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Tales of the Soiled Dove Ch. 03

Author's Note: Here is the third chapter of Tales from the Soiled Dove. It is a continuation of Chapter 2, and I hope you all enjoy it. Work is progressing slowly on Elfish Descent, but it is progressing. I've got probably two and a half chapters done. I don't have as much time to write as I did with Rebellion, but I am making steady progress at least.


Jeanette slipped the three crimson glass beads onto a small string tied around her wrist. Each time one of the girls performed a sex act they were rewarded with a glass bead, and the Duke of Crovoth said that they would be able to cash them in at the end of the night for a prize. She didn't really need a prize of course, but her innate competitiveness pushed her to wanting to win the best prize regardless.

She slipped into a side vestibule to quickly wash herself clean from her encounter with Willem and his friends. Some men might enjoy taking her when she was already covered in seed, but most preferred she not flaunt it in their face. As she was looking to rack up a large number of clients tonight, it was best to play it safe. Looking out to the courtyard, the party was in full swing. Nearby, Marian was lying across the lap of a corpulent merchant who swatted her bottom. The auburn haired beauty had been the top girl at the Soiled Dove before Jeanette came along. Marian tried to pretend that she was a more select, higher class whore in response, but she still didn't bring in as much money, and very few people thought she was worth an elevated price.

Across the courtyard, another was tied spread eagle atop a table, while a crowd of men ate off her body. Silly, she thought, she won't earn many beads that way. Jeanette looked around the area, trying to spot a new group that would want to immediately enjoy her charms. On the far side she saw a table with five men seated comfortably, but without any women nearby. Perfect!

"Ah what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall of the Princess' bedroom on her wedding night!" a booming voice declared just as she stepped out of the small alcove.

"Damn right, even beneath those frocks she wears you can tell she has a body made for fucking. More than once I've wanted to just reach out and grab those luscious breasts of hers!" Jeanette glanced to her right to see who had been lusting after her. Count Driscoll! The man was a dear friend of her father, and old enough to be her father! Dirty old reprobate! She was going to have trouble looking at him the same way the next time they met.

On her other side, Jeanette passed one of the whores doing a hand stand, while her legs were held apart and a carrot was thrust in and out between her legs. Another was in her mouth, and from the oily sheen covering it she could guess where it had been previously. She didn't have time to think about that now, though. Her quarry was in sight!

Before she could get there, a beefy hand reached out to grab her breast and pull her abruptly onto a gentleman's lap. "Now these right here are just like them, I tell you. A perfect copy!"

"Hah! Yeah right Albert. Tell us another one!" the man's companion said.

"It's true!" replied Albert. "I saw them up real close just last night. They're the Jeanette's tits exactly!"

Jeanette's heart leapt and she frantically looked at Albert's face, but she didn't recognize the man. She quickly tried to steady her breathing to keep the veil from blowing up too much and exposing her lower face. Who was this man and how did he know who she was? Albert continued to rub and fondle Jeanette's tits as he held her close. Despite her panic, Jeanette's body began to respond to the treatment, especially as he felt the man's cock harden beneath her.

"Yeah right, hey, maybe she's the princess here in disguise!" Albert's friend jested.

"Oh shut it, Justin! I'm telling you, the Princess and I are lovers! That's why she's so against this marriage to the Duke of Braden! She wanted to marry me, and was waiting for the right time to bring it to His Highness." Albert slipped his hand between Jeanette's legs, cupped her mound, and gently squeezed her slit as he rolled his hand.

Oh thank Goodness this man is just a fool and a braggart. I almost believed he had me at the Soiled Dove and knew who I was. As relief washed over her, a devilish smile formed on her lips beneath the veil. "It's true my lords, everything he said. I am the princess! I came here in disguise because I just couldn't stay away from my love and his big cock for a whole night!"

The table burst into laughter except for Albert, who scowled and pinched Jeanette's nipple. "Saucy wench!"

