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The Commuter

I'm a commuter, a straphanger. Every day 40 minutes on a commuter train into NYC. It can be a mundane life. Walk to the platform, wait for the train, sit in pretty much the same seat everyday, and go to work. Then after work do it all again in the other direction.

But every now and again it can be exciting and fun. It can start with a story from a girlfriend, then a sideways smile as you see him on the platform. Followed by a tentative hello with an excuse me can I sit her. And before long you have him balls deep in you, with your husband watching, and you just say yup commuting is not so bad after all.

This is that story. How a boring train ride became one of the hottest most erotic moments in my life.

Every day humming along the track my train ride is a chance to read, catch up on work emails and some days take a nap. I commute to NYC from the suburbs of Long Island.

My name is Julie, and I'm 28 years old. I'm told I have an attractive figure, though I think my ass is too big for my 5.2 frame. I have nice full size breast and short cut brown hair. My life is that of your basic run of the mill young professional. I am married to Josh, my husband of three years. We are a happy couple but dare I say a little boring. There is not much spice between us. When we have sex it is fun but nothing earth shattering. Just oral for him, some for me, put it in and time for bed.

So I get on my normal train going home and see Emily, a good friend of mine, who usually is on a later train. I sit down with her and we are waiting for the train to leave and begin talking. She is in the middle of a sentence, and stops talking.

"Oh my God I would not be expecting to see you here." I follow her eyes and she is talking to a handsome guy standing in the aisle.

"Hello Emm," he says with a laugh. "Yup I moved out to the burbs, was getting tired of city life."

As he says this he looks at me and his eyes burn into mine. I feel as if he is looking into my soul, and more uncomfortable, like he found what he wanted. He smiles a wicked and seductive smile at me.

"Hello I'm James and you are?" I freeze for a few seconds then look up and tell him my name. He smiles at me and I feel a tingle in my body like that I have never felt. He chats with Emily for a minute more.

"Well let me go find a seat, great seeing you Emm, and a pleasure to meet you Julie. I'm sure I will see you around on the train."

With that he walked away and took a seat a few rows back.

"Who was that Emily?" I ask, and I think she can sense my excitement in the question. I want to know about him. She laughs and looks at me.

"Julie he was a guy from about 5 years ago right before I met Doug. He is my age (30) and he is an absolute sex machine."

We both giggle but I can tell she is not joking. I can see the longing in her face as she is undoubtably thinking of times with him.

"What do you mean a sex machine?" I say , in a oh come on kind of way.

I mean he is definitely a good looking guy standing at about 6.1 with a nice strong frame and a shaved bald head.

"Jules I mean it. Sex with him was amazing. I was never one who craved sex, but with him I had to have it. It was all I thought about, he would come to take me out and I would just pull him in and spend hours fucking him. And I mean fucking! I did things with him I never thought I would even want to do. But with him I wanted to, I loved it. I felt so sexually liberated with him. And he made me feel like that was the best feeling in the world. He was always a gentleman too, that's the funny thing. He could absolutely dominate me in the bed, yet make sure all my needs were being met."

"I remember one time we went at it for what seemed like forever. I could not even move when I was done. He got up set a bath up for me, carried me into it, then brought me back to my bed and gave me a massage. Before he ravaged me yet again. I mean he was just an amazing lover."

Wow I'm in shock listening to Emily, I let out a big breath and turn back to look at James. He looks up and smiles at me again. The smile seems to say yup it's true I'm that good. Shit I quickly turn back and giggle with Emily.

"Julie be careful, getting to close to him. I don't mean that he is dangerous. But I see that look in your eye. You're intrigued. Shit I want him again just seeing him too. But he will make you hunger for him, and bring you to sexual pleasure that Josh will never be able to match. And then I'm not sure you can be happy."

"Shit Emily I'm not doing anything. I'm married for heavens sake. I bet you had fun but I'm great with Josh, he satisfies me and I'm happy."

"You're happy because you don't know any better. Trust me Josh is not satisfying you like James."

"Fuck you Emms, what do you know about Josh, and if he is so amazing why are you not with him?"

"Hey don't get upset, your right I know nothing about him. But I know plenty about James. And he made me feel like a woman. Like a sexual powerhouse. I'm not with him cause I'm a fool and allowed my parents influence at the time to get between us. Truthfully I will regret that my whole life even though I'm happy now. But I do wonder what could have been. I'm saying this to you cause I saw your face, the way you locked eyes with him."

I smiled, "You're right Emily, something about him made me feel alive. Just a look and I was drawn in. I have never wanted a man, truly wanted, but just a look and I was in. Josh, yeah you're right on that also. He is a good man, but sex is so regular. It is like a blue print and we never break from it. It's crazy if we do doggie style, or in another room. Just once I would love to feel like you did."

We pull into our station and say our goodbyes. I walk to my car and see James walking to his, a little ahead of me. He is sexy, nicely dressed, great walk, so confident.

That night after dinner Josh goes for a run then showers. When he comes out of the shower I pounce on him. I rip his towel off and kiss him as my hands explore his dick. I get him hard and drop to my knees and go down on him. I'm sucking on him like I got something to prove. I take his 5 inches into my mouth with ease and work him until I feel his legs getting wobbly.

