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Stocking Tales: Blackmailed Wife

Summary: Sweet teacher's naughty photos end up in a stranger's hands.

Note 1: Thanks to Sweet Daisy Haze for allowing her photos particularly from the following photo shoots to be used for this mammoth story:

Mind Control App Makes Your Assistant Suck and Fuck!

Daisy REALLY needs a job

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Note 2: Thanks to Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing this story.

Note 3: This is a Halloween 2015 Contest story so please vote. That said, the focus is more on costumes than Halloween itself (although Halloween is involved at the end).

"Stocking Tales": Blackmailed Wife

Hi, this is me.

This is the 'me' that my friends and family see.

On the other hand, this is what I wore to school yesterday, although my hair was in one ponytail at school instead of the two I changed in to once I got home.

Now you may wonder why I was at school yesterday.

I have been mistaken on occasion, although it's getting rarer, as a high school student.

I have been mistaken constantly as a college student.

The reality is that I am actually a grade twelve teacher.

This picture was taken during one of my many role play adventures with my husband.

I am a teacher and look as sweet and innocent as a teacher should look.

That said, I love to be an enigma. I often go without panties at school, I often wear thigh highs underneath my conservative attire and on occasion when my hubby shoots a morning load on my tits', I go to school with dried cum on me.

These secret sins of sexuality are my own way of keeping my days from the mundanity of everyday life.

And I am definitely not the prude that some students or parents may think.

At school I am firm and no nonsense.

At home I am submissive and an eager slut.

I love sucking cock. I mean I really love it.

I also love cum. I love swallowing it. I love rubbing it on my body. I even love facials... it feels so slutty, so completely different than my usual day to day life.

When my husband Tyler isn't home for a few days, I go through withdrawal.

I also love long hard fuck sessions and will sometimes on special occasions or when I've had one too many glasses of wine, take it in the ass.

We have filmed a few sex videos for our own enjoyment. I somehow get even hornier when a camcorder is filming me... My inner porn star is allowed to come out to play, which is exhilarating (such a role reversal from the hours of seriousness of teaching).

Tyler had also taken lots of photos of me in many a naughty position over the past year and a half... and it really seemed to spark our already pretty damn hot sex life.

That said, the photos and the videos all started rather innocently. I was bored one day and missing Tyler, so I sent him a sexy, slightly teasing photo as I hammed it up for the camera. Sexy smiles, puckered lips, my nerdy high school glasses, plaid skirt and sexy panties.

This led to me posing for him when he was home one night after a few drinks.

This became a regular activity for us (whether he was home or away).

The photos were for teasing and were considered early foreplay for us.

Over time, the photos got sexier... and I started to get more risqué.

I posed sexily in only a bra and panties.

I posed bent over to showcase my fine ass.

I posed cupping my breasts without a bra, but still not really showing anything.

Then, of course, I allowed my breasts to be photographed. Tyler kept nagging me, promising he would delete them later.

And always wanting to please him, I reluctantly agreed.

The first one was more of a tease.

Of course... Tyler wanted more. Especially when he was stuck in a hotel.

And truthfully, once I posed showcasing my tits, I wanted to do more.

I felt like a Playboy bunny as I posed in so many different positions.

Feeling liberated getting my tits photographed, I even began walking around the house topless sometimes, even when Tyler wasn't home.

It was liberating.

I vacuumed the house topless; I watched television with Tyler topless; I made breakfast topless.

Then, feeling wild and adventurous one lonely day when rather horny, I took a selfie at home after work which was just slightly more provocative and texted it to him with a naughty message:

Three holes waiting for attention!

Knowing he was flying home at the moment, he would get a great surprise once he got off the plane and checked his messages.

As expected, it worked. He texted back profoundly:

Holy shit!

I texted back naughtily, playing on his two word reply:

I hope you plan to fuck the shit out of my holes, baby.

Not surprisingly, the photo worked and Jeremy indeed fucked all three of my holes that night, depositing his load in my ass after the marathon session.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Tyler wanted to go further and take shots of my ass.

Somehow this seemed more risky and more vulnerable and at first I protested.

As he pounded me from behind one night he said, "Come on, Daisy. I need a shot of that perfect ass of yours when I'm alone at the hotel."

My eyes went wide. "You're not deleting them?"

"Most of them," he said, which I would later learn was a lie, "but I do have a couple of favourites to drool over while I stroke myself at night."

"Really?" I asked, somehow feeling flattered that when he was alone in a hotel, he was jerking off to me and not to online porn.

"Oh yeah, baby," he moaned, as he kept fucking me.

He wouldn't let me come until I promised to pose for him. Being flattered and being a submissive, I eventually gave in like I always did, unable to ever say no to him.

That said, I bargained and in the end I agreed to pose wearing panties... skimpy panties, nervous to have my pussy or rosebud uncovered.

That was followed by a shot of me in a thong.

Al first, I hid my face, feeling this was a bit too provocative.

Then, of course, I showed my face.

That said, I need to clarify, I'm not a slut.

Besides Tyler, I have only been with two other guys: losing my virginity at prom (I know, how stereotypical can I get?) and my college boyfriend of just over two years.

That also said, I love being a slut for him.

Although I often protested many of his extreme sexual suggestions, I always eventually gave in.

As mentioned, many of these nasty adventures were filmed or photographed.

Ironically, no one who knows me would possibly fathom I was anything but a typical young sweet wife and teacher... which only enhanced the thrill of being such a nasty slut for my husband.

Anyway, my husband was out of town like he often is, and at a hotel when I decided to dress up in my newest costume for him, a very sexy good girl Belle, for some Skype playtime.

I asked once we were face to face. "Horny, baby?"

He laughed, "I likely can be."

I moved the computer back and leaned back for a pose that let him see what I was dressed as. "How about now?"

He smiled, "Lift off has been achieved."

"Let me see," I purred. I can't explain it but I love the look of a nice hard cock... Although I have only been with three men, I often spent my lonely nights when my hubby was gone googling cocks. I love the different lengths, different girths, the variety of colours by race, and the plethora of shapes (curved, straight, etc). Like snowflakes, no two are alike.

He pulled out his semi-erect six inch cock and asked, "Is my bride hungry?"

I loved that he still called me his bride, even though we had been married for over four years.

I answered, "I'm completely famished."

He nodded, "I could use a nice long blow job."

"Too bad you're not here to fuck my face with that big dick of yours," I teased, loving talking dirty and really enjoying the slutty exhilaration of getting face fucked, especially after a full day of teaching teenagers. Although I love my job, I always have to be on at school, so sometimes I just want to be told what to do.

"Where would I shoot my cum?" He asked.

He shot buckets. More than almost any porn star I had ever witnessed and he loved to spray his seed as if marking his territory.