Jeanette moaned softly at the pinch and pressed her naked ass against his bulge in response. When he finally released the pressure and resumed stroking her tit and pussy, she took a moment to look around the table. Albert was a burly knight in his twenties and despite his bragging seemed to have a jovial face and demeanor.

Justin was more dour, and by his clothes and accents she guessed he was from Fullorm, close to the border with the Braden and Heste. Next to Justin was an older knight, who seemed vaguely familiar to her but she couldn't quite place him. The young man next to him though she had no trouble placing; Stefan Farris! He was a cupbearer for her father, and had been in the castle nearly all his life! They had grown up together, and now he was a squire to the King. How on earth was Stefan invited to a party like this?

"The Princess should be objecting to this marriage. It's an outrage that the King would even consider it; he must have lost his mind!" Justin said, raising her estimation of the man.

The older looking knight glared at Justin. "You shouldn't be questioning the King like that, he knows what he's doing. A foreign marriage is the only way. If Jeanette married into any of the Eight Duchies it would upset the balance of power in the Kingdom."

"That's still better than marrying a Hesten, Sir Jeremy, especially this one. Even in Fullorm we've heard about the enormities of Gilbert Ousten. He should not be allowed anywhere near the Princess."

Sir Jeremy! Another one of her father's old friends! Was everyone in the city a depraved lecher in secret? Jeanette was torn between shock at Stefan and Jeremy's proclivities, but soon became more interested in hearing about Gilbert. "What's wrong with the Duke of Braden?" Jeanette asked impertinently.

"None of your business gal. I think we can find better things to occupy that sweet mouth with, eh?" Grinned Albert as he slipped two fingers into her moistening snatch. When she gasped in pleasure, two other fingers pushed into her mouth.

Jeanette quivered and rocked her hips, rubbing the fingers against her inner walls as she stroked his cock back and forth with her ass. The Princess closed her lips around Albert's fingers and began to suckle them. She could feel the eyes of the others on her, especially young Stefan who was eyeing her tits with unbridled lust.

"I probably know the Princess better than anyone here, and that includes you Albert. There's no way she would give herself away before marriage, especially to the likes of you." Stefan's surety made her both grateful for his defense and shamed for how far off from the truth he was.

"What, got a tender spot for Her Highness in your heart Stefan?" Justin teased. "Is that why you're always turning down the girls we throw at you?"

Stefan turned bright red at the suggestion. "She's a beautiful woman, to be sure." The squire paused for a moment before continuing, "Though of course I could never hope to marry her."

Albert gave him a long look and then grinned wickedly. "Stefan you old dog, you know something don't you? Let's hear it! Out with it, boy!"

After much cajoling, they finally got the truth out of him. "Well, I know where she bathes, and when. I've seen her more than once in her bath." Stefan gave Jeanette an embarrassed grin. "And Albert is right about one thing miss, you have the Princess' tits exactly!"

The crowd burst into laughter as Jeanette turned bright red. That little sneak had been peaking in on her bath! Luckily it didn't seem like he knew about the extensive cleaning she had to do in there. A sudden shudder went through her as Albert pressed his finger down on her clit, giving it a firm squeeze before finally pulling his fingers out. He quickly stood up and pushed her from his lap, bending her over the table.

"On that note I think it's time to get this party started eh?" Albert grinned and took out his cock. He rubbed the head against Jeanette's wet slit, before finally pushing it inside. She moaned eagerly as she felt his hard member push against her folds, still sensitive from her climaxes earlier in the night. Albert began to pound away behind her, his large hands gripping her pert ass firmly.

Meanwhile, Justin was still looking slyly at Stefan. "Just seen her bathe, is that it lad? I'm sure there's more to it than that! I'd be willing to bet you've rubbed one out more than once while watching that show eh?"

"You should be ashamed of yourself, both of you, for talking about the Princess so. His Highness has surely raised the Princess better than that!" Jeremy glowered.

