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Sweet Ass Pt. 04

This section of Sweet Ass is dedicated to my friend, Indy Submale, who helped me with comments and suggestions on Randy's cuckold angst and bisexual tendencies.


Chapter 13

I was still awake at 2 a.m. according to the bedside clock radio. Carol was asleep next to me with her hands tucked under her cheek, palms together. She looked young and angelic with her lips slightly pursed and her face relaxed.

We had finished a very tender lovemaking session 20 minutes earlier, and Carol had drifted off. I was unable to sleep, thinking about my wife in the master bedroom with Jamal, wondering what they were doing.

I wanted to find out, but wasn't sure I should barge in on them. Then I reminded myself that it was my house, my bed and my wife. I was entitled to do whatever I wanted to! I just didn't want to upset Amy if she wanted some privacy. After all, she had been respectful of my needs and desires.

I carefully rolled out of the bed and stood next to it until I was sure that Carol was still asleep. I considered putting on my shorts. or even just my underwear, but decided I didn't need to do that in my own house, either.

I eased through the door and carefully pulled it closed behind me. As I moved down the hallway, I could hear low, murmured voices. Then a soft cry from Amy.

The master bedroom door was shut, so I had to make a decision. Go in or leave them alone?

I made up my mind and opened the door, putting my head in. Amy was laying prone on top of Jamal. She had the fingers of her hands interlaced with his and she had his arms pinned at his shoulders. When they heard the door they both looked my way.

"Hi hon, is it okay if I come in?" I asked.

Amy smiled in a tired and contented way and said, "Sure baby."

I stepped inside and shut the door behind me. It was obvious that what I had heard in the hallway was Amy having another orgasm while riding Jamal. Once again, I was unsure what to do when they were together.

Jamal sensed my hesitation and said, "Come on over and sit on the bed. I don't mind."

Once again, I was grateful that Amy had found an experienced lover who, it seemed, was willing to help both of us get comfortable with our new lifestyle. Amy slid off of Jamal to the other side, but stayed pressed against him with her arm draped across his chest in an intimate way.

As her pelvis slid across his hip, his cock was exposed. It was semi-erect, dark black and glistened with their cum, and there was a ring of white cream at the base of it. I tried not to stare at it as I walked to the bed and sat next to Jamal's hip.

Amy asked me if everything was okay with me and Carol, and I told her that it was, letting her know Carol was asleep in the guest room. Then she asked me how I felt about everything that happened so far.

I glanced at Jamal before I answered, unsure of how much I wanted to open up in front of him. I said, honestly, "It has been great. It was really exciting watching you two together earlier."

Jamal just nodded solemnly, and stroked Amy's head with his left hand. Amy let out a breath, letting me know that she had been anxious about how I might respond. She smiled and said, "I am so glad. I have had a great time too, and Jamal is such a sweetheart."

She smiled at him and leaned up to give him a tender kiss. As their lips met, I felt a stab of jealousy at how quickly they had become close to each other. I wondered if there had been more to their relationship at work before they hooked up than Amy let on. I would have to talk to her about it when we were alone together.

There was an awkward pause as I realized that I didn't know what else to talk about now that I was sitting next to them. Amy casually reached down and began stroking Jamal's cock with her left hand, drawing my eyes like a magnet. Once again, I was struck by how big it was in comparison to her small hand, the one with our wedding ring on it that was now sliding back and forth against another man's cock.

Amy smiled at my reaction, and moved her face closer to Jamal's crotch. She kept her eyes on mine as she opened her mouth wide and put it half way down his length. She sucked him as she slowly stroked the base of his cock.

Jamal groaned, "That feels good, baby girl, but you done wore me out. I need to recharge my batteries before I can go again."

Amy pulled her mouth off of Jamal and gave the head of his penis a soft kiss. "I guess I'll have to let you rest for a while then, huh? "

She winked at me and added, "It's still okay if Jamal sleeps here with me tonight, isn't it? I am hoping to wake up to a present from him."

I wasn't sure I could articulate a response, so I just nodded. Amy said, "Why don't you give me a kiss goodnight, baby?"

I realized that I was being encouraged to leave, so I leaned over and let Amy pull my head into a passionate, open mouthed kiss. I could tell that she was getting off on the fact that she just had Jamal's cock in her mouth, cleaning it off, and now she was sharing the taste with me.

I admit that I enjoyed what she was doing, and she broke the kiss first, putting her face next to mine and whispering, "Thank you for that, and everything tonight. You made me very happy, and I owe you big time. I will see you in the morning and tomorrow it will just be the two of us, so I can describe everything that happened for you."

I felt better hearing her say that, and I realized that she understood what I needed, beyond what I had watched her do with Jamal. I got off on hearing how the experience felt and affected her personally.

I got up and said goodnight to them, then shut off the light and closed the door behind me as I headed back to the guest room. Carol was still sleeping as I carefully slid into the bed behind her. She roused partially, and reached back and pulled my hand around her, tucking it against her breasts. I kissed her neck and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 14

I was the first one up the following morning, and I headed downstairs to make a pot of coffee.

Then I walked outside in my shorts and collected the newspaper, enjoying the warm morning sun.

When I got back to the kitchen, Carol was up, and pouring the first cup from the coffee pot. She smiled at me and put her arm out as she sipped, indicating that she wanted a hug. I wrapped my arms around her and as we cuddled, we both noticed the unmistakable squeak of a bed frame, followed by the now familiar cries of Amy as she enjoyed Jamal's attentions.

Carol peered at my face, and I smiled back at her to reassure her that I was okay.

"Do you want to go up and join them?" she asked.

"No, I am very happy right here," I said, kissing her forehead, "but thanks for asking."

"I have to say that you and Amy seem to be adjusting to this new aspect of your relationship pretty well, based on what I see. I am worried about how you will feel once the newness wears off and the potential for emotional entanglements starts to develop.

"You mean her obvious infatuation with Jamal, don't you?" I asked.

Carol nodded. "I think I can say without risk of shocking you, that girl has a major crush on her new boy toy."

I sighed, "I have already decided that I need to talk to her about that. How would you handle it if you were me?"

Carol thought for a minute, then she replied, "I don't think I could handle it if I was married to you and you were seeing Amy. When I got involved with you guys, I thought you were pretty smart to allow each other the freedom that you did. Lord knows I have benefitted from it!"

She gave me a quick kiss, then continued, "But you guys have a different view of sex and how it fits into your marriage than I would have in your place. I think you are both lucky to have found each other, because if either one of you was the jealous type, your marriage would be in serious trouble."

I nodded. I suspected that she was right, and most couples could not do what we were trying to do. I wondered if we could do it, or if it would damage what we had before.

"My greatest fear is that Amy will fall in love with another guy and leave me," I admitted. "But it's also an element of why this is all so exciting to me. If we lose interest in the lifestyle and get out of it, I don't think any damage will be done. It's just something that we tried as a couple, and every shared experience we ever had before contributed to making our relationship stronger. If we hurt each other in the process, we are the kind of people to forgive and make amends, so the only real risk I worry about is the nuclear option."

We heard the sound of two people crying out at the same time in the upstairs bedroom. I added mutual orgasm to the fast growing list of accomplishments for Amy and Jamal.

Carol hugged me and said, "You know that I love you and Amy both as friends, and I am the biggest cheerleader your marriage will ever have, so please talk to her and make sure you understand each other's limits before this goes any further. That girl is like Goose from 'Top Gun', going mach 2 with her hair on fire."

I had a good laugh from Carol's apt description of Amy. Carol said she needed to get going, and she suggested that I encourage Amy to get rid of Jamal for the rest of the day so we could spend some time together.

I told her that I would do that, and thanked her for helping us with the party, and for letting me spend the night with her. Then she went upstairs to dress, while I had my own cup of coffee and looked over the paper.

Shortly after Carol came back through the kitchen with her overnight bag and a goodbye kiss for me, exiting through the garage, Amy entered the kitchen in a tee shirt.

