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Thank you to Kingswoman for editing my story. Please check out her audio stories. I find they have a big effect on me (wink). ***** I don't like the women you see in professional porn. Perfect hair, t

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In 48 hours, she came 25 times. One for each of her years. We met online, immediately spending nearly 24 hours together. Most of that time, my face was between her legs. And that's not even the half o

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I come into your room wearing a black blouse that exposes a substantial amount of cleavage and a black skirt that reaches mid-thigh, exposing my nice, shapely legs. I have my black four-inch heels on

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Assistance and Corruption Michele and Polly made love three times in total that night including a long session of oral sex. They both stripped down to their lingerie and fell asleep in each other's ar

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My fiancé Riley and I have been together going on five years. He's ask me to set a date on more than one occasion but we get along so well, I'm almost afraid to rock the boat. He knows how much I love

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Silence covered the room like a blanket of fresh snow. Blindfolded, Elly knelt in the middle of the room, comfortably resting on the soft carpet. The temperature was just warm enough to keep her from

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As Rick entered The Falcon's Nest, he heard The Cure's "Friday, I'm in Love" and smiled. Not his favorite song, but damn, he was glad it was Friday. It only took a few seconds of scanning the crowded