I stand up and push him on the bed. I take my clothes off and jump on top of him. I grab at his dick and put him inside me. I start riding him and within a minute he starts coming.

"Fuck Josh did you really come?"

"I'm sorry babe but you're never that aggressive I did not stand a chance, shit no man could. I have never seen you like that."

"Let me get you hard again and let's go again."

"Come on I got to get to bed I have I busy day tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow night. What the hell got into you anyway?"

I roll over angry as shit and go to bed. Thinking about James.

I see him the next day as I'm walking up to the train and he smiles at me. Thought of last night flash into my mind and I feel embarrassed and pissed. Why can't I have him for a little.

A few days later I walk on the train and I see James sitting alone in a two seater. Shit I know I should not sit with him but something within me draws me to him.

"Excuse me, can I sit here?

Looking up from his seat he says, "Julie, of course I told you I would see you around, would you like the window seat? Sometimes the aisle is a pain with all the people bumping into you?"

God Emily was right he is looking out for my needs and I just met him.

We talk, and one day sitting next to each other becomes two, then a week, and before you know it we are riding together every day.

I managed to also get his number, in case the train is cancelled or something. That way we can inform each other. But of course it leads to me texting him during the day.

I get on the train on a Friday after work and James immediately asked what's the matter, you look nervous.

How can he know, is it that obvious. I take a deep breath and explain to him.

That I tried last night to have sex with Josh and he of course came again way to soon. He would not finish me off. It got me angry and Josh asked why am I so into sex lately. And I spit out that I want more, that I deserve more, that I just want a man that can pleasure me like never before. I told him about this guy from the train that a friend of mine got with and he is supposed to be a sex God, and now that's all I think about.

And as I told Josh this I felt horrible saying it, but take note that his dick jumped a little in its semi soft state. Take note that he did not storm out of the room calling me all sorts of names. Take note that his hand was caressing my leg. I told Josh I'm sorry and I love him, but I just can't get this story about this guy out if my mind. It created a fire within me.

Josh asked me about this story. I proceeded to tell him about what Emily said. As I'm telling him he started to finger fuck me and I saw that his dick was hard. We wind up having a really good second round of sex. Josh lasting longer this time around.

James looks at me and says, "Bravo, you see communication is very important in a relationship. I'm happy for you and your husband. But why do you look nervous, seems to me you should be happy. You communicated a need to Josh and he listened and responded in a positive way. Seems to me this will strengthen your marriage."

I twiddled my fingers. "Well there is more," I say as I can feel my face get red and hot with embarrassment.

"When we were making love the second time I was excited and at one point as he was driving into me, I yelled out that I want James to fuck me. Josh responded that he wanted that also and came like crazy. The thought of it sent him over the top."

"After, we talked about it, and he said he wants me to fuck you, that the idea turned him on. That I should talk with you."

James grabs my hand and puts it on his leg, and tells me to keep it there until he says. I feel him under his pants, and another shot runs through my body. He feels big. I never even thought of that, his size, but feeling it I get so hot.

"You turned me on Julie and I want to take you and ravage you and pleasure you. But I need to make sure your husband wants this. I don't want to break your marriage up. It's not what I do. So I want to meet him. Let's go for a hike tomorrow morning the three of us. If it goes well you will be in sexual bliss before the day is up."

"Also I want you to understand that in order for you to truly enjoy this I need to be in control. What I say goes. I won't harm you or do anything you don't want. But I saw a look in your eyes the first time we met. There is a caged animal within you, and I want to bring it out. I may ask you to do stuff you never tried, don't say no, give it a try. If you don't like it I will know and I will stop."

"Oh and by the way you can stop rubbing my cock and put your hands back in your lap."

My god my pussy is on fire I can't wait for him to fuck me. I did not even realize I started rubbing him. He is big and I think about how I will feel tomorrow, I can barely breath.

"Ok, so tomorrow morning if you don't already, I want you to make sure you're nice and well groomed. Be that way in the morning before our hike. Also when we get off the train your going to follow me to Victoria Secrets. I will pick something sexy out for you. Nothing crazy. Oh and no sex tonight with Josh, and no masturbation for both of you. I want you to be as hungry as possible tomorrow."

This really is going to happen. I could not believe how hot I was right now. The train pulled in to the station and I did as he said and followed him into the store.

We walked in and as we walk around James grabs at my ass. He stands behind me and whispers in my ear how much he loves my ass and he can't wait to get his tongue in it. In it, did he say in or on? Listening to him I start to realize how intense tomorrow will be.

"So do you see anything that you would like to get fucked in." He asks me this just loud enough for the worker nearest to us to hear. Her head snapping up at us both. I am so embarrassed, but James seems to not even care.

"Don't worry about her, she has no idea about the pleasure your going to receive tomorrow."

Shit this is embarrassing yet I also feel like a sexual beast. Like yeah that's right I'm going to be fucking like crazy tomorrow, what are you doing.

He decides on a sexy pink and white bustier with thong panties to match. He again talks as if we are 2 people buying a shirt,

"You will wear this tomorrow with a pair of heels. I'm going to fuck you so well in this."

