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Something Borrowed

"...Oh, my god, that's him. I swear it's him. Holy hell. I'm stuck and I'll have to talk with him. How completely awkward...what will I say to him?!"

I glanced desperately for a lifeline, but my friends nearby weren't looking in my direction and I was screwed. I glanced at him again, and smiled in spite of myself. That was such a hot night. Holy fuck.

My body flooded with the feel of him as if his body had just left mine this minute, instead of 10 months ago.

How is that possible? I'm wet just thinking about him. That mouth, those hands, that gorgeous multi-tool of his, and his raw, erotic naughtiness. My mind was on fire with a flickering slideshow of porn-worthy images of the night we shared, so hot.

It all seemed to press into my flesh at once. I throbbed, my breath caught, my hair stood on end, my nipples were hard, and a shiver ran from my pussy up my backside to the nape of my neck. That spot he loved to bite. Mmmmmm.

He is such trouble. I just love that. I smiled as he caught my eye and realized who I was. A wicked grin spread across his luscious lips. Instinctively, my tongue ran over my bottom lip, wishing it was his.

I saw him moving toward me like a shark to bloody bait. My fear response kicked in and I looked in vain once again for an escape route, but there was none to be found. Why was my body betraying me in this way? Just the sight of him had me completely upside down, what would the smell and the taste and feel of him do to me?! I knew I was in trouble, I knew that there was no way I was not going to fuck him.

I took a long sip off my drink to try and steady my nerves as he approached, his eyes on mine like a laser, boring into my soul, daring me to just try and escape. I suddenly felt my animal self rise in me, taking over my body. He was now my prey and devouring him was the only thought in my head. Even at 100 paces I could smell him. My heart began to race, my mouth began to water. My pussy clenching as tiny shockwaves of remembrance pinged me. My body knew his body, the attraction was beyond controllable.

'Just fall into it and enjoy every second,' my animal self plotted...

'What kind of a slut has he turned me into?' my rational self cried. 'I should definitely resist whatever he tries. I will, I swear I will, at least for the sake of appearances.'

Suddenly he was in front of me, close enough to breathe the sweet smell of his sweat mixed with his cologne and clean cotton; a smell so comforting I wanted him to wrap me up in his strong arms and carry me off to live happily-ever-after in the safety of him. I was quivering, hopefully not visibly, as he stood there, inches from me, his eyes twinkling and smiling like Christmas came early, his growing hard on clearly visible through his pants. He reached out to kiss my cheek and I felt like I was being branded by his lips; electricity coursed through my body, exiting out the back if my eyes and through the top of my head. Oh my god, this man is nothing but trouble.

There is such freedom in letting go...I realized with a shuddering sigh that I could never resist him, and why would I? I needed him like I need air, and if I couldn't grind myself on him soon I felt like I would drown in my desire.

But I merely smiled a coy smile and said, 'Well hello you' as I reached out and ran my hand from his strong shoulder to the back of his neck and slowly pulled him onto my mouth, my tongue lightly dancing to capture his taste, my memory bursting with the first hint of him.

The taste of him on my mouth once again, the scent of him enveloping me was like coming home. I released him from our kiss and took what felt like my first real deep breath since I left him all those months ago. I could sense that his body was as relieved as mine was to be in such close proximity to one another. Our sexual connection and the tension it created was palpable - there was no denying that he and I had a dangerously sexy attraction.

He moved in and placed his hand on the small of my back pulling me to him, the heat of his body seeping into every pore on my skin. The hardness of his erection pressed into my belly and I gasped just a little at the raw sexuality of it. Oh my god the feel of him was electric as I remembered, the muscle memory of him against me was something my body could never forget. We melded together instantaneously kissing and groping, creating a situation that was quickly getting out of hand for the public place we were in.

We were at the wedding of mutual friends which was held in a garden on the cliffs overlooking Puget Sound. The view of the sunset and the sparkling water was making this the most perfect setting for this kind of tantalizing reunion. But we couldn't get too involved out here in the open without fear of people noticing.