"Did Carol leave already?" she asked, as she settled into my lap.

"Yes, you just missed her."

"Oh, I wanted to thank her," Amy said.

"I thanked her for both of us," I replied, then added, "and I collected this for you."

With that I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big, wet kiss. I asked here where Jamal was.

"He's taking a shower. I made an excuse to let him know that we were busy later this morning, so he is going to leave after he cleans up."

I hugged her and let her know that I appreciated that. "How come you decided not to shower with him?" I asked.

Amy rolled her eyes and sheepishly admitted that she was kind of sore, and that Jamal was worn out. Then she got a wicked look in her eyes and added that she also didn't want to prevent me from enjoying her freshly fucked state, if I was interested.

"I thought you were sore?" I asked.

"I am too sore for Jamal's big cock, but I would probably enjoy your gentle loving," she said carefully.

Her implication that I couldn't hurt her with my smaller penis both embarrassed and excited me. Before I could respond, Jamal bounded into the kitchen with a smile and a 'good morning' directed at both of us.

I offered him coffee, but he shook his head. "Thanks, but I have probably already overstayed my welcome." he said magnanimously, "I have to get going."

Then he shook my hand and gave Amy a rather tame goodbye kiss, and we were alone.

She pulled me towards the stairs. I followed her up and into our bedroom where she peeled her tee shirt off as she strode to the bed. I could smell sex in the air, and the sheets on the bed were a mess. All of it was turning me on as Amy crawled onto the bed.

I got out of my shorts and followed Amy, who embraced me and then reached for my penis. I was already hard, so she rubbed me up and down her wet slit, and I pushed slowly in. She winced and I stopped.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"I guess I am a little bit more sore than I realized." she admitted.

"Come on." I said, and pulled her off the bed and into the bathroom, where I turned on the spigot to the large garden tub. As it filled with water, I gave her a quick shower and gently soaped her body. We both rinsed off and then stepped into the filled tub together.

I sat down first, and Amy sat between my legs with her back to me. She let out a contented sigh as I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. She settled back against me and told me the water felt heavenly.

"You and Jamal really hit it off," I observed. "How close were you to him from working together? It seemed like there was a chemistry there from before last week."

"I told you he flirted with all the girls at work. I guess I did the same with him over the past year. I tried to play his game a few times, with suggestive responses to him that could be taken more than one, innocent way. It was a fun diversion."

"I just wondered, because you never talked about it before."

Amy turned and peered closely at me. "Are you upset about my behavior with Jamal?"

"Not upset," I replied, "but a bit worried. I didn't expect you to be so... affectionate with a new lover, I guess."

Amy thought for a minute about that, "You are right that I never talked about him with you. I did fantasize about him a few times, and my guilt probably kept me from bringing him up, out of fear that you would pick up on it. Don't you have anyone at work who you feel attracted to and flirt with, but never told me about?"

I thought about it and realized that she was right. There was a single girl at work who I flirted with, who was based in another office. We only met a few times at business functions, but something clicked between us, and now we IM'ed each other a couple of times a week. It wasn't overtly sexual, but we did tease each other and share personal thoughts that were not business related. I admitted that I had done the same thing, and told Amy about her.

"I think that's how it starts for a lot of people who cheat. They form a close friendship, then something happens that puts them together under the right circumstances for it to become physical." Amy said. "Isn't that what happened with Alex, too? You told me you fantasized about her before you kissed her."

"Okay, yes, I see how the two are related. It's just hard for me to watch you whisper to Jamal and caress him and not worry that I am losing you to him."

"I understand, baby, and I am sorry I did that to you. I thought you got off on the romantic aspect of my relationship with my lover. I can try to be more discreet, or are you saying you don't want to do this anymore?"

"I don't know, Amy." I sighed in exasperation. "You are right that I need to see you enjoying the experience to enjoy it myself. It just sometimes gets too intense. I am not explaining myself very well. I don't want to stop as long as you are having fun and can put up with me being hot and cold with my reactions."

Amy turned sideways to look in my eyes, and said, "I would do anything for you, Randy. I mean that. If you told me to never speak to Jamal again I would do it. I only want this if you enjoy it too, and we need to find a way to keep that balance. What if we had signals we could use to let each other know when the game has gone too far for one of us? A code word or a gesture to say, 'help! please come and hold me'?"

"That's a good idea," I agreed, "and maybe something short of that, to say it's getting uncomfortable, but we can continue if it doesn't go further."

"Yeah, that's a good idea too. What does that kink website that you like to visit use? Aren't the safe words 'red' and 'yellow'?"

I was taken aback. I didn't know that she was keeping track of the websites I visited. "What do you know about that site?"

"I was looking for your cousin's wedding pictures on your hard drive and found a folder labeled 'kink'. If you found that on my PC wouldn't you look in it? I watched a few of the video files you have saved there."

"Yeah, I would," I replied. I did enjoy the site. The gangbangs and public sex videos were my favorites.

"I found the themes of the videos you like very interesting. Gangbangs featuring small, blond women. Several of them with one or more black men involved. Do they remind you of anyone?"

I blushed, realizing that my personal kink would be pretty obvious to anyone who found that folder.

"Okay, you win. Seeing you with Jamal last night fulfilled one of my biggest fantasies."

"Why didn't you tell me that you were interested in that?" Amy asked.

"I guess I wasn't sure how you would react, until recently of course. And I was embarrassed to admit the idea of you with a black guy, particularly one with a big cock, turned me on. I was afraid you would think less of me as a man."

Amy had a bemused expression, "Don't be such a silly boy. No guy melts my heart like you do when you tell me that you love me. Sitting here in your arms as we talk about our fantasies makes me happier than you will ever know."

Her response made me feel better, even as it underscored my concerns about her image of me when she referred to me as a 'silly boy'. I was becoming aroused by our talk, and Amy slid back and forth in the tub against my erection as she smiled over her shoulder at me.

"I was talking to Jamal this morning, you know, pillow talk after we finished fucking. Did you guys hear us? He had such a wonderful hard on, and I couldn't help being a little vocal from how hard he was pounding me."

I nodded, and played with Amy's breasts as she turned in the tub and pulled me down further so she could straddle me. My erection was sticking up out of the water like a submarine periscope, as Amy rubbed her slit with it and looked in my eyes.

"The warm water made my pussy feel better. In fact, now it's aching for a different reason." she said as she lowered herself onto me.

We both groaned as Amy's clit made contact with the base of my cock. She rocked against me slowly as she talked.

"Jamal says there is a gangbang coming up in a couple of weeks that he is going to participate in. It's being organized by that guy, Patrick that works at our hospital."

I squeezed Amy's breasts and she leaned forward so I could suck on the nipples.

"He said he could get us invited to it, if you are interested. Patrick's wife, Annette is going to entertain about five other guys, but he said she probably wouldn't mind another girl there to help her service all of those studs."

I moaned as I thought about Amy and another woman being gangbanged by six guys as I watched.

"Jamal says one of the guys who is invited is a former teammate from his college basketball team. He said the guy is six feet seven and has a fourteen inch cock."

Amy stared into my eyes as she rose and fell on my throbbing cock. "Can you imagine me getting fucked by a fourteen inch cock?" she whispered. "I don't think I could fit it all in."

I pictured Amy in my mind, on her back with that massive, black cock working her tiny pussy. She would need to do some preparation to open herself up enough to even take in something that big. She must have been thinking the same thing.

"I think I will order a big, black dildo online today, and you can help me use it to get ready for the gang bang."

It seemed like her mind was made up even before I answered her question about my interest, but in truth, the thought of her with a guy like that had me on the brink of my own orgasm.

"That sounds so amazing, Amy. I am about to come." I gasped.

"Yeah, baby. Come in my tight little pussy. Although, maybe it's not all that tight after last night with Jamal. How do I feel to you this morning?" she asked.