Lusty moans rolled out from Jeanette's throat as Albert took her from behind. She eagerly lifted her hips up to meet his, pushing her pert ass against his pelvis as she stirred his cock against her insides, rubbing the bulbous head against her velvety walls as he smashed against her harder and faster. "Aaaah oooh yes My Lord! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"I might have yeah." Stefan replied with a shy grin. "Might have grabbed a few souvenirs too."

"Souvenirs?" Asked Justin eagerly.

Jeanette looked at Stefan in spite of herself as Albert's fat cock continued to rub her insides, each pulsing thrust pushing her closer and closer to climax. The noble's thick hands squeezed her ass again, pushing her down to the table to help keeper her undulating body still as he rammed into her slick wet pussy again and again.

"Heh, well, she and her maids are a bit careless. Seems they rely on the castle staff to clean up afterwards and deliver Her Highness' soiled clothes to the launderers. Well, that leaves an opening doesn't it? More than once I've managed to sneak in after and get the Princess' underclothes." Stefan's grin got wider as Albert and Justin laughed.

"Hah! Well done lad! If you'd like to make a few extra marks I'd be glad to take a pair or two off your hands." Albert grunted as his throbbing member began slamming in and out at a frantic pace. His labored breath suggested an imminent climax, so Jeanette redoubled her efforts by gripping his cock with her vaginal walls and working her hips in a shallower but faster circle. She pushed up against his gripping hands as she worked his cock inside her, all the while teetering on the edge of her own orgasm.

"What, don't you have your own set, what with the Princess being your lover and all?" Sneered Justin. "Hey now Albert, don't you go cumming inside her and gunking her cunt up for the rest of us."

"Sure I suppose I could sell you some of my collection, My Lord, or if you want to pay extra I could steal you one, fresh from Her Highness' bath."

"Shameful, shameful." Murmured Jeremy, though for all his condemnation he was still avidly watching Jeanette's body as she got fucked.

Stefan was looking at her eagerly as well, and when Jeanette met the eyes of her childhood playmate who spoke of selling her used undergarments she began to climax. Albert continued to thrust into her, letting her ride the crest of the orgasmic wave until her quivering pussy was too much for him to withstand any longer. He pulled out of her a moment before his cock erupted, and furiously beat his meat as he shot his load over the Princess' back and ass.

"Ohoho, that was a lass worth spilling my seed for. I won't regret it if I can't get it up again for any of the other whores tonight. You should take her while you have the chance my friends, this slut will have all the men lining up to ruin her cunt before the night is over!" Albert smacked Jeanette's backside, and then collapsed back down into the chair, heaving for breath.

Justin, Jeremy, and Stefan all looked at her as tension welled up in the air. Who would be the next to claim her? Stefan hesitated, but both Justin and Jeremy moved to scoop up the panting Princess. Her sweaty body slid between the two men in a tangle of gropes, limbs, pinches, and flesh as the two men hurriedly pulled off their clothes and positioned her body for their pleasure. When they were finished and her dark hair was brushed from her face she found herself straddling Sir Jeremy's lap looking into his aged, weathered face while Justin pressed against her from behind.

Lust blazed in her father's friend's eyes as he guided his penis between her legs and thrust it deeply. Her cunt was already soaked from Albert's fucking, and easily accepted the stiff shaft through her slick walls. Justin was close behind, rubbing the bulbous, purple tip of his dick between her butt cheeks. The entrance to her ass was still loose and moist from being fucked earlier in the evening, and it took only a little more work for Justin to push himself inside her.

A loud gasp escaped her lips as she felt the two cocks rub inside her at the same time. The tight pressure of their presence against her insides made her groan, and the shiver that ran through her caused her to push back and forth between the two men. Jeremy lowered his face and began to nibble at her large breasts, burying his face between them. Jeanette closed her eyes and imagined what her father would think if he could see his old friend Jeremy fucking his little girl. A louder moan escaped her lips and her body tensed, squeezing both their cocks as the arousal began to build within her once again.