Over the years he had come on almost every part of my body: I've had a plethora of facials where I literally felt I may drown in cum; I've had my tits splattered, my ass sprayed and my nylon feet coated. He has even shot his entire load on my forehead and filmed as his cum slowly meandered and dripped down my face like the slowest waterfall ever.

Strangely, I loved it. I loved the slutty act of being covered in cum. I also loved spreading cum all over my body as if it was soap.

I flashed back to one of the first times he treated me not as his girlfriend, this was before we were married, but some cheap cum slut. Shockingly, the rough treatment was what began my revelation as a submissive with a desire to please at all costs.

He roughly fucked my face for an eternity, before shooting his load in my mouth so roughly, I gagged and had to spit it out, even as he kept spewing like a firehose trying to put out a fire with cum.

I looked down and saw that my work blouse had big gobs of cum on it, even as he shot more cum on me.

"Never spit out my cum," he scolded.

"Pull out then," I quipped, annoyed at having my favourite blouse coated with cum, even as another rope hit me on the chin.

He said, "No, you get used to taking it all down your throat."

"Really?" I said, half pissed at his presumptuous attitude, and yet also surprisingly turned on at being treated like a slut.

"Yes, he nodded, "Plus, you look fucking hot as hell coated in cum."

"I feel like I got hit with a water balloon of cum," I quipped, having just taken a six day load of his seed.

"Now retrieve my cum you wasted, my sexy slut," he ordered, "I would hate for any of my almost week long build up to be wasted."

"That would be a shame," I agreed, as I scooped some cum of my chin.

"No, no, no," he said, shaking his head. "Get the cum that is on the floor."

"You're serous?" I asked.

"You should have swallowed it all," he said firmly.

Although again I was partly pissed at his treatment of me, my pussy was on fire and I, even though I knew I shouldn't have, lowered myself to the floor and licked up the puddle of cum that was there.

I felt so dirty and cheap.

Yet, I also felt oddly liberated.

It felt unexplainably good to just let go and obey. My day to day college life (I was in my last year of college at the time) was so structured that I didn't allow myself to really have fun.

I also felt a strong desire to obey... to turn him on.

"So fucking hot," he repeated, before adding, "and slutty."

"So hot and slutty," I quipped sarcastically.

"Brat," he said.

I kept licking up the cum from the floor as he purred, "Good girl. Lick that floor completely clean. I don't want a single drop of my cum wasted."

"I would never waste such a precious commodity," I replied, as I sucked up the rest of the cum, lapping the floor like a dog licking his food bowl.

When I sat back up, still on my knees, her asked, "Fuck, I think you are worthy of marrying."

I laughed, thinking he was kidding, "Is that an offer?"

He shrugged, "Well, since you're on your knees and asking... sure."

"Are you serious?" I asked, suddenly unsure if he was joking.

He dropped to his knees and pulling something out of his pocket said, "I actually planned to ask you tonight at dinner, but this moment, with you coated in cum, is too hard to resist. Will you marry me?"

I couldn't believe it. Yet, I didn't hesitate, "Yes, yes, yes."

Returning to reality, I responded, in submissive mode, a mode I had been in ever since the unorthodox marriage proposal, "You're the boss. The better question is where would you shoot that cannon of cum?"

I could see him stroking faster and knew he was likely going to come soon.

"Well, you came all over my face before you left," I pointed out.

"That's true," he nodded.

"And the time before that you shot your load up my shit hole," I said, being as nasty as I could, knowing that always accelerated his orgasm.

"Oh God, yes," he groaned.

I then repositioned myself, and pulled my tits out and posed, "Or how about my titties? Do you want to create a river of cum down the valley of tits?"

"Damn baby," he moaned, "you're driving me crazy."

Going further, I leaned close, my eager cocksucking lips now the focus as I purred, my tone as slutty sexy as I could make it, "Or do you want to give my face a new coat of cum paint?"

"Fuck," he grunted, his legs stiffening, his load seconds away from eruption.

"Or would you rather just shove that cock in my mouth and face fuck me, your balls bouncing off my chin, until you deposit your protein down my throat?"

"Fuck," he grunted as his cum rocketed straight up in the air.

Briefly forgetting we were hundreds of miles apart, I opened my mouth to catch his cum, banging my head on the laptop.

Damn, I sighed, I want that cock. I want that cum.

I began rubbing myself, wanting to get off too.

"Come for me, my slut," he ordered, always knowing exactly when to switch from sweet to dominant.

"Yes, baby," I moaned. "I sure wish you were here to fuck all three of my holes tonight. Your slut is craving a three hole pounding.

"Maybe a deep fisting?" He questioned.

"Right up to the elbow," I replied, frantically frigging myself.

"What would your father say if he knew his only daughter was a fist taking, ass begging, cum craving, slut?"

"Oh, God," I groaned, a naughty play on words as my father was a catholic minister. My orgasm was imminent and I begged, "Wash away my sin, baby, with a baptism by cum."

"Now worship The Lord by releasing the devil's sin," he ordered, our most common role play with religious undertones.

"Yes," I screamed, as my orgasm hit me.

Once I recovered, we chatted briefly about our days before he insisted on going to bed... it was two hours later where he was.

I got into pajamas and went and watched Netflix, like I usually did when home alone.


I was at school, just after lunch, when I got a text. I didn't check it, as I never check my phone when I am teaching.

Yet, it kept buzzing.

I told my teacher assistant I had to quickly deal with something and headed to the teacher washroom.

Once alone, I clicked the five messages:

Is this Daisy?

Daisy the high school teacher.

The sweet innocent teacher that has a naughty secret?

The third message sent a chill down my spine.

The fourth text was a picture of me. A playful sweet picture that I had taken for Tyler last Christmas.

The last text:

Cute picture. You look so wholesome and sweet, except for the dildo behind you!!!

I looked at the picture again. I then looked at the phone number (which was blocked).

I texted back:

Who is this?

After a minute, the stranger responded back with another picture (one I took a few months ago to tease my hubby), followed by a message.

Nice tits. I bet your high school students have fantasized about those perky tits.

Can you take that whole sucker in your mouth, slut?

Two feelings coursed through me:



I was furious at this person's name calling and smugness; yet, I also saw my career coming to a crashing end if these photos got out.

I questioned again:

Who is this?

No response.

I texted again:

Please leave me alone.

I returned to class stressed. Who was this? What did he want (assuming it was a he)? How did he get those pictures?

When the bell rang for break. I called Tyler. But he didn't answer.

I sighed and left a message:

Please call me as soon as you get this. It is urgent.

I was completely stressed and with only an hour left in the school day, I went to my principal and asked if he could get someone to cover my last class as I wasn't feeling well... which was definitely true.

Thankfully, she found someone to cover me, and I quickly headed home. As soon as I was in my car, I received another blackmail text from the person.