In truth, I didn't really notice any difference. Amy had always been pretty a pretty snug fit around me, and I had to struggle to keep from coming too soon from the stimulation. I was only able to last as long as I did that morning because of the previous night's activity.

"You feel like heaven." I admitted.

"You may have to be content with blow jobs for a few days after the gang bang if this new guy stretches me out." she teased. "It's a good thing I am getting better at them, huh?"
Her comment brought to mind one of my favorite interracial videos. In it, a girl about Amy's size has sex with a hugely hung black guy, who gives her a massive cream pie. The mental image of her stretched out pussy leaking cum on the bed at the end of that video brought on my orgasm, and I cried out as Amy continued to ride me through the duration of it.

"That's it baby, fill me up," she whispered as she kissed my face.

"You didn't cum, did you?" I asked.

"It's okay," she said, "I still really enjoyed it."

She laid down against me in the warm water, and I stroked her back as she wrapped her arms under my shoulders. I wondered about where our adventures in sex were taking us, and tried to quell the nagging worry in my mind.

Chapter 15

I got home from work on Wednesday and there was a shipping carton next to the front door. It took me a moment to remember that we were waiting on the large dildo that Amy ordered online to be delivered. I picked up the carton, surprised by its weight, and carried it inside.

When Amy got home she tore into the box with excitement. Once it was open, she began pulling out the contents; several sex toys, including a menacing fourteen inch dildo called Mandingo, a couple of devices designed for anal play, and a large bottle of clear lube.

I smiled at her as she examined the contents. I had always wanted her to include toys in our lovemaking, but she had been embarrassed when I suggested it, and we never acted on the idea. Her one concession was a rabbit vibrator that Carol talked her into buying, but that she never used in my presence. It seemed that our experimentation with the lifestyle was breaking down barriers to many ideas that had been rejected in the past.

"You began your Christmas shopping six months early, I see."

Amy laughed, "Sorry baby, they had free shipping on orders over $100, so I looked around the website and found some other items that looked interesting. I hope you don't mind?"

'As long as you promise to let me play with them with you, I am fine with it." I replied.

Amy kissed me and suggested we make a quick salad for dinner so that we could go to bed early and have some fun. She put the new toys in the dishwasher and started it up as I made our dinner. When I asked her about it, she said she read that the dishwasher was a great way to wash and sterilize sex toys. I begged her not to wash any anal toys after we used them with our dishes, and she agreed, laughing along with me.

We both quickly devoured our salads, along with a bottle of wine. I rinsed the plates in the sink as Amy pulled open the dishwasher. Steam poured out, and Amy used a towel to pick up and dry each of the toys, laying them on another towel and wrapping them in it.

"These things are still very warm, almost too hot to touch. Let's get them upstairs and have some fun before they cool off," she said.

I trailed her up the stairs and we quickly shed our clothes and pulled the covers back on the bed. Amy lay down and pulled a ten inch dildo from the bundle of toys. It was purple and semi-transparent, what's called a jelly toy based on its appearance. She pumped some lube into her hand and rubbed the phallic shape with it, then she slowly worked it into her pussy as she craned her head forward to watch.

She groaned, "Wow, that feels amazing with it warm like that. You have to try this."

I stared uncomprehendingly at her.

She let go the base of the dildo lodged in her pussy and it stayed put with only the last inch or so protruding. From the towel-wrapped bundle, she pulled out a red butt plug about six inches long and two inches in diameter.

She motioned for me to turn around, saying, "Come on, you will thank me once you feel this inside of you."

"I am not sure I want to try taking that thing inside me without some preparation first."

"Your cock seems okay with the idea," Amy observed, as we both took in my erection dancing in front of me. "Bring that up here so I can taste you."

I walked on my knees to her head, and swung a leg over her face. She grabbed my tool and pulled me into her hungry mouth. I pumped slowly in and out as she stroked the base, enjoying the feeling of her lips and tongue.

I felt the slippery fingers of her other hand teasing my anus. Suddenly, she pushed her forefinger inside me. I smiled down at her face, and she took that as acceptance, and added her middle digit to my ass. I was enjoying the stimulation from her fingers, and my erection felt like a steel bar from the pressure she was putting on my prostate gland.

She pulled away from me and asked, "How does that feel?"

I admitted that it felt really good.

"Okay, just relax now." she said.

She pulled her fingers out and picked up the butt plug, smeared it with lubricant, and placed it against my opening. As she pushed gently, she went back to sucking my cock. The feeling of having both erogenous zones stimulated at the same time was pretty amazing. I had a warm mouth around my cock, and a warm intruder wriggling into my ass. I tried to relax as the toy slid inside me. It reached a point of internal resistance, and Amy stopped pushing, sensing the resistance from within. She kept a steady pressure on the base of the plug, and continued stroking and sucking my cock.

Gradually, millimeter by millimeter, the toy continued to slowly dilate me and move deeper. When the widest part, about two inches from the base, made it past my outer ring of muscle, the toy slid the rest of the way in on its own, and I gasped.

"Now how does it feel?" Amy asked.

I admitted that the feeling was intense. There was no pain, just a very full feeling, and the warmth of the toy radiated into my body in an oddly comforting way.

Now that she had me pegged, Amy encouraged me to turn around in the classic sixty-nine position. I got a close up view of her little box stretched around the obscenely big, purple dildo. I pulled it out a few inches, and pushed it back in slowly. It took a lot of force, and Amy moaned, making me worried that I was hurting her. That concern was dispelled when she commanded, "Harder!"

So I pulled the toy part way out and added several squirts of the sex lube to it, then began working it back and forth. The friction was reduced, or more likely her vaginal grip on the toy began to relax, and I could move it pretty freely.

She spread her knees wide to each side as I continued to stroke the jelly in an out. As I increased the pace, she matched me with her efforts on my cock. We were both spiraling up to a nice climax together when she broke contact and gasped. "Try putting this in my ass at the same time."

She handed me the smallest dildo that she had ordered. It was about eight inches long and one and a half in diameter, and it was flesh colored with a suction base. I realized that even though it was the smallest toy she had, it was still slightly longer than my own penis.

After I lubed it up, Amy pulled her knees back toward her chest. I had to pause as I stared at the dildo in her pussy, stretching her labia into a thin sheath around the base of it. She whimpered at my inactivity, so I rubbed the tip of the smaller dildo against her 'back door' and began to push the tip of the toy gently into it.

"Oh yeah, baby. That feels amazing."

She reached down and put her hand on my wrist, pushing harder. The dildo slid inward several more inches then stopped. "Fuck me with both of them!" she demanded.

I had my forearms on either side of her ass, and a toy in each hand as I began working them in and out in unison. Amy took my cock back into her mouth and pushed it deep into her throat in her excitement over what I was doing.

I couldn't believe how excited Amy was from playing with our new toys, but I was happy she was enjoying it as much as I was. My concentration on the task at hand was starting to crumble from the wonderful blowjob Amy was giving me when she stopped moving and screamed mutely around my cock, which still filled her mouth. Her stomach muscles rippled as her orgasm tore through her and she pushed her heels into the mattress. The sheets under her, as well as both of my hands up to the forearm, were sopping wet with her cum. I slowed my stroking of the toys, hoping that Amy would soon resume her efforts, and bring me to my release.

Instead, she said, "Baby, please take the dildo out of my ass and let me turn over so I can feel you inside me along with the other dildo."

I pulled the smaller toy out of her butt slowly, not sure what to expect. It came out clean and covered only with the shiny lubricant. Amy was watching my face and she said, "I cleaned myself out at work today with a Fleet enema."

"How did you know we were going to do this tonight?" I asked.

Amy blushed, and said, "I didn't. I was talking to Jamal at lunch, and he said he wanted to try anal with me the next time we got together. He suggested that I prep myself and try it with you first, to get used to the feeling."

"You mean, to get used to a smaller cock first, don't you?" I said, rather indignantly. I was upset that Amy was making plans for future activities with Jamal without talking to me, and my insecurity had me reading between the lines of their discussion.

