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"Bye boys! I'll see you in a week!"

My wife Marge was visiting her sister who was unwell upstate for a week and was looking forward to seeing her little sis for the first time in over a year.

"Bye, mom! Tell Aunt Jean I'm missing her." shouted Petey, my son who was home for the holidays. We were felling an old tree in the backyard and he looked the epitome of the all-american man with his tall, lean physique handling the chainsaw with ease.

"G'bye honey, have a good time and I'll see you next Saturday." I called over.

We exchanged air kisses before Marge jumped in her station wagon and sped off down road into town and thereafter the highway north.

My son had almost finished cutting the main trunk of the felled tree that would provide some welcome logs for our open fire in the colder winter months and I went over to help him stack them in a pile by the back porch.

Contented by our morning's work, we retreated to the house to get cleaned up.

"I'll just jump in the shower, Petey, and I'll give you a shout when I'm done so you can get cleaned up too."

"Okay Dad - no worries." Pete replied.

I was glad to feel the hot water cascade over my tired muscles. At 48, I wasn't exactly past it but it was the hardest work I'd undertaken in a while and my body was telling me so. I luxuriated in the hot, soapy lather smoothing it over my aching torso. I made sure I concentrated in cleaning all the folds and crevices around my cock and balls and my ass. I must have been enjoying it too much as I was aware of a distinct swelling of my cock and I was sporting a definite semi hard-on.

I was just about to embark on a fully fledged wanking session when I noticed out the side of my eye the reflection of my son watching me from the hallway through the half-open door. I could see him reflected in my shaving mirror mounted over the bathroom basin but he wasn't aware of that. The fact that another guy (even if it was my son) was interested in watching me pleasuring myself was a huge turn-on but I knew it wouldn't be right and continued washing myself down and my burgeoning hard-on quickly dissipated.

I coughed loudly to break the silence and turned the shower off. When I looked back at the mirror, Petey wasn't there. I dried myself off and returned to my room to get dressed.

Whilst Petey was in the shower, I was tempted to sneak a peek at my naked son but the bathroom door was firmly closed...pity!

For the rest of the day, I thought no more about it and we sat watching sports on TV in our lounging gear. Petey in his sweatpants and college vest and me in my tee shirt and shorts. I was thinking about what we would have for tea, when Petey floored me with a conversation that I was not expecting!

"Dad, how did you know when you were heterosexual? I mean, obviously you met Mom, fell in love, had me and you're living the dream but did you ever question your sexuality or did you just accept that's how it was going to be?"

"Wow! Where did THAT come from?" I said trying to clear the multitude of frogs from my throat.

"'s just... I think I might be gay but I can't be sure!" Petey stammered whilst turning a deep shade of crimson. He was obviously in some sort of internal turmoil that I hadn't picked up on and it was making itself known now in an outpouring of angst. A tear rolled down his cheek as he looked at me for answers.

"Well, you must have doubts if you're asking questions but I thought you were OK with life based on the number of chicks I've seen you with over the years...and they DEFINITELY didn't have any doubts about you!...what has happened to make you doubt yourself?"

I was decidedly uneasy at the course this afternoon was taking but like all good fathers, it was my responsibility to look after my kids well-being and I was determined to get to the bottom of his dilemma.

"Don't get me wrong, Dad, I'm still into girls...literally! But I'm increasingly getting turned on by guys. I watch them all the time...on the sports field, on campus, in the showers...especially in the showers! It's freaking me out! I can handle it if I turns out I'm gay but I haven't even touched another guy before and I wouldn't even know where to start!"

I could see Petey was really struggling with this problem and I put a fatherly arm around his shoulders in paternal support. More tears fell but he composed himself and I tried to put him at ease.

"What you're going through every man alive has experienced." I said.

"Even you?" Petey whispered.

"Hell yeah! You see when you get to your age" Petey was just 22 years old "the testosterone flying about your body is relentless. It's just one long period of sexual desire and you've got to address it. If that's with girls, guys or a good hand job - we all go through it. Hell, even I use to look at the jocks in the showers and think how it would feel to run my hands over their wet, soapy bodies!...but I never had the nerve to make that first step. It feels good to tell someone else about that but like I said, it's a normal growing-up process."

Petey sat back and looked at me with relieved eyes and said, "Thanks for sharing, Dad...I know that must have been hard for you say."

It was at that point, I was aware of a swelling in my cock region that I tried to disguise by placing my hands in my lap. It was then that Petey hit me with his next bombshell!!

"Do you think you could let me touch you, Dad?"

The question hung in the air for at least thirty seconds during which time I was aware of my cock twitching at the thought of my son's firm hand around my shaft.