Another picture. This one from a while ago, after Tyler had suggested that he would love to watch me with another woman (something I have done a few times since this picture was taken).

Another message.

So is this for Principal Wilson or that cute first year Chemistry teacher Ms. Hamilton?

"Oh, God," I said to myself, Ms. Hamilton (Carrie), indeed one of the three women I had been with. It was also our first threesome (Tyler and I actually double penetrated her, which was fucking cool).

Another text:

I can leave you alone. But that will mean I am putting these pictures on the internet. Maybe creating a website.
God, I wish I could get a hold of Tyler. I quickly called him again as my stomach turned. Again, no answer, which only added to my frustration.

I had no idea what to say. So I didn't respond, hoping to get some time to talk to Tyler and somehow figure out who had these compromising pictures of me.

Another picture (from the same timeframe of the strap-on picture when I had dyed my hair pink to feel younger), another text:

Is this what you wore to work today?

I again ignored the texts as I drove home.

I almost got into an accident when I received another text.

I ignored it.

Another text.

I turned the radio up and focused on the road.

Once I got home, I went in the house and called Tyler once again.

When he didn't answer, I left another message:

Please, please, please call me!!!

Although I didn't want to, I clicked on the missed messages.

Another picture and a couple messages. This photo much more recent, having been taken just last month when I did a naughty Skype video for Tyler. That said, there were no pictures taken of this.

'Oh, fuck!' This is a capture from a video.

The messages:

Good news, slut! My dick is bigger than your dildo and your husband. I'm sure you will love it in that cock sucking mouth of yours, that sweet inviting cunt, and that apparently willing ass.

And the more you ignore me, the more likely it is I may put some of these online for the world to see.

I was completely rattled.

My life was potentially over. Tears streamed down my face as reality set in.

Again, I wondered how this person, now clearly a male, could have these private photos. How careless had Tyler been? Or was it my fault somehow? Was my computer compromised? I grabbed a bottle of wine, poured myself a glass and downed half of it as if it was water.

I was about to respond, when another text and message came.

This may be the kinkiest picture I have ever seen. Is there anything you won't do?

"Shit," I cursed to myself.

This was a one-time thing (well two, actually) when I was completely drunk just a couple of months ago. Tyler, after a lengthy fucking and coming all over my tits, needed to piss and I offered him to piss in my mouth, wanting to try something new. The nasty task was exhilarating and humiliating, yet something I enjoyed... the taste even surprisingly pleasant. That said, I would never do that sober... I don't think.

Yet, looking at the picture for the first time... I did indeed look like a dirty slut.




Another picture; another text. This one also quite recent as I tried to go back to the 1950s vintage pin-up look that Tyler loved.

Why not more photos like this... in nylons. The first ones you send me better be in stockings.

My eyes went wide.

He was expecting me to send him pictures!




Another picture, another text.

Like seriously, how many of these did he have?

This one was after a school girl role play where he came on me once and made me wear it on my face until he was hard again and shot a second load all over me.

You better respond back soon or I'll take that as an indicator you are okay with having your compromising photos all over the internet. Like this one. Seriously, how much cum does your husband shoot?

I had no idea what to say.

My face was pale as a ghost, even though I was fuming with the hatred of a million fires inside.

Fuck! Where the hell was Tyler?

Worried he wasn't bluffing, I asked:

What do you want from me?

He texted back with another picture and a message:

Isn't it obvious? My own online pet. Plus, you already have the leash and collar.

I sighed.

Another compromising photo. This time of me in slight bondage as my husband actually led me around the house like a puppy. That role play was humiliating, which somehow made it equally as stimulating.

Thankfully, the picture he sent didn't have me crawling around like a dog. Although, he likely had more photos of me in this collar and leash.

Oddly, as I recalled these crazy nights of sexual submission and role playing, my pussy got wet. I shook my head as I focused on my current predicament.

I was being blackmailed.

I had no idea by who.

I had no clue how he had got a hold of all these pictures and likely video.

I had no idea what his objective was. Being his online pet wouldn't be the end of the world, if I could guarantee he wouldn't release any of these pictures or video or any new ones he made.

Christ. Was I really thinking I would submit to this stranger?

I really was stressed to the core.

Adding to the frustration was Tyler not responding to my calls. Where the hell was he?

Compounding the frustration was the fact I couldn't call any of my friends. They knew nothing about this side of me.

Before I could respond, even though I had no idea what I was going to say, another photo and another text:

I think we could have some fun role playing. Your husband is gone lots and I have lots of free time to give you the attention you obviously crave and need.

I can be the prisoner who teaches a cop a lesson, for example.

Another photo from a while ago. Actually one of the first costumes I had bought to surprise Tyler when he came home after a long trip.

The handcuffs were a fun touch. First on him as I sucked his cock and rode him for my own personal pleasure. Then later on me as he took turns fucking my pussy and ass, even trying something new at one point as he fisted my pussy slightly while fucking my ass.

I texted back, hoping there was an easy way out:

Is it money? I can pay.

He replied back almost immediately, with another photo, one of me with a mouthful of cum, which could have been from any number of role play nights and another message:

Oh, you will pay. With those three fuck holes of yours.

And I'll pay by depositing my load in that hungry mouth of yours.

You must be starving for some cum by now!

I got even more worried. Was he implying even more than just online?

Suddenly pleasing him online seemed like not only a feasible idea, but a good option.

I texted back:

What would you expect of me?

He responded back:

Online obedience.

I texted back:

What does that even mean?

He responded back:

You're a teacher, you understand exactly what I mean. I tell you to do something and you do it. Just imagine I am the teacher and you are the student.

I sighed to myself.

What choice did I have?

Suddenly my cell rang.

"Tyler, thank God," I greeted, frantic.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"No," I replied, instantly beginning to cry.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Between tears and snorts, I don't cry well, I explained everything that happened.

There was a long silence at the end of the line.

"Well, say something," I demanded, as another text came, which I ignored.

"This is my fault," he said, his voice sounding broken.

"Tell me," I demanded, needing to know how.

"When I realized I didn't have my phone this morning I assumed I left it in the hotel. Yet, now that I really think about it, my hotel room key was with my cell phone," he said.

That explains why he hadn't returned my calls. I asked, even though I knew the answer, "Please tell me you didn't have photos of me on your phone that you shouldn't."

"I do," he said, his voice dripping with guilt. "But that isn't the worst part."

"What could be worse?" I asked, terrified to know.

"I will know when I get to the hotel, but I am guessing he broke into the hotel room and took my laptop," he said.

"Oh God," I said, completely deflated.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he cursed.

"And you have lots of pictures on there of me?" I asked, again knowing the answer, the evidence pretty clear.

"Quite a few," he whispered.

"Define 'quite a few'," I said, my tone terse.

"All of them," he answered.