"Oh baby, no! He did not say anything of the kind, I swear to you. He is a really nice guy and doesn't play the humiliation game. You know that," she scolded.

I felt bad, knowing that I had overreacted. I was stung by her secrecy and her private talks with Jamal, though.

Amy pulled me down and kissed me, and my anger dissolved as her passionate tongue sought entry into my mouth. Lust took over and I kissed her back.

She rolled over and put her hands between her legs to hold onto the base of the purple monster. Her anus was slightly open, about the diameter of a finger. I apologized to her by leaning down and rimming her with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh my god!" she gasped. "I love that, baby."

She let me play with her butt using my tongue for a few minutes before she said, "Please fuck my ass now."

Despite my earlier anger (or perhaps because of it?), I was still erect, so I moved over her and put the tip of my cock against her anus. As I pushed forward, I slid inside with surprising ease. Amy and I both groaned and I registered the pressure of the jelly that was buried in her pussy against my cock as I slid deeper into her.

"Oh yeah," she said with her face pressed against the mattress. "I feel so full. Try moving in and out, but please go slow."

My earlier misgivings about anal were being replaced with a grudging acceptance that the actual experience was pretty amazing. Amy's butt started out tighter than her pussy, but the more I stroked her the softer it became around my cock. It also felt a few degrees hotter, and I remembered that I still had the warm toy in my own ass, providing a similar feeling to what Amy was experiencing.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," Amy began chanting.

I could feel her using just the tips of her fingers to push the final inch of the large dildo into her pussy as I stroked the length of my cock into her ass. She was so wet the dildo slid out immediately when she released pressure on it, so she was able to rapidly stroke it deep inside of her using her fingertips.

I could see her left eye clenched shut, and I guessed that she was picturing what we were doing with Jamal in place of the purple monster.

I kissed the side of her face and asked, "Does that feel good, baby? Do you like being double fucked by me and Jamal at the same time?"

Amy's eye flew open and she wailed as she came on my cock and the imaginary Jamal. I was close too, so I picked up my pace until I felt my own orgasm start. The intensity of my release caused me to bury myself deep inside her as I started to cum. I felt her hand moving underneath us and between my legs, and as I was cuming, she pulled the butt plug out of me using the t-handle on its base.

The effect was like being electrocuted. The simultaneous void in my rectum along with my orgasm created a spasm that ran through me and made voluntary movement impossible. Every nerve in my body fired at once, and my muscles clenched as I experienced the petite mort of a very intense orgasm.

I slowly collapsed on top of Amy, and she sighed happily. When I failed to move after 20 seconds or so she softly called out, "Earth to Randy, over. Come in Randy."

My eyes were closed, and I felt like every ounce of energy had been drained from my body. I continued to lie prone on top of her until she began to giggle.

"Oh fuck," she gasped under my weight, "I killed my husband with a butt plug." Then she began to laugh uncontrollably.

I couldn't help myself, and I joined her. I rolled off of her and we wrapped our arms around each other as we continued to laugh until we cried. Amy kissed my face as my laughing reduced to a happy smile, then she devoured my mouth in a hungry kiss.

As we broke apart, she looked in my eyes and said, "I love you so much."

Chapter 16

The next day, while I was at work, Amy called me during her afternoon break at the hospital.

"I just want to tell you again that I am sorry that I haven't been keeping you up to date about my conversations with Jamal." she said.

"It's okay," I told her, "I overreacted. I want you to have a friendship with him, and that means you are going to talk to him frequently. You can't possibly rehash everything that you discuss with him when you tell me about it later. I just want to know about the times your discussions involve me."

"Understood." Amy replied. "That's actually why I am calling you. I was talking to Jamal at lunch and I wondered if I could invite him to have dinner with us tomorrow night."

I knew that dinner didn't just mean dinner. "Just the three of us?" I asked.

"That's what I was thinking. You could make your lemon chicken. Everyone loves that."

Was I ready for this? Hosting a date between my wife and her lover in our house? It felt very different than the previous weekend at the party, when Carol had been there for me. I had been able to spend time with her when the situation with Amy and Jamal got too intense. I would be performing without a net if it was just the three of us.

I took a deep breath and let it out, "Yeah, that sounds good."

I thought I heard Amy exhale forcefully, too. "Are you as excited and terrified as I am?" I asked her.

She chuckled, "Yeah, I guess I am. Are you sure you are okay with this idea? I don't want you agreeing to things that make you uncomfortable just to make me happy."

I smiled to myself and replied, "I think we are both way outside of our comfort zones at this point. In fact, I think we are becoming addicted to doing things that scare the shit out of us."

Amy murmured her agreement, then became silent.

"I am looking forward to it. I want you to invite him and I want us to go further with this." I said. I patted myself on the back for being totally unambiguous for a change.

Amy said, softly, "Thank you, baby. I have to get back to work. I love you."

"I love you, too." I told her, and ended the call. Then I calmed my nerves by making a shopping list for the meal that I had planned.

After work, I stopped at the store and picked up the items that I needed. I also got a few bottles of good Cabernet. Amy and I were happy with cheaper wines when it was just the two of us, but I felt the need to be a little more extravagant on the wine we would be serving Jamal.

When I got home, Amy was already changed and making dinner. I put away the groceries and the wine, and wrapped her in a hug.

"Did Jamal say he was coming?" I asked.

Amy grinned at me, "You really are excited about this, aren't you? No 'hello, how was your day', just cut straight to the chase."

I felt my color rise. She was right, of course.

"Yeah, he said he would come over. How are we going to handle it after we eat?" she asked.

I had been thinking about that all day. I didn't have a clue as to how to transition from the meal to the events afterward.

"Would you care for some coffee, tea, or perhaps my wife?" I suggested.

Amy punched me in the bicep. "Don't you dare! I'm not some after dinner treat, you know."

"On the contrary, you are my favorite after dinner treat. Also my favorite breakfast, my favorite afternoon snack..."

"Okay, okay! I concede the point to you." Amy said, laughing.

"Why don't we just play it by ear?" I suggested, "That seems to be working for us so far." In the back of my mind I was thinking about the previous weekend, when we almost had to throw a bucket of water on Amy to keep her off of Jamal during the party. I was only worried about how I was going to handle it. I had no concern that Amy would find a way.

We ate dinner and then Amy read for a while as I checked up on email on my laptop. We headed to bed and I watched Amy as she undressed.

"We should change the sheets on the bed before he gets here." I suggested, as I examined the bed for indications of the previous night's romp.

"I will do that while you make dinner tomorrow," Amy said.

"Did Jamal give you any instructions today at work?" I asked.

"What do you mean," Amy replied, "Oh, like not letting me kiss you until he gives permission?''


"No, but I told him about our activities last night, including our little DP fantasy. I had him pretty worked up and left him that way when lunch was over." She giggled. "He did suggest that we rest up tonight so that we would have lots of energy for tomorrow."

I had an erection from watching Amy undress and thinking about our plans, but I had to agree with Jamal's suggestion. I definitely didn't want to be unable to get it up when he was there! Amy turned out the light and got under the covers next to me. I cuddled with her and she rubbed her butt against me.

"I think Jamal was right. I should abstain for the next 24 hours so I am ready to go tomorrow night."

"Party pooper!" Amy said as she pulled away from me.

"How about if I use one of your new toys on you tonight, as a warm up for tomorrow?" I suggested.

Amy jumped up and ran to the dresser. She pulled open the bottom drawer and dug under the collection of sweaters. When she turned around, she had the 14 inch monster dildo in her hand, the one advertised on the packaging as Mandingo.

She brought it and the pump bottle of lube back to the bed and handed them to me. I looked at the toy dubiously. "Are you sure you want to try this?"

"Yeah," she said breathlessly, "just take your time and get me ready with your fingers first."