"I don't think that would be a good idea,'s not what fathers and sons are meant to do."

The fact that I was not dismissing the idea of an incestuous affair out of hand was not missed by Petey and he was all over it!

"Don't think like that, Dad. We're two grown men who have a fantasy of touching other men. What's not to like? I can tell you're thinking about it by the bulge in your shorts!"

He was right, of course, my cock was now rigid and impossible to hide and judging by the tent in his sweatpants, he was also rampant. Before I could answer, Petey reached across and gently stroked his fingers along the length of my engorged penis.

"No wait, Petey! I don't think this is...ooh, that feels so good!" I protested with no conviction at all.

He had now closed his hands around my shaft and was circling his thumb across my sensitive mushroom head. A large wet spot blossomed around the area of his thumb as a steady stream of pre-cum flowed from my cock.

"Take your shorts off, Dad. I want to see it in all it's glory!"

I stood up in front of him and took my tee shirt off slowly and deliberately heightening the sexual tension between us. I moved closer to him and told him to slide my shorts off. He hooked his trembling fingers in the waistband of my shorts and started pulling them down. It was clear it wasn't going to be easy as I have a fair sized 8 inch cock when angry...and it was VERY angry!

As he got the elasticated waist over my erection it sprung up and splashed some pre-cum across his face. He reached up and wiped a finger on the wetness of his cheek and sucked it from his finger. My cock pulsated and a new stream of pre-cum started to ooze from my cock.

Petey looked at me pleadingly and asked "Can I?...please, Dad, can I??"

I was in no shape to deny my son anything he wanted at that point and I was filled with nervous excitement over what was going to happen next. I didn't have long to wait. My mouth was so dry, I couldn't speak, I just nodded my assent to Petey to do what he wanted.

I closed my eyes and waited for an eruption of cum that would surely happen in record time! Petey reached out with his tongue and caught the falling blob of pre-cum and he savoured the taste of his old man's cock. He closed his strong fist around my raging hard-on and slowly began milking my meat with slow, deliberate strokes. Each time licking off the liquid that was streaming continuously from me. He continued his slow sensual wanking and reached up with his other hand and cupped and squeezed my big hairy ball sack. My cock was twitching like crazy now and I knew I was close to cumming like a train.

Petey knew it too and he told me "Go for it, Dad...I want to taste your sperm. Fuck, I REALLY want to taste your cum. C'mon, Dad...give it to me!!"

He closed his lips around my rigid cock head and sucked like there was no tomorrow. I cried out as I exploded my jizz in my son's throat holding his head as I thrust my spurting penis into his mouth again and again, shouting "Oh.yessssss! Fuck yesssssss! Take it! Take it all! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!..."

I held his head as my cock drained and I warned him "Don't you fucking move, son...and don't spill a drop!"

Petey looked up at me and shook his head. It was obvious he was struggling to swallow the load I'd just deposited and just for good measure, I gave one last spurt of hot, sticky sperm before my cock started to go down.

I slipped my cock from Petey's mouth and sat back down on the settee beside my son totally satisfied.

"That's the best blow job I've ever had, son...I just never thought it would be with you!"

I looked at his groin and his sweatpants were soaked with his pre-cum. I reached out and touched my son's erect penis for the first time. Fuck, it felt good! All those years imagining what it would be like came flooding back and I ordered Petey to my room. He ripped off his vest and sweatpants on the stairs and threw himself on my bed. He lay there with a wondrous, gorgeous specimen of a cock that I've ever seen. It was fully nine inches long and thick with big defined veins around it's girth.

I joined him on the bed and closed my hand around his shaft. Unlike me, he wasn't circumsized but his foreskin only covered half his cock head, such was the size of his monster cock.

"Fuck, son, if I'd known touching another man could be this exciting, I'd have tried it years ago! Your cock is the most beautiful thing I've seen in years and I'm going to take advantage of you for as long as you're home for the holidays!"

Petesy's eyes lit up at that revelation and his cock was twitching madly in my hand. I closed my fist around his cock head and pulled his foreskin as far down as I could without hurting him. His big purple mushroom head was magnificent! It glistened in the late afternoon sun, coated with his juices and I couldn't hold back any longer. I moved over him and lowered my mouth over his monster. Flexing my mouth open as far as I could, I could only manage to take in his head but it was enough. I rolled my tongue over and around his slit and tasted his salty, sweet juice and he gasped, "Fuck Dad, I won't be able to hold out much longer!"

