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one   who   got   away   the  

Author's Note: This is the first installation in what I intend to be a long series that explores the beginning(s) and end of a relationship. Naturally, as the introduction to the characters and their

wild   (take)   walk   the   side  

Following her outrageous behavior on Saturday night at the Magpie Club my wife remained in a very good; sexy mood for the rest of the week; but sadly I couldn't keep up with her libido; so by Thursday

the   life   love  

Carol Jane waited patiently at the door to room 2520 of the Excelsior hotel. For no reason she could tell, she smiled to herself recalling the last time she had actually been called Carol Jane. She ha

office   double   the   date  

Author's Note: Hello again readers! Pyrofanity here back with yet another The Office story. This one is based off of the episode from season 6 called Double Date which is the 9th episode of that seaso

train   blackmail   the  

Maggy was just wandering up and down the street looking for her car. After a long day at work then hitting the club with the girls she was exhausted and wanted to get home. She looks towards the subwa

the   club  

As Deana walked through the open door of their suite on the upper floor of The Club she heard the unmistakable sounds of raucous sex. She soon identified the source of the sounds, coming from the mast

office   the  

Tom Poulton worked for a firm of chartered surveyors and until recently Tom's employer had seemed immune to the cuts that had dogged the World's economy. Then, without warning, a standard memo was e-m

the   island  

Author's note: This is a story involving gay male sex. Please feel free to comment. I hope this series is being enjoyed. Thank you for your time. *************************************************** Ma

trip   the   camping  

Pack up time came far quicker than anyone in the family would have wanted. Helen was the first to arise realising she accidentally hadn't set an alarm and waking in a panic. It was just after 8am now

road   season   egot   the  

Sorry for the long wait, had some technical difficulties. Enjoy! *************** "Focus Duncan!" Gary told me for what felt like the thousandth time. "Keep both eyes open, and don't fight the recoil."

dress   yellow   the  

She's wearing a yellow empire waist dress with black swirls and flowing patterns with black Mary Janes. A black sash runs under her breasts and ties behind her back. Her breasts are high and he realiz

fuck   toy   making   the  

Chapter Four – A meeting of Mind and Body When Morning came around for Cass, it was brutal. She'd not slept much thinking about what had happened to her. She was disgusted with herself and the way he'

2022   farm   the  

Sam McCulloch was 42. He had been married for 13 years but for the last five he had been practically a servant to his dear wife Greta. She had always been an imposing woman, the wealth left to her aft

good   teacher   the  

(All of the girls involved in sexual acts in this story are AT LEAST 18 years of age) The last time we were together, you got to see my first experience with my true self. In this next part of my stor

cloning   the  

With globs of my own cum laying on the floor, I quietly zippered back up and eased my way out of the master bedroom. I was sure that I had not given myself away, (inspite of my own loud moans of pleas

pools   trio   the  

A special thanks to Volunteer Editor Wickedinside for their time and expertise. Any errors that remain are my sole responsibility. ***** I had received the following text message: "at the Pools, bring

indecisive   the   dominant  

We were sat on your sofa watching tv, both fully clothed. Doing something so causal made everything more intense. The Tv was a prop the real show was happening in your mind. You were deciding what hol

caravan   part   sheryl   and   the  

3: SHERYL and the Caravan Part 2 My mind was on horses and riding as I travelled south to keep my appointment. But it was a very different kind of riding I had in mind. Ever since meeting Sheryl at an

hostess   the  

-- Chapter 1 Gabby examined her makeup and hair in the full-length mirror, then turned and checked that her black stockings were straight. She didn't need to lift her skirt for this, since she wasn't

trip   cabin   and   jon   chris'   the  

Jon woke up in the late morning, finding the bed empty. He thought his head would hurt worse from all the liquor, but it wasn't bad. Maybe gay sex is a hangover cure, he laughed to himself. His ass wa

laws   playgirl   the  

FACEBOOK NOTE Monday, September 7 2015 5.13 AM Pacific Time Attraction has got laws too—like a 'bitch' dog wants certain principles followed before she goes on hit and starts having intercourse anyhow

landlord   the  

I wrap Gillian's hair around my hand and pull her into Ashleigh's bedroom. She grabs a hold of my forearm in a feeble protest attempt. Ashleigh snatches up the money on the bed, uses her sleeve to wip

pleasure   planet   the  

Note to readers: I'm new to this site, and part one of this series was my first ever submission. Comments are much appreciated, please tell me what you did and didn't like and what you'd like to see i

designer   the  

Author's Note: Thanks for reading. This chapter starts to fill in some gaps, and explore the character's history and what drives them. I know the story has sprawled, but the headers should help keep t

concubine   sultan   his   and   the  

I love to please my wife. Her happiness is my happiness. Whatever she wants I try to give her because I'm always the one who reaps the rewards. To see her writhing in her own orgasm is the greatest pl