He also grabs a pair of shorts they look like volleyball shorts and a tank top. This he explains will be for our hike. It is way shorter and sexier than anything I would ever wear.

Standing at the counter waiting to pay he explains to me.

"You are a very sexy girl I'm just not sure you know it. "I look up and the girl behind the counter is smiling, I'm beet red.

"Tomorrow I plan on bringing your sexiness out of you. By the end of the day you are going to know what your sex appeal is. Your going to know what you like in bed, and beg and demand for it. These clothes are going to make you look so sexy, but the truth is you are the sexy one. The clothes accent you not the other way around."

The girl behind the counter now looks redder than me. We walk out and I can't believe how sexy he has made me feel. He walks me to my car and opens my door for me.

I get in and he bends down and kisses me and at the same time runs his hand along my leg and into my crotch. He starts rubbing me and I hungrily take his tongue into my mouth. I feel like I'm going to come already and he must sense this cause he stops.

He gives me that wicked smile and stands up for a moment, my face eye level with his crotch, and I see his fly is open. Oh fuck, not here in a somewhat busy parking lot. But I think about Emily saying I will do things I never thought I would do and want to. Shit I reach my hand into his pants,my heart beating in my throat.

I grab a hold of him and pull him out. Oh my god his dick is big probably 6 inches semi hard like it is now and I'm a little surprised at his thickness. My pussy tingles with anticipation knowing it will eventually be mine. I put him in my mouth and start to give him head. He grows in my mouth and I'm lost within him, forgetting I'm a married woman sucking another mans monster in a parking lot.

He pulls himself out of my mouth and I see that beautiful cock. It looks like 8 or 9 big thick inches. He stuffs himself back into his pants and bends down again.

"I will see you tomorrow for our hike. Remember no coming tonight for you or your husband." And with that he stands and walk away.

I drive home thinking, what the hell did I just do. I have never been like this. I'm a plain Jane. Is it possible this sexual animal really lives within me like James thinks.

I get home and Josh greets me at the door. We talk about work for a few minutes but he clearly is not interested in that. So I tell him James would be eager to fuck me but he wants to meet Josh first and make sure he is cool with it. I told him about our planned hike for the morning.

He is a excited and comes over and gives me a deep passionate kiss. My mind flooding with guilty thoughts knowing I had James's cock in my mouth 10 minutes before hand. I pull away and tell him what James said we can't do tonight. I also told him about his need for complete control.

"Josh what the hell are we doing. Twenty four hours ago we were a normal married couple. And now we are about to bring a stud into our bedroom to ravage me. You sure you can do this."

"Julie I love you and I think James may be right about what he sees in you. I can't bring it out. Let's see if he can and what it leads too.

"But I'm afraid this will break our marriage up. I mean how can you handle seeing me get off for another guy so hard, and I can't for you."

"Let me worry about that. Now let's eat and get to bed cause if I can't have you or masturbate I need to sleep and get tomorrow here already."

Tomorrow comes and I shower and put on my new clothes. When I come down to go Josh's mouth is wide open.

"Wow Julie you look amazing." I smile and tell him James picked it out.

We get to the trail a few minutes drive from our house and James is already there. We get out and he goes over to Josh and says hello. Then he comes over to me and gives me a kiss as if we are friends and tells me how sexy I look. We start our hike and we just go like 3 friends for 30 minutes of or so. Then the conversation starts.

"So josh, you really think you want this, me fucking your wife. You sure you will be ok as send her in to orgasmic pleasure again and again."

Josh looks at me and then James. "Look I want this for her, but truth is I'm turned on by the idea of her getting fucked like never before."

"Ok because I'm not sure I would be able to handle it. Julie stop walking for a minute."

I do as James asks and he comes over and stands behind me. I can feel his size pushing against my ass.

"So this does not bother you."

And with those words he puts is hands into my waistband and starts to rub me. He is getting me hot. He bites my neck at the same time he inserts 2 fingers within me. I let out a whimper as he works me.

He looks up at josh. "You're sure you will be ok with this."

He pulls his fingers out of me and you can see my Arousal on them. He rubs them across my lips and than takes them into his own mouth. Fuck this is so erotic.

"She tastes so sweet, come here Josh kiss your wife and taste her on her lips."

Josh walk over and looks me in the eye and kisses me. At the same time James's fingers invade me yet again. Oh my God this feels so good and almost natural with Josh standing here kissing me. James pulls out of me again and puts his fingers into my mouth. I lick them and he then tells Josh to kiss me again.

"So Josh this is my proposal to you. Julie wants this. She is a sexual Dynamo and I want to unlock her. But I like you, and I want you to be involved in this. I would like for us to all go back to your home today and for you and I to satisfy your wife like never before. I will still need to be in control of it all, as I think it adds to the erotic pleasure for both of you."

Josh looks at me and asks what I think. But James tells him it is not for me to answer but him alone. With that James pulls my shorts down to my ankles and tells me to bend over and touch the floor. He kneels behind me and licks my asshole. Slowly going around the rim and then right on my whole sticking his tongue within it. My oh my he was not kidding about what he said about my ass.

