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Sister in Heat Ch. 02

I got in late, somewhere in the hazy place between late night and early morning, but the heat had not let up. The inside of the house was just as dark and humid as the outside, and I waded through it as I made my quiet way from the door to the kitchen, fumbling a little until I saw the light peeking from around the corner.

As I said, it was hot, so it figures that my sister would be looking for something cool to drink. She was silhouetted in the light of the refrigerator, wreathed in the vapor pouring off the racks. As she bent to peer at something inside, the light slid down her supple back and over the sheer panties that hugged her ass. Beneath that flimsy gauze nestled a pair of soft pink lips, hugged by the swell of her thighs. My breath caught in my throat, and at the sound she snapped erect.

"Oh, Johnny!" she said, turning. "You scared me." As she twisted, the refrigerator light played down her bare, smooth stomach. She was wearing a white, loose-fitting button-up, and it swayed with her movement. My eyes followed the light up to where it glistened in her cleavage. The material seemed molded over her breasts. She gave a sweet, sisterly smile and rubbed her fingers into her wet neck. "I woke up covered in sweat," she said. "Was looking for something, but I think I was really just enjoying the cold."

I tried not to stare, and she gave the slightest of tugs across her chest to pull the shirt a little closer together. "So how'd it go, stud?"

I met her at the refrigerator, her big eyes looking up at me, the trickles of sweat on her upper lip shining in the light. I wiped at them, and she giggled and batted my hand away. "It was nice," I said. "You know, she's working on her Masters, looking at some jobs in Pittsburgh."

Monica leaned into the door, laying her cheek into her palm and tucking one arm up under her chest. "I didn't ask what she's working on, I asked how the date went."

"Ah, well," I said. "Kiss on the doorstep. She told me to call her."

"Mm," she said. Her finger made a slow, soft circle over her lip. "That's all?"

I shrugged. Behind my damp shirt, my heart was beating at my ribcage like a hammer.

"Samantha's really pretty."

"Yeah," I agreed.

"What's your favorite part of her body?"

"Well," I said, my eyes sliding down to my sister's bellybutton, and lower, to the translucent panties that did little more than turn her pubic mound a shade of violet. "She does have great tits."


"Oh yeah," I said. "She wore this great low-cut top. She knew what she was working with. The kind of tits you just want to grab and rub your face in."

"But you didn't get to."

"No," I said, shaking my head.

"Did you ask?"

I grinned. "You know, that was the one thing I didn't try."

"Oh," she made a cynical and yet still sympathetic face, "you must be so disappointed."

As if the idea just came to her, her face suddenly lit up. "I think I can help. I know they're not Sam's, but...what do you think..." She bit her lip, and with shy eyes, she held my gaze and slid her fingers down to her open shirt. With a look of surprise, as if she herself were unsure whose hands were doing it, she gently slid the shirt back over her breasts. That slow, soft reveal made me ache, and I watched as the pale skin swelled with her quickened breath. They were ripe. They were heavy. Her nipples were pink, bright pink, and already hard. A light sheen of sweat made her skin glisten in the frigid light.

"Those are very nice," I said quietly.

"Are they the kind you'd want to...?"

"Yes," I said.

Monica took a small step forward, her bare toes brushing my shoes. "Well, don't take too long," she whispered. "Mom and dad are sleeping upstairs."

I didn't so much bend as fall down on my sister's tits, rubbing my cheek into her cleavage with a deep exhalation of relief. Monica jumped a little as my hot breath hit her cold nipples, and she cradled the back of my head as I reached forward to roll each breast in my palms. She gave a lusty giggle as I licked her, encircling the left nipple with my lips, sucking it hard until she stamped on the floor to keep from screaming. I squeezed, and her knees went a little weak. I kissed the other breast, and fondled my way down her stomach before we managed to separate.

Monica took a step back with her eyes shut and her palm dug deep into her neck. "Mm," she said. "Well. I hope that was satisfactory." She pressed her lips together and wiped her hair back from her forehead. Then, after a beat, she opened her eyes and looked down at the space between us. "Oh. Johnny."

My sister crouched down on the kitchen tile until her face was waist-level. With a concerned grimace, she put her hands on my thighs. "Can you even walk with a hardon like that?"

My breath came ragged out of my mouth. "No, sis, I don't think I can."

"Well." She frowned, then bit her lip and looked up at me. "How can I help?"

"I think if you pull it out and put it between your tits, that might work."