"Like all, all?" I asked, the terrible situation getting worse.

"Yes," he whispered, so quiet I barely heard him.

"And the videos?" I asked, again assuming the obvious.

"Yes, those too," he admitted.

Another text.

"The asshole is texting me," I said, venom in my tone now.

"What is he saying now?" Tyler asked.

"I don't know, it's probably more compromising pictures or demands," I snapped, as I clicked on the update on my phone to check.

It was indeed another photo and a message. Two actually.

It was a photo of a role play earlier this year when we redid Pirates of the Caribbean.

This photo was tame compared to earlier ones sent.

His texts were:

This looks like a fun role play.

I'm guessing you have a lot of outfits to perform in for me.

I said to Tyler, "Another fucking picture."

"Of me in the pirate's costume," I answered.

"That isn't that bad," he said.

"He fucking sent one of me with my mouth open catching your urine," I snapped, frustrated even more by his lack of urgency.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," he repeated.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"At the conference, at a payphone," he answered.

"Well, get a cab and get back to the hotel so you can find out if it's been stolen," I said.

"Okay," he said, "I'll call you when I get back to the hotel."

"Hurry," I demanded, and hung up.

Another picture and another text.

I couldn't even recall when this one was taken.

His text:

This seems to be a position you should regularly be in for me. That way all three of your fuck-holes are available for me.

I texted back:

You stole my husband's computer! We are going to the police.

He replied back with a flurry of texts:

First, your husband shouldn't leave his hotel card with his phone.

Second, your husband should have a better password than 1234.

Third, you probably shouldn't pose like such a slut; you likely also shouldn't film pornographic videos... although the couple I have watched have been very enjoyable. I mean, for a teacher you sure can pull off porn star.

Fourth, if you call the cops at all, I will send these pictures and videos online and you will be an overnight porn sensation.

Like how would your principal and your board feel about pictures such as this one:

I stared at the picture. One I hadn't seen before, even though I recalled the role play encounter. I often deep throated Tyler, but this was the first time I took it all in and just held a pose. As usual, it was a slutty act, which, as usual, turned me on.

That said, looking at the picture, which was undoubtedly me, like most of the other pictures he had already sent, I knew if any of these got out I would be unemployed instantly and not hirable in the teaching system anywhere in the city, state and, likely, country. Christ, its likely I wouldn't get a teaching job anywhere in the world.

Except maybe Van Nuys, where a majority of the porn movies were filmed (don't even ask how I know such a thing).

Another text and picture. This one another of the humiliating kind. The only other time I had drunk piss, again quite intoxicated, although this was just a couple of weekends ago, after being in the hot tub:

Or this?

Then another text and picture:

Or this?

A picture of me dressed up a little goth like and my face covered in cum, although a lot more was on the floor. Which he made me lick up after, as he pointed out I should never waste his cum.

The litany of pictures continued:

Or this? Do you like being choked?

I remembered this picture and it is the one thing that at first I didn't like.

Another text, this time without a picture.

These, of course, are just a few of the nasty ones. There are pictures of that pussy, pictures with cock in all three of your holes and even a picture of your husband, I assume its your husband, fisting you.

PS: You can sure take a lot up that cunt of yours!

Mortified, I texted:

Please, stop.

He texted back:

I expect you in nylons and ready to Skype in five minutes or the website I discussed goes live. Be sure to check it out if you wish. I already have purchased the domain.

I was freaking out.

I quickly checked my computer and typed in the url I couldn't forget... being my name and all.

Sure enough it existed.

With a construction sign.




I had no choice.

He texted me back, asked for my Skype name, and I reluctantly gave it to him.

I found an outfit that I thought was sexy, yet not too edgy, and had stockings.

I then waited with trepidation, turning my Skype on.

A chill of anxiety went up my back when the annoying Skype sound came on.

I took a deep breath and pressed the button.

There was no image of him, but I heard his voice... slightly distorted.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

"What?" I asked, not even pretending to hide my contempt.

"Are those nylons?" he questioned.

"You said stockings," I pointed out.

"No," he said, "I said nylons. Fishnets are for prostitutes. Are you a prostitute?"

"No," I said, tersely, anger bubbling inside me quickly.

"Good, because I have no intention of paying you," he said. "Although based on the toys on your bed, I'm assuming that you were getting pretty excited."

I responded, making it crystal clear that was not the case, "That was just from last night." The truth was this was the spare bedroom, where I often Skyped with Tyler at night because it's where the computer was. My laptop was so slow that it often froze up, which was why I was using it now... hoping for a bad connection.

"Either way," he said, "I am logging off and will be back on in five minutes and I expect you in nylons."

"Fine!" I snapped, making my point.

"Be good, Daisy, or your photos and videos go viral," he warned and logged off.

"Fuck!" I cursed, as I began getting undressed.

I went to my dresser and realized I didn't have many sheer nylons. Most were patterned, although I did have a white pair from my wedding four years ago. I also had a beige pair.

I grabbed the beige stockings, hooked them to a garter-belt and changed into a less slutty, but sexy, outfit. I figured I had to play nice at least until Tyler called.

I moved to the couch in another room, set-up my laptop and waited.

When he returned, he immediately approved. "That is much better."

"I'm happy you like," I sarcastically said, as I dangled the heel of my shoe, trying not to look at the computer.

"I'd avoid the sarcasm, slut," he said firmly. "I'm a patient man, but you are already pushing my limits."

"Sorry," I said, deciding to play along as best I could.

"Now let me see those toes," he ordered.

I allowed my heel to drop and asked, "You mean these toes?"

"Very nice," he approved, "and painted too."

"I'm happy you like," I lied.

"Good girl," he said, not catching on to my lie.

"Are we done here?" I asked.

"Not even close," he laughed.

"I am expecting a call from my husband," I said.

"I bet you are," he said, "but at the moment you should be focused on being my online pet."

"Fine," I sighed.

"Now let me see both of your legs and feet in those sexy nylons," he ordered.

I slipped out of my other heel and moved to show both feet.

"No, no, no," he said, annoyed. "Get on your back and put your feet in the air."

"Fine," I said, annoyed. "Is this better?" I asked.

"Very nice," he approved. "You have very sexy legs."

"Thanks," I said. Although I was being blackmailed and this guy was a fucking creep, I did like compliments.

"Those are some sexy nylons too," he said.

"I wore them for a wedding last year," I said, not sure why I thought this was information he needed to know.

"I'm sure Tyler approved," he said.

"How do you know my husband's name?" I asked.

"Same way I know where you work," he answered. "Google."

"Yep, the internet is the perfect place to stalk," I quipped.

"I suppose that is true," he chuckled softly.

"Now massage one foot," he said.

"Okay," I said, the order rather strange.

"Yes," he groaned.

Fuck! Was he jerking off to me?

Shit! Of course he was.

