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I love to please my wife. Her happiness is my happiness. Whatever she wants I try to give her because I'm always the one who reaps the rewards. To see her writhing in her own orgasm is the greatest pl

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Nervous, I knock on his door. Even though we had talked many times I didn't truly know what to expect. So far our physical relationship was hot and intense. As I wait my mind wanders back to our last

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The room was drenched in the westering sun of late afternoon. A gentle breeze had picked up offshore and, blowing through the harbour and past the banister of the two-chair balcony, was flapping away


Authors note: okie dokie doke, this is the second part and from His point of view *claps* Which I of course have to have in a story since I believe it adds a nice spicy depth to a it. buuuuuuut seeing

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Copyright 2015 Lara Longstaff All Rights Reserved Chapter One Joseph had just finished ticking off the last item on his inspection report when he heard the truck pull up to the loading dock. He grinne