He picks his head up and asks, "So what do you think Josh should we do this, should we take her and unleash her and maybe even unleash you at the same time." He then goes right back to licking my ass.

This is crazy. A few days ago I was a quiet girl married to a quiet guy doing what most young couples do. The gym, runs, maybe a concert, dinner with friends.

And now I'm in the woods with a man eating my ass as he tries to convince my husband the two of them should bang me. And I want Josh to say yes. The idea of him being involved and me having two guys at the same time is so erotic.

Josh Responds that he wants to do it. James stands up and says excellent. He grabs my arms and pulls me up bending my head back and kissing me. Josh looks down and sees me fully shaved for our guest.

"You like that Josh, sometimes you just need to make a demand and things get done. Your wife wants to be a sexy freak and I will show you both how to draw it out of her.

"So Josh although I want the control I will let you make some decisions. Should we let your wife get a taste of my cock right now. I will take her from behind and let her have an orgasm. Or should we make her hold out a little longer."
Oh I want his dick so bad. But Josh decides I should have to wait a little longer. So we hike back to the cars. We are all fairly sweaty and Jim suggest we will need a shower.

"Josh go ahead of us and start the shower. Julie and I will be right behind you."

Josh leaves and we walk to James's suv it is parked away from the entrance of the trail and I wonder if he has a plan. He opens the back of his jeep and lifts me up into the back. He pulls my shorts down and off. And takes out his cock. Holding it in one hand like a weapon. He starts slapping it against my pussy and he then just dry fucks me with it. Rubbing it along my opening. My excitement is evident.

"So Julie soon this is going to be yours, are you excited for it. I want to hear you say how bad you want my big thick cock."

I look into his eyes and explain how bad I need his cock and the idea of doing all this with and in front of Josh made me even hotter than he could imagine. I agree with him that something lays deep within me that is waiting to come out and I told him as much.

He placed his hands on my head combing his fingers through my hair and continued to rub his dick along my opening. Looking straight in my eyes he enters me and pushed all the way into me, I grabbed at him, so excited to finally have him in me. I want him to own me right here and now. His dick is huge, and I almost come on him right there. But James is still just teasing me. He pulls out and I slump my shoulders. He knows how bad I want it.

"Ok let's go," and with that he gave me my shorts back, smiling at me. All this teasing is making me nuts. I can't even imagine what my first orgasm is going to feel like.

We get to my house and I hear the shower. I lead James to the bathroom and Josh is in the shower. We have a nice big shower with glass walls on two sides. He looks at us and says he will be right out, but James tells him to stay.

James gets behind me and takes my tank top off and then pulls down my shorts. I'm fully naked now in front of him and he just looks me over and smiles.

"You are a beautiful woman and I thank you again for allowing me to be yours. I can't wait to take that nice big meaty ass from behind, now please come over and take my clothes off."

I start with his t shirt and when I pull it off I let out a excited giggle. He is gorgeous, having a nice tan and well defined upper body. I can't believe this is going to be mine. He kicks his sneakers off and I put my hands in his waist band and pull.

As I do I kneel down and pull his shorts down to his ankles. I look up and stare in amazement. His big dick is standing semi erect and it looks huge. I feel like I'm kneeling before a God. I glance over at Josh and he is hard as a rock and also staring at this big cock.

I feel bad for my husband, this man is so much more superior in a physical form. His body is nice and strong having a physic most men would envy. And then he has this massive dick swinging between his legs. It does not seem fair that a man can have both of these things.

James tells me to stand up and we both get in the shower with Josh. The water is hot and it feels great. James tells Josh to wash me. Josh starts and is rubbing the soap across my back and shoulders. James watches as he washes himself then after a few minutes tells Josh to stop.

"Is all your doing is washing her. You are boring. You have your wife naked in a shower and that's the best you can do. Watch me wash her."

James takes the soap and stands behind me again. He runs his hands all along my back massaging me as he washes me. He then comes around to my chest. He slowly runs my nipples between two of his fingers, the feeling sending a shot of excitement threw my body.

His hands now dance down my body and he slowly starts to wash my pussy. He rubs each flap of me in between his fingers and I'm slowly starting to moan from his touch. He reaches under me and back and grabs his now hard dick and places it between my legs and then puts my legs together.

He is dry fucking me again and when I push against him I can still see the head of his dick. It still amazes me how big he is. He does this for a minute or so and Josh is standing in front of me just watching.

"Julie bend over and take your husband in your mouth. But Josh do not come yet. If you feel you are, pull out. Cause if you come, I will not fuck your wife and she will be furious with you cause she wants my cock, real bad."

With that he pushed me forward at my hips and I grab Josh at the waist and take him into my mouth. His cock is harder than I ever felt. I slowly take him in my mouth happy to be giving him some enjoyment. Jim pulls his dick out from between my legs and gets down on his knees and arches my back.

"You look so beautiful Julie." With that he buries his tongue within my folds, licking me all along my opening and then to my asshole again. This is so erotic. To have this stud going down on me as I pleasure my husband. Josh seems to be happy and then all of a sudden pulls his dick out of my mouth.