I massaged my foot for a minute, which actually felt nice. I loved when Tyler massaged my feet.

"Now let me see the sole of your stocking foot," he ordered.

I thought 'this guy is fucked up', but obeyed as so far this Skype session was rather PG.

"I want a better look," he said. "move your camera above you."

"How?" I asked.

"Put it on top of the TV stand and angle the computer down," he ordered.

'How would he know that?' I thought to myself.

I asked the question. "How do you know I have a TV stand there?"

"Do you?" he asked.

"Yes, but," I began, but was cut off.

"Just do it," he ordered. "I don't have all day."

"Fine," I again sighed, stood up and moved the laptop to a new position. It took a couple of tries, but I got the laptop in the right position.

"Good, now show me that sole. Put your foot right up in the air."
"Okay," I said, baffled by how this could be turning him on.

"Wiggle that foot." He ordered.

I did.

"No, no," he said. "The toes, wiggle the toes."

"Oh," I said, still unsure what he really wanted.

"Nice," he said, as I wiggled my toes up in the air.

"Now both feet."

"Both feet what?" I asked.

"Show me both of your feet and your sexy toes," he ordered.

"Okay," I again agreed, baffled by the purpose of this.

Although it was awkward and uncomfortable, I lifted both feet up and posed them for him.

"Now bend your knees so I can get a good close up of those toes," he ordered.

I obeyed, which made me even more uncomfortable.

"Oh yeah," he groaned. "Perfect! Now hold that pose."

I did for a while as he didn't say a word.

I hoped he was jerking off and this was almost over.

He then surprised me by saying, "Now get onto your knees."

I almost laughed. It's not like I could suck his cock.

But I obeyed, baffled by this entire experience.

"Now look up and beg to suck my cock," he ordered.

"Seriously?" I asked, this getting silly.

"Just do it," he said.

I listlessly said in a monotone voice, "May I please suck your dick?"

"You better do better than that," he said. "And, on second thought, sit on your ass, you are too close to the camera now."

"Make up your mind," I sighed.

"Shut up, slut," he ordered.

I glared at him, but didn't say anything.

"Now look up at me and make it look like you're sucking my cock," he ordered.

I had no idea how to do such a thing, but I tried.

"Not bad," he said, but the angle is off. "Try a different position."

"Like what?" I asked.

"On your stomach and sprawled out on your sofa," he suggested.

"Okay," I sighed again. "but I'll have to move the laptop."

"Okay," he said.

So I repositioned the laptop to a bar chair close to the couch.

I lay down and looked up at him.

"All I see are your feet," he said, before adding, "not that that is a bad thing."

I sighed, "This is getting frustrating."

"Tell me about it," he said.

I got up and moved the laptop again and asked, still standing, "Does this get the entire couch?"

"Not quite," he said, "but it is close."

Another thirty seconds later and he said, "You have it."

"About fucking time," I said.

"Get on the couch," he ordered.

"Yes, sir," I sarcastically quipped.

"Sir, I like that," he said.

'Fuck' I thought to myself, why couldn't I keep my mouth shut?

"Now look up sexily," he ordered.

I tried.

"Is that your sexy look?" he asked.

"It is when I am being blackmailed," I replied.

"Well, you better try harder and look like you're having fun or say goodbye to your career," he threatened.

Like I faked orgasms during high school, I faked having fun.

"Now was that so hard?" he asked.

"A little," I answered truthfully.

He then annoyed me again. "Actually, I want a close up of your pretty mouth. I need you to put the laptop right on the end of the sofa."

"You really want me to move the laptop again?" I asked.

"Last time. I promise," he said.

"Better be," I said, annoyed, although thankful he hadn't made me show him my tits or pussy.

I moved the laptop and he asked for the same pose. "Now look like you're sucking my cock."

"Okay," I said.

After a minute, he said, "Do you have any popsicles?"

"I think so," I replied.

"Go get one," he ordered.

"Really?" I asked again.

"Hurry up," he ordered.

Why didn't I say no?

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a pink Popsicle.

I returned, knowing exactly what he was going to expect from me.

"Now suck it like it's my dick," he ordered.

"Are you that thin?" I asked, unable to not take the shot.

"You'll learn soon enough," he smugly replied.

My eyes went wide.

"Do you want to see it now?" he asked.

"Not really," I answered.

"You sure?" he questioned. "I'm told I'm rather well endowed."

"By who?" I asked. "Other people you blackmail?"

"You're my first blackmail," he said.

"I'm flattered," I quipped.

"Enough witty banter. Now suck, slut," he ordered.

So I did. Bobbing slowly on the Popsicle.

"Oh yeah," he groaned.

I closed my eyes and tried to forget I was being watched.

"Look at me, slut," he demanded.

I opened my eyes and sucked on the pretend cock.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "such a pretty mouth."

I kept bobbing, sensing he was close and this humiliating ordeal would be over soon.

I was right.

"Faster, slut," he ordered.

I obeyed, taking most the popsicle in my mouth.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "such a good slut."

'Come, damn it,' I thought to myself 'and end this fucking ordeal.'

A minute later, he groaned, "Oh yes, take it all slut. Swallow my cum."

Thankful it was likely over, I kept bobbing until he said, "That was awesome."

I sarcastically quipped, "Yes, I'm completely fulfilled."

"Funny you should say that," he said, his tone ominous.

"Why is that?" I asked, with trepidation.

"Because someone will be over there soon to get laid," he said.

"Excuse me?" I questioned.

I put a Craigslist ad up for you," he said. "I'll text it to you."

"You what?" I gasped, mortified.

He didn't answer, but a moment later I heard my phone buzz in another room.

I got up and grabbed my phone. I nervously clicked the text which had a link to a Craigslist post.

Reluctantly I clicked it.

"Oh my God," I said out loud as I read the ad.

Submissive Wife Craving Cum

Hubby is away,

My kitty needs to play.

Come on over and use me as a slut.

I was furious.

I returned to my laptop and roared, "How dare you?"

"You had over forty replies in five minutes," he said. "It was actually tough to choose just one."

"I'm done," I roared.

"You sure?" he asked. "Here is a picture I sent to the lucky winner."

"Oh my God," I gasped, wondering when this was going to end.

"I imagine that is what he said," he chuckled. "He should be there in twenty minutes."

"I'm not fucking some stranger," I firmly said.

"You will do what he says and do it on film," he ordered with a sigh, "or all these pictures go viral."

I didn't know what to say.

He continued, "And I want you in a new sexy outfit with nylons."

"Yeah, right," I said.

"Actually, go change now," he ordered.

"Whatever," I said, praying my husband would be calling soon.

I went to my bedroom and sighed, tears again in my eyes. I changed into the white wedding thigh highs and a cute dress that was sexy, but not really slutty.

