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Silver Pt. 02

*** If you are under the age of 18 or are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately ***

This story is for adults only and contains content that is sexual in nature.

This is part 2 in the "Silver" series. I urge you to please read, or at least, peruse the pages of, "Silver Pt. 01" before reading the story below in order to get a better understanding of the characters. This story is fiction, but, it does contain versions of sexual experiences that I have shared with lovers throughout my life.

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*** A very special thank you must go out to "WickedInside" for her editing skills and suggestions that made this story so much better! ***


That night, I sat down to catch up on some TV after cleaning up dinner. Misty was already laying at the glass front door, keeping watch over the homestead. It was early in the evening and I was a bit tired from the previous night's activities. I could feel my eyes getting heavy as the national News blabbered on about some political nonsense. It wasn't long before I heard Misty snoring away, and I just had to laugh. "What a watch dog," I said to myself, as I sank back further into the sofa and I was out like a light.

Misty and I both jumped at the same time to the sound of the door bell ringing. I nearly jumped out of my skin as Misty danced happily at the door before stretching out in her usual manner. She ran over to get me, digging her nose under my arm and raced back to the door. I managed to drag myself up off of the sofa and walked to the door, cracking it open a bit, and asked who was there.

"Hey Handsome, it's me!" the familiar, sexy voice said.

"Hey Sweetheart, come in!" I said in surprise.

Marlene opened the door and entered, giving me a big hug and a sweet kiss. Misty was nosing her way between us and she had no intention of stopping until Marlene acknowledged her. "Hey there Misty-girl!" Marlene said, bending over and giving Misty a scratch on the head. Misty dropped to the floor and turned right over onto her back with her belly raised high in the air. "didn't we do this last night Misty?" Marlene asked, as she knelt on the floor, giving Misty her belly rub. "Oh you're such a pretty baby!" she said, in a high pitched voice.

"Thank you," I said with a grin.

"Oh geez, I don't know which one of you is worse," she laughed.

"Well, I would guess Misty, since she's the one on the floor laying on her back with her legs spread," I added.

"Maybe if you drop to the floor and spread your legs, you'll get a belly rub too, Michael," Marlene said, looking up at me with a smile in her voice.

"I just may do that one day," I replied, laughing at her comment.

While on the floor rubbing Misty's belly, Marlene told me that she forgot to take my phone number down before leaving that morning. She told me that since she couldn't call, she decided to walk over and get it from me personally.

Marlene stood up from giving Misty her belly rub and walked into me with another hug. It felt so nice as she pulled me in tightly. I reached up with my hand and said, "Hey, where did you go?"

"I'm right here smart ass," she said, as she playfully punched my chest with the bottom of her closed hand.

"Oh, well last night, you were all the way up here," I said raising my hand up, level with the top of my head.

"I'm not wearing heels tonight, Michael," she said, blushing and pressing her forehead into me.

"Oh, I thought that you shrank during the day," I joked.

This got me another playful punch on the chest. "So, you're actually, five..." I started, but was interrupted with Marlene saying that she was actually five feet,six inches tall. She reached up and gave me a soft kiss while wrapping her arms around my waist and tightly pulled me back into her beautiful body.

Misty scampered off to the bedroom and raced wildly back out with her pet monkey, sliding past us, along the hardwood floor, in a failed attempt to stop. She held the stuffed animal in her mouth, before scrambling back to Marlene, dropping at her feet, and plopping her head on top of her favorite toy. "Oh, did you bring me your monkey?" Marlene asked in an overly excited voice. "Is that for me, girl?" "Can I have it?" she continued. Misty laid there with her tail wildly beating against the wooden floor, squeezing her pet monkey.

"I have a monkey for you!" I said, as I dropped my hands to her beautiful ass and felt the short, denim skirt that she was wearing.

"Oh, is that right?" Marlene replied, with the sound of a raised eyebrow and a giggle.

"Oh, very nice!" I said as I slid my hands up under her skirt and grabbed the smooth skin of her beautiful ass.

"Mmm, Michael, we're right in front of the door."

"I don't see anyone looking in," I replied in amusement.

Marlene pushed me back and around the corner of the hallway. Pressing me against the wall, she gave me a breathtaking, passionate kiss as my hands remained on her ass. Once again, I was in heaven and my cock was already raging in my shorts. We stood there, seemingly forever, kissing, licking and sucking lips and tongues into each other's mouths. It could have lasted all night for all I cared. The sound of moans, moist lips parting and reconnecting filled the hallway until we finally seperated and came up for some much needed air!

"Tank top?" I asked, in a winded voice.

"Yes," she exhaled, giving me a little poke in the belly, "White," she added in a winded voice of her own.

"Let me see," I said, reaching up and feeling the fabric of her top.

As my hands made their way up towards her breasts, she moaned and it wasn't long before I found out why. She pulled my hands up to her tits where I felt her beautiful, stiff nipples pressing through the white material. I imagined how she looked in that top; her dark areolas and nipples outlining her breasts through the thin, white fabric. She moaned in appreciation as I began to gently play with them.

"You are so sexy," I whispered into her ear.

"Mmm, I like being sexy, Michael. C'mon, lets go over and get comfortable on the sofa," she said, as she took my hands from her breasts and led me to the living room. "Here, let's ly down together."

I sat down and laid my head back onto the pillow. Marlene walked over to the door and closed it with the sound of the lock clicking shut afterwards. She came over, slipped out of the sandals that she was wearing, and suggested that I might want to take my shirt off. I sat up and felt Marlene's hands grab the bottom of my shirt and pull it off before I ever had a chance.

"I love removing things from you Michael," she said, in a seductive voice.

I felt a piece of clothing hit my chest and soon found that it was Marlene's white tank top. Rubbing it on my face, I told her how good she smelled before putting it to the side. Marlene shook out her hair and hesitated for a second. I heard something else hit the floor before she laid down on top of me and nuzzled her breasts and head into my chest.

"Oh, you feel so good, Michael," she said, as her body melted into me.

I rested my hands on her back and began rubbing her lightly. As I reached up and played with her hair, Marlene said that she had to tell me something. "Utt oh, here it comes," I thought aloud, without realizing it.

