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Sweet Ass Pt. 05

This is dedicated to my friends, Annette and Patrick. Thanks for your inspiration and support!


Chapter 18

I noticed over the next couple of weeks that Amy was more affectionate than she had been before, both with me and others who I watched her interact with. It was not overtly sexual, just a greater physical comfort level with herself and people that she came in contact with.

As for me, it was like we were back at the start of our relationship, when everything that she did excited me and I was constantly filled with lust for her. I paid more attention to her appearance, and I kept flashing back to the dress she put on the night that we entertained Jamal at our house.

She told me that the outfit was inspired by my description of the dress that Alex wore the night I took her home from the bar, and it took several hours for her to find a similar one to wear for me. I told her that I loved her boldness in wearing it without a slip for Jamal and me. She laughed and told me not to get my hopes up about her wearing it in public without a slip under it.

Of course, Amy couldn't wait to tell her best friend, Carol about our escapade. We caught her up on our experience after Thursday night yoga class the following week. We were having drinks afterward at our usual bar and Carol was incredulous that Amy had done anal with Jamal, since she had seen first hand the size of Jamal's erection.

Amy gushed about what a great guy and a wonderful lover Jamal was, and Carol stole glances at me as she went on about him. Finally. Carol had heard enough, and she pointed out that Amy had a pretty great guy sitting next to her.

Amy realized what she had done, and she turned to me with chagrin, saying, "I'm sorry, baby. Carol is right. Even as much as I like Jamal, he can't come close to how much I love you and enjoy being your wife." I was glad to hear her say that, but a little upset that Carol had to remind her to do it.

Carol told us she was seeing a new guy named Brad who she met through her job in insurance. He had a small business and he came to her to buy health insurance coverage for his workers. They started talking and he invited her to dinner. They followed that up with a movie date three days later, and afterwards, he asked her to go with him to a business function the following week.

"Oooh, the third date!" Amy exclaimed.

Carol blushed, "Actually, I met him for lunch today, so that was technically our third date."

I was clued in to the three date rule, so I knew what Amy was referring to. Now that the guy had taken Carol out three times, she could give him a green light to have sex with her.

Carol added, "Also, we sort of already had sex."

Amy and I waited for an explanation with confusion on our faces.

"Brad is a great kisser, and we have been making out at every opportunity since our first date. Today, after we had lunch together, we were making out in his car in the parking lot before we headed back to our jobs."

She hesitated, then added in a conspiratorial whisper, "I let him finger me while we were kissing, and I was rubbing his cock through his pants at the same time. We both got carried away and I accidentally made him cum in his pants. The poor guy had to go home and change before he could go back to work."

Carol and Amy laughed at the predicament that she had put Brad in, and I smiled at Carol's happiness at finding a guy who she seemed to hit it off with. I suggested that we do a double date with her and Brad so we could meet him, and Carol said she would talk to Brad about it and set something up.

During our conversation with Carol, Amy didn't mention the possibility of us participating in a gang bang with Jamal, so I stayed quiet about it too. I did wonder what Carol would think about it, and decided I would get her perspective on it at some point.

I had a three day business trip the following Monday, and Amy would be on her own for two nights. I wondered if she would ask to see Jamal while I was gone, but she didn't say anything about it. I was packing Sunday night for the trip, and I finally broached the subject myself.

"What are you going to do while I am gone?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Amy replied.

"Do you want to see Jamal while I am away?"

"Would that be okay with you?" she asked. Her face didn't give anything away as to how she felt about it, but that, in itself, spoke volumes. She was hiding her true feelings about the possibility.

I said, "If it's something that you want to do, and you are comfortable seeing him by yourself, I guess it's okay with me."

Amy frowned, "That doesn't sound like an endorsement to me. I would like to use the opportunity to see Jamal, but I want to know that you want it too."

My heart was racing as I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. I realized that I had been looking forward to an opportunity for her to be with Jamal where I had no direct control over the situation since she started seeing him. Then I said, "I want you to be with Jamal while I am gone, but I have two conditions."

Amy smiled, "I know one of them is to tell you everything that happens between us. What is the other one?"

I grinned at her perceptiveness. "The other one is that you don't fall in love with him and decide to leave me."

"Oh baby, why would you worry about that?" Amy asked, putting her arms around my neck and giving me a sensuous kiss. The kiss led to even more kissing, then some frantic groping, and finally we ended up doing it on the bedroom floor, too excited to take the time to move my suitcase and clothes off the bed.

As we lay on top of our discarded clothes with Amy's head resting on my chest, I told her that I really was okay with her having Jamal over while I was gone. I had reached a point where I trusted him, and I was honest about my excitement at thinking about what they might be doing while I was not there.

Amy said, "So you are okay if he stays here overnight?"

"Yeah," I replied. "That will be okay. Ask him to be discrete, though. Our neighbors will wonder if they see a strange car sitting in the driveway all night."

"And you are okay if he fucks me, right? Here in our bed, while you are gone?" She was teasing me and stroking my cock as she asked the questions. "Are you okay if he fucks my ass, too, baby? What about if he comes in my mouth and makes me swallow it?"

I was hard again, and Amy grinned as she climbed on top of me and impaled herself. I told her I was fine with all of that, but I knew she was asking in an effort to arouse me rather than out of real concern. I did remind her to be careful with Jamal at work, though.

"Oh Randy," she whispered to me as she rode me. "What could happen at work that would be so bad if we got caught?"

I thought she was being serious, and I started to formulate a reply, when she added, "If one of the supervisors catches us, I will just offer to let him join us."

She knew that I got off on the idea of her acting slutty and having sex with multiple guys, and her comment made me envision her being double teamed by Jamal and one of the supervisors. I came hard at the mental image, and Amy smiled in satisfaction. She didn't cum until I went down on her afterward, but she had a strong orgasm as I cleaned up her messy pussy.

I flew out early the next morning, and spent the flight thinking about Amy. When I got to our corporate office in New Jersey, I was busy the whole day and then had dinner with several members of my team that evening. They headed to the hotel bar after dinner for a nightcap, but I begged off and went back to my room.

I checked my phone in the elevator, and saw that I had two new messages from Amy.

Amy:Hi Baby. Jamal is here, wish u were 2

Then a picture message came up. It was a selfie with Amy snuggled against Jamal's chest in our bed. He was holding her phone and took the selfie of the two of them smiling and relaxing. There was a bed sheet covering them, and I wondered if it was taken before or after they had sex.

I almost got out of the elevator on the wrong floor, and quickly stepped back in as a man got in with me. I hid my phone screen until the doors opened on my floor, then I raced to my room and got undressed.

I checked my phone, and the incoming message bubble was on. I stared at it for several minutes, and realized Amy must be sending me a video file! I grabbed the complimentary bottle of lotion and the box of kleenex from the bathroom, and laid down on the bed. By the time the message loaded on my phone, I was erect and stroking myself in anticipation.

I clicked on the icon, and the phone switched to the video app. I turned the phone sideways to watch it. Amy had given the phone to Jamal, and he was shooting the action as he fucked her. She was on her back, and moaning as he thrust into her. The picture jerked and moved in concert with his efforts.

He panned down to show his cock sliding in and out of Amy. She was taking the entire length with ease now, and she said, "Yeah baby, fuck me with that big cock. Show Randy what he's missing tonight."

I stroked myself slowly, to avoid coming too soon. In the video, Amy pushed against Jamal's chest to indicate she wanted to turn over. She got on her hands and knees, and looked back at the camera, smiling. Her cute little butt filled the frame, and I could see that her pussy was already red and the lips were swollen. She was gaping open about an inch. Jamal's cock entered the picture, looking huge from the perspective of the camera. He pushed all the way into her and Amy cried out. "Yeah, baby. Fuck me hard!"

Then the picture began to jerk again, as Jamal complied with Amy's request. I made a mental note to get her a stand to hold the camera for this type of thing the next time I travelled. Jamal had one hand on Amy's hip, and she was helping him by slamming back into him against each of his thrusts. Amy shouted, "Oh god, here I cum." and clutched the sheets as she orgasmed. Jamal kept pounding her through it.

After she stopped screaming and settled down, Jamal pulled out and told her to turn over. She did, and he handed her the phone. She took it and looked into the camera, "He wants to finish now, so I am going to put the phone down. Love you, baby." she said as she kissed the camera lens. The picture gyrated as she turned the phone around and then went dark.

I clicked on the progress bar on the video and put it back to where Jamal began doing her doggy style. I stroked myself and came all over my stomach at the same time that she did in the video. As I cleaned myself up, I typed a message back to her.

Me:That was hot! Thx to Jamal for shooting it. Will get u a phone holder 4 next time

Shortly after I sent the message, my phone rang. It was Amy!

I answered with, "Hi baby, thanks for the video."

Amy was panting, "Sure, hon. Did you enjoy it"

"I just came all over myself watching it." I told her.

She giggled and said, "What a coincidence, Jamal just came all over me. I wish you were here so we could lick the cum off of each other."

"Me too." I replied.

"Are you behaving yourself?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

Amy paused, "You won't have sex with another girl without asking me first, will you?"

I remembered our discussion about flirting with coworkers. I knew that Amy was having a much harder time with the idea of sharing me with other girls than I had about sharing her with other guys.

"No, baby. I won't do that, and if you and Jamal keep sending me videos like that, I won't have the time or energy left to do anything with another girl anyway."

"Good." Amy said. "Jamal and I are going to go clean up in the shower together now. I will talk to you in the morning. I just wanted to thank you for this and tell you that I love you."

"I love you too, baby." I said, before ending the call. I turned off the light and tried to go to sleep, but ended up watching the video again a couple of times. I was still amazed that my sweet, somewhat shy Amy, who hesitated to masturbate in front of me, was now fucking other guys and sending me videos of it. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Chapter 19

The next morning, I found another video file on my phone. It was Amy and Jamal in the shower together. She must have propped her phone up on the vanity across from the shower to record it. I didn't have time to watch the whole thing before getting ready to meet my team for breakfast, so I skipped through it to see what it contained.

It showed them kissing as they waited for the shower water to heat up, then they stepped in and there was a pretty long sequence of them washing each other. Amy washed Jamal last, and ended up on her knees sucking his cock after she rinsed him off. He pulled her up and turned her around so that he could enter her from behind, then he fucked her as she moaned loud enough to be heard over the running water. After several minutes of this, he said something to her and reached for a bottle on the shelf. I think it was conditioner, and he put it on his cock and then appeared to push back into her slowly.

Amy shouted, "Oh fuck!" and I realized he was working his big cock into her ass! There were several minutes of them in this position, then Jamal reached down and picked Amy up while still embedded in her ass and moved back to the bench seat in the shower. He sat down on it and she put her feet on his thighs. She took charge of the action, and I had a great view of it from a side on perspective, because they were far enough back in the shower that the glass panel wasn't splashed with water. Amy rose up until she reached the tip of his cock, then plunged down to the base as the action continued. Jamal was playing with her breasts and pulling on her nipples as they fucked.

I was running late, so I moved to the end of the video where they were out of the shower and drying off. Amy leaned over to put her face in the picture and said, "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, baby. Talk to you later." and the video ended.