I returned to the living room and he said, "Nice, but let's take this to the bedroom."

I sighed, but grabbed the laptop and returned to the bedroom.

"Put the laptop where I can see the whole bedroom," he ordered.

"Put your glasses on," he ordered, "I want to see the sweet, nerdy, teacher version of you."

I grabbed them and put them on.

"Pose for me," he ordered.

I did, even as I wondered why the hell Tyler hadn't called yet.

"Very nice," he purred.

"Can we just leave it between you and me?" I asked, not wanting to have someone come to my home.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Not saved by the bell," he joked. "Go get it and bring him to your room."

"Please don't make me do this," I pleaded.

"Now, slut," he said coldly, "Be a good slut and I won't send over any of the other forty plus candidates."

"Fine," I said, sensing he wasn't bluffing.

I walked to my front door, nervous as hell.

I took a deep breath, wishing I had a peep hole, and opened the door.

I gasped. "Jeremy."

"Hi, Mrs. Haze," he smiled.

Jeremy was a student who was in my class last year. A strong student, a great linebacker, who was ridiculously handsome and had flirted with me non-stop throughout the year. That said, my biggest fantasy had always been to be seduced by a student, something we often role played. Tyler even knew that I had a crush on him.

"What can I do for you?" I asked, being casual and hoping this was just a major coincidence.

"I'm here to give you the load you're craving," he answered.

"This is a mistake," I said.

"No, this is two years of fantasy becoming reality," he said, as he walked into my home.

"Jeremy, I," I began, my pussy burning at the reality this hot ex-student was in my home... yet I was a married woman.

"Bedroom now," he ordered, with a firmness that made my pussy leak.

"I, um, okay," I babbled, my head spinning with lust and guilt. I led him to my bedroom and he complimented, "You're still as hot as I remember."

Before I could even think, I responded, "As are you."

"Did you ever fantasize about me, Mrs. Haze?" he asked, as he walked in front of me.

"I don't fantasize and tell," I joked, trying to avoid answering the question.

"I do," he said, "and I have shot buckets thinking about this very moment. Although, truth be told, I imagined doing this in your classroom."

Again, I don't know why I encouraged him, but I asked, talking sultry, "And what did you imagine?"

"Eating your pussy under your desk, having you suck me in front of the whole class and bending you over the desk and fucking you," he listed, bluntly.

Again, my moral compass gone, an insatiable lust replacing it, I asked, "My cunt or my ass?"

"You can't fuck one without the other," he quipped, before adding, "on that note, let's see that ass of yours."

I asked coyly, "How do you want me?"

"First, just pose like you are trying to get my attention in the class," he ordered, as he leaned against a wall.

"Mmmmm, like this?" I asked, my own fantasy playing out right in front of me. I had teased him and many other students over the past couple years with my outfits and coy poses.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "just like that, Mrs. Haze."

"What else did you fantasize?" I asked, as I smiled back at him, remaining in the same sexy pose.

"That would be a full length porn movie," he joked.

"Are just you and I in this porn movie?" I asked, somehow wanting to impress him with something I had only done once, a lesbian encounter or a threesome.

"Oh, we could have a revolving cast, but we would be the main two characters," he said suavely.

"Would Sarah be in it?" I asked, his high school girlfriend.

He laughed, "Why, do you fantasize about girls too?"

"I have a lot of fantasies," I replied, shrugging my shoulders, before adding, "I'm not as simple as I seem."

"So I see," he nodded, staring at me.

"What else can I do for you?" I asked, with a sexy smile.

"Let's see those tits, Mrs. Haze," he ordered.

I stood up and lifted the dress over me, revealing I wasn't wearing a bra as I showcased my very firm breasts.

"As perfect as I imagined," he said, as he seemed to practically be drooling over my firm breasts and erect nipples.

"Is your cock as big as I imagined?" I asked, as I got onto the bed.

"How big did you imagine it to be?" he asked.

"Big enough to make me scream," I smiled, as I moved into a seductive pose that screamed come and ravish me.

"I think you will be pleasantly surprised then," he quipped as he unbuckled his belt.

"It's like Christmas morning," I joked, as he slowly unwrapped himself.

"It's the twelve days of Christmas all wrapped up in one," he countered, as he unbuttoned his jeans slowly as if teasing me.

"Come over here and let me finish unwrapping that present," I purred, excited to see how big his dick really was.

He sauntered to the edge of the bed as he allowed his jeans to drop to the floor. He pulled them off and I could see his impressive bulge in his boxers. Instant lust washed over me as I felt both my mouth water and my pussy tingle.

"Fish it out, Mrs. Haze," he ordered, once he was directly in front of me, his dick barely hidden by his boxers.

Shifting to role play, I asked all nervously. "In front of the entire class?"

He nodded, "It's time you teach all these teen girls how to really suck a cock."

I rubbed his cock through his boxers and purred, "I don't think most of these girls could handle something this impressive. This cock was made to be worshipped by an experienced woman."

He repeated, "Pull it out, Mrs. Haze."

I obeyed and gasped. "Holy shit, it's even bigger than I could have fathomed."

"Think it will make you scream?" he asked.

"In ecstasy," I quipped back as I slowly stroked his impressive eight inch cock.

"Take it in your mouth, Mrs. Haze," he ordered.

I obeyed, opening wide and taking his massive rod in my mouth.

"Oh yes," he groaned as I began slowly bobbing.

I swirled my tongue around his thick mushroom top. I bobbed back and forth on his cock, eventually taking in all eight inches.

"Holy fuck," he groaned, "no one has taken all my dick in their mouth."

"I'm not no one," I purred, as I sat up and stroked his cock.

"Look at me, Mrs. Haze," he ordered.

I looked up at him with the same lust that he was looking at me with.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "you really want my cock, don't you Mrs. Haze?"

"Fuck yes," I nodded, as I stroked his cock, my pussy begging for attention.

"How bad?" he asked.

"Just tell me what to do, Jeremy," I purred, "I'm your teacher submissive cum deposit tonight."

"Oh fuck," he groaned, "get on all fours Mrs. Haze, it's time to fuck that cunt of yours."

"Yes, sir," I moaned, wanting to be as submissive as possible with him.

I got on all fours, looked back and offered, "Pick a hole, sir."

"Holy fuck," he repeated, "you're an even bigger slut than I imagined."

"For big dick studs like you, almost all women are," I replied, as he got on the bed and rubbed his cock up and down my sopping wet pussy lips.

"Just slam it in, sir," I moaned. "I want to feel that huge dick of yours buried deep in me."

"As you wish," he agreed, as his cock slid easily inside my inferno of lust.

"Oh yes," I moaned loudly, "so fucking big."

"So fucking hot," he groaned, as his body met mine.

After a few slow strokes, I demanded, "Now don't make love to me, I have a husband for that. Fuck me like the teacher slut I am."

