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The Camping Trip Pt. 01


First off, I admit that I am a total dog.

I had planned a camping trip in the new RV that I share with my father. We went halfsies on it since neither of us uses it more than about a month a year we share the vehicle. It's not a huge bus size RV but bigger than van size. Really it's perfect for one or two people to take a long trip. I have it now and had planned a camping trip to an amusement park in central Pennsylvania for a week with my girlfriend. Unfortunately/fortunately we had a falling out a week before the trip. Personally, I think she didn't want to "rough it" in a hundred thousand dollar RV. Screw her.

So, I had the reservation and already paid for the camp site. The RV is stocked and ready to go. I had vacation time scheduled from work. What's a boy to do?

I decided to go it alone and nail as much ass as I could. I put a good deal of thought into this. For example, people around central PA are generally a simple folk, they drink Bud and Bud lite, not Heineken (my beer of choice) so I stocked up with a case of each (plus my Heineken). I put a six pack of each in the refrigerator to cool down and the rest in the rear storage compartment. I keep liquor in a locked cabinet, I prefer Canadian whiskey on the rocks plus but I put in a bottle of Jack Daniels just in case with some rum and vodka as well. I also stocked up on some chips, Doritos, pretzels, popcorn and other snacks I generally don't eat to have on hand. Of course I heavily stocked up on condoms. Made sure I had extra sheets and towels stored away and already had laundry soap in case I needed to do some wash.

This RV is great for two people. The couch in back folds down to a double bed with the touch of a button. Full kitchen (stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink), full bath (shower, toilet, sink), TV, DVD, satellite radio, CB, lots of storage, everything.

Anyway, I had a box of business cards left from a job I used to work at. I checked the phone number and they never assigned my extension to another person yet. You get some generic message like "You have entered an invalid extension number" or something so no issues there. I bought a throw away cell phone and put 150 minutes on it. I figured that I would use that and then dump it. I wrote the cell number on the back of a few of the business cards.

So I pack up everything and head out to the campsite Sunday afternoon. On the way (2.5 hour drive) I am thinking of what I am going to say to these women and who specifically I am going to approach. First off, I prefer larger women. Just a personal preference of mine. Next, I would try to hit on unattached ladies. Obviously I want to avoid boyfriend, girlfriend or husband drama so I would have to look for the signs. I decided a quick strike would be best. Usually these women are in groups, either a few women together or a mom and her kids (which I don't mind). I would try to nicely separate the woman of my attraction apart from her group and speak to her softly alone to avoid embarrassment. I thought about what I would say and decided on "I saw you and I am very attracted to you. If you are available and would like to go out some time here is my card. My cell number is on the back. Please give me a call sometime. Oh, and I promise not to bother you again." and then I would walk away to give them time to think about it. I figured a few would toss the card right away but some will keep the card and start thinking about it.

I know, I am a horrible human being. Planning as many one hit strikes on unsuspecting women as I can and there is ample opportunity for things to blow up on me but after the ex girlfriend saga I just wanted to get laid as much as possible with as many different people as possible. So sue me.

I arrived at the site, checked in at the desk, parked at my spot and started setting up. First thing I did was to connect the electric so I had air conditioning. Then I opened the awning built into the side of the RV and set up chairs and a small table outside. I was looking around at my neighbors. I wanted to avoid drama and hit on anyone close by. Then I leveled the RV and installed the jacks to prevent the unit from wobbling while walking around inside (and other more adult physical activities). I made sure there was nothing incriminating sitting around out in the open inside the vehicle. The bed was in the couch position with the table set up (I can break down and store the table in less than a minute). I didn't think it would look good if I had the bed all set up and ready to go. The couch even had throw pillows on it.

Everything was ready. I celebrated with a beer outside while the AC worked its magic inside.

I took my first trip into the park wandering around in sunglasses to hide my eyes to check out the available action. I have been to the park several times before and had an idea of the people that frequent the park. Fortunately, people that come here are a well fed group. Lots of big women around but most of them are with men. I spotted a few possibilities and discretely followed them around. I made a mental note to myself to bring a camera with me. Fake shooting a few photos is a good way to be able to do some surveillance in this environment. Next I ordered a plate of fries and sat at a table eating as I people watched. I considered handing out a few cards then and there but thought it better to start fresh tomorrow. I had almost a week of play time scheduled and saw no point in rushing it. I felt like a special ops operative doing reconnaissance work.

So as it's getting late I head back to the camp site and started a fire. I made some dinner and enjoyed a few more beers. I decided to use the camp shower facilities both to save the RV fresh water and to do a little more recon work. When I get back to the site the neighbors and all drinking up a storm and getting a little rowdy. Once nice thing about this place is they don't tolerate that stuff. Eventually security comes by and quiets them down. I go inside and enjoy a glass of whiskey and watch a DVD before going to sleep.


The next morning I make some coffee and slowly woke up. I get online and check the state of the world and read some emails. I head back to the camp showers and get dressed for my days adventure. After straightening up the RV and putting the bed stuff away but easily accessible I close up the RV and head to the park. After two minutes I head back to the RV, I forgot my camera. It's a small, flat point and shoot but it will do the job for faking photos.

I head out again, business cards in my pocket, camera in hand, sun glasses on and I start to prowl. After careful stalking I approach several women and give them my spiel. Some look pleasantly surprised, some uncomfortable, some stunned, and a couple looked pissed off. Well, didn't expect calls from the pissed off ones. I wander around the park with my cell phone on my belt in a holster (yes, I am nerdy in that way) and the drop phone in my pocket. I made sure both were charging over night. I had the drop phone on vibrate and about two hours after I gave out the first card I'm surprised by it starting to shake.

I grabbed it and looked at the display. Caller ID was blocked. OK, no big deal. I answered it with "Hello?"

"Hi, David?"


"Hi, you gave me your card about an hour ago. Are you still in the park?"


"Can you meet me by the big Ferris wheel in like five minutes?"


"OK, see you then. Bye." Click.

All right, the game is afoot. I walked to the Ferris wheel and then a thought dawned on me. How am I going to recognize this woman? Shit! OK, think quick. First, turn off the drop phone. Next, I grabbed my cell and pretended to be on a call. I walked up to the big Ferris wheel and paced back and forth looking at the ground acting distracted and agitated with the fake conversation on the phone. After a minute I noticed a woman patiently standing nearby watching me. I nodded to her and she smiled. I ended my "call" and walked over to her saying "Sorry about that, a week off from work and the place looses their mind without me."

She said, "No problem, I know how that goes. Walk with me."

I walked next to this woman and started listening.

"Listen David, I appreciate you giving me your number and all but I live in western Pennsylvania. You must live in New Jersey so there is really no point is use pretending to try and date. But, I really need to get laid. Would you be interested in a quick bang?"


I walked along and pretend to contemplate this turn of events. I stopped and looked at her. She turned to look at me.

I said, "Sure. With the understanding that this is only a one shot deal. We hop into bed and walk away. If we see each other again in the park or anywhere else we are just two ships passing in the night. Agreed?"

"Perfect. That's just what I wanted too."

"Great, when did you want to do this?"

"Right the fuck now of course."

"Oh, OK. I am a little stunned at your impulsiveness but I like it. Your place or mine?"

She laughed, "Your place. You have a tent?"

"Nope, RV and the air is running and the beer is cold."

She perked up. "Nice! Lead on."

"Could I at least know your name? Or something to call you?"

She chuckled, "You are not getting my real name, sorry. Call me Tiffany. No, wait. Britney! Yeah."

Now I chuckled, "OK Britney. Follow me."

We walked together to the camp site. I opened up the RV and let her inside. She looked around and took a seat in the back.

Britney said, "You mentioned a beer?"

"Of course, Bud, Bud lite or Heineken?"

"Bud please."

"A glass?"

"No, bottle is fine."

I pulled out two beers and opened them. I handed Britney hers and sat down across the table.

Britney was looking around, "Nice place you got here. You are here alone?"

"Yeah, my *ex* girlfriend broke up with me a week before we were going to take this trip."

Britney downed half the beer in one drink. "Can you close the drapes please. I don't want to shake my tits for everyone to see."

I laughed and got up to pull down the shades on all the windows. When I got back to the rear of the vehicle Britney was downing the last of the beer. I closed the shades except for the one behind Britney. I excused myself and leaned over her to pull down the last one. I felt her hand run up the leg of my shorts and feel my package which surprised me.

"Nice!" said Britney.

I smiled and went back to my seat.

"Before you sit, could I get another?"

Britney was waving her empty bottle at me. I'd barely had a sip and she downed one already. I got a fresh one and opened it for her.

"Thanks. Now some ground rules. Of course, condoms for everything. I don't suck dick. Never liked it, never any good at it. No way you are gonna cum in my mouth, face or hair. Got it?" Britney added.

"OK." I said.

Britney continued, "Now I know it's hypocritical but I expect you to do a good amount of pussy licking. That really gets me wet. Also, no anal. I don't like it at all so don't even ask. No kissing, we aren't going to be that intimate. Now, if I get real worked up I might lick your cock a bit but just don't expect it. Agreed?"

"Alright." I played along. Not as much as I had hoped for but this was easier than I expected.

"Oh, I really like doggie so plan on doing a lot of it. Hope you're not a quick shooter. I hate that."

"Usually not. Plus if I am not getting any oral that should help."

Britney smiled, "Good boy. Let's get this show on the road. You want to make up the bed?"

"Sure." I replied.

Britney stood up and moved out of the way with her beer. She moved towards the front of the RV looking it over while chugging her beer. "Don't put on sheets or anything, just a comforter or something to protect the seats is fine."

She put her beer on the counter by the sink and started undressing by the driver area. I was half watching her as I broke the table down, dropped the bed, got out the comforter and pillows and threw them on the bed. I kept the condoms in a compartment over the forward passenger seat (note to self, find a place closer to the bed). I walked forward and stepped around her to reach the condoms. I took the box out and started to the back. She was down to her bra and panties (not sexy wear, more day to day practical clothing but this wasn't a planned encounter). I was in the right place and time so I took the initiative and gently unhooked her bra for her.

"Thanks." was all Britney said.

I walked to the back by the prepared bed and started getting undressed. I sat down to remove my shoes and socks and Britney was standing there nude finishing off the second beer. (Note to self, possible beer run in the near future) She walked towards me leaving the empty on the counter top.

"Mind if I help myself? You're kinda busy."