"Wow that was close baby, I almost came."

James stands up and walk next to Josh. "Good job controlling yourself Josh. Now Julie take me in your mouth and suck my cock. I want Josh to watch you."

I look up to him and lick his big shaft, glancing at Josh as I do. I continue to worship this big stick in front of me as James stands with his hands on his hips and just watches me. I get some of him in my mouth and start to work him. He looks so fucking sexy and I'm so hot thinking about what I'm doing right now.

"Your wife sucks a good dick Josh. Tell me does she like when you cum in her mouth? Because I think at some point today she will swallow me."

Josh stutters out a, "No she does not let me cum in her mouth, but I have a feeling she will for you."

"Yes I agree I think she will also, because she knows how sexually strong I am. She will love it and ask for more. I think it's time we let your sweet cock sucking wife have her first orgasm."

"Stand up Julie." I do as James asks. He walks to me and pins me against the wall. "Put your arms around my neck."

I do as asked and James lifts me up effortlessly and places me on to his cock. My body slowly taking him all in me. I can barely breath and laugh at the fact that he took my breath away. He pushes my body against the wall and asked if I'm ok.

I bit his lower lip yelling out "Please fuck me, no more teasing fuck me like you know I want it."

He smiles that wicked smile I'm starting to get used to and says, "As you wish."

With that he begins to pump that massive member in and out of me, like a wheel on a train, slow at first but quickly gathering speed. I feel so full with him in me and my mind thinks back to the first time I saw him with Emily, and now I have him all to myself.

Every fantasy I have had of him every wet spot on my panties from him, now suddenly he is balls deep within me and my husband is just watching mouth wide open. I grunt out in passion and in between grunts I beg James to fuck me.

"Fuck me James, uncage me, drive that Cock into me." Ugh ugh and then I feel it, my first orgasm starting to approach after all that teasing it is finally about to unleash itself on me.

"Don't you dare stop fucking me, I'm going to come for you James, I'm all yours, you own my pussy."

I look and see Josh's dick jumping and realize he is coming. Just watching and listening was to much for him and he comes without even touching himself. I'm actually embarrassed right now that he is my husband when I'm in the presence of this sexual beast.

James continues his assault on me and all of a sudden like a tidal wave my orgasm hits me. It starts in my flower and like an explosion rips through my entire body. My toes are actually having spasms. I am uncontrollable, I grab James fast and kiss him at the same time slap him in the face. I freeze when I do that thinking I should not have but he just smirks. He knows what he is doing to me.

He does not stop fucking me for another minute or so and I literally feel like I may pass out from this pleasure with one last thrust he goes balls deep again and just stays within

me. He has not come but knows I need a break.

"Josh shut the shower and go and get your wife a glass of water. We will be in the bedroom. You like that, right. Seeing your queen get absolutely dominated by my cock. Don't worry though there is more fun to be had and your wife is yet to come out of her shell."

He walks out of the shower and walks over to the bed still impaled within me and lays down with his feet on the floor.

"You ok Julie or was that to much for you."

"That was unbelievable. I have never in all my life orgasmed like that, or even thought I could like that. I'm ok but need a few minutes to recover. Can I please suck your cock in the mean time. I want you to explode in my mouth in the worst way." I notice Josh standing in the doorway and am aware he heard all of it.

"I would love for you to suck my cock please do." First though drink some of that water. Josh come on over let's chat." Josh walked over and sat next to James on the bed. Yet again there physical attributes are so glaringly unbalanced. James looks at me as if to say please start sucking on me. I get between his legs on all fours on the floor in front of him and begin to service him.

"Josh my man, what happened in the shower. I was going to have Julie swallow your load. I don't think I knew it was possible to cum just from mental stimulation. That was something. You ready to get back in the saddle or you staying soft for a long time. Watch your wife attack my cock. You will be hard in no time."

Fuck I felt bad for Josh. He is not a horrible lover, we are just dull together. He is just not even close to James sexually and I'm nervous now this will turn him away from me. Yet at the same point I feel so hot, sucking on this big dick as my husband watches. The emotional conflict within is a challenge, but I know this cock will win out.

I am working for all I'm worth on James's shaft and I decide to try and deep throat him. I get half way down on him and start to gag, but fuck I want to do it so bad. I open up my throat a little more and I manage to slide down some more. My eyes are shut I hear James again.

"Holy shit, Josh do you see this. Your wife has my entire cock in here mouth. She is amazing, I did not think she could do that. My oh my if she keeps doing that she going to get that load she was asking for."

It's strange but Inside I'm smiling. I'm proud of myself for taking his entire cock into my mouth. Proud that I'm able to pleasure this sex god, that I can compete with him. Although he said he knew I would, that he saw it in me. I did not believe it, but here I am about to get his load and I'm proud at myself for it.

I take him deep a few more times and at the same time start to pick up my pace. I want him coming for me. I come completely off and start to suck on his balls and stroke his dick. As I'm down on his balls I think how much I liked him sucking my ass and decide to lick on his. He likes it as I hear his breath start to come in short gasps.

"Come for me James, I want your load so bad. I'm begging for it like you said."