"You sure?" she asked as she undid my belt. The zipper sounded so loud. Her touch - cold, eager fingers - made my cock pulse and leap out at her. "Oh, baby, you're so pent up," she said. She licked her palm and slid it down my shaft. "I don't know if my tits are enough." She came closer until her breasts squeezed against my thighs. My cock pushed against her chin as she batted her eyes up at me. "Do you want to put it in my mouth?"

"Put it in your mouth."

She slid her palm down my shaft. "Anything for you, big brother."

First licking around the fat head and then gingerly sliding it down her tongue, Monica closed her eyes as she swallowed my cock. She took it so fast that I had to brace myself against the refrigerator and the kitchen island, and she took it so deep that she no longer had to use her hands. Her fingers wrapped around my body, gripping my ass, as she balanced my balls on her lip. I pulled out, slowly, and softly slid myself back in until she closed her lips around me, sealing me there so she could rub my cockhead against the back of her throat. It was my turn to go weak in the knees.

I combed my fingers through my sister's hair and finally pulled her off, saliva and pre-cum dribbling down her chin. "Bend over," I said.

"Mom and dad are upstairs," she said again, even as she wiped her mouth and got to her feet. I helped her rise, and then I pushed her head down into the refrigerator and peeled her panties down her thighs. I rubbed my cockhead against the crack of her moist ass. "But I've never had one that big in me before," she whispered to me. I watched the cold air swirl around her heavy breasts as they dangled above the lemonade.

"I'll make it fit," I said.

Even if she'd been telling the truth, nothing could have kept me out of Monica's tight pussy. By the time I slid my fingers into her she was pouring like a faucet. I stroked the front of her vagina with my fingers, letting her ride me down to the knuckle as she worked her G spot, and then I pulled them out and licked her juices from my fingertips. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and pushed it into those soft, pink lips.

"Anything for you, big brother."

I drove my member into her sopping cunt and her knuckles turned white as they clenched on my arm. I slapped her ass as she pushed back into me, the cold air tickling her nipples, her lip bleeding from biting it so hard. I thrust, and we struggled to keep our silence (even though the sound of her wet sex inviting me in would have been unmistakable to anyone awake in that house). She grunted with the effort, and my fingers dug into her thighs. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed, feeling - not for the first time, and certainly not the last - that I'd never been so hard or so horny as when Monica softly called my name. "Fuck me, Johnny," she whispered.

Despite the refrigerator, the sweat poured down our muscles. "Fuck me, Johnny," she whispered. I slid my hand down her arched back and gripped her by the shoulder. "Unh," she grunted. "Right there." I thrust. "That's it." I thrust. "Yesss..."

At last she said, "I want to watch you cum in me." I pulled out, I pulled off my shirt, pulled off hers, and wadded them on the ground to cushion her tailbone. She grabbed my shoulders, hooked her ankles over my back, and I entered her on the kitchen floor, her eyes burning into me, her body hanging from mine as I punished my knees and fucked her good and hard on the tiles. "I waited for you all day, Johnny," she moaned into my mouth. Her tongue licked the sweat off my chin. "All day. Fuck me. All day. Fuck me!" She pulled my palm off the ground and planted it over her lips as she screamed her orgasm. Then I was shooting too, filling her cunt, emptying my balls. Her eyes went wide as they traveled from my face to my waist, watching where we connected, watching as I inseminated her. Her thighs shivered and jiggled and tried to grip me, but we were a tangle of limbs by the end, sore and uncomfortable on the kitchen floor.

Monica somehow extricated herself and laid me flat on the tile so she could suck the last of the cum out of my flaccid cock. She moaned into it as she worked, loving the feeling of my seed trickling down her tongue. Then she crawled over my chest to kiss me. Our tongues met, swirled, tasting each other's essences, and then she wiped my mouth and smiled. "We need to get upstairs," she said. "I'm sleepy."

* * *

There's no clever way to say it. My sister and I fucked a lot that summer.

We had all the restless passion of a pair of new lovers, with the bonus of our attraction being completely fucking wrong. It was an insane combination, multiplied in ferocity by the closeness the two of us had always shared. Monica crept into my bed many times after our first night together - and I could complain about how little I slept, but who am I kidding? We became, for all intents and purposes, siblings with benefits.

Monica never let me forget it. If giving in to her basest desire was my attempt at satiating her, I had completely failed. My sister became even hornier once she'd gained access to my dick, and I began to brace myself whenever my phone vibrated with a text message. Sometimes it was my father telling me where my next assignment was, sometimes it was my sister showing me what she was going to give me when I got home.