He pulled me to him again his mouth on mine, consuming me, his hands sliding down to grab my ass (hard!) and squeeze. He was grinding me into his rock hard cock, splaying my pussy lips and causing my wetness to seep and soak my panties. My breath was coming in ragged gasps, moans escaping into his hair as I held onto him for support. He released my ass and slid his hands up my sides to cup my breasts, thumbs working me through my silk dress and satin bra. His mouth kissed and nibbled up to my ear where I heard him whisper,

"You and I are going to fuck like animals...

I am going to devour every delicious inch of you, suck and lick every drop from your juicy pussy...

I am going to take you over and over until you beg me to let you rest...

Are you ready, Sweetheart?"

A low moan was the only answer I could give.

He moved his hand between my legs and slid it up, inching closer and closer to my quivering pussy.

"Take off your panties," he said.

"No! Absolutely not! We're in the middle of everything! People will see us."

"I know. Isn't that so fucking hot?! Now do it!" he said, "Or I will."

I hesitated just one second too long. His hands gripped my panties and ripped them down to my knees. I quickly stepped out of them and stuffed them into my purse, looking frantically to see if anybody noticed. Thank god nobody did. The evening was coming on and we were shrouded in twilight. Candles flickered here and there but the area where we were was growing darker by the minute.

So nobody saw his hand slide up under my short black dress between my silky thighs. Nobody saw the look of shock or heard me gasp when he slid two fingers deep inside me, pulled them out, and laid them on his tongue. He closed his eyes and sucked his fingers into his mouth, moaning as he pulled them out, then licked his lips and smiled at me. He placed his strong hands on my shoulders and forced me down onto a chair, then he knelt before me. His eyes bore into mine, daring me again as he slid my dress up to my hips. Thankfully a table blocked the view of him and my sweet spot, but I still squirmed in discomfort, sure that we would be discovered any second. I wanted to tell him to stop, but my mouth would not speak. Instead it smiled devilishly and sighed as he spread my legs with his hands, his expert thumbs finding my slippery folds, stroking and opening me.

He winked as he broke eye contact and pulled my hips to the edge of the chair. He smiled up at me and in an instant his smiling lips were on me, kissing and mouthing me, rubbing and humming. I stroked his hair with one hand the other on the table for leverage. My hips lifted instinctively, granting him access, begging for more. His tongue obliged me, running slowly up and down my slit, my lips swelling with each pass. Over and over, the sensation building, each lick of his expert tongue made me more sensitive than the last. I could feel my juices flowing, and soon his tongue was inside me, lapping and sucking, diving deep, his hunger could not be contained.

Two fingers found their way inside me, reaching in and up, he pressed and stroked my favorite spot. It felt like he was beckoning me to come closer...come, his fingers said, come. With his fingers coaxing me further toward an explosive orgasm, his mouth found me again, his tongue flattened my clit against my pubic bone, dragging it from side to side. Oh holy fuck, he felt so good. I was thrusting my hips now, nearly grinding myself into his face. I was moaning, my hand now over my mouth so I couldn't be heard. Gripping the chair with my other hand, I held on as he continued devouring my dripping, pulsating pussy. Suddenly I felt a finger circle my tight ass, then slide inside. I gasped and moaned, waves building, I was cumming, hard.

I was dying, trying to keep a quiet smile on my face so no one would notice that under the table my body exploded, clenched, exploded again, wave after wave of pleasure washing me clean. But while my orgasm slowed and quieted his mouth did not stop. I thought I would collapse from the intensity of it as he licked and sucked my sensitive clit and brought me to another crashing orgasm. I fumbled to stay upright... my legs spread open, my body weak, all I wanted was his gorgeous cock deep inside me, impaling me, fucking me like our lives depended on it.

I pulled him up and pressed his mouth against mine, tasting myself on him and loving every bit of it. Our mouths held tight, devouring each other, selfishly attempting to consume all that we could of each other. I fumbled for his zipper, fighting it to gain access to his silky, warm, hard cock. When the zipper stuck I resorted to fondling him through his trousers as I traced him through the fabric. He pulled me up, whispering at me to stop until we could get somewhere more private, but I couldn't. I slid my hand down his waistband and inside the silky fabric of his briefs until my fingers cupped his balls and my palm cradled his thick, pulsing shaft. I wanted him with an intensity I'd never experienced and it seemed I was willing to risk getting caught to have him. Thank god he led me away from everyone before things got completely out of hand.

