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Satyr's Lust

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Larry sat his quiver down by the entryway wall, tucked his wings in tight to his back, and slowly approached Saint Valentine. The tall saint stood in the center of the room peering into a placid pool of water. As Larry got near he bowed low and waited for acknowledgement. It came after a moment.

"Oh, do stand up Larry," Valentine said looking up at the cupid. "I didn't summon you here to strain your back."

Larry knuckled his back as he stood erect. "May I ask, sir, why did you summon me?"

The saint smiled. "Come closer." The water in the pool shimmered and then the vision of a young man formed. "This is Martin. He's a rather good fellow but a bit awkward around women." The man wasn't handsome but he might be described at cute. His nose was a little too small above a slight overbite but his eyes were kind under his shaggy brown bangs. Valentine waved his hand over the pool and the view changed to a pretty girl. "And this is the girl he pines for. Her name is Carol and the poor girl was hurt long ago and now she is so wrapped up in her career that she can't see love right in front of her. They are the reason I summoned you." The girl had coal black hair down to her shoulders. Her face sported a sprinkling of freckles along her high cheekbones. "They work in the same building and Martin makes excuses daily to see her, but he has never asked her out. She has noticed him but only that. She is consumed by numbers and hasn't had a date since her first in high school, years ago. You should know that Carol was hurt badly by her first love. She has never recovered and she needs a boost. One I'm hoping she will get today."

"Matchmaking is tricky when the principals are merely acquainted," Larry murmured.

"I quite agree. However, today, in just an hour or so, Martin and Carol will bump into each other. That should provide the opportunity we need." Valentine gave Larry a reassuring smile. "I have faith in you."

"Thank you, sir. I won't let you down."

"I know, Larry, I am sure that everything will work out right today." The saint smiled and his eyes twinkled.


Billy the satyr saw that Larry was watching the pool intently and darted through the door. Quickly he switched out the arrows in Larry's quiver. After slipping back out the door, Billy grinned. The arrows he'd put in Larry's quiver looked identical, but, instead of causing love, they caused their target to experience almost uncontrollable lust. "This should be fun," he chuckled as he quickly hid and waited for Larry.

In just a bit Larry hurried from the door. He rushed away to start his mission with Billy skipping along far enough behind to avoid notice. They arrived at One Congress Plaza in Austin, Texas in the Sunken Plaza just as Martin, wearing khaki slacks and a white polo shirt, sat down on a park bench and opened his lunch sack. Billy quickly hid behind one of the trees that lined the walkway as Larry hovered nearby. They were both invisible to human eyes, but Billy didn't want Larry to know he was there. It might make the cherub suspicious.

A few minutes later Carol approached looking for a place to enjoy her lunch. She wore a conservative light blue blouse that buttoned up the front and a gray skirt that reached to just above her knee. Sensible black shoes completed her outfit.

The plaza was busy and the only bench with space available happened to be Martin's. As Carol approached the bench Larry drew back his bow and launched his arrow. It sped toward the unsuspecting woman but instead of striking her heart it went between her legs. The effect was immediate. Carol's eyes went wide and her arms jerked outward, dropping the brown paper sack she had been clutching tightly. Larry's eyes went wide and his mouth flew open. Billy silently laughed, slapping his knee. Love was subtle and cupid's targets rarely noticed its first gentle prick, but lust, lust was anything but subtle. Larry drew another arrow from his quiver and looked it over. Billy wondered if he'd notice the switch, now that he knew something was wrong. He watched the chubby cupid carefully inspect the satyr arrow. Suddenly the cupid jerked, his shocked expression growing. He must have seen it, near the tip where there was supposed to be a heart pierced by an arrow there was instead a vagina pierced by a penis. Billy guffawed in joy as Larry panicked and fled.


Carol stood motionless feeling the heat radiating from her crotch up into her body setting her nipples on fire. In all of her twenty --six years she had never experienced anything like this. She saw Martin sitting on his bench. His eyes bored into her and she locked on him. God she wanted him! She wanted to feel his hands on her breasts; his lips on her neck. She'd worked with Martin for a while but had never had these kinds of feelings for him before. In fact since high school she hadn't had these feelings for any man. She'd fallen in love with a boy in high school and she had wanted him like this. Well not quite like this. This was stronger, more urgent. He had finally asked her out and they had gone all the way on the first date. The sex had been disappointing, rushed and awkward, but she had thought she was in love with him and wanted to see him again. But the next week he had bragged to all his friends how easy she was. He'd told everyone she was a slut. She had been hurt and humiliated and by the time she recovered all of the fire inside her had gone out. She thought it had died. She had thought she didn't need love or sex, but now the fire was back and the object of her desire was this lanky young man.

