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The Camping Trip Pt. 06


I woke up to find Tammy and Alice moving around the RV. Tina was still asleep.

"Do you want me to make you guy's coffee or something?" I whispered.

"No, we get that in the park but thanks." Tammy said.

Alice blew me a kiss and went in the bathroom. Tammy carefully climbed on the bed to not wake Tina and started sucking me hard. She rolled a condom on me and lowered herself on my cock. She rode me to a couple quick orgasms and then climbed off. She lowered her face right next to my ear and whispered in it, "I have lunch at two. Can I come by for some more fun?"

I nodded my head yes, and Tammy carefully climbed off. When she was off the bed I saw Alice standing outside the bathroom drying herself off with a big smile. She put down the towel and climbed on my dick. She pumped my cock into her for a few very muffled orgasms before moving off to the side. She whispered in my ear, "Can I come over at three and finish you off?"

I nodded in agreement and Alice got up and got dressed. It was a sight to watch her wrestle those huge tits into her bra. I felt Tina stir and without any hesitation climbed on my cock in reverse cowgirl in order to face the other two women as they dressed.

"Oh you little faker! I was trying to keep quiet so I wouldn't wake you up!" Alice said.

"I appreciate that. I was letting you two have your fun while you can. I know you need to get to work and we had more time together so I let you both do your thing. Alice, please promise me that you will let me play with those magnificent boobs of yours tonight. Just a few minutes of private time if you don't mind. And I would love to take a couple of photos of them if I could." Tina said.

"Yes to play time and absolutely no to photos. I do not let anyone take pictures of me. When I would sleep with a guy I always slept with a bra on. First for the support, second to prevent pictures when I was asleep. About four years ago some dickhead took digital pictures of them when I was asleep. Fortunately he cropped out my face. But he was sharing them all over the internet. I begged him to stop but he wouldn't. Anyway, I got a few friends to go over to his house and threatened to wipe out his computer, you know, just format the disks unless he deleted all the pictures. He didn't want to do it so they threatened to "accidently" break his computer. That didn't work so they threatened to "accidently" break him. Well, that worked. He deleted all the photos and it hasn't been an issue since. So you can see I am a little gun shy about having photos taken." Alice explained.

"Christ Alice! You never told me about that." Tammy exclaimed.

"I am kind of sensitive about that. I usually don't discuss it. What really hurts is the three guys that went over to his house all wanted me to fuck them as payment for their work. I assumed that it would be one at a time but they got drunk and all took me at once. It wasn't very pleasant and I was bruised real bad afterwards. I can't consider it rape since I consented but I haven't promised anyone sex for doing me a favor since." Alice said turning away to hide the tears forming in her eyes.

Tina had stopped humping me as she listened to that story. Both Tammy and Tina went over and hugged Alice for support. I didn't think it was appropriate for me to join them particularly with a raging boner.

"Thanks, but I am past it." Alice said unsteadily.

"We have all had shit like that in our past. Hopefully they are few and far between. For every bad one I hope you get a boat load of good ones. Like David here. Nice, pleasant, unselfish guy who knows how to lay down some good dick. And he's not a quick shooter. You can have the perfect man but if he lasts 10 seconds, what's the point." Tina explained.

Alice wiped her eyes and finished getting dressed. Tammy was already dressed. "Listen, can we meet you guys here at 10 when we get off work?"

Tina replied before I got a chance to. "No, we will be at Deb and Howie's already. Meet us over there, OK?"

Oh really? Tina has a schedule for me? I am uncomfortable with this.

"OK, we have to go. Don't want to be late. Thanks for all the fun. Later!" Alice said as she opened the door.

Tammy was right behind her. "Thanks for everything. See you." As they ducked outside and closed the door.

Tina crawled back up on the bed and cuddled up against me. You know when you found someone special when cuddling is just automatic and very comfortable.

"It sucks about those guys taking advantage of Alice. She seems like a nice, good hearted person. I like her." Tina said.

"I agree with you on all points. I am amazed how many women are roughed up in one way or another and how few report it." I pondered.

"Well, I have had a few incidents like that but I'm not going to talk about them. They are over and I don't want to relive them so please don't ask. Let's just say that at my size that some guys think of me as a toy for their pleasure and don't want to hear no from me. Also, due to my size I am pretty much defenseless. I can punch guys in the crotch or kick them when they are lying down but I have no chance of out running them." Tina explained.

"OK, on another subject, are you preparing my schedule now? I'm going to be at Debs tonight?" I pried.

"Well, I wanted it to be a surprise. It's all good. Can we leave it at that? Please?" Tina pleaded.

"OK, I trust you." I said.

"Good, because I have another surprise for you today too. But more on that later. So, what would you enjoy now? So far you had head and three different women jump you all in thirty minutes. So what would you enjoy now?" Tina asked.

"I'd enjoy knowing what plans you have for me. But I'd like you to sit on my face please." I said.

"Patience boy patience. I only planned one surprise for you. Other people are involved in the other. Now relax and enjoy yourself." Tina said as she placed herself on my face.

I ate away happily. I love the smell of pussy in the morning. Tina rocked on me obviously enjoying herself on my tongue. When she was good and wet I pushed her off to the side so she was face down on the bed. My dick was still hard inside the condom and I wanted to slam into her hard. I buried my dick inside of her vag to the hilt on the first stroke which caused a yelp from Tina. I was fucking her hard and fast. Her ass looked so good right in front of me that I dribbled some spit into her asshole and worked a finger inside of her. She gasped with pleasure. I showed Tina no mercy as I banged away but was determined to not hold off my orgasm. When it came I let it fly inside of her (well, into the condom inside her) and relished every second of the intense feeling. When I was done I pulled out and lay down totally satisfied. I really do love the combination of both the physical release and satisfying physical activity after a great orgasm. Tina curled up with me holding me close.

"I am so happy that I could help do that for you. It makes me feel wonderful knowing that I helped bring on such a strong orgasm out of you." Tina said tenderly.

"You think you enjoyed it? How about me? That was huge. I'm ready for a nap." I joked.

"Well, it's about 10:30 now. I am going to go back to my place and get cleaned up soon. Come over about twelve and please come with an open mind. Remember, no means no but I hope you'll give what I am offering you a try. That's all I'm going to say about it. All right?" Tina said.

I admit that I was curious about what she had planned for me but I do trust her. I would go and see the situation and would walk away if I was uncomfortable. "I will be there but I'll throw the flag if I am uncomfortable." I said.

"Throw the flag?" she asked.

"A football term. Meaning I will stop what is happening." I explained.

"Oh, I don't know football. No problem. Also, this will leave you enough time to get back for your appointments at two and three." Tina said.

"You heard those, huh? It's my last full day here, I want to get in as much fun as I can. Can you blame me?" I asked.

"Nope. No judgments from me. If I was in your shoes my dick wouldn't be dry ever. Go and play, enjoy. I am doing the same thing now that my red days are behind me." Tina explained.

We lay comfortably together for a few minutes until Tina sat up. My cock had deflated in the condom. She gently removed it and cleaned my dick off with her mouth. Tina got up and went to the bathroom and washed up quickly. She came out and got dressed. She hopped up on the bed and gave me a quick kiss good bye. "I'll see you at my place about noon, right?"

"I will be there but not making any guarantees. Thanks for this morning, I needed that." I expressed myself honestly.

"The day just started. See you later lover boy." Tina said as she stepped outside.

I got up to take a leak. I figured while I was in the bathroom to take a quick shower. I figured that enough time had passed that there would be hot water for me after the girls showered earlier. I was quick and saved water as much as I could and was rewarded with a good hot shower. Once I was clean I ran the hot water full open for a couple of minutes just to see how much hot water I still had. There was plenty, another surprise of how efficient this RV was. I dressed and thought about my day. I figured 12 to 4 was going to be busy. I was hungry so I thought an early lunch in the park was in order. Since it was Saturday the park would be much more crowded. I knew from past experience to not bother trying to get on rides. During the week there is rarely a wait but weekends there are usually lines.

I walked into the park and made a side trip by the games area. I spotted Alice working and subtly gave her a nod for which I received a big smile. I walked past the Italian place and looked to see Tammy but I did not see her. She might have been working in back. I went to my favorite burger place and ordered up the burger of my choice. When it was ready I sat down at a table watching the parents trying to corral their kids together and get them to the next port of call. I people watched for a while as I finished off my fries and large soda. When I was finished I threw away my trash and strolled back to the campsite. I checked my phone and saw it was ten minutes to twelve. What the hell, I walked over to Tina's place.

I happened to pass by Deb's camp on the way when I spotted Mimi working around the site cleaning up the garbage and tossing it into plastic bags. She looked great in a bikini that her tits and ass looked like they were going to explode out of any second. I redirected towards her. When she spotted me she dropped the bag and rushed over to me. She embraced me in a big hug and kiss on the cheek that I wasn't expecting.

"David, I hoped you would come and see me today. Come inside, I want to take good care of you." Mimi exclaimed.

"I am real sorry, but I have other plans right now. Could I meet you later on please?" I asked.

"Oh, I have to say that I am disappointed. I was looking forward to you discovering my ass." Mimi said as she released me.

"I am on my way to see Tina right now. She's cooked up some surprise for me. But after four I am available if you are." I said hopefully tactfully.

Mimi's face brightened up. "Absolutely. That's a date. See you then. I'm really looking forward to it."

"Me too, thanks. See you." I said as I continued my journey.

When I arrived at Tina's door I knocked. Tina opened it quickly.

"David, come in." I was told.

I stepped inside and looked around. There was nothing unusual that I could see.

"Come sit down with me please. I want to explain what's going on." Tina said to me.

OK, now I was getting nervous. I sat down on the bed and Tina sat next to me. She held my hand and started to tell me her ideas.

"First off, I invited Emily over. She'll be here in a few minutes." Tina said. "Now, I want your assurance that you are not going to physically hurt her or harm her in any way."

I thought for a moment before answering. "I have no issue with Emily. I understand that she was just doing as she was told. She was caught up in the whole scene like I was. I am not a violent person by nature. I promise you that I will not harm her in any way."

"Nothing verbal as well, no name calling too, right?" Tina asked.

"Of course not. I thought I made all this clear at Debs place the other night. You helped me straighten out the issues I had in my mind. I am fine with it. Really, no worries." I said.

Tina seemed to physically relax from my responses. "Good, I am happy to hear that. I personally guaranteed that Em would not be hurt at all. I didn't think you would but I had to be sure. Em really wants to make it up to you for what happened before. She's really willing to do almost everything for you. If you don't want to, that's fine. No pressure from anyone, but, I really suggest that you open up your ass to her. You said it was good for you. Trust me, I'd much prefer the feel of a real cock inside of me anywhere than any toy I ever felt."

"I don't have an issue with Emily and I did like the feel of it. I will think about it and I want to discuss..." Just then there was a light knock on Tina's door.

Tina got up and opened it. "Come in, we were just talking about you."

Tina stepped back and Emily came in. She gave me a wary look not knowing my reaction. I stood up slowly after a brief moment and spread my arms.

"Hug?" I asked Emily.

Both Tina and Emily relaxed and Emily stepped over to me. We hugged in a friendly way and released in a moment.

Emily smiled and said, "I thought we left everything OK the other night but I had to be sure you were still fine with it. I hope you can understand."

"I am OK, Tina helped me put things right in my mind. I have no issue with you. We are good." I felt like I was fumbling around for the right words.

"Good, I am good too but I feel like I want to do something to make it right for you. I asked Tina to get us together so we could see what could happen. Can we sit together please?" Emily asked.

I gestured towards the bed and the ladies sat down on either side of me. I was being a gentleman and waited for them to sit. Once seated I said, "I don't want you to feel that you owe me anything. There is no need for you do try and compensate me for anything that's happened. It is what it was and it's over."

"Tina said that you enjoyed the feel of me inside you." It was obvious to me that Emily was picking her words carefully to avoid antagonizing me. "If you would like I would like to do that again but in a much more gentle fashion. Or, I give excellent head and swallow very well. I also offer you my behind to use as you wish. Please David, I feel horrible for what happened and I feel a huge debt to make it right. I will do anything you wish within reason to satisfy you. I really want to do this for you."

I thought about this for a moment. I looked at Tina who was smiling hopefully and at Emily who was sitting in a short dress that reminded me of a school girl outfit. I quickly made my decision and turned to Tina. "How about you? What's your part in this?"

"I just want you two to get along. I really like Emily a lot and she's a great fuck. So are you. I figure you two together would make an excellent fuck." Tina explained.

"What I meant was are you going to stay and watch us? Join us? Leave? What do you want to have happen here?" I asked Tina.

"Oh, I was going to let you make the call. Whatever you want me to do, I will do for you." Tina said.

I stood up slowly as to not frighten anyone. I turned to face the ladies. "Here are my thoughts. I would like to have Emily bang my ass again but nicely going for pleasure not control from behind me, at least to start. Now, I would like to have my cock buried in Tina's ass as I get fucked. Emily, I need you in a condom and lots of lube please."

Emily smiled, "Of course, I would love to and I will be very gentle." She gave me a little grin. "Well, until you tell me otherwise."

Tina seemed thrilled with the turn of events and hopped up to her feet. She started feeling my cock through my shorts getting me hard. Emily stood up and moved in close to me. Her hands wandered over my chest and back. Soon Tina had my shorts and underwear down to my knees and was sucking the steel back into my dick. Emily unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her smallish tits. I reached over and felt them. I don't know how they got there, through hormones or surgery but they felt and looked very natural. Tina had lowered Emily's skirt and was having a field day sucking both cocks. Emily lifted off my shirt and held me to her chest. Our cocks touched as we did this. I had to assume that this was some kind of a test to see if I freaked out or not. I decided that I was all in on this deal so I reached down and gently held Emily's cock. I stroked it the way I like to stroke my own. Emily took hold of mine and did the same. Tina pulled us apart a bit and took both dick's side by side. She tried to suck both at the same time but her mouth wasn't big enough to handle them both. She alternated between the two sucking each in turn. I reached down and took Emily's ass in my hand and gave it a friendly squeeze. This brought a nice smile to Emily's face. She leaned in and gave me a nice peck on the cheek. I planted my mouth on hers and slipped in my tongue. This definitely surprised Emily and she stiffened up for an instant. She quickly warmed up to the idea stroking the side of my head as she kissed me back.

Tina seemed inpatient and said, "Come on, help me get these clothes off."