I put my phone in the front pocket of my messenger bag and took a quick shower. I wanted to jerk off in the shower, but didn't have time, so I quickly dressed and ran out the door to meet my teammates for breakfast. I would have to wait until later for my own release.

Our second day of working on the project as a team seemed to drag on as I thought about Amy. I fiddled with my phone during dinner with the group, waiting for a message from Amy and itching to watch the videos again. I was finally able to get away from the group and return to my room around 9 pm.

I still didn't have any calls or messages from Amy, and I was starting to worry, so I called her. She answered and I could tell that she was taking the call over her Bluetooth connection in the car.

"Hi, hon." I said.

"Hi baby, you caught us on the way home." she replied. "Jamal took me out to dinner after work."

I remembered that they were an hour behind me in the midwest. I worried a little about them being out in public together, but then I realized that others would probably think nothing of two friends having dinner together. Of course, that depended on how they acted towards each other. Lately Amy had been much more affectionate in public. I was getting excited thinking about someone catching them fooling around.

"Did you have a good time?"

"Yeah, we did. Jamal took me to a great sushi place. I ate too much." she said laughing.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." I told her, adding, "thank you for taking such good care of Amy while I'm gone, Jamal."

"My pleasure, Randy." Jamal replied. "Amy is taking good care of me too, so it's all good."

I was sure that Jamal's comment alluded to his 'friends with benefits' arrangement with Amy.

"And thanks for the videos," I said, "They are amazing. We could make a lot of money in the interracial cuckold porn industry."

"DON'T YOU DARE PUT THOSE ONLINE!" Amy shouted, as Jamal chuckled in the background.

"I am only kidding." I assured Amy. "You are now my favorite porn star though, baby."

"Well, you won't be getting any more pictures or videos from me if I find out you are sharing those with anyone."

"Don't worry." I told her. "Okay, just wanted to check in with you. Drive safe and I will see you tomorrow."

"Thanks, hon." she said. "We are pretty tired, so you probably won't get another video tonight. Love you."

"Love you too." I replied as I ended the call.

I spent the rest of the night watching the shower video. It was over 25 minutes long, and I must have watched it three times as I masturbated. I only stopped to turn in when my phone flashed a low power message on the screen and I was forced to plug it in to recharge it.

Then next day I flew home, and got to the house before Amy did. Our bed was made, and there was no obvious sign that Jamal had been in the house, which disappointed me a little bit. I shook my head at the realization that I was actually hoping to find some indication that Jamal had been there, and demonstrated his dominance by leaving signs of his presence behind for me to find. Of course, Amy might have cleaned anything like that up out of concern for my feelings.

When Amy got home she gave me big smile and a long kiss, and I felt a sense of relief that she was still so affectionate towards me. In the back of my mind, I continued to worry that she would lose interest in me as she got more involved with Jamal.

The next day was Thursday, and I told Amy I had a late conference call scheduled with folks on the west coast, so I couldn't make the yoga class. Amy frowned, reminding me that Carol was skipping it too, for her date with Brad. Amy hated to miss a class.

Suddenly she brightened, "I can ask Jamal to go with me. I told him I was into yoga and he agreed to go with me sometime." She put in a call to him and left her invitation in a message.

I had a nagging worry at how much time Amy was now spending with Jamal. I told her that I would try to meet them afterward if they decided to go out for drinks. I wanted to see how they were acting towards each other in public, fearful that Amy was going to make people suspicious, but turned on by the idea, too.

Jamal called back about ten minutes later and I could tell by Amy's expression that he agreed to join her.

We went to bed, and Amy drove me crazy for over an hour with her accounts of what she and Jamal had done in my absence. She got me to cum in both her pussy and her ass, then 'made' me clean her up with my mouth. I was so tired after that, I passed out and slept until the alarm went off.

At work the next day, I was busy cleaning up tasks that accumulated while I was out of town on my business trip. The day flew by, and it wasn't until my late conference call with the west coast office that I thought about Amy and realized that she was probably just beginning her yoga class with Jamal. I sent her a text telling her I was thinking about her.

The meeting ran over, and by the time I got my computer packed up and left the office Amy's yoga class had been over for half an hour. I drove to the bar where she and Jamal were to meet me and went inside.

I didn't see Amy or Jamal, and was looking around in confusion when I felt a tug on my sleeve. I looked down and Alex, the cute Russian graduate student was smiling up at me with a martini glass in her hand.

"Hello Randy." She said cheerfully.

"Hi Alex, how was class tonight?" I asked.

"It was good," she told me, with her wonderful Russian accent, "but I did not see you there."

"I had a late meeting at work," I explained, "so Amy went with a friend of hers from the hospital."

"Ah, yes. I met this friend. He is a very handsome man."

"Did you see them here somewhere?" I asked.

"They just left. Amy told me to tell you that they would be at Ophelia's. You know this place?" she asked.
"Yes," I replied, "it's a bar that Amy likes where they have live music and dancing. Did she tell you why they decided to go there?" I checked my phone as I talked to Alex.

"No, but I think it was because she was uncomfortable."

I looked up from my phone and waited for an explanation.

"When I got here I was talking to Eric and Kevin." Alex paused, and looked at me with uncertainty. "He told me some things about Amy that I did not believe. He tried to get Kevin to tell me that they were true, but Kevin refused and said he should not be talking about Amy that way."

I looked around the bar, but didn't see Eric or Kevin. I wanted to hear what Eric had said to Alex, but I also wanted to catch up to Amy.

"Would you like to go with me to Ophelia's to meet up with Amy and Jamal?" I asked Alex. "I can explain things to you on the way over."

I could see that Alex was curious. She nodded and downed the remainder of her martini, and followed me to my car. I checked my phone again as we walked and found a message from Amy.

Amy: Hi hon. Decided 2 go 2 O's instead. c u there.

I texted back: On my way. Luv U

I opened the door for Alex, and as she got in the car I noticed her outfit for the first time. She had on a short skirt and tee shirt. The hot, humid weather made the soft fabric of the shirt cling to her body, and I could see that she didn't have a bra on underneath it. She showed a lot of long, tanned leg as well as she swung her pretty, sandal clad feet into the car. She looked up at me as I closed the door and met my gaze with a smug smile playing at the corners of her lips.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I asked Alex why she thought that Amy was uncomfortable earlier at the bar. She explained that Amy and Jamal approached them as Eric was telling her about Amy, and that there had been an awkward moment after Amy introduced Jamal to everyone.

"Kevin finally asked Jamal about his work at the hospital," Alex said, "and started a conversation, but Eric just stared at Amy as we talked. He didn't say anything the whole time. After Amy and Jamal finished their drinks, Amy whispered to me that she and Jamal were leaving. Shortly after that Eric and Kevin left, and then you showed up."

I took a deep breath and said, "I don't know what Eric told you, but Amy and I have a rather unique arrangement in our marriage."

I glanced at Alex and continued, "We include others in our sexual activities, with the understanding that we keep no secrets from each other about it."

Alex asked, "So Amy is allowed to have sex with other men?"

I nodded.

Alex said, "Eric says he has slept with her. That is what he wanted Kevin to confirm."

"Eric is an ass to brag about it, but yes, he has been with Amy." I told her.

Alex was thoughtful for a moment, then asked, "Why didn't you sleep with me when you took me home that first time if you are allowed to do that? Am I unattractive to you?"

If I read her expression correctly, she was both curious and a bit offended that I had passed on the opportunity. I decided that Alex deserved a complete explanation, so I told her the whole story about how that incident had triggered the chain of events that had 'opened' our marriage.

Another glance at Alex revealed that her smug smile was back. "So it seems that you owe your 'sweet ass' a big favor for helping you."

I laughed, "I never thought about it that way, but you are right."

We were at Ophelia's, so I let Alex out at the door and looked for a parking space. When I joined her inside, I found her talking to Kevin. I could tell that there was a problem as I approached them by the looks on their faces.

We exchanged greetings, and then Kevin told me there had been an incident involving Eric and Jamal just before I arrived. He indicated that Eric had talked him into coming to Ophelia's after Amy and Jamal left the other bar. He said he didn't know that Amy was planning to bring Jamal here, or he would have tried to talk Eric out of coming.

I learned that Eric was pretty drunk, and when he saw Amy and Jamal at the bar he confronted her and asked if Jamal was her new 'fuck buddy.' Amy told Eric he was an asshole and Jamal looked like he was ready to punch Eric, so Kevin said he moved to separate them. Before he could step in, Eric pushed Jamal into Amy, and knocked her purse and several drinks off the bar. At that point, the bouncer and manager showed up and asked the bartender what happened. She said that Amy, Jamal and Eric appeared to be ready to fight, and that Kevin had broken it up, so the manager asked all three of them to leave. Eric stormed out first, and once he left, the manager told Amy and Jamal that they could stay for ten minutes to avoid another confrontation outside, but then they had to leave too.

Kevin said he talked to Amy and Jamal after Eric left and they seemed to be okay. He said that Amy asked Jamal to take her home, then she thanked Kevin for keeping the confrontation from escalating, and they left. Kevin indicated that they had been gone about twenty minutes when we arrived.

I thanked Kevin for watching out for Amy, and bought him and Alex a drink, then I excused myself and found a quiet place to call Amy from. She didn't pick up, and the call went to her voicemail. I left a message saying that I was at Ophelia's, and Kevin had updated me on what happened. I ended by asking her to call me as soon as she got the message to let me know she was all right.

I went back to the bar and talked to Alex and Kevin. I declined a drink for myself, as I was still worried about Amy and unsure of what to do. When I had not heard back from Amy for fifteen minutes, I tried to call Jamal. His phone also went to voicemail.

I was no longer in the mood to drink, so I asked Alex if she would mind leaving so I could go home and check on Amy. She said sure, so we told Kevin goodbye and left.

When we got on the road, I asked Alex if it would be okay to stop at my house to make sure Amy was okay before I dropped her off to get her car. She nodded and rubbed my arm to console me. I realized that I had been pretty inconsiderate to her and apologized.

She told me not to worry, that she was fine. I explained that I wasn't too concerned, because it didn't sound like anyone was hurt in the confrontation, and Jamal was a guy I trusted to take care of Amy. I was just surprised by the fact that I couldn't reach them.

We got to the house, and there was no one else there. I invited Alex in and gave her a glass of wine, then I tried to call both Amy and Jamal again. Neither one picked up.

At that point, my concern started to turn to annoyance. Amy had to know that I would be worried about her, even if she didn't know that Kevin had told me about her argument with Eric and she assumed that I was unaware of it. The last message from her indicated that she was expecting me to join them. She should have called or texted to let me know about the change in plans.

Kevin said that Amy told Jamal to take her home. Did she mean to his house? I couldn't believe that she would go there with him without letting me know. I didn't even have his address.

As I was fretting over the situation, Alex brought me a glass of wine and said, "I think you should relax. If something was wrong you would have heard from one of them by now."

I tried to smile at Alex, "I am sure you are right. It's just not like Amy to take off with Jamal without telling me first." In the back of my mind, I recalled the other times she 'forgot' to tell me little things about what she and Jamal did, though.

"You said that you and Amy don't keep secrets from each other, but you knew she was going to be with Jamal tonight, right?" Alex asked.