"Oh Sweetie, believe me, it's not bad," she replied, as she gave me a little bite on my nipple.

"Mmm..." I sighed.

"So, remember last night when you were on the floor feeling my legs and other things and you asked me something about how I could do that to you and I replied that I would tell you later?"

"Yes..." I slowly said.

"Well, it's later," she giggled.

Marlene lifted her head from my chest and raised up to give me a soft kiss, running her hard nipples along my skin. "Mmm..." I groaned again. She slid her tits back and forth across my chest before finally resting her head back down on my shoulder.

"When I first moved to my mom's, after I had gone through several surgeries," she began, "My nose was still bandaged, my eyes were still black and blue and I was terrified of everything."

She continued to tell me that she had a nervous breakdown in the hospital, but with the help of a great counseler and even better plastic surgeon who not only medically helped her, but emotionally became her rock, she eventually began to recover. Marlene told me that the doctor was a woman about the same age as her. She said that she was very kind, soft spoken, and caring. Even more amazing, was that she also was a survivor of years with an abusive husband. She told me that was the reason for her becoming a surgeon with the sole intention of helping women who suffered the same brutality as she had.

"If it weren't for her and my counselor, Michael, I never would have left that hospital," Marlene said, in a serious, but calm voice. "I had to go back for several more surgeries, beginning the long process of getting my nose, cheek and teeth fixed," she said, again telling me how this doctor helped her through each step that she took towards her recovery.

"Anyway, let me get back to where I started," she said, shaking her head for getting sidetracked.

She went back to where she had left off, sitting at her Mom's, looking out the front window wondering if she would ever be able to go outside by herself again. "My Mom, god bless her heart, was brushing out my hair, getting ready to put it up into a ponytail for me when I first saw you and Misty at the top of the street. It was a bitter cold January morning and even from the distance, I could see the white, frosty breath coming from both of you," she said, as she gave a little shiver into my chest.

I wrapped one hand around her back and began to play with her hair with the other one as Marlene let out a soft moan and another shiver. I gave a little laugh and she nuzzled her face into me, wiggling the rest of her body on top of me. I could almost feel the chill racing through her body, as I took both of my hands and rubbed her back a bit more roughly. Marlene let out an appreciative moan and relaxed into me again.

"Anyway, as my Mom continued with my hair, you and Misty were soon approaching the front of the house, but on the other side of the street. You were saying something to her and you laughed afterwards, shaking your head as you reached down and gave her a little scratch on the head. I whispered to my Mom to look and she glanced out the window from behind me. You had a big, heavy gray sweatshirt on, along with gloves and a baseball cap. I thought that you had to be freezing out there," she said, again, rubbing her face and tits into my chest with a shiver.

"My Mom went to say something to me when we both realized that you and Misty were heading towards a car that was parked across the sidewalk. My mom and I both went for the door at the same time to warn you, but I suddenly froze and sat back down, not taking my eyes off of you," she told me, as if the event were happening at that very moment. "Misty slowed and came to a stop in front of the parked car as my mom was opening the front door, but I quickly told her to wait. As I looked from my chair and mom from the door, you said something to Misty. Misty looked to both sides, then turned to the right, bringing you to the curb, and stopped again until you said something else and you both stepped into the street. Mom opened the door and went to say something when Misty turned left immediately after reaching the back of the car, walked you along the rear and returned you safely to the other side."

"My Mom asked me why I sat back down. I told her that I was afraid that you would see me and she questioned my reply in disbelief. I shouted back at her to take a good look at me and instantly felt horrible after my nasty outburst."

"I didn't take my eyes off of you and Misty as you stopped when you returned to the sidewalk, reached down, said something to her with a big smile and rubbed her head before you both continued walking again. I felt ridiculous, embarrassed, and dejected all at the same time. By the time that I looked up again, you were disappearing around the corner and I had this feeling of loneliness and emptiness in my heart. But, it was an emotional feeling, nonetheless and possibly the first I had since my hospitalization. My Mom had closed the door and came back over to me, leaning over and hugging me as I sat there in the chair staring out the window."

"I asked my Mom if she saw your face. It was brilliant and sweet, beautiful, and strong. Michael, you looked like you could see. I asked her if she saw what you and Misty had just done, as the tears began to run down my face. I sat there, shaking and sobbing in my mom's arms as if I were a child."

"Mom told me that she thought that your name was Mike, and saw you and Misty walk by the house on several occasions during the past couple of years. She also told me that she believed that you lived a few blocks over, as she softly rubbed my hand. She couldn't understand how a person who could not see, have the courage to trust a dog to walk and guide them safely along the streets of the town. Mom said that maybe one day I could ask you myself. I told her that I wasn't going anywhere, and I wasn't strong like you."

"My mom returned to finish my hair, wrapping the cloth band around it, and my ponytail was complete. She mentioned to me that you probably had felt the same way at some point in your life as she sat in the chair next to me, taking my hand into hers and telling me that I would be alright and that everyday, I would grow a bit stronger."

"We sat in the warm sun as it shined through the window, drinking our coffee and talking about things before I confessed that I wish that you would walked by every day so I could see you again."

"Michael, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, you can ask me anything that you want," I replied, as I pulled her closer into me.

"Were you scared when you lost your sight?" she asked, as she gave my chest a soft kiss.

"No, I was petrified," I said, remembering the feelings that I had twenty-five years ago. "Just as you felt, I swore that I wasn't ever going anywhere."

"And how did you manage to finally go out of your house?"

"One day, a man from the Commission For The Blind, came to my home and told me that we were going for a walk. I told him that he was fucking crazy. He told me that he heard that line more times than he could remember, as he unfolded a cane, placed it into my hand, and showed me the correct way to hold it. He told me to grab ahold of his elbow and he guided me out of the door, to the blank, frightening world, and we began our first lesson which in time, led me towards my independence.