Everyone stepped out of their clothes and Tina climbed to stand up on the bed. I leaned down to kiss her and play with her a bit as Emily kneeled down and started to suck my cock. I have to admit, she was damn good at it. After a couple minutes Emily stood up and took Tina from me. She put Tina face down towards the middle of the bed and dove in rimming her ass. After a few minutes Emily looked over at me, pointed at the bottle of lube that was conveniently left on the counter top and I handed it over. Emily carefully and lovingly lubed up Tina's ass and then my dick. She helped me to ease it into Tina's ass who squirmed a bit under me but gladly accepting all of it. Emily then went behind me and rimmed me quite well. Emily then carefully lubed up my ass and I confirmed that she put on a condom. I felt Emily position herself behind me and I forced myself to relax. She eased her cock into me. After the initial tensing up and then relaxing Emily was able to work her way into me. I have to admit that it felt really good, better than any piece of plastic I've experienced. I think it's a combination of both the heat from her cock and the natural give of flesh that makes it feel better than a toy.

"David, are you all right?" Tina asked.

"I am good. It feels really good." I replied.

"That's nice. So, could you start fucking my ass then?" Tina insisted.

I forgot all about my dick. I was lying on Tina balls deep in her ass and I wasn't paying any attention to her.

"Sorry." I said as I withdrew and worked my cock back into her.

Emily and I worked out a rhythm between us that worked. I withdrew from Tina's ass as Emily plowed into mine. I was the meat in a cock sandwich and I was really enjoying it.

After a short time Tina had to speak up. "Sorry guys, the weight of the two of you is too much for me. I need to get out from underneath."

Emily eased out of me quickly and I pulled out of Tina. Tina got out of the way. Emily had a grin on her face. She directed me to lie on my back and she put my legs on her shoulders. She reentered me easily but now I could see her face as she fucked me. She was into it, I could tell from her facial expressions. She was able to pick up the pace and slamed me harder without issue. I had to readjust my legs to put my feet on the bed with my knees bent which gave another good angle for penetration. When I reached up and took Emily's tits in my hands she gasped with pleasure. I looked over at Tina who was sitting up watching us go at it as she fingered herself madly.
I wanted to try something. I redirected positions until I was on my hands and knees and Emily entered me from behind again. She grabbed my hips and really started to slam into me. I heard Emily grunt on every stroke, she was trying to cum inside of me. I tried squeezing my ass muscles to see what would happen. This must have set off Emily. She announced her orgasm and gave one more hard thrust into me. While she was holding still I could feel her load enter my ass. It felt real good and inwardly I was proud of myself that I was able to get her off like this.

Emily carefully pulled out making sure to remove the condom with her. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. I followed to wash Tina's ass off my dick. When we met at the bathroom door Emily pulled me in to her for a big kiss. After she washed up I went in and cleaned my cock. When I was done I joined the other two on the bed.

"David, I've seen that before but I got real turned on watching you two go at it." Tina said.

"Thank you David, I came so strong in you. I hope you liked it too." Emily said.

"I liked it for sure. Best ass banging I ever had. Thank you both." I spoke honestly.

"What about getting you off?" Emily inquired. "I give one hell of a blow job."

I had to laugh at that. "I am sure you do but I am fine. Tina banged my brains out earlier this morning. I need recharging time."

"I'm sorry, but I can't leave without you cumming." Emily said with a firmness in her voice.

She got up on her knees and lovingly stoked my cock back to life. She maneuvered between my legs and when I was fully erect she deep throated my entire piece. The muscles in her throat worked me and I could feel her tongue under me. It was exquisite. She face fucked me all on her own. Her hands worked between rubbing my balls, teasing my taint, fingering my ass and stroking my cock which were all done at an expert level. Tina sat up to watch, maybe picking up pointers. I leaned forward to get a better view and Tina slid pillows under my back for support. It really felt amazing, honestly one of my best ever blow jobs. I reached over and played with Tina's tits as I was getting blown. Tina must have been getting excited (or still was) and went back to touching herself. I took over and fingered her pussy and she diddled her clit. Tina soon gasped from her orgasm but I didn't stop. We rocked her through a few more until she tapped out and I let her go. I went back to fully enjoying the head and Tina sucked my nipples. I was ready to blast and I said it out loud. Emily worked in earnest on my cock with her mouth and hand causing a big explosion in her mouth. It was so strong that I felt like jello afterwards. I could barely move and didn't want to. Both women curled up in my arms and we all rested for a few minutes basking in the glow of a job well done.

"That was one very intense orgasm. Thank you." I said.

"Mine was too. It's a turn on banging a semi virgin. Tell me, how was it with a real cock?" Emily said.

"It was definitely better. The plastic is cold and hard, unforgiving. Your cock is warm and flexes. It felt good. Real good. And feeling you cum in me was real cool. I liked it a lot." I rambled on.

"Now the question is, would you do it again?" Emily asked.

I answered without hesitation. "Yes, absolutely with a few buts attached. First, guys don't turn me on. I never gave transsexuals much thought before this week but I'm now a fan. Next, I don't suck cock. It was a stretch for me to touch yours but I wanted to show you that I was into this. As long as those are covered I think I am good. Now, not having too much access to transsexuals I don't see myself getting to play all that much. Plus I am particular on who plays with my ass. I don't tell everyone about it, only women I really trust." I gave both girls a squeeze to let them know they were trusted.

"We live close enough to New York City. I could bring you into town and introduce you to a few tranny friends if you want." Tina offered.

"We shall see, OK? One step at a time please. I just have my first real experience and your offering up my ass to all New York like a play thing." I laughed.

"Nothing like that but I feel you." Tina responded.

"I am just happy that you enjoyed the experience and I was able to get you off. That was very important to me. Now I feel like my debt to you has been paid." Emily said.

"It must be a cultural thing but I didn't feel like you owed me anything, really. But I am glad to share this experience with both of you." I said.

"Excellent. Now, you must excuse me. I have to return to my mistress. She has subjects coming over today and I must prepare." Emily said. She detached herself from us and started to get dressed. She pulled on a little red thong that barely contained her package but looked great on her ass. Then the short skirt was pulled on. She buttoned up the shirt and pulled on her shoes. How anyone can walk in heels over this rough ground is beyond me but she has her part to play I guess.

I stood to give Emily a proper goodbye. We held each other and kissed deeply. We separated without a word. Em threw Tina a quick wave and she was gone. I closed the door and dove onto the bed wrapping Tina up in a big hug. I passionately kissed her for a long time.

"Wow, that was excellent. I am dripping from just kissing you. I love passion like that. What brought all that about?" Tina said after we pulled apart.

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this experience and I am very happy that you set this all up for me. Thank you very much. This was such a special gift." I said honestly.

"Nice! I am glad you liked it. It bothered me that you thought badly of Emily. I really wanted you two to get along. I guess it all worked out I the end. I really care so much for both of you." Tina was almost in tears.

I pushed her onto her back and dove in to eat her out. I had to give her a couple more orgasms before I left. After about twenty minutes (and an unknown number of orgasms) I stood up and started to get dressed. Tina lay on her bed very happy and satisfied.

"Have I ever mentioned that you really know how to eat pussy?" Tina asked kiddingly.

"I could say the same for you little one." I answered back.

"Eating pussy or sucking dick?" Tina laughed.

"From what I've seen you're a master at both." I said diplomatically.

"I guess that comes from growing up at eye level with them. Gives me a different perspective and maybe more insight into them." Tina said.

"I hate to eat and run but I want to get cleaned up. I am not even going to ask about what the plans are for tonight. After this afternoon I trust you completely and will follow you anywhere. Just tell me where and when to meet you." I requested.

"How about if I come by at about 7:30 for a beer. We'll head out after that. OK?" Tina asked.

"You're the boss. Sounds good to me. Do I need to dress special or do anything? I'm not prying, just trying to prepare." I said.

"Nope, shorts, shirt, slip on shoes and no underwear. I would suggest bringing your bottle with you. You'll have to tell me when your birthday is, I want to buy you a flask so you don't have to carry that big bottle with you everywhere." Tina offered.

"You know, I have flasks at home. I never thought to pack one. I figured on doing all my drinking in my RV. I never would have imagined spending so much time elsewhere." I explained.

I crawled into bed next to Tina. I slipped a hand under her ass cheek and rolled her closer to me. We kissed and held each other for a couple minutes. I reluctantly stood up and headed towards the door.

"David, you know what is really special about you? You don't treat me like a little person. I like that a lot." Tina commented.

"Little person? I just thought you were a little on the short side." I joked. I immediately dove out the door to avoid the barrage of pillows that Tina playfully attacked me with.

I was walking back to my RV to wash up before my next exciting adventure. Without thinking I passed by Howie's campsite again. I heard my name being called.

"David, just a minute please."

I turned to see Mimi half dragging a tall bald man with her. "David, this Jeff my husband."

I shook Jeff's hand. "Yes, we met the first night I came here."

"Did we? Sorry, I am real bad with names and faces. So, what do you think of my Mimi?" Jeff asked.

"I think she's great. You're a lucky man." I said unsure of where this was going.

"Excellent. Would it be OK if I joined you two later on?" Jeff asked.

I thought for a few seconds. What the hell, another new experience. Doing a wife in front of the husband. Another first for me. "Sure, why not."

"OK, I'll be back about four. All right?" I asked.

Mimi seemed honestly excited about the meeting. I was looking forward to it as well. We said our 'see you laters' and I went back to my RV to prepare for Tammy's visit. OK, no more pretenses. The bed ready to go, the shades were pulled down, adjusted the AC and the lights. After stripping I did a quick wash up in the bathroom and pulled on a clean pair of boxers. I got out lube and condoms before opening a water bottle to replenish fluids. I decided on taking a different tack with these women today. Not knowing what was happening tonight I had some specific things I wanted to do with both Tammy and Alice.

With the shades down I didn't see Tammy's approach. She knocked on the door and I slid it open. She was carrying two full size pizza boxes with a bag on top.

"Hi David. Hope you're ready for me." Tammy said as she entered and laid down the boxes. As soon as her hands were free she gave me a big kiss and hug even before I could close the door. I closed the door and tried to prioritize things in my mind.

"OK, time is short. Please get undressed and I want to talk." I said.

Tammy gave me a curious look and sat down up front and started to undress. "Sure David. Let me just explain something first. There are two pizza's in there. I didn't know what toppings you like so half is plain, half with sausage, half with pepperoni and half with everything. Please save two slices of pepperoni for Alice when she shows up. There are a couple of cold subs and an order of garlic knots in there too."

I didn't have the heart to tell Tammy that I would not be enjoying the pizza. "Wow, so much stuff. I can't eat this all and I am leaving tomorrow. Would it be OK if I brought the leftovers to Deb's tonight?"

"Sure, do what you want with it." Tammy said as she stood to drop her pants and panties.

"Now, I want to do something special today. You can say no but I am going to guilt you into it. You have to admit that I have been pretty unselfish. I'm going to be kind of selfish this afternoon." I explained.

Tammy stood naked in front of me. She gave me a perplexed look. "Wow David, you're the first guy that ever asked to be selfish in bed. Most just do it without asking. Nice of you."

"So? Any issue with that?" I asked.

Tammy thought for a few seconds before answering. "Well, obviously nothing dangerous or painful but I don't think you'd go that far. Tell me what you want and I'll let you know if it crosses the line."

"I want the teeth out, I want real good head, I want you to give me a real good rimming with that magnificent tongue of yours and then I want to butt bang you." I said as firmly as I could.

Tammy smiled, "Is that all? No problem, get me a cup and we are on the way."

I handed over a plastic cup. Tammy went into the bathroom and took out her teeth. She was out in less than a minute. I was already on the bed on my back with my shorts off. Tammy gave me a closed mouth grin and climbed in between my legs. She slurped my cock into her mouth and started getting me hard again. Once I was hard she worked me like a pro. I really think she was going all out to impress me. She even went as far as to wrap her tongue around my dick and jack me with it. Her tongue almost made it all the way around. I never felt that before but then how many five inch long tongues do you find? After a few minutes of great head Tammy moved out of the way and maneuvered me onto my knees. She reached between my legs and stroked my cock with one hand and massaged my nut sack with the other. I felt her tongue gently probe my ass. This I was sincerely looking forward to especially after my earlier fun with Tina and Emily. She entered my ass with her tongue like a cock. Slowly at first, gradually working in more tongue both harder and faster. I was loving it. I started to worry that I might shoot my load too soon. It was either good timing or intuition that Tammy backed down on my ass. I was as hard as I could be. Tammy lay down on the belly and slipped a hand under her to flick her clit. I got the lube and greased my pole and worked some into Tammy's thick ass. I entered her slowly at first. I planned on being rough with her so once I got the head in a jammed the rest inside with one quick thrust. Tammy gave what sounded like a sigh of relief. I began to roughly hump her ass with purpose. Grabbing her hair I roughly yanked her head back and Tammy gasped in pleasure. She was digging this. I went a little further wrapping one arm around her neck and held her available arm basically immobilizing her. She didn't say a word just let me do my thing. With my free hand I grabbed a big handful of her ass cheek and squeezed hard. She whimpered a bit but that was all. I continued to pound her ass but realized that I had Alice coming over in half an hour and Tammy needed to get cleaned up and dressed. I released her and eased on out of her ass. Once I was free of her I got a handful of her hair and roughly pulled her to a standing position. I bent her over, wrapped an arm around her waist and started to roughly spank her ass. Tammy was a trooper and never called out at all. Once her ass was nice and red I slipped my cock back into her and fucked her ass for another minute. I wanted to feel the warmth of the freshly smacked ass on my crotch. Once I'd had enough I pulled out.

"You'd better get cleaned up and dressed." I told her.

Tammy stood up and faced me. She had tears streaming from her face. She looked me in the eye. I was horrified by what I saw. I never wanted to hurt anyone like this. Tammy stood trembling for a moment. She stepped up to me and gently held me. I could feel her body quivering.

"That was absolutely amazing. I never had anyone get into my head like that before. I didn't cum once but I was on the brink of orgasm that while time. It was an amazing feeling. Thank you so much David. The only thing that would have made it perfect is for you to have cum in or on me. I was actually hoping that you were going to blow your load all over my face." Tammy said with her voice trembling.

"Go in the bathroom and get cleaned up." I demanded. First I was continuing to play the dominate roll and second I was starting to tear up and didn't want her to see me.

Tammy stepped into the bathroom and I heard water running. After a minute I heard the water switch off and the door open. "Do you have a towel that I can use?"

I handed in one to her. After she dried off she stepped out. Her teeth were back in and she kissed me deeply.