"Well, socially yes." I said. I left unsaid that Amy and I had not discussed the subject of her having sex with Jamal. Maybe Amy didn't see them as separate activities either.

"You need to sit down and stop worrying." she stated.

Alex took my hand and pulled me toward the couch. She took my wine glass and put it with hers on the end table, then she pushed me back onto the sofa. As I sat down, she crouched to untie my shoes and take them off. Her hands were gentle, and she looked up at me with a smile as she gave my feet a quick massage.

I stared at her pretty face, then my gazed dropped to her legs. She was crouched on her heels, and I could see up her short skirt. Her knees were slightly parted, and she had on white panties that revealed the enticing mound of her sex. My eyes moved up her body to her nipples, now erect under her shirt, and finally to her knowing eyes.

I picked up my phone and typed in a message to Amy. After it was sent, I showed it to Alex.

Me: At our house waiting for you with Alex.

Assume you are having fun, and will do the same.


Alex stood up and sat next to me on the sofa. We talked for a while about her studies, and I tried not to stare at her cute breasts. I started to relax as we finished our wine. I noticed that Alex's glass was empty and asked her if she wanted more. She shook her head no and reached over to put her glass on the end table. She had her left arm behind my shoulders and with her right arm reaching across my body she was practically embracing me. She stopped and stared into my eyes.

I glanced at my phone one more time. There was no reply to the message that I sent Amy fifteen minutes earlier.

I turned back to Alex and pulled her into a kiss. She returned it, refreshing my memory of what a good kisser she was.

She pulled away from me and stood up, then sat back down in my lap facing me with her legs straddling my thighs. As we resumed kissing, she pulled one of my hands to her chest. I took the hint and began rubbing her small breast.

The result was dramatic. Alex thrust her long tongue into my mouth and used her hands to carress my head and pull my face closer to hers. I enjoyed this aggressive side of her. I used both hands to squeeze her breasts and play with her nipples. She whimpered as I teased her.

She stopped me so she could pull her tee shirt off. I drank in my first close-up view of her amazing body. She had small breasts, like Amy's, but her nipples were darker and larger. The script tattoo on her right side that ran from her hip to just under her armpit was in a foreign language that I didn't recognize. She had several other tattoos, but I was too engrossed in her pretty face and dazzling smile to examine them.

She wanted my clothes off, so I worked on unbuttoning my shirt as she unbuckled my belt. As soon as my belt and pants were open, she plunged her hand into my underwear and grasped my cock, at the same time forcing her tongue back in my mouth.

My cock expanded rapidly in response to her manipulations. She stopped kissing me again, and pulled her skirt up and over her head, leaving her in just her panties. I had to chuckle at the Hello Kitty logo on the front of them.

"Cute panties." I commented.

She said that if I liked the panties I would love what was inside and reached down to pull the gusset of the panties to the side, revealing her pussy. The lips of her sex were very thick and puffy. She used her left hand to rub her slit, and slipped a finger inside for a moment to wet it, then rubbed her prominent clitoris with it.

"I want you inside me. Now." She said.

She raised up enough to allow me to push my pants and underwear down my thighs, then she moved closer and grasped my cock to rub it between her engorged labia. She was very wet, and once she had me in position, she pushed down firmly until I was balls deep in her hot, tight honey pot.

She put her arms around my neck and humped me as I laid back against the sofa cushions. I had not had such urgent, frantic sex since I was in high school, and I found it extremely exciting. I resumed playing with her sensitive breasts, and she rocked her pussy back and forth on my erection. After several minutes, her motions became faster and less coordinated. She cried out and orgasmed, dropping her head to my shoulder.

I was getting close to my own release, so I used my hands on her hips to urge her to continue to ride me. She gathered her senses and resumed her efforts, watching my face as she did. Her steady gaze faltered as my cock seemed to swell and harden even more. She sensed the change and said, "I love your hard cock, Randy. Come inside me so I can feel you fill me up."

That pushed me over the edge, and I had a strong orgasm as she kissed me and rubbed her chest against mine. I wrapped her in a hug and pulled her tight against me.

"What the fuck, Randy?'

I looked up and saw Amy standing in the doorway with Jamal behind her. She was obviously not happy to find Alex naked in my lap with my cock inside her.

I said the first stupid thing that came to me, "What are you doing here?"

"I rushed home to let you know I was alright," she yelled, "but it looks like you were not all that concerned."

Alex slid off of me and crossed her arms over her breasts, but made no move to get up. I think she was a bit scared of Amy at that point. I knew that I was. I felt ridiculous sitting there with a semi-erect cock and my pants around my knees, so I stood and pulled my pants up.

"What do you mean you rushed home? We have been here over an hour, and I didn't hear back from either of you when I called and texted you earlier." I said indignantly.

"Don't you think I would have responded if I was able?" Amy said. She turned to Jamal and said, "Wait here, I am going to get some things and then I am going to go home with you." She turned and stormed up the stairs.

As soon as she left the room, Alex jumped up and began putting on her clothes. I pulled on my shirt and looked at Jamal, "What's going on, man?"

He told me that when they left Ophelia's, he had gone about a mile when his tire pressure warning light came on. He pulled over on the shoulder to check the tires and found the left rear one had a piece of metal embedded in the tread. A cop going the other direction passed them, then did a u-turn and came back with his lights on.

At first Jamal thought the cop was going to offer to help, but as he approached, Jamal saw him scowling at Amy. He asked Jamal for his license and registration, then asked if he had been drinking. Jamal told him no, knowing that any other answer would result in a sobriety test. The cop told Jamal and Amy to stand at the back of the car while he called in the license.

When he came back from his cruiser, the cop said he was taking Jamal back to the station to do a breath test for DUI, because he didn't have a portable unit in his cruiser. Amy asked what reason he had to do that, since Jamal said he hadn't been drinking, and the cop said he smelled alcohol on them. Amy was livid and accused him of being a racist. Then she insisted on riding along with Jamal to the station, so the cop put zip tie handcuffs on both of them and put them in the back of the cruiser. Jamal passed the breath test, but the cop was able to point to the trace level of alcohol present in his blood as proof that he had probable cause, then he released them.

I asked why neither one of them had called or texted me back at some point during the ordeal, and Jamal said Amy's phone was broken when her purse was knocked off the bar by Eric. His phone was in his car while they were being processed at the station.

I thought about everything that had gone down with Amy and Jamal, and realized that he had handled things at least as well as I would have under similar circumstances, including bringing Amy home as soon as he was able. I thanked him for taking care of her.

"Don't worry about Amy. She will cool off in a day or so and I will bring her back home to you. I am not looking for a live-in girlfriend." he assured me with a grin.

Alex had been standing at the entrance to the kitchen during our discussion and when she heard Amy coming back down the stairs, she disappeared into the back of the house. Amy had a backpack and an overnight bag in her hands. She appeared to be calmer than when she went up the stairs, but was still glaring at me.

I felt bad, knowing that I had jumped to conclusions and feeling like an idiot for fucking Alex before I talked to Amy first. I tried to apologize to her but she cut me off, saying, "I need some time to think about things, Randy. After seeing you with Alex, I am not sure I can do this."

I wasn't sure what 'this' was, since she was about to leave with Jamal, but I repeated that I was sorry and asked her to forgive me. She didn't reply, but did give me a quick hug before she left the house with Jamal walking behind her and carrying her bags. He turned to me and mouthed, "I'll call you." while miming the act with the hand holding the backpack. Then he winked at me and turned to follow Amy.

I was in turmoil and wanted to follow Amy so I could talk to her about what happened, but realized that Jamal was probably right, and that I should give her some time to calm down first. I also needed to think about our situation and decide if I could let Amy see other guys if one of the conditions was that I was not allowed to see other girls. It was obvious that she didn't enjoy sharing me anywhere near as much enjoyed sharing her.

I closed the door behind them and called out, "You can come out now, Alex. They are gone."

She appeared in the kitchen and walked to me, wrapping me in a hug. We both said we were sorry to each other at the same time.

I jumped in and added, "This is all my fault. I have wanted you since the first night you kissed me, but I shouldn't have been with you until I talked to Amy about it."

"No, I knew you needed to get her permission first. I just didn't want to wait." Alex countered.

I held her face in my hands and said, "That may have been our first and last time together, but I will always remember it. You are amazing."

She was still hugging me as she said, "You better take me home before I cause you more trouble."

I drove her back to the bar to get her car, then I went home alone and thought about Amy all night as I tossed and turned in my empty bed.

Chapter 20

I woke up Friday morning and had a moment of panic over the empty space where Amy should have been before I remembered the events of the previous evening. I wanted to talk to Amy or at least text her, but she didn't have a phone. I decided to text Jamal instead.

Me: GM Jamal. Please tell Amy I will bring her a new phone at lunch time.

I didn't get an immediate reply, so I got in the shower. When I got out, there was a message on my phone.

Jamal: Thx hon

I was pretty sure Jamal wasn't referring to me as 'hon', and my mood improved at the thought that Amy sent the reply. I finished getting ready and headed to the office.

I was able to get my morning work obligations taken care of by 11 pm, so I went out for lunch early and picked up a replacement phone for Amy. She wanted the new iPhone 6 Plus, so I got it for her, along with a case. The guy who helped me was even able to install all of Amy's apps and settings on the new phone from her cloud backup.

I texted Jamal to set up lunch with Amy.

Me: Meet 4 lunch in hosp cafe at 12:30?

Jamal: Amy says ok

I headed to the hospital with the new phone and a feeling of optimism about seeing Amy. When I found her in the cafeteria, she was alone at a small table. I leaned over to kiss her and she turned her face to the side to offer me her cheek. I saw that she had already eaten something. Amy asked if I wanted to get something to eat, but I declined.

"Thank you for replacing my phone." Amy said as she examined her new toy.

"Sure, baby. I hope you like it." I told her. "Listen, I'm really sorry about last night. I know that I fucked up. I don't have an excuse, and if I tell you why it happened, it will probably only make things worse."
I think I surprised Amy with that comment. She said, "Okay. I was going to tell you that I didn't want to hear any excuses, but now you have me curious. What's your explanation?"

I told her, "I tried to reach you and Jamal both by phone several times. You can see the missed calls and text messages on the call log in your new phone. Kevin told me that you asked Jamal to take you home, and when I didn't find you at our house, I assumed that you were with Jamal at his place. I had no idea that you guys were in trouble, and it felt to me like you were trying to ditch me so you could spend time alone with Jamal. I had Alex with me because she relayed your message and I invited her to go with me to Ophelia's to meet up with you two. She said Eric told her you were involved with him, and I wanted to explain our relationship to her, but I never intended to pursue her until I started to feel abandoned. It was wrong for me to jump to conclusions."

Amy thought about what I said for a few minutes.

"I know it's selfish of me to be so possessive of you, and I overreacted last night when I got home and found you and Alex together." Amy said. "Now I understand why you felt the way you did, but I am hurt that you would assume I had so little concern for your feelings. Does my behaviour really make you that insecure?"

Before I could reply, she continued, "Wait, that's not a fair question. I know that if our roles were reversed, that I would not be able to deal with you being alone with another girl while I was out of town on a business trip, and I would have had the same thoughts that you did last night, maybe even worse. I just have a hard time when I see you with Alex. She's younger and prettier than me, and I worry that you will fall in love with her."

