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Note: All characters in this story are of legal age. All of the characters are well over eighteen years of age. I neither judge nor condone any of the heinous actions detailed in this chapter of MEAN

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There was a lot about her current job Caroline Channing hated, but if she had to narrow it down to just one thing it would be total lack of hygiene. Seriously, if their customers knew the truth about

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Yes, in case you're wondering, I was able to get hard again while washing my plump, cheating wife Lisa under the hot water jets of the shower, my hands caressing her soft, pampered flesh as I did so.

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This is my first ever story so I do not know how good it will be. ***** My name is Steve and I have a great life. I have a great job. I have a beautiful wife. I did not think things could get much bet

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"Guys and Girls at a Bar," part 2 of the "It was supposed to be about incest" arc. Copyright CopperSkink (or Copper's Kink; whatever turns you on), January One, Two Thousand Ten. All players eighteen