He held my hand and led me along a dim path toward the water. I followed him, grateful that he knew the place better than I did. We turned off the path and found ourselves at a hidden overlook, complete with a gorgeous view of the water, soft breeze, and long wide benches. He grinned at me as he led me to a bench, turned to face me and kissed me full and wet while his hands slid under my dress to molest my round ass. My hands tugged at his zipper, finally freeing the most gorgeous cock I've ever had the pleasure to pleasure. Even in the darkness I could clearly see the beauty of his swollen, firm shaft and perfectly rounded head. My mouth watered, my lips parted.

"May I?" I asked him, a coy smile on my lips.

"Oh yes, please," he replied with a smile.

I knelt before him and began to make love to him with in my favorite way.

I began by slowly spreading his legs and sliding my hands up and down his strong thighs, revealing him and showing me my favorite parts all at once. My mouth kissed him here, then there, my tongue dragging along the crease where leg meets pelvis and torment begins. Breathing out onto my wet trail raised goosebumps on his body which was now tense with anticipation. Finally I opened my lips just a touch and began kissing his shaft, loving the feel of his hard veined flesh on the inside of my lips. I ran my hand up between his legs and cradled his balls in my palm, brought each delicate mystery in turn to my mouth so I could suck lick and kiss them, loving the moans he gave me in return. I slid one finger into my mouth, moistening it, then dripped saliva on it. I ran my finger back until I found his tight hole and circled it, getting it wet and ready for me. He gasped and laid his hands on my head, willing me to please not stop. My other hand lightly ran the length of him, strumming the ridge of his head, circling it and caressing his amazing skin. I closed my hand around him and brought my mouth down, open and so eager for my first taste of him, a taste I never forgot and had craved all these months.

My mouth closed on his throbbing head as my finger slid inside him.

"Oh fuck," he said as he pressed his hips up into me. My finger slid in again as my other hand stroked his shaft and my mouth took him in, my tongue sliding over and exploring him. My finger slid up until it found what it was seeking, his most tender spot. I stroked it over and over as my mouth opened and I slid the length of him all the way to the back of my throat. I relaxed and let him rest there twitching and oozing onto my wet warm tongue as I continued sliding my finger up and over his prostate.

The moans and sighs from him thrilled me...had me so turned on I couldn't help myself. I pressed my dripping pussy against his leg and started grinding into him, desperate for the feel of him on me. My rhythm intensified as I continued licking, stroking, humping him. His moans of pleasure were all I needed to continue to play him. His oozing cum fed me and tormented me. I wanted more. He began moaning deep,

"oh my god...oh my god...yes..."

I felt his prostate twitch, felt his balls contract, heard his grunts and felt him explode onto the back of my throat. Finally I got to have all of him, his cum warm and salty and just a touch acidic, the chemical compound my body lacks but needs so much.

His body surged, giving up more cum with every throb of his cock. I greedily sucked and licked every drop into my mouth. He laid back on the bench, letting out a long satisfied sigh, a smile on his face.

"Now where did you learn that trick?" He asked, "That was the most intense orgasm I've had. Honestly, You are such a sexy little thing...what am I going to do with you?"

I smiled in response, blushing at the thought that I'd succeeded in taking him further than he'd ever been taken before. So hot, that knowledge. It made me want to fuck him in the worst way. He read my desire in my eyes and nodded his head slightly at me.

He pulled me down beside him and met my mouth for a slow sweet kiss, stroking my hair, sliding his hand down the length of my shapely torso, resting on my round hip and stroking circles on my ass cheek. My head found his shoulder and I breathed him in and sighed. So comfortable. He nuzzled into my neck and let out a soft moan. For the briefest of moments I enjoyed a frenzy of images showing our would-be future filled with the most satisfying sex in fabulous locations. I quickly pulled myself up off of him, shaking the images loose, hopefully for good...

this man was nothing but trouble. He took a deep breath and slapped my ass.