There was the time she snapped me a photo of her new piercing (it was in a very private place) and I nearly fell off a roof. There was the time she sent me a 10 second video of her fucking a dildo on my bed (that afternoon, the freeway had never been so slow). There was the time I was on a date (Monica insisted I go on dates, just as she insisted on waiting up) and she called me right in the middle of it, while I was at the table, to tell me to come home and take her by force.

"Mom and dad aren't home," she whispered into the phone. "You could have your way with me and no one would ever know."

It was a double-date, and I tried not to let on to the others at the table that my cock was already stiff as a rod.

"And I could scream for help..." she continued, "and no one would hear me."

I coughed politely. "I'm...well, I'm just not sure about that..."

I heard my sister grin into the phone. "I'll let you stick it up my ass. Do you think little miss 'double-date' will let you do that on the first night?"

"Maybe," I said.

"That's too bad. See, somehow I've managed to tie myself to your bed, and my ass is all smeared in lube. I dunno what mom and dad are gonna think when they get home..."

I excused myself from the table by saying there was a family emergency (wasn't there?) and raced home on the 101. My sister wasn't joking. She was naked on my bed, her wrists tied to my headboard, her beautiful, bouncing ass gleaming with KY jelly and a packet of condoms balanced on her tailbone. She never did tell me how she'd managed that.

Our parents were gone until late that night and I punished her with every inch of me.

I can think of few things dirtier than fucking your little sister up the ass while she screams about what an absolute whore she is, but, at the same time, that depravity was also an act of love. For whatever reason, my sister had a deep and insatiable desire to be filled that summer - not taken and used like an actual whore, nor in hopping from car to car like the slut she whispered in my ear she was - but only by the one man she believed respected her enough to do these things to her and still look her in the eye. Yes, it was a messy, nasty thing we did on my bed that night (many nights), but when it was over and she'd visited the bathroom, cleaned up, and returned, what she really wanted was to be held by someone who wouldn't judge her for wanting messy, nasty things.

I had no doubt she could find such a man outside her family (I did try, sometimes, to convince her our incest couldn't last), but for now, for the summer, all she wanted was me.

It was a big responsibility, and it was hard not to feel for her, not to reach out to her with a tenderness equal to my lust. Those moments in the darkness of my room, my door locked, just after we'd fucked, were the only moments when her need was satisfied. We slept like the dead.

If we woke in the middle of the night, often she'd ask if I'd like to taste her. It was an invitation to play with the little ring that pierced her clitoral hood, and we both enjoyed that. She liked my tongue, I liked the way her thighs squirmed over my ears as she fought desperately not to make a sound.

For 20 years, we'd given our parents no reason to think our relationship was anything but proper. What would they have thought if they knew that we were sixty-nining while they were sipping orange juice downstairs? What would they have thought if they could hear my sister begging me to cum on her face (or for a kiss afterward)? What would they have thought if they knew their good little girl only wore skirts when she wanted to sit on my lap - or that she only wanted to sit on my lap when she wasn't wearing panties...?

* * *

Amidst all of this titillation, I was still working. Working hard, too, which is one of a myriad reasons why I was helpless to resist my horny little sister. Californians suffered rolling blackouts throughout that summer, which put us permanently on call, and my father was eager for me to take on more responsibility in the hopes that, somewhere down the road, I'd take over for him when he went into retirement. Me, I'd settle for building a nice bridge or two, maybe a progressive corporate complex with LEED-certified amenities...but I digress.

If Monica had one job that summer, it was coming up with new ways for us to fuck. Sometimes she liked to play up the fact that we were related, teasing and touching like a bratty younger sister until I was forced to bend her over (sometimes in our family's garage, sometimes in a more public place). Other times, she liked to play as if we were friends, or even strangers. Los Angeles is a big town, and there were always places to go where no one knew our faces. I went down on her in dark movie theatres, she went down on me in public parks. Sometimes she'd have me follow her in a mall and then drag her into my car...

And then there was this one time.

* * *

If you live in or around LA, you've probably heard of the abandoned zoo. It closed in the sixties, but it's still there in Griffith Park, and you can wander in and out of the old cages, hang out, walk around, smoke weed, etc. We had a brief break in the heat (not much of one, it was still in the mid-80s), so one weekend we decided to go. Originally it was going to be a whole family outing, but my dad got called in, my mom had to deal with something with my aunt, and that left Moni and me. She grinned at me, the way she often did that summer, but I shook my head.