"My body is still tingling all over. I didn't wash my ass at all. I want to feel the lube squishing around in there the rest of the day. My ass cheeks are red hot, I love it. Thank you so much." Tammy spoke from the heart then started getting dressed. I stepped into the bathroom to wash off my cock. I made triple sure that I was clean due to what I had planned for Alice. When I came out of the bathroom Tammy was dressed.

"David, you really know how to rock my world. I'll see you tonight." Tammy said. I got a quick kiss and she exited the RV. I found my boxers and pulled them back on. I got a cold water bottle and downed half of it in one long drink. I sat in the passenger seat and collected my thoughts. I was impressed that Tammy took all that punishment without a word. Maybe she is naturally a submissive and enjoys it. I'll have to remember to speak to her tonight about this.

Looking over at the food on the counter I wasn't going to touch the pizza but I did open up the bag. There were three cold subs inside and an order of garlic knots which I do love. How can you screw them up so I opened them up. They smelled good. I took a bite. Not the best, dough didn't taste right to me but I quickly ate three of them. I didn't realize how hungry I was. Looking at the subs they were labeled #1, #2 and #3. I remembered that the mixed sub was #1 that I had with Tina and that was good. In fact, there was still one in my refrigerator that I never touched from yesterday. Opening #2 I found ham and Swiss. #3 was salami and pepperoni and other spicy meats, everything I love from growing up in a good Italian home. I got half the sub onto a paper plate, sat down and munched out. Quicker than I would have imagined that half a sub was gone. Not wanting to make myself sick eating so quickly I held off on wolfing down the other half. Carefully wrapping it up I fit all the subs into the fridge. I ate one more knot and covered them up to stay warm for Alice.

After finishing the water I straightened up. The pepperoni pizza was in the top box so Alice could find it quickly. I also got out a bottle of diet coke for her. Just then I heard the knock. Sliding the door open Alice's smiling face was there. She had on jean shorts and her work shirt. I helped her inside and closed up again.

Alice threw her hands around my neck and pulled me down for a big kiss. When she released me she said, "I missed you."

"OK Alice, your pizza is on the counter. I got you out a diet coke and there are garlic knots. Help yourself and listen up." I said.

Alice raised an eyebrow at me. I guess she wasn't expecting this tone from me. She got out a slice of pizza and started munching on it.

"Come and sit in this seat." I said gesturing towards the rear facing passenger seat.

Pizza in hand she sat down. I knelt down and removed her shoes and socks as I spoke. "Listen, last time I was pretty unselfish with you. Since this is my last day here I was wondering if I could get somewhat selfish? Would you mind?"

Alice finished what was in her mouth and asked, "What did you have in mind?"

I had to chuckle. "Nothing unusual, I do want to spend some quality time with your boobs. Now, please stand up."

Alice stood up and I opened her shorts and removed them. I was treated to some shear black panties and quickly removed them.

"Well David, you were a real prince with me yesterday. I guess I could give you some good titty time. Just please assure me that you'll spend a few minutes banging my pussy, I really liked that." Alice said.

I reached up and lifted her shirt up. Alice had to shift the pizza between her hands as I removed it. I went behind and carefully removed her bra releasing her monster tits. I dropped her bra with her clothing and reached around her from the back and played with her tits. I rolled her oversized nipples in my fingers until they were nice and hard. Alice was moaning with pleasure as I ground my groin into her full ass. She finished off the slice and wanted to participate more.

I pushed her down to her knees and pressed my cock into her face. Alice gladly opened up her mouth and worked me. Once hard I sat in the passenger seat and had Alice crawl closer. I squeezed her tits around my erection and she began to raise and lower herself on me.

"That's real nice Alice. How would you feel about a nice hard ass banging?" I asked.

"I wouldn't like it very much. First, I really have to trust someone to do that and even though you've been excellent with me we just haven't spent enough time together to build that trust. Next, I am not a real fan of a dick in my butt, it just hurts and I get no pleasure from it but I do it for a guy if he really wants it. Finally, we only have a short time together right now and I really, really wanted you in my vagina. Maybe tonight we could try from behind." Alice said after she released my cock.
"I understand and will respect your wishes. However, I am going to brutally fuck your pussy.

"Excellent! I love it. How about I ride your dick so you can play with my boobs and then you can pound me from behind. I hope you can get off in me. I love it when I can make a guy happy like that." Alice said.

"Works for me." I replied happily.

We moved to the bed and I grabbed a condom before laying down on my back.

"Wait a minute before putting that thing on." Alice grinned.

She got on her knees and lovingly orally worshiped my dick for a couple minutes. Not her greatest talent but I give her high marks for effort.

"I never put a rubber on a guy before. Could I try to do it?" she asked. xxx

I handed over the condom that I had already opened up. I had to show her how to identify which way it unrolled. Alice fumbled a bit but grasped the concept quickly. Once covered Alice climbed into position on top of me, leaning forward to present me with her tits on one hand and fingering herself with the other. I felt up her boobs as she closed her eyes. Alice teased herself with the head of my cock resting it on her lips as she diddled herself. Eventually she began lowering herself down bit by bit penetrating her vag slowly. She rode me picking up the pace as I work her huge meat melons. Out of the blue she sat upright removing her tits from my reach. Quick as a flash she placed her right hand on her clit and fingered herself while riding me. I watched as she came repeatedly. After a couple of minutes Alice removed her hand and lowered herself back down with a sheepish grin on her face.

"Sorry, I had to do that. Hope you don't mind." Alice said.

"Not at all. Now get on your knees so I can do you that way." I said.

"Do me?" Alice grinned as she repositioned. "My, you are such the romantic."

"Yeah, that's me. But in my own defense you got me so turned on that love making is right out the window. All I am thinking about right now is a good, hard slamming." I said exaggerating my balls off.

"Oh really? I'm glad I could do that for you. Well, bang away but if you are too rough I'll say something. OK?" Alice replied.

With that I slammed my cock inside her. Alice was a trooper and didn't complain, merely grunted. I pumped hard and fast feeling the need to just slam against her full ass. Once I felt the inevitable starting to produce in my balls I told Alice I was getting close.

"Do you want to shoot on my boobs?" she asked.

"No. Why?"

"I don't know, lots of guys seem to like to do that. I don't see the thrill of it. It just makes a mess in my opinion." Alice said.

"I... Agree... Uhuh!!" I said as pumped my cum into Alice.

I held onto her ass as I drained inside of her. I felt the wave of relief over me.

"Wow! I didn't think that you'd finish so quick or so strong. I feel like I did something right." Alice said.

I pulled out and lay down. "Well, I was really turned on."

I didn't want to mention that Tammy primed the pump. Let Alice think it was all her.

She lay across my chest so our faces were only a few inches apart.

"I really like being with you David. I was thinking that after you leave we can still keep seeing each other if you want. Once the summer ends and the park closes up I can come and visit you or you can come and visit me. I don't know how you feel about Tammy but if we are in a relationship I wouldn't feel right about you being with her too. If you don't want a relationship with me and want one with her I couldn't be with you anymore. I hope you can understand that." Alice said catching me off guard.

Oh boy, I wasn't prepared for this. I ran down the options. "Listen Alice, I just broke up with my girlfriend last week. I'm in no rush to start anything else up right away. How about we just keep it casual for now and keep in touch to see how things go?" I replied trying to be diplomatic and not leading her on. I definitely didn't want to make any promises I had no intentions of keeping.

Alice was quiet and reflective for a long moment. "I understand. Considering how much has happened in the last couple days I can't expect the world from you right now. But I do like you a lot and I'd like to spend more time with you if you want to. But I am not comfortable being just a play thing. Too many guys have treated me like a big pair of boobs with a few holes attached. I liked the way you made me feel about myself."

"That's good. You are real nice and fun to be with. You'd be a great catch just that is nothing I am interested in right now." I replied casually.

"I see. Well, I'll take it as it comes for right now with no expectations but I seriously would like to keep in touch." Alice said.

I'll bet you would. "Sounds good to me."

"I'd better get dressed and back to work. Are you going back to those buses later tonight?" she asked as she stood up.

"Yes, apparently they have a surprise there for me tonight since I am heading home tomorrow. I haven't a clue on what's going on." I replied.

Alice started getting dressed but was definitely in a bummed mood. "So I guess I don't have a shot at spending the night alone with you, right?"

"Alice, I don't want to make a promise I can't keep. Like I said, I don't know what's going on tonight. For all I know I could be tied up and attacked from this evening until Tuesday. Let's play it by ear." She was relentless.

Alice stopped after pulling up her panties and stared at me. "You like to be tied up?"

Oh boy! A new can of worms. "Yes, I like a variety of things. Light bondage and other games I find appealing."

After a few seconds of thought Alice went back to dressing. "Oh, I see." Was all she said.

I stood up and went to the bathroom for a quick clean up. When I exited Alice was dressed and standing by the side door. She tried to put on a happy face.

"Well, maybe I'll see you tonight. Have fun." She said.

Still naked I stepped over to her. I leaned down and gave her a big hug. She held me lightly like she would a cousin.

"I'm sorry if I got weird on you today but I was hoping that you wanted to be with me." Alice said.

"I understand but it wasn't my intention to lead you on. I thought you knew that this was just some casual fun. I head back home tomorrow." I said instantly regretting it.

Alice pushed me away. "Yeah, I know. But I am more than just a piece of ass or tits for you to fuck and forget. I'm sorry I called you. Men all want just one thing and once they get it they are useless. Screw off."

Alice opened the side door and slammed it shut from the outside. She walked back to the park slowly deep in thought. Not the way I wanted it to happen but she didn't grasp the concept. Last night she was going at it at Howie's, screwed around with two women and me in the RV and now wants a mutually exclusive relationship with me? She needs to connect the dots a lot better.

I spent a few minutes straightening up, getting the trash and recycling together then took a quick shower before getting dressed. I gave up on the whole concept of underwear. At this point my wardrobe consisted of shorts with pockets for RV keys and condoms, a tee shirt and flip flops for the convenience considering all the undressing I've been doing lately. After locking up I dropped off the trash and headed back to the Rogers RV. Mimi and Jeff were outside cleaning up. Mimi was washing tables and Jeff was consolidating trash.

"Afternoon. You guys need any help?" I asked.

Jeff looked up, "Hell no, this is our deal and you are a guest. Appreciate the offer though."

Jeff stopped doing his work and came over to shake my hand. "Mimi's been looking forward to seeing you all day." He said in a low voice.

"Well, I have too. This will be a first for me. Being with a married couple like this. Just so we are clear, I only like you as a friend Jeff, nothing more." I said hoping my point was made.

Jeff laughed hard at that. "Loud and clear! No problem, I'm a straight arrow. No crossing swords for me. You do realize that there might be some incidental contact between us in the heat of battle but I can assure you that I have no interest in doing anything with you other than making my wife happy."

I gave a silent sigh a relief inwardly. "Good deal, I just didn't want any surprises or disappointments later on."

Mimi finished her work and had washed her hands in Howie's exposed kitchen sink before coming over. She greeted me with a hug and a kiss.

"You two making plans on how to double team me?" she said with a big smile on her face.

"Not yet sweetheart. Just confirming ground rules. We are all good." Jeff replied.

Mimi turned to me, "David, I've been looking forward to this. I know you are going to be busy later on and I am very thankful that we will get to spend this time together."

"So, can you tell me about later? What's the big secret?" I asked them.

"You don't know?" Mimi asked.

Jeff shook his head to Mimi. "Let's keep it to ourselves sweetie." Turning to me he added, "I will say this, Debbie has gone out of her way planning tonight. We've never tried something like this before. A lot of us are all wondering how it's going to turn out. Please give Debbie a thank you at some point, she put a lot of work into this. All right?"

"No guarantees until I see what the situation is." I replied getting more and more concerned about tonight.

"Relax, it will be fun. Now come inside and bang my butt." Mimi grinned.

"I'd love to." I smiled.

"Great! Let's go." Jeff said leading us to their RV.

We walked to the master bedroom which was all made up. Mimi removed her clothing right away and started stripping me. We were touching each other working each other up when Jeff stood behind Mimi and touching her as well. Mimi took our hands and led us over to the bed. She sat on the corner with one of us on either side. She sucked our cocks getting both of us very erect.

"Get the lube Jeff, I promised David my ass." Mimi asked sweetly.

Without a word Jeff got out a pump bottle and placed it on the bed. Meanwhile Mimi laid face down on the bed. Jeff squirted some lube into his hand and carefully worked it into his wife's magnificent ass. I stuck my hand under the spout for a shot of lube to grease up my dick. I really didn't want Jeff to do that for me. Jeff squeezed some out for me and I worked my crank. When ready I got into position and eased my way into Mimi. She gasped with excitement as I entered her all the way. Jeff stood off the bed watching us with his arms folded. I felt like I was being graded by the teacher for how well I performed. I started slow working in and out of Mini's ass and she seemed to love every second.

Mimi turned to Jeff. "Sweetie, come here. I want to blow you as I get butt banged."

Jeff lay across the bed face up and rolled slightly towards his wife to give her better access. Mimi started to work her mouth and one hand up and down Jeff's long shaft. His unusual size and shape made the act look strange. Long and narrow, probably an ass fucking master. I was increasing my pace into Mimi's ass who was squirming beneath me. Jeff was really enjoying watching his wife getting it. He soon grabbed the back of his wife's head and started roughly fucking her mouth. One big last thrust as he buried it in her and let loose his load with a satisfied growl. Mimi didn't move as Jeff finished cumming. When he was done he rolled flat onto his back but was still watching us.

"Thank you sweetheart, that was great." Jeff said.

Mimi was now able to concentrate on her ass so I picked up the pace some more. It seemed like neither of us were too close to cumming so I eased off and withdrew from her. I roughly grabbed her legs and turned her over.

"Hey, easy David." Mimi exclaimed.

Jeff piped up, "No rough stuff please."

I ignored both and lifted Mimi's legs. I roughly reentered her ass with her legs held up on my shoulders. I worked her ass hard. She really started enjoying this. Jeff moved and slipped a hand down so he could fiddle with his wife's clit as I fucked her ass. This got Mimi's attention and she came soon after. I continued to pound away at her ass as Jeff played with her. I had another idea and rolled her legs to the side. Mimi was now on her side and I never left her ass. Jeff moved to kiss his wife while I fucked her. I had no hope of cumming after my time with Tina, Em, Tammy and Alice but I wasn't one to quit until I did my best. After a few more minutes without and signs of orgasm from Mimi I gently pulled out and collapsed on the bed.

Jeff asked, "Did you cum?"

"Afraid not. I just came from my place. I've had a busy day so far." I explained.

Jeff seemed disappointed. "Well, if you come back tonight I'll make sure you're taken care of."