"That's it, take it you little slut!" Jeremy panted breathlessly as he began to thrust his hips harder, almost trying to hurt her with the ferocity of his fucking.

Justin took a more leisurely approach, holding her almost softly by the hips, just enough pressure to guide himself in and out of her ass. He kept his pace slow, savoring the feeling of Jeanette's warm ass wrapped so tightly around his shaft. He pumped in and out rhythmically, giving just a slight upward tilt with his movements to raise her up, and then allow her to drop back down on their cocks. "Oh fuck you weren't joking Albert. I won't have any regrets bathing this whore in my cum."

"Oh, I think the minx squeezed a little tighter when you called her a whore. Is that what you like, trollop? To be told what a dirty, filthy, nasty fuck-sleeve you are?"

Jeanette's eyes widened at the cascade of dirty names and words pouring out of Sir Jeremy's mouth. She had known him for years and never heard even the slightest untoward comment from him! She never imagined he was capable of this. And sure enough, each new insult and degradation made her spasm and squeeze the two cocks inside her. She rocked back and forth, tossed between them like a boat in a storm as each thrust crashed into her and triggered a wave of pleasure. "Ah! Y-yes! I do! I'm a bad girl, and I need to be told it! I need to be treated like one!"

A shrill cry ripped out of her throat as Jeremy slapped her sharply across the face. Her cheek stung and began to turn red just as he smacked the other side of her face. Justin joined in as well, spanking her ass cheeks and smack her tits from the side, making them bounce about before her.




"Cum sleeve!"

"Fuck cunt!"

The insults got louder and louder, and soon other guests at the party were turning to watch her get fucked by the two men. The sound of their laughter sent a quiver down her spine, and soon she could hear their faint insults as well. A pounding grew inside her head as her heart beat faster, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm as the two men abused her.

"Ah! Ah ah ah! Yesssss!" Jeanette rocked violently, throwing her hips forward until she finally cried out as another orgasm exploded through her. She froze in place as her body seized up from the force of her climax. As the pleasure coursed through her, her body tightened around the two cocks, squeezing them firmly inside her body. Each movement sent a wave of pleasure through her, and caused her hips to jerk, pulling the cocks inside her body.

"That's it! Take it whore!" Justin cried out as his hips collided with her ass again and again, until finally he pulled out and emptied his seed on the small of her back.

Jeanette shivered as she felt his hot cum dribbling down between her ass cheeks. She was still panting when Justin lifted her off the older man.

"Don't cum inside her Jeremy! It looks like there's a line forming!"

"Well I'm at the front of it!" Stefan finally piped in. "I was here before all of them!"

"Nng ugh ugh!" Sir Jeremy wheezed and grunted as Justin lifted Jeanette off his cock, and not a moment too soon as his cock promptly erupted, splattering his full load over her thighs. Now that the cocks had finally slipped out of her, she shuddered and lowered her legs, collapsing weakly. Still breathless, she only dimly heard the discussion around her.

"Where do you want her Stefan?"

Stefan hesitated, looking around. "Lay her on the table I guess."

When Jeanette was laid on the table, Stefan came over and pulled her hips to the edge so her legs dangled off the side. With trembling fingers he touched her sweaty breasts, and stroked down her body to spread her legs apart. The young squire stepped between them, lining up his crotch with Jeanette's hips. He bent over atop the Princess as he freed his cock from the confines of his tight britches.

As Jeanette began to come down from her high, she opened her eyes and gasped when she saw Stefan's face. Her heart leapt to her throat, and it took a moment to remember that her face was still disguised. She felt his hands timidly exploring her curves, brushing over her hips and gently squeezing her breasts. Jeanette looked up into Stefan's eyes, gazing deeply into those brown pools while he looked back into hers.