"Go ahead." I answered.

She opened the fridge and took out another beer. She expertly twisted off the top and tossed the cap into the sink. OK, I thought, low class. The garbage can was right next to the sink cabinet. Oh well, I'll get it later.

Britney threw back another half beer in the time it took me to pull off my shirt and drop my pants and underwear. She put the beer on the counter and lay down on the bed with her head in the far corner. She propped herself up on a pillow, lifted her knees and spread her legs. I took a few seconds to check out the view. I guessed she was late 30's, probably just over 250lbs, big soft, floppy breasts and a full ass but it was kind of flat in back. She was rubbing the lips of her pussy a bit with one hand and a nipple with the other. She was looking me over too.

Britney said, "Let's get going. I got to get back to my kids. I left them at the pool."

"WHAT!" I said, "You left your kids unattended at the pool?!?!"

Britney laughed. "Relax, the two older ones are watching the little ones. They all swim like fish. They have cell phones to call me if there is a problem. Now, don't you have some pussy licking to get to?"

I shrugged it off and moved onto the bed. I crawled between her legs and got in close. I assumed she doesn't go much for personal grooming because her bush was fairly overgrown. She definitely could not be wearing a bikini. I moved in and began to explore with my tongue. She was fairly sweaty but had a nice smelling and tasting pussy. I started to get into it and was working the clit. She was very vocal, making comments like "that's it, that's the spot", "yeah, more up and down like that" and "OK, I'm ready, insert a finger in me" which I did. I worked a single digit inside her. She was pretty wet and slid in easily. After a minute I worked a second finger inside which seemed to send her into overdrive. She grabbed my head and held it on one spot as her first orgasm hit. Her lower half was working against my hand and I kept licking away like mad. Soon after that a second and third orgasm came down. She was bucking against my hand pretty well and still holding my head rock steady. I went for the gusto and pushed in a third finger which caused a minor explosion. She released my head and thrashed around from side to side until the orgasm subsided.

She lay there panting for a good minute. She looked down at me saying, "Hand me my beer."

I stood up and got her drink. She didn't move other than to reach for the drink and take a good mouthful. I stood there flaccid watching her recover. She polished off the beer and looked at the empty. "All we need is some good bourbon to go with this to make this day perfect."

OK, she drank half my cold Bud's already, I spent half an hour eating her out and I haven't even had an erection yet. No way I am pulling out the Jack for her. I want some satisfaction. I reached over and took the empty and put it on the counter. I crawled onto the bed on my knees and get within arm's reach of her. "Want to give me some motivation please?"

She looked down at my dick. "You're not even hard yet?"

I reached over and started playing with one of her boobs. "No, I was too busy working on you think about myself."

Britney reached over with the nearest hand and started half heartedly working it. Soon as I got hard she released me and got on her knees. "Come on David, I need a good ride."

I put on a condom and entered her from behind. As I banged into her ass she was making growling sounds. I found myself giving her my all and I could not figure out why. The encounter was not what I had hoped for but it wasn't horrible. I continued to slam into her and she reached underneath and played with her clit. She began to cum in rapid succession growling harder with each one. After about fifteen minutes she collapsed onto her belly and I fell out of her. I still hadn't cum yet, normally I am used to getting some foreplay but two minutes of poor stroking barely got me up. She laid there panting then rolled onto her back. "Be a dear and hand me another beer."

Not even a please. I opened another one and handed it over to her. Her classlessness was making my dick shrink. I leaned against the sink and took a drink of my beer.

Britney sat more upright in order to drink her beer. She looked over at my still covered deflating dick. "Well, I give you credit, you're not quick on the trigger. Sorry you didn't cum."

I asked hopefully, "You up for another round?"

She laughed at me, "Oh no. I better get back to my kids." Britney half crawled, half slid off the bed and stood up. She slid the comforter onto the floor and didn't even bother picking it up. She moved past me with her beer in one hand and opened the bathroom door. She sat on the bowl with the door open and urinated while drinking the beer. I stepped to the back of the van to pick up the comforter off the floor. I heard the toilet flush and then the water running. She was running the shower with the door open, a big RV no-no. I quickly stepped to the door and looked in. She had the hand shower nozzle pointed into her snatch and was rinsing it out. I closed the door and shook my head. When she came out of the bathroom she put the empty bottle on the counter and took another beer without asking. She went to the front and started getting dressed. There was no conversation. I cleaned up the bed putting away the pillows and comforter. I took off the condom and dropped it into the trash. I looked at the rubber lying in the trash and thought 'Well, it should have protected me from STD's but it didn't catch a load of my cum'.

I look forward at Britney who was dressed and slipping on her flip flops. She tipped up the last of the beer she just opened and left the empty on the driver's center console. I pulled on my underwear as she opened the refrigerator and took another beer. "Taking one for the road. See ya."

She opened the side door and stepped out not even bothering to close the door behind her. I walked over and closed the door.

OK, lessons learned here. I took my beer and sat down on the bed. First, too many rules are not good. Be more careful who you bring back to the RV. Don't let them walk all over you.

I stewed over the encounter and let to go. It was a learning experience. Aside from drinking a ton of beer at least she didn't steal anything. I guess all In all it could have been worse.

I went into the bathroom and had another unpleasant surprise. This woman is a real pig. There was a used wash cloth in the toilet. I'm fortunate she didn't flush it and foul up my tanks. My towel was on the floor soaking wet. There was water from the shower everywhere. And the shower head was hanging down, she didn't even bother hanging it back on its hook. I used the towel to clean up the water and put it on the counter to hang up. The wash cloth went right into the dirty clothes bag. I washed up with a clean towel, got dressed and reassembled the couch and table. I opened the curtains all around. I figured women would be concerned walking into a totally buttoned up RV. I checked the tank levels not knowing how much water she used but they were all in good shape. I went outside and opened the outside storage compartment. I grabbed another sixer of beer for the fridge and the clothes line. I ran the line between a couple of nearby trees and hung the towel to dry. I put the beer in the fridge to cool down and gathered up all the empties. I got the trash together and bottles to be recycled (campers always recycle) and walked it to the proper bins.
I sat back down to finish off my beer thinking about the trip so far. Not going as well as I had hoped but this was just the first hook up. The beer wasn't doing it for me so I poured some whiskey in a glass with some ice. I went outside to sit under the awning for some different perspective. As I sat down the phone in my pocket jammed my leg. I forgot all about that. I pulled out the throw away phone and powered it on. When it synced to the tower I saw two voice mails. Things were looking up.

I hopped up and went inside. I grabbed some paper and a pen and called to get the messages. First one was from Lori. She said that she was flattered but she was kind of seeing someone. Next message was from Ann. Ann was wondering if we could get together later and talk.

I called Ann back and apologized explaining that I was in the shower (a half truth but close enough). She asked what I was doing now. I explained that I had just poured a drink and was about to sit outside and enjoy it. She asked if I wanted some company. I said sure, and gave my site location. She said she would be over in 10 minutes.

All right! I looked around the RV one last time for anything incriminating and was satisfied (first time today). I went to the bathroom and check myself out, rinsed out my mouth (I hate brushing my teeth and drinking good booze, it ruins the flavor), gave my hair a quick comb, got my drink and went back outside. I was keeping an eye on the road from the park where I expected Ann to be coming from. I dam near shit myself when I heard "Hello" from right behind me.

I jumped out of my chair spilling my drink on my shirt (another pet peeve of mine, hate wasting good booze). Ann started apologizing immediately but soon found it hard to control the smile that kept leaking across her face.

"You scared the crap out of me!" I barked angrily.

"I am so sorry, a woman of my size is really not all that stealthy. I just walked over and said hello." Ann said with honest sorrow in her voice.

I had to stop and reassess the situation. I smiled both inwardly and outwardly. Ann was about 350 and fairly short. In a word, very round. She was holding a purse under one arm.

"I am sorry I reacted so badly. You really surprised the hell out of me. I am sorry if I was hard on you." I apologized.

Ann giggled, at what I didn't know.

I looked at my wet shirt. "Let me go change and get a refill. Can I get you something?"

Ann replied, "I'll have what you're having."

"OK, be right back." I went inside through the side door leaving it open since I was just going to be a minute. Put my glass on the counter and pulled off my shirt which went into the dirty clothes bag. I grabbed a new shirt when the sliding door closed. I spun around and Ann was standing in the RV with me. For a woman of large proportions she can more quickly and silently. She put her purse on the counter and walked up to me. I was at least a foot taller than she was. She put her arms around me and placed her hands on my back pulling my belly into her chest. I was stunned at this development. I gently put my arms around her shoulders and held her there. She held me close for a minute and very tenderly said, "I'm very sorry I frightened you. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

I thought carefully how to answer this one. "Well, this feels very good. I am a lot calmer right now. But I feel weird about being half naked in front of someone I just met."

Ann pulled away smiling. "Well, I wouldn't want you feeling weird or anything. I know what will make you feel better. Where is your liquor supply?"

I pointed to the cabinet under the sink. "Down there."

Ann had to back up a foot or so and opened the cabinet. She spotted the open Canadian whiskey bottle and opened it up. "This it?"

"Yes." I responded.

She poured me a very healthy drink and closed the bottle returning it to the cabinet. "Ice?"


She took a few cubes from the freezer and carefully placed them in the glass so nothing would spill. "Soda? Water?"

"No, I drink it straight."

She took my drink and held out her hand. I took it. She directed me to the front passenger seat and I put the drink in the center console between the two seats. The seat was already turned facing the back. She stood me in front of the seat. She smoothly went down to her knees and undid my shorts. In one quick motion she slid my pants and underwear to the floor. She then gently encouraged me to sit in the chair. Ann reached over and handed me my drink and smiled at me. "This should relax you."

Her face moved to the head of my dick and she sucked in the head. She rocked her whole body back and forth as I got harder and harder taking the whole length as it grew. I slid my butt forward a few inches to give her better access. She has obviously done this before. Ann had some great oral skills and was going all out for me.

She was on all fours rocking her whole body front to back deep throating my whole unit on every stroke. It really felt amazing. After a couple of minutes Ann backed off and looked up at me. "Have a drink and relax."

I forgot all about the whiskey. I took the glass and took a sip. Ann smiled up at me and went back to her work. It dawned on me, five minutes ago I had not set eyes on this woman and now I am getting great head from her. This might turn out to be a good vacation after all.