"No offense Jeff but I prefer women." I joked.

Jeff grinned. "OK, bad choice of words but you know what I meant."

"Yes, I got it." I replied.

"Jeff, he has other plans tonight, remember?" Mimi chimed in.

"Oh yes, I forgot. Well, you are welcome anytime David." Jeff corrected himself.

After dressing and saying goodbye (technically 'see you later') I headed out and went right to the park. It wasn't yet five but I was starved from all the activity. Purchasing a couple pulled pork sandwiches and some fries I brought them back to the RV to enjoy with a Heineken. My plan was to take a hot shower and a nap before Tina arrived. As I ate I stripped naked and straightened up the place. I gave up all pretenses and left the bed set up (but did straighten up the linens), checked the tank levels and other mechanics and started organizing things for the trip home. All the opened snacks I'd bring to Howie's place to get rid of them since the RV would be stored for a while. After everything was done and I was clean I lay down for a snooze setting my phone alarm.

I woke up at 7:15 groggy. My plan was to leave the site before noon, get home, unload the RV, give it a good cleaning and get to bed to try and have a good, long twelve hours sleep before work on Monday. I took another quick shower to wake up with before getting dressed. Just as I was pulling on my shorts (commando again) there was a knock.

I opened the side door and helped Tina inside kneeling down to give her a hug. She was in a bright yellow sun dress and all smiles.

"How are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm good. Just took a nap." I replied.

Tina grinned wide. "Good, you'll probably need it. So, you hungry?"

"No, I ate an early dinner before I slept." I said.

Tina kicked off her flip flops and lifted off her dress. "That's not what I meant." Smiling big.

She took my hand and led me to the bed spreading herself out wide presenting her pussy to me. I went down eating her to several climaxes before she called uncle. I was shirtless but still in my shorts with a raging boner.

Tina saw the mound in my pants saying, "David, I hope you know that I'd be only too happy to take care of that for you but I am going to have to insist that you save it for a little while. Please trust me, you'll need it later."

I rolled on top of Tina lining up my wood with her vagina and pressed it against her. "I don't know if I can wait. I might have to rape you right here, right now."

Tina laughed with delight, "It's not rape if it's consensual and you can have me any time it pleases you 'except' right now. Save it, it will be worth it."

"So, rape it is!" I joked and I started playfully attacking her not seriously with lots of tickling.

Tina squirmed around under me laughing as I pretended to penetrate her through my shorts. After a minute I stopped and climbed off her. Tina sat up and noticed a wet spot on my shorts. She opened the zipper and took out my cock mouthing it briefly.

"Just wanted to clean it off for you." Tina smiled.

We dressed and had drinks, chatting and relaxing for a few minutes. At precisely eight Tina stood up and insisted that we leave. I started gathering my things together in my backpack and preparing the leftover food Tammy left to bring over with us. Tina kept telling me to hurry up (a little too pushy for my taste). It took less than five minutes but apparently that was way too long for her. I saved myself a mixed Italian sub as a snack for later or possibly breakfast. Tina helped me carry everything and we headed out.

I was stunned to see so many people milling around between the RV's. Usually there was a total of 30 to 40 people that I counted a night up until this point. Tonight it was closer to a hundred. I wondered if there was a bigger group since it was a Saturday night. I was wrong.

I spotted Debbie with a clipboard talking to a group of five women, all on the large side. When she spotted us approaching she split off from the group and met up.

"Hi kids, I'm glad you could come." Deb said smiling.

"Good evening, where can we put this stuff?" I asked.

"Just leave it on the tables. Tina, does he know anything?" Deb asked.

"I don't think so." She replied.

Deb led us to the tables and helped find places to drop the food. Once our hands were free she handed me a cup with ice and gave Tina a beer. Next she moved away from us and got everyone's attention.

"Excuse me, everyone! For those of you who haven't already had the pleasure, this is David." Debbie said addressing the group and pointing at me. I felt like a deer in the headlights as every head turned towards me. "Now, we are going to give him a few minutes to get acclimated and then we will set him up in my bus in the master bedroom. To save space we will limit the number of people in the RV to about eight to ten at a time. See me if you have any questions or have any suggestions. Enjoy."

I still didn't know what was going on. Debbie came back over to me smiling.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked bluntly.

"Making your whole week. Relax and have a drink. I'll get you set up and show you what's going on when you're ready." She replied calmly.

"Who are all these people?" I asked.

"Friends, friends of friends, acquaintances. We put out the call particularly to some larger women. I told them the situation and some came running for me. Remember, no means no. You can bail out at any time and everyone here knows it." Debbie explained.

"I still don't know what I would be bailing out on!" I stammered out frustrated.

Tina took my hand. "Relax baby, it's all good. Have a drink and find your center."

I tried to calm myself down and relax. Logically I knew whatever was going to happen would be fun but I didn't like not knowing. Everyone seemed to stay away from me except Jeff, Mimi, Deb and Tina but I saw everyone was glancing at me at a regular basis. Howie pulled up in a Jeep 4x4 convertible.

"I got 10 bags of ice. Had to go into town to get it. The camp store wouldn't sell me more than two since they were running low." Howie said to Deb as he rolled himself out of the jeep.

"Ten bags? Why so many?" Deb asked.

"We have so many people and I sure as shit am not going to go back out tonight." Howie grinned.

Calling out to the group. "Hey guys, give me a hand with this ice please."

About 12 men immediately walked over to the jeep. The first five and Howie each grabbed two bags each and headed to the tables. I chatted and sipped my whiskey wondering what was in store for me. After a few minutes Deb and Tina brought me into the RV. For the first time the place was empty (and spotlessly clean). I was led to the master bedroom and Deb removed my shirt as Tina opened my pants.

"Can I know what is going on now?" I asked.

"Well, we are doing something special. A few of us were talking and wanted to make your last night here special. We decided on making tonight all about David." Deb informed me.

"It's was 98% Deb's doing. She made calls and got a lot of extra people to come tonight. She really did all the planning." Tina chimed in.
"So, what are the plans? I'm still in the dark." I demanded.

Debbie grinned widely, "Starting with us, every woman here is going to suck your dick."

I took a few seconds for that to sink in.

"Plus, I asked a few big ladies to come for a group scene with you." Deb added.

I sat down on the bed with my mind reeling with possibilities.

"But what about everyone else? I don't want to be the only one enjoying the night." I said.

Both Tina and Deb broke up laughing.

"Don't you worry, everyone will be getting theirs. The rules are, and what everyone agreed to by the way, is that every woman has to suck you for one minute before they can do anything else. Naturally, the guys here all want the women they want to nail to get done with you quickly so that they can have them. I have everyone's name on this paper in the order that they arrived. First in, first fucked. I'll keep everyone in order for you. Don't you worry about it." Deb explained.

"What about you two? Are you going to participate in any activities?" I asked.

Tina spoke up. "We will be here to get the ball rolling and keep things moving alone. We figured it might take a while for you to get off. Deb really wants to swallow your cum again so if you are getting close let her know. After you get off from the oral we figured you could take a break and then we'll unleash the larger ladies on you."

"David, if you need a break at any time, just give me the high sign." Deb said.

I thought about the evening and decided that I'd probably never get an opportunity like this again. I kissed and hugged Debbie and then Tina thanking them both for their efforts and this incredible opportunity. Tina went right at my dick tenderly touching and licking it.

"Tina, let me start so that I can start lining up the ladies. You can keep him entertained until the first lady gets here." Deb said.

Tina backed away and said, "As you wish."

Deb helped to position me in the center of the king size bed and propped me up on some pillows. Once comfortable Deb's mouth went to work on me. Not her usual coaxing me to empty my testicles down her throat but a more relaxed, casual style of head.

Howie stuck his head in the door and was all smiles. "Hey kid, I hope you enjoy yourself tonight. In all our years together my adoring wife never did this for me."

Deb released my cock and turned to face her husband. "Now Howard, you know damn good and well that I have set up similar parties for you over the years and if you want me to list all of the perverted details for you I will starting with the six ladyboys from Thailand for your last birthday. Should I continue?"

Howie went bright red. "You know when she calls me Howard that she is serious. Have a great night David."

Howie disappeared, Tina giggled and Deb turned back to my dick.

"Six ladyboys?" Tina asked.

"Oh yes. He always had that fantasy so I made it happen for him. He was disappointed since not one of them could handle his cock in their asses. They sucked and fucked Howie but he called me into the room to plant his monster inside of something so he could get off." Deb explained.

"As long as everyone was happy." Tina said.

Deb went back to sucking me and the first of the ladies arrived outside the bedroom door. Reluctantly Deb released me and started organizing the women. Six ladies I hadn't seen before all moved into the room and stood naked around the bed.

"Seriously? There is no need for you to get naked. You will only be giving head for a minute." Deb exclaimed.

"No one told us to not get undressed." One woman announced.

"I'm trying to limit the number of people in the bus. If everyone takes the time to undress and dress it's going to cause a log jam. Tina, you organize things in here. I'll deal with everyone out there." Deb said standing up and heading out the door.

"I like seeing the ladies naked." I said to Tina.

"I understand Deb's point of view. We will figure it out." Tina said.

Tina's height actually worked to her advantage. She stood up on the bed and took charge. She put the first women between my legs and she greedily sucked my dick. Tina kept the time and announced the end by calling out, "Next!" The first woman reluctantly withdrew and the second took her place. The first moved to the side and watched. The second began her head giving and stopped when directed. Changing to the third took a while. Tina then moved number four onto the bed on my left side and five to my right. When three finished four was able to immediately take over. Three stood up and six moved into position between my legs. When three was standing up Tina directed one, two and three to leave the room to allow the next people inside. When number four finished she surprised me by coming up to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. That started a tradition and every woman after that also gave me a kiss as they were leaving.

Tina kept the ladies in groups of three. Three on the bed with me, three standing to leave and three new arrivals. After the first six everyone remained dressed to my disappointment.

"Tina, could I make a request?" I asked.


"Could I have the ladies topless?"

Tina turned to the women standing in the room and directed, "Tops off."

Every woman except for the one currently working my crank pulled off their top without hesitation. Even Tina took her dress off leaving her naked on the bed. I laid back and enjoyed the buffet before me. I wasn't really concentrating much on my dick, the whole situation wasn't a real turn on for me. But, big picture wise, how many men can say they had X number of woman suck their dick in the same night.

My standard thought is that there is good head and great head. Most ladies gave good head, only a few were stand outs. I didn't expect much with everyone only getting one minute to work their magic. After the first ten ladies it all became a blur. It was just nonstop mouths attaching themselves to my dick. Even the parade of tits in front of me became lost. They all melded into one average set of boobs after a while.

Mimi was in line about number 15 or so. She sucked me, kissed me and whispered in my ear that she hoped that I was enjoying myself.

Jill arrived shortly after Mimi left and was babbling nonstop with the women she arrived with abut our last experience together. Whether is was boasting, pride or showing off I couldn't tell. She tried to engage me in conversation and introducing me to her friends but Tina put her foot down immediately and stopped it. She explained that this was not the time for socializing. Jill understood but her friends seemed disappointed at not being introduced. They did suck me well and left quietly but one did whisper to me that she hoped that I would bang her later as she gave me a kiss.

About number 25 or so a group of larger ladies arrived in the master bedroom. I took special note of them hoping they were the ones Deb had called in for me. They ranged from about 200 pounds to well over 400. Ages went from early 20's to (what I had to assume) well into their 60's (and possibly beyond). Again, a few tried to start up conversations but Tina nipped them in the bud immediately. I saw that the larger women seemed to be mostly wearing dresses that they were carrying over their arms. Only one was wearing a sports like bra that was holding a massive set of boobs than hung down on her big belly below her belly button. Without the bra on I would estimate that they would hang at least two feet but the bra strained to keep them in place. Another bonus for me was that all but two of the women in (technically out) of dresses were wearing some type of sexy panty, something that I had not seem much of at Deb's and Howie's place. The other two ladies were not wearing anything but smiles.

After the larger ladies came and went I took hold of Tina's leg to get her attention. She immediately dropped to her knees by my head and asked, "What can I do for you? Or how about to you?"

Speaking softly I said, "At this point it's getting to be boring and monotonous. Can we finish off with these people and take a break?"

"Absolutely. Actually I'm kind of impressed that you went this long without shooting a load." Tina said giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

Tina stoop back up and organized the people still in the room. Then she went out of the bedroom presumably to talk with Deb. Tina retuned in less than a minute and retook her place on the bed to direct traffic. She looked at me and gave me a smile and nod acknowledging that my wish has been granted.

Only four more women came into the bedroom after that. Once they finished only Tina and I were left in the master bedroom. She lay down resting her head on my shoulder and we relaxed. Deb joined us in a moment.

Looking at her clipboard she announced proudly, "Including Tina and I you just had 46 women suck your cock."

"Is that all?" I asked.

Deb put down the clipboard and dropped her shorts to the floor. She climbed up on the bed and lowered her wet pussy down onto my still hard erection. Tina and I didn't move as Deb waggled her hips from side to side to find a better fit. Once set she began to slowly hump me as she continued the conversation.

"I think there was only eight women left that you didn't get to. Marge is here but she's not comfortable moving through the RV so she took a pass. I have to say, not cumming after an hour of nonstop head is very impressive."

"First, this is something that I will never forget. Thank you both. I don't think I would have been able to cum from this due to the mechanics of the situation. One lady starts sucking me, as soon as I get into that rhythm another takes over and the cum clock kind of resets and I start from the beginning again. Also, some ladies give really great head while others give pretty good. It's like going from 60 miles an hour to 30 and then back up to 60 again once a minute. I can't really get into a groove." I explained.

Deb continued to ride me but was deep in thought. "I get your meaning. To be honest, I didn't think about that side of the situation. I guess I assumed at least one out of fifty women would have made you shoot your load."

"If they had five minute time limits I am sure at least a few of them would have gotten me off." I explained.

"OK, duly noted." Deb said.

Tina perked up and said, "All right stud, what can we do for you right now?"

"I'm close. A couple minutes of dedicated attention and I should explode." I replied.

"Mouth, ass or pussy?" Tina asked without hesitation.

"I'm really enjoying Deb's pussy but I'm really not too fussy right now. I just need to unload and soon." I explained.

Deb took it upon herself to accelerate her riding of my cock. Tina detached herself from my side and stood back up moving next to Deb. Tina reached down and began fiddling with Deb's clit and apparently rubbing her ass but I couldn't see from my current position. Deb went into overdrive closing her eyes and concentrating on the act. I was getting close and let them know. What surprised me was what happened next. Tina released Deb and moved to stand right behind Deb. She snaked her little arms under Deb's arms and then up behind Deb's neck in a full nelson hold. Deb let this action happen unquestionably. With Tina now in full control of Deb she added her weight behind Deb's causing her to rise and fall on my prick. I couldn't see Tina but I could feel her actions. Deb let out a gasp of satisfaction and I felt her pussy muscles quivering setting me off.