I didn't realize that my hands, along with the rest of my body, had tensed against Marlene, as I relived that moment in my life. "Marlene, the whole experience was terrifying. But, as time went on, I learned the skills that I needed to walk and travel by myself. There are still times that I feel a bit nervous and quite frankly, scared to death. It's just a matter of putting some things in the back of your mind, remembering what you were taught, and getting on with your life. Believe me, it didn't happen overnight and there were many setbacks along the way."

"Michael, you are amazing, do you know that?"

"Marlene, there is nothing amazing about me. I'm just a regular guy whose eyes are broken. Everyone is strong, they just need a catalyst to bring out the strength that they are holding inside."

"Hmmm...," she sighed, deep in thought.

We lay together on the sofa, lightly running our hands along each other, not saying too much, but knowing how each other felt. I played with her soft hair and she lightly stroked my sides as our tensions eased and we completely relaxed into each other. It was so peaceful lying there in her arms. I took my hand from her hair and ran it along her cheek and down to her full lips. She pouted her lips and let out a giggle. "That's how this all started, you know?" I said with a laugh.

"Oh Michael, it started the first time that I saw you," she said, stretching up and giving me a big smooch with those beautiful, full lips. She overexaggerated the sound and it filled the quiet room as her smile widened.

Marlene laughed and nestled her head back down into my chest. "OK, can I ask you something different?" this time, in a much lighter tone.

"Yep, go ahead, ask away," I said with a now relaxed smile.

"Michael, what do you say to Misty when you are walking?" she asked me as she slid up and nuzzled her nose into my neck.

"Mmm..." I sighed, "I don't know, I am always talking to her when we walk together" I said. I continued by telling Marlene that it depended on the day, situation or the sounds that surrounded us as we walk along. "I always give her continuous praise and positive reinforcement for the unbelievable job that she does. Sometimes I ask her to speed up and other times, to slow down, depending on how I feel."

I told Marlene that I usually talk to her about the birds that are chirping or the chimes that are ringing on the houses, but mostly to keep her eyes on the sidewalk instead of the squirrels!

"Is that why you laugh when you are talking to her?" Marlene asked as she kissed and nibbled on my neck.

"Uh... What was that?" I asked, not being able to focus on the question as her soft lips sucked on my skin.

"Is that why you laugh?" she asked again.

"Oh, yeah, for the most part," I somehow managed to reply.

Marlene reached up higher on my neck, just under my ear and in a sensual voice asked, "What were you saying to her when I was walking down the sidewalk towards you last night?" now moaning softly and giving me a little bite with her white teeth.

"Um...Uh, um... I think that I told her that she was shameless because she had her legs spread wide apart for the world to see."

"And what did you say that made you smile?" she then asked as her tongue dropped down to my neck and slowly licked back up, returning to my earlobe and taking it between her lips.

"Oh god Marlene..." I moaned.

"Oh Michael, I don't think that it was that," she seductively whispered into my ear.

She lifted up a bit and began to lightly rub her tits back and forth across my chest, again asking me if I could remember what I said.

"I wish that someone would do that to me is what I said," I told her, in a quick, panting voice.

"Oh you do, do you?" Marlene said, this time taking my ear lobe between her teeth and giving it a little tug before releasing it. "Would you rather have that or is this better?" she teasingly asked, continuing to glide her hard nipples across my body before moving them up towards my face. "C'mon Michael, tell me what you like better," she said in a devilish, sexy voice.

Before I could answer, she was tracing her tits over my face, eyes, mouth, and forehead. "Would you rather have me rub your belly Michael, or slide my tits into your mouth?" she seductively asked, sliding one nipple across my lips, soon followed by the other.

"Marlene, put them in my mouth," I begged, as my expanding cock quickly filled my pants.

Marlene stopped her deliberate seduction and slowly removed her tits from my face. "Michael, my tits are hanging just above your face... My nipples are so hard and I need them to be sucked," she said in a low teasing growl. "They're pointing down at you. Do you want them, Michael? Should I let you suck and lick my tits?" she continued in that teasing voice.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue trying to reach up and suck one. "Oh, you are so close, Michael!" she teased, letting a nipple graze my tongue. I lifted my head up and grasped it, sucking it hard into my mouth. "Oh, you are the fast one aren't you?" she said, pushing the rest of her breast down into my face and forcing my head back into the pillow. "Suck it, suck it...yes..." she moaned. She took her tit from my mouth and replaced it with the other one. "This one needs some love too," she groaned. "Oh yes Michael...that's it..." she continued.
I sucked and licked her hard nipple, rolling it around with my tongue and took it between my lips, sliding it rapidly in and out of my mouth. Marlene ground herself into my crotch, moaning softly in pleasure. . I released her wet nipple and reached down to lift her skirt up to give me access to her ass, but, the denim skirt wasn't there. Apparently, that was the sound that I heard hit the floor after she had removed her sandals. Only the band of her thong and her silky smooth skin remained. I grabbed her soft cheeks and gave them a squeeze, as I pulled her harder into me, telling her just how beautiful her ass was. "Oh, you're so bad Michael... Do you like playing with my ass, squeezing it and running your fingers into it?" she moaned, as her mouth clamped down onto my neck. I ran my fingers along her soft valley, feeling the string of her thong disappear into it's depths. "I like when you play with my ass Michael," Marlene said, as she began to grind herself into me, "It feels soooo good and I noticed that it makes that beautiful cock of yours extra hard," she said, sucking on my neck harder and harder as my fingers slipped deeper into her soft crack.

Marlene reached back and grabbed her thong and removed it from her ass, turned onto her side, and slid it the rest of the way off before dropping it onto the floor. She turned her body back on top of me, this time bending her knees up and straddling my sides. I didn't need any further encouragement as I slid my finger back into her, running it over the entrance to her ass and over her already wet pussy. I trailed back and forth along her smooth lips, eventually sinking inbetween their slick warmth. "Oh fuck, so...good..." she moaned into my neck. Her hips began to push back into my finger, so I added one more for good measure. "Oh good..." she gasped, now digging her nails into my shoulders.