She laid back against a stack of pillows and spread her legs, smiling at me expectantly. I crawled between her legs and kissed her shaved pussy, causing her to shiver. When I licked lower, between her prominent labia, I tasted her juices, already flowing from her excitement.

For the next ten minutes I used my tongue and fingers to excite her and open her up. When I moved up from three fingers in her pussy to all four, she gasped. I slowly worked my hand inside her, marvelling at how tight she was around it. Eventually, my hand was buried in her up to the palm, I used the exposed thumb to brush across her clit as a rotated my hand from side to side.

Amy's mouth was agape, and she was staring at her stretched open pussy. She suddenly reached down and grabbed my wrist, causing me to ask, "Am I hurting you?"

"No, but I am about to cum. Try Mandingo now."

I picked up the hefty toy, and smeared a generous amount of the lube all over it. Amy put her hands behind her knees and pulled her legs back to give me better access. I lined the head of the toy up with her vaginal opening and pushed firmly.

Nothing. The blunt head of the toy was too wide to enter her small opening. She let go of her knees, and used her hands to spread her pussy lips. I squirted some more lube directly onto her pussy lips, and tried again.
This time the monster started to burrow inward. Amy was panting as the flared head of the phallic toy spread her wider, and then disappeared inside of her.

"Keep going." she said, so I continued to push. I had about six inches of the toy inside her when she gasped, "Wait a minute and let me get used to this."

We grinned at each other, both of us perversely proud of her ability to accommodate a dildo that was as big around as my wrist.

"Try moving it in and out," she said.

It took a lot of force to retract the toy part way. I didn't want to pull it too far out and have to try reinserting it. I pushed it back in and got another inch inside her. After several minutes of work, I was able to move the toy back and forth about six inches, and it was ten inches deep.

"God, that feels so good!" Amy enthused.

I had a firm grip on the base of the dildo, and was moving it slowly in and out as I watched Amy's reaction. Her chest began to flush, which I knew was a sign that she was very excited.

Amy looked up at me from under lidded eyes and said, "Please lick my pussy where my lover's cock is buried, baby."

My own heartbeat quickened at her provocative suggestion. I knew that this request would be repeated at some point in the future when it was a real cock in her pussy, perhaps as soon as the following evening.

I leaned in and licked her clit, and let my tongue trail down to her opening.

"Yeah, baby. Right there. I don't need much stimulation on my clit. I want to feel your tongue licking my pussy lips where his cock is moving in and out of me."

I flattened my tongue on the sheath formed by her stretched labia, and slid it around her juncture with the toy. Amy moaned and grabbed my head holding it in place.

"Fuck me!" she screamed, so I plunged the toy into her repeatedly as my tongue continued to tease her lips. She came, pulling my face tight to her sex. I glanced up and saw her shaking her head from side to side. She was in another world.

Her grip on my hair released, and she tried to push me away, but without much strength. I stopped fucking her with the toy and asked, "Are you okay?"

She nodded, and I began to slowly pull Mandingo out of her. She had taken an impressive ten inches or so of the huge toy. It was shiny from her secretions, and when the crown appeared, it popped out noiselessly and I set it aside.

Amy was still dilated at least the width of my cock, which was both alarming and exciting. If she didn't tighten back up we would have problems creating enough friction for either one of us to enjoy sex with each other again. I knew the problem was only temporary, but I was hard from thinking about it.

I kissed her pussy again, and sucked gently on her distended labia. She softly said, "That feels nice, Randy. Thank you."

After she regained her senses, she propped herself up on her elbows and asked, "Are you sure that you don't want sloppy seconds?"

I said, "Stop teasing me. You know how much I want to fuck you tonight. I just don't want to have any performance issues tomorrow."

"Poor baby," Amy cooed, but with a smile on her lips. "Maybe you're right. I bet I am able to get you off tomorrow with no problem though. I am starting to pick up on your hot buttons."

I grunted an acknowledgement, both worried and excited by how she might use that knowledge.

We settled down to sleep, and Amy was snoring softly in less than five minutes. It took me considerably longer as I worried about endless scenarios involving me and Amy with other men. Finally, I drifted off.

I dreamed that we were having dinner with Amy's lover, but it was at a busy restaurant, and not at our home. The guy was black, but it wasn't Jamal. After we ate, Amy stood up and pushed her mystery lover's chair away from the table. He got up and pulled out an erect cock that looked exactly like her largest toy.

Amy pulled up her dress, revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties. It was obvious that she was about to let this guy fuck her right out in the open in the middle of the restaurant.

I glanced nervously at the other customers as the man began working his cock into Amy, and she encouraged him with comments about how good it felt. The other customers didn't seem to be paying any attention to what was going on right next to them!

Amy called to me as she was being fucked by her lover. I met her gaze and she said, "You know what I want."

I stood up next to the table and looked down to where the massive cock was sliding in and out of her. Amy put her hand on my arm to pull me closer, then urged me to bend over. My face was inches from where the two were joined.

"Please do it." Amy begged.

I opened my mouth and began licking, touching both Amy's pussy and the shaft buried in it repeatedly. Amy's moaning rose to a wail, and she and her lover both came. I laid my head on her belly, and watched as the man withdrew his still erect cock from between her legs and let it rest on her pussy. The slimy head was just inches from my lips. Amy said, "I want you to clean him off now," and I came in my pants.

I woke up to a strong feeling of shame and disorientation. I realized that I had actually cum all over myself during the dream. So much for abstaining, I mused.

I lifted the covers gingerly and surveyed the mess. Luckily, I was on my back when I came. It took me ten minutes to clean myself up and get back to bed. Amy slept through the entire incident, which spared me from having to explain things.

It took me even longer to fall asleep the second time, but I managed to sleep without dreaming until the alarm went off the next morning.

Chapter 17

I was able to bury myself in my work on Friday right through the afternoon, and avoid dwelling on what was going to happen that night. As a result, at 3 p.m., I found myself with all of my projects updated, an empty email inbox, and no messages on my phone. I decided to leave work early and give myself some more time to get ready for Amy's 'date' with Jamal.

I got home and began preparing dinner. I was preoccupied with what might happen later, but conscious enough to realize I needed to be careful while slicing the chicken not to cut my thumb off. A trip to the emergency room for stitches would give Amy way more time alone with Jamal than I was ready for.

Amy got home as I was finishing everything. She pranced into the kitchen and kissed me, then continued running up the hall to put on something more attractive than her hospital scrubs.

"When will Jamal get here?" I shouted after her.

"Any minute," she replied from two rooms away, "that's why I am running. Give him some wine and keep him company."

I uncorked a bottle of claret, and poured myself a glass. No sooner did I raise it to my lips than the doorbell sounded.

I opened the door and found a smiling and confident Jamal, who shook hands with me as he entered. In his left hand he had a bottle of wine, which he gave me after we exchanged greetings. I invited him in and looked at the bottle. Stags Leap cabernet, very impressive!

We chatted about work and sports, and I was reminded again why I liked this guy so much. He was very easy to talk to, and he had a way of making you feel like you were a close and trusted friend the first time he met you.

He was dressed casually, like at the party. He had on expensive jeans and a polo shirt, with oxford shoes and no socks. I got a whiff of Hugo Boss cologne. I was wearing the same jeans and striped dress shirt that I had worn to work for 'casual Friday', but didn't pull off the look as well as he did with his height and athletic build.

We finished the claret while we waited for Amy, and I told myself to slow down. I wanted to be involved in the fun later, not passed out while it happened. As I added the pasta to the boiling water, Amy came down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Jamal stopped speaking in mid-sentence, and my mouth fell open. Amy had on a short, cap sleeve dress with an empire waist. It came to mid thigh and was made of a rose colored, gauzy material. With a full slip underneath, it would have been adorable. Amy was wearing it with no slip or bra, and what appeared to be very skimpy panties. Not only the shape, but also the color of her nipples were discernable through the fabric. She had her curly blonde hair parted in the middle, with locks at her temples pulled back into a clip at the back of her head, a look similar to Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones. Her lipstick and blush were pink, and all of this combined with her lithe body to make her look ten years younger, which would make her illegal for what Jamal and I had planned for her later.

