinned woman simply laughed hysterically.

"What is it with you wizard folk and Fae?" She looked over her shoulder and glared at Proteus. "That gullible young man thought the exact same thing."

Proteus fought for freedom even though his tired body protested every movement. Dark green leather wings tore out of her shoulder blades, stretching out to the sides.

There had been a good reason he couldn't figure out what type of Fae she belonged to... It's because her kind weren't in the books he had been picturing in his mind!

"I sucked out blue eye's soul yesterday... Mmmhmm he tasted good."

"You lie! He's upstairs right now sleeping." His voiced broke into a worried whisper as he looked up at the trap door.

"Oh he didn't die. Something magical happened, giving me the best orgasm of my life!" With that said she released his tortured member.

Without that tight pussy sealed around his base, the wizard's weakened state became truly apparent. Proteus cried out as his body lost balance and fell backwards. The impact nearly knocked him unconscious. Little black spots danced in his vision as he groaned in pain.
Tatiana spun around on her heels, stalking towards him with hips swaying. Her green eyes were lit up with pupils morphing into slits. They went from normal human shaped to that of a cat. The older wizard propped himself up on his elbows as he watched her approach, until she stood straddling his waist, looking down at him.

"I didn't get to hold on to his soul, and I need one to truly exist in this form. I've decided to keep blue eyes around... You, however, I don't need."

With a deep breath the demon stretched out her arms and wings, moaning as she let out the breath. "Oh, it feels good to be whole again."

A slim tail with a heart shaped tip slithered around between her legs. Proteus' gaze followed it with horror filled eyes.

"Who are you?"

"Your precious boy calls me Tatiana, the fairy queen." She laughed wickedly as her hands caressed her chest; squeezing her large tits with another sexy moan. "But you can call me, Viridis..."

That last lust induced climax had stripped him of any strength he had left. He had nothing left to give and the thought made him grunt in way of response. She lowered into his lap, sitting on his flaccid member. Her green skin glistened with sweat and had a glow to it. The demonic woman moaned as she relaxed into his lap, arms hung over his shoulders. To Proteus' relief his member didn't stir.

"I've got nothing left to give, you foul demon spawn!"

"Oh you've got plenty left, sugar." She cupped a bountiful breast and raised it to his lips. "Just suck on this and let me do all the work."

Her confidence shocked him as he opened his mouth to deny her claim. Her hard nipple slid into his mouth. Rather than close his lips the wizard leaned away. Tired and aching arms dragged his body back. But Viridis inched forward on her knees, easily keeping up with him. When his head hit the wall her nipple poked into his tongue. One drop of demonic milk touched his flesh and fireworks went off in a sensory overload.

The effect had instantaneous results on his body, lips sealed tight around her nipple, cheeks hallowed. Even as it happened his eyes opened wide. His body acted without his consent. To his horror twitches could be felt between his legs as she rocked her hips lightly. He wished he had never broken the staff!

It didn't take long for his member to swell back into an erection. The milk he devoured converted anything he had left into lust. The green skinned demon leaned forward, reaching behind her to stroke his soaked dick. Despite himself Proteus moaned.

With a wicked smile she teased his tip by sliding it across her slit.

"I could end this quickly and savor your soul... But—" She slid his member further back until it pressed against her puckered rose bud. "I think I'll use you to prepare myself for blue eye's monster... He's much bigger than you."

She leaned back and he groaned. He didn't slide in. Instead it felt like light kisses as her ass resisted the pressure. His body needed it! The wizard brought his hands up to squeeze her cheeks and pull down. But she didn't let him. Before his hands even slapped against her firm ass she grabbed his wrists.

"Tisk tisk... I said let me do all the work."

She forced his right hand against her free tit and the other under the one he eagerly sucked. He glared at her with hate in his eyes. She just smiled back at him and pushed harder upon his tip. Slowly and after countless pleasurable moans he felt the puckered hole give way. Unbelievable tightness squeezed at his cock, melting away his hateful glare.

"Oh, I knew this was a good idea!" She moaned as her ass stretched around his swollen head. "There's no way that sex starved monster would had fit!"

~*~ Viridis' Ascension ~*~

Viridis rotated slightly as she pulled his lips to her other breast. The demonic milk had reduced the once powerful wizard to mush. Her body weight kept his waist pinned even as she felt him try to thrust up. In the dream world she had come from there never was a need for foreplay. Especially considering the fact that her body didn't limit itself to human limitations. She could do things no human considered remotely possible.

Now, however, in this realm she took her time, savoring the feel of a hard dick stretching her ass. Proteus groaned in frustration at her slow progress. Too far gone to care, that it meant his death. If he thought the last climax had sapped his strength...

It felt like an eternity as she slowly impaled herself. By the time she finished, her body quivered. Her breath came in labored pants as she recovered from her second climax. Proteus' mind had lost its war with her demonic energies long ago.

"I bet you looked handsome once upon a time." She said softly to herself as her slender hands went through his long white hair.

Viridis sat impaled upon his raging dick savoring the way her ass quivered around him. Finally she rose up on her knees slowly. Blissful sensations made her eyes close as her head tilted to the side, mouth opening for a silent gasp. The entire time she pictured how great Enorim would feel as he bent her over and fucked her ass.

The image made her body spasm as another climax overcame her thoughts.