"Let's just go, with no funny business," I said.

"You mean, like brother and sister?"

"Yes, like a normal pair of siblings."

"Who don't fuck?"

"Who do not do that."

She hooked her arm around mine and blew a lock of hair out of her eyes. "That sounds really boring."

I told her to bring her hiking boots, water bottle, handkerchief for the heat, and we made a day of it, wandering through the cages, then moving on to the hills and trails above, always moving up. Griffith Park is also where you'll find the Hollywood sign, if you trek far enough, but there's also enough trees and little creeks to get semi-lost in, if you try.

We didn't exactly get lost, but at some point we weren't sure if we were following a trail or just a break in the foliage. Monica wasn't wild about the idea, but I had told her that physical exercise was a good way to burn off the general horniness that boredom engenders.

"Yeah, or I could fuck," she said on the trail ahead of me. I admired the curve of her buttocks as they shifted back in forth in her shorts. She caught me looking over her shoulder.

"You could," I said, "but that only takes you so far."

"It's as far as I want to go this summer."

"Mm," I hummed to myself, thinking about what that entailed. I stopped short of tripping over Monica just in time, as she'd stopped walking and was now standing before me in the trail. She leaned back against a thin tree and looked up at me.

"I've really got to thank you properly for this summer," she said.

I sighed and shook my head. "Moni, not now..."

"No, I don't mean that. I just mean..." She rolled her eyes, searching for the words. "Part of me is totally freaked out about this, because of how easy it is, and how much fun, and how wrong - and then that turns me on, and yada yada. You know how it is. But part of me is's been nice, sharing this with you."

I breathed deeply, the smell of the woods, and my sister's shampoo. I raised my fingers to her face and softly brushed her cheek. I kissed her, and that kiss lingered on, her hand coming up to grasp my wrist. We parted, and were silent for a time.

"When this is over, as close as we've been, we'll probably be a lot farther apart," she said. "It's been bugging me."

"I know," I said.

"Because we can't just go from siblings, to fucking, and back again. Right?"

I shrugged. "Do you want to talk about this now?"

"What do you think?"

"I think if we decide, right now, or next week, or whenever, to stop, and we stick to it, we might just be able to look back on this as a weird, wild time, and move on with our lives."

Monica tried really hard not to smile, but she did, and her fingers groped at my crotch. "You have a really nice cock, though..."

"I take it you're not ready to move on yet."

She shook her head, her hair flouncing, her smile even bigger. "Do you like fucking me?"

"What do you think?"

She pushed herself off the tree and rolled her chest against me, pulling her fingers away from my crotch to unzip her shorts. "I think I'm going to make you eat me out right here, because you're my big brother and you'll do anything I say."

"That's where you're wrong," I said, shouldering the pack off my pack and bending down to pull her shorts and panties down one leg. I bunched them up against her thigh and looked up at her from her bare pussy. She slid her fingers through my hair. "I'm just trying to keep you out of trouble."

"Then get to it," she ordered, offering her glistening labia to me. I hardly needed the encouragement. I lapped at her clit, her sweat and juices mingling on my tongue, and Monica drove her palm into the back of my head, pulling my mouth further into her, deeper. "Nngh," she grunted. "Eat it, big brother. Eat it up."

My tongue was snaked as deep inside of her as I could get it without ripping it out by the root, my nose grinding into her clitoris. I heard a sudden scratch, a scrabble, and I realized Monica was clawing at the tree. Her thigh twitched, and then she threw it over my shoulder. The heel of her boot slammed down on my shoulderblade. When I glanced up, I saw that she'd pushed her head back against the tree and slid her hand up her shirt to squeeze her own breast. Of course she hadn't worn a bra today.
I don't know how long we carried on like that, but it was long enough to completely miss the hikers who came at us from the far side of the trail. Monica was fumbling with my belt when we heard the snap of the twig. Both our heads whipped to the side to see a man and a woman, their expressions probably mirrors of our own, wide-eyed in shock. They were just about our ages, too; the guy was a hipster, with a thick red beard, waxed mustache, and bandanna tied around his sweaty forehead. He'd taken his shirt off and had tucked it into his shorts. The girl was pale, wearing solid black frames, a plaid shirt, and a few different colors in her hair. Both of them were carrying water bottles; both were hanging limply at their waists.

Monica spoke first. "He's my brother," she said.

I think, of the four of us, I was the most shocked. I looked down at her as she sank down, crouching on the forest floor to undo the button in my pants. I was literally dumbfounded.