"What's the matter, you guys?" she asked, blushing.

Jamal and I both tried to reply at once. His 'you look amazing' and my 'I love that dress' made Amy blush even more. Instead of withdrawing in shyness though, she seemed to steel herself, approaching Jamal and rising on tiptoes to give him a welcome kiss and hug. He was still so stunned by her appearance that he actually seemed unsure of himself as she pressed her lips to his. Amy smiled with satisfaction at his apparent nervousness.

I was also surprised at that, because it was the first time that I had been around him when he didn't seem to be in control of the situation. I realized that meeting another couple for a private session, as opposed to the party we threw the prior week, was probably more difficult for him than he let on. It made me lower my defenses a bit, and feel more relaxed towards him.

After Amy kissed Jamal, she turned to me and kissed my cheek, whispering, "Do I really look okay?"

"Amazing!" I whispered back, echoing Jamal. I got busy straining the pasta and asked Jamal to open his wine so we could have it with dinner. Amy set the small round table in the kitchen where we usually ate breakfast, instead of the dining room table. She put her wine glass in the middle spot and set up each of us on either side of her.

I told Amy and Jamal to sit down, then I plated their food and served them. By the time I made my own plate and sat down with them, they were eating and talking about work, laughing at some shared incident from earlier in the week. I noticed how happy and animated Amy was, and I realized that she was enjoying the whole experience with both of us, and was not just focused on the opportunity for sex with Jamal later. That made me happy, and I was so proud of how gorgeous she looked!

We all enjoyed the food and conversation during our meal. Jamal was very funny and engaging, and kept us laughing with his stories about growing up in a big family. He was the first of his siblings to attend college, on an athletic scholarship, but eventually all six of his brothers and sisters graduated too.

We were on the third bottle of wine when we finished eating, and I suggested that Amy take Jamal into the living room while I cleared the table. She took his hand and led him from the kitchen as I hurried to scrape and rinse the plates.

I carried the bottle of wine and my glass into the living room, and found Jamal and Amy on the couch. Amy had left a spot next to her, and she patted it to indicate that I should sit there.

"Do you guys want to watch a movie or something?" Amy asked.

I looked at Jamal and shrugged. He seemed to take it as his cue to assume control of the situation. "Why don't you move over to my lap?" he said to Amy. It was phrased as a question, but sounded more like a command.

Amy looked at me for approval and I nodded. She stood up and sat back down in Jamal's lap, facing me with her legs extended across the sofa in my direction. She put her arms around his neck and looked in his eyes as he drew her face towards him and kissed her.

Once again, the reality of watching Amy share a passionate kiss with another man caused me to experience the delicious mix of anxiety and lust that I was becoming addicted to. I wondered if I would ever be able to see her do that without some small amount of cuckold angst. I hoped not.

Jamal put his large hand on Amy's chest and began squeezing and rubbing her breasts. Amy has sensitive nipples, and I could see that they immediately hardened under the fabric of her dress from his attention. Her eyelids fluttered and she became aggressive in returning his kiss.

Jamal turned to me and said, "Amy tells me you are into feet. Take her shoes off, Randy, and massage her feet."

It was true, I had a major foot fetish. I was surprised to learn that Amy had shared that with Jamal. It was another detail that she shared with him and forgot to tell me about.

I tried to work the buckles on the sides of her wedge sandals and keep track of what they were doing at the same time. It took me a while to get her shoes off, and while I was working on it, Amy was pulling at Jamal's shirt to try to get it out of his pants.

He chuckled and pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his broad, chiseled chest. Apparently, that was not enough for Amy, because she pulled her feet out of my grasp and then knelt in front of Jamal to work on getting his pants off. She was grinning at him as she struggled with his belt.

Jamal raised his hips and she pulled his pants down. She had to remove his shoes to get them all the way off, but she finally had him sitting in just his underwear, which was tented dramatically by his ten inch erection.

Amy stared at his package for a few seconds, then pulled at his boxer briefs to remove them. His cock jumped as it was freed from confinement. Amy reached for it tentatively, then slowly stroked it with her hand.

Just like the first time that I watched her do it, I was struck by how big and black his cock was and how small her pale, white hand looked around it. I had watched similar scenes many times in cuckold videos, but knowing that it was my Amy who was about to take on that monster made my breath catch in my throat. Amy was concentrating on Jamal, and I felt forgotten and invisible sitting just three feet from them.

Jamal put his hand on the back of Amy's head, but she was already descending towards him with her mouth open. Just before she reached the head of his cock, she slowed, as if suddenly remembering that I was there, and glanced at me.

She wasn't waiting for permission this time, as her mouth closed around him and she pushed him deep inside. She did maintain eye contact with me though, so she saw the look of lust mixed with trepidation that was on my face.

"That feels good, baby girl," Jamal purred. "You want another load like the one I gave you at work today, don't you?"

Amy's eyes widened in alarm and she watched my face tighten in reaction to finding out that she had sucked his cock at work again. She didn't even hesitate to continue blowing Jamal, however. I was angry, because I told her it was dangerous to her career to play games at work. We would have to talk about it later.

"Why don't you get naked too, Randy?" Jamal asked. "Then we can both enjoy this bitch at the same time."

I wasn't sure I liked Jamal calling Amy that, but I knew that she got off on being treated like a slut from what she told me about her first few encounters with Jamal. I stood up and took off my clothes as Amy continued to work Jamal's cock deeper into her mouth and throat.

When I took off my own briefs, I couldn't help but compare my seven inch erection to the one Amy was working on. She had lately started reassuring me that she enjoyed my cock when we made love, and that Jamal's larger tool was no better than mine at getting her off, but I was still skeptical. I sat back down next to them and stroked myself to hardness.

Jamal urged Amy to stand up, then he reached under her dress and pulled down her panties. She started to pull the dress up to remove it and he stopped her. "Leave it on for now."

He pulled her towards him, and Amy straddled his hips with her knees. She reached down and lifted the hem of her dress to expose her pussy to us, and Jamal grabbed the base of his cock so he could tease her by stroking the head between her labia and across her clit.

Amy's hips bucked slightly as she succumbed to the teasing of her clit. I could see that the inside of her thighs was wet from his stimulation.

Jamal was watching her face, and said,"Tells us what you want, baby girl."

Amy groaned, "Please make love to me."

Jamal chuckled and said, "Makin' love is what you do with your husband. What do you want from me? What do you need from me?" he taunted.

"God, Jamal," Amy moaned, "just fuck me."

Still he hesitated.

"Fuck me with that big, black cock." she finally added.

Once she said that, he scooted forward and pulled her hips down. Amy dropped the hem of her dress, and his cock was partially concealed, but I could still make out the dark shape slowly penetrating her sex through the gauzy material as she lowered herself onto him.

I stopped stroking myself, teetering on the edge of my own orgasm already. Amy stared into Jamal's eyes as she began to ride him. She started slowly, but built up her speed. I was mesmerized by the thought of what was happening beneath her dress, though I couldn't make out any details.

Jamal was smiling at Amy, and without taking his eyes off of her, he asked me to remove her dress. I stood behind her and lifted the dress up as she continued to ride him, uninterrupted. She had to take her hands off his shoulders and raise them up to allow me to pull the dress over her head, but as soon as I did, she reached for him again and pulled him into another deep kiss.

My angst returned as I stood there watching them, holding the dress that I had just removed and feeling like I had just given Amy away to Jamal.

The intensity of the sensations Amy was feeling caused her to drop her face to Jamal's shoulder and lock her hands behind his neck. She hung on to him like a sailor lost at sea, clinging to a buoy, and cried out as he thrust into her from below.