"That's just crazy." I told her. "I have never been attracted to anyone like I am to you. I love you."

Amy reached across the table and took my hand. "Did Alex spend the night with you last night?"

I smiled, "Now who's jumping to conclusions? No, in fact, I told her I might never be able to see her again when I took her home."

That response seemed to please Amy, and she smiled at me for the first time since the incident.

"Are you planning on coming home tonight?" I asked her hopefully.

"I left all of my stuff at Jamal's place this morning." she said. She must have seen the dejection in my face, because she added, "I'll have him drop me off at home tonight after work."

I pulled her hand to my lips and kissed it, causing her to glance around us in embarrassment.

"You can invite him to stay for dinner, if you want." I told her.

"Oh my god," Amy said in a low voice, "you are too much. I thought you were upset with how much time I was spending with Jamal."

"I was only upset that I wasn't part of it." I explained.

This time it was Amy who initiated a kiss, and I returned it gladly.

"Are you going to cook for all of us?" she asked.

I really didn't feel like doing that, so I said, "How about if we go out to eat somewhere?"

Amy said she would ask Jamal if he was up for a date with us, but she planned to spend the evening with me regardless of what his response was.

I went back to the office in a much better frame of mind than when I left it. I got a text from Amy later saying that Jamal would be joining us, and had a place in mind for us to go to for dinner.

When I got home, Amy was already there, and getting dressed to go out. Her bags were next to the bed, and she told me Jamal had gone back to his place to get ready. I asked her what I needed to wear, and she suggested that I change from my casual friday jeans into a pair of dress pants.

I finished getting ready in ten minutes and went back downstairs to nurse a beer while I waited for Amy. She was taking a long time, and I was wondering where Jamal was too, when she finally appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

She had on the dress! In deference to the fact that we were going out in public, she was wearing a slip under it, but it must have been the thinnest and most transparent slip that she could find, because I could still faintly make out her nipples through both garments.

"Wow, Amy, you look fantastic. I am so proud of you for being brave enough to wear that dress for me in public."

She smiled nervously, and did a quick pirouette in the silver pumps that she was wearing. As she turned, I got a glimpse of something on her lower back.

"Turn your back to me, baby." I implored. She grinned at me as she slowly turned, watching my expression over her shoulder.

She had a new tattoo on her lower back! I had been after her for a while to get one, but she said she was afraid of how much it would hurt. Jamal must have talked her into it. I was disappointed that I hadn't been with her last night when she got it, though.

"Show it to me." I said.

"What?" she asked, innocently.

"You know what." I replied sternly.

She lifted the hem of her dress slowly, revealing the bottom of her ass, then the cheeks. I thought she was naked under the slip until she got to the middle of her ass and I saw the tee back of a thong emerge from between her cheeks. The tattoo was just above the the thong.

It was a winged heart in several colors, about five inches across. I got up and looked closer, and realized it was a temporary tattoo. It looked very real, but there was no way she would have healed up over night after receiving a real one.

I got on my knees behind her and kissed her ass cheeks, then all around the tattoo.

"I take it that you approve." Amy giggled.

"I love it." I said.

"I asked Jamal to take me to the place where he gets his tattoos done. We went while you were out of town, and I picked this one out but I told the guy I would have to come back with you later to get it done. He said he could give me the temporary tattoo so you could see it when you got home. Jamal helped me put it on this afternoon at work so I could surprise you with it."

I stood and gave Amy a long, passionate kiss. She returned it just as passionately, and then whispered in my ear, "The winged heart signifies your willingness to set me free to explore my sexuality. It's a tribute to your love for me, baby."

I had tears in my eyes, but I didn't want Amy to see them, so I hugged her tight and thanked her. Once I got control of my emotions, I let her go and changed the subject by asking what was keeping Jamal.

She grinned again, and said, "That's the other surprise. He is cooking dinner for us. We need to get going to his place right now or we are going to be late."

I drove and Amy gave me directions to Jamal's condo. He was located in a tall residential tower downtown, only a few miles from the hospital. Amy showed me where to park, then held my hand as we went through the lobby and took the elevator to the eighth floor.

Jamal answered the door wearing a Williams and Sonoma apron over his clothes. He greeted us both and invited us in as I handed him the wine that I brought.

I took in the beautiful apartment as I stood in the foyer. The open floor plan included a large main living area, the kitchen to the right, and a separate dining area in the corner of the unit. The exterior walls of the living and dining area were full glass, all the way to the ten foot ceilings. Outside the glass was a wrap around balcony with lounge chairs and planters.

Jamal's furnishings were modern, featuring mostly chrome and leather. He had a very large flat screen TV on the wall of the living room, and tasteful art work throughout the unit.

I gave a low whistle, and asked him, "How many women give up the pussy right here in the foyer when they see this place?"

Amy punched me in the shoulder and said, "Hey, that's my boyfriend you are talking to."

Jamal and I both laughed, and he replied, "A gentleman never kisses and tells," then he added in a stage whisper with his hand over his mouth, "I have never failed to seal the deal if I get a girl this far, though."

Amy just shook her head and said, "Please bring me a glass of wine, baby," as she dropped onto the leather sofa with the graceful ease of one who is already familiar with a room and its furnishings.

Jamal and I both reacted to the request, then laughed awkwardly.

I said, "She's like the girl in the John Mellencamp song, she calls everybody baby."

"You relax and keep her entertained and I will bring you both a glass of wine." Jamal offered.

I sat next to Amy on the sofa, and we looked at the lights of the city as they started to come on around us. I smelled garlic cooking, and Amy told me that Jamal was making shrimp scampi for us. Jamal brought us our wine, and told us the food was ready.

We ate at the dining room table as darkness fell around us outside the apartment. Jamal was a wonderful chef and host, and we all shared a very comfortable time talking and laughing as we ate. I reflected on the relationship between Jamal and Amy and I. If there wasn't any sex involved, I would say that we were both close friends with him. It was a very different situation than between Amy and her first lover, Eric. I didn't think I could ever like or trust him the way I did Jamal. I actually found myself hoping that Amy's feelings for Jamal stayed strong, so that we didn't have to look for another lover for her. I would miss the friendship I had with him.

After we finished eating, we continued to chat and finish our wine. Amy suggested that we go for a walk, which surprised me because her shoes were not suited for walking any significant distance. I wondered what her ulterior motive was.

I helped Jamal clear the table, then we headed out for our walk. During the elevator ride to the lobby, we stopped on a lower floor. Two very attractive young ladies got on, and greeted Jamal by name.

"Hey Brenda, Nadim. What's going on tonight?" Jamal responded.

"We are going out for drinks, then hitting the clubs later," Nadim, the exotic Asian girl told us. "You guys want to come along?"

Amy grabbed my hand and put a protective arm around Jamal's waist, replying, "Thanks, but we already have plans for later."

I felt my face coloring as realization of what Amy's response meant dawned on the girls. They shared a knowing look with each other, then Brenda said, "Maybe some other time, then."

Brenda glanced at me several times before the doors opened in the lobby, and I found the courage to smile back at her. It was her turn to blush and look away.

As we reached the street, Amy and Jamal turned left and the girls got into a cab. I looked back to see them whispering to each other as they glanced our way.

"That was rather bold of you." I told Amy.

She smiled and said, "I'm feeling courageous tonight. Sorry if I embarrassed you."

"I'm fine." I told her. "But you might have embarrassed Jamal."

Jamal grinned and said, "Nah, I didn't mind. That Indian girl, Nadim, is a terrible gossip, though. I am sure the whole building will know about us by the end of the weekend."

We walked for about five blocks, then turned onto a side street. Two blocks later, Amy stopped at a dark storefront. The sign said "Tribal Knowledge" in large script, with "Tattoo Parlor" in smaller letters underneath it.

Amy turned and looked at me. "Should I make my tattoo permanent?"

I looked at Jamal, who had half sleeves on both arms, and a few other tattoos on his torso, and asked, "Do you think this is the place Amy should get her first tattoo?"

Jamal said, "They did most of mine, and the owner, Noah is a friend. He will take good care of Amy."

We went in, and I met Noah, and two other artists who worked there. Noah indicated that he was happy Amy decided to come back to him for a permanent tattoo. He explained that Amy's temporary tattoo decal had come from a collection of mass produced art, and that he wanted to do a more detailed version of it for her. He did a rapid sketch, then colored it with markers to show her his idea. It only took him ten minutes, but it did look way better than the decal, and it demonstrated his artistic ability to us.

Amy agreed, and after Noah explained the entire process, including how to care for the tattoo as it healed, he led us to a private area in the back of the shop to do the work. When we got there, he had Amy straddle a bench with an attached shelf where she could rest her arms as he worked. Noah sat behind the raised bench on a low stool. I realized that, with her dress on, he was going to have to lift it up and expose her ass completely to work on her lower back. Noah lifted the back of Amy's dress and clipped it to the bodice to keep it out of the way. He didn't seem at all surprised by the thong that she was wearing, or her near nudity, but then he probably saw a lot more than that with some customers based on the parts of the body he worked on. Jamal and I were invited to sit in front of Amy, and I was glad to have a reason to sit down to hide my growing erection. I looked at Jamal and saw that he had a similar problem.

Amy asked if the tattoo would hurt as she watched him open a package containing the new needle he was going to use. Noah suggested a numbing agent if she was at all concerned about pain, and Amy agreed.

After he cleaned off the temporary tattoo, and applied the numbing gel, he asked Amy if she wanted the tattoo above or below her bikini line. Amy asked Noah what he recommended.

Noah explained, "If it is above the bikini line, everyone will see it if you wear a crop top or bathing suit. When people see tattoos, they always ask what they mean. If you don't want to answer that question a thousand times, hide it below the waist line."

Amy looked to me for advice, and I suggested that it go above. Amy smiled, knowing that I wanted others to see it and ask her what it meant. It was a very heady moment for me, since it would be a visible reminder of our lifestyle every time I saw it.

Noah used a fine point pen and a ruler to measure and mark where the tattoo would go, then he asked Amy if she was ready.

Amy nodded, then bit her lip. The tattoo needle buzzed as Noah turned it on, and she flinched at the first contact, but quickly relaxed.

Noah said, "That is as bad as it will get, are you ready for me to start applying ink?"

Amy smiled and said, "That's not bad at all, go ahead."

As Noah worked, Amy said, "All I feel is some pressure and tingling. The numbing agent really worked."

Noah told her, "The skin over the tattoo will actually hurt more as it heals than it does now. It will feel like a sunburn for the next few days."

Noah worked for about 40 minutes, then sat back and invited me and Jamal to have a look at it.

Amy gave me her phone and asked me to take a picture of it for her. I admired the finished tattoo, with it's brilliant colors and the fine details in the feathers of the wings, then I took several pictures and gave the phone to Amy. She looked through the pictures and gushed over how much she loved her new artwork.

Noah put some cream on the area, then a bandage. He explained again how to care for the tattoo as it healed, then stripped his black vinyl gloves off and took my credit card to the front of the store to run it.

When he was gone, Amy stood up and grabbed a paper towel from the sink to wipe the damp spot on the bench she had been sitting on. She looked at me and Jamal and whispered, "I got wet while he was tattooing me. You guys need to get me back to Jamal's apartment, stat."