I slid my fingers out of her pussy, ran them back to her ass, and began to circle it's entrance. "Oh Michael...don't" she moaned out loud, pushing her ass up to meet my fingers. I pressed a finger onto her waiting, tight hole and pushed down on it as I continued to circle it around. "Oh God, yes...give me more...put it in, Michael...please..." she begged, lifting her ass even higher in an attempt to have me bury my finger into her. I pressed my finger inside her tight hole just a bit more and held it steady. Marlene let out a heavy breath and again pushed her ass up to meet my partially inserted finger. I slid it in more to meet the upward thrust of her tight ass. "Oh yes, yes, yes..." she moaned. "Fuck me, fuck my ass," she pleaded. I slid my finger the rest of the way in, letting it rest for a couple of seconds before sliding it slowly in and out of her tight ass.

Marlene reached down and began fingering her pussy. "Fuck me, Michael. Fuck me, harder, faster; I love feeling you in my ass."

I reached down as best as I could with my free hand and tried to slide my shorts down enough to get my cock free from it's constraints. I managed to get the waistband down just below my balls, freeing my shaft, taking hold of it, and brought it up to where Marlene's fingers were buried, deep in her pussy. She let out a long, slow moan when she felt the head hit her soaked hand.

"Take them out," I told her.

With my finger still working Marlene's ass, I pushed the head between her wet lips and easily slid into her hot pussy with a slow, continuous thrust. Marlene ground hard onto it as she let out a long, throaty moan "Oh Jesus Christ, Shove that cock in further. C'mon Michael, Further, deeper." She pressed down even harder and I was buried deep into her hungry pussy. "Ahhh...yes, yes..." she grunted as she began to rock her pussy back and forth onto my prick.

Marlene's face was buried into my chest and her one hand was dug into the skin of my shoulder. I removed my finger, but continued to circle, press, and play with her beautiful ass. This was too much for Marlene and she wildly rocked back into me, forcing her clit onto my pelvis. She lifted herself up off of my torso with both hands, digging her long nails into my chest and frantically raised and dropped her hot pussy up and down my slick, swollen cock. "Oh god, Oh God, Oh god... Yes, yes, Yes, I'm coming, Michael. Fuck me, make me come on you... God yes, I'm coming," she gasped in rapid succession. Her pussy was grinding hard into me as her juices ran down my balls. I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard, pressing them down into me before lifting them back up and dropping them repeadedly back down, plunging hard into her pussy against my upward thrusts. Our skin slapped violently together. She threw her head back, letting out a loud, gasping, moan, as the walls of her pussy began to convulse. She slammed down hard onto my cock, rocking her pussy quickly back and forth against my pelvic bone as her orgasm raced through her body.

Marlene was shaking as her head fell forward with her hair landing on my face. She kept rocking through her explosion and eventually slowed and dropped down limply onto me, gasping for air. "Oh my God, oh my God..." she said, in short, rapid breaths. "That good, Mich...ael..."

Marlene finally looked up at me after a few minutes, with my dick still buried deep in her and said, "Michael, I think... No, you are amazing and I love everything that you do to me. You just don't realize, I'm not used to this. I was never treated this way. I always dreamed of it, but I was convinced that it just didn't exist."

"Maybe dreams do exist if you chase them," I told her.

"What?" she asked in surprise.

"If you chase your dream, you can make it come true," I said again.

"But, I didn't finish," she said.

"finish what?"

"I never finished my story about hunting you down," she said, immediately trying to take her words back.

"Oh..." I said, in amusement. "You stalked me?" I asked in a teasing voice.

"No, well, yes... No, not exactly, but sort of..." she stammered.

"Dooo tell..." I said.

"You didn't come... I want you to come..." she said, with renewed vigor, in a vain attempt to change the subject at hand.

"Stop, I'm alright where I am," I said, with my cock buried firmly inside of her still pulsating pussy. "Why don't you stretch your legs out and rest on top of me?"

Marlene slowly straightened out her stiff legs, one at a time and laid them on top of mine and rested her body back into my chest. I twitched my cock inside of her and she jumped in surprise! "How do you do that? Can you control that thing when you want?" she asked giggling and biting on one of my nipples.

"Well, it depends," I said, twitching it inside of her with the beginning of every word that I was saying.

"Stop that you nut!" Marlene laughed as she suckled the same nipple that she had just been biting.

I lowered my voice very deeply and said,"OK Marlene, whatever you say," twitching it again with the beginning of every word.

"Michael, stop..." she laughed.

"I can control it in there," I said, "but, when he is in my pants or something like that, he has a mind of his own," I explained.

"Is that why they say men think with their dicks?" Marlene asked.

"Yep, and it's true," I replied.

"But, I don't understand..."

"Join the crowd, it's one of the great mysteries of the universe," I laughed. "So where were we? Oh yes, you were about to tell me how you stalked me," I said in an amused voice.

"Oh geez, it wasn't really stalking," she said trying to convince me, "It was more like investigating," she said in a sly voice.

"Oh, it was investigative work?" I laughed.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, that's exactly what it was," she said, again biting on my nipple.

"OK, OK, I believe you," I said flinching at the pain.

Marlene went on to tell me that she sat at the window every day, waiting for me and Misty to walk by again. "My mom told me one day that it might be a bit easier if I just went over to your house and introduced myself. I told her that wasn't a viable fix to my dilemma."

She paused for a moment before continuing with her story.

"One day, I was sitting at my chair at the window and as I placed my cup back on the end table and looked up, you and Misty were directly in front of me. You couldn't have been twenty feet away and I felt like I could have just reached out and touched you. You were going up our side of the street instead of down the other side as you had the first time that I saw you. I screamed aloud and my mom laughed, asking me what was wrong," she told me with a little giggle.

"I told her that you were right there in front of me and she hurried over to take a look. Misty was gorgeous, sleek, and as black as coal. She stopped suddenly and you did the same along side of her. You reached your foot out to see if there was something in the way. It was a piece of raised sidewalk, a stupid piece of raised sidewalk and Misty stopped so you wouldn't trip over it," she told me in a bit of amazement.

