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kiss   the   succubus  

Illustrations by LunA. 6. FALL FROM GRACE"Oh, right," he said, digging out his wallet. "How much?" "Depends what you wanna do. What are ya into?" she asked innocently. Sam cleared his throat. "Well, I

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This story was edited by Shygirlwhore. Dani is the narrator. Playtime at our house is a lot of fun. We are all nudists; all the sexual activities are with people at least eighteen, there is no non con

kiss   the   succubus  

Illustrations by LunA 2. LUST FOR A LADY"No, Ellie last saw her around eight," Tracy said. "Three hours later she checked again and Catherine was gone." "Let me in her room," Grace said. Tracy unlocke

kiss   the   succubus  

Illustrations by LunA. 5. DREAMS OF DEBAUCHERYShe passed a sign reading "PRISON AREA: DO NOT PICKUP HITCHHIKERS" and lamented how much worse her luck could possibly get. Thoughts of Kayla raced throug