I put down my drink and looked Ann over. She was in a black tank top and black shorts. All I could see was the top of her head, back and big round ass. She then released my cock from her mouth and repositioned to a seated position on the floor. She used her hands, one to stroke me and the other was gently massaging my balls. She looked at me, "You like?"

"Oh yeah, that's great. Dam you're good."

"That earned me a big smile from Ann. She went back to sucking me off with more earnest than before using both her mouth and hands to entice a load from me. Due to the earlier encounter I basically had one in the chamber ready to launch so in just a couple more minutes I fired off into her mouth. She seemed to enjoy swallowing the big load I had stored up (I had not self serviced for four days before the trip in anticipation). When I was fully drained she released me and then licked me clean.

Ann asked, "How was that?"

"Magnificent!" I replied.

Ann reached over and handed me my drink. "Here, relaxed now? No more anxiety about me scaring you?"

"Nope, I'm in great shape. Thanks. I am sure you heard this before but you give excellent head."

"Yep, I've heard it before. Even won a contest in college for it."

I was semi floored. "Really? Do tell."

Ann struggled up to her feet. "Sure, but do you mind if I make myself a drink first?"

"Yes, I do mind. Let me get it for you. What would you like?"

"Same as you is fine." Ann answered.

I stood up and pulled up my pants and underwear. I became aware that all the shades were still up and anyone looking in could see my naked ass. Oh well, enjoy the show.

I walked around Ann, got a glass with ice and poured some whiskey in it for her.

"Why don't we sit at the table?" I asked.

"Sure, sounds good to me." Ann replied. She even got my drink from the console for me. We sat down and exchanged glasses.

"Now, about this contest?" I asked.

Ann took a sip, "Mmmmm, nice blend." (This girl knows good whiskey!) "Anyway, I was a junior in college in my sorority and this pledge was bragging about her oral skills to everyone that would listen. The older sisters all shrugged it off saying that I was better. So this pledge was a cocky bitch, no pun intended, and went on and on about her skills. Everyone in the house got tired of hearing it. Anyway, she got on her high horse and challenged me to a contest. I said no problem, bring it on. At the weekly meeting the whole house decided on the rules. We would get ten guys, five each. Whoever finished off all five first would be the winner."

"Wow, five guys in a row? Isn't that a bit much?"

Ann replied, "She wanted ten each but the sisters voted on five. Anyway, we get ten guys and a couple of backups just in case of stage fright or no shows. We were going to flip a coin and winner chooses her first guy, then the other girl chooses a guy until we have five each. Just to piss her off I said that she could pick her five and my five and I would take them in the order she chose. I was pissed that we couldn't swallow the loads because I love that, it's like a great dessert for me. Anyway, the sisters voted that they had to see each guy cum into the air for it to count. So we line up the guys side by side in two rows. The loud mouth even showed up in knee pads. All the pledges were behind her, all the rest of the sisters were behind me. There were even a few bets placed, one I didn't know about. So we start off, it has to be all mouth and hands. We were back to back so I couldn't see how she was doing. I found out later that she was jacking off the next guy while blowing the current one. I get the first three guys off but number four was having a hard time cumming. I get him done and do number five pretty quick. The place went nuts. I stood up and looked at the bitch who was still working on her number three. She realized that she lost and stopped. Everyone made her finish off her guys. The older sisters made a bet with the younger ones. Losers have to lick up all the cum off the floor so all the pledges and to clean the floor up with their tongues. As part of my winning big mouth could never talk about her oral skills in the house again. The event was so popular they have it every year now. I am asked back to judge every year. I've been going back every year for over ten years now. It's a lot of fun."

"That sounds amazing. I would like to see that."

Ann replied, "Sorry, girls only. The only guys there are the ones getting blown. They come in right before the event and leave right after. One year they blindfolded the guys but that slowed them down too much so they did away with that."

"Well, congratulations on the contest and your award winning oral skills." I tilted my glass towards her.

Ann laughed a hearty laugh. "Thank you for that and for asking me out. You have no idea what it meant to me."

I asked, "Why do you say that?"

Ann looked surprised. "You walked up to me when I was with nine other women. They are some of my sorority sisters that I graduated with. Didn't you notice that we were all wearing the same shirts?"

"Honestly, I did not notice the shirts. I was so entranced with your beauty that I couldn't see anything else." I kidded. This earned me a raised eyebrow from Ann. I chuckled, "OK, I was really only looking at your tits and ass. So, what's the big deal with the sisters?"

"When I pledged the house the older sisters told guys that before they could fuck them they had to fuck me. I was the token fat chick in the house. I guess that it had some meaning or a trial for the guys or something. Anyway, they kept sending their guys to my room to bang me. When we got done, the guys kept coming back to me. They didn't want the sister they were trying to date. We have a dating council in the house. If a sister fucks a guy and another sister wants to fuck him they have to go to the council. It's supposed to prevent boyfriend stealing. You need permission of the first girl before the second girl can fuck him. Its serious stuff. If you fuck a guy after a sister says no they toss you out of the house. The council is also a good way to exchange info on guys. Size, endurance, skills, everything that's important in a good piece of ass. Well, since all the sisters are sending their guys to me I am in the council every week. It caused some issues. I didn't care if they fucked them after me, the issue was these guys kept come back for more of me and not the girls that sent them to me."

"Shit, sounds like you were up to your ears in dick for a while."

"You can never have too much dick. I've never let one go to waste." Ann said indignantly.

"Again, I congratulate you on your oral skills. They are amazing."

"I hope to show you a few more skills after we finish these drinks."

I smiled, "I was thinking the same thing. So what was the deal with the sisters today?"

"Oh, I almost forgot. Well, as the token fat chick I'm not supposed to be getting hit on. So today, you walk up, separate me from the herd and ask me out. It was a real boost to my ego and slaps to the rest of the women. Half of them are married or in relationships but I was the one that got asked out. It made me feel great. For the next hour we walked around the park, went on rides but it was all they could talk about. Why was I the one asked out? Why not them? Even the married ones were pissed off. Seriously, that hour made my whole month. I made the decision right there that I was going to reward you. I told them that I was going to fuck you now and left to go back to our camp site to clean up. I called but got your voice mail. I started having doubts whether you were for real or not. I went to shower and change and you called me back. That alone made me feel real good. I appreciate that."

I smiled, "Believe me, the pleasure was all mine."

Ann smiled back, "No it wasn't. If you don't mind I am going to take off my shirt and bra. Even with the AC on I am sweating."

"Please, be comfortable. Let me pull the drapes first."

I stood up and started pulling the drapes down. By the time I got back to the table the shirt was off and she was working on unhooking a sturdy but lacey bra. She looked up at me, "Would you mind?"

I gently unsnapped the hooks and she casually slid off the bra and tossed it onto her shirt.

"Ahhhh, love feeling the cool air on the girls. Thanks."

Her tits were oversized with pale pink nipples on the ends. She gave them a shake from side to side to get some air under them. I could see her skin glistening from the sweat. She reached into her glass and removed an ice cube. Ann ran the cube around each tit to (I presume) cool them off but it was turning me on to watch. I took a big belt of booze to get my mind reined in. Her nipples soon were standing at attention which further excited me.

"Wow, you know how to turn a guy on."

Ann laughed. She batted her eyes at me saying, "Who, little old me?" in a silly southern accent. She popped the reminder of the ice in her mouth and chewed it up. "So, what's your story? What brought you here?"

"Well," I started picking my words carefully, "I was seeing this woman up to a week ago. We broke up. I think the thought of "roughing it" here had her worried."

Ann started laughing hard, "Roughing it? In this thing? You've got to be kidding me! We have ten women in three tents. Do you have any idea how much space just hair care products takes up?"

I had to chuckle now. "That was part of it. It drove me nuts, she needed at least 90 minutes to get ready before going out. Hey, if she didn't take off on me I wouldn't have met you."

"Good point. Go on."

I asked, "What do you want to know?"

"Married, kids, job?"

"Never married, no kids, have a job. I manage the computer systems for a insurance company (remembering the info on my business card)."

"Really? Because I called your work and it's not a valid extension." Ann said quizzically.

"No shit! Dam it! I must have screwed up my on vacation message again. If you don't hit the right keys it throws your mailbox into limbo land. I will have to call tomorrow and straighten it out."

"What's really funny is that when I called the main number looking for you they said you left the company over a year ago."

Oh shit! Busted. Think options. Better come clean.

"Dam, you are good. Smart of you to follow up. You caught me. That was an old business card I gave you. If things didn't work out I didn't want you to track me down."

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet. I handed her my current card. "This is my current card. If you want I'll give you my real cell number as well."

Ann didn't even look at the real card. "Can I also assume that by the smell of pussy on your breath that I'm not the first one to receive a card?"

OK, now I was blushing.

"No, I gave out a few cards. I did have a woman here about an hour ago in an entirely unrewarding experience. In fact, I spent more time cleaning up the RV after she left than actually having sex. She was a real slob."


"It was all about her. Went down on her for about half an hour, banged her for another fifteen minutes and she left without any attempt to get me off. Drank all my cold Buds and left a mess on anything she touched. Her lack of class really pissed me off."

"I see. I do appreciate the honesty. So, is this just a numbers vacation for you? Going to jump as many women as you can?"

I nodded, "That was the plan. But only big girls."

Ann chuckled, "I can appreciate that. I am glad I know where I stand. I put two and two together. I was going to offer you to my sisters but they are mostly skinny minnies except the ones that had kids."

"Thanks but no thanks."

"Understood. So, that woman you were just with didn't get you off at all?"

"Nope, extremely selfish. There will not be a reunion, that I can guarantee."

"OK, more for me. So, you want to get busy? I could use it. Plus, I need gloating material for the camp fire tonight."

I laughed, "Of course. I need to drop the bed, would you please stand up?"

"Sure." Ann took the glasses off the table and moved forward. I took down the table and lowered the bed. I went into the over head compartment and pulled out pillows and the comforter. When I was done a turned to look at Ann who had taken off her shorts leaving just a shear black thong on. It made a deep 'V' in front and as I soon found out it framed her big round ass beautifully. "You like?"

"That's great! But honestly I'd rather see you out of it."

"That's your job stud." Ann took three steps and basically tackled me onto the bed. She held my arms down while sitting on my waist and planted her lips on mine. Her tongue teased mine and then started licking my lips. "That's must have been a good tasting pussy."