Even as I mentioned my husband for the first time, thought about him for the first time since Jeremy walked in my home, I oddly didn't feel guilt. This was his fault. And if I had to fuck someone to protect my reputation, so be it.

He obliged my request and began fucking me hard and fast.

My orgasm built quickly and I knew I wasn't going to last too long.

I begged, "Oh yes, don't stop. Your dirty teacher slut is going to come."

He kept fucking me hard and sure enough my orgasm erupted through me.

"Yes," I screamed, the ecstasy I had anticipated going through in never ending waves.

He kept pounding me throughout my orgasm, before he pulled out suddenly, put his hand on my head and positioned his cock at my ass.

"Oh yes," I moaned, liking the rough treatment, "fill my ass, sir. Fuck your teacher's asshole with that big dick."

His cock slid slowly in my ass and I moaned, a mixture of pleasure and pain (his cock thicker than my husband's), "Oh God, your cock fills my ass so much."

"So fucking tight," he grunted.

"That dick of yours was made for my ass," I replied, feeling it fit so perfectly. Any longer, any thicker and I'm not sure I could have handled it.

"I couldn't agree more," he groaned.

He slowly fucked my ass for a couple of minutes before he groaned, "I'm not going to last much longer."

I was disappointed. I wanted this to last forever, but I offered, "You can come in my ass, sir. Or all over your teacher's face or in her mouth."

He pulled out and ordered, "Give me a target, slut."

I quickly turned around onto my knees and purred, "You want to come all over your teacher's face in front of all these people?"

"Actually, I want you to catch every last drop in your mouth, but don't you dare swallow it. I want you to catch and savour in your mouth like a fine wine," he ordered.

"Oh yes," I purred, "I love a man who knows what he wants."

"Open wide," he ordered, as he furiously pumped his beautiful dick.

I obeyed, opening wide, giving him the biggest target I possibly could, even as I moved my hand to my still burning twat.

"Oh God," he groaned, "here comes my cum."

I laughed briefly at the two very different meanings of the word 'come/cum' and waited for the first rope to hit my mouth. I had swallowed hundreds of loads, taken just as many facials, but I had never tried to catch a load and not swallow.

Challenge accepted.

"Aaaaaah," he grunted, as his cum shot directly in my mouth.

Impressively, he had perfect aim as his entire load landed in my mouth. I focused on not swallowing or gagging.

Once he was done, he ordered, "Let's see."

I kept my mouth open and showed him I had indeed obeyed his order.

"Good girl," he nodded, before adding, "you may swallow the gift."

I closed my mouth and swallowed it all.

Once done, I smiled, "Yummy."

"That was amazing," he said, as he grabbed for his jeans.

"I concur," I smiled, watching his young body and still stiff cock.

"We should do this again," he said.

"I concur," I said again, even though I wasn't sure I could blame blackmail for a return engagement.

"Have a good night, Mrs. Haze," he said once dressed.

"That already happened," I smiled, just as my phone finally rang.

"Is that your husband?" he asked.

"It likely is," I nodded.

"Well, that is definitely my cue to leave," he said, moving to me and kissing me for the first time.
Once he broke the kiss, guilt hit me, kissing somehow seeming more intimate than sucking cock, or getting fucked.

"Hi, honey," I answered.

"I'm sorry it took so long," he said. "It has been a nightmare to say the least."

I won't bore you with the details. But his room was broken into; the video cameras on the hallway oddly didn't show anything; and he had already done a police report.

I told him about my evening... leaving out the fact that it was Jeremy and that I really enjoyed it.

He was furious and said that he would be calling the cops again to tell them this information.

He also added that on top of the crisis, he now had to stay until Saturday and wouldn't be home in time to go to the traditional Halloween party we always did.

This disappointed me too.

I was going to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast and, of course, he was to be the Beast. Yet, instead I got dressed in my Wizard of Oz outfit since I was going stag.

He told me to ignore any order that was given to me, as the cops said that 95 percent of the time these blackmail situations end up being a bluff.

I wasn't sure that was the best idea, but agreed to it.

When I realized Skype was still on, I asked, "Are you still there?"

He wasn't, so I logged out of Skype.

And he was right.

I ignored the blackmailer's texts Friday and checked the website he had referred to every hour and it remained blank. Eventually I relaxed, hoping it was done.

Saturday evening I was in my Dorothy outfit, posing for Tyler, who was at the airport, when the doorbell rang.

Tyler said, "I better get going anyways. Boarding has just been called."

"Okay," I said, before adding, "you better get to the party once you arrive."

"I'll try," he said.

"You owe me," I threatened.

"Fine, fine," he said, "I'll text you as soon as I land."

I teased, "I'm going to be drinking and if you're not there to claim your princess, I may have to find a new beast."

The doorbell rang again.

"Go get the door, I'll see you as soon I can," he said, before hanging up.

I went to the door and was surprised to see a very good looking man dressed casually, "Hi," I greeted.

"Hi, my slut," he said.

"Excuse me?" I questioned, even though I already knew exactly who he was.

This was my blackmailer.

He walked into my home and said, "Ready to finish what we started online?"

"Actually, I'm just leaving," I said.

"The question was rhetorical," he said. "And I too only have limited time."

"Please, this has gone too far," I protested.

"Tell you what," he said. "Obey me today and I will give you back this laptop and the USB for the back-up I made."

"Really? You promise?" I asked.

"Scout's honour," he said.

"Pretty sure a scout wouldn't blackmail someone," I pointed out.

"Touché," he said, as he walked towards the guest room, which was also a room we used for school role play. Shit, why didn't I think of that when Jeremy was here?

I followed him and he asked, "Why the school desk?"

"Role play," I admitted, no point in lying to him.

"Ah, right," he said, sitting down in it.

I asked, "So now what?"

"Knees," he ordered "and crawl to me."

I obeyed, figuring this was the most efficient way to get this over with. Reaching him, I looked up and noticed he was wearing a wedding ring.

He noticed me looking and added, "Yes, I'm married. But what she doesn't know won't hurt her."

I didn't say anything as my already negative view of him only compounded more.

"Get my cock out and start sucking, slut," he ordered.

Again, I just did as I was told, hoping the sooner I got him off the sooner this crazy ordeal would be over.

I got out his cock, which was thin but ridiculously long, and began sucking.

I bobbed quickly up and down, figuring he likely wouldn't last long.

But after a minute he put his hands on my head and pushed me down on his long cock and didn't let me move, I gagged, water running down my eyes, as I tried to breathe properly.

He held me there for an eternity, before finally letting go.

I coughed and snapped, "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Training a slut," he answered.

"Don't you dare fucking do that again," I demanded.

He laughed, "I told you do as I tell you today and this will be over. Is that clear?"

"Fine," I glared.

