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Chapter Four – A meeting of Mind and Body When Morning came around for Cass, it was brutal. She'd not slept much thinking about what had happened to her. She was disgusted with herself and the way he'

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Chapter Eleven – Claiming Her Ass The next several weeks went without much incident. Eric spent much time as he could at home teaching protocols and rituals to Cass. But there were still times when sh

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He had seen her before, there at the department store, and he had given her more than a fleeting glance as he bought a newspaper on finishing his coffee before work at the store near where he worked.

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Irma had Drake lap and probe obediently at the mixed perfumes of her cunt and arsehole, enjoying several rich orgasms as she indulged in the sheer pleasure of enforcing her dominance over him, revelli

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James was a carpenter and a damn good one. He had been the shop foreman in a custom door and cabinet factory for seventeen years. Then came the housing crash of 2008. He watched his seniority, benefit

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I had been curious for awhile. I couldn't tell you exactly when but it had been years. It grew over time. At first i truly only liked women. But as i aged my fantasies took a turn. Even when dating be

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So this was a story I wrote with a friend for a while before things ended rather abruptly. That is why, I'm sorry to say, the story is not finished. If the formatting holds true through the upload pro

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Chapter Thirteen - Lunch at the Office It's been several weeks since the business meeting. Eric had made good on his promise to get Cass some piercings. She had decided to get her nipples and her clit