I asked, "You eat pussy?"

"I love dick but I like pussy. When I am in the mood I will eat some if the opportunity presents itself. Do you suck dick?"

I was appalled at the question but down played my answer. "Never had the opportunity to try it."

Ann hopped off of me and undid my shorts. She slip them and my under shorts off and tossed them with her clothes. She repositioned herself and started sucking life back into my cock again.

I sat up and pushed her off of me. "Hell no, it's my turn now."

Ann giggled, "OK by me. Go to town David."

I laid Ann on her back and straddled one thick thigh. I began by licking her nipples back to full attention. Ann was moaning with pleasure from my actions. I rolled her over onto her stomach and rubbed her back briefly. I really wanted to see that sweet butt of hers which looked outstanding. I carefully slid her panties down while she lifted her ass and legs. I grabbed two handfuls of ass cheek and didn't come close to capturing a significant amount of all of it. I got between her legs and spread them apart. I separated her cheeks and buried my face in-between. I teased her asshole with my tongue which caused her to jump.

"Hey! Easy boy! I didn't bring any lube with me. If you want to butt fuck I hope you have some."

"You enjoy ass play?" I asked.

"Oh yeah! You are the only guy I was ever with that went to the ass first. Go nuts back there but wash up before you lick the pus. OK?"

"No prob, safety first."

I went back to tongue fucking her ass. I have to assume she was liking it since she was squirming back against me. I worked a couple fingers into her pussy as I was eating her ass which really got her going. I could hear Ann's breaths coming quicker which I soon learned showed the approach of an orgasm. I continued the tonguing and fingering through several more orgasms until she suddenly rolled over knocking me loose.
"Fuck me right the fuck now! I need it bad."

Not being one to miss an opportunity I jumped up, went to the bathroom and washed my face and hands. When I came out I found Ann on her back, knees up, legs spread, her purse open next to her with the contents spilled out. There was two long strips of condoms, some massage oil, a large dildo, some latex gloves and in her hand was a small bullet vibrator that was attached to her clit. I grabbed one of my condoms (I really need to find a closer place to store these things) and brought it to the bed. Once I got onto the bed Ann opened her eyes saying, "Hope you don't mind but one I start cumming I like to keep them going. Now give me that dick so I can suck you hard."

I crawled over and Ann tilted her head to get my penis into her mouth. As excited as she was she still worked her great magic on me. I was getting hard quickly. I played with her massive boobs which helped matters. I could hear her cumming over and over from her vibe as her mouth gently massaged life into my cock. Once I was hard I pulled away and put on the condom. Ann tossed the toy away and again pushed me down on the bed. She quickly straddled me and lowered her very wet pussy onto my dick. For the amount of miles she had on that thing she was still surprisingly tight. She eased down on me and then started riding me. I was loving this big time. Her boobs were flopping around so I grabbed them. Her fat ass was hopping up and down on me. She reached up and grabbed a handful of her own hair above her ears with each hand. She was riding me like a champ.

"Oh man Ann, you fuck so good. I can understand why those guys kept coming back."

Ann rode me through another orgasm, dropped her hands to either side of me and lowered her face to just above mine. "You ain't seen nothing yet David. Now fuck me doggie and I'm using the vibe some more."

Ann crawled off of me to get her toy again. She lifted her ass up, slipped a hand under her and placed the vibrator on her sweet spot. I marveled at the sight for a few seconds, apparently a few too long. Ann turned to look at me.

"Forgive me, I was enjoying the view."

Ann went back to work and I entered her from behind. Her soft round ass was a marvel to slam into. The skin on skin slapping sounds were really a turn on. Ann continued to cum like a machine gun. This right here was what this trip was all about.

Ann must have been all orgasmed out by this point. She reached back and massaged my ball sack with her toy still running. It was an unusual sensation, pleasant but it distracted me from the pounding I wanted to give her. She must have felt the change in timing and quickly removed the vibe. Ann lifted her upper body so she was on all fours and started fucking me back. She was still cumming but it was only once every minute or two, not 15 to 20 seconds with her joy stick.

Ann said, "How about some missionary? I want to see your face when you cum."

I pulled out and roughly shoved her ass to the side. Ann giggled with the need I was displaying to get back inside her as quickly as possible. I got into position, put my arms under her legs and lifted them so her feet were on my shoulders. I reentered her hard as I held myself in place by holding her thick thighs. I pumped away in this position for a few minutes watching the expression of pure ecstasy on Ann's face. Then I lowered her legs and got into the more traditional missionary reaching under her butt to grab ass cheeks for further stability.

Ann squealed, "Of yes, I love that. You're not stopping until you cum inside me. I need to feel you shoot your load in me."

Although this was a more comfortable position I like to be in a more active one, particularly when I have a big butt to hump into. After a few minutes of this Ann sensed that I need a change.

"Get off the bed, I want to try something." She ordered.

I withdrew and stood up. Ann also stood on the floor, turned and faced the bed. She bent over and spread her legs so I could enter her from behind.

"How's this for you? She asked.

I was awed by the sight of the magnificent ass open to me. The only word that came to mind was, "Heaven!"

Ann chuckled, "It's all yours baby, give it to me good."

I moved forward to enter her from behind. Unfortunately she was significantly shorter than me and for me to enter her I had to squat down to a position that didn't give very good leverage.

Ann said, "One minute. Let me try this." She got up on her knees on the bed which raised her ass a few inches. This helped a whole lot. I buried my dick into her wet pussy and started long stroking her. She was matching me with her movements. After a few minutes of this I couldn't hold on any longer. I went into overdrive and began slamming her hard.

In between her grunts I could make out comments like, "Oh yeah!", "That's it." And "Give it to me hard like that!" It was more than enough to set me off and I exploded inside her. Ann must have felt it and I think she came again with me. I came so hard my knees were shaking, it was really a great one. I was now holding her ass for support. Ann moved forward and released my cock from her still wet pussy.

"Come and lay down, you look like you need it." Ann said.

I crawled onto the bed and collapsed on my back. Ann carefully removed the condom and cleaned me up with her mouth. When she was done she curled up next to me in my arm and we held each other close for a few minutes. I have to say that she knew her stuff, I was wiped out. I looked over at her and gave her a tender kiss on the lips.

"Thanks, that was excellent."

"Fuck, I enjoyed the hell out of it too. I haven't cum that much in a long time." Ann answered.

We recovered together for another few minutes quietly, each alone with our thoughts.

I broke the ice saying, "So, want to do this again?"

Ann giggled, "Thank you, I didn't know how to ask you the same question. Thought you were only interested in one shot deals."

I said, "I was until I met you. Dam girl, you rock."

Ann lifted her head and grinned, "Practice, practice, practice."

I chuckled. "But I guess we need some ground rules. I don't know what else you've got going on. No boyfriend or husband issues, right?"

Ann said, "Do you honestly care right now?"

I thought for a few seconds. "At the moment, no, but I don't want any problems later."

Ann said, "OK, tell me your thoughts on how you want to handle this?"

"Well, as you figured out I was trying to bang as many women as possible while I was here but I would be happy just banging you. What are you thinking?"

Ann pondered for a minute. "I really want to and need to spend time with my sisters. I don't care if you're slutting around when I'm not with you but I don't want to walk in on you either. How about I call first to make sure the coast is clear?"

"Sounds good. What about sleeping here tonight?"

Ann lifted her head onto her hand. "Seriously? You want to spend the night with me?"

"Definitely. I'd like that a lot. Unless you'd rather sleep with your sorority buddies."

"Let's see, sleep in a gorgeous air conditioned RV in a real bed with a guy who knows how to fuck great or sleep in a tent on a sleep bag on the ground getting licked and poked all night. Hmmm, maybe NASA scientists could help me come up with the right answer."

"Licked and poked?" I asked.

"Yeah. I need a drink. Want anything?"

"My whiskey and an answer to my question." I replied.

Ann slid out of the bed and refilled our glasses. "Most of the sisters still engage in lesbianism when we get together. They don't consider it cheating or anything. Everyone just gets everyone off and doesn't think twice about it."

I had to sit up to learn more about this. "Seriously? Is this in all sororities?"

Ann laughed as she handed me my glass. "Hell no, not that I know of. In our chapter during hell week all the pledges have to perform oral on all the older sisters and get them off at least once. It happens the first night of the hazing process. That weeds out a lot of applicants. We hold that over them, if they talk we tell the whole campus everything they did. Anyway, in our house our sisters always fooled around together. One on one to orgies. Everything imaginable."

"I had no idea. Dam, I am getting turned on thinking about this."

"So, after we graduated we all keep in touch. We go to events together, usually plan a couple trips together every year and when we do we generally fool around together. Like this trip, we have three tents. One tent has the women that don't want to play. The other two tents are the playmates. Some of the married women really look forward to these trips since they get bored at home."

I had to ask, "So, are you in the play tent or non play tent?"

Ann smirked, "What do you think? With my sex drive? Last night I was eating out one woman while another was fucking me with a strapon. We get pretty wild and kinky. Sometimes we forget that we have to stay quiet in a tent. Don't want to wake the neighbors. The women in the non-play tent generally sit outside and keep guard for us. They let us know when we are too loud. But sometimes in the middle of the night someone wakes up horny and starts it up again."

"Strapons too? Nice! Do you consider yourself bi, straight or gay?"

"I am straight. I can't live without dick nor would I want to. But I do like playing with women, I do enjoy eating pussy but a real dick can't be replaced by a toy."

I thought about this. Oh to be a fly on the wall of those tents. "OK, I'm not making any judgments here. So what's your thought about meeting up?"

Ann thought for a minute. "I need to get back to camp. We all planned on having dinner together. I am debating whether to shower or not. I think it will be fun to eat with them while I reek of sex. Oh, that reminds me, do you have paper and a pen I could use?"

"The drawers near the side door, second or third drawer down."

Ann moved and started opening drawers, she took out paper and a pen and started making notes.

I had to ask, "What's up?"

Ann answered, "I'm making notes. Undoubtedly when I get back to our site they are going to know details of our encounter. I don't want to forget any details. It's a chick thing. They want to know and I want to rub it in their faces. Help me out here. First I blew you in what I call the rocking position then I moved to a sitting BJ. When we went back at it you rimmed me first, the girls are going to love that. No one ever does that first."

"Well, you have a sweet ass and I had to get in there."

