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another   wild   birthday  

I went to visit my daughter Naomi recently. She moved to Las Vegas about a year ago with her latest boyfriend Brad. He was kind of a biker type, long beard, tattoos, etc. He seemed like a nice guy tho

50th   birthday   present  

We get to the restaurant and realize we need to eat to regain some energy for later. They sit us in the corner at a table with a dark green tablecloth that covers us from the waist down. I slide over

sex   birthday  

A/N: Just a few little notes before I start the next chapter. First off, I just want to say thank you for the wonderful comments and feedback I've been getting. I'm happy to know that people enjoyed t

60th   birthday   gift  

My loving wife planned a very special 60th birthday treat for me. We have been happily married for 30 years and have enjoyed each other in every way, especially sexually. My beautiful wife is almost 5

birthday   gift  

I have been long absent from the site and I apologize. My submissive submission today brings me back to my birthday party last year. It had been a difficult year and I won't bore you with details, so

meg's   birthday   present  

My second submission (ha, ha) with Meg. Love hearing comments, especially from any women who have tried this (or want to!) ***** The morning after Meg took my anal virginity was surprisingly normal. S

surprise   18th   birthday  

As the clock hands meet at the '12' mark, Jacob, Chandler, and Leo made one big jump to celebrate the 18th birthday of his little buddy, Kevin. Kevin giggled behind his hand, "Haha thanks guys. Finall

happy   birthday  

My 45th birthday was last September. As our kids are older, to do a fun celebration my wife suggested we do something different than the traditional family dinner of getting drunk, and complaining abo