I said nothing but instead pushed his knees up to his chest exposing his manly love hole. I quickly moistened my middle finger and resumed licking his cock. Whilst sucking relentlessly on his member, I'd located his puckered asshole and slowly pushed my middle finger into his anus.

"Whoa, Dad...what the fuck??? Oooooh, that's good!"

I'd found his prostate and gently rubbed it in time with what my tongue was doing up top. "Oh, fuck, Dad! That's fucking fantastic...don't you DARE stop!"

I didn't. I entered two fingers and Petey was going wild. I thought I'd push it and forced in three fingers. He was beside himself. He was pushing his ass onto my fingers, trying to grind on them as I fought to hold on to his throbbing cock in my mouth. What happened next was like a whirlwind.

Petey shouted, "FUCK ME, DAD! FUCK ME HARD!!". So I drove my fingers hard up his ass as he thrust himself down on my hand. "I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING...CUMMING...CUMMING!!"

His spunk almost choked me with it's intensity hosing down my throat. At one point, it forced itself back down my nose but I held on taking every drop of sperm my boy had to give me.

"Please don't take your fingers out yet, Dad...unless you want to replace them with something else!"

He motioned to between my thighs where my cock had sprung to attention once more ready for action.

"Are you sure, son, I don't want to hurt you!"

"I can't wait to feel that meat inside me, Pops!"

"OK, son but let me make it a bit easier."

I reached for the bedside table and took a tube of lube from the drawer. Squeezing a generous amount on my hand, I coated my raging cock with the slippy stuff. I then put some on Petey's asshole and pushed it up lubricating his love channel for what was about to be his first (and mine) ass-fuck.

"Take me, Dad. Make me your bitch. Drill me with that cock...I want it!"

The red mist of years of gay sexual frustration took hold of me and I pictured this hunk beneath me not as my son but as a slab of manly sex that had to be fucked! Petey was still lying on his back so I lowered myself slowly, pushing my hard-on firmly against his love hole. Any initial resistance was quickly waived and my cock slid effortlessly up into him. I let it in about halfway and stopped to let any pain subside.

He welcomed the hiatus then placed his hands on my ass cheeks and began to pull me further in until my balls were firmly rested against him. I leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips pushing my tongue into his mouth and tasting my own spunk.

It was all the impetus I needed. Slowly, I began inching out and in in short strokes letting him get used to the length and girth of my cock and the smile on his face told me he found this as sexy as I did! I could feel his cock swelling as it got caught between our writhing bodies and was soon fully erect again.

I pulled out so that only the head was in and I thrust back in. He liked that. So I did it again, and again, and again until I'd got a nice comfortable rhythm going and I felt I could keep this going for a while.

"Fuck, Dad - this is fucking awesome! You're so big - I can't believe I'm taking your whole meat in my ass. It feels fucking great!"

I raised myself on my hands so he could reach down and take care of his own cock as I pistoned in and out of my sexually frustrated son. Watching the absolute ecstacy on Petey's face drove me on and I started to thrust harder slapping my balls against him, watching the sweat engulf both our bodies as I strived to nail him to the bed.

"That's it, Dad. Harder. I want to feel you cum inside me. I want to feel the warmth of your spunk as it fills me! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! YES! YES! YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!"

If I thought my last orgasm was great...this was off the scale!

I pounded on that boy's ass as if there were no tomorrow, not caring if I was hurting him with my thrusts or not. As I pumped jet after jet of creamy cum deep inside him, he came too.

"OH FUCK! SHIT! YES! OH FUCK YES!!" he screamed as he sprayed his sperm over us both. For every thrust I made, another spurt of spunk sprayed out of his cock.

As we lay there exhausted in each other's arms glued together by sweat and jizz, I realised that both of us were still hard! we hadn't gotten soft at all and that REALLY excited me.

I'd never been so horny in my life! In a frenzy, I got up and flipped Petey over and knowing what was about to happen he obediently got on his knees and presented his enflamed asshole to me. I reached under and stroked his solid dick for a couple of minutes, which got us both going. When I felt his own hand take over pumping his length, I moved forward and without any hesitation, drove the whole length of my penis right up my son.

He grunted but didn't cry out so I knew he was enjoying this as much as me.

I went at him like a pro, using his willing hole like a cheap slut driving every inch of meat as hard and as deep as I could. And he was taking it without complaint. I could hardly believe the turn of events that had taken place but I was now caught up in the moment.

"Take it bitch! You know you like it! And you're gonna keep on liking it until I say it...bitch?"

"Yes, Dad. Oh please, yes Dad!"