"I appreciate that. What was after that?"

I thought for a few seconds. "I was fingering you while I ate your ass. I washed up, when I came out you were getting yourself off."

"Oh yes, I hope you don't mind that but once the ball gets rolling I need to keep them coming."

I replied, "I enjoyed watching you. Then you gave me head to get me hard again."

"Yes. Then I rode you cowgirl and then we did doggie I think."

"Yes." I said watching Ann scribble notes on the paper. "You were using your toy during doggie. Then we went to missionary and ended with the standing rear entry."

"Oh, that was two positions each. Legs up missionary then legs down. Then first with me standing which didn't work out too well then with me kneeling. That counts as two positions each." Ann looked over the list. "Dam, the girls are going to be so jealous. I love this."

"OK, so what are your plans for the evening? Going to lick some clit before coming back here?"

"No, I doubt it. Going to the camp, we'll eat some dinner, talk, gossip, I'll run down our encounter and then head on over. I'll call your cell first to make sure the coast is clear if that's ok."

"That works for me. I doubt if I will be with anyone else today. I want to save my energy for you later."

"Oh, you're up for another round?"

"Oh shit, I just assumed that when you came back you wanted to play before going to sleep. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made that assumption. If you just want to go to sleep I am good with that too."

Ann smiled, "You really are something special. You just try to go to sleep without banging the shit out of me some more. Oh, speaking of shit, do you have any lube in here?"

I grinned, "At least we think alike, great minds and all that. No to the lube. I was only thinking of pussy, I never thought of banging ass on this trip."

"I'll get some at camp. It will be good to have just in case we want to go there."

"Not to be pushy, but what kind of time frame are we talking about?" I asked.

Ann pondered for a moment, "I need gossip time, dinner time and I am definitely going to shower before coming back here. Let's play it by ear. I will call you once I know. I do want to give you some recovery time. Who knows, you might get lucky and slip someone in between now and the time I get back." Ann was smiling an evil grin.

I stood up and walked over to Ann. I put my arms around her shoulders and looked right into her eyes. "I will do without anyone else if there is even the faintest possibility of being able to fuck you tonight."

Ann put her arms around my waist and held me close, "I love a romantic."

We got dressed and Ann headed off. I checked the dump cell phone and no new messages. I decided on taking a shower myself at the camp shower. After cleaning up I made myself some dinner in the RV. It was getting darker so I turned on the outside lights while sitting outside with my laptop and a light cocktail (didn't want to take the chance of whiskey dick). I had both cell phones by me turned on by me. I'd already cleaned up inside and moved the box of condoms to the same overhead storage bin as the pillows and comforter which is located right above the bed/couch. The bugs were coming out and biting so I moved back inside. I put the bed back into couch mode and started a DVD after refilling my drink. Finally the dump phone rang.


"Hi David, you ready for me?" Ann asked.


"Ten minutes ok or do you need more time to get rid of someone?"

"No, the parade of women ended about five minutes ago." I joked.

Ann chuckled, "OK, be over soon. Bye."


We clicked off. I gave a look around the RV to make sure everything was tidy which it was. Went to the bathroom and checked my appearance which was fine.

I sat back down and unpaused the DVD to not appear overly anxious even though I was very excited to have another opportunity to jump this sexy woman and even spend the night with her. I left the outside light on to make it easier to find her way to my door and left the shades up. Ten minutes went by and no Ann. Fifteen minutes then twenty rolled past. I debated calling her back. Outside I heard something of a ruckus and paused the DVD again. I walked to the drivers area and saw Ann's group of sisters following her. Ann did not look happy.

I went to the side door and slid it open. Immediately I was greeted by applause and cat calls from all the sisters except Ann who had a scowl on her face. She pushed me back inside and stepped in. She stuck her face out the door and very gruffly said, "OK, happy? Now, FUCK OFF!" She slid the door closed to the women outside laughing.

Ann looked up at me, "I am so sorry. I hope you're not embarrassed or anything. Trust me, I'm embarrassed enough for both of us."

I smiled at Ann and put my arms around her. "I'm very happy to see you and glad you came back. I could care less about your entourage." Then I leaned down and kissed her long and deep on her lips. Ann dropped the bag she was carrying and reached around me holding me close. We intertwined tongues for a minute until the whooping and cheering outside caught my attention. With the interior lights on and the shades up the image through the windows was clearer than an HDTV picture. I released Ann and started pulling down the blinds. Ann went forward and started pulling down the blinds in the driver's area. We heard a series of "boo's" from outside and then the group started moving away.

I looked at Ann, "Are you OK?"

Ann still looked a little flustered. "OK, I think I might have over gloated. They wanted to hear all the nasty details three times! I spent more time talking about it than actually doing it. Well, they get all worked up over it and they all were drinking pretty heavy. They insisted on walking me over to make sure I got here safely but they just wanted to check you out. I tried to lose them but these short legs were not made for running. Could I get a stiff one to help me calm down please?"

"Drink or dick?"

Ann laughed and hugged me some more. "Thanks, I need a laugh. Let me start with a drink first."

"Go sit down, I'll bring it to you."

I poured both of us small drinks. I smelled Ann's breath when I hugged her and knew she had been drinking with her friends. I sat down at the table across from Ann after delivering the drinks. "Are you going to be OK?"

Ann slugged back half the glass in one shot. "I am fine. I just didn't want to have to expose you to this bullshit drama. There was no avoiding it, they were not going to leave me alone. Not really great for inspiring a sexual mood, was it?"

"Believe me, your showing up is all I need to put me in the mood. Do you think they will be back tonight?"

Ann eyes sprung open. "FUCK! I am sure they will. Also, now that they know your site and your RV a few of them might try to jump you for a quickie. DAMMIT!"

I tried to reassure Ann. "First off, I only go with big women. Period. From what I saw there wasn't anyone over 150lbs. 200 is my bottom limit. Next, if I could spend the rest of my vacation with only you I'd be a happy man."

Ann seemed to relax a bit. She finished off her drink and looked at me. "That's very nice of you to say. I appreciate that. As far as them showing up, I would expect it. They would never do any damage or anything but try to annoy us. Just be prepared. They are already pretty drunk, a few might try to peek in and watch us."

I replied, "I'm not worried. I have some bottled water in the fridge. We can soak them if we need too."

That brought the smile back to Ann's face. "I like that, cold water on a cool night. Thank you, I feel better now. You mind if I get a refill?"

"Help yourself. I have been taking it easy, don't want any performance issues."

Ann grinned, "It's all a question of body weight."

Ann poured herself some more and even topped me off with a little more. When Ann sat down she slid in next to me. "I hope you don't mind?"

It was my turn to smile, "I don't mind at all. I was going to sit next to you but I thought you need a few minutes of space and I didn't want to seem too pushy."

"Thank you, I appreciate that and you're right, I needed it."

I put my arm around her and moved in for another big kiss. Ann put her hand on my leg and began rubbing my thigh. I took that as a sign to move things along. With my free hand I gently massaged a tit over her shirt which made her moan in my mouth. We made out for a few minutes slowly increasing the touching and getting more excited. Ann pulled away after a while and stood up.

"Can we dim the lights and set up the bed? It's uncomfortable for me in the seat with a non movable table and seat because of my size. Do you mind? Am I being too forward?"

"Yes, yes, no and not at all."

Ann laughed and helped me setting up the vehicle. She took the glasses off the table. I broke down and stored the table away. The couch folded down to a bed again but this time I pulled out the sheets with the comforter and pillows. While I was there I grabbed a couple of condoms and left them within reach. Ann helped me with the sheets and setting up the bed. I squeezed past her and started shutting down lights leaving dim lighting on. I remembered to shut off the outside light as well. I forgot all about the TV and DVD I was watching earlier that was still paused. I shut those down as well. I also locked up the vehicle to prevent unwanted visitors. I considered turning on the alarm but I thought if we get very active that we might set it off.
I picked up my glass, "Will this do my lady?"

Ann smiled, "That only thing that's wrong is we are both still dressed."

"All in good time. We have all night; I see no reason to rush things."

Ann was grinning ear to ear at this point. "I like the way you think. Oh, I never used an RV bathroom before, I might need help."

"It's not a big deal but I'd be happy to help. However, we both can't fit in there at once."

Ann pretended to get mad, "Are you saying I'm fat!?!?"

I kissed her, "Yes, that's what I look for in a woman."

Ann gave my butt a squeeze. "Thanks, I need that assurance."

Ann picked up her bag from by the door and moved it closer to the bed, she kicked off her shoes and climbed on. She was lying on her side with her head in her hand. "Care to join me lover boy?"

"A pack of wild dogs couldn't keep me away."

I slid next to her and threw an arm over her waist. I began to tease the small of her back with my fingers. We started making out again but were both more aggressive. The first thing I wanted to do was play with that big butt of hers which I did. Hands roamed in all areas above clothing. I let her make the first move by removing my shirt. She immediately began sucking on my nipple which I always enjoyed. I began working her shirt up over her head and was rewarded by finding a sturdy but lacy bright red bra that barely held her oversized boobs. I pushed my way into her cup and gave her firm mound a squeeze. Ann gave a satisfied moan from the squeeze and slipped her hand down to give my junk a gentle rub.

Our passion seemed to escalate quickly. Soon I was nude and Ann was down to just her undies (intentional on my part, I loved seeing her scantily dressed). I didn't know what to do next. I was like a kid in a candy store with a fifty dollar bill, what to get first? Oral? Anal? Eat pussy? Straight fucking? So many options! I wanted to do everything NEXT!

I pulled away from Ann. "Ann, I need your help please."

Ann seemed stunned. "What's the matter?" she asked sounding concerned.

"Look, my mind is racing. There are about 200 things I want to do to you, for you and with you. I cannot decide what should be first. I want to do everything NOW! Can you give me some input on what your thoughts are please?" I asked.

Ann looked perplexed. She pulled back from me and sat upright on the bed crossing her legs (limber thing, isn't she?). "Wow! It's rare a guy asks me what I want. Thank you for that anyway. First, please hand me my drink. I need some brain grease to think about this."

I slid over and got our glasses. I sat up and handed Ann hers. We took sips and I waited for Ann to think of options.

"What are you thinking about? Give me specifics." Ann asked directly.

"Everything. I mean that, literally everything. I want to do everything I can think of with you and I want to do it all first." I answered.

Ann took another sip. "OK, why am I still in my underwear?"