"I'M CUMMING!" I cried out.

I pumped string after string of semen into Deb as she continued to pump me. It seemed to go on forever before I finished. Deb's orgasm seemed to start right before mine and continue for at least a minute after I was done. Tina released Deb's arms and reached around her to hold her in place. She took the opportunity to fondle Deb's boobs from over her shirt while Deb recovered.

Deb opened her eyes and leaned slightly forwarded resting her hands on my chest. "You came so much."

"Yeah, I noticed." I replied.

"Come on Deb, share the wealth." Tina said.

Deb groaned at having to move but she dismounted me. She lay on her back besides me spreading her legs and lifted her knees up with her feet on the bed. Tina dropped down and placed her face in Deb's crotch and I heard her licking away. Deb moaned with pleasure as Tina are her out. In a minute Tina moved up to Deb's head and began to slowly drip my juice from her lips to Deb's waiting mouth. When Tina's mouth was empty they kissed and shared my load. After a moment Tina want back down and sucked another batch of cum from Deb and shared it with her again. It was highly erotic to watch but I silently prayed that no one wanted to kiss me.

"David, you continue to amaze me." Deb said. "Your orgasm seemed to go on forever."

"I know, I didn't expect that. Yours seemed unusually long too." I replied.

"Not really. Mine can last a long time given the right motivation." Deb replied.

"Well, if you two are done complimenting each other, I am going outside to find some cock to stick inside of me. I've got an anal itch that needs to be scratched. I'm hoping Jeff isn't busy, I love his dick in my ass." Tina announced.

"You go get Jeff. We should get up to let others use the RV for fun. Join me in the shower David?" Deb asked.

"Sure." I said as I tried to stand up.

Tina seemed to bolt for the door. I'd hope she wasn't upset by anything and was just in a rust to get laid. Deb stayed bottomless and went forward through the still empty RV.

Staying inside she called out, "OK people, our rig is back in business. Coe on in and get your freak on."

This caused some cheering outside and almost immediately people stepped inside tossing off their clothes after they entered. I stood by the bathroom watching all this. Deb came back and joined me pushing me into the bathroom before someone else got in there. She started the shower and took off her top and half bra (a white one today). I stepped into the shower while she (thankfully) brushed her teeth and rinsed with mouthwash.

After stepping into the shower stall and closing the door she said, "I'll bet you're glad I brushed my teeth before coming in here to kiss you."

We both wrapped our arms around each other and shared a long kiss. Afterwards I replied, "Absolutely."

We took turns briefly washing each other and then drying. I think we both wanted to get outside for various reasons. I wanted a drink very badly at this point and a little time to put things into perspective. As I dressed Deb gave my ass cheek a little swat and left me alone in the bathroom as she carried her clothing with her. I had just pulled on my shirt when a naked woman stepped into the bathroom and close the door.

"Excuse me but I really have to go." She said sitting on the bowl.

"Sure, no problem." I replied while fishing my flip flops out of my bag.

"I hoped you enjoyed that. We've never done anything like that before, at least not with so many people involved. It was kind of fun but I wish I had more time to suck you off. It was like a tease just getting a minute with your dick down my throat." She smiled as I heard her pee hitting the toilet.

I gave her a good look over and I honestly could not remember her sucking my dick. There were so many people that individuals were lost in the shuffle.

"Well, this was indeed a special night for me. It will probably never happen again but I'll never forget it. Thank you for coming out tonight and participating." I said.

"You are welcome. We live in State College, a little over an hour and a half away from here. I know a few ladies that drove over three hours to come here tonight." She said.


"Some girlfriends of mine. We are not regular visitors to Howie and Deb's parties. I'm not into the anonymous sex thing very much. Deb called and talked me into it so I made a couple calls and my friends joined me. I doubt if they will do much of anything else tonight other than socialize but they all liked joining in with you. It was like they participated in like a Guinness World Record or something. I figured while I am here, might as well have some fun. If you're up for it I'd like to get you alone but in a condom." She said.

I realized I didn't know this woman's name or anything. She'd just sucked my dick, currently she's sitting naked in front of me wiping her twat and now she's asking to fuck me. This is indeed a magical trip for me.

"I'm a little wiped out right now. I want to get a drink and relax for a bit and then we will see where the night takes me." I replied.

She flushed and stood up. "I understand. My offer stands. We will be here to around midnight before we drive home. Look for me when you're ready."

"Great, thank you and please thank your friends for coming and participating a well." I said as she washed her hands.

I got the bathroom door open and one foot out the door before she took my hand and pulled me down for a kiss. She released me and smiled saying, "You seem nice and I'd like you inside of me."

I smiled and made my way through the sea of bodies to the exit. There seemed to be twice as many people as I'd ever seen inside Howie's RV but then it dawned on me that there was probably twice as many people than usual here tonight. People were everywhere. All the furniture was full so they used the walls. When that was full they used the floor. I was like solving a maze trying to get through without stepping on somebody or something. Eventually I made it outside and was shocked to get applause from the people standing outside. OK, now I was embarrassed.

Howie came over and put his arm around my shoulders. "Well done my boy. Now we will not know what to put on your statue. Deb's three swallows of forty something woman licking your dick."

"No thanks, no statue is necessary." I said now thoroughly embarrassed.

I freed myself from Howie and went to the tables for some ice. I really wanted a drink and some quiet time. After pouring myself more than a healthy drink I took a sip and saw Marge on her way over towards me. She was hard to miss.

"Hello David." She grinned.

"Hi Marge, how are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm just fine. I've already had some playtime. I came out to get some air and something to eat. So, how did you enjoy the experience." She asked me.

"Honestly, and please don't tell Deb or Tina this, but it's all kind of a blur. So many people, so little time, no names, barely any faces. It was just like an hour long suck that changed styles once a minute. Just as I was getting into one style it was changed."

Marge nodded, "I could see that. Still, did you bust your nut?"

"Not from oral. Deb took care of me in the end."

"Oh good. I'm sorry that I couldn't be one more notch in your belt tonight. I'm just not comfortable moving through all those people in the bus. One wrong step and I could really fall and hurt someone or myself." Marge said.

"Deb limited the number of people inside. She wouldn't even let them get undressed since it took too much time. Just in, suck the dick and out again. At the end it was only Deb and I in the whole RV. Right after that she announced the show was over and the place filled right up.

"Now I am disappointed. If I had known that I had the space to move around I would have liked to join the fun." Marge said.

"I'm sure I would have remembered you. Really, it's wasn't that much fun for me. Yes, 46 women sucked my dick but I would have been happier of they just gave me five to ten seconds and moved on. An hour became tedious." I said.

Changing the subject Marge said, "A few of my friends came here tonight specifically to jump you."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I know one car load drove here from Pittsburgh. They are all big girls, the way you like them. Round, soft and fluffy. From what I've seen there are a few others around here tonight as well." Marge said.
"Oh great. No pressure on me. I've had a pretty full day already, I wasn't expecting all this tonight. First 46 women suck me, now some big girls need my attention. Is Deb trying to kill me? Make me a martyr? Here lies David, fucked himself to death. Not the legacy I was hoping for."

Marge had a booming laugh causing most people nearby to turn and face us. "Ok, just do me one favor please. Locate Rhonda and April and introduce yourself. Whatever happens happens, no pressure."

"All right, that's a promise I can keep." I replied.

"Thank you. I'm going to get freaky so I'm probably not going to see you again this trip. It was a pleasure meeting you David." Marge said as she bent down to hug and kiss me. I felt like I was wrapped up in a carpet.

Marge released me and strolled away looking for trouble. I relaxed in solitude and enjoyed my drink when Mike came walking up behind me.

"You know David, I wanted to make it 46 women and one queer dude to set your record but Deb wouldn't let me participate." Mike joked.

"I know, I tipped her extra to keep you out."

Mike laughed. "Understandable. I see there is a nice selection of big women here tonight. Even had one that begged me to butt fuck her a little bit ago."

"I hoped you enjoyed it." I replied.

"I said she begged me, not that I did it." Mike said trying to keep a straight face. After a few seconds he broke into a wide smile. "All right, of course I did it. I do have to say that bumping into a big soft ass was really great. I liked it a lot. Might have to take your lead and spend more time with the fatties."

"Please don't use the term fat or fatty. It's like calling you a faggot. It's very derogatory. Use another term." I said firmly.

"Oh, I got ya. I'll watch my tongue." Mike said.

We talked for a few minutes and once I said that I was leaving tomorrow we said our goodbyes and ended it with a fist bump (which I was grateful for). I wanted to catch up with Tina but I could not find her. I did see a group of four larger, older women standing next to Jeff and Mimi's rig watching me. I was positive that at least two of them sucked my cock earlier. I loaded up with some more whiskey and ice and wandered over.

"Evening ladies. I wanted to thank you for participating in tonight's fun." I said.

"You are welcome David but we were still hoping for some more time with you. We wanted to give you some time to recover after your earlier performance." One said.

"I've never done anything like that before but I have to admit that it was fun and I liked it." Another added.

"We all drive a long ways to get here once Deb told us that she had a newbie here that likes big women." A third interjected.

"We all talked each other into coming over for the night. We really aren't into the whole group play, swinger thing but a lady has to get it when she can especially in a dry spell." The first woman added.

"Here, here." "That's right!" "It's been way, way too long at least for me." The other women said talking over each other.

"So David, since we all did something for you..."

"You'd like me to return the favor. I'd be happy to." I said cheerfully.

The four ladies looked like they had just won the lottery. They became very excited and chatted amongst themselves like I wasn't there discussing all the dirty details when one looked at me and shut up which caused the other to quiet down.

"Sorry, that was rude of us. In the car we had discussed the possibility something like this happening but we didn't think it would."

"So, when, where and how?" I asked.

"The sooner the better, at least for me, I'm already very wet. Where? I for one don't want to use the busses. There is no privacy in there. And how, I already know the answer to. One at a time." The second speaker laid out for me.

"Well, I have a smaller RV built for two nearby. We could go there. You could take turns coming inside." I said.

They looked at each other briefly until one spoke up, "No offense but we really don't know you. We'd rather stay over here near other people, you know, for safety reasons."

"I understand and have no issue with that. How about those tents?" I said.

The wet one said, "That works for me. Let's go."

Our little group made its way over to the large tents between the two RV's. One was obviously occupied since we could here and see activity of several people enjoying themselves. The same tent I was in with Marge was empty and I could see the two inflatable mattresses still inside. The wet one climbed right inside.

"Ladies, it's customary in a tent to take off your shoes and leave them outside to avoid bringing in dirt." I explained as I kicked off my shoes and stepped into the tent.

"Opps, I didn't know." The woman inside the tent said.

She sat in the only chair and quickly untied her sneakers and placed them outside. Without a word she zippered the tent flap closed. I assumed they discussed it already and she was the first one.

"By the way, I'm Ginny." My companion said.

"Hi Ginny. Please excuse me if I don't remember your name. I meet so many people in a day." I apologized.

"All right."

"So what would you like to do?" I asked.

"Well, I'd like to make out for a while, then have you undress me. Then I'd like if you went down on me, I'll go down on you. Then I want to finish up with you inside of me. I like to change positions a lot so don't be shy." Ginny said gleefully.

"Ladies outside the tent, did you hear all of that" I asked in a normal voice.

"Yes." Was their reply.

"OK, first thing is that if you are not familiar with tents sounds carry quite well in and out so limit your voices and screaming. Next thing is that Ginny wants a total love making session. That's probably about an hour if it's done right. That would be four hours to get through everyone. I'm sorry but I don't have enough left in me. So I suggest we cut this down to the minimums to be fair to everyone. How about some oral and then some banging? Fair enough?" I said.

Ginny did not look happy with this outcome.

"I thought you were some sort of a superstar? Why would we come all this way for a quick fuck?" she said in a loud voice.

From outside the tent a woman hissed, "Ginny, lower your fucking voice. He's a man, not a machine. He's right, he knows what he can handle and he's willing to give it his all so that we all get some. If you don't want to play, get the fuck out of there."

Ginny looked me over one last time from top to bottom and left in a huff. As soon as Ginny had cleared the tent flap doorway another woman was coming in followed by another. The second zipped up the tent flap as the first one and I looked at her.

The third woman said, "Don't mind me. I'm going to watch and get warmed up. I'll be ready to go as soon as you two are done."

What the hell. I shrugged and removed my shirt tossing it in the corner with my shoes. Before I could reach for my shorts they were being undone for me. The third woman worked her way past us and moved the second air mattresses further towards the rear of the tent. My pants were quickly on the floor so using my feet I flipped them with the rest of my things.

I began to pay attention to the women in front of me. She was on her knees while I was still standing (but slightly bent over due to the height restriction of the tent). Naked I moved around behind this woman and pressed my body up against hers resting my chin on her shoulder and wrapping my arms around her upper body as a casual welcome. When I was back home a week later it dawned on me how comfortable I was with going from just meeting a woman to sex in just a few minutes. Here I was completely nude holding a woman I was about to bone with one woman watching us and another on deck and I didn't even know her name and frankly I didn't care. But not being a complete shit I do try to incorporate some tenderness and passion with whomever I'm with.

After holding her for a moment (a brief moment) I moved my hands downward and felt for her breasts. This is one of my favorite exploring positions and in my experience most ladies enjoy it as well. I felt the weight of here boobs still being held by a bra. She let out a satisfied sigh and reached behind to hold my calves gently rubbing them which I took as encouragement that I was on the right track. I helped her to lift the shirt over her head and tossed it on the sole chair in the tent. Keeping the momentum going I reached over and unhooked the black bra she was wearing. Gently I reached around front and cupped her tit meat from the bottom and released them from the cups letting them sag down. The bra was tossed onto the chair and I walked around front to see what I had uncovered. Her hand immediately went to my cock and she lowered her body down and guided me to her mouth. As soon as her lips made contact with the head her hands moved to my hips and help me in position as she moved her head (and body) into my crotch inhaling all of my stiffening cock into her mouth. This woman excitedly began to pleasure me by doing all the work herself.

Hearing a groan from the back of the tent I saw the other woman lying on the mattress perpendicular to us. One hand was massaging the nipple of one exposed breast she lifted up through the neck of the shirt and the other hand was inside her pants fiddling herself.