Oh no, he's going to recognize me for sure! How can he not? She thought in a panic. But there was something different in his eyes tonight, something she never saw in all the years she knew him growing up. A lust burned in them tonight, and for the first time she appreciated that he had grown into a man, just as she had become a woman.

A moan escaped his lips as he pushed his cock inside her. It was bigger than she expected, another reminder of how far he'd come. She felt guilty spreading her legs for him. She had known Duke Willem and Sir Jeremy, but not as intimately as she new Stefan. She couldn't help feel an emotional connection as he moved his dick inside her, and it was an unwelcome reminder of how much she had given away in her quest for sexual gratification.

Even still, she couldn't help but lift her hips to meet his thick cock, moaning eagerly as she tried to take him inside her. Once again her body betrayed her, hungry for another climax even as her mind showed some hesitation. Jeanette wrapped her arms around Stefan, pulling him closer as she lifted her legs and pressed her thighs tightly around his sides. He was pumping slowly, but she could tell that he wouldn't be able to hold back his climax for very long; he was too hot, too eager to be inside her.

"Come on, she's a whore, not your wife. Fuck her and get it over with already!"

"Yeah come on there's a line here, get it done!"

"She ain't worth those tender caresses kid! Just slam her hard and fast!"

But Stefan continued his rhythmic thrusts, unmindful of the others hurrying him on. He would get married soon, she thought, as soon as he was knighted. His family would want to make a good marriage early, while he was still close to the king. He'll be making love to his sweet wife while I'm spreading my legs for anyone with a few bits, or worse, for Gilbert.
Another pang of regret went through her as she worked her hips faster, heeding the voices in the crowd even if he did not. She gripped his broad shoulders and strong arms, and then stroked down to his hands. She clasped them in her own as she wrapped her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his backside as she pulled him into her. Jeanette squeezed him inside her as she grinded her hips into his pelvis, rubbing his cock at different angles against her hot inner walls.

"Ah ah ah!" Stefan cried out, squeezing her hands tightly as he began to pump uncontrollably, until his cock exploded inside her, shooting string after gooey string of his hot seed against her cervix. His heart was pounding furiously as he looked down into Jeanette's eyes, lost in the fantasy that he was fucking his Princess. It became so real for him as he held the whore close that for a moment he actually thought it was Jeanette beneath him on the table. But then, the real Princess Jeanette would never be here; would never lower herself to being a whore at one of Ruar's debauched sex parties.

Jeanette sighed in frustration as Stefan pulled out of her. Though his cock was large, he lacked the experience and constitution to keep from cumming too quickly. She was left unsated, though that wouldn't be a problem for long. The loudest of the spectators were already moving forward to take his place. Jeanette squealed as she was pulled off the table and eagerly straddled a large man she was pushed down upon.

It wasn't until she was already impaled on his cock that she realized she never even saw his face. Another man was already standing before her, prodding her mouth through the veil with his hard shaft. The quickly lifted the silk cloth enough to take it in her mouth, stuffing her face with his cock before anyone had a chance to see beneath it.

The Princess rested her hands on the thick belly of the man beneath her and used it for leverage to bounce up and down, moaning eagerly around the cock as she fucked herself on the shaft inside her. The fat gentleman beneath her didn't deign to do any work, allowing her to exert all the effort in bringing them pleasure. That suited Jeanette fine though, she used the momentum of her bounces to bob up and down on the other man's dick, pushing down the length until the bulbous head tickled the back of her throat.

"Damn look at her swallow that dick!"

"I want her to gobble mine next!"

"Fuck that, I'm going to take her sweet ass!"

The voices ringed in her ears and each taunt or insult made her attack the cocks with greater abandon. With practiced skill she allowed the cock to slide into her throat, letting it push all the way until her lips touched the base. She worked them back and forth around the girth while her throat squeezed and pulsed around the flesh, massaging it with the moist muscles of her mouth.