When Noah came back and handed me the credit slip, I added a 30% tip and thanked him for the great job he had done. He suggested that I come back and get my own tattoo, and I told him I would do that.

Amy gave Noah a hug and a kiss on the lips, which seemed to surprise him, then she led us outside into the warm night. Once we were outside, Amy bounced on her toes with excitement, and kissed first me, then Jamal.

Her kiss with Jamal transitioned from a celebration to something more sexual, and I looked around nervously to see if we were creating a scene. There were a few other people on the street, but no one seemed to be shocked by Amy and Jamal's behavior.

Amy broke the kiss and said, "You guys drove me crazy in there, sitting in front of me with your big erections while Noah was working on me. I can't walk all the way back to the apartment in my current state."

She looked around, then pulled Jamal into an alley next to the shop as I followed them nervously. Amy led Jamal deep enough into the alley to be in partial darkness, then crouched down to undo Jamal's pants. I stood between Amy and the opening to the street in an attempt to block the view of any passers-by as Amy bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

Once Amy had him hard, She stood up and turned to brace herself against the wall.

Jamal lifted her dress, then pulled her thong down and helped her step out of it. He handed it to me and paused, waiting for me to react. I looked back at the street nervously, then told him to go ahead.

Jamal lifted the back of her dress, and pushed inside of her. Amy moaned, and I reacted by putting my hand with the damp thong in it over her mouth to quiet her.

Amy pulled my hand away and whispered, "Why don't you use your cock to keep me quiet instead?''

I was still nervous, but too carried away with lust to care if someone caught us. I opened my fly and pulled out my erection, as Amy and Jamal repositioned themselves to allow her to bend at the waist and reach me.

Amy had to keep her hands on my hips to support herself, and I reached under her to play with her tits and help hold her up. She took my cock deep in her mouth, until her forehead was pressed to my stomach.

Jamal was thrusting into her vigorously, and using his hands on her hips for leverage. I had a great view, albeit somewhat dim from the faint light in the alley, of Jamal's cock sliding in and out of her between the cheeks of her butt.

The whole scene was crazy, with the three of us just twenty yards from a busy street as we double teamed Amy. Jamal announced that he was going to cum, and Amy moved one of her hands to play with her clit as he continued to pound her from behind. Amy groaned, letting me know that she felt him cuming inside of her, and that caused me to orgasm in Amy's mouth.

Jamal kept fucking her from behind, even as my cock began to soften in Amy's mouth. She released me and whispered, "Oh fuck that feels good."

I crouched down so my face was level with hers, and she put her hands on my shoulders. I said, "You need to come soon before we get caught, you sexy little tattooed slut."

She moaned, "I've been coming continuously since Jamal entered me, but I feel a big one coming on now." She dug her nails into my shoulder as she came, and I put my mouth over hers in a kiss to keep her from screaming as she rode out her orgasm.

Jamal slowed down and said, "I think we better finish this back at my place, if you think you can make it there now, Amy."

We all laughed at the joke, and began to make ourselves presentable. I offered Amy her thong, but she said she would just make a mess of it if she put it on, since Jamal's load was running down her leg. She lifted her dress and used her hand to wipe her thighs, then she held it out to me and asked, "Want to help me clean up?"

I smiled and pulled her fingers into my mouth, sucking and licking them clean. I reached down and scooped my fingers between her pussy lips, then brought them to her mouth. She cleaned them off, then gave me a big kiss.

Jamal reminded us that he had a nice, soft, king sized bed in his condo, and we made our way back there without further incident. The rest of the night was spent with Jamal and I thinking up new ways to have sex with Amy without putting her on her sore back. It turned out that there were a lot of options. and Amy and I ended up spending the night with Jamal.
It was the first time I slept with Amy and another man in the same bed. Amy slept in the center, on her stomach, with Jamal and I on either side of her. I woke up to a warm mouth around my hard cock, and found Amy on her side with her head on laying on my stomach and Jamal fucking her gently in the spoon position.

After we finished, Jamal made breakfast as I helped Amy take off her bandage in the shower and clean her tattoo. When we got out, Jamal had bacon and eggs ready for us.

"I forgot to tell you last night, I heard back from Patrick and Annette. They want to meet you next week." Jamal told us as we sat on stools at the serving bar in his kitchen.

I remembered that Patrick and Annette were the couple that hosted swinger parties that Jamal had attended. I looked at Amy, and she smiled and raised her eyebrows.

"Are we ready for that?" she asked.

I asked Jamal when the next party was.

"Two weeks." He replied.

"Are you planning to attend if we don't?" Amy asked him jealously.

Jamal smiled, "Don't hate the player, baby girl."

That caused Amy to grin and stick her tongue out at him.

"How about if we meet them to get some more information?" I suggested.

Jamal said, "That's a good idea. I think you will like them. They are a really cool couple."

Amy wanted to know what they were like, so Jamal gave us a description. He said they were older than us, early forties he guessed. He described Patrick was an outdoorsy kind of guy with a fondness for cigars. Annette was athletic and lean, with short, dark hair and a killer smile. He added that he never met any woman who loved sex as much as Annette did.

Amy said, "You mean other than me, don't you?"

Jamal smiled, "I reserve judgement until I see you take on ten guys in one night."

Amy's jaw dropped open, and she asked, "You don't mean she fucked all ten of them?"

Jamal nodded, and added, "Some of them twice."

Amy looked at me nervously, and I told her, "I am sure you don't have to do any more than you are comfortable with. If Annette has that kind of stamina, you probably won't be expected to match her on your first outing."

"He's right," Jamal said. "Nobody who goes to these parties has to do anything they don't want to."

Amy shivered, and said she would leave it up to me, but she was game. I got Patrick's phone number from Jamal, and we made our goodbyes. When we got home, I called the number.

"Hi, this is Randy. I am a friend of Jamal's." I said to the man who answered.

"Oh yeah, hi Randy. Jamal told me about you and your wife. Her name is Amy, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Listen, she and I would like to meet you and Annette this week to talk to you about attending one of your parties."

"Sure, that sounds good." Patrick replied. We made arrangements to meet Wednesday night at a downtown restaurant, and I told him we were looking forward to it.

Amy was listening to my side of the conversation, and she gave me a hug after I hung up.

"I am so excited!" she told me. I felt excited too, and wondered what was in store for us if we followed through and went to the party.

Chapter 21

Amy and I were waiting nervously at the bar on Wednesday night. We were so anxious about meeting Patrick and Annette that we got to the meeting place 20 minutes early, then decided to have a drink to calm our nerves.

"This is worse that waiting for a job interview." Amy said as she sipped her wine.

I agreed, and kept my eye on the door. At five minutes before the agreed upon time, a couple came in that matched Jamal's description. I had given the hostess their names and asked her to send them to the bar when they arrived. She pointed in our direction, and I waved to catch their attention.

I was struck by how relaxed and confident they appeared as they approached us. Annette was holding Patrick's hand, but let it go to greet Amy and I with a hug and a kiss on the lips, as though we were old friends.

I shook Patrick's hand and tried to return his confident grin. He turned to Amy and gave her a hug and kiss in greeting as well.

We decided to take a booth so we could have some privacy as we talked. I signalled the waitress to bring Amy and I a second round, along with drinks for Patrick and Annette.

Once we were seated, we got into a mundane discussion about the warm weather, and I had a chance to get a better look at our new friends. Patrick was a handsome guy with an air of success and worldliness about him. Amy told me she didn't know him from the hospital, but there were so many doctors and professionals working there that was not unusual.

Annette was just as Jamal had described. She had short brown hair, a wide smile, pretty face and a long graceful neck. Her gaze was direct, and I had a hard time maintaining eye contact with her, as she appeared to be evaluating me as well.

She was the one who finally broke the ice by saying, "Jamal tells us you might be interested in participating in one of our gangbangs." then she calmly took a sip of her drink.

Amy choked on her wine, then blushed as we all chuckled. I jumped in and replied, "We started swinging just a few months ago. Jamal is only Amy's second lover."

Amy smirked and said, "I think you are forgetting one."

I was momentarily confused, then remembered Carol. "Right, sorry. Amy also had her first female lover since we started."

Annette smiled, "Wow, you guys are getting into this quickly. I am impressed. How about you, Randy?"

"I participate with Amy when she sees Jamal, and I have been with two other women."

Amy's smile faltered, and Annette picked up on it.

"How do you feel about Randy being with other women, Amy?"

Amy sighed, and admitted, "I am getting used to it, but I struggle a little bit. I am less secure about this than Randy is. I think where he gets a thrill out of the danger of letting me be intimate with other guys, I only feel anxiety when he is with another girl. It wasn't bad when we shared the experience with his first lover, but the second girl he was with was younger and prettier, and it was really hard for me."

"Younger yes, prettier no." I protested. I was grateful to Amy that she didn't say that I also had sex with Alex before I got her approval. I still felt like an ass for doing that.

"It doesn't sound to me like you have anything to worry about. Randy seems totally smitten with you." Annette said, as Patrick nodded in agreement.

I reached out across the table and took Amy's hand.

"If we participate, is it okay if Amy is the only one who gets involved with other people?" I asked.

Annette and Patrick exchanged a look with each other, and Patrick said, "No one has to do anything they don't want to at our parties. I think it would be a shame if Amy is the only one to enjoy the full experience of living out her fantasies, though."

Amy smiled nervously. "I didn't tell Randy to ask you that. I think once we get into it, I will be okay with pretty much anything that happens. When I get horny, my inhibitions tend to go out the window." she said, blushing. I was reminded of the previous weekend with her and Jamal in the alley, and smiled.

Annette said, "Let me tell you what to expect, then you can both decide if you really want to do this. There will be about ten guys at our next party, and you would be the only other girl besides me. Since you are both new to this, if it will make you more comfortable, I will promise to only initiate activities with Randy that you agree to in advance, Amy.

The guys are all men that we know well, and all of them have been to at least one of our parties before. They will tell you what they want to do with you before they start, but you have to tell them no if you are not interested. If you say no, they will stop. There is absolutely no forced sex allowed. You shouldn't feel bad or hesitate to stop a guy if you don't want him to do something. I do it all the time, and there are no hard feelings, or the guy doesn't get invited back. Ever." she emphasized.

"Of course, the same thing goes for you. You can ask a guy to fuck you, go down on you, or anything else, but if he says no, you move on. You also decide if you want him to wear a condom. We are pretty careful about the guys who participate in our parties, so I do most of them bareback, but it's completely up to you.

If you get tired, or have had enough, you are free to stop and just watch, or go take a shower, whatever." she said.

She stopped, and waited to see if we had any questions.

"Have you really done ten guys in one night?" Amy blurted out.

Annette and Patrick both chuckled, and she said, "That's a good average for me. I think I did thirteen guys one time, didn't I honey?"

Patrick nodded and smiled, "That was an amazing night, for sure."

Amy and I stared at them with open mouths. I finally recovered enough to ask where the parties were held, how long they lasted, and other mundane questions. Patrick and Annette answered them all, then Patrick looked at his watch.