"I watched you say something and Misty carefully stepped up onto the raised walk with you following her guidance. As you continued to make your way up the street, I ran and put my sneakers on, grabbed a warm coat and ran out of the door with my sunglasses covering the now faded bruises under my eyes. I yelled to my mom that I would be right back and the door slammed shut behind me. I followed you and Misty up the street to the corner, crossing and turning where you did," she proudly told me. "After a few turns, Misty made her way into a paved driveway, then onto the sidewalk that led to your front steps. She stopped and lifted her nose to the bottom of the railing until you found it. I could hear you tell her that it was alright to go, and up the steps you went, opening the door and slipping away inside. I continued to walk by your house, up to the top of your street, turned around and walked down again, past your house and back home."

Marlene went on to tell me that her mom asked if she had a nice trip when she returned home. She told me that she couldn't believe that she went out like that and that her mom wanted all of the dirt as they sat at the kitchen table with a fresh cup of hot coffee. Marlene told her how brilliant the both of us were together and how we walked back to our house, up the steps and inside. She went on to tell her mom how ridiculously smart Misty was and how she constantly made decisions that kept me safe.

"Michael, the winter was long and extremely cold and I didn't see you for awhile until one day, I decided to take a walk down to the new cafe that had opened and stopped dead in my tracks as I walked in and saw you sitting there at a table drinking your coffee with Misty tucked under your chair fast asleep. You looked right at me when I walked in and said hello. I somehow managed to get a high pitched hello out of my mouth and walked to the counter and placed my order. I spoke to the girl that was working that morning, and looking over towards you, asked if she knew you. She shook her head yes and I whispered to her, asking if you were a nice person. She told me about you, saying that you were very nice and incredibly funny and her dad's favorite customer. My breakfast sandwich was finished and I said goodbye to the girl after paying and walked towards the door. You looked up again from your coffee and smiled telling me to have a nice day! I thought to myself on the way home that you must have some ability to see."

"That was the perfume!" I said aloud.

"What are you talking about?" Marlene asked in bewilderment.

"The perfume in the cafe that morning... Your perfume, the perfume that you had on last night, the perfume that makes me want to lick every part of your body!" I said with excitement. "I so much wanted to ask you what the name of it was while you were standing there, waiting for your order, but I chickened out," I then told her. "I walked home with a hard on that day Marlene," I laughed. "So, let's fast forward to last night," I said with great anticipation.

"OK, well, So I had seen you and Misty sitting out on your front steps on occasions, always after dinner," she began. "My cousin was having a party at her house and wanted me to meet this guy that she knew from her work. I didn't want to go, but she told me that he was nice and she thought that it would be a good idea if I just got out to socialize a bit. I finally gave in and went to her house after sharing a glass of wine with my mom."

Marlene continued the story, telling me that when she walked into her cousin's house, she was introduced to this guy. She said that he already had a glazed look in his eyes as he greeted her. He had a beer in his hand and was a bit on the loud side as he spoke and gave her a tight hug. She told me that she froze and couldn't move as his arms wrapped around her and the smell of beer permeated his breath.

Marlene continued, "He backed away and asked me if I needed anything to drink. I told him no thanks and he said that he was going out to get another one. Michael, I ran to the bathroom and shook, with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and terror flooding my body," she told me, now burying her forhead into my chest. "My cousin found me there, shaking and in a full panic because of this man that I had just met," she said, beginning to shake a little.

"It's OK, you don't have to tell me anymore," I said softly., but, she continued.

"I told my cousin that I had to leave and she completely understood, protecting me as she walked me through her house and out to my car."

Marlene continued her story by telling me that as she was driving by my street, she saw Misty and me sitting out on the front steps and made the decision right then that she was going to meet me that night. "Michael, I raced home, ran into the house and pulled out the selection of clothes that I especially wanted to wear for the night that I knew I would finally meet you. I already had my silver tank top on and silver nail polish applied. I slipped out of my boring sandals, yanked off the jeans that I had worn to the party and changed into the silver thong, black stretch shorts and silver high heals, resprayed my hair, and applied my favorite perfume before yelling to my mom that I would call her later as I raced out of the front door to my car. I felt no panic, no anxiety... Well, that's not exactly true, I was really nervous, but more excited than anything."

She told me that she had rehearsed this a thousand times in her mind, but, this was going to be the real thing. "I had a plan, Michael," she said with a sly smile. "I parked my car a little up the street from your house, got out, recieved a stunned look by a man who was washing his car and began my walk down the sidewalk towards your house for our first and now, most unforgetable meeting."

"That's it Handsome, the rest is history," she said, smiling and lifting up to give me a kiss. "Oh my..." she gasped, as my cock that was still buried in her pussy slid back a few inches. "Oh, I forgot about you big boy," she said, reaching down and lightly patting my balls. "Mmm..." she moaned, as she wiggled her stuffed pussy on me. "c'mon Michael, I want to feel you come in me again," she moaned, raising her pussy up and lowering it slowly back down onto my cock.

I suggested that she turn over and lay her back onto my chest. "Ooohhh... Hmmm, this sounds interesting..." she said with excitement. Marlene raised up and my cock slid out of her wet pussy and slapped onto my pelvis. She laughed and said, "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, I heard that," I said in embarrassment.

Marlene slid my shorts off, moved my cock out of the way and sat on my pelvis before lying back into my chest. I reached down, grabbed my cock and began rubbing it along her pussy lips. "Oh, that feels so good... Put it in..." she whimpered. I continued to slide the head of my cock along her puffy lips inserting it deeper each time. "Michael, please...Don't tease...please..." she pleaded.

"Oh Marlene, I think that you really like to be teased," I said, in a teasing voice of my own.

She responded by grabbing my hand and helping me slide my cock along her slick lips and up to her swoolen clit. "Oh...yes...right there, right there, Michael," she groaned and began arching her back up off of my chest. I moved my hand from my cock and let Marlene take charge. She grabbed my cock and began rubbing the head around her clit, moaning louder and faster. I brought my hands up to cup her beautiful, soft tits, squeezing them together as Marlene continued working my cock on her clit. I took her hard nipples between my fingers and rolled them together, receiving an appreciative moan of pleasure. "Oh Michael, Squeeze...them...squeeze...harder... Oh yes, please..." she said arching her back up even higher. "I'm," she squealed. "Oh yes, yes, God...ahhh..." she gasped. I continued kneeding her tits until she screamed, "Oh God...God...ooohhhhh..."