"Let's get the hell out of here and have some real fun," he said grabbing my ass and pulling me in for another amazing kiss. We dressed quickly, hurriedly making ourselves presentable.

"I came with Heidi and Jen," I said. "I'll have to find them and tell them I'm leaving."

"Text them, they'll be fine." he said

"Now let's go!"

He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the party; lights and laughing faces all a blur as I followed in the trail of him. A few people called out to us as we made our way out, but we both pretended not to hear, intent on getting to his car.

"Do you still have my favorite car?" I asked.

"I do, would you like to drive?" He winked at me.

"No, not now. You drive the car and I'll play." I said winking back.

As we slid into the leather bucket seats of his convertible my hand slid between his legs, massaging his growing hard on. The smell of the car and the sound of the engine had us both turned on. God, I loved it when he drove this car like it was meant to be driven. I smiled up at him and sat back to enjoy the ride.

My hand fondled and groped him through his trousers, rubbing the edges of his fully erect cock. My pussy throbbed, as if what my hand felt was being etched on my slippery folds. This erotic Braille was spinning me up, my animal instincts rising with each stroke of my hand. I needed to devour him or I would surely lose touch with my best self. His hips pressed his cock up into my hand, flattening it against me so hard I thought I must be hurting him. But he grabbed my hand and pressed it even more. Oh my god, the intensity was getting to be too much. I was dripping wet, squeezing my thighs together and staring out the window to try and remain calm. I knew that if I looked at him I would have my mouth on him, and he was driving. Every shift of the gears, thrilled my senses, sent new shocks of sexual tension through me.

"Shift for me," he said.

"Okay..." I said questioningly, not sure how well this was going to work. I heard the engine rise, felt his abs tighten and his legs move to engage the clutch. I shifted from second to third and he had us synched with the revving of the engine. He slid his now free hand between my legs, eyes never leaving the road, and entered me. I gasped, my breath heaved in my chest. My mind was bursting as my pussy quivered around his fingers. As I rubbed his cock, he slid inside...As he rounded corners and changed speed we shifted gears and drove his car hard, this incredible erotic torsion connecting us.

He had us sliding into turns, the force pressing us into the seats, amping up an already explosive situation.

I didn't dare say anything, I wanted to get to his house as quickly as possible. We raced onto the freeway, shifting and stroking each other, the speed pinning us back into our seats. In just a few minutes we were at his door, sweating and writhing against each other. The engine seemed to be humming a guttural thank you for the thrill. And then silence, except for our low moans and grunts as we fucked each other from our seats.

I wanted him inside me, I needed to press into him, to bury him deep inside me and ride him, grind on him, slide up and down until his energy threw me over the edge. He felt my need and took mercy on me. He slid his fingers out and ran them over my lips before sucking them with his own, his eyes locked on mine. Then he quickly got out and came to open my door, leaning down to bite my neck as I rose on unsteady legs. Shivers ran through my body and my nerves jumped at his touch. Oh this man, so intense...I knew I was in for another wild ride.

I followed him to the door and watched him fumble slightly with his key. His tell relieved me so much, alerted me that this felt to him as amazing as it did to me. My desire surged again, and I fought the urge to press my dripping pussy into any part of him I could reach. Once the door swung open and he led me inside his demeanor changed just slightly...there was no mistaking who was in control...

He led me into the entry of his nicely decorated but modest home and turned me to face him. He slid his hand up from my shoulder and with a quiet force took the hair at the nape of my neck in his grip. He pulled me to his mouth and his tongue slid against mine, exploring me, tasting us and all our wicked foreplay on my lips. Our bodies were pressed as closely as they could be, rubbing against each other as we kissed, pausing occasionally to breathe and smile. This was getting so hot and felt so good, both of us completely enmeshed in the feelings coming off the other. We were becoming one in our play and the stage was being set for an incredibly intimate night.