As pleasurable as the mouth I was in was I had to keep things moving. I pulled out to a disappointed groan from the woman sucking me.

"Help me get you naked." I asked.

Quick as a flash her hands unbuttoned her pants opening them as much as possible. She had to struggle pulling them down over he large hips and butt by pulling down first one side then the other. Once they were free of her ass then slid down to her knees. She dropped her hands down to the floor and lifted up one knee at a time working her pants down her legs. Kneeling down I took hold of the pants and slid them down and off her feet leaving just a tiny black thong covering her massive ass. I reached over to remove the thong but she stopped me.

"Leave it on. Pull it to the side for access. It makes me feel sexy to wear it." She said.

"All right. Crawl up onto the mattress on your back and spread your legs." I instructed.

It honestly excited me seeing this woman crawl the couple of feet to the mattress on her hands and knees watching her tits and belly be dragged along the floor of the tent. Once at the edge to the mattress she rolled herself on her back and lifted her legs. She had a thick belly with three full aprons covering her pussy but she obviously know how to handle them. Her feet moved as closes to her ass and her knees were spread as wide as she could manage. She reached down and began grabbing handfuls of flesh lifting the layers up onto her belly giving me access to her twat. Once I saw the front of her tiny panty I knew I was home. I was on my knees half on and half off of the mattress. Exploring first with my fingers I discovered a very wet and very hairy pussy. Moving in I wanted a taste. I pulled the small piece of lack fabric to the side and found a large clit waiting for me. Moving in I made one slow and deliberate lick up her split causing her to shudder.

The licking began immediately. Since it was very tight quarters between her belly and thick thighs I had to take a couple of breaths, hold it, move close enough to lick while slowly exhaling and then about once a minute I backed my head out to take another breath. After about ten minutes I couldn't manage any more without a rest to catch up on the oxygen.

"That was so good but now I need you inside of me. Do you have a condom?" she asked.

Dummy! I should have been prepared. I located my back pack and took out a strip. As I made my way back I noted number three was playing with herself by stretching one nipple as high as she could and violently frigging her pussy. When we made eye contact she exploded in a huge orgasm. She made a sound like "geeerrrr rrrrooowww", her hips shot upwards as she rested on her shoulders and heels. Quickly she lay back down on the mattress but never stopped playing with herself. I was back in position and was rubbing my cock hard again to put the condom on.

"What are you doing?" my partner asked.

"Just getting myself hard. I lost the erection when I was going down on you." I explained.

"Bullshit! Get that dick into my mouth. That's my job, getting you hard." She said patting the mattress next to her.

After moving next to her as instructed she half rolled towards me and took my cock into her mouth with a grin. Quickly I was reestablishing my hardon inside her talented mouth. The woman took my hand and placed it on the back of her head encouraging me to use her mouth as I liked. After I took a solid hold of her hair I began to force her head on my prick which she seemed to enjoy. Needed to keep things moving along I released her and moved back between her thighs. As soon as I released her head number three had another powerful orgasm. After wrapping up I maneuvered into position to slide my dick into this pussy laid out in front of me. I'd experienced this before with big girls. Their bellies are so big it prevents good (sometimes any) penetration. Fortunately there is a simple solution.

"Turn over." I said.

She rolled to one side to get some momentum and then gave a hard roll to the other side nearly leaving the mattress. She kind of rolled, shimmied and crawled back to the center of the mattress and laid right on her belly. Since her belly was so large it lifted has ass up almost to the height of an average sized girl on her hands and knees. I really enjoyed this position with the larger ladies both for vaginal and anal fucking. With a clear shot I positioned myself on my knees between her spread legs. When I placed a hand on her ass for guidance I felt her quiver. Entering her I slid in easy, way too easy. There was almost no friction. I believe she could have been fisted without any issue. After a few test strokes I confirmed the pencil was in the bucket. I gave her a few hard pops which she seemed to enjoy but caused number three to have another loud orgasm. After laying my upper torso on her back I moved my feet to the outside of her legs and squeezed her feet together for a closed door fuck. This tightened up the twat and gave me a much better sensation. I began a hard ride slamming into her beaver causing her to grunt with every thrust.

"That's good, just like that. Give it to me good just like that." She grunted out as three came again.

The panty string by her pussy lips was rubbing the side of my dick. It was starting to chafe me so I tried to pull it to the side. Because of the massive side of her ass I could not move it out of the way because the strings were pulled so tight. I went with plan 'B' and put my hands on either side of the string both above and below her vagina. One hard, quick yank and the piece broke. Without any obstruction I pounded her out for a hard nonstop five minutes or so. She lay there groaning and occasionally her vagina seemed to quiver up and down for a little bit. Realizing that I needed to last through three more women I backed out slowly.

"Sorry I couldn't get you off." I said.

"Are you kidding me? I came four times from the oral and six or seven times from the fucking." She said as she rolled, shimmied and flopped onto her back on the air mattress.

"Really? I had no idea."

"After your lesson about how sound travels I kept it quiet. Come here, I want to hold you." She said.

"Leave him be Raquel, it's time to share the cock." Number three spoke up.

Raquel pushed herself to sitting up and took my arm pulling me closer to her. She had a powerful grip and brought me in close. When she released me her hand went to the back of my head and she pulled me in for a kiss that was surprisingly tender.

"Thank you, that was really great." Raquel said after breaking off the kiss and releasing me.

"Come on stud, I hope you have something left for me." Three said.

"He's all yours Edna and he's worth the wait." Raquel said as she lay back down.

Shuffling around in the tent I moved my backpack into the space against the tent wall between the two mattresses. Next I removed a hand towel I thoughtfully included in my pack and wiped my face off attempting to remove Raquel's pussy as much as possible. Next I removed the condom and wiped off as much of the spermicide as I could. It made sense to have a little garbage pile for used condoms and wrappers that I could clean up later. Pulling another condom off the strip I moved over to Edna who was laying on the mattresses on her side watching me.

"This is the first time I was ever in a room and could see two people having sex. It was the hottest experience I ever remember having. I've seen a lot of porn but it's not the same as when you are in the same place. That was really amazing." Edna said.

"Glad you enjoyed it. Now, what can I do for you?" I asked.

"I want you to do whatever you want with me. I like it real rough and hard. I have no gag reflex so you can shove your prick in my mouth as hard and as deep as you want. I really love it when I get smacked around or spanked just not too hard in the face. I don't want to have to explain how I get a black eye or something. Oh, and if you want anal you don't need a condom but you have to use lube." Edna said.

"All right, but I am not going to smack your face. Can you get undressed please." I said.



"I want you to take off my clothes but do it rough. I don't care if you rip my clothes up, I have a bag in the car." Edna said.

I shrugged and replied, "All right."

Nothing else needed to be said so I went right to work. I pushed Edna onto her back and climbed on top sitting on her belly. Roughly I pulled her tee shirt up over her boobs and pulled only her right arm free leaving the shirt on her left arm and around her neck. There was a pretty black frilly bra holding her tits that looked expensive so I wasn't going to tear it up. Instead I lifted it up first on one side then the other removing her boobs one at a time and pulling them under the cups one at a time. Edna wasn't nearly as big as Raquel, she had what I estimated to be C cups, maybe small D's so slipping them under was easy. Next were her pants which was more of a chore. After dismounting her I surveyed the situation. They were some sort of biker stretch spandex pants that looked two to three sizes too small. The snap and zipper were already open so I tried to yank then downward.

"You got to be kidding me! I can't move these at all. How the hell did you get into these?" I said.

"It ain't easy." Edna said.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and moved it down inch by inch. After they cleared her thick butt they moved easier. I took hold of both legs and was able to help side them down and off of her tossing them to the side. I'm not dealing with that shit any more. She was still wearing small black bikini bottoms which I dealt with simply by tearing the near leg apart leaving the rest of the material around her other leg. Now that she was nearly completely exposed I went to work. I pulled her hair and yanked her head towards my crotch. She reacted quickly rolling onto her side and opening her mouth. I pushed my semi hard cock in. Using my hands I fucked her mouth by moving her head and leaving my body steady. Testing the waters once I was fully erect I pulled her head completely sinking my dick inside her oral cavity and held it there. There was no reaction other than her tongue massaging the shaft. Deciding to go for broke I gave her exposed ass cheek a hard slap. Edna tightened her mouth around my prick slightly but corrected this quickly as she gave what seemed like a satisfied sigh.

"Hey! What are you doing in there?" a voice from outside the tent asked.
"It's all right. I was asked to spank her." I replied casually.

"I want to hear from one of the women." The voice instructed.

I was peeved but I understood the concern. "Edna can't talk at the moment, my dick is down her throat." I said hoping to cause a little more controversy.

Raquel rolled herself off the mattress onto her knees and made her way to the chair to her clothes. As she moved she said, "Relax, Edna asked to be roughed up and slapped around. You know how she is."

"OK, I was concerned." The voice said.

I let fly with another hard smack this time reaching over more to hit the center. Edna gave another sigh and continued to mouth fuck my dick. After a couple of minutes I removed my unit and moved onto the mattress while pushing Edna onto her back and straddling her face. I hung my ball sack over her mouth and lowered them downwards. She greedily stuck out her tongue and began licking everything she could reach. My purpose for this position was access to her breasts. I palmed one in each hand and squeezed with the intention of causing pain. Edna groaned in a very satisfied manner.

"Keep going." Was all she said as she sucked one testicle onto her mouth.

I pinched her little nipples between my thumb and forefinger which finally cause her body to jump a bit in reacting to the pain I inflicted. Next I followed her lead and pulled up the nipple lifting the breast. I gave the sensitive area at the bottom of her tit a hard smack and received another quick reaction. This was five more slaps in quick succession making Edna squirm a bit. I grabbed a tit in each hand and moved forward pressing my dick into her cleavage and squeezing her mammarys around my unit and began a tit fuck. Her tongue went right up and into my asshole. She rimmed me like a champ as I rammed her tits.

At this point Raquel was dressed and zipped open the tent flap and held it open for number four.

"See, Edna's fine." Raquel informed number four.

"OK, I got worried." Four said.

"You're next. Get in there and have some fun." Raquel said as she exited the tent.

Four gingerly stepped inside and zipped the flap closed.

I moved on with my plans and withdrew my cock from Edna's boobs and repositioned so that I was laying on top of her in a 69 position. Pressing my dick into her open mouth I tested the waters with a few thrusts. With no opposition I began another round of face fucking Edna's mouth. She encouraged me by holding my hips and pulling me deeper into her. I heard a gasp from four and turned to face her.

"I don't think you can do that to me." She announced.

"That's ok, Edna asked for it to be rough." I replied.

Edna gave a thumbs up to four showing her encouragement.

"Oh, all right. I don't know what to do. I'm new at this." Four said.

That broke the mood for me. I ended my facial thrusts and lifted myself off of Edna saying, "Turn over."

As Edna changed position I said to four, "Sit in the chair and get undressed. When I'm done fucking Edna it will be your turn. Think about what you want us to do together."

Turning back to Edna I laid down a fast series of smacks across her ass cheeks causing her to squirm around a bit. Opening a fresh condom I rolled it on and moved into position between Edna's legs. Using my hands I spread her legs apart and roughly grabbed her hips. Yanking her up and towards me I found she was completely shaved. After fitting the head of my cock into her lips I shoved the rest of it inside her in one hard thrust. Edna gave a combination yelp of surprise and cry of pleasure. I was trying to cause her pain but she was so wet I slid in without any issue. As I pounded her hard, holding her hips tightly and ramming it home with every stroke I inched my body forwarded and Edna had no choice to move with me. In a minute Edna had moved forward to the end of the mattress which was pressed against the wall of the tent. She was trapped between my dick and the tent. I kept pushing forward so she had no choice but to stand (technically kneel) and push back. Between our two actions we couldn't have made any harder thrusts without the use of power tools. After a minute of this Edna had a very strong orgasm clamping down on my prick with her vaginal muscles. I continued to drive home inside of her and was rewarded with three more equally strong orgasms.

All this effort was wiping me out but I had another woman to take care of so I pulled out without any warning. Edna groaned with dissatisfaction. Finding the mattress mostly empty I turned and lay on my back. Edna backed away from the wall and looked me over.

"What are you waiting for? Get on top of me." I insisted.

In a flash Edna mounted me cowgirl style. With her tits presented right in front of me I took the opportunity to land a few more well placed smacks. She rode me to another three more strong orgasms. Without my death grip on her hips when I was behind her hips thrust hard with every orgasm. I knew there was one more thing I had to do with Edna. After the third orgasm I grabbed her tits and pulled her over to the side on her back. Maintaining control of her tits I mounted Edna missionary fashion and continued giving her the hardest thrusts I could manage. Her eyes were rolled back up into the top of her head and all I saw were the whites of her eyes, an open mouth and some fresh drool on her cheek. I imagined that Edna was satisfied with our time together. After a minute of my forcing myself inside of her Edna came again and I was able to feel her hips thrusts up and into me which was what I wanted to experience at least once. Edna's time was up and I was winding down. Slowing my thrusting down and just as I was easing out Edna's last orgasm caught be unaware. She reached up and pulled me down onto her chest, thrust her hips up and growled in my ear.

"Oh baby, please don't leave me." Edna pleaded.

"I'm sorry but I need a rest and I do have someone waiting for me." I replied still wrapped up in her grip.

"Please, I want you in my ass." She whispered.

"I'm sure I'd enjoy that too but now is not the time."

"When you are done with everyone else tonight, would you please come back to my hotel with me tonight? You can spend the night." Edna begged.

"I don't think I would have the energy for anything. However, let me finish what I promised to do here. Please hang around the area or in one of the two RV's and I'll find you afterwards. We can talk then. Fair enough?" I offered.

Edna released me. "I guess that's all I could ask for."

She grinned up at me and then placed her hands on either side of my face pulling me down for a tender but brief kiss. I got myself up and off of Edna and looked around. Number four was sitting in the chair apparently naked but one arm was covering her boobs and the other her vagina. She wasn't going to be a fun one that I could see. Moving off the mattress I removed the condom and wiped myself clean as best as I could. I tore another condom from the strip and stood up and walked to the chair. All this time on my back and knees I needed some time on my feet to get the blood flowing.

"So, did you decide what you'd like to do?" I asked number four.

"I'm not sure. I've never done this before. I know I don't want to be slapped around or hurt like you did with Edna. I don't like that at all."

"That's no problem. Edna likes that stuff and asked me to do it. Now that I know what you don't want, what *do* you want?" I asked.

"I don't know. More of the usual stuff I guess."


"You know, the normal things men and women do together."