Marlene took my cock and stuffed it into her hot pussy as she lerched upward, beginning another powerful orgasm. I began pumping my cock in and out of her as her orgasm continued racing rampid through her body. Sweat was pouring down her back as she humped her pussy onto my thrusting cock. Marlene was wild with excitement and her head thrashed side to side across my chest.

"Fu...fuck...Mic...hael... Fuck meeee..." she panted as my cock plunged in and out of her convulsing pussy. I could feel that I wasn't going to last long with all that had transpired, but mostly because of her vocal pleading. " me...come in..." she panted and begged. I felt the tingling in my balls as they drew up tightly to my body and sunk my dick into her, once again holding it deep inside. Letting out a long, loud groan, I thrust my pelvis up, lifting us both off of the sofa as I began to fill her hot pussy with my cum. "Yes Michael, yes..." Marlene gasped as my cock continued to spasm, shooting more hot spurts of cum into her pussy. "Oh God...yes, yes..." Marlene wailed as her orgasm, enhanced by my cum continued to traverse through her body.

Marlene finally dropped back into me as the last drops of cum dripped from my cock. Our bodies were stuck together with sweat as both of us panted and our lungs rapidly sucked in fresh air. I couldn't say anything. I could hear my heart racing and I think that Marlene's back was the only thing that prevented it from bursting out of my chest!

"Michael..." Marlene managed to say in a panting voice, "I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow."

"That's OK, I may not be able to get out of bed," I replied in heavy breaths.

"Michael..." she started to say again. "That was incredible! You get me so excited, you make me say wild things, I turn into a totally different person," she said to me as I felt her body relax and sink into my chest. She lifted her arms up and reached back as her hands wrapped around the back of my head.

"I love making you go wild Marlene," I replied as I ran my hands from her stretched tits, down her sweat soaked belly and lightly scratched the drenched hair of her landing strip. Marlene reached down and grabbed my hand and ran it back up her body to her soft,wet tits. "Good sticky?" she asked with a little giggle.

"yes, good sticky," I said, leaning forward and kissing the top of her head.

"I can't move," she said, "And I don't want to move either," she continued.

"You are fine where you are," I said and I wrapped my arms around her body, holding her tight.

"You feel so good," were the last words that I heard her say, as she closed her eyes and drifted off on my chest.



"Oohhh..." Marlene gasped, waking up to a wet nose attached to a black hairy chin resting on her belly. "Oh Misty, you scared the shit out of me!" Marlene said in total surprise! Misty just stood there with her chin on Marlene's belly, staring at her with her sad brown eyes. "Do you have to go out, girl?" Marlene asked. Misty ran to the back door, returned, stretched on the floor and raced back to Marlene. Marlene began to lift off of me so she could let Misty out.
"Ughhh..." I groaned.

"Sore already Sweetie?"

"Oh God, I think that I'm going to die," I groaned again.

Marlene slapped me on the belly telling me that I'll do no such thing and off she went with Misty. I heard the back door open and close and Marlene walked past me saying that she was going to clean up a bit in the bathroom. "Need some help?" I asked with a laugh.

"Yeah, you can let Misty back in when she is ready," she responded with sarcasm, as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Soon I heard the shower start and the curtain close. It wasn't too long before I heard Marlene humming the same tune as she had the previous night while she was showering. "I have to remember to ask her the name of that song ," I said to myself, as it sounded haunting and sad.

I worked myself up to a sitting position and not too much later, heard a bark at the back door. "Here I come girl," I said, as I somehow stood, and walk back to let Misty in. I gave her the regular nightly bone and she raced off to the bedroom.

The shower had stopped and not much later, Marlene came out and once again walked right into me. She buried her face into me as I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. "You are so nice, Michael," she said softly as I continued to hold her.

"I try to be," I whispered.

Marlene was wrapped in a towel and I slowly loosened my hold on her and stepped back. "I just want to take a look at you."

"Well Michael, it's a blue towel and it's wrapped around the top of my breasts with just a little bulge of boob flesh squeezing out of the top," she began to describe to me. "And it comes down just about to the bottom of my ass, but not quite, since there is still a wee bit of bottom cheek peeking out," she continued with a now teasing voice.

"You are so beautiful Marlene."

"Michael..." she started saying, but stopped when my finger pressed against her lips.

She gave it a little kiss and said, "Thank you." "Do you want to jump in the shower real quick?" she asked, telling me that she had to leave soon because she had work the next day.

"yep," I said and went back to grab a quickie.

I returned with a towel wrapped around my waist and was greeted with a low whistle! She brought me over to the sofa where my clothes were folded for me. I dropped the towel to the floor, to which I received another long whistle and a "Oh yeah baby"! I sat on the sofa, grabbed my underwear and slipped them over my feet. I froze as my left foot went through the leg of the fabric. I reached down and covered my foot with my hands in horror.

"Michael, let it go, I saw it. I also saw it last night when you got into the shower. You were so relaxed that you didn't even realize that your foot was exposed, and I didn't want to point it out. It's alright, honey," she said, softly walking over to me and kissing me on the cheek. She knelt down in front of me and removed my hands, giving each one of them a kiss. I hung my head in embarrassment, as I sat there shaking uncontrolably. No one was ever going to see my foot again, I had promised myself. Marlene took my damaged foot into her hands and began to rub it lightly. "It's alright," she softly said again, as she looked up at me.


"How?" she asked, as she gently lifted my chin to face her.

I told her the story of how I lost the two toes on my left foot in an accident and all of the pain, sadness, frustration and the absurd length of time that it took before it completely healed. "I'm so sorry, Michael," she said in the same soft voice and bent over to give it a kiss. "here, let me help you get dressed," she said, and without another word, picked up my socks and pulled them up over my feet. I stood and pulled my underwear the rest of the way up and Marlene had me step into my shorts as she pulled them up and over my undies, patting my crotch lightly as she stood up. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head and I pushed my arms up through the sleeves. She reached up and gave me a kiss and said, "All done, Handsome!"