I go back to his cock and suck on him. And I feel his legs start to tighten up. He is close and my inner woman is smiling knowing we are about to slay this dragon.

I hear Josh and he is encouraging me on. This is just so strange he should be furious with me for having another cock in my mouth. Yet it all feels so natural like this is were we always should have been as a couple. I know at this point that this will not be the only time we do this. James will have many more opportunities with us.

James looks down on me and tells me to get ready cause he is close. I look back at him not taking my eye off him, I stick a finger in his ass and he looks surprised, like he did not calculate a move like that by me.

His head falls back, I got him, I feel his cock get even stiffer than it already is. And then I feel it. The first shot is so strong like a punch in my throat. I gag but take it down. Before I recover two, three, four shots come pouring out of his cock. I am trying to swallow him but it is so much. I come off him and more shots come flying out of him one hitting my face and two more going airborne and Landing on his chiseled Abbs. I go back down on him and let the last of his flow pour into my mouth. I gobble him up and suck on his softening cock. Yet it does not seem to be getting that soft.

"Holy Julie that was terrific."

I take him out of my mouth and crawl up to his chest and lick the come that landed on him up. Looking at him in my most seductive look.

"You see I told you, you had it in you. You feel hot right, your inner woman feels strong."

I smile at him cause he knew exactly how I felt. He grabs me by the back of my head and pulls me up to him and gives me a deep kiss. Shit I feel so good and safe in his arms.

He stops kissing me and wipes the come off my chin. I see Josh. I lean over to him and kiss him also. Josh hungrily kisses me back, like he needed some affection. I feel somewhat guilty knowing a minute ago another mans cock just released a huge load in my mouth. We make out as I lay on James. I'm amazed but it feels like his dick is getting hard below me.

I stop kissing Josh and James rolls me off him and stands up. Josh and I look at each other and start to make out again. James says he is thirsty and walk out to our kitchen. Josh and myself continue to make out. He tells me how hot that was and he how much he loves me.

I tell him to stand up and I kneel before him and start to give him head. I easily take him in my mouth and take him all the way down right away. I'm sucking on him and Josh looks to be happy. I am going slow as I don't want him coming yet. He deserves this and I'm happy to do it for him.

James walk back in and is watching us. I glance over at him and just take him in, he is so good looking with that perfect body, and his dick just swinging in front of him.

"Josh excellent work, now you look more in control. You are her husband she wants you to be strong. Tell her what you want and how."

Josh looks down at me and I look up at him. "James I would love for you to come over and lay on the bed that way Julie can sit on your face as she continues to give me head."

"Ha that's not what I had in mind Josh, I am supposed to be in control, but I think you need this to discover yourself as well. So sure I would love to for your wife to fuck my face."

James lays on the bed and I sit on his face. He goes to work on my pussy taking long licks from the bottom all the way up to the top. Man it feels so good as he laps at my flower.

"Fuck my face Julie, ride me, I want you to come on my tongue."

With that he sticks his tongue inside me and works his face on me. He is good at this, not that I thought he would not be. I push his forehead down on the bed and begin to ride his face. At the Same time sucking my husbands dick. I feel so powerful right now as I ride his face. And with that another orgasm hits me exploding on his tongue.

He continues to lap at me not giving me a break. I finally jump off him and roll over and notice his dick is hard again.

He sits up and wipes my juices off his face. The site of it is so erotic.

"Please get on all fours I need you from behind. Since the first day I saw that big ass on that tight frame I knew I had to have you this way."

I do as he asks arching my back as he gets behind me. I feel opened and exposed but excited. To know this man has wanted me like this. That he said he needs me like this get me wet with anticipation.

He slaps that large cock down between my ass crack and rubs it back and forth along my asshole.

"James I think you're to big for me that way." I say it but inside me I'm wondering if I could handle it.

"Relax Julie, I'm just teasing you, however don't be surprised if it happens, if that beast within you demands it."

With that he placed himself at my entrance and slowly rubs himself at my opening.

"Damn it stop teasing me and just fuck me hard."

Holy was that me who just yelled that out. James laughs and somewhere inside I feel like I may regret that demand.

I'm taken aback when his hand comes slapping down on my ass cheek. It stings and at the exact same time he thrust himself into me. Ugh he is huge to take in one thrust like that. He grabs my hips and starts to pound at me. This is not love making, but almost like a battle.

"Fuck James you're so big you know how I want it. Pound me, please dominate me."

He continues his assault on me, his massive member spreading me apart with each thrust. I try and fuck him back, pushing myself into him. He feels so strong with each push into him.

He moves his hands off my hips and places one at the small of my back. The way his hand is resting his thumb is on my asshole, and he just pushes it in. His other hand grabs my shoulder. Oh my God, I start to come as soon as he his finger enters me. My orgasm again attacks my body making me scream out in pleasure.

"James, James, I'm coming again for you, your cock is the best. Oh my God I don't want this to stop."

He says nothing but just keeps attacking me. I try and stay strong on all fours but collapse forward under his powerful cock. He falls with me and just goes all the way into me.

"Ugh your so fucking deep I'm going to explode again."

