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office   obedient   gift  

Sara had a master. He was a director at Cobolt Lansing, a major corporation. She worked for him as a secretary, handling all of his personal and professional needs. When the doors closed, Sara handled

gift   unexpected  

Most everything about my life could be classed as normal. I have a boring low paid job and the only minor exception to my normalcy is that I live with my sister, not being able to afford a place of my

60th   birthday   gift  

My loving wife planned a very special 60th birthday treat for me. We have been happily married for 30 years and have enjoyed each other in every way, especially sexually. My beautiful wife is almost 5

birthday   gift  

I have been long absent from the site and I apologize. My submissive submission today brings me back to my birthday party last year. It had been a difficult year and I won't bore you with details, so