I took a gulp. "Well, I like looking at you in it. Red is a great color for you. I have kind of been savoring it, like slowly opening up a present."

Ann smiled from ear to ear. "Just so you know, that sounded incredibly corny but I know that you really meant it. OK, give me an idea of what you want to do first?"

"EVERYTHING! Really! Oral, anal, fuck, suck, and everything in-between." I said realizing that I was sounding overly frustrated and I didn't know why.

"Whoa, slow down stud. No need to rush, we have all night." Ann said calmly.

I wondered if I was acting psycho. "Look, I'm sorry if I am getting freaky. You turn me on so much. I want to attack you ten different ways at once. I don't know where to begin."

"Attack? Maybe you should pick your words a little more carefully." Ann replied. "Listen, I think I understand what you are trying desperately to say. With your dick hard like that I doubt if there is enough blood left to make decisions in your brain. Let's slow down and relax for a minute. Oral? Anytime, anywhere. I love it obviously. Anal? I have lube with me, I'd be glad to accommodate you. Fucking? You got it, as much as you can handle. Just give me an idea of what you want to do first."

"That's the problem, I want it all and I want it now. My mind is in over drive. I am getting a refill and try to shut it down a little. You want some more?"

Ann finished her drink and handed me her glass. "Please."

I stood up and began to refill the whiskey.

Ann asked, "Oh, wait. Did you mean anal on you?"

I kept pouring the drinks trying to not react. "What do you mean?"

Ann seemed to perk up and seemed almost giddy. "I mean, do you like your ass played with? Like it tongued? Fingered? Fucked?"

I decided to let out a closely guarded secret that only a couple of women knew to this point (and definitely no guys). I handed Ann her drink and sat on the bed facing her. My wood was at about half mast at this point. "Well, actually I like all of it. I was introduced to butt play a while ago and I really like it. I want to clarify that I only do it with women. I have had a couple of women use strap ons with me. I also like fingers and tongues of course. How about you and man ass?"

Ann kept her face neutral. She crawled off the bed and put her drink on the counter. Then she reached over and took my drink and put in next to hers. I thought 'this was it, I freaked her and she's leaving'. I couldn't have been more wrong. She turned and tackled me onto the bed and planted a warm, wet kiss on my mouth.

"Oh David, you have no idea how much I love butt fucking men. This is going to be great. I want to bang that ass so bad. We are going to have so much fun. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. I can be very gentle."

I took a few seconds to recover. I said, "Well, if you don't mind, I prefer deep and hard."

Ann laughed a deep, sincere laugh. "I can do that."

"OK, now there is one favor I need to ask you about this. Please don't tell your sisters about butt banging me. It's kind of a private thing with me. In fact, please don't tell anyone."

Ann rolled onto her side. "I understand. I generally don't let it be known that I eat pussy on occasion. However, my sisters love to bang man ass too. If you want I could get all of them over here to take turns fucking your ass. We can start with a small dildo and work our way up. They would love it."

"Definitely not. But thank you for thinking of humiliating me like that." I chuckled.

"Maybe just two or three?" Ann pleaded.

"No thank you. I am sure you'll do just fine."

"OK, I am horny as all fuck right now. We need to get busy and I mean now. Since you can't make a decision do you want me to take the lead?" Ann asked.

"That might be a very good idea." I answered.

Ann pulled me more towards the middle of the bed without another word. She flipped on top of me into a 69 position and began restoring my unit to its full former glory. I adjusted to go down on her but her panties blocked me. With her bent like this they were stretched tight and I could pull them to the side enough to be able to eat her. I was barely able to slip in a finger. I worked it inside her soaking wet pussy.

Meanwhile Ann was working the shaft with her mouth and one hand and gently massaging my balls with her other. I felt bad because I felt like I was getting 90% of the pleasure and not able to give much more than 10%. Ann didn't seem to mind, she was a natural born cock sucker. Once I was fully erect again she got off of me. She stood up on the floor and held out her hand for me to follow her. I got up and she took me to the front of the vehicle. She sat in the passenger seat where I received the excellent head. She reached between my legs and gently put her hand around my sack. Like any guy this action caught my complete attention. Guiding me by my nuts she directed me to turn around and back towards her. Her other hand she gently pressed on the middle of my back while gently pulling on my package to get me to bend at the waist. I was able to brace myself against the counter and bathroom wall to keep my balance. She directed me to spread my legs wider which I did. Then she eased her tongue into my asshole. It was great, she really knew her stuff. She started by teasing the outside and then worked it in. I could see how her sisters wanted her to eat pussy, she could make her tongue as hard as my dick. She penetrated me with her tongue and released my balls. She reached up and began stroking my dick. She's definitely done this before.

After a few minutes my knees started to shake. She quickly withdrew from my ass and released my dick. She firmly held my hips as I regained my footing and stood up. I turned around and lifted her to her feet. I bent down and kissed her full on the lips not caring that her mouth was just a part of my ass. "That was amazing, thank you!" I said after breaking off the kiss.

"I am glad you enjoyed it. Now, if you're able I want you to undress me but you can't use your hands."

I grinned, "Making it tough on me, huh?"

"Get to work." Ann insisted.

I turned her around and tried to disconnect her bra in the back. Her massive boobs and size strained the material and I could not get a bite on it. After a couple of minutes I gave up and used my fingers to separate the catches.

Ann turned to me saying "Cheater!"

I nodded in agreement and went back to work. I walked around in front and using my teeth on the straps pulled each side off of her shoulders until it dropped to the floor. I used my toes to grab the bra and kicked it towards the bed where it landed nicely.

Ann laughed, "Well played David."

Now the hard part. Her panties look painted on. This was going to be difficult but a labor of love. I kneeled down and started in the back. I held her upper thigh to help her keep her balance and to support myself. I dug into the soft flesh of her ass to try to get my mouth onto the top of the panty. It took a couple of tried but I found the spot. I pulled it half way down one cheek then moved to the other side. I had the technique down but since the panty was stretched even further it was harder to grab. I eventually caught a piece and moved it half way down as well. I moved to the front and went right for the center. I got the elastic in my mouth first try and gently pull it downwards. The back side slipped down over her round ass but was still snagging on her thick thighs. I was suddenly inspired, I rolled my head forward into the bottom of the undergarment and using my whole head pushed down to the floor.

Ann laughed loudly. "Well done my boy. For that you earn a treat. Get up on the bed."

I stood up taking the panties with me. I gathered her bra and put them by her clothes. I stopped at the sink counter and took a quick sip of my drink. Ann followed me and gulped hers as well.

"Lay on your back, head here, feet here." Ann commanded.

Interesting. Not going front to back in the vehicle but side to side. Not the norm but I'll go with it. I assumed the position as Ann climbed on the bed. Without slowing down at all she mounted my face cow girl fashion sliding her wet lips from my chin to my mouth. Without being asked I dove into her pussy licking for all I was worth. My hands grabbed her mighty ass cheeks both to rub and stroke them (for my pleasure) and to keep her in place (her pleasure). I went to town eating her out. In a minute she started rocking on my face. I had my tongue buried inside her very wet pussy but I wanted to get to her clit to see what kind of reaction I could inspire. I readjusted but Ann quickly put me back where I was. After several minutes of riding my face and a few orgasms Ann reached down and gave my dick a few strokes.

Ann looked down at me. "Ready to fuck?"

"Ummm Huummmmm" was all I could manage in my current position.

"You want pussy or ass to bang?"

"Hmmmm hmmmm" I tried to reply.

Ann grinned and moved off of my face. "Did you say pussy?"

"I tried to." I smiled.

"Good place to start." Ann repositioned onto her back. "Let's start like this. OK with you?"

I reached over and grabbed a condom. "That's great."

After placing the condom on I mounted her missionary style. She was very wet and I easily went inside. I was quickly greeted with a satisfied smile from Ann. I began slowly stroking her and bent down to give her a long deep kiss. When I lifted my head she immediately took hold of both sides of my head and pulled me back down for more and treated me to more excellent tongue work. I wanted to hold her close so I reached underneath and grab both ass cheeks and began to pump into her harder. She began rocking her big hips up into me and I got even better penetration. It was very hot and exciting, I didn't know how much longer I could last.

When the kiss ended Ann lifted my head and looked in my eyes, "When you cum I want you to blow your load on my face or in my mouth, OK?"

Now, normally I consider cumming on a woman rude and disrespectful but if she is asking for it who am I to say no?

"I'd love to." I answered picking up the pace.

Ann was obviously enjoying the banging but I was getting close to release. I released her ass and lifted myself up on my arms while ramming into her even harder. This seemed to be the spot and Ann suddenly came so hard and fast that it surprised me. She thrashed around for a minute which pushed me closer. She then gathered up her massive tits and mashed them together. She sucked one nipple then the other. I took the opportunity to suck on the unoccupied one and Ann let loose again. This is all I could take, el orgasmo was enroute and it wasn't going to stop.

I quickly pulled out and took off the rubber. I moved from between her legs to her side and closer to Ann's face while on my knees. Ann half rolled to the side and grabbed my dick stroking it and aiming it towards her open mouth. The first spurt was kind of weak and small and dripped down on the comforter. The second was much stronger and seemed to surprise Ann as it shot straight, true and hard onto her mouth. She choked a bit on it and moved to get the head right in her waiting mouth and received the rest of my dick juice right inside her inviting oral cavity. Ann carefully milked my cock empty and released it with a satisfied smack of her lips. Then she surprised me by leaning over and licking up the drop that fell.

"Dam that was good, thanks." Ann said.

"Believe me; I think I enjoyed it more."

I lay down next to Ann and held her in my arms. Ann reached around me and held me close. It was very comfortable for both of us, like we've been lovers for years.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence Ann raised her head and looked up at me, "I am really glad I called you David."

I gave Ann a little squeeze and replied, "Not as happy as I am."

We lay together some more enjoying each other until Ann spoke up. "Sorry, but I really have to pee."

I chuckled, "Not a problem, happens to the best of us."

Since I was closer to the floor (the bed takes up the whole back end of the vehicle) I stood up and held out my hand to help her up. She seemed genuinely surprised at my gallantry and took my hand. I helped her to her feet and she asked, "So what do I do in there."

"Your how old? You never took a piss before?" I asked semi seriously.

That earned me a playful slap on the arm. "How do I work the toilet asshole?"

