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one   who   got   away   the  

Author's Note: This is the first installation in what I intend to be a long series that explores the beginning(s) and end of a relationship. Naturally, as the introduction to the characters and their

pussy   that   never   got   the   dry  

Characters: Brian Jeffries Patricia Dupont Bill Dupont (Patricia's hubby) Autumn Dupont (their daughter) Renee Todd (Brian and Patricia's former supervisor) Author's Note: I had written this and many

i've   think   got   cracky  

As I have thought much about posting stories from my past this one keeps coming to mind. That's because it was a time of firsts. The first anal sex I ever had, the first time I had sex with a Black Wo

well   got   and   asked   for  

As I have thought about whether or not to tell this story which is true, I couldn't get the images of my life over the past several years. First I was stunned, sucked, fucked, freaked and fondled by t