How many minutes were we exploring each other, I couldn't guess, but there came the point where we had to break away or we would have both cum, still fully clothed. Breathing hard, he walked to the kitchen and I followed, hoping that somewhere along the line a drink or a pipe would come my way to sooth my nerves and chill my mind. Intuitively, he walked to the bar and mixed me a drink, not asking what I wanted. He handed me a whisky and fireball mixed on the rocks. I took a sip and smiled at him. He winked in return and raised his glass, which I interpreted to mean, 'Buckle up." My god, this man was thrilling. And he knew it. Which I loved even more.
I followed him as he walked the room, pausing to tell me how he came to have some of his favorite things while the whisky soothed my ragged edges and smudged any doubt that might have lingered. This night was going to be completely intense. I made the decision to toss any inhibitions and fully embrace the luck of my evening, and as I did so my pussy swelled just a bit. I knew that he was tormenting me with this little tour, deliberately putting me on edge with waiting. And as the thought crossed my mind he took my hand and led me to the window. He pointed outside to show me one of his gardens and as he did so he pressed his erection into my ass. I pressed back, so relieved to finally have an outlet for the sexual energy that had been building and breathed a heavy sigh. My hand reached back instinctively to feel for him, but just as my finger tips grazed his bulge, he took my hand away saying, "No," in a calm but authoritative voice. "Oh fuck yes..." I thought, "He is so intense."

I held my drink with both shaking hands and allowed him to do with me what he wanted, enjoying every minute. He reached his hand up to lightly squeeze my breast, circling my nipple as he rocked his hardness into me. I closed my eyes and pressed my hips back as I squeezed my thighs together, imagining him sliding his cock inside me. His mouth was at my ear as was saying something about one of the plants he apparently had been pointing to. I couldn't be sure because I couldn't understand a word he said. His voice was a tone I heard like music, not like information. The heat of his breath and the sound of him sent shivers up my spine. I rocked back into him, silently begging him to take the next step. But he didn't. He asked me how my drink was. I thanked him, and told him it was delicious. My hand had a mind of it's own and fell from my glass, soon finding it's way to his thigh, stroking up toward the part of him I craved. My fingers just barely cupped him as he took my wrist and forced it down. "No," he said again with a stern note to his voice. Oh my god, he was driving me completely crazy. All I could think about was his throbbing cock sliding inside any part of me, touching any part of me. And he was denying me with a quiet domination that had me deliciously on edge.

He turned on the fireplace and took my hand. Taking a blanket from the sofa he led me to the rug in front of the hearth and turned to me, reaching back to unzip my dress. "Take it off," he said. I looked up at him as I slid the sleeves off one at a time and shimmied the dress over my rounded hips. His hand was rubbing his erection through his pants. "Take off your bra, show me your tits," he said. I reached behind me and unclasped my bra, sliding the fabric over my nipples slowly, enjoying the feeling of the satin against my hard, pink erect buds. I reached up to play with my tits, squeezing them, closing my eyes at the thrill of it. But his hands were on mine and he pulled them away telling me, "No," with more sternness in his voice.

"Kneel down right here," he said pointing to a spot at his feet.

I did as I was instructed as I watched him unbuckle his trousers and remove his shirt. He slid his hand inside his pants. breathing deeply as he started masturbating, stroking his cock, eyes closed, hips rocking. I reached my hand up, dying to feel him hard against me, but as I did he moved my hand down. "No." He said, sliding his pants off entirely and moving closer and closer to me.

"Sit back on your heels," he instructed as he crept closer and closer to me until his erection was directly in front of my mouth. My mouth was watering, I was licking my lips, dying to taste him. He knew what I wanted and brought his cock to me. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, thrilled to finally have a taste of him. But he never entered my mouth. I opened my eyes to see him pulling back away from me. I let out an exasperated pouting sigh, begging to have him. Again he leaned in to give me a taste of him, and once again he denied me. He leaned in again, this time as he came toward my dripping lips and I watched him pull back again my hand reached out quickly stroking the full length of him, my head thrust so I could get the tip of my tongue on his round head before he pulled my hand away and leaned away from me. Then he leaned in, breathing hard, and placed his hands on my head. I knew I got to have him and I greedily opened my mouth and rose up on my legs as he pressed himself into my mouth, moving my head to match his desire. I relaxed my throat and let him slide in. Using my tongue and lips to guide him, as I felt him throb as he fucked my mouth. He thrust into me slow and hard, drooling cum onto my tongue, the taste awakened my carnal need in me..I found myself grinding onto my heel for relief.