I was getting frustrated but I tried to make allowances. Obviously she was very shy. She wasn't used to this type of environment and I was probably going to be the first guy she was with that she's fucking without dating for a month first.

"How about if I go down on you and then you can decide if you want me inside of you and how. Does that sound good?" I asked.

"Going down? Does that mean licking me?" she asked.

Fuck me! Looking her over I would have guessed that she was in her early fifties (at least, I think I was being generous), somewhat chubby everywhere but a disproportionally large round belly and looked like either a beer gut or the eighth month of pregnancy. She's not aware of the term going down?

"Yes, that's me licking you. Would you like that?" I asked trying to not sound sarcastic.

"It's been so very long since I've had it but yes please, I would like that. Do I have to like you too?"

Edna was up and moving around getting dressed. "Listen honey, reason dictates that if he licks your pussy you should suck his cock."

Four cringed a bit when she heard the term cock and pussy. I was starting to get the impression that she was a librarian or a school teacher but only teaching the younger grades.

"If you would like to play with me, than please do." I compromised.

"Please lick me and then be on top. Could I also ask that I get on my knees too? I like that a lot." Four requested.

"Sure, if you'd like anything else just say something. Now why don't you lay down on this mattress and we can get started." I suggested.

"Right after she leaves." Four said nodding to Edna.

Edna and I both stopped, stared at each other and then stared at four.

"Why is this all about?" I asked.

"I'm not comfortable being undressed around another woman. I'd like her to leave before we get started please."

"But you got undressed in front of her." I said.

"You two were... busy. No one was looking at me." Four said.

Edna chuckled. "No problem honey, I'm leaving but you really should try and lighten up a bit. You'd have a lot more fun."

Edna was moving towards the door and I held her arm. "Would you mind bring me a few ice cubes in my cup please?"

"Sure David, I'd be happy to."

I retrieved my cup from my pack. Edna took it and gave me another kiss before she left. After the tent door was zippered shut four physically lightened up a bit.

"I'm sorry, but I'm uncomfortable with women looking at or touching me. The whole lesbian thing grosses me out and really upsets me a whole lot."

"That's fine. So would you lay down on the mattress please?" I asked.

"In just a second. Would you step closer please?" she asked.

I moved closer still standing but slightly bent over because of the tent height. I didn't want to frighten her so I stayed more than arm's length away. She removed her arm covering her vagina and motioned for me to move closer which I did. She gingerly reached out and tenderly touched my penis as she giggled a bit. After a moment of touching she withdrew her hand and stood up still holding an arm over her breasts.

"I wanted to see what I was getting." She giggled again.

She lay on the mattress and I spread her legs apart by holding her ankles. From what I could see she had very full breasts, the big belly and big thighs. Her bush was fairly hairy but trimmed up nicely into a clean triangular shape. I lowered my face to her groin and I was hit with a sharp vinegary odor. I can get around a lot of smells but vinegar isn't one of them. Going in closer I used my nose and tongue to inspect the area and decided to try my best. I began teasing the lips by stroking up and down. She seemed to enjoy that a lot so I upped my game and located her clit which was small and well covered. Bringing my right hand over the top I used two fingers to hold the lips open to get better access to the love button. I knew I did well when she seemed to melt. Figuring that the sooner I get her off the sooner I'd be done I went to work tonguing her clit. One thing I do have to say is that her orgasms are not quiet. Soon after my tongue touched her clitoris she exploded crying out quite loudly.

"JESUS! Can you keep it down? There has got to be some kids in the area. We don't want to cause Howie and Deb and issues." I said.

"I can't help it. When I have an orgasm I lose all control."

I snatched her shirt and rolled it up in a ball handing it to her.

"Here. Stuff this in your mouth when you cum or I will have to stop." I said.

"Whatever you do, please don't stop. It felt so good!"

The zipper on the tent flap lowered and a hand reached in with a cup. Edna shook the cup to let me know ice was in there before putting it down.

Edna opened the flap wide enough to put her mouth inside and said, "Was that you guys? You may want to keep it down or you're gonna wake the dead."

"We know, we have a plan. Thanks Edna." I said.

"I can't help it, David's just so good." Four called out.

Considering that I barely touched her I didn't think much about her comment.

"I know. Have fun but keep it down." Edna said as she zipped the tent closed.

I went and got the cup and poured some whiskey in it. Since there was a break in the action I'd take a drink.

Four lifted herself up on her elbows and looked at me saying, "Are we done?"

"No, I wanted a drink. Give me a minute and we will continue." I replied.

"Oh, good. I was really enjoying that. It's been so long since anyone's licked me that I forgot how nice it was."

"Understood. But please try and keep your voice down. We don't want to cause any issues." I said.

"I'll try. What are you drinking?" Four asked.

"Canadian whiskey."

"Can I please have a sip?"

I handed over the cup and four sniffed it. She tentatively took a sip and savored it in her mouth for a few seconds.

"Hmmmm, good blend." She responded before taking a good drink and handing the cup back to me.

I finished off the drink and resumed my position between her legs.

"Remember to keep it down." I instructed.

She lay back down and held the shirt on her chest in both hands preparing (hopefully) to stuff it in her mouth if necessary. Resuming my position I went right back to where I left off. In no time more orgasms came quickly. Moving my left hand into position I inserted a finger inside and finger fucked her seemingly making her explosions larger. She was the easiest women to give an orgasm to that I've ever experienced. Four did a combination of stifling herself and stuffing the shirt in her mouth to muffle her cries. After about six or seven minutes (and at least 15 orgasms) since the restart she used her feet to push me back away from her crotch.

"Fuck me! Fuck me right fucking now! I need to feel your dick explode inside of me. Come on, fuck me!" she exclaimed shocking me.

"Just a second." I said as I moved to get the condom.

"Fuck the rubber! Get your cock inside of me! I want your cum in me and to feel it to drip out." She cried out too loudly.

"Would you lower your voice!" I hissed.

First, her change in attitude from librarian to slut shocked me. While I might have fucked a librarian without a prophylactic I sure as hell wasn't sticking my uncovered dick into a slut. My first impression was that she had not been laid in years, now my thinking was more along the line of hours. And finally, I had no erection.

"Come on, hurry the fuck up!" she said.

"Just a second." I said as I stroked me meat.

"What are you doing?"

Four raised herself up onto her elbows again.

"Oh, I apologize. Let me take care of you."

With that four was up on her knees and crawled over to me and lay down on the edge of mattress. I was on my knees on the tent floor. She took my thighs and pulled me closer lowering and turning her head to take my hanging prick into her mouth. Obviously she's sucked a dick before. Four aggressively worked my dick which thickened and straightened out in her mouth.

Once I was hard she pulled her head back and asked, "Do you want me to keep going or can you fuck me now?"

I was disappointed that she stopped but it was for the best. I wanted to finish up so I could stretch my legs and maybe get something to eat.

"I want to fuck you." I replied.


Four was back up on her knees and turned around facing away from me. I ignored her request and covered up my dick as I moved into position behind her. She was very wet so entry was a snap. I'll give credit where credit is due, slut or librarian she was tight. It took a few hard thrusts to get all the way inside.

"Get the shirt ready." I said.

Four's ass wasn't that big but she had thick saddle bags on her thighs which I liked a lot. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting like a madman driving my cock home. After about three minutes four hadn't experienced a single orgasm from fucking.

"Is this good for you?" I asked.

"It's ok, but I want to change position a bit."

With very clear instructions I was told that she would play with her clit while lowering down to flat on her chest. I was to lay on her back, reach under and grab her breasts while gently stroking her nipples. Once situated I resumed stroking her pussy. Almost immediately her orgasms began again. Her free hand pressed the shirt into her mouth mostly muting her cries. I increased the strength and frequency of my thrusts which only caused more orgasms sooner.

In the middle of the fuck fest the tent flap opened up again. Two large women that I hadn't seen before came into the tent and closed the door behind them. They both gave me a smile and made their way to the back of the tent to the other mattress. I saw them undressing when I turned to look. Aparently four never noticed them.

I continued to fuck four good and hard through several more orgasms until I was sweating like mad and was out of breath.

"I'm sorry but I have to stop." I said.

"Yeah, I figured. I think we kind of went over my time limit but it was so fucking great I didn't want to stop."

"It's not the time it's that I am out of breath and sweating like a pig." I said.

"I understand. I really appreciate your efforts. I haven't cum that much in a long, long time. Do you want me to suck you off while you rest up?" she offered.

"No, apparently more ladies are interested in meeting me." I said.

"They are lucky ladies. I hope you are as good to them as you were to me."

"So do I." one of the new arrivals said.

Four jumped up, spun around and looked to see who had said that.

"How the fuck did you get in here?" Four asked.

"We just walked in while you were getting laid. We came in undressed and sat on the bed waiting for you to finish."

Four scrambled to cover her body with her arms while opening her shirt and pulling it on.

"Would you two mind turning the other way and give her a chance to get dressed please." I asked the new women.

Without a word the two ladies turned their heads away. Four quickly rose and began to dress. Panties and pants were quickly pulled on. She already had her shirt on so her bra was stuffed into a pant pocket.

"OK, thanks. David, thank you." Four said as she made her way out to the tent door.

"Excuse me, could you do me a favor please. Would you mind bringing me a bottle of water, I am pretty dehydrated." I asked.

"Sure, I'll be right back." She said.

The tent was closed and one of the women asked, "What was her deal? She seemed pretty uptight when you dick wasn't inside of her."

"I'm not going to discuss other ladies and what happened with them. Now who are you and how can I help you?" I asked.

The smaller of the two said, "Well, I'm April and this is Rhonda. Were here to experience your cock. We have it on good authority that you know how to use it well."

"You're Marge's friends." I said.

"Yes, she called us up and said that there was a really great guy here that loves big women and she begged us to come for some fun." Rhonda said.

"Well, I think that's exaggerated except that I prefer larger ladies." I replied.

April turned to Rhonda, "Modest too."

"From what we heard you've been a fairly busy boy today and even more so tonight. Why don't you relax for a while and let us take care of you?" Rhonda said.

"Actually I thought that last woman was the last one. I was looking forward to a break and to get something to eat and possibly even a shower." I explained.

They looked at each other for a few seconds. "We are the team assigned to finish you off. We know you are probably beat but we want to make sure you leave happy." April said.

"Plus we are saving the best for last." Rhonda said.

"Could you fill me in on the whole story? That way I'd be better infirmed of what I need to plan for." I asked.

"April and I are here to help you to relax. After us are two more big girls that will totally rock your world." Rhonda said.

"Believe us, you want those two. We had to beg them to come but they are something to see in action." April said.

"I'd really like to get something to eat and relax for a bit first." I said.

Rhonda asked, "When was your last orgasm?"

"I don't know. Probably about two hours ago but I have been fucking and sucking all day long today and for a full week." I said.

"You just banged that chick and a couple more before her and never came?" Rhonda asked.

"That's correct. But I am fine. I think that if I did have an orgasm I'd probably shoot dust." I replied.

Just then the tent zipper opened up and a hand placed a water bottle inside.

"David, here is your water."

"Thank you." I called out.

The zipper closed and I went to retrieve the bottle. I opened it up and drank half of it in one long swallow.

April looked at Rhonda saying, "I think we need to respect his wishes. The man needs a break then he should have it."

Rhonda looked at me and asked, "How much time do you need?"

"Half an hour or so. Why the big concern about time?" I asked.

"We need to drive home to outside Philadelphia tonight and we would prefer to do it while still awake." Rhonda said.

"I see. OK, give me half an hour. If at least one of you would stay in the tent to keep it from getting taken over so we have a place to play that would be a big help. I'll shower, grab a bite and come right back here. Agreed?" I offered.

April grinned, "I think we can keep the tent occupied until your return."

April then pushed Rhonda back so she was laying down on the mattress. She then crawled over and plopped her pussy onto Rhonda's face and squirmed a bit to get in the right position. It appeared that Rhonda's tongue went into action when April balanced herself on Rhonda's large belly, closed her eyes and let out a long, happy sigh. I took the opportunity to find my shorts and shirt and pulled them on. As I dressed I mapped out what I must do to return here ASAP. I took the water bottle with me and exited the tent. I slid my feet into my flip flops and instead of taking the direct route to my RV through the center of the swinger's camp I ducked around the back of the tent away from the other guests and around the next row of RV's just to be safe. I high tailed it to my site and opened the RV. The AC felt great. I turned on lights and pulled the shades closed. Fuck! I left the bottle in the tent. Wait, I have the bottle the sorority sisters gave me. I pulled it out and poured two fingers. I put in about an ounce of cold water from the bottle because it was faster than break out ice cubes. I chugged a third of it down and then removed my clothes. In the bathroom I turned on the water to luke warm. I will not take a cold shower if I can avoid it. And cool in the air conditioning wasn't a good idea.

Starting with my hair I shampooed and then washed my body from the top down. Since I was moving so quickly I left the water on. In less than three minutes I was clean, well cleaner anyway. As I began drying myself off I pulled out the sandwich from the refrigerator and opened it up. I wolfed down bites in-between drying, then grabbing clean clothes (putting on stinky, sweaty clothes on my freshly washed body didn't appeal to me), and drinking the water and sipping the whiskey. In no time half the sub was gone. I wrapped up the other half and put it in the fridge when there was a knock on the side of the vehicle. Pulling the shade to the side I saw Alice standing out there. Oh fucking great! Just what I need now! I had to open the door since she saw me peeking.

"Hi David, can I talk to you for a minute so I can apologize please?" She asked.

"Sure, come in but I am leaving in a minute." I said.

I stepped back and Alice climbed in closing the door behind her. She looked on the verge of tears.

"Listen, I was wrong earlier. I'd forgotten that this was just a casual thing and I shouldn't have expected it to go any further. It was wrong of me to pressure you into anything more and I'm deeply, deeply sorry for the way I acted. It was very childish of me." Alice said in a trembling voice.

"No problem. Do you want something to drink?" I said.

"No thanks. Wait, is that all? All I get is 'no problem'?"

I went over to Alice and wrapped my arms around her. "I knew you were wrong and now you know it. You apologized. There is nothing more that needs to be said. We can keep in touch and see how things go. Maybe we can get together when we want to. I'm not saying it's never going to happen but I can't make any definite plans right now."

Alice looked up at me with a little smile. "That's a very nice way of letting me off the hook easy."

"Even earlier I didn't think it was a big deal. My intention was that after I got home to call Tammy and ask her to talk to you in hopes that you'd understand but you already do. Now, I really have to run. I have people waiting for me." I said.

"I understand." Alice said releasing me.