Martin looked up, watching her for a moment as if expecting her to pick up her lunch and move on. She tried to move but her feet would not respond. She just stood there staring at him with wide eyes; her mouth gaping slightly. After a moment, Martin slipped off the bench and knelt in front of her. Her eyes followed him and she realized she was breathing heavily. She took a deep breath and tried to get control of herself as the man in front of her retrieved her lunch and stood.

"Um, you, uh, dropped your lunch." Martin held it out to her.

She had never noticed before how sexy his voice was. Carol stared into his eyes. "May I eat with you?"

"Sure." Martin's surprised response made Carol smile. "I'd like that."

They returned to the bench and sat together. Carol edged closer to Martin until their legs pressed together. The touch sent electric shocks straight to her pussy and nipples causing her to catch her breath.

"Are you okay?" Martin asked, concern in his face.

"Yeah. Great actually. I'm feeling great," and Carol realized she was. She hadn't felt this alive in years. "You're Martin, right?"

"Yeah, we've talked some. I didn't know you knew my name though."

"Thank you for sharing your bench." She touched his arm just above his wrist. Looking around she continued, "It's beautiful here isn't it. I wish it wasn't so crowded though." She watched a man with slight graying around his temples walking by. Her eyes slid down to the obvious bulge in his pants and she licked her lips.

"That's my boss, Mr. Krendle." Martin said, his eyes never leaving Carol's face.

"He's very handsome. Don't you think?" Carol blushed and pulled her eyes away from the man's crotch. She looked at Martin. He was studying her intently.

"I guess I never thought about it. Are you okay? You're acting, well, different."

"Yeah, I guess I'm feeling spring coming on."

"You're like this every spring?"

Carol was watching a young blond girl stroll by showing off a lot of cleavage. The girl's breasts swayed seductively inside her loose fitting blouse. "Um, no, actually." The blond passed and Carol's eyes moved to her sexy rounded butt. The girl's jeans were tight and really showed off her curves well. "I wish my ass looked like that," she whispered.

"Yours is better." Martin blurted out and then turned bright red.

Carol looked at him and smiled. "You like my ass?" She blushed unsure of when she'd become so forward.

"Yeah. You're beautiful. The most beautiful woman I've ever met." Martin took a sandwich from his sack but his eyes never left her.

Carol put her hand on his, stopping him from raising the sandwich to his mouth. "I'm tired of eating sack lunches. Wanna take the afternoon off and go get some real food and hang out?" Touching his hand fanned the fire growing in her belly. She didn't know what she was doing, but she knew she had to do something.

Martin's eyes went wide but he recovered quickly. "I'd have to square it with my boss first."

"Me too. Why don't you go see if you can take a half day and then meet me in my office?"

"Sounds great!" Martin put his sandwich back in the sack.

Carol gave him a final smile and then walked back across the plaza, dropping her sack in the trash as she passed. She couldn't believe she was doing this. The fire between her legs was still growing. Never in her whole life had she felt like this. It was wonderful, and frightening at the same time. She couldn't see Billy, the satyr, as he skipped invisibly behind her.

Her office was on the eighth floor. She just hoped that when she got there her boss wouldn't give her shit about wanting the afternoon off. She couldn't imagine trying to work the rest of the day like this. She rode the elevator with three other people, two men and an older woman. The woman, probably in her mid forties, was wearing an alluring perfume and the taller of the two men kept glancing at her, sneaking peeks at her full breasts. They were beautiful, Carol realized, although she hadn't looked at other women's breasts like that before today.

Billy watched Carol with a lascivious grin on his hairy face. His arrow was working perfectly. He knew her lust would continue to grow and he was eager to see what fruits would spring from the seed he'd tricked Larry into planting. If it didn't go fast enough to suit him, he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

Carol moved back in the Elevator, behind the woman and the tall man, until she stood beside the other man. He looked at her and smiled. Damn he was good looking. His prominent nose and strong chin sat below steel grey eyes. Although he was shorter than the first man, Carol still only stood a little taller than his shoulder. His smile grew as he saw her looking at him and Carol realized she was smiling too. She let her eyes drop. His khaki slacks were flat and she immediately wondered if she could change that. Her eyes flicked up locking on his. Her hand rose, opening the top button on her blouse and then the second button. The man's eyebrows rose slightly.

Carol licked her lips. The heat between her legs grew. She opened the third button. The man looked down at her chest and she pulled her blouse open enough to show her cleavage. She had never been this forward but then she had never felt this sexy either. The man stepped closer to her but just then the elevator stopped. The doors opened and a shorter, heavier man wearing a western shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots joined them. The cowboy turned his back to Carol and her prey and she sidled a step closer. Her prey moved as well putting them close enough to touch. She casually lowered her hand, lightly brushing his crotch. She felt his pants jump at her touch and she smiled up at him.

