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Chris "You're late," I informed my tardy sister as she slid into the booth across me. "I know, sorry. Is that iced tea?" She began to gulp down the drink I'd ordered for her without waiting for my ans

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Author's Note: This is the first installation in what I intend to be a long series that explores the beginning(s) and end of a relationship. Naturally, as the introduction to the characters and their

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Debbie Manchellini Gerald had tossed and turned all night his sleep disturbed by the fact that he had discovered his wife's infidelity. He had emerged from his home at five in the morning and stalked

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There was a frantic urgency in Alamelu's voice. "Come! Unhh! Come to my place quickly, aah!" she grunted into the phone. At the other end was Shobha, sitting on the floor grinding batter. Her legs wer

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Chapter 1 "Hey, Mister Ed!" Edward Walters looked over his shoulder and raised his hand in greeting as the pickup cruised past him on the town's main street. He recognized the speaker as Reggie Halsto

weddings   one   not   for  

Chris Over the next couple of weeks, Julian and I fell into an easy pattern of going to either my place or his after we'd gotten off of work. We'd come to a sort of silent agreement that neither of us

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"Damn, how do guys work with that in the office? I wanna jump on her back every time she come up the aisle, shit man. Seriously, I don't know how she can even walk through there without tearing those

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If I had one night with you I would tie your hands and feet to the bed. I would start by licking every inch of your body briefly stopping to suckle your clit and nipples. Then I would bite and kiss yo

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Here is Part 6 of the series. The first Four Plus One', is in the First Time category: start there or just dip in and start where you like. A vote or comment is always welcome! ***** "Mmm... yeah, who