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happy   daddy  

"Uncle Johnny!" Cara called, coming into the house from the backyard. "Where a-a-a-r-e you?" She had been sunbathing nude next to the pool all afternoon, occasionally diving into the water to swim a f

vacation   with   daddy  

She was an absolute dream when she ran up to me in the kitchen in her G-string and tight crop top. Standing on her tippy toes, she threw her arms around my head and pulled my lips closer to hers, pres

meeting   daddy  

She woke up that morning, tussled strawberry blonde hair and her Little Mermaid night gown slipped up over her bum exposing the lilac diaper decorated with bows and teddy bears. Her bum was a little s

vacation   with   daddy  

*DISCLAIMER: This story contains incestuous content between father and daughter, rough sex scenes, anal sex, lesbianism, deepthroating, face-fucking, cum swallowing and four-way orgies. If any or all

again   and   daddy   together  

She stood outside the door to the hotel room, raising her hand to knock but then placing it back by her side. She takes a deep breath and raises her hand again, her knuckles almost reaching the wood o

issues   daddy  

Every morning after I saw Daddy off with his wake-up bj or a quickie shower fuck, I would take a couple hours to workout. I had to keep in shape to keep my ass round, firm and tight for Daddy. I also

issues   daddy  

Daddy's birthday was coming up and I had been racking my brain for the perfect gift for my big strong sexy man! When the day finally came around, I had come up with a present that I knew would blow hi

day   home   with   daddy  

The terms 'Daddy' and 'baby girl' are not incestual in nature. They are meant between consenting legal adults and refer to subset of the BDSM culture. * Baby girl wakes up before her Daddy. She snuggl