Revulsion swept through her as the man's belly jiggled beneath her fingers when she slapped down in her excitement. Her eyes drifted closed and she pictured herself riding atop the fat bloated body. Not only was she a princess; the heir to the kingdom, incredibly beautiful, immensely rich; but she was also the gangbang queen of the Soiled Dove, the most in demand prostitute in the city who could have her pick of clients; and she was fucking some faceless, face man who couldn't even be bothered to move his hips.

The perversity of it made her shudder, and more pleasure bubbled up inside her, pushing her towards another climax. She sucked on the cock in her mouth even harder, and reached up with one hand to cup his balls. She rolled them over his palm, rubbing them all over as she slid off his cock again, only to quickly bring herself all the way down on the cock. She popped it in and out of her throat, and each time the sensitive head of his shaft was squeezed by her neck a tremor went through him and a loud, pleasured groan escaped his lips.

Jeanette moved faster and harder atop the cock, which plunged in and out of her sopping pussy. When the sound of Stefan's cum splashing inside her finally reached her ears the pressure finally exploded inside her and she basked in her newest climax. The constriction of her muscles as she rode the crest brought her partners to climax as well, and soon two more loads were shooting inside her, adding to the mess.

The world spun around as strong arms pulled her up into an embrace, and the next set of clients took their place.


Several hours later Jeanette looked into the jug at her side and saw that it have been filled about a quarter of the way with the red beads. A smile formed on her lips, before wincing with a groan when she rolled off the table. Her crotch felt like it was on fire, and her ass, mouth, and jaw weren't much better. The early loads had already dried on her skin, but the more recent ones still dripped down her body, pooling in her cleavage, on her hips, and in the cleft of her ass.

She picked up her jug and stumbled towards the entrance to the manor, where the host Duke of Crovoth had called all the guests and servants still standing to hear an announcement. "Thank you all for coming my friends, and thank you to the lovely ladies of the Soiled Dove who have worked so hard. Let's give them a round of applause!"

The crowd cheered for the six girls who remained. Jeanette could see Marian among them, looking sire, tired, but defiant as she glared at her from across the room. She could tell that Marian had collected an impressive amount of beads, though she didn't think it would match her own count.

"But let's be honest my friends, these 'ladies' don't want our thanks, they want a more tangible reward eh? So, let's begin our final game of the evening!" The Duke clapped his hands, and the great manor doors opened and a team of servants carried out a large table covered with small pewter cups. "On this table are one hundred and fifty cups, each one holding the 'load' of one of my servants. Painstakingly collected all day long, one of these cups holds a ruby ring valued at 500 gold marks! 500! A small fortune, and it could be yours, my lovely ladies. Each bead you have collected buys you the chance to drink one cup. But there is a catch! You must declare how many tries you want in advance, and once you touch a cup you must drink it. So, who wants to play? Place your bids!"

Silence reigned for a moment as the exhausted girls looked at the table. Five hundred marks was more than a girl could make at the Soiled Dove in five years, probably more than eight. Jeanette of course didn't need the money, but the depravity of the game was already making her loins stir again. "Twenty eight cups!"

"T-twenty eight cups? Is that right? Surely not! Well well well my dear, you're an enterprising one aren't you? Steward, count them out and let's see if we have any other takers!" Crovoth's steward took the mug and began counting out the beads.

"Twenty cups!" Marian shouted, fuming at being outshone by Jeanette once again. The rest of the girls followed suit, though none were able to match Jeanette's number. She wasn't considered the Gangbang Queen for nothing, after all.

Jeanette, Marian, and the four other girls all approached the table to pick out their first cup. All were identical, and with varying levels of cum it was impossible to know which one hid the ring. Diabolically, Jeanette reasoned that the cups that appeared to have more cum had a better chance of hiding the ring due to displacement. She picked a cup that looked like it had a large load and brought it to her lips. The strong musky smell wafted over her, sending a shiver through her body.