The old weakling of a wizard had the nerve to attempt thrusting up. His demonic lust filled body no doubt thought to exploit her distracted moment. She planned to use his body to prepare to pleasure the stunning blue haired apprentice. The week long tease hadn't been the cause of her affections. All that formed the day she had planned on stealing his soul. That magical explosion caused a spark in her womb she'd never felt before. Her kind didn't get the miracle that she could already feel growing.

But don't get carried away... She admired him like a ruler admires their pet. Pets were useful and pleasant to keep around.

The moment Proteus' body attempted to thrust upward, her ass squeezed tight, clamping down hard enough to make him howl in pain. Viridis slapped him across the face and laughed.

Her body had adjusted enough anyway. She placed her hands on his shoulders for leverage as she adjusted herself. By remaining on her knees she propped her lower legs over his thighs, leaning back till her ass cheeks hit her feet. His length slid back in as she did so, causing a pleasant moan to escape her lips.

After a moment's pause she rose back up, slightly faster than before. Strangely enough her pleasure came with a bit of pain; not what she had expected. It hurt so good though, thrusting back down. She repeated the movement several move times, only rising up slighting. Soon she felt ready for more.

"I like this world. Who knows about this beautiful secluded forest?" She caressed his cheek. Reluctantly he released her tit just long enough to reply.

"Not many."

"Be a dear and tell me who they are, please..." The last syllable was drawn out. By this point there'd be no denying her. He told her everything she wanted to know.

"Enough talk. Time to die."

Her body quivered with anticipation as she giggled. Viridis didn't want Enorim to see any of this. It would break her hold on him. Not that it would matter but she would need a distraction. She wanted to make sure no one would come looking for her. In particular two monks came to mind. If she slipped up and displayed her hand too early, they'd show up.

The mere thought of the end game drove her into a frenzy, buckling her hips wildly as lust took over. The weak older man below her couldn't keep up. In fact she felt his hip snap, causing her to giggle again.

Her body lost control when the dick exploded deep within her ass. Calling it pure bliss would be an understatement. The way his hot seed excited her just didn't compare to the taste of his soul. Mixed within his climax she felt the embodiment of his life force. It flowed into her body; causing her convulsing climax to hit her like a giant smacking her with a tree. They both screamed until Proteus began to shake.

Viridis' demonic body had opened a tap to his soul. There'd be no closing it. Nothing would stop it now even if she had wanted to. His orgasm continued until it became a steady steam. Slowly his body lost color, and complexion. The wizard's skin imploded in on itself as all of his fluids flowed into her hungry body. He looked like a deflated mummified being by the time he died.

The lights within his eyes went out and stared lifelessly up at Viridis. The expression on his dried up face made her laugh. Despite everything he still died with a smile on his face.

The succubus stood up slowly, extracting the only part left of him that was still hard. Viridis stretched out her arms, back and wings with a satisfied sigh. She felt full and content, but reeked of sex. A smile formed on her lips as she turned to the sparkling water.

The green skinned bombshell dove into the magical ley-line without causing a splash. A minute later she rose back up, pulling her hair back, out of her face. The horns were gone from her temples, along with her wings and tail. She exited the water appeared just as she did before consuming Proteus' soul. A wicked smile spread her lips. She felt divine.


A week later the blue eyed apprentice's frantic search finally came to an end.

After he woke up the day after he had defeated Knigrith. The master had vanished. He didn't leave a note behind like always in the past. Enorim searched everywhere for his master. Tatiana tried to calm him down but he wouldn't have any of it. He needed to find Proteus. The stress built till he couldn't focus on anything else.

That search finally came to an end. Deep within the area that had been corrupted by Knigrith he found Proteus. A small patch of vines had somehow survived the purge. Within that slithering mass he had found a dried up corpse. It didn't take a genius to find out the body had once been Proteus.

In an angry rage Enorim incinerated the plant. His vision went red afterwards, falling to his knees. Tears fell from his eyes like a waterfall. After everything they had been through, the master had to wander off alone.

A few months later he visited the lone grave stone and fell to his knees.

"You wouldn't believe how beautiful the forest looks master. I keep finding small patches of vines, but none have lasted long enough to spread."

A single tear fell as he remembered all the good times. Particularly when Enorim had been young, causing all kinds of trouble and mayhem. Magus had been like a father to him all these years. Enorim would never forget him.

A slender green hand pressed into his shoulder. Enorim looked back over his shoulder. Tatiana stood there with a warm smile. Her other hand rubbed at her swollen belly.

"Let's get back before the sun goes down hun." Her sexy voice always caused a stir within him. They walked back, hand in hand.

~*~ The forest would never be the same ~*~

Viridis walked into the ley-line chamber as her features changed. Mischief filled eyes morphed into slits. Two of her teeth lengthened into sharp points. Large leathery wings unfolded and stretched out as two small horns grew from her temples. Finally her tail slithered around with a mind of its own. The only thing that remained the same besides all the different shapes of green; the baby bump.

Slowly she eased herself into the magical waters to soak. She never wanted to leave the enchantment of these waters. They made the impossible happen after all. She thought as she leaned back and rubbed her belly.

At the far end of the chamber movement caught her attention. The new form of Knigrith stirred. The plant had grown in size, thanks to its roots drinking in the magical waters. It even looked more humanoid than before.

"Soon my pet... Soon." Viridis purred as she leaned farther back and closed her eyes. If she played her cards right her puppet would erase the forest's location from the world. Knigrith would carry out her demands without ever revealing Viridis' existence.

By the time the succubus showed herself it would be too late to stop her. Viridis wouldn't repeat the mistakes of her rival and colleague Meridiana.

corrupted   the   forest  

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