"Now get that slut mouth back over here," he demanded.

I moved back between his legs and after another moment, he again forced my head down on his cock. He held me even longer this time until I began slapping his leg.

When he let go, I gasped, "Holy fuck. Do you want me to puke all over your fucking dick?"

"No," he laughed, "but I do expect an obedient submissive slut who can suck a cock like a porn star."

"Do I look like a porn star?" I asked.

"Actually," he said, "based on the many videos I have watched the past couple of days I would argue not only do you look like a porn star, but you would probably make a lot more money selling those videos than you do teaching.

"I'm not sure I'm prepared to change careers," I said, as I tried to regain my composure.

"You asked a question, I answered it," he shrugged, as he stood up.

"Now what?" I asked, "Are you going to fuck me?"

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" he asked.

Truth was, he had the longest dick I had ever seen and yes I was curious what it would feel like buried in me.

Another frustrating truth was that my pussy was undeniably wet... his rough treatment was somehow turning me on.

But I answered, "I just want to get this over with."

"Keep sucking then," he ordered.

I leaned forward and again took his cock in my mouth.

And again, after a few comfortable controlled bobs back and forth, he grabbed my head and held me in place, his nine inch cock buried so deep in my mouth I again thought I may puke... even though I was frustratingly turned on by the treatment.

Again he held me in place even longer.

Once he let go, I again coughed.

He said, "We are going to keep doing this until you can handle nine inches buried in that mouth of yours."

"Shit, you're too big," I protested, as I reached up and began stroking his cock, praying a hand job may get him off quick.

"I came three times already today in preparation for this moment," he revealed, "so I'm in for the long haul."

"Awesome," I said sarcastically, as I continued fisting his dick, focusing on the head, which seemed to work so well for Tyler.

"You really are a trooper," he said, as he looked down and watched me pump his cock.

"I'll do anything to protect my career," I said, then realized I had probably just given him more ammo to use against me.

"I know you will," he nodded. "I saw that when you so willingly fucked that boy."

"You made me do that," I protested.

"Did I?" he asked. "You completely forgot I was even there the moment you two were alone in the room."

That was true. I didn't recall Skype was on until after Jeremy left and I had finished talking with Tyler.

"I'm a good actress," I quipped.

"Exactly why you would make a great porn star," he quipped back, before sitting back down and snapping his finger and pointing to his cock.

I resented being treated like a dog, yet I moved back between his legs and again took his cock in my mouth. This time he allowed me to suck him longer and just enjoyed my mouth.

Then suddenly he grabbed my pigtails and began roughly fucking my face as he used my head like a rag doll.

I slobbered excessively as I focused on not gagging, thinking this may be the best way to get him off.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "you're getting better."

He kept pulling my head back and forth what seemed like an eternity, even as my pussy literally leaked into my thong.

"You like this, don't you?" he asked.

I moaned on his cock in response as I focused on not gagging and kept sucking.

He then shocked me again he pulled out and ordered, "Beg for my cock, slut."

Suddenly wanting it in my mouth, wanting to finish what I started, I begged, "Please shove that big dick in my mouth."

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yes, dammit," I demanded, "I want that big dick now. I want that load in my mouth."

"Or on your face?" he asked.

"Wherever you want to put it," I offered.

"Good," he said, pulling me back on his cock before he wrapped his legs around my head and held me again with nine inches of his meat deep in my mouth.

"Hold it there," he demanded.

And I did.

For an eternity.

Like a frozen cocksucker, posing for a painting.

"Good slut," he groaned, as time stood still.

I held out for as long as I could before I slapped his leg in desperation, feeling light-headed and almost out of breath.

He didn't release me right away, although he did move his legs back down, allowing me to get some much needed air.

"Almost done," he declared.

I just kept focusing on his cock.

He suddenly ordered, "Sit up and get ready for my cum."

I quickly sat up and opened my mouth.

"Stick out your tongue," he demanded.

I obeyed, as I closed my eyes and prepared for the cum.

"Here it comes," he grunted a few seconds later.

I felt his cum hit my lips, tongue and chin.

"Oh yeah," he groaned.

I opened wider, wanting more in my mouth.

"You love cum, don't you, slut?" he asked.

I nodded, as more cum splattered my face and landed in my mouth.

When he was done, he asked, "Enjoy yourself?"

"It was surprisingly interesting," I answered, looking up and feeling utterly spent, which was strange since I hadn't yet come.

Suddenly my cell rang.

"You should answer that," he said.

"It's my husband," I answered, knowing it was him from the ring tone, even though that was weird as he should have been on a plane by now.

"I know," he nodded.

"What?" I asked.

"Just answer it," he said.

I grabbed the phone and greeted, "Hi. Where are you?"

"In the living room," he answered.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"I'm in the living room," he repeated.

"I heard you. I don't understand," I said, confused.

"Come out here," he said.

I stood up, looked up at my blackmailer and asked, "What is going on?"

"Maybe Tyler should explain that," he said.

"You know my husband?" I asked.

"We are old college buddies," he nodded.

"What the fuck?" I questioned, as I walked out and to the living room.

"Hey," he greeted.

"What the fuck is going on?" I asked.

"You told me you fantasized about being forced to be a slut and, well," he shrugged, "I made your fantasy come true."

I was shocked.

This was all planned.

I finally asked, "There was no blackmail?"

"No," he said.

"And you never lost your phone," I continued.

"No," he admitted.

"And who did I perform for online?" I asked.

"Me," he admitted.

Part of me wanted to strangle him; the other half was impressed. He had just given me a crazy couple of days.

And in truth, we had role played all these scenarios in one form or another before, I realized. The blackmail, the teacher seduced by student.

"I don't know whether to kill you or fuck you," I finally said,

"How about a blow job?" he joked.

"Yes, sir," I smiled, dropping to my knees.


Crazy enough, the wild weekend gave me an idea.

I would quit teaching.

I would become a porn star.

I created my own website and started making a variety of fetish videos:

-Submissive slut videos

-Nasty incest videos

-Mind control videos

-Water sports videos

-Costume role play

- Bratty Princess videos where I domme men

-And custom made videos.

And I'm not going to lie...

I love every second of it... I get paid to suck and fuck.

Life couldn't be any sweeter than it is now. And here is one new one from my website with a plug that was just in my ass, now in my mouth.


Again a super thank you to Sweet Daisy Haze for allowing me to use her many photo sets to create this lengthy ode to the beautiful, adventurous, kinky star.

I used photos from many photo shoots and her twitter account, but here are the main four:

Mind Control App Makes Your Assistant Suck and Fuck!

Daisy REALLY needs a job

Pin-Up Vintage POV Eye Contact and Pretty Feet in YOUR Face

Forced Deepthroat for Hooters Shift

Thanks again...

And have a naughty Halloween.

Jasmine October 2015

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