His hand slid down her back and cupped her bottom. She licked her lips again and pressed her hand against his crotch more firmly. The elevator stopped again. The woman and the tall man got off. The cowboy moved to the center of the car, still facing the door. Carol griped her prey's crotch, feeling his cock swell in her hand. He caressed her bottom, smiling down at her. She stroked her hand up and down his lengthening shaft. The elevator stopped.

"This is my floor," she said, stepping forward. The man handed her a card.

"Thanks for the ride." He smirked.

She gave him a smile, looking down at the obvious bulge in his slacks. "My pleasure."

She strutted to her office suite. Becky, her company's young receptionist, gave her an odd smile as she glided past.

"You're back early."

Carol smiled at the girl. They had never really talked much. Carol had always considered Becky flighty and a little trampy. The girl had a tattoo on the small of her back and often wore styles that let it show.

"Is Jack in? I'm gonna see if he minds if I take the afternoon off."

"Yeah, but he has a client. You know the guy from Daltech that he's been trying to sell. God, he is so cute."

"Thanks Becky." Carol went down the short hallway behind the receptionist and knocked on the door at the end. She poked her head in, seeing the two men sitting at the conference table in Jack's office. "May I come in, Jack?"

"Carol, sure, come on in. Ted, have you met our head accountant?"

Ted stood up. He was a barrel-chested man with thick arms and a bull neck. His head was clean shaven but his square face sported a graying goatee. He thrust out a hand. "I haven't, but if we are going to be doing business, I guess I should get to know your staff. I'm Ted Banter. I am the associate purchasing agent for Daltech." His eyes dipped from her face down to her exposed cleavage and then back to her eyes.

"Carol Zimmer," she let her eyes take him in. He was stout, but not fat. Not much taller than her, his shoulders were broad and muscular. His stomach was flat and wide and flowed down to powerful legs. There was bulge in his jeans, not like he had an erection, but a clear indication that he wasn't small there either. She pulled her eyes back up to his as she took his hand. She started to shake hands, but Ted drew her hand up to his mouth and gently kissed her knuckles.

Floating above them, Billy reached into his pouch and pulled out a little satyr dust. He grinned as he flicked a little of the dust into the face of each man before he retreated to a corner of the room to continue his voyeurism.

As Ted released her hand, Carol turned to Jack. "I just stopped in to ask if I could take the afternoon off."

Jack blinked. "Really? Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I guess there isn't anything that can't wait until Monday."

"But I might stay for a little while. If Ted would like?" Carol kept her eyes on the stocky man's face.

"I would like that, little lady." Ted smiled. "But you might as well get comfortable." He reached up and lightly touched the top fastened button on her blouse, letting his finger trace her cleavage.

"Do you mind, Jack, if I get more comfortable?" Carol didn't look at her boss or wait for his response. She reached up and unbuttoned two more buttons. She tugged her blouse open exposing the top of the cups on her black bra.

"That binder doesn't look comfortable at all." Ted grinned at her.

"It's a front clasp. Maybe you could help me with it." She didn't notice that Jack had moved behind her.

Ted released the rest of the buttons on her blouse and then fumbled just a bit before managing to unclasp her bra.

"Mmm, that's better." Carol rolled her shoulders and sighed.

"You might be more comfortable if you took this off." Jack whispered into her ear as he tugged the blouse back off her shoulders.

Carol turned her head to smile at Jack. Her heart raced. Was she really doing this? She desperately wanted to, but deep down her inhibitions struggled to reassert themselves. Her inhibitions lost and her blouse dropped off her body exposing her pert breasts to her boss and Ted.

Ted's fingers traced over her pink areola toward her erect nipples. His eyes were fixed on her heaving breasts. "You're a magnificent creature."

"Don't you want to get comfortable too?" Carol pointedly looked down at the now growing bulge in his pants. "That looks painful."

Ted laughed. "Why don't you help me out with that, pretty lady."

Carol swallowed. This was not how she was and she didn't understand why she was so out of control but as much as she didn't comprehend her own reactions she was also excited. Between her legs she felt a heat she had never felt before. She prayed the heat wouldn't consume her. She prayed the heat would never end. Kneeling in front of Ted she unbuckled his belt with shaking hands. Once his belt was loose she unfastened the waist button on his slacks and then lowered the fly. As the zipper split open Ted's cock sprang up. He was larger than the only other boy she'd ever seen. With thick veins running up the shaft to a large purple knob, it wasn't a pretty cock. It wasn't porn star massive either, but it quickly grew hard in her hand and she was entranced by the softness of the skin's contrast with the swelling rigidity. Carol leaned forward and grazed her tongue across the knob, feeling its heat and tasting the slightly musky flavor. The fire between her legs flared and she engulfed the cock, taking more than half of it into her mouth. With her lips sealed around the shaft, she sucked. Her tongue danced around the knob and then caressed the shaft. She'd never sucked a cock before, but it felt right to her and she abandoned thought for instinct, letting herself go.