I offered to buy them dinner, but Patrick explained that they had to be going. They had another engagement that they needed to get to. Amy and I thanked them, and they said to let them know if we were interested in the party they were having the following Saturday. Amy remembered Jamal and said that she wanted him to be there too, if that was okay.

Annette smiled and said, "The more the merrier."

After they left, Amy and I discussed the offer.

"Do you want to see me try to take on ten other guys?" she asked me with her hand discretely on my crotch under the table. My cock lurched at the idea and she laughed, "I'll take that as a yes."

"How about you?" I asked her. "Are you still up for this?"

Amy took a deep breath, and shivered slightly as goosebumps appeared on her arms. "I have never been so scared and excited by anything in my life." she admitted. "I would be meeting all but three of you guys for the first time, and then letting you do the most personal and intimate things to me. I bet that turns you on too, huh?"

I was so excited that I leaned over and kissed her, slipping my tongue between her lips. She returned the kiss for a minute then pushed me away.

"Why did you ask Annette about you not participating with other women?" she asked me. "You made me sound selfish and insecure."

"I didn't mean to give that impression." I explained. "I just want you to have an opportunity to do this, even if you are not comfortable with me getting involved with other women. I will get my pleasure out of watching you with the other guys."

"Do you find Annette attractive?" Amy asked me.

"Gosh, yes." I admitted.

"I think I am totally fine with you being with her." Amy said. "She is so matter of fact about sex that I don't have any concern that she might be after you. I think she is kind of hot, too. I don't know what it is since I was with Carol, but I actually find myself evaluating other women sexually now."

This surprised me, and also made me hopeful. "Would you initiate something with Annette at the party?" I asked.

"Maybe." Amy said. "Probably, actually. There is something about her that is such a turn on. I feel like I need to see if I can match her sexually. She didn't say if she also does the other girls at the party, but I can't imagine someone as sexual as her not also being bi."

We were both quiet for a few minutes, then I asked Amy, "How long do I need to wait to call them and accept the invitation?"

She laughed and gave me hug. We paid the tab and hustled home to talk more about our fantasies as we fucked each other like teenagers. After we were done, Amy called Jamal and told him our plans. She put him on the speaker so I could hear, too.

"You need to be ready for this, baby girl. The guys at those parties are all experienced bulls. They will tear up that pretty pussy of yours." he warned her.

"I think Amy's actually counting on that." I told him, as he chuckled.

"Randy and I will watch out for you." Jamal assured Amy. "You are going to have the time of your life."

"I know I will be okay with you guys there." Amy said. "I trust Patrick and Annette, too. They seem like very caring people."

We told Jamal we would let him know when we were confirmed to attend, then hung up.

I called Patrick from work the next day and told him we were very excited to be invited to his party, and wanted to attend. He took my email address, and said he would send details for the event shortly. Once I received the invitation, I made a call to Amy at work and let her know we were included.

That night at our yoga class, Amy had to tell Carol about our meeting with Annette and Patrick, and our plans for the following weekend. Carol listened with an expression of awe as Amy recounted our discussion with our new friends. Then Amy showed off her new tattoo, which she displayed conspicuously with a short, tight cropped top.

Carol was almost as excited as Amy, and told us that she spent the previous weekend alone with Brad at his family's cabin on a lake. She said they must have had sex ten times, and she could barely walk when she went to work on Monday.

Amy congratulated her and said, "I am so glad for you. I guess that means that Randy and I will have to look for another girl to take care of Randy when I have a date."

Carol smiled, and said, "Maybe, maybe not. I need to talk to you more about that later," as the instructor started the class.

Carol winked at Amy, and we turned our attention to the instructor. While we were posing, I looked around the room. Eric had not been to class since the incident at Ophelia's. I talked to Kevin about it after the Tuesday session, and he told me that Eric was afraid of what I might do when I saw him.

I had talked to Amy about it and decided to tell Kevin to give Eric a message that he didn't need to worry about me, but I did expect him to apologize to Amy.

That left the issue of Alex to deal with. Amy had ignored her during the class on Tuesday, though I saw Alex looking our way several times. I felt bad that Amy was upset with her, but I didn't have any idea of how to broach the topic of Alex with Amy.

That was why I was surprised when, after the class, Amy went to Alex and said something to her. I wasn't close enough to hear, but at first Alex looked wary, then she nodded cautiously, and then Amy hugged her, creating a look of confusion on Alex's face.

When Amy came back, I asked her if everything was okay. She smiled and said she had apologized to Alex for yelling at her, and told her she still wanted to be friends. Then she poked me in the chest and said I wasn't allowed to be alone with Alex anymore, but she might consider a double date with her and Jamal.

I was staggered by the implications. A foursome with Alex?

Amy seemed to read my mind, and said, "It seems that Jamal was very taken with her during his brief meeting with Alex the other night. Now both of my guys have the hots for the same girl."

"And you are actually entertaining the idea of including her in a foursome?" I asked incredulously.

"What is the line from the Godfather? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?" Amy said, laughing. "Actually, I am taking you at your word. If you can allow Alex to be with Jamal, then I don't think I have anything to worry about where you are concerned. Jamal, on the other hand, is a different story. Under the circumstances I can't prevent him from seeing other women, but if I can influence who he sees, and be there when it happens, I can keep some level of control over him."

I had to admire Amy's frankness and her common sense. She was becoming very practical where sex was concerned.

After the class we went to our favorite watering hole with Carol, and she told us that she was becoming much more intimate with Brad. She even felt comfortable enough to tell him that she had been in a threesome with Amy and I.

"How did he react to that?" Amy wanted to know.

Carol giggled, "He got it up a third time in the same night when I described you going down on me that first time."

"It sounds like Brad is pretty taken with you, too" I observed.

Carol sighed, "Yeah, he is. He wants us to be exclusive with each other, though."

"Is that a problem?" Amy asked.

"I just don't know if I want to be tied down with one guy right now. I think my relationship with you two has opened my eyes to possibilities that I never considered before." Carol explained. "That's why I said you guys might be able to help me out. Maybe we could get together some time and you could talk to him about your relationship? I need to see if he is open to a similar arrangement for us."

I looked at Amy and shrugged, "Sure, that sounds good to me."

Amy nodded to indicate her agreement, then she waved to someone behind me. I turned, and saw Alex walking towards us.

"Hi," Alex said meekly.

Amy greeted her with a hug, then looked at me and tilted her head towards Alex. I gave Alex a hug and a peck on the lips in greeting. Even Carol got into the action with a quick hello hug.

Alex still seemed ill at ease, but appeared to relax as Amy asked her about her graduate classes and plans for the summer. Alex said she was going to the Caribbean with some friends in a few weeks, and that prompted Amy to ask her about how to protect her new tattoo from sun exposure.

Alex wanted to see Amy's tattoo, so Amy turned and raised the back of her shirt. Alex admired the artistry, and asked Amy if the image had a special meaning.

Amy turned back to her and said, "It symbolizes how I feel about Randy's love for me. He set me free to explore my sexuality. I gave him the same gift."

Alex nodded, but her nervousness was back.

"You don't need to feel bad about the other night with Randy," Amy explained to her, "in fact, we wondered if you would like to go out with us some time?"

"You and Randy?" Alex asked with wide eyes.

"Sure. We could invite Jamal to join us too, if that interests you." Amy offered.

"Uh, let me think about it." Alex stammered, overwhelmed by the implications of Amy's offer.

Amy tried to reassure her by saying, "If you are worried that we will drag you to some dungeon, tie you up and ravish you, don't be. We can just have drinks and dinner sometime to get to know each other. You can decide if you want to go any further after that."

Alex breathed a sigh of relief, and said, "That sounds nice. I would like to get to know you guys better."

The girls got back on the topic of summer vacations, and my attention to the discussion drifted as I looked at the three of them. I marvelled at my ridiculous good fortune at having a wife like Amy, who gave me the opportunity to enjoy the feminine charms of two other beautiful women. How did I get so lucky, I wondered?

When we got home that night I told Amy how happy she made me.

She hugged me tight and said, "Just remember that next weekend, when a bunch of strangers are fucking me six ways from Sunday. I still worry that you will realize what a slut you are married to and become disgusted with me."

I lifted her chin with my finger and stared into her worried eyes. "I don't care what you do, you could never break my love for you. As for being a slut, you know that only makes me want you more."

That got a smile out of her, and we went to bed shortly afterwards.

That night I dreamed that Amy and I were stranded on a desert island. A wooden ship flying the Jolly Roger flag appeared on the horizon one day, and approached our lonely outpost. Amy and I jumped up and down and waved at the ship. As it drew near, it veered towards us and a boat was lowered.

A man stood in the middle of the dory, as six other crewmen rowed it to the beach. When it landed, the seven pirates got out and strode towards us. The man who was standing identified himself as the captain of the ship.
"Thank heavens you found us," I said. "We've been here for months and were giving up hope of being rescued."

"Not so fast," replied the captain. "We're pirates, so we are not bound by the code of the seas to offer assistance to others. What have you got to pay us with if we grant you passage?"

I looked at Amy and she said, "We lost everything when our boat sank. We don't have anything other than the rags of clothing on our backs."

The captain squinted at her and said, "Aye, that's a start, I guess."

I was confused, but Amy seemed to understand his meaning. She slipped the peasant blouse off of her shoulders revealing her breasts. Then she pushed the tattered hoop skirt she was wearing down to the ground. The crewmen mumbled excitedly to one another in appreciation of her beauty.

"Yer clothes aren't worth much though, lassie. You'll have to be of service to me and me crew if you want to sail with us." the captain told her. Then he led her over to the dory and pushed her down across the bow.

Amy looked back at him and smiled as he fished his cock out of his trousers. He took her roughly, and once he was done, the other six men lined up behind her and took a turn. I watched in amazement as Amy cried out repeatedly with pleasure during the onslaught.

When the men finished, Amy turned to the captain and said, "Now that I pleasured you and your crew, will you take us home?"

The captain laughed and replied, "Lassie, there's 42 more seamen on board that ship. You still have some work to do."

With that, he had his men help my naked wife onto the boat, then he stepped in and they began rowing back to the ship.

Amy stood next to the captain, with her arm around his waist and called out, "Don't worry baby, I will come back for you," but once they were all on the ship it began to weigh anchor.

I yelled, "Wait, don't leave me here," as I ran into the surf, but the ship's bell sounded signalling its departure. That's when I woke up and turned off the ringing alarm clock.

Chapter 22

The following week was full of activity for Amy as she got ready for the gangbang. She got a Brazilian wax, had her hair and nails done, and we experimented with her toys several times to get her more relaxed and comfortable with anal play.

By Saturday morning, we were both nervous wrecks. About noon, I got a call from Annette. She said she just wanted to confirm our attendance and reassure us that we were totally in control of anything that might happen at the party. She asked to speak directly to Amy too, so I handed her my phone.

Amy listened as Annette reassured her, then Annette asked her what she was comfortable with letting her do with me sexually.

Amy told her that she was fine with anything that I wanted to do, and that Annette should go for it, because I found her very attractive.

We grinned at each other as Annette replied that she was looking forward to playing with both of us later too.