"Well, generally you sit down, pee, wipe and then flush. Just go easy on the paper. Too much can clog the system and you really don't want to clean that out." I explained.

Ann opened the bathroom door and looked in. "Oh, I thought it was more complicated than that."

"Nope, tomorrow you can help me empty the tanks if you want." I kidded.

Ann had a good laugh, "No thank you, I think I have plans then."

Ann closed the door. I pulled out the ice and Canadian whiskey and poured us both good drinks. I leaned against the sink and took a good sip.

In a minute Ann came out. "You were right, pretty easy. Thank you."

I handed Ann her glass. "I was thinking, want to go and take a shower with me?"

Ann lifted her arm and gave her pit a quick sniff. "Am I stinky?"

"No, not at all. I thought it could be fun. The showers are big stalls, we get undressed in the dry side, get wet, wash each other, dry off and come back here. We can play around in there. Believe me, there is barely enough room in here for one person to shower." I answered hoping I was being tactful.

Ann smiled warmly, "That does sound nice. Let's drink up and head over. Oh, I didn't bring a towel. Can I borrow one?"

"Of course, anything to spare you from having to walk the gauntlet of your sisters." I answered.

I walked to the back and had to stand on the bed to get to the overhead compartment when I stored extra towels. I pulled out a big one and stepped down to the floor. "Here you go."

Ann smiled, "Thanks lover boy, you're the best."

Ann and I clinked our glasses together (OK, they are plastic. Less likely to break while traveling.) and finished off our drinks. Ann grabbed her bag and pulled out shorts and a tee shirt. I grabbed my shorts and shirt and a clean set for after I washed. I looked over at Ann getting dressed and noticed she was going commando. I gave it a few seconds of thought and did the same, it made sense to me. After we dressed I grabbed the bag I keep my toiletries in (bagging them makes trips to the shower much easier) and towel and asked, "Ready?"

Ann smiled back, "I'm ready for anything you have to offer babe."

"Want to get wet?" I played back.

"Wetter than I already am?" Ann said keeping verbal stride with me. Man, do I love a quick witted woman.

"Let go." I said as I unlocked and opened the side door. I made sure I had the keys and helped Ann exit the RV. We walked hand in hand over to the showers. Fortunately at this time of the evening they were pretty empty. We found an empty stall, went in and I made sure the door was locked. Went I turned around Ann's shirt was already off and the shorts were on the way down. Dam, she's quick. I put my stuff down and lifted off my shirt. Ann was already unbuttoning my shorts and had them off seconds later. We stood there naked admiring each other's bodies for a few seconds when I stepped closer to kiss Ann. She surprised me by taking a step backwards. I took another step but she was already backing up further. Hell of a time to play hard to get. Two more steps and she was against the back wall and couldn't move away any more. I grinned and walked up to her to hold her and her hand hit the water supply button spraying me down. I laughed a hearty laugh at that one, she set me up and got me so good.

We both laughed for a minute then I leaned in and kissed her passionately. We held each other closely rubbing backs and making out.

The problem with campground showers is that you only get about 20 seconds of water every time you press the button. We kept pushing the button when it ran out. We didn't mind, we were enjoying the experience. It wasn't a particularly sexual experience, more PG rated but definitely enjoyable. Ann pulled back and walked around me. She got my soap and scrub cloth from my bag and walked back. She squeezed a batch of soap into the scrubber and began washing me from the top down. I kept the water going as she worked. She really soaped up my dick and balls and playfully washed them very thoroughly.

After I rinsed off it was my turn. I soaped up Ann starting at the top and worked my way down while she kept the water flowing. There was so much more body area of her that it took somewhat longer. I knew enough to not wash her pussy, that's girls only territory. While her front was soapy I moved behind her and reached around to play with her boobs. I held her close to me and ground my crotch into her sweet ass while sliding my hands all over her big tits. The few gasps I heard from Ann was obviously pleasurable. I stepped back and let Ann rinse off while holding on the water for her.
"I want to wash my hair. I need a minute." I said.

Without a word Ann was down on her knees sucking my dick back to life. I remained standing while Ann got me hard again. She snuck a finger behind me and began teasing my ass, not penetrating my rectum, just teased me. After a few minutes she looked up smiling. "There is lube in my bag. You can fuck my ass or I can play with yours if you prefer."

"Why not both?" I replied as casually as I could given the circumstances.

Ann stood and went to her bag. She quickly returned with KY and put some on her fingers. She dropped down to her knees and continued to suck me while carefully inserting a finger into my asshole. As promised she was very gentle. Soon she carefully inserted a second finger and I was in heaven. I could not take all this stimulation very long. I pulled away (Ann to her credit gave me a very disappointed look across her face) and pulled her up to her feet. I held her face in my hands saying "That was excellent but I must bang you now." And gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

I picked up the lube and applied some on my rock hard cock. I turned Ann around and bent her at the waist. Since she was so much shorter than me I could not bang her ass. I was suddenly hit with an inspiration. I lay down on the floor and maneuvered Ann to sit her ass on my face. I tongued her ass for all I was worth. Ann was not in a very comfortable position even though I was holding up the bulk of her weight in my hands. She soon stood up and found the lube. A quick squirt on her hand, the hand lubes the ass and she was ready to go. I started to stand up but Ann pushed me back down with her foot.

Ann straddled me and lowered herself down onto my dick. Once the head penetrated her asshole she started raising and lowering herself on it. Once the lube had been worked around she literally dropped down onto my dick and buried it inside of her ass. Yes, she's done this before. Ann had her eyes closed, her hands by my knees and her feet on the floor by my waist. Her hips began bucking very hard as she jammed all of me in her tight ass. It felt amazing. In less than 90 seconds from the first penetration I felt Ann's ass contract around my cock as she came again. She lifted her head back and said (much too loudly), "YES! I love that!"

Ann stopped moving and got off of me. "OK, now it's your turn. Fuck this ass good for me."

I stood right up and first tried to bend her over. Unfortunately Ann's short legs failed us again. She got down on her knees and that worked better. I entered her again and began banging her ass hard. Our wet bodies slapping away felt great. I imagined someone walking past the shower door hearing us and wondering what was going on inside. Between the wetness of the shower, the hot summer day, almost no ventilation in the shower room and our bodies sweating it was hard to get a good grip on her ass so I couldn't really drive into her as hard as I wanted to. Ann must have felt my hands slipping around.

"Hold up for a minute." Ann asked.

I stopped my thrusts and Ann moved forward to laying on the floor. She spread her legs apart and turned her head a bit. "Slam in into me stud."

That was all the motivation in needed. I maneuvered into position and slammed my cock all the way inside with a single stroke. Ann gave a satisfied grunt. I started banging away slapping my crotch into the round ass below me. It was too much for me and I was ready to cum again.

Through my teeth I growled out, "I'm cumming!"

Ann started bucking against me and let loose a verbal onslaught that I wasn't prepared for.

"Cum for me baby! Fill up my ass with your juice. That's it, give it to me hard. I want to feel your spunk inside of me. Fuck my ass hard baby." Again too loud for a public shower.

I came hard and strong dumping my load in her sweet ass. It took so much out of me that I actually collapsed on top of her panting away. I could feel Ass's ass spasming around my dick, I guess she got off too.

When I regained my composure I asked, "Please tell me you came too?"

Ann half turned her head towards me, "Baby, I really never stopped cumming."

I chuckled and got off of her. I sat on the floor with my sweaty back against the cool tile wall. "Man, you have serious skills."

Ann got to her knees and gave me a kiss. "So do you."

Ann got up and started washing herself again this time included her hair. As she was washing she asked, "I don't suppose you have a hair dryer in that van of yours?"

"Sorry, no. I don't use one."

"Fuck it. I'm not going back to camp tonight. You'll have to deal with wavy hair." Ann stated.

"Not a problem. Now standing and walking might be a problem."

Ann looked at me and chuckled. She gave me her hand and helped me to my feet. I stood and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply. I believe that pleasantly surprised her. I released her and she went back to washing. I got my shampoo and started another cleansing.

After we washed, dried and dressed we unlocked the door and started back to the RV. I noticed a few people near by giving us the evil eye. I guess they heard us. Fuck 'em.

We got back to the RV and hung our towels on the line outside. I thought for a moment, I should do some laundry tomorrow. Towels and comforter are first on the list. I opened the door and we were pleasantly hit in the face with a blast of air conditioning that we both desperately needed. I quickly closed up the unit to keep the coolness in. We organized ourselves quickly. Ann put her things together with her bag up by the driver's console. I put my toiletries back into the bathroom. We both kicked off our shoes. Ann sat down in the passenger seat and began brushing her hair out.

"Could we turn on some music?" Ann asked.

"Sure, see the radio in the center console? Press power. It's satellite, there is like 200 music channels. Pick anything you like except for country." I replied.

Ann began playing with the radio while I straightened up the place. The bed was a mess (obviously). I had a backup comforter but I assumed that we would be messing up the bed some more in the next few hours and didn't want to mess that one up (yet).

Ann had selected a soft jazz channel. Not my first choice however is did seem to fit the mood inside the van at the moment. We were both clean, physically drained, relaxed and happy. I was very glad that Ann was not one of these women that chattered away nonstop. We were both good doing our own thing a few feet apart and comfortable enough to not need a dialogue between us while we were doing it. I took the time to wash the glasses we had been using and dried them off.

"Could I offer you a cocktail?" I said breaking the verbal silence.

"Please, a big one if you can spare it." Ann replied not breaking stride with her hair brushing.

I took out the 1.75 liter bottle of whiskey and noticed it was half gone in just over a day. Fortunately I had a backup stored under the bed. The Boy Scout in me strikes again. I poured us both fresh drinks and noticed that the ice was low. I refilled the trays with water and made some more. I thought I better check the tanks and battery before going to sleep. All the levels were good. I put Ann's drink in the front center console which was an easy reach from her current position. I sat in the driver's seat next to Ann with my drink.

I lifted my glass in salute to Ann. "Thank you for making this trip great."

Ann gave me a curious look. "Didn't you just get here yesterday?"

"Actually Sunday evening." I answered.

"And you're staying for a week?" Ann inquired.


"And in about two days it's already great? Hell, we just met less than 12 hours ago."

I answered, "All true, but you have made this trip great for me. Thank you very much for calling me."

Ann put down her brush and took her glass. She toasted me back and took a healthy drink. "Wow, you are really being sincere, aren't you. I appreciate that."