"He doesn't make me do this," she went on, zipping down my fly with deliberate slowness. "It's just, I saw his cock one day. And I told him..." She pulled me out. Despite everything, I was still mostly hard, and seeing her looking up at me, watching her proudly stroke my cock, making full eye contact, licking her lips...well. "I told him I had to have it," she said. "I told him I'd do anything." Monica's tongue snaked out, and she licked me from the base of my shaft to the tip. I pulsated. "See? How could I resist?"

The two hikers watched in mute amazement.

"I said, 'Please, big brother. Please put that big thing inside me. I need it. I need it so bad...'" Monica kissed my cock, licking it until it shined. Then she stood up, leaned against the tree, and let her shorts fall to her ankles. She bent over, eyes locked with the hikers the whole time. "Because I'm a bad girl," she told them. She looked over her shoulder at me and wiggled her ass. "And he knows it."

"Holy shit," said the guy.

And I was mesmerized. I grabbed Monica's ass, I grabbed myself, and I felt Monica's whole body shake as she took me inside her.

"He fucks me so good," she said, shivering. "He fucks me like I've always wanted to be fucked." She looked dead at the girl. "You know what that's like? Getting the fuck you always wanted, out of your man?"

As if some telepathic message had been sent, the girl immediately turned to her guy and plucked the shirt out of his waistband. He yelped, and then she went down on her knees and began to unbuckle his belt. "Whoa!" he said. "Whoa! Lea! I-! Oh!" She had him in her mouth so fast his cock must have hardly known where it was. And then all of a sudden she was sucking on him with a furious hunger, and the guy could hardly argue.

Watching them only made it better for Monica, who pushed herself against me and let out a little shriek of joy. "What's your name?" she said.

"Lea," said the girl, wiping her mouth. She dragged her man down, who now went willingly. He helped her pull her shorts over her shoes. They laid out his shirt beneath them and Lea mounted him right there in the clearing. "Oh, fuck," she groaned. "Oh fuck, Rob. You're so fucking hard."

Rob may have said "holy shit" again. I'm not sure. I never heard more from him than guttural cries of jubilation and terror. Lea, however, was having the best damn sex she'd ever had.

"Do your parents know you fuck your brother?" she huffed. Her hands pressed deep into Rob's chest as she rode his cock with her pale pussy.

"Nnh- no!" said Monica. "I make him fuck me on the way back from school!"

"You're such a fucking slut!" said Lea. She slid her shirt up her stomach and let Rob grope at her tits.

"I know," said Monica, swiveling her hips to angle my penis against her G spot. "That's why my brother has to fuck me - to keep my little hole plugged!"

If I didn't know better, I'd say Monica was cumming continuously from the moment Lea started sucking off her man. I know for certain Monica came at that moment, and I wasn't far behind. "You like watching him fuck that whore?" Lea asked Rob. "You like that, baby?"

"Ah!" said Rob.

"N-not yet!" she groaned. "Oh fuck, girl, you nasty little bitch..."

We didn't stay to chit-chat (and what could we possibly have said?), we just hurriedly dressed and left the two to bang themselves senseless in the Los Angeles woods. We left the couple at a respectable jog, but at some point we were running, laughing and panting and scraping ourselves on the surrounding shrubbery as we navigated down the hills and back to the abandoned zoo.

When we found the car at last, Monica went up on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek. "Not bad, stud."

"Let's not do that again," I said.

She dismissed that with a wave of her hand. "You performed exceptionally well under pressure. I commend you, sir."

"I mean it," I said.

"That was on my list!" she said. "My list of things I could never ask someone to do!"

"You didn't tell me that," I said.

"Duh!" she said. "First of all, I don't think you'd ever have agreed to it. Second of all, who could we possibly fuck in front of that didn't know who we were? Oh my God. Best. Hike. Ever." She giggled to herself and grabbed my backpack, not even waiting for me to pull it off before dragging it to the trunk. "They saw my tits! Oh man, Lea gave it to him so good..."

Yes, it was risky, dangerous, probably illegal, but there was no spoiling Monica's good mood after that. She was on a post-coital cloud the whole ride home, so I just let her enjoy it.

"Have a good time?" my father asked when we got back to the house.

I set the backpack on the table and started to unpack it. "You'd have to ask Monica," I said.

She shrugged, pulling her phone out of her pocket. "I saw some trees, and some hipsters." She suppressed a smirk and sat down by the TV. "It was okay, I guess."

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