After the call, Amy gave herself an enema with the bulb syringe and then we showered. We were both turned on, but kept our hands to ourselves so we could save our energy for the party. I dressed in jeans and a tee shirt (no need to wear anything fancy if it was going to come off right away) while Amy debated the merits different lingerie. I finally convinced her that she wasn't going to have it on long enough to matter, so she went with a simple camisole and thong with thigh high stockings under a tee shirt and plaid mini skirt. She looked so cute with the tops of the white stockings showing her tanned thighs below the hem of her skirt, and her fresh face framed with blond curls. We packed a bag with condoms, lube and a change of clothes, just in case.

We had arranged to pick up Jamal on the way to the party, so we drove to his condo and pulled to the curb to let him in. He directed us to the house where the party was going to be held using the GPS on his cell phone.

It was in a residential neighborhood of upper middle class homes outside of the city. There were a few cars in the driveway, and more parked along the street. We found a spot on the street to park, and I turned to look at Amy.

"Are you ready?"

Amy gave me a nervous smile, and nodded.

We got out and walked up the driveway to the front door.

Jamal took the lead, and knocked on the door. Patrick opened it and greeted us all with a big smile and hearty hello. We were ushered into the house, and through to a large open family room in the back.

Annette was there along with seven other guys. Everyone was still fully clothed, and a couple of guys were drinking beer. Patrick offered us beer or wine, and Amy laughingly asked him if he had anything stronger. He smiled and said he could make her a drink, but warned her against getting too tipsy, out of concern for her ability to consent to things later. I asked Jamal why most of the guys were not drinking, and he said they were probably worried about the alcohol affecting their ability to perform.

Amy and I ended up with a glass of wine, and Jamal had a light beer while Annette greeted us warmly and introduced us to the group. The guys were quite a mix based on race and age. Jamal and another black guy named Derick appeared to be the youngest, and then there were three guys in their thirties, Patrick and two other guys were in their forties, and one guy with gray hair who was over fifty. Three of the guys were black, two asian, and one was hispanic.

The guys were all very courteous and friendly, and I could see them stealing appreciative glances at Amy as we talked and got to know them. Amy became more relaxed and animated as we talked to them, becoming comfortable with her new friends who would soon be much more than that.

The other thing that struck me about the group was that there was not much talk of sex as we chatted with them. Only once or twice did guys make any overtly sexual remarks, and never were they referring to Amy or Annette. It was mostly talk about work, sports and family. Three other guys besides me and Patrick had wedding rings on.

One more guy joined the group after us, and then Annette announced that everyone was there, and suggested we move to the play room. We followed her down a hallway to a large room that had a sliding door leading to a ground floor outdoor patio. There was a pool table, and a pingpong table folded up against the wall, suggesting that this was actually a game room. Two queen sized beds had been put next to each other in the middle of the floor to accommodate the day's intended use.

Patrick reminded everyone that no pictures or video were allowed during the party, and that there were condoms next to the beds for the guys to use. He jokingly added that he remembered to buy the Magnums for Derick this time.

Annette came over and asked Amy how she was doing. Amy smiled and said she was nervous, but excited. Annette told her she had some Astroglide tucked under the pillows on the beds, and there were a stack of towels available if Amy needed to clean up at any point.

Then she said, "The guys are going to love those white stockings you have on, but they will probably get ruined if you wear them during the party. I'll get things started and you join in when you are ready," and moved to the group of guys standing by the beds.

She wrapped her arms around Patrick and they began kissing. The other guys waited patiently, until Patrick turned Annette towards them and then lifted her shirt over her head. Annette unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down, leaving her in just a matching navy blue bra and panty set. Two guys stepped forward and one kissed Annette as the other took off her bra and pulled down the panties. Several of the guys, including Patrick, were taking off their clothes.

The thought of Patrick sharing his wife with these guys was starting to get to me. I looked at Amy and saw her attention was riveted to what was happening to Annette. Jamal looked at Amy and asked, "Do you want me to take you first?"

Amy didn't even look at me before she nodded and wrapped her Arms around Jamal to kiss him. As they were kissing, I stepped behind Amy and took off her plaid mini skirt. Jamal pulled the tee shirt over her head, and she was standing between us in just her thong and camisole, with thigh high stockings and a pair of Candies platform sandals on her feet. She looked young and innocent as Jamal resumed kissing her and put his hands on her ass to pull her crotch against his. I noticed that Amy's thighs were damp at the top. She wouldn't be needing any additional lube for a while.

Amy broke the kiss, and slid down Jamal's body so she could take his shorts off. As she pulled them down, his erection sprang up in her face and she giggled. He took his shirt off as she removed his sandals. He pulled her up with his hands under her armpits, and lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his torso, losing one of her sandals, and they resumed kissing. She kicked the other sandal off and hooked her heels above his butt.

I realized that I was the only guy left who was still fully dressed. A couple of guys still had on undershorts, and one guy was still in his tee shirt. The rest were naked, and most of them were casually stroking themselves as they watched the action. I started taking off my clothes.

Jamal turned to the bed and gently laid Amy down on it, climbing on top of her. Annette was on her knees and alternating between the two guys' cocks that she was sucking on. When they were hard, she crawled onto the other bed, and one guy removed her panties and got between her legs as she pulled the other guy's cock to her mouth.

Amy kissed Jamal and tried to wriggle out of her thong at the same time. I reached down and helped her with it, and she smiled at me in gratitude. She looked back to Jamal as he pushed his cock into her, and wrapped her arms around his neck. He began to slowly thrust into her.

The guys who weren't directly involved with the girls stood around the perimeter or sat on the edge of the bed and watched. Amy had several guys, including Derick, watching her. At that point I noticed that Derick was stroking the largest erection I had ever seen in real life. In fact, he was as big as anything I had ever seen in a porn film. This must be the guy that Jamal told us about with the fourteen inch cock! Amy looked away from Jamal and noticed him about the same time that I did, and her eyes grew wide. Another guy asked Amy if she would suck his cock, and she nodded, asking Jamal to let her get into doggy position so the other guy could kneel in front of her.

I moved around the bed and stood next to Derick. He told me my wife was gorgeous, and I thanked him for the compliment.

"Why are you waiting to get into the action?" I asked him. "I would think you would be the star of this party, and the most in demand."

He gave me a rueful smile, and said, "I usually wait for the girls to get warmed up first. If they don't run away screaming when they first see my cock, they still need to be loosened up in order to take it without pain."

I nodded, and told him, "Amy is becoming something of a size queen, so she will probably want to take you on later." Then I took another look at his cock and added, "Take it easy on her, okay?"

He jokingly assured me that he hadn't killed anyone with it yet.

Annette moaned around the cock in her mouth as she came for the first time. The guy she was blowing said he was ready to come, and she pulled him out of her mouth and stroked him until he came on her face and neck as she smiled up at him.

The guy between her legs pulled out, and was replaced by another guy who she nodded to. I noticed several times during the party that men would fuck the girls for five or ten minutes, and then pull out without coming. Sometimes they were getting soft, but mostly it seemed like they wanted to avoid coming too soon and ending the party for themselves.

I turned my attention back to Amy and watched Jamal continue to rail her. The guy in her mouth pulled out and another guy stepped in front of her with his hardon pointed at her. She reached out and pulled him closer so she could suck him.

Jamal said quietly to Amy, "I'm about to cum, baby girl." She reached back with her left hand and grabbed his hand that was holding her hip. Jamal's orgasm triggered hers, and the cock in her mouth was momentarily forgotten as Amy shouted, "Yeah, baby. That feels so good."

Annette was now riding a guy, and another one was lining up behind her to join the action. I moved to the bottom of the bed and watched as the second guy entered her ass. The view from between her legs was amazing, and the guy in her pussy was on the large side. Annette was thin, like Amy, and it was the first time I had watched a woman that size receive a DP (though Jamal and I had done the same thing with Amy.) I moved to the side so I could see Annette's reaction, and she had her eyes half closed, concentrating on the stimulation she was receiving. She opened her eyes and met mine, and motioned for me to come closer.

"May I suck your cock?" she asked, formally.

I smiled in response and moved into position. Her hot mouth engulfed me and she sucked me in deep as she played with my balls.

I looked to Amy, and she now had a different guy in both her pussy and her mouth. She was watching me out of the corner of her eye, and I said to her, "How is my sexy little slut doing?"

She must have enjoyed being called a slut in front of the other guys, because her eyes rolled back and she appeared to lose herself in another orgasm. The guy in her mouth started to cum, and her eyes flew open, making me realize he wasn't wearing a condom. She tried to swallow as he came, but it was his first load, and it leaked out the corners of her mouth.

That was too much for me, and I looked to Annette to tell her I was about to cum, but she sensed it and pulled me out to add my spunk to what was already on her face. I realized that she was a bukkake fan as I added my sperm to what was already on her.

She smiled at me and said, "Thanks, Randy! That was quite a load. Now give me a kiss.''

I knew that not all of the semen on and around her lips was mine, but it turned me on that she was demanding a kiss, so I met her lips with mine and we tongue wrestled for a minute or so.

When I broke the kiss, Amy was watching me and she said with a grin, "I need a kiss too, baby."

I moved over and another man took my place in front of Annette. Amy asked the guy fucking her to lay down so she could get on top. He pulled out and laid on his back. He had a long, thin cock that Amy had to reach down and grab to position it so she could sink onto it. I leaned forward so I could kiss Amy, and she wrapped an arm around my neck as the guy continued to fuck her from below.

When I kissed her, I could taste the remnants from the guy who came in her mouth, and it turned me on. Amy gasped as we parted, and whispered, "Thank you so much for letting me do this. It's freaking amazing! I must have cum five times already."

I replied, "Thank you for making my fantasy come true. Speaking of fantasies, I think Derick want's to take a turn with you."

Amy looked around for Derick, and we realized that Annette had changed positions on her bed, and Derick was between her legs, lining up the meanest erection I had ever seen with her tiny pussy.

Amy whispered to me, "If she can take it, I will try. She can't be any bigger than me on the inside."

It seemed like everyone in the room had stopped what they were doing to watch the spectacle. Even the guy under Amy stopped thrusting up into her as we waited to see what would happen.

Derick rubbed the head of his cock up and down Annette's pussy lips, and then tapped her clit with it. She laughed and grabbed his cock with both hands, leaving a good eight inches exposed, and said, "Stop fucking around and start fucking."

We chuckled as he slid the first six inches into her. Annette was still grinning at him, though her pussy appeared painfully stretched to accommodate his girth. Derick slowed down, and pushed and pulled slowly to work another three inches into her. Annette finally put her hand on his stomach to signal that he shouldn't go any further.

They settled into a rhythm, and Annette kissed Derick passionately with her legs spread wide as he worked about twelve inches of his monster cock in and out of her. Amy and her lovers resumed their activities.

Amy had guy number five for the day in her mouth and peered at his face as I watched her with admiration, lust and some angst deep in the back of my mind. She lost herself in the experience of blowing a handsome guy about her age who she only met an hour before, and I started to feel my cock stir again as I looked on.

"Do you do DP?" the guy in her mouth asked her.

She nodded without taking him out of her mouth, but the hand she had around the base of his cock moved more rapidly, indicating her excitement with the idea. He pulled out of her mouth and leaned down to kiss her as she continued to stroke him.