Marlene took the wet towels and hung them in the bathroom to dry. Coming out she said, "Before I go, I want to see that shop of yours."

"OK, but you have to put your sandals on first."

We put our shoes on and I asked Marlene to lead the way to the steps by the back door. I wrapped my arms around her belly and as she began to walk, brought my hands up to her tits. "Is there a time in your life that you'll ever stop?" she asked in disbelief.

"Probably not," I simply replied.

Her nipples stiffened under my touch and I told her that it was so much nicer walking this way and we should do it more often. this got me an elbow, a giggle and an ass wiggle into my crotch. As we came to the railing of the steps, I switched the overhead lights on and Marlene stopped. "Michael, this is stunning."

I let go of her and held the beautifully polished staircase and rail as we descended down the carpeted steps into the partially finished basement. "Oh my god, this is soooo nice!" She made her way into the plush carpeted TV room that I had built and rubbed her hand over the fabric of the recliner and Loveseat that adorned the room. "Oh, we certainly need to spend some time down here!"

I walked her over to the door of my shop, opened it and turned on the lights. "Jesus Christ Michael!" she yelled. "Look at this place, look at the things, stuff or whatever you call it," she said, as she reached back and held my waist behind her. "What is this thing?" she asked.

"That's a table saw," I told her as I walked around her. I bent over and raised the blade up from where it was hidden beneath the base of the table.

"Holy crap, that thing will take your hand off!" she said.

"Most of the things in here will take your hand off," I replied.

"Shit Michael, what the heck is that?" She pulled me over to another saw.

"This is a radial arm saw," I said. I grabbed the handle and slid the saw forward along the rail across the table where the wood would be placed. "Want to hear it?" I asked.

"Hell no," she said.

Ignoring her, I pushed the saw back and pressed the ON button and started it. The blade came to life,spinning to a high pitched whistle. "Shut that thing off, shut it off!" she screamed. I pressed the OFF button and the blade slowed to a low whine before it came to a complete stop. "Are you insane?" she asked grabbing onto my arm.

"Some people may think so," I said matter of factly. I showed her some of the other saws before I brought her over to the work bench. "See, just a couple of tools," I said with a smirk.

"I'll give you a couple of tools," she threatened. "What's this thingy here?" she asked again, this time with some actual interest.

"This is called a drill press."

"What does it do?" she inquired.

I explained that it drilled straight or angled holes into things. "here, let me start it."

"No, no, no way," she said, once again, holding onto my arm for security.

I told her that it wasn't loud and explained to her just how it worked. "Here, watch," I said as I grabbed a piece of scrap wood and placed it onto the press table. I started the machine and the drill began to spin. "See, it's not loud at all." I told her how to grab the handle and pull it down and she did so, as I held the wood in place.

"OhMichael, oh geez..." she said in a frightened voice.

"It's OK, you're doing fine," I assured her.

As Marlene pulled the handle down, the drill bit dropped down and began to bore into the surface. Slivers of wood began to accumulate around the bit as it continued spinning deeper into the wooden block. "OK, let your handle raise back up slowly," I told her and she did. I turned the machine off when the bit was raised back to it's origin, and after blowing off the dust, handed Marlene the piece of wood. "Look, you made a hole in it!" I said. Marlene looked at her work and finally admitted that it was pretty cool!

I showed her the air nailers and staplers that I had lying on the work bench. "What do they do?" she asked.

"Well, this hose is attached to that compressor and the other end attaches to the bottom of the gun. The air pressure builds up in the tank of the compresser and when you pull the trigger of the gun, it shoots a nail or staple into whatever you want. "I won't start this thing because it is really loud," I told her.

"Well thank god for that!" she sighed.

Marlene noticed the saw blade that was hanging on the wall. "Look, it's a clock!" she exclaimed. "How cool is that? Is that the right time?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah, sure it is..." I answered with a grin.

Marlene began laughing at her question and apologized. She kept laughing at what she had asked saying that I wouldn't have known. "I have to get going soon," she said continuing to laugh. it was contagious as I began to laugh too. "Michael, tears are running down my face," she said as her laugh slowly subsided.

"One Blind Mice Cat towers?" she then questioned.

"Oh, that is one of my business cards," I said, explaining that I originally wanted to start a business with another person. I went on saying that the person bailed on me, but I kept the name even though it was more of a hobby now.

"How did you come up with the name?" she asked.

"Well,it's a play on the song, Three Blind Mice," I started. "There was two of us, so that kept the Mice part and only I was blind, so that made it, One Blind," I explained. "I designed the concept of the mouse on the card and a young talented boy created the graphic for me."

"That is the cutest thing and look, you have the mouse's thumb bandaged and he is wearing dark glasses,a baseball cap and a cheesy grin on his little face!" Marlene giggled. "And look what else is on here... A phone number!" she exclaimed. "is this your number Michael?" she asked teasingly.

"yes, that is my number," I sighed.

"Good!" she said and she placed the card into my hand and brought it up to her well fitted tank top and helped me slide it inside, onto her soft breast. "Oh, you'll never think of that mouse the same way again!" she once again teased reaching up and pinching my cheek.

"Welll, at least he now has a reason for having that cheesy grin on his face!" I laughed.

"Is there anywhere else that you advertise Michael?" she asked seductively.

"Not really, just a page on social media," I replied.

"Hmm... Can't stuff that down my shirt," she replied with a giggle.

We began our journey back upstairs with Marlene in the lead. As she started up the steps in front of me, I slid my hands up her exposed thighs to her ass. "Oh you..." Marlene giggled and stopped, reaching back and swatting my hands. I lifted her skirt and gave her a tender bite on her left ass cheek. "You're shameless," she said, giggling as we went up the rest of the steps. We walked back to the living room the same way that we had walked to the stairway, with my hands cupping her soft tits and hard nipples.

"i have to make sure that my card doesn't fall out," I said into her ear with a grin.

"Oh believe me, that card isn't going anywhere and it's quite happy right where it is," Marlene answered, smiling and shaking her butt into me. She walked over and grabbed her purse, placing the card into it and said, "I have to go, Sweetheart." She leaned in and gave me a long, soft kiss.