Amy's movement slowed as she tired, and Jamal became frustrated with her lack of motion. He picked her up effortlessly, and put her back down on the couch on her back. Amy gazed at his cock as he lifted her left leg and put the foot over his shoulder to tilt her pelvis up. Then, he buried his cock into her to the balls in one plunge.

Amy cried out but Jamal thrust hard and deeply into her. I caught her eye and mouthed 'are you ok?' as I stood behind Jamal. She nodded her head and clawed at his upper arms as she approached her orgasm.

"Oh my god," she screamed as she came. She grabbed for my hand as she convulsed beneath him. Her right foot came off the floor and hooked behind Jamal's ass, and her left foot flexed with her toes splayed out. Her hand gripped mine like a vice, with strength fueled by a rush of adrenaline.

As her orgasm subsided, her head fell back against the sofa, and her grip on my hand relaxed. Jamal smiled at me and stopped fucking her, resting with his cock still buried inside her. "I think I have her warmed up." he said, sardonically.

"You need to give your man some attention." he told her. Amy let go of my hand and reached for my cock, pulling me close enough to suck me into her mouth. She let me thrust into her, holding her head still on the sofa. I thought about what I had just watched her do, and it made me a little more aggressive than I normally would be. I was practically throat fucking her, but she seemed to be enjoying it, and she reached down to squeeze my balls as I continued.

"That's it baby, suck that big cock." Jamal said.

I knew he was humoring me, given his size, and that my cock was only average, but I appreciated his effort to appease any doubts that I might be feeling under the circumstances.

As Amy rallied from her first orgasm, Jamal asked her, "You ready for your first DP, baby girl?"

Amy looked at me, as if to see what my reaction was going to be. I smiled and said, "I should probably take your ass for this, huh?"
Amy nodded and I leaned over to help her sit up. I told them to relax for a minute, and I ran upstairs for the bottle of lubricant and some towels. Amy was necking with Jamal when I returned, and I paused to take it in. I decided that I wanted a picture of her kissing him and picked up my cell phone.

"Are you guys okay with me taking a picture of this for my personal use?" I asked.

Jamal and Amy turned to me and smiled, posing for the picture. but I told them I really wanted one of them kissing. Amy turned back to Jamal and they resumed their kiss so I could take a couple of shots.

I put my phone on the coffee table next to the lube, and pumped it twice to fill my palm with the slippery liquid. Then I helped Amy stand up and I sat down on a towel with my erection in my hand.

Amy giggled and tried to figure out which way to turn so I could enter her ass, while leaving her pussy open for Jamal. She quickly realized that she would have to ride me reverse cowgirl to make it work.

As she backed onto my lap, I lined myself up with her anus, and she lowered her ass onto my cock. It felt wonderful to be back in her butt, and I realized how much I had been missing by not trying anal with her earlier in our relationship.

Jamal was crouched down on his haunches, watching us. Amy slowly fucked me from above as I assisted her with my hands on her hips. She turned her head and asked me, "Does that feel good, baby?"

"Oh my god, yes." I replied.

Jamal reached to her and inserted two fingers in her pussy, palm upward, and I felt them moving inside her as he massaged her g-spot. She began to move up and down on my cock in response to his efforts.

Amy grabbed my wrists, as I supported her with my hands on her hips. Jamal started talking to us about what he was going to do, knowing that it was our first attempt at double penetration.

"I am going to get between your legs, Randy. There is no way to do this without the guys touching each other, so you need to just be relaxed about that. It's no big thing." he assured me.

As he moved closer to Amy, she let go of me and reached to put her arms around Jamal for support. I couldn't see what was happening, but I suddenly felt pressure against the bottom of my cock. It felt like he was pushing into her rectum along with me, but I realized that couldn't be the case, or Amy would be screaming.

Amy gasped, "Oooooohhhhh." as he entered her, and I felt the head of his cock slided the entire length of mine and beyond through the thin membranes separating us inside her. Then I felt his ball sack resting against mine, and I knew he was all the way in.

"How are you doing, baby?" I asked.

"Oh, this feels amazing!" Amy replied. "It's much better than it was with the dildo."

"I'm going to start fucking you now." Jamal told her, and Amy nodded her assent.

He began to thrust slowly into her, and I felt it too, sharing the actual stimulation that she was receiving. I really couldn't do much to move in and out from my position, but that was probably just as well since I was still on the brink of coming.

Amy lay back against me and I put my hands on her breasts to play with her nipples. She grabbed my hands to stop me, saying, "Too sensitive, just hold me."

So I did. I wrapped my arms around her and watched over her shoulder, as I could now see what Jamal was doing to her. He was stroking her deeply, and his long cock glistened with her wetness when he withdrew it. I was fixated on the sight of that big tool sliding in and out of Amy's pussy. Each time he buried himself fully inside her, a lump formed in her abdomen, almost at her belly button, indicating how deep he was.

His stamina was impressive, and he gave no indication that he was near coming when Amy began to pant and moaned, "I'm almost there. This is going to be a big one."

She grabbed my hand and pushed it downward. I thought she was going to have me play with her clit, but she kept pushing until my fingertips and hers were at her opening. We both let Jamal's cock slide across our fingertips as he stroked her. I met his gaze to see how he would react to another man touching his cock, but he took it in stride and kept stroking her uninterrupted.

Amy screamed, "Oh yes!" and ground her hips as she came. Her orgasm created amazing contractions in her ass, and despite my efforts to hold out as long as Jamal, I was pulled into my release along with Amy.

Jamal grinned at Amy's reaction and kept working her pussy. Amy was still coming, apparently, because she kept chanting, "Yes, yes, yes!"

I was still mostly hard inside of Amy's butt, but starting to worry about slipping out when Jamal leaned down to Amy and thrust his tongue into her open mouth. She returned his kiss with greedy abandon, rubbing his head with her hands. I was inches away from their faces, and got a close up view.

Jamal groaned loudly, and I actually felt the spurts along with Amy as he ejaculated inside of her. Amy continued to stroke his head, and whispered, "That's it lover, give me all of it."

We all slowly regained our composure, and Jamal pulled out of Amy, careful to avoid making a mess and wiping his cock with one of the towels.

I felt a flood of warm liquid spill out of Amy, coating my balls as it flowed over them. Amy turned her face to mine and asked, "Are you okay?"

I nodded happily, and kissed her cheek.

Amy stood up on shaky legs and we took our turns cleaning up. Then Amy sat back down and indicated that she wanted to snuggle between her two men, so we each took a seat next to her. The three of us talked about what we enjoyed from the experience we just shared.

Amy said her orgasm was intense, and seemed to go on forever. After the first big wave. she said she continued to feel smaller waves of pleasure right up until Jamal pulled out of her. She also said she got off on knowing that she was pleasing two guys at once, and thinking of what a slut that would maker her in most people's eyes.

I told her how proud I was of her, and how great it was to feel the same sensations that she was as Jamal was fucking her. After I said it, I regretted my phrasing, because it sounded like I was fantasizing about being fucked by Jamal. I stammered that I didn't mean it that way.

Jamal smiled and said not to worry. He knew exactly what I meant. He also enjoyed the feeling of being in a girl's ass as another man fucked her pussy. He added, "As you probably realize now, sharing a girl with other guys is impossible if the guys are uptight about touching each other. It gets really crowded when it's three or more guys on the same girl."

"Have you really shared a girl with more than two other guys?" Amy asked.

Jamal said yes, and told us about attending the gangbangs organized by one of their coworkers at the hospital, a guy named Patrick, for his wife Annette. They usually featured five or six guys if Annette was the only girl there, and more if they brought in another couple, which they did frequently.

Amy was wide eyed as Jamal told her about what typically went on, and I found the thought of she and I being a part of one of those events to be incredibly tempting.

"How do Patrick and Annette find people for these parties?" I asked.

