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weekend   kara   with   tara   and  

The next day I woke to an empty bed, but the place was still warm. Tara, my princess, could not have been gone for long. I heard the shower down the hall. Knew she was rinsing off. I got up, threw on

and   head   ache  

My pussy aches, my ass aches and my head aches. What the hell happened? I'm in our bed alone with no recollection of the past 3 hours. The last thing I remember is we were sitting on the couch having

girls   4-4-2   and   bar   guys  

"Guys and Girls at a Bar," part 2 of the "It was supposed to be about incest" arc. Copyright CopperSkink (or Copper's Kink; whatever turns you on), January One, Two Thousand Ten. All players eighteen

big   secretary   and   the  

Mr. Big is particular when it comes to his secretaries. Long dark hair, big breasts, and dressed in shorts skirts and tight low cut blouses. He has always had a fantasy about his secretary, Betsie. Sh

gambled   and   wife   lost  

This story and or any portion of this story may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the copy write owner, except for the brief quotations used

three   and   teresa   her   sons  

Hiya – my name is Teresa. I'm 48 years old. I'm a widow. Jack, my husband, was hit by a truck while helping a damsel in distress whose car had suffered a puncture. I have 3 sons – Jack Jnr is 25, Dan

three   and   teresa   her   sons  

I luxuriated in the afterglow of being fucked and began using my fingers to rub myself and smear Lee's spunk on to my clit as it seeped from my arse. I was still horny and began wondering what the nex

rob's   trip   and   sue   goa  

Sue was standing on the secluded balcony of our luxurious Goan apartment block. She had thrown a see through wrap around her and the sunlight shining onto our balcony merely showed off her beautiful b

accept   1509   and   obey  

To Catja: Do you have any special requests? From Catja: my wish is that you wait for me blindfolded. To confirm filthy slut I will be there at 9.30. Regards Mrs Catja Early this morning I have done my

daughter   mother   and   sharing  

I woke up in the morning with sun shining to my face. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in an apartment I had never been in. I looked around in the room and did confirm that it was a strange place.

travis   and   adam  

They spent the morning packing and getting ready to check out. This was the last morning of the convention and the vendor room was closing at 11am. They had room service send up breakfast and sat quie

blackmail   and   the   retribution  

Barun checked his watch for the tenth time in as many minutes, still five minutes to go before the 10:00 meeting with Shanti. He paced back and forth on the path before the fountain, pausing only to p

down   overtime   and  

*note: A little fantasy about a human system administrator at a company hiring a new canine-human hybrid for marketing. * Okay, I admit, I thought she was cute as a button too and sometimes damned sex

new   wild   sex   body   and   face   hot  

Well I came to learn that pregnancy is wonderful for families and at the same time quite confusing to the uninitiated and downright frustrating at times. But, let me say right here and right now that

slut   and   life   wife   mum  

A few days later, Drew and I are enjoying a long free period since our physical education teacher wasn't around that day. We head to our school's library and use his laptop to check out what's happeni

beth   "daddy"   and  

As a student I didn't have a lot of money. Neither did anyone. Apart from the trust fund kids, and there were a few of those at my uni, everyone was scrabbling for pennies. My poverty was becoming a b

chick   geek   and   the  

The name is Luke, male, 22 years old. I would love to tell you that I am hot, masculine, and a heartthrob; that I could have every girl that I want; that I have an amazing sex life every man could eve

humiliated   enticed   and  

Part 17 – Being paid to Provide a Service I was really excited when I woke up. I mean I had butterflies in my stomach. I was going to earn eight hundred dollars! I was also going to be whoring out my

well   got   and   asked   for  

As I have thought about whether or not to tell this story which is true, I couldn't get the images of my life over the past several years. First I was stunned, sucked, fucked, freaked and fondled by t

and   rick   lori   liz  

I had been married to Liz for almost twenty years, for almost twenty years I had wanted to fuck her in the ass, and for almost twenty years she had said no, very firmly. We'd read some Penthouse Forum

sally   and   dave  

I occasionally write stories for publishing on internet websites, and in response to one that I wrote that was actually true, I received an email from a guy named Dave, who had a wife named Sally. The

seven   days   pain   and   bliss  

It all started so simply, going door to door, selling magazine subscriptions to augment my meagre university endowment. I had been on the road all day, with little success, when I arrived at a house,

therapy   body   and   for   soul  

Lying in bed next morning 47-year-old Bess was bright and happy as she thought of yesterday's happenings.. Alba, her 24-year-old daughter who fractured her foot, was making progress physically and men

beebe   and   petey  

"Kathy, will you marry me?" Chad was down on one knee holding up an open box with a diamond ring nestled inside. Dene had kept me upstairs on the pretense of helping her with her hair. That was pretty

shiny   and   shayla   love  

The High Chancellor of the United Council of the Realms was extraordinarily beautiful, brilliant, and as her family history defined, she really did have a long, elegant, regal name. While descended fr

caravan   part   sheryl   and   the  

3: SHERYL and the Caravan Part 2 My mind was on horses and riding as I travelled south to keep my appointment. But it was a very different kind of riding I had in mind. Ever since meeting Sheryl at an

trip   cabin   and   jon   chris'   the  

Jon woke up in the late morning, finding the bed empty. He thought his head would hurt worse from all the liquor, but it wasn't bad. Maybe gay sex is a hangover cure, he laughed to himself. His ass wa

caught   between   rock   and  

[Note: This was written by request from a friend. It contains male-to-male contact. If this is troublesome, you may want to find an alternative selection for your reading pleasure.] ***** "Did you ask

axina   and   burk  

Burk "Oh YES! FUCK MEEEE!" screamed Lady Neris Ara as Burk idly pounded her pussy. "Your cock is the... the greatest thing I ever... OH, fuck, I'm CUMMING AGAIIINNNN!" The Lady Neris was a small time