"C'mon Misty," I called. She came flying out from the bedroom and once again, slid on the floor, this time stopping at my feet.

"What are you doing?" Marlene asked.

"Walking you home."

"No you're not," she replied.

"Oh yes I am," I replied back, as I saddled up Misty into her harness and hooked the leash onto her collar.

"Michael, you don't," is all that she managed to get out before I pressed my lips against hers. I told her that i felt really bad letting her walk out of the house alone that morning.

"But, my car was just a little up the street," she reasoned.

"It's dark out and you're not walking home alone," i said.

"But you have to walk back by yourself," Marlene reasoned back again.

"Oh no, I have Misty-girl here," I proudly stated. "Are you ready Sweetheart?"

"yes, I guess so..." she said in defeat.

"Paybacks!" I exclaimed in victory.

"Oh, you are so funny, Michael! How did you remember that?" she asked incredulously.

"I'll never forget that moment," I said as I kissed her again.

We made our way outside, as I held Marlene's hand in my right and Misty's leash in my left. "Why aren't you holding her handle?" Marlene asked.

I explained that as long as I was holding her hand, there was no reason to hold Misty's harness and it let Misty walk without any stress. I told her that I would certainly be holding it on the way back home though. We held hands as we strolled to her mom's home, leaning into each other every once in awhile. The July night was humid and very still with the exception of Marlene's sandals clapping on the sidewalk, along with the thousands of crickets that were chirping into the muggy night air.

"Michael, can I tell you something?" Marlene asked as we strolled along the walkway.

"Yeah, sure, you can tell me anything that you want," I replied.

"This is so nice and I am so relaxed with you," she started. "It's strange, I had no anxiety last night when I got into my car before driving over to your street. It's almost like I had known you for years... Maybe since i watched you and Misty as you worked together while walking down our street," she reasoned. "and when you looked up at me when I was leaving the cafe that morning and you told me to have a nice day, a warmth, that I can't quite explain, rushed through my body and I actually felt peaceful inside," she admitted. "But, I think what really did it was the first time that I saw you and Misty at the top of our street, walking down the sidewalk. My eyes were still bruised from my surgery and my nose was taped up and I was a complete mess," she whispered.

I had just listened to her tell me this story two hours ago, but her voice was so soft and calm, as if she were looking far out into the dark night sky, that I let her continue without any interuption.

"You were walking towards a car that was blocking the sidewalk and both my mom and I got up to run to the door to yell out to you and warn you, but I panicked and sat back down in my chair. I was ashamed that you might see me the way I was. Mom was opening the front door and as I llooked up, Misty stopped, then you said something to her, she looked side to side and decided to bring you to the back of the car which was partially hanging in the street. I had my mom wait as Misty turned at the end of the car and returned you safely back up to the sidewalk on the other side of the car. Both my mom and I were totally amazed at the care, brilliance, and grace that Misty displayed. My mom had closed the door, looked back, and asked why I had sat down. I told her that I was afraid and panicked. My precious mother came over to where I was seated and softly hugged me. She asked if I realized that you really couldn't had seen me, as the stinging tears poured down from my eyes."

Marlene paused for a moment, gathered herself, and took a deep breath before continuing her story. "Then my mom told me something that made me really think about my situation. She asked me If I thought that you had ever felt the same way at one point in your life. I shook my head yes, as my mom kissed my forehead. When I looked back up through the window, you and Misty were rounding the corner and shortly disappeared from sight. A feeling of emptiness and loneliness overcame my body, but it was an actual feeling... The first feeling that I had since I was rushed to the hospital that night. Michael, you gave me my first real feeling."

Marlene stopped and turned into me with tears running down her face and kissed me softly. "Thank you," was all that she said and all that she would ever have to say as we continued walking to her mom's house.

"You're welcome," was the only reply that I could muster.

I reached my arm around her waist and pulled her into me and she did the same, holding me tightly around my waist. We turned down her street and I asked her what she did for work. "Oh, I just work for a law firm in Philadelphia," she said as we came to the front of her mom's house. She turned and hugged me tightly before leaning back and kissing me.

"Maybe you can come in and meet my mom one day soon," she said, as she cupped my face into her hands.

"That would be nice," I replied with a smile.

"Goodnight, Handsome," she softly said, giving me one last kiss. She bent down and said goodnight to Misty, kissing her on her wet nose. "You take care of your daddy," she instructed. "Will you be alright going home?" Marlene asked with concern.

"Yes Sweetie, I'll be fine. "Misty will make sure of that," I said.

"Call me when you get in," she then said before turning to walk into the house.

"It might help if you gave me your number first," I laughed.

"Geez Louise, where are my brains?" she giggled, bringing her hand up to her head. Marlene gave me her number and I told her that there was no need to write it down because I could easily remember it.

"Get your sweet hiney inside," I said and Marlene slowly made her way up the steps to the door.

"C'mon Misty-girl, let's go home pup!" I said cheerfully. Misty turned and we headed back up the sidewalk until we reached the corner. We made our right turn and like a spirit walking into the misty night air, disappeared from sight. We were back home in ten minutes and I gave Marlene a quick call to let her know that we were home safely.

"I almost followed you, but I didn't," she told me.

"I'm a big boy, Marlene, and I have a big dog."

"I know, but you know, I worry..." she said.

"I know, thank you," I replied and told her to go to bed and for her to call me during the week. Marlene promised that she would, with the sound of a big smile on her face.

"Sweet dreams, beautiful," I said.

"Oh Michael, sweet dreams to you too, Sweetheart," she said, as I heard her start to tremble.

"It's OK, Baby," I said, "Get yourself some sleep."

"OK, goodnight, Handsome," she said before hanging up the phone.

"Now that was a great twenty-four hours!" I said to myself, as I took my clothes off and crawled into bed. "Goodnight pup," I said to Misty, as I reached down and gave her a scratch on her head and a kiss on her nose.

And all was right in our world that night...


Part 3 coming soon: Marlene and Michael's relationship blossoms and their sexual exploits continue...



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