"It's mostly word of mouth," Jamal explained. "I found out about it from a girl I was seeing at the hospital. Patrick had recruited her and her husband for a party, and afterward she started seeing other guys, with her husband's consent. I hit on her one day at work and she calmly told me to stop by her house that night so her husband could play with us too. It was my first experience with a couple in the lifestyle, and it opened my eyes. I must have impressed her, because shortly after that Patrick contacted me and invited me to one of his parties."

Amy looked at me, and I could see the gears turning in her head. I asked Jamal, "Do you think you could set up a meeting for us with Annette and Patrick?"

Jamal laughed and said sure. He indicated that he would definitely want to be there when Amy lost her 'gangbang cherry', and I could see that she liked the idea too. It made sense that if we were going to do something this wild, she would want several people there whom she knew and trusted.

Amy had been slowly stroking both of us as we talked. The topic of gangbangs had me starting to respond, and Jamal was already fully hard again. He put his hand on Amy's cheek and pulled her into a kiss. Then he asked her, "Do you feel ready to try taking me in that sweet little ass of yours?"

Amy's eyes got wide, and she looked at me for reassurance. I said, "this one is totally up to you, but I have to admit that I would love to see it."

Amy just said softly, "Okay." and looked back to Jamal.

Jamal took the initiative, positioning Amy with her hips at the edge of the sofa. He put a good amount of the lube on his hand and worked two and then three fingers into Amy's ass. Amy gripped my hand as he did this, and gasped each time he increased the penetration. When she was taking the full length of three of his long fingers, he pulled out and lined up his cock at her anus.

The initial push failed to gain him entrance. Amy was holding her legs apart so I reached around her and pulled the cheeks of her ass to the side to open her up. The next push buried the head of Jamal's cock in Amy's rectum, and he stopped as she flinched at the sudden intrusion.

She took several deep breaths as she got used to the feeling, then reached down to hold his shaft as he pushed deeper. His cock slid into her slowly, until he was about half way in.

"That's good, baby girl. You doin' great." he murmured softly.

He began to slide in and out of her, at first just a fraction of an inch at a time, but building up until he was giving her most of his cock.

Amy's forehead was wrinkled in concentration and her mouth was partway open, as if she was about to say stop, but she didn't speak and he continued to work his big cock into her ass.

Jamal was sweating as he fucked her, and he told her, "That ass feels amazing baby. I am going to bust a big nut in there."

Amy seemed to relax as he continued to stroke her, and she turned to me to ask, "Would you lick my clit while Jamal fucks my ass, baby?"

I considered her request. Putting my mouth on her clit would place it very close to the action. I looked in Amy's eyes and saw that she desperately wanted it, so I leaned over and flicked her clit tentatively with my tongue.

Amy moaned in satisfaction, and put her hand on my head. I began to relax and enjoy what was happening, and stopped worrying about Jamal. After a few minutes, Jamal pulled out, saying, "I want to take her from behind. You will need to lay on the floor underneath her."

If licking her clit in the current position was hazardous, being underneath her with my mouth on her pussy and Jamal's cock directly above me was the Sword of Damocles. Amy saw me hesitate, and she whispered, "don't worry, I cleaned myself out back there before Jamal got here."

I whispered back, "I'm not worried about that, I just don't think I am ready for his cock in my mouth yet."

Amy smiled at me and said, "I won't ask you to do that, baby."

So I lay down on the floor, and Amy straddled me facing the opposite way. She must have been very sure of how clean her butt was, because she immediately took my cock deep in her own mouth.

Jamal made her spread her knees to drop down so that his cock lined up with her ass. It put her whole pussy directly over my mouth, and when he started to push into her, he was only an inch from my nose. I panicked, thinking that he was going to end up tea-bagging me from that distance, but then I saw that because of his incredible length, his sack was stretched tight and his balls stayed close to the shaft of his cock. Millimeters to spare, I thought to myself, laughing inwardly.

Amy groaned around my cock in her mouth, and then renewed her sucking. I realized that I was tasting sperm along with her juices despite her efforts to clean herself after our first round, and it had to be Jamal's because he was the only one to cum in her pussy so far.

Jamal and Amy were really into what he was doing, and she had to stop sucking me and just hold my erection in her hand as she laid her face on my hip and looked back at Jamal. My licking seemed to have an effect on her too, and she got vocal, telling him to fuck that tight little white ass and me to stick my tongue in her pussy.

Jamal said he was about to cum, and asked her where she wanted it. She told him to stay where he was, assuaging my fear that she would tell him to pull out and aim at my face. I saw his balls contract, and Amy yelled, "Oh yeah, I can feel it baby. Give it all to me."

After Jamal thrust five or six more times deep inside her, he slowly withdrew and I watched his long, dark member emerge. He cupped the head as he pulled clear, and I was left unscathed.

Amy had other thoughts, however. She stroked my cock a few times to get my attention, then asked, "Randy, can I sit on your face now?"

Jamal chucked at my dilemma. He knew as well as I that she wanted to drop his creampie in my mouth. I actually wanted it too, and was becoming comfortable being honest in front of Jamal.

"Sure, baby. Go ahead." I told her.

Amy scooted forward a few inches, then pushed her upper body vertical with her arms. Her pussy was still above my mouth, but she began sliding her pussy lips down my chin, until her ass was directly over my mouth. I flicked my tongue out and rimmed her, and she groaned, "God, baby, your tongue feels so good on my poor, worked little butthole. Kiss it and make it better."

Jamal roared with laughter and even I had to chuckle at her joke. She began rubbing her clit as I licked her, and she came quickly, releasing Jamal's load from her ass. I was hoping that he didn't leave much in her from his second orgasm in less than an hour, but it certainly felt like a mouthful. I was trying to figure out if I should spit or swallow, when Amy spun around and solved the problem for me, attacking my mouth with hers and sharing the contents. I lost myself in the kiss, along with any concern about the snowball that we shared.

Amy laid her face against mine and said softly, "I love you, Randy. That was the best orgasm that I had today."

Her comment meant a lot to me, because she was comparing me to the orgasms she had on Jamal's big dick. I told her thank you and that she was the sexiest little slut I had ever seen.

Jamal was sitting on the floor next to us, back against the sofa, and he smiled at our intimate talk.

"You still didn't cum yet, did you Randy?" he asked.

I admitted that I hadn't, and he encouraged me to jerk off on Amy's face. Amy smiled at me and asked if I would like to do that, and I answered by stroking my cock and standing so that I was directly above her.

It didn't take me long to reach release given the variety of recent experiences that I had to think back on for inspiration. Amy helped by reaching between my legs and working a finger into my butt. When I came, she opened her mouth and I managed a couple of shots inside and on her nose and chin. She wiped them off with her finger and licked it clean without swallowing while walking on her knees in front of Jamal. She looked at him with her eyebrows arched in an unspoken question, and he gave a resigned, "What the hell?" as he pulled her into a kiss.

I felt a lot better knowing that Jamal was open to some of the same things that I was. He seemed to read my mind, because he told Amy, "Be careful about doing that with most black guys. Some of them will slap you silly if you if you try to snowball them. I've even seen brothers who would let a guy suck their dick to fluff them for the wife, but who won't tolerate another man's sperm in their mouth. Some guys are funny that way, even if they swing."

Amy grinned when Jamal mentioned husbands fluffing their wives' lovers, but didn't volunteer my services. She did ask him if any guy had ever gone down on him, and Jamal said sure, lots of times. It was all part of the game, he said.

We chatted with Jamal a while longer, until he picked up his phone and saw the time. He said he needed to go and thanked us for dinner as he got dressed. Amy wasn't putting anything back on, so I stayed naked too, thinking we were probably headed upstairs as soon as Jamal left.

We said our goodbyes, and I walked Jamal to the door, careful to stay behind it as I pulled it open.

"I'll talk to Patrick and set up a meeting." he said. I thanked him and he smiled and headed to his car.

Amy sneaked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist, giggling and dancing.

"That was freaking awesome!" she gushed. I smiled at her display of happiness, and wrapped her in a hug. She put her legs around my waist and said, "Take me to bed, baby."

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