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Hey everybody! Sorry for the long wait between parts two and three, I've just been busy and working on other stories as well. As I mentioned before, this story isn't strictly incest/ taboo, there are

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It was a typical family get together one that had happened in one-way or another for years. A trip of just over three hundred miles and as they drove Natalie, Tim's step daughter sat there texting and

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CREDIT & THANKS: A super special thanks to legendary artist Rebecca (of the Housewives at Play series and many more) for giving me permission to use a few of her plethora of illustrations for this sto

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This is my first story of any kind, sexual or otherwise. Pure fiction, and fun to write. -Eldon132 ***** There had always been a certain amount of sexual tension between Mick and his niece Ann since t

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Growing up, my parents were always a prime example of what a healthy, functional marriage should look like. They fought from time to time just like anyone does, but, for the most part, they got along

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This is my first story, I hope you like it, please comment and give me feedback so I can improve, this story will have several chapters. I'm not sure of how many yet, but probably 3 or 4. -foxxxydutch

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I know many children don't want to see their parents divorce, but I was happy to see my Dad escape the clutches of my mother. She was a selfish woman, wasting my father's money on her so called friend