There was a soft wrap on the side door. Ann looked at me and asked, "Expecting company?"

I had a sudden flash of horror that "Britney" has come back for a rematch. I answered, "No, could it be your sisters?"

"Could be, but I'm surprised they knocked so nicely." Ann answered.

There was another soft knock on the door. I put my drink down and walked over. I lifted the curtain and peeked out. There were two women outside looking at me. I opened the door and asked, "Yes?"

Through pretty slurred speech one asked, "Is Ann here?"

I stepped back through the door to all the two women clear access to see Ann. Ann seemed a little annoyed. "I'm fine, what's up?"

One of the visitors asked, "We were wondering if you're coming back tonight. We miss you."

"I told you I'm staying here. You can live without me for one night."

"But Annie, we need you for... well, you know." The other woman said.

"You all can fuck and suck each other. You know I'll take a real dick any day of the week over eating beaver. Plus look at this RV. Air conditioning, a real bed, really good whiskey and a bathroom. You know anyone one of you would rather sleep here than in those tents." Ann retorted.

One woman stepped into the RV and the other one tried to follow but the door was blocked. The woman inside looked around. She said, "Dam, this is nice."

The woman trying to get in said, "Let me see!"

The women moved around to let the second one inside. She actually closed the door. "Wow. Big bed. Got room for one more?" she grinned.

I made eye contact with Ann and tried to subtlety waive off the request. Apparently Ann already had the same idea.

"No way. David picked me, he likes his women big. You can ask but I can tell you what the answer will be."

Both guests came on to me hard at the same time. One put her arm around my shoulders, the other around my waist with the added bonus of a crotch rub.

"So how about it David, ever have a three some?" one asked.

"Or a four way?" the other giggled.

"No thank you ladies. Ann has been taking very good care of me. Now, if you put on about 150 pounds each then maybe we could talk." I answered.

I looked over at Ann who was beaming. The two visitors realized it was a lost cause. They released me and stepped back.

One asked, "Well then, how about a drink for the road?"

Ann stood up at this point and stood next to me. I automatically put my arms around her shoulder while Ann put her arm around my waist. "I think you should go now. David and I have plans."

Ann turned to me and I lowered my head to give her a long passionate kiss. Ann moved to my side a bit so the two women could see and with her free hand pulled down my zipper and slid her hand in my pants. She began stroking my unit gently. I figured to take it up a notch and squeeze her tit over her tee shirt. After a minute we ended the kiss but our hands were still in motion. We turned to look at the two women who were starring slack jawed at us.

Ann said, "Now, if you two don't mind..."

One of the two recovered quicker than the other, "No, I don't mind at all."

She turned to her partner and put one hand on her ass and the other on her crotch and started rubbing both. The one being rubbed turned to her friend, put an arm around her back and pulled her into a deep kiss. I have to admit, it was hot to see.

Ann perked up, "Ah, excuse me, that wasn't an invitation. Take it on out of here."

They ended their kiss. One said, "Awwww Annie, come back with us or let us stay. Please!"

"No and definitely not. I'll see you guys tomorrow and don't count on me for breakfast. I have plans." Ann said looking up at me still stroking my dick.

The women separated. I moved away from Ann and stepped between the women. I opened the slider door on the side and turned on the outside light. "Good night." I said. If that wasn't enough of a hint I was getting ready to push them outside.

The women turned and stepped outside. One turned, "Please Ann, let me stay. I'll do anything either of you want me to. Really, I mean it. Anything."

Ann walked closer to the door, "Good night."

I stepped up behind Ann and rubbed my semi hard cock into her massive ass while I reached around under her shirt to feel her boobs. "It was nice meeting you two ladies. Good night."

Ann reached over to slide the door closed. The last thing we saw were two very disappointed faces. Ann stayed where she was but reached behind to hold my thighs to encourage my grinding.

"Thank you David. That really meant the world to me." Ann spoke from her heart.

"Look, I admit that when they kissed it did excite me but I would much rather just be alone with you." I said.

Ann released me and turned around. She reached for my face and gently pulled me down for another outstanding kiss. When she released me she said, "I'm pleasantly surprised that you were getting hard again so soon after the bathroom bang."

I grinned, "You do seem to have this effect on me. I can always get up, I would need more rest time to be able to shoot another load."

Ann responded, "Well, we have nothing but time."

I sat back down on the driver's seat and picked up my drink. Ann followed me. We sat comfortably enjoying the slight buzz and I asked, "So what are your thoughts."

Ann pondered for a moment. "Well, I would love to bang the crap out of you all night and day but I understand you need time to recharge. I am happy and comfortable right now. What do you say we cuddle up and get some sleep with the proviso that if either of us feels the need during the night we can wake the other one up. How's that?"

I took a drink. "OK, with one exception. I want to eat you to a few more orgasms before we go to sleep if you don't mind."

Ann gave a hearty laugh. "What's to mind? I'm all yours." Ann took another drink and looked at me seriously. "David, you know what I really like about you. You are not selfish. A lot of guys I am with, once they get head from me that's all they want. They'll fuck me, they'll suck me but like 80% of the time they want me sucking them. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love to give head but I want to do other things too."

I contemplated Ann's thoughts and replied, "Do you know what I really like about you. The fact that we are comfortable with each other. We have known each other only a short time but it feels like months or years. Like before, I was doing things in here, you were doing your hair and we were comfortable with the silence. Neither of us felt the need to fill the air with mindless babble. Well, at least I didn't."

Ann played with the ice in her glass and organized her thoughts. "I didn't even think about that. Now that you mentioned it you are absolutely right. I do feel very comfortable with you and I hadn't even realized it. Also, the way you stood up for me with those two (gesturing towards the side door) really endeared you to me. That was important to me."

"I was being honest. First, they are too small for my tastes. Second, I am very happy with just you. Third, group things are too much pressure on a guy. Too many holes and only one dick. Never been in a group thing with multiple guys so I don't know how that works."

Ann grinned, "It's fun, you should try it. A dick in your pussy, another in your ass and one more in your mouth? Now that's a fun evening."

I was slightly shocked, "Seriously? Three guys at once?"

Ann took a drink, "No comment."

I thought about it for a few seconds, maybe this is something I don't want to know about. I shrugged it off. "Listen Ann. I hope you don't think I am a big time alcoholic or anything but I am really relaxed around you. I am going to get a refill and then take you to bed. Would you like one?"

"I can't let you drink alone." Ann grinned. "And I was thinking the same thing. I thought you thought I was drinking too much."

"Nope, not at all." I got up and refreshed our glasses and brought Ann's back (actually forward in the vehicle) to her.

Would you like to watch some TV or a DVD?"

"No thanks, I need to finish brushing my hair, I have this wonderful whiskey blend and I am really enjoying just hanging with you."

We sat quietly listening to the music, Ann brushed out her hair and I looked around the place to see if there was anything left for me to do before going to sleep. It dawned on me that I hadn't checked the jacks. With all the walking around and banging I wanted to make sure the unit was still securely jacked.

I stood up and put my drink on the counter. I went and got my flip flops on and the flashlight from the drawer. "I have to check the jacks to make sure everything is stable. I'll be back in a minute."

Ann asked, "Need any help?"

"No thanks, one man job. OK, one person job."

Ann chuckled. I opened the door and realized that I left the outside light on. Opps, no big deal. I went out and closed the door to keep the bugs out. Both jacks were secure and I was back in less than a minute. I closed the door, turned out the outside lights, put away the flashlight and shoes and took my drink from the counter.

"You are fast." Said Ann.

"Hey, don't go spreading rumors like that." I kidded.

Ann smiled, "You know what I meant. Everything OK out there?"

"Yes, just fine. I have to pee, back in a sec."

I went into the bathroom and emptied my bladder. I checked my appearance once more and left the bathroom. Ann was not in her seat. I turned around and found her already in bed with the blankets pulled up to her shoulders. I shook to my head and thought to myself, 'she can be real quick when she wants to be'. I chuckled out loud.

Ann said, "I hope you don't mind."

"Let me think, a hot babe wants to jump into my bed? I can get behind that." I answered honestly.

Ann guffawed, "Hot babe? I think you've had enough to drink."

I took the two steps and dove onto the bed to lie down next to Ann. I wanted to look closely into her eyes. "Baby, you me you are very hot. I know by societal standards "hot" has to be five foot ten and a hundred and five pounds. That doesn't do it for me. Give me a woman with curves any day of the week."

Ann said, "Hey guess what, I do have curves and then some."

I said, "I noticed."

Ann dropped the sheets and exposed her huge tits. She leaned over and hugged me as I reached up to give her another big kiss. We repositioned to get more comfortable and made out for a few minutes. My hand roamed all over her body which was naked. Eventually I rolled her onto her back so I could insert a couple of fingers inside of her pussy and play with her clit. She was responding like she was loving it to every touch and kiss. I moved down and started sucking on each nipple in turn until they stood up like gum drops. I moved further down and between Ann's legs. Once there she half lifted her legs with her feet still on the bed and opened wide for me. It was obvious how turned on she was. I gently started to tease her clit with my tongue as I continued to finger her wet snatch. It didn't take long for her head to start rolling from side to side. I increased my pace slowly and was rewarded with the walls of her pussy contracting around my fingers as she white knuckled the pillow under her head. All I heard from her was a long gasp. I continued to lick and finger fuck her through too many orgasms to count until she was panting. Without sitting up all she could reach was the top of my head so using her finger tips she pushed me half an inch away. I took that as a sign of surrender. I removed my fingers and laid the side of my head on her crotch and upper thigh as she caught her breath.

"Dam it David, that was good. Thanks."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed doing it for you." I replied.

"I can't fucking move." Ann said.

"You don't have to." I answered.

I got out of bed. I walked around making sure everything was secure. I brought Ann's glass closer to the bed in case she wanted some. I polished off the last of my drink. I switched off the lights leaving on a map light to act as a night light in case Ann needed to get up over night. I stripped out of my clothes and climbed back into bed. I rearranged the covers around Ann as I slid in next to her. I had no idea how Ann liked to sleep so I curled up on my side like I usually do. In less than a minute Ann adjusted herself so I was spooning against her with my balls in her butt and my arm over the top holding a tit.
I laid there for a minute and said, "Thank you."

"For what?" Ann asked.

"For calling me."

Ann and I laughed together before falling off to sleep together.

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