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Marcellus Jackson was a middle aged brotha(around forty-five years old), but you would never know it by his youthful appearance and straight up street swag. He stood around 5'9 and weighed in at aroun

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Between work and whole bunch of other social engagements we'd not been able to arrange a meet up with N at The Club for nearly a month. We'd gone one Saturday night for a few hours just to enjoy the a

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It was late when I got home, and Fiona my wife had already gone out for the night. Not having any kids and both in our late forties, we both started to get into a bit of a weekly routine. She would go

craving   the   chronicles  

Author's Note: I recommend that you read the 1st installment in the series before venturing into this one. This story contains graphic lesbian sex and vampirism. Much of the sex is anal -- I've marked

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It had been months since I'd seen my Dom. After the night dad - the old man punished my sub for staying over I had decided enough was enough. I was done being submissive. I changed my locks and after

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Dear Reader, thank you so much for reading this story. It has taken nearly a year of my writing life to get the whole thing finished. This is Chapter 11 of 14 chapters and the total is over 250,000 wo

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Eldon opens up about his feelings, but Gloria's response is heartbreaking. The group rushes to rescue Shelly, Jessica, and Becky, but will it be enough to face the total might of the Paladonic Knights

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Our carriageur was nowhere in sight, but a lazy horse ride wouldn't've served us much anyhow. We made for the nearest trolley, which didn't contain our quarry departing from the party, but we hopped o

unsuccessful   the   voyeur  

Author's note: This is my first submission to Literotica. I had not intended for it to be this long, but the story more or less wrote itself. It's actually quite different from the one I had planned w

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The characters in this story are the same as the characters in the Blind Date stories. This is a story about a trip to the beach with the busty, not too attractive, school teacher. I don't think you h

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Author's note: Hello readers. I hope you enjoy another story featuring Pam Beesly from The Office. This idea was suggested by an anonymous comment left on my most recent Office story. That comment ask

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Chapter Thirteen - Lunch at the Office It's been several weeks since the business meeting. Eric had made good on his promise to get Cass some piercings. She had decided to get her nipples and her clit

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This story contains male bisexuality so if you don't care for that sort of thing, you may want to pass on this. * I'd known Rod and Kay for about 20 years. They were your typical small town farming co

dance   with   redux   the   devil  

"You sure you want me to do this?" Gabby Becket stood apprehensively in front of the full-length mirror mounted on her bedroom door. Her husband Dan laid a red cloak out on the bed and ran his palms a

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Your phone buzzes on the nightstand. You look up, glancing at the bathroom door. Of course, there is nothing to worry about. Like clockwork, his routine doesn't vary. He will be stepping out of the sh

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"Great, so now someone is trying to kill me." At home, Lydia sat on the couch, nursing Dargek. "It's not going to happen." Darguni growled. "I swear; you're a bigger mess than Jordan ever was." Elunar

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The name is Luke, male, 22 years old. I would love to tell you that I am hot, masculine, and a heartthrob; that I could have every girl that I want; that I have an amazing sex life every man could eve

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Wherein, we discover how Bill's father came to be in the next stall. Yes, there is gay male sex and incest. Considered yourself forewarned. Thanks to LarryInSeattle. ***** "I'll go with you." "No," I

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Back in 2005, the summer before I met my second husband, I used to go to the free concerts at the pier at the Everett Marina on Thursday nights. Sometimes I would go with a girlfriend, but usually I w

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Lilith kneels on the floor in the living room, her breath comes quickly, waiting in anticipation. She's naked except for black pumps with sharp heels. Adam has blindfolded her, bound her wrists with l

day   the   island  

Note from the author: Even though this story set off as an "Exhibitionist&Voyeur" short story, it quickly started to evolve and transcend the sub-genre. So, just for the warning, there are some parts

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Brenda Danforth was enjoying lunch in one of the smaller dining rooms of her opulent mansion. It was a serene Wednesday afternoon and the socialite relished the peaceful interlude between her many soc

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This is part of the third act of Invasion of the Pussy Snatchers that focuses on the character Anna. I recommend you read Acts One and Two as well as the Intro to Act Three before beginning this story

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Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand o

daphne   &   carl   juniper   the   inn  

"I just don't know how I feel about it." Daphne had said. It was the night before they're anniversary. Daphne and Carl had been married five years. Over time the sexual chemistry of the marriage had f

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ORCHID heard her own name yelled in the midst of the shrieks of joy and peals of happy laughter. She was hugged so hard she could barely breathe, and gave back hugs that were just as hard. "Together a

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You sit on a deckchair on the shade side of the Tropic Princess II reading a crime mystery on your iPad. This side of the ship—starboard?—is relatively unpopulated, naturally, since the great bulk of

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Dan didn't take long to get his new slave Kerry into his house, thankful that she had offered herself to him as his property, whereas before she was only a barkeep. She adored him and serving him, bei

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Well, here we are again. I told my Wife and Ex Wives about submitting the story of how we all came together. Little did I know that confessing to them would bring about the most exquisite sexy time in

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I'm a guy in my late thirties. I have trained my muscles some but I'm not muscular, more like sinewy. I like to keep myself healthy also in other ways. So when I had read many articles about amalgams