Suddenly he backed away and pulled me to my feet. Holding my hand and walking backward so he could watch me, he led me down the hall to his bedroom.

He led me to the bed and lifted me up onto it. Then he climbed up and pushed me until I was laying on my back. He lifted my hips and pushed me further up toward the head of the bed sliding his hands under my ass, squeezing my cheeks with his strong fingers. He pulled me open and leaned down, his mouth on me with no hesitation, no quiet kisses. His tongue raked across me, thrilling my clit and my lips, back and forth. My hips arched into him, and I let out a loud moan in a voice I didn't recognize as my own. Oh god I wanted nothing more than to fuck him. I pressed his head with my hands, directing his motions. But he took my hands and held them at my sides.

I lifted my hips, the only motion left to me and rocked my pussy against his mouth. I felt my juices dripping between my ass crack and I told him so. He responded by licking the length of me, rimming my tight hole before coming back to pleasure my clit. I was calling out, on the verge of orgasm over and over. He pulled his head away then dove again, assaulting me with his tongue. Over and over he dove for me, each time I felt his tongue slide hard and fast over my clit and enter me, each time a gasp left my lips. I needed his cock inside me, I was begging him to fuck me, to let me fuck him. But he continued his slow, deliberate torture. His fingers found me and stroked the length of my slit, then slowly he slid one finger inside, knowing it would never satisfy my need. He held it still as I tried desperately to move my hips against it. I begged him again, please let me feel you. And finally he did.

He raised up and scooted in between my legs on his knees, then he put his hands at my sides, pinning my arms and lowered himself down onto me, pressing the head of his engorged cock against my throbbing pussy. He looked into my eyes as he rubbed against me, slowly, opening my pussy lips wide, my juices lubricating his movements as we slid against each other. And then he was inside with one hard, slow thrust, grunting when his cock reached the back of my pussy, holding there for a moment of shared intensity, his eyes never leaving mine,. Oh my god he was so good, so good, directing me toward an explosive orgasm, turning my head inside out.

He thrust again, pulling out until his mushroom head was rubbing my clit and then thrusting deep again. Over and over he slid into me, thrusting hard and jabbing at the end of his stroke. Each time he completely filled my pussy leaving each of us clinging to the other as we held the magic spot. Gasps and sighs marked the spot of our connection, each more thrilling than the last.

He was going to cum, I could feel it building. And the feeling made my body raise up, my animal self ready to consume him, my rational self holding back to protect the delicate balance we were riding. My craving for him escaped my mouth in low raw moans, my hips rocking to meet him, our energy building on itself. I slid my legs up over his hips and held firm, not allowing him fully inside me. He looked at me sternly and pushed hard but was only able to get half of himself inside me. I tilted my hips so the head of his cock was thrusting up against my g spot. He fucked me as I clung to him, desperate for more, never wanting the feeling to end. He was panting, wanting to be fully inside me. His thrusts against my clit and g spot were taking me over the edge. My legs splayed out, my body went limp and I was moving however he moved me, my body rocking like a rag doll.

He lifted one of my legs to his chest and rammed himself inside me, reaching with his cock for the back wall of my pussy and grinding against me at the end of each mind blowing thrust, I freed my hands and grabbed for my nipples, pinching and squeezing them. My mind exploded...Oh fuck, oh fuck, oooooohhh yesssssss I started to cum with an intensity I'd never felt. My body lurching up, my legs shaking, hips thrusting for more of him. Inside my swollen flesh throbbed through my entire belly, exploded and contracted over and over down through my legs. My mind was finally free, drifting through the electrical storm that was shooting from behind my eyes. He was seconds behind me, and I came again when his cries escaped his lips. He pressed into me and came hard, exploding over and over inside me, throbbing and thrusting until he collapsed against me. Cum and sweat seeped out all over us as shock waves raked our bodies and left us moaning softly, enjoying the pings and echoes of the ecstasy we shared.

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