On and on I fucked my son, pounding like a jackhammer and he was pushing back against me at every thrust until I could hang on no longer. Once again I came like a freight train, exploding so hard I thought my head would burst. I never knew sex could be this satisfying! By the grunts coming from Petey, he was emptying his balls at that moment too.

Slowly, I decreased the pace until my flaccid cock plopped out of Petey's ravaged hole. I watched as my spunk leaked out and ran down the inside of his thigh and we both lay back thoroughly spent.

We must have fallen asleep and I awoke two hours later with another raging hard-on. I looked across at Petey and he was asleep on his side facing away from me. I ran my hand down his back and followed the crease of his ass cheeks to his swollen puckered hole. I heard him mumble something incoherent and I slipped my middle finger in up to the knuckle. His hole was still soaked to the core with the torrents of cum I'd hosed up there earlier.

Again he mumbled something but I got the feeling he was talking in his sleep because there was no reaction from his body apart from a slight squeeze on my sunken finger.

I decided to take it further... I was like a bitch on heat!

I manoeuvred myself onto my side and shimmied down the bed a little so that my aching cock was level with my son's distended asshole and I slowly guided it like a rocket docking with the space station! I couldn't believe how easily my cock slid in right up to the hilt without a flicker from Petey.

This was divine!

I left my cock there for a while to soak in the cum bath inside Petey relishing the feeling of absolute ecstacy in having my son enveloped around my throbbing penis. I decided to gyrate my hips so that my cock moved in a circular motion, grinding my groin hard against my sleeping son's ass. Again Petey mumbled in his sleep but didn't make any move to break away.

By now, I was really enjoying myself. This was a whole new sensation and it wasn't long before I felt the sap rise in my balls once more. I wrapped my arm around his waist and found his cock which was not responding to the deep probing I was giving him. I let it be and held onto his limp body and fucked him long and lovingly and cuddled my son tightly as I pumped spurt after spurt of fatherly cum up into his recesses. I had never loved my son more than at that moment...and I fell asleep once again still firmly docked with my son.

The next day, I awoke around seven as usual and looked across at Petey who was still sleeping but was lying on his back with his huge soft cock lying across his belly. I leaned over and kissed his cock head without any reaction from Petey. The poor boy was absolutely exhausted from being fucked mercilessly all of the previous day (and night)!

I went to the bathroom and showered myself clean from all the sweat and juices that had engulfed my body, dried off and went back to the room to get dressed.

I put a clean tee shirt on and a pair of jeans that were loose and comfortable. I needed my cock to breathe and take a break after yesterday, so I didn't wear anything else. I could feel my used tool roll against my thigh and decided I liked it.

I looked again at Petey. He was still out of it and who could blame him! We had fulfilled our fantasy of experiencing male sex without the need for seeking it out in the seedy gay world and something told me that we would keep experimenting as long as no one got hurt.

I went downstairs and made a cup of coffee. I had just finished my cup when I heard stirring from upstairs. Going to the bottom of the stairs, I shouted up "Morning, beefcake! I'll be out in the garage working on the car if you need anything."

"Okay, Dad - I'm going for a shower ."

A while later, I was busy stripping out the carburettors in my Dodge when I heard Petey come into the garage behind me.
With my head deep in the engine bay, I reached back and said "Could you hand me that 10mm spanner there, son?"

"I've got something better." He said and placed his fully erect penis in my hand.

"Now that is better - let me see..."

"NO! Stay as you are! I've got you right where I want you!"

I knew I had to face was only fair. I had experienced the thrill of fucking another man and it was only right that he was afforded the same opportunity. It was just...i was scared.

I had seen the size of his cock felt it's girth and knew his strength. I didn't know if I could take it up my ass!

"I dreamt of this all night, " he said as he ran his hands over my shoulders, down my back and clutched at my ass cheeks. He must have felt my hesitance and said, "Don't worry, Pops, I'll be very gentle."

He reached around and unbuttoned my jeans which were then pulled to the floor where I stepped out of them exposing my naked ass. I could feel his hot breath on my ass and then he was gently pulling my cheeks apart to expose my hole. I heard him inhale the musky scent of me and didn't expect what came next. He licked at my hole with his hot, wet tongue making my cock jump to attention. I'd never had my ass explored before by anyone - not even myself and it was wonderful! He was sending ripples of pleasure through my body and I was coating my front fender with pre-cum!

He pushed at my opening with it until he managed to open my hole a little and inserted it. Wiggling around and in my hole was driving me wild and I was holding onto the engine to stop from shaking. Next, he was back on his feet. Thankfully, he must have remembered to bring the lube down from the room because I felt him thoroughly coat my hole before inserting a well-lubed finger up from behind.

"Fuck! I wasn't expecting that...but it's nice! Try two, son."