I we back to putting on my flip flops, finishing off the whiskey and grabbing a fresh water bottle to bring with me.

"Are you going to the big RV's again?" Alice asked.

"Yes. They went out of their way for me tonight. They even made a special call out to bring in larger ladies which they know I like. Since these women drove here just for me I want to spend some time with them. But they are going to tonight so I don't want to keep them late."

"I see. Is it ok if I go to the site with you?" Alice asked.

"Sure, but I am going through the back door."

Alice giggled.

"I meant that I snuck out and am sneaking back to the camp to avoid a lot of conversations by avoiding the main areas of the party."

"I see. It might be fun to watch you play secret agent."

Once I was ready to go I made sure the RV was set and locked it up. I explained to Alice what I was doing, where I was going and why. Alice followed along with me but once I reached the back of the tent she stayed back. I went around to the front and Unzipped the flap. Leaving my shoes outside I close the door behind me. Inside I found April eating out Rhonda and fingering her as well. Rhonda lifted her head to see who it was.

"That was quick. Was that half an hour?" she asked.

"I think it was more like 20 minutes." I replied as I started to get undressed.

"Well, since you're here let's get started. It's our job to get you warmed up and ready to go for the last bit of tonight's planned excitement." Rhonda said pushing April out of her pussy.

"Which is?" I pried.

"A secret but I believe you will enjoy the surprise. I heard that there have been requests for people to come in here and watch. I think that they are leaving that decision up to you." Rhonda said.

"Not knowing what is coming up I'm not making a decision right now."

"Understandable. Now, you lie down on the mattress and relax." Rhonda said.

The two women moved the mattress closest to the entrance in the center of the tent so that there was room on either side. I lay down with my head closest to the door wondering what lay in store for me. Both ladies worked on me from opposite sides of the mattress starting at my top and slowly working my way down. April started with a scalp massage and Rhonda massaged the shoulder nearest her. April hummed to herself as she worked her way down my body but Rhonda seemed to take more time and made it more sensual. Neither of them touched my unit but certain touches or actions inspired some brief stiffness of my cock. Dreading them touching my feet I warned them I am very ticklish and I've been known to kick and hurt masseuses. They both assured me that they knew what they were doing. Both ladies took my feet and used firm grips and touch so I was never close to a tickling issue. Once the massage was completed they began phase two.

"Did you like that?" April asked.

"Yes, very nice." I replied.

"Good. Let's move on." April grinned.

Rhonda fired off an extremely loud whistle that made me jump. Cabs in New York City were probably looking for the fare. Both woman crawled up onto the mattress next to me and began rubbing their bodies against me. Rhonda took my closer hand and placed it on her tit. This time they both used their hands and began rubbing my crotch. I was becoming aroused quickly still wondering what was in store for me.

The zipper came down again and someone called in, "Is everyone decent in there?"

Rhonda chuckled, "Hell no!"

The flap opened and two black women stepped into the tent and close the flap. They looked like they could be twins or at least sisters. Both were short, probably no more than 5'2", but it was difficult to judge from my position. Both were fairly dark skinned, hair in a short afro cut, very pretty faces, great almond shaped eyes, perfect white teeth and wide smiles. They both wore what I would call a jersey dress but a better description would be an oversized tank top shirt. Rhonda made thee introductions.

"David, this is Kenya and Kianna."

"Hello, nice to meet you." I said.

"Tell us how nice it is after we are done with you." Kianna said.

Apparently that was the signal to begin. Both new arrivals lifted their dresses up and over their heads. Both were completely naked under the dresses and they seemed to be photo copies of each other. They were young, I estimated less than 22 years old. Their bodies were fantastic (IMHO). Big full breasts, I'd say larger than D cups. Not too much belly but definitely some muffin top. The only major difference I could see between the two was that Kenya had a wide landing strip of hair above her vagina but Kianna was hairless. But what I couldn't wait to see (touch, grab, fondle, worship) was both of their asses. Even with them facing me I could see their butts protrude around either side of their body. I must have these asses!

Rhonda and April sat up to make room for Kenya and Kianna. They all wound up on their knees around my crotch. There was no way in hell my dick was going down without an orgasm! Kianna was the first on my cock. She dropped her mouth down on the head and began wetting it from the top down. Kenya went for the base of the shaft seemingly working her way upwards with the same goal I mind. With my prick being well serviced April and Rhonda began working on the other two ladies. From what I could see, they were fingering the two women working my crank. Four on one action seemed a little much for my taste but I wanted to give it a try.

Things progressed quickly, very quickly. Kenya switched positions with Kianna and easily deep throated my cock to the hilt and held it there. I could hear and see a bit of April fist fucking Kianna while April was eating out Kenya. April separated from the group and found my condoms. One was handed in and Kenya rolled it on me. She mounted me cowgirl style somewhat pushing all the others out of the way.

"Kianna, could I eat your pussy?" I asked.

She smiled and mounted my face. I went right to work licking but my primary goal was to explore that monster ass of hers. My tongue found its way and I reached up to feel up her butt. It was fantastic! Not too firm, not too soft. I'd love to see her from behind in a pair of tight pants walking (or running).

Eating pussy has always held my complete attention. Whenever I am going down whatever else is happening just sort of fades away. I'll usually loose an erection unless it's being stimulated. Kenya was keeping my prick in use but I wasn't advancing towards a (much needed) eruption. But I was quite happy munching away at Kianna and feeling up her ass. I so wanted to pound that thing either vaginally or anally, it didn't matter to me just so long as I could fuck it. This was going to be the dessert of my day.

We heard Tina from outside the tent call in, "David, can we come in?"

My mouth was full so I waived for her to come. April picked up on this and said, "He says come in."

Tina came in followed by Mimi and Jeff. The tent was getting a little crowded at this point. I tapped Kianna to lift off of me. Immediately Kianna tapped Kenya's shoulder and then both stared at Tina.

"David, how are you doing?" Tina asked ignoring the stares.

"Marvelous! This is all a wonderful gift." I replied.

"Hi, I'm Kenya. I was wondering if I could lick your pussy." Kenya asked Tina like she was going to bust.

"Don't you think you'd better finish off David first", Tina said.

"Oh, we will but I so want to be with you. Do you play with girls?" Kenya asked.

"Yes to girls. Is this your sister?" Tina asked.

"No, we are not sisters. We met in school and everyone things so since we are so much alike." Kianna answered.

"How about this. After David is completely satisfied we can go and play together but I have a special request too. I want to fuck you both with my strap on. Deal?" Tina presented.

"Oh shit yeah! We are down with that." Kenya said.

Tina turned to me and said, "So lover boy, did you finish? What can we do for you?"

"I really want to fuck Kianna from behind." I blurted out without any filter.

"Ass or gash?" Kianna asked.

"You chose." I replied.

"Let me decide after I see your dick, all right?"


"Before I let you go I want you to feel this." Kenya said.

Kenya dropped down and buried my cock inside her pussy. I could feel the outer muscles around her lips tighten up and she rose up slowly. She relaxed and went down again. Tightening again and then lifting. It took about five stroke for it to sink in just how awesome this was. I definitely would have cum from this, probably I under a minute of I hadn't been spraying my load everywhere today.

I felt like I was on display and was feeling uncomfortable about it. Eight people in the tent and everyone was watching me. After commending Kenya I asked her to get off and was trying to get things organized. Mimi and Jeff must have sweet talked Rhonda to the other mattress. Mimi lay on her back and Rhonda was on top 69ing each other with Jeff in his knees fucking Rhonda. April was sitting cross legged on the floor and Kenya was squatting over her pushing her twat into April's face. Tina was standing next to them with her hand on Kenya's ass which was jiggling as she as being eaten out.

Kianna looked me over and said, "Why don't you do my ass for me but you need to lube up."

I went over to the backpack, pulled out my lube, striped off the current condom, rolled on another, took a drink of water and was ready to go.

"How do you want me? Kianna asked.

"On your knees for now." I said.

Kianna took the position on the mattress and I prepared to mount her. I first took a minute and explored the size and curves of the magnificent specimen of butt before entering her. Knowing I wasn't going to last forever I liked up for entry. I eased on in and felt Kianna initial tighten up and then relax. Once I was able to get some serious stroking going on I increased the force of my thrusts so I could slam hard into my gift. It was better than I imagined. As I fucked Kianna I forced her lower and lower until she was flat on her belly. With the extra leverage I gained from this position I rounded the final turn and crossed the finish line exploding inside Kianna's ass with a satisfied grunt. I collapsed on her back as I drained out.

Meanwhile Jeff must have pulled out of Rhonda because Kenya said, "Kianna, look at this."

Jeff's long, slender covered cock was moving towards Kenya.

"That dick was made to fuck an ass." Kenya said.

"I want it too!" Kianna exclaimed.

I eased out of Kianna and was confronted with an unpleasant fact. The head of the condom was gone and my load was still inside her butt.

"Uh, Kianna. We have a problem." I said.

Kianna raised herself up onto her elbows and turned around to look at me.

"No big deal. I was going to tell you that a rubber wasn't necessary but you already had one on and you looked like you were in a rush to get inside of me. I'm clean, I assume you are too but thanks for being a standup guy and letting me know. Now, I want to see about getting that dick inside of me." She replied casually.

I was completely spent. All I wanted was a drink, possibly a shower if I had the energy and bed. My dick wasn't going to think about getting hard for a month (or possibly longer). After cleaning up and getting dressed Tina came over to me.

"So David, would you like to fuck me for the next couple of hours?"

"Are you kidding me! All I want is sleep and a shower and that this point the shower is optional." I said slightly exasperated.

A sly grin came over Tina's lips. "Just joking. You must me wasted by now. That was the plan. When I see Deb I'll have to tell her mission accomplished."

"Shit. I should say so." I replied.

"I'm taking Kianna and Kenya back to my place for some fun. Can I bring you breakfast in the morning? I'd like to talk about future plans and stuff. I could help you pack up for the road."

"Kind of yes. How about if I take you to breakfast tomorrow in the park. What time do you think you'll be functional?" I said.

Tina thought for a moment. "Why don't we say about ten. I think that's when they do the church service so it will not be as crowded."

"OK, I'll text you. I'll let you know what's happening."

"Go rest up. I'm hoping to get lucky one more time before you leave." Tina smiled as she walked away.

I gathered up the rest of my things and left the tent. Outside there were several people around the food tables. As I approached a few people applauded. Once the others in the area caught on they began clapping as well. I raised my hand up in acknowledgement but mostly trying to end being singled out.

I refilled my cup with some ice and gave myself a generous pour of whiskey knowing that I was completely spent for the night. Edna made her way over to me looking hopeful.

"You look wrecked. Can I get you anything?" she asked.

"36 hours of sleep would be a good start."

"Ah, I doubt if I can manage that. So, think about my proposal? I talked with the women I'm traveling with and they said they would share a room so we could have some privacy. I can't guarantee that they will not stop by to try and join us but you can always say no." Edna informed me.

"I have another suggestion. My RV is pretty close by. You can spend the night with me, however, I am completely wasted right now. I cannot promise anything sexual. I know I'm going to fall right to sleep. Possibly in the morning I'd be up for some fun." I said.

"That sounds even better. I'll tell the ladies to come by and pick me up in the morning. I'll meet you right back here in a few minutes." Edna said as she turned to leave.

I needed to say some goodbyes since I wouldn't be back here tomorrow. Howie's RV was packed with people. Moving through bodies I found Alice in a chair, naked from the waist up only with two women attached to her massive boobs. She saw me and gave me a smile and a wave. I leaned in and whispered into her ear that I was leaving and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Tammy and Deb were easy to find. Deb was straddling one guy with his cock in her pus, another guy was pounding her ass and a third had his dick in her mouth. Tammy was on her hands and knees right next to Deb with one guy fucking her doggie style and another guy was face fucking her. I didn't want to disturb them so I turned and left. I had both of their contact information so I'd explain why I didn't interrupt them. Frankly, I figured at least a five minute goodbye and that was five minutes less sleep I'd get. Mimi and Jeff were both in the tent so I wasn't going to disturb them. Last but not least was Howie. He wasn't around but neither was his jeep so I assumed that he went to town for something.
Going back to the tables I found Edna looking panicked. She spotted me on my way to her and looked relieved.

"Whew! I thought you ditched me or had a better offer." Edna said.

"Nope. I'm leaving tomorrow and I wanted to say my goodbyes." I replied.

"That's nice. You ready to go?" she asked.


We walked over to my RV. My exhaustion seemed to make the trip even longer. After opening up the side door I helped Edna inside. She looked the place over and seemed to like what she saw. After dropping my backpack off in the front seat I closed all the shades and adjusted the lights to a dimmer level.

"Edna, I'm going to shower and get into bed. Would you like something? I was going to pour myself a whiskey as a nightcap."

"Do you have any brandy or cognac?" she asked.

"No, sorry."

"Then I'll have a whiskey with ice and some water please."

I made drinks and started to get undressed.

"Could I shower with you?" Edna asked.

I opened the bathroom door and let her see inside.

In the exact same tone as her first question she asked, "Could I shower too after your done?"

Laughing I replied, "Sure."

My shower was short, through and fairly hot. I wasn't worried since my plan was to empty the waste tanks and fill the water before I left the campsite. Once I was done I showed Edna how things worked and found a towel for her to use. I remained standing because I knew if I sat down I'd fall over asleep in seconds. Edna came out after drying off.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Well, I'm finishing my drink, turning down the lights, climbing into bed and going to sleep." I said.

Sounding disappointed Edna said, "I was hoping for some fun time, especially you butt banging me."

"As I said I am done for the night. It's a little after midnight. This is the earliest I have gone to bed this week and it's also the most tired I have been. We can try in the morning but no guarantee."

"I thought you were just being coy. I was sure we'd be getting it on before going to sleep." Edna said almost pouting.

"I was clear when we talked about it. Nothing's changed. I plan on being asleep in less than two minutes from now. You are invited to stay or to go back to Howie's place but you need to decide now."

"Could I go there, come back later and get in bed with you?" Edna said hopefully.

I was already shaking my head before she was halfway through with her question. "The doors will be locked and you'd be trying to wake the dead. Time to decide."

"I'll stay, but if you can manage it overnight I'd be up for it."

"Duly noted. Now I am going to sleep." I said counting the seconds until I was under the covers.

We tossed back the rest of our drinks. Edna got into bed as I turned off most of the lights. As I got under the comforter I lay on my back. Edna took the opportunity to cuddle with me laying her head on my shoulder. Her hand reached down and cupped my cock and balls but did not try to excite me. It seemed to lay there as protection. It didn't matter, I was asleep immediately.


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