I have another orgasm as he stays deep within me and grinds me into the bed. I'm lost within him. I feel amazing. He lays on top of me, his weight pushing the air out of me and making it feel like he got deeper in me still. He bites my earlobe and whispers in my ear.

"Julie you are an amazing fuck, I can take you from behind forever. Your body is beautiful. Thank you for this."

I giggle, he is thanking me? I came four times already that's usually more than I do in a week, yet he is thanking me. I did not know sexual pleasure existed like this until today. Did not know I could orgasm so hard. Yet I'm being thanked.

His words though make me feel so sexy and strong. And I get a fire within me. I want to pleasure this stud.

I move and he pulls out of me.

He is kneeling on the bed and I push him down. I get between his legs and go down on him. His cock is wet from my pleasure and I greedily take him in my mouth. I taste myself on him and James just smiles at me.

"I think your finally coming out of your shell. Do you feel it. You are craving my cock right now. Your lust for dick is consuming you."

I listen to him but continue sucking on his prick. When he stops talking I move up and straddle him and drop down on him. I am staring into his eyes, and words I never knew were in my start coming out.

"I'm going to fuck your brains out, I want this big cock in the worst way. You wanted the animal to come out. Well I think it's out and I'm going to fuck you to you beg for me to stop."

James gives me that wicked smile again and thrust his hips up bringing his cock full into me. I gasp between clenched teeth.

"Go ahead fuck my brains out. Let's see what you got."

It's on. I start grinding on him with all my will. I feel amazing as his cock rubs against my g spot. I sense another orgasm coming on but fight to hold it back. I sit up and put my hands on his muscular chest and start to ride up and down, side to side on his big pole. Slow at first then with speed.

"Ride me Julie, come on baby make me come for you, I want you to have this but you got to work for it."

I continue to do just that. Working my pussy like I never have. The room is quite other than the sounds of sex. Our two bodies smashing into each other, me grunting and breathing heavy with each deep intake of him. And Josh rustling around on love seat in the corner of the room.
Josh, geez I forgot all about him. I have been so lost in sex, I forgot Josh was still in the room. I look over to him and he is slowly jerking himself off. He actually looks pretty sexy. He smiles my way and I smile back.

I am riding James like crazy trying so hard to make him come. Then it happens to me. I can't hold my orgasm back anymore and it comes smashing into me again. I scream out in joy and lay flat against James and grind on him.

I'm breathing hard trying to gain my composure to go again. I want to make him come and am not giving up.

I sit up and look at James.

"You like my ass don't you, well let's see what this position does for you."

With that I swing my body around keeping him inside me as I do. I lay forward grabbing his ankles.

"Oh my Julie you are an amazing sight to look at. You are so fucking sexy."

James starts slow thrusts into me and he feels so good. I have come so much today but still want more.

"Fuck Julie you're one hot fuck, I can fuck you from behind all day, Josh come over give Julie your cock in her mouth. Let her make you come."

Josh walks over and lays legs out in front of me. His cock straight up at my face. I take him into my mouth and Josh let's out a sigh and tells me how good my warm mouth feels.

So here I am. Sucking my husband off as I have my stud fucking my flower.

As I'm doing this I can't even take it all in. This was not me. I never had crazy fantasies, never used a sex toy. The craziest thing I have done was on our honeymoon we made love on our balcony knowing people may have been watching.

And now I'm involved in a threesome, and loving it. James is still driving into me at a slow pace, and I'm matching his pace on Josh's dick. I am taking him full into my mouth, after having James in my mouth this seems easy.

Our pace has slowed down from when I was riding him. I am shocked Josh has not come yet, I take him out of my mouth and tell him to wait a minute. I look back at James and he looks amazing. His arms behind his head just taking me in. I start to grind back on him in my most sexy and seductive way possible. He is enjoying it as much as I am. I feel so full with him inside me.

I'm amazed at how comfortable I feel within myself. For a girl who never was really into sex, I now don't want this to ever end.

My eyes are shut and I'm focused on the task at hand, making this big stud mine. And then a tongue starts licking my asshole again. What the hell, I'm confused.

I look back and Josh is licking me. Shit this is so erotic. I'm smiling inside cause Josh seems to really be into this. James is right he is my husband, I want him to be more assertive, to fuck me rather than make love. And now he is licking and sucking my ass as a big thick cock thrusts into me just inches from his face.

"Fuck you two are making me feel so good. Lick my ass Josh, I love you for this, for allowing me this pleasure."

Josh speaks but not to me, "James I want to fuck Julie's ass so bad. I need to be in her. I know you are in charge but I need her. Watching you two has made me mad with lust for this woman. I did not know she existed like this."

My god, I fight back coming just hearing Josh. I have never done anal and he knows it. But now it's not even a thought that I won't. He knows I will. I will do anything at this point.

James sits up and I do the same. Still impaled on him. He grabs my arms with one hand and pulls them behind me, as I drive myself deep down on him. His other hand reaches up to my neck and lightly grabs me. He starts driving into me and his warm breath is at my ear again.

"Is that what you want Julie? You want your husband in your ass as you give me head? You want to feel a cock in that Virgin ass?