Then he moved behind her and straddled the legs of the guy below her, rubbing his cock in anticipation. Amy searched under the pillows with her hand until she found the bottle of lube, then handed it back to him, saying, "Use some of this."

I watched him squirt some lube in his hand, then smear it all over his cock, before leaning forward and pressing against Amy's anus. She stopped moving on the guy below her so that her new lover could get inside of her. When he succeeded, she drew a sharp breath then groaned, "Oh yeah, that feels so good. Let me get used to it for a minute."

Amy slowly moved back and forth on the two cocks that were filling her, acclimating to being stretched to capacity. She was biting her bottom lip with her eyes closed for the first few strokes, then her mouth fell open, and she moaned, "fuck me hard."

She dropped her head against the shoulder of the guy beneath her and maintained her position as they thrust into her. She had both men's hands on her hips, holding her in place as they did the work.

Amy's first DP with me and Jamal had been a slow, careful experience. She was now being used roughly by two guys at the same time. She started wailing as the intensity of the feelings overcame her, and she had a loud orgasm as the guys picked up the pace even further, spurred on by her vocalizations.

Her head came up and she stared at me as her orgasm rolled through her, apparently continuing in waves as the guys continued to pound her from above and below. The guy in her pussy came first, and she locked her mouth over his as she felt him spurt inside of her. He stopped moving but stayed inside her as the man in her ass continued to thrust into her deeply.

He suddenly stopped, and pushed deeply into her butt as he came. He pulled out and stroked his cock, sending two more spurts of cum across her ass, landing on her tattoo. Amy looked back and smiled at him as he caught his breath and returned her grin.

She turned her head to me and I asked her, "How are you feeling baby?"

"Thoroughly fucked." she replied as the guys around her chuckled. She crawled off the bed and announced, "I need to take a break."

I pulled her into my arms as she stood up, and gave her a deep, affectionate kiss. We watched with our arms around each other as Annette came hard while Derick continued to give her almost all of his incredible cock in the missionary position. She looked at him and said, "I want to feel you cum inside me, hon."

He moved his arms behind her knees and pulled her ankles up to his shoulders. Annette smiled, and rubbed a foot against Derick's cheek, which caused him to close his eyes and turn his face towards it. I recognized the reaction of a fellow foot fetishist.
Derick pulled out of Annette about halfway, and began short, rapid strokes as he let Annette rub her foot on his face. He opened his mouth to suck on her pretty toes, and as he did, his thrusts became sharp and erratic. Annette had another orgasm as Derick came inside her.

Amy was mesmerized by the sight and whispered, "That is so incredibly hot."

Jamal appeared next to Amy and she put her arm around his waist, pulling him close to her on the other side.

Derick stopped moving inside Annette, and she pulled her ankles free from his shoulders so she could lock them around his waist. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered to him to relax. He put his arms underneath her shoulders and hugged her. She noticed Annette watching her, and said, "Don't you love the feel of a man laying on top of you after he cums in you? It's almost as good as the orgasm, itself."

After Derick caught his breath and rolled off of her, Annette took a break and grabbed a bottle of water, chugging almost half of it. She came over and spoke to Amy, and the guys milled around and chatted as the girls compared notes on the party so far as they cleaned themselves with wet wipes and towels.

"How are you doing?" Annette asked Amy.

"This is amazing! I am having a great time. Thank you so much for inviting us."

"You're welcome. I am glad you are enjoying it."

Patrick joined us, catching the end of the exchange. "You and Randy both seem to be catching on quickly. Amy, you are very popular with these guys. Several of them told me to make sure I invite them back if you ever join us again."

Amy blushed, and Annette said, "Patrick is right, you guys are naturals at this. I hope you still have some energy left, Amy. Poor Patrick has been talking about you all week, looking forward to his chance to be with you. I think he has been saving himself for you."

Amy smiled at Patrick, and stepped close to him saying, "Aren't you sweet." Then she pulled his face down to hers and kissed him. Patrick returned the kiss, as Annette smiled at the two of them. Amy took Patrick's hand and pulled him to the bed. She had him sit down, then she knelt between his legs and took him into her mouth.

Annette remained by my side as Amy used her mouth and hands to get Patrick excited. As Amy was working on Patrick, Annette stroked my cock and gave me another passionate kiss.

Amy had Patrick hard, and she stood up so she could straddle his lap. He put his arms around her and kissed her as she ground her pussy against his erection. He whispered in her ear, and she crawled off of his lap and lay back on the mattress with her arms outstretched to him and a coy smile on her face.

Patrick climbed over her, and she reached down to guide him into her as she sought out his lips with her hungry mouth.

"Why don't we join them?" Annette suggested, and pulled me to the bed with her hand on my hard cock.

She laid down next to Amy, and helped me by positioning my cock so I could enter her. Her sex was wet and slippery as I pushed into it. We kissed, as my wife and her husband were doing the same thing next to us.

Patrick and I exchanged a look that I interpreted as a challenge to see who could get the other's wife to orgasm first. I tried thrusting harder into Annette, while Patrick seemed to slow down, and focus on stroking Amy's face and breasts, sucking on her nipples.

Both women responded, but Amy came before Annette did. After Amy came, Annette had me turn onto my back so she could ride me. She began using her pelvic muscles to do amazing things to my cock as I struggled to hold off the inevitable. I finally gave up and came hard inside her as she smiled down at me.

I looked at Patrick, who was still stroking Amy, and watched as he whispered to Amy that he was about to cum inside her. She gave a small cry and had another orgasm as they came at the same time.

Patrick kissed Amy, and then smiled at me as he rolled off to her side. Annette asked Amy if she could go down on her and clean up Patrick's mess, and I had a moment of jealousy when Amy said yes, but only if she could return the favor. I had been hoping for a chance to go down on at least one of them to clean them up.

Annette crawled over Amy, and put her head between my wife's thighs. The two women went to work as the crowd of guys around them pressed forward to watch. After ten minutes, both women were writhing with excitement while trying to maintain their efforts at bringing the other off. It ended in a draw with both girls having strong orgasms, and moaning with their mouths clamped against the other's pussy.

Many of the guys were hard again from watching the two, including Derick, who was standing at the foot of the bed. Annette turned and gave Amy a soft kiss, then asked her if she was ready for Derick.

Amy looked at the young black man's enormous cock nervously, but nodded. Derick climbed onto the bed and crouched between Amy's legs. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit, coating it and parting her engorged labia. He pushed forward until the head entered her, and Amy gasped.

Annette turned and motioned for me to take her place on the bed next to Amy. I did, and Amy grabbed my hand, squeezing it hard. She lifted her head up and watched as Derick grasped his semi-erect penis in the middle and worked it into her. He asked if she was okay, and she gamely nodded back to him.

There was a hush in the room as everyone watched the encounter. Derick got halfway in, and Amy groaned, "Oh god, that feels so good," letting her head fall back to the bed. She sighed with relief over getting him inside her as I leaned over and kissed her.

Derick slid in and out of her slowly, and I watched her labia form a thin sheath around the shaft of his cock as he pulled out, which disappeared each time he pushed back inside her. He was getting harder as he fucked her, and the increase in girth registered with Amy, as her face displayed both lust and a touch of fear.

I was momentarily forgotten by Amy as she got into the intense pleasure she was feeling. She had her legs in the air and was rocking her pelvis as he pushed into her, trying to take him deeper. He now had at least ten inches inside of her and she was panting with exertion as she struggled to take even more in.

She came, and a wet stain spread on the sheet underneath her. He had caused her to squirt while he was still inside her! She thrashed her head from side to side as he continued his slow and deliberate fucking.

She stopped matching his thrusts, exhausted, as he showed no sign of getting tired, himself. Amy looked at me and whimpered, "This feels incredible."

Another convulsion of pleasure swept through her, and she clutched my hand hard again. Derick was watching Amy's face as he slowly stroked in and out of her. Amy pulled her knees back to spread her legs wider, and I suggested to Amy that she bring her stockinged feet together and put them on his shoulder.

Derick immediately put his hands on her legs, rubbing and massaging the calves, then playing with her feet. Amy smiled and pointed her toes in front of his face, encouraging him to pull the soles to his nose and mouth.

Amy had an inspiration and asked, "Would you like to cum on my feet, Derick?'

The shy young man smiled and nodded. Amy pulled away from him and sat up, pulling her feet together, sole to sole, between her thighs with her heels right against her pussy, forming a beautiful target for Derick.

He put his legs over hers and began stroking his cock. Amy was flexible enough that she could lean forward and put her mouth over the head of his cock as he worked himself to orgasm. She sensed that he was getting close, and put both of her hands around the shaft, stroking it so that he could lean back and watch. As he started to cum, she pulled her mouth off and rubbed his spurting cock between the soles of her feet. She grinned at him and complimented him on producing such a large load after having cum once already.

Amy made him give her another kiss, then he climbed off the bed, self conscious over the attention Amy and the bystanders were giving him. Amy then kissed me and said softly, "I have quite a mess on my feet and pussy. Can you clean it up for me baby?"

It was my turn to be self conscious, knowing that the guys heard her request. I decided that if Amy was brave enough to take on these guys, I was going to man up and do what she asked to make her happy, regardless of what the guys might think of me.

I started with her stockinged feet, licking them clean and sucking her toes through the hose. Then I moved to her pussy, where I gently stroked her with two fingers while I cleaned off the cum on her labia and then focused on her clit. Amy watched me intently during the entire process, stroking my hair with her hand to let me know she was enjoying it. Her pussy was loose and wet, and she came quickly once my lips closed on her clit.

Annette had been busy while Amy was taking on Derick. She pretty much kept three guys entertained simultaneously the entire time. I had experienced her talents, so it came as no surprise to me that she was slowly winning the war as one guy after another stepped away from the beds, signalling that they were spent.

I looked at my watch and realized we had been at it for almost three hours. Jamal and a couple of the younger guys could still manage erections, but after five minutes with one of the girls they started to fade. Annette managed to get three guys to masturbate to a near simultaneous finish, painting her face with their cum. After that, everyone threw in the towel.

The girls were given the first opportunity to use the shower in the adjoining bathroom, and we listened to them comparing notes and giggling as they cleaned up. Most of the guys got dressed and left, but a few stayed around until the girls were done, then used the bathroom themselves.

We thanked Patrick and Annette, then the three of us headed home. Amy asked to have the back seat, so she could lie down. She was asleep before we got back to the highway. Jamal and I talked about the experience, and I told him how glad I was that he was there with us. He grinned and said he hoped we could all do it again sometime.

Amy went straight to bed when we got home, even though it was early. We slept in on Sunday, and were busy with weekend chores during the day. We didn't really talk about the experience until bedtime Sunday.

"Are you okay with everything that happened yesterday?" I asked Amy. "You haven't said much about it."

She put her arms around my neck and hid her face against my shoulder. "Am I a bad person for doing that and enjoying it so much?" she asked in a quiet voice.

I tilted her concerned face up to me and said firmly, "Absolutely not. We both enjoyed it and no one did anything they didn't want to. I was proud to be your husband yesterday, and just thinking about what we did is getting me excited."

That got a smile and a kiss from her.

"How are you feeling physically from all that activity?" I asked.

"My pussy is a little sore, but my mouth feels fine." she said as she grinned and lowered her head to my lap.

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