Petey extricated his finger and lubed two before slowly sliding them into my ass. There was some resistance there but he left them there for a minute until I got used to the stretch. The fender by this time was thoroughly soaked. It was dripping off the edge for fuck sake! Petey did the same with three fingers and I was now finding it easier to deal with the pain.

I was just getting used to the warm ache subsiding when Petey withdrew his fingers and with one fluid motion aimed his cock at me pushed his big mushroom cock head past my sphincter.

"No use fucking about, Dad - you're either gonna take it or not...but I think you're gonna love it! I did!"

I stifled a scream as his monstrous cock invaded my hole and I genuinely thought he would rip me apart. The pain was excruciating! I was whimpering like a sissy bitch as he fed even more into my hole.

He was only halfway in when he stopped, "Sorry, Pops - it was the only way. You need to experience the pain to appreciate the ecstacy...just like I had to!"

Through the haze of pain I thought I heard movement outside the garage but as Petey didn't say anything - I let it go. As it turns out - we weren't alone that day but that's another story.

Petey and I stood there locked for what seemed like ages but in reality was a couple of minutes. During which time my hole had grown accustomed to Petey's huge girth. The pain had subsided some but the discomfort of having that monster pushing my innards upwards was still there. I wondered what it would feel like with the whole length in me. I didn't have long to wait.

Petey continued with his onslaught and slowly inched his whole nine inches all the way into me. I was so proud of myself!

"Oh Petey. That is the most amazing feeling in the world. I'm proud to be your Daddy...Now make me prouder, son, let me feel you cumming in me...just take it easy to start with...please?"

"Oh Dad, I just knew you'd love the feeling of being impaled on a good, hard cock. I'm going to fuck you now and you WILL love it. I will rape the hell out your ass today and you WILL thank me for it. I've locked all these gay feelings up for so many years, you will benefit from it...I promise you!"

With that said, Petey began grinding his cock in a circular motion in my ass almost making me pass out. I was in heaven.

"You thought I was sleeping last night when you were doing this to me but I was too tired and I wanted you to do anything you wanted. I cried when you held me as you filled me. I'd never felt so loved. Now I want to return the favour. You will be fucked relentlessly and you will beg for more!"

"Tell me you love it!" he said as he stroked his full length in and out slowly, letting it come all the way out before smoothly sliding it all the way back in.

"Oh fuck, son, I've never loved anything more than this in my life. I love the fact that my son loves me enough to MAKE love to his old man. TAKE ME, PETEY! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR SEED IN ME! "

By now, I was pinned to the car unable to move due to the force of Petey's cock driving into my ass! His pistoning penis was so smooth and rhythmical that it seemed we were perfectly matched. I was the perfect receptacle for his huge length of meat and I was thankful for that. He was now holding onto the fender to increase the thrust and I gave into his passion. Time and again he plunged that monster into me and I was powerless to resist.

My own rampant cock was being rubbed up and down the slippy pre-cum covered fender and I was sure I would cum soon.

"OH YES,YES,YES,YES,YES!" grunted Petey as he ground away at me. He would have to cum soon as I was getting dizzy caught under the hood like this.

Just then, I could feel my ass getting stretched even further as his cock swelled to mammoth proportions and I knew he would cum soon. I couldn't wait and I shot my load all over the fender as he punched into me. He literally screamed when he came and I wasn't ready for the effect his orgasm would have on me.


The force of his cum was such that jizz sprayed out the sides of my hole there was so much. In that moment, I was fully sated...and I passed out.

I awoke about an hour later on the bed, where Petey had carried me and was sitting on the beside watching his Dad awake from his wildest dream. I was thoroughly happy and even more so when Petey pointed to his erect penis and said "You know we're not finished for the day, don't you, Pops?"

I smiled, leaned over and sucked his big gleaming cock head deep in my mouth. I told Petey to kneel at the side of the bed then positioned my ass hanging off the side so he could bang the ass off me and play with my growing cock at the same time. I wouldn't be able to help myself as I would be too busy clinging on to the bed for dear life.

He wasted no time in having me impaled on his hard-on, not once but FOUR times more that afternoon.

By the time Petey went back to college, we both needed a break. We'd fucked each other countless times and loved every minute of it.

We continue to fuck each other senseless at every available moment but does that mean we're gay? Hell no!

Sex with my son has reinvigorated me and my wife has seen a horny side to me that she's never seen in twenty years of marriage. She's even let me introduce her to anal sex...and the best bit? She loves it!

Petey still humps the girls at college but no-one in particular and he looks forward to our little days of sexual experimentation!!

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