I shake my head yes. And then scream out the same. " Yes I want him to take my ass. I want him so bad. I want all of this so bad."

"Ok then, I will let you have it. But first I want to fuck you more. Get on your back at the corner of the bed. I want to take you."

Take me, I love the wording he uses. It seems I tried but failed to take him.

"Josh put something on and go out to my car. I have a bag in the back. Bring it in. I have lube inside it. If you want to do her ass she will need it."

Josh leaves the room and it's me and James. I'm laying at the corner of the bed and he comes and stands at the edge of it. He grabs his dick and puts it in me. Again taking my breath away. He bends down and I'm under his body. I wrap my arms around his neck and he thrust into me.

"James wait a second." I look into his eyes. "Thank you for this. For making me feel so powerful and alive. I can't believe one man can make a girl feel so good."

"Julie you're a special girl, your husband is a very lucky man. There is something about you. You are not just a fuck that I conquered. I like you, I enjoy being with you. In another lifetime you and I could have been something I think. I want to stay with you and wake up to you. But I'm not yours. Fuck this is why I did not want to get with a married woman, but you drew me in. I wanted you so bad."

Oh my god, this man is amazing. I rub my hand along his face, caressing him.

"James I agree, this is not just sex I feel something with you also. Let's see what happens. I think Josh and I really are enjoying today. I know this will not be a one time thing. You are going to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. Now please fuck me like no man ever has."

He smiles down on me and kisses my forehead. And then he begins to take me. And he is in a different gear now. Just drilling into me pounding me with aggression, and I love it. He grabs my ankles and makes my legs into a v. Josh is back now and he is standing next to us and watching. He is fucking me like crazy. With each thrust the air within me is lost. I can barely breath. I'm grabbing at the sheets.

"Julie I'm close, I want you to come for me one more time. Come baby then your husband can have you and you can have me."

Again his words drive me wild I get up on my Elbows and look down and see his massive cock working in and out of me. The visual is so hot.

"You love this cock don't you, come for it. "

With that he thrust deep within me and holds himself in me. Ugh that is the move. That deep penetration gets me every time and I'm coming again.

And when I start coming he picks up his pace again. I'm thrashing around under him. I try to pull off his cock but he grabs my hips and goes deep into me again. My legs start to spasm. They are shaking uncontrollably as this massive orgasm takes hold of me. I'm yelling and breathing so hard.

He finally pulls out of me and just looks down on me, giggling to myself on the bed, amazed at how good I feel.

Now James goes and lays down head on the pillows and Josh comes walking over and the command that comes out of his mouth shocks me and turn me on all at once.

"Get on all fours and take your stud's cock in your mouth. And get ready for me to fuck your ass."

I did as asked and take James cock in my hand. It is wet yet again from me. I actually love cleaning him off and go right to work on him, waiting for a completely new sensation to engross me.

I feel josh rubbing himself along my opening and then he makes his move. His head penetrates my ass and I let out a muffled wince. Shit it is painful but as he goes further in I start to change my opinion. I'm taking him in my ass and I like it. I feel so sexy and powerful knowing I'm going to satisfy these two men.

Josh is thrusting in and out of my ass and again I'm very impressed he has not come yet, but I know he will soon. I start to really suck on James. I want his load and go to work to get it. I look up and James smiles at me and then sits up. He starts to rub my clit and within moments I can't believe it but another orgasm hits me. I am coming and with that my asshole starts contracting and that sends Josh over and he is emptying himself within me.

I'm moaning on James dick, Josh is screaming out in his release and with that James falls back onto the bed and I feel his entire body tighten up. I brace myself this time knowing what is on its way.

James let's out a primal howl, and he finally lets go. I greedily take him into my mouth knowing I am satisfying this magnificent man. I love swallowing him, and may make that special for him only. His entire body goes limp and I continue to just lick and suck in his dick. Even flaccid it is larger than the guys I have been with.

Josh pulls out of me and comes up to the pillow and collapses his head down.

"Julie that was amazing. Taking your ass as you sucked on that big cock was amazing."

"I know babe, I can't believe we just did all this. But I loved it. James is going to be with us again, I need him to satisfy me."

"I know Julie, I saw the way you two interacted. That was an amazing experience. I think we just entered new ground in our marriage, I'm pretty sure I can share you."

"I roll over and kiss Josh, this time not feelings guilty that James's cock unloaded in me a few moments ago. I then roll over and rest my head on James's chest. My hand gently rubbing his abdominals and that amazing cock. I'm tired and need a rest.

"James thank you, you turned us on to a world we did not know existed, to two people we did not know. I am in shock at what we all just did. But can't wait for my wife and myself to recover so we can do it again. You heard Julie we need you in our marriage."

"Josh I'm flattered you both feel that way. You two are the first couple I been with, married or dating. This was as new to me as you. But if I'm being honest I want more of Julie. A lot more. I'm jealous you got that ass and I did not. I suggest we take a nap as Julie seems to already be on her way. And let's see where the night, weekend, days, months, and Years take us. Plus she still has those sexy panties I need to see her in."

I smile at James and then shut my eyes falling into the most amazing sleep. We woke an hour or so later to a whole new world for the three of us.

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