"Drink! Drink! Drink!"

She brought it to her lips and shot it back. Hot cum gushed over her tongue and down her throat, but no ring was found. Next to her, the other girls also each took a cumshot, though none of them scored the ring either. Round two was next, and Jeanette hungrily swallowed another man's load, but still no luck in finding the run. Eight rounds later, and ten pewter cups of cum and still none of the girls had found the ring. Only four were left now to compete, but the others besides Marian were starting to look queasy from drinking so many loads in rapid succession.

Another cup with a heavy load of cum passed between her lips. She savored the salty goo, rolling it over her tongue, swirling and swishing it with her tongue before gulping it down. It almost felt like it kept going, as the sensuousness of swallowing the unknown man's seed sent an aftershock through her body, creating a new tingle in her loins.

By the time they reached eighteen cups only her and Marian were left, and Marian was looking more and more desperate as her own tries neared completion. As they both looked at the large number of cups remaining, it became obvious that there was a real chance that neither of them would win the ring and this would all be for naught.

"My my, this is getting close, is it not? How about we enter into a special bonus round? The next ten cups have been set aside special. Each one was marked by the donating servant, and each servant will serve you their cum personally. You even get to thank them for the creamy treat! What do you say girls, will you better your chances in the game?"

Both Marian and Jeanette agreed, so soon the ten cups were divided between them. The first servant who approached her was a young man, barely out of his teens who probably couldn't even afford a prostitute on his wages. "I'm Darek, miss, and this is my, well, my contribution."

She giggled at his nervousness. "Thank you Darek, for the treat. It's too kind of you." Jeanette took the cup from him and toasted, and then slurped his gooey mess right down. Still no ring.

Next came a middle aged man, and then a rather old man. Neither cup had the ring, though she still enjoyed swallowing both their loads. The looks they gave her made her shudder, and somehow it having them calmly watching her take their loads long after they spilled their seed made it seem so much more personal and depraved. After them came another young man, and finally a large cook. The cook was obscenely fat, and smelled terrible. He managed to fill his cup up quite respectably with a thick, sticky load with a pungent aroma. "Harold, miss, and real pleased to make this special dessert for you!"

Jeanette forced a smile as she tried to avoid retching. Even after all she'd been through, tonight and since she started, it was hard for her to stomach this. Still, she managed to bring the cup to her lips and slide his seed inside. It tasted bitter, acrid, and almost spoiled on her tongue. She quickly swallowed it to the crowd's cheer, and while she was relieved that it was gone she was disappointed that she still hadn't won the ring.

Luckily, Marian still hadn't either, and now they were back where they started. Her nineteenth, no, her twenty-ninth cup of semen. This one was salty and tangy, but was a welcome relief after the cook's disgusting brew and it cleansed her palate nicely.

Marian looked desperate as she tried to pick her last cup. She scrutinized each one, close enough to inhale each scent as the crowd hooted and laughed behind her. Finally, they both grabbed one and slung it back. From the muffled grunt to her side Jeanette could tell that Marian hadn't been successful. That left just her with eight more tries to go.

"My lords, it seems I haven't had much luck picking out my cups, so perhaps I could ask you for assistance." Jeanette quivered, her pussy tingling as the words left her lips before she even fully understood the plan forming in the darkest recesses of her mind. "If I could have eight volunteers, would you all please pick out a cup and serve them to me all at once? I think we're all ready to see this game reach its climax!"

Laughter ripped through the crowd, and Jeanette sank to her knees as eight men stepped forward, each one grabbing one of the little cups. They all stood around her as she tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. All at once the cups tipped over, dumping eight loads of semen right into her mouth. It splashed off her tongue to her lips and chin, and she quickly closed her mouth to swallow the heated mess down right into her gullet. When her lips parted again and she lifted out the heart shaped rube ring, her final most powerful climax of the night rocked through her.

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