Behind her she felt Jack reach around and stroke her breasts. His fingers on her nipples excited her even more. She felt his warm breath on her ear as he whispered, "That's it baby, suck that cock. I never knew you were this hot. If I'd known, I would have fucked your brains out years ago. But don't you worry, I won't forget this and you will get all the cock you want from now on."

Carol pressed forward, taking more of Ted's cock into her mouth. She wanted it all. Jack continued to fondle her tits. He pulled on her nipples and she moaned softly around Ted's meat. Her nose touched pubes. Ted's knob was resting at the entrance to her throat but to her surprise she wasn't gagging. She pulled back until only his cock head was left between her lips. Letting her tongue circle the knob, Carol used her teeth gently on his sensitive shaft.

"Good God girl, you suck cock like a pro. Jack where did you ever find such a pretty little cocksucker?"

"She's been hiding, disguised as an accountant."

"Well before she sucks my brains out through my dick, let's get her on the floor and fuck her silly."

Carol pulled off Ted's cock and stood up. "That sounds wonderful to me. I want you both in me at the same time." She looked at Ted and then back at her boss. "Jack, I want your cock in my ass while Ted fucks my pussy."

"Anything you want, Carol. Let's get that skirt off." Jack grinned like a Cheshire cat as his fingers released the buttons on her skirt.

Once her skirt was on the floor, Carol kicked it aside. Jack knelt behind her and pulled her panties down and off. She was nude in front of her boss and a very sexy stranger. Her pussy was on fire and wetter than she could ever remember being.

Ted removed his pants and shirt and then lay down on the carpet. "Okay, babe, come sit on my cock and show me how a sweet thing like you fucks."

Carol didn't hesitate. Straddling his waist she squatted down. She was already wet and ready for his cock. With one hand she guided the cock that had just been in her mouth into her pussy. As she took the cock inside, her eyes rolled back. She hit bottom and leaned forward putting her hands on Ted's shoulders for support. For a moment she sat there feeling the fullness in her sex. After a few seconds she lifted herself up, rising up on Ted's cock until just the head remained inside her and then she pushed back down. She continued the motion, up and down on Ted's cock, gaining rhythm and speed.

Behind her she felt Jack moving into position. "I found some lube. Do you still want me in your ass?"

"Yes, Jack, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass while I fuck Ted. God this is so hot."
Jack's hands settled on her waist and then she felt him dabbing a cool gel around her anus. He lubed her up well and then she felt him pressing the head of his cock against her.

"Slow down and let me work my way inside you."

She pushed all the way down and then stopped. As Jack pressed forward, putting his cock head right on her puckered hole she looked up. On the desk in front of her was a picture of Jack and his wife, smiling for the camera. Jack's wife was pretty. Thin with smallish tits, her golden hair flowed down past her shoulders. They looked happy together. Carol wondered if Jack's wife would be happy if she walked in right then. The thought made her smile just as Jack's cock head pushed into her ass.

Her eyes went wide. She gasped and her hands, still on Ted's chest, clenched. "Oh shit! Fuck yes! Oh please, fuck my ass, Jack."

She felt Jack push in further and then he pulled out a little before pushing back in. She stayed still, focusing on the cock in her pussy and the cock in her ass. She'd never experienced anything like this before and she was relishing every minute. Jack worked slowly until hit bottom in her ass and began to pump in earnest. She started moving as well, raising up and then pushing back down. It only took a few strokes to establish a rhythm. Ted reached up and took Carol's tits in his hands, gently squeezing and stroking her hard nipples as she rode his cock.

She looked up from Ted to the picture on Jack's desk. She'd never think of Jack's wife the same again. Odd that she didn't even know the woman's name. Once again she wondered what would happen if she were to walk in on this scene. Just then the door opened and Carol gasped. It wasn't Jack's wife, it was Martin.

At first Martin looked shocked, then angry, and then a sudden change came over him and a hungry look grew on his face. He stepped into the room and closed the door. Carol realized how she must look. She'd agreed to spend the afternoon with him and now here she was fucking two other men. She expected Martin to turn and leave, but he didn't. She expected him to yell at her and call her a dirty slut, but he didn't. What he did surprised her.

"Do you have room for one more cock?" Martin asked as he approached.

Carol nodded and managed to grunt out, "Fuck yes! Let me suck your cock Martin. Oh God, I want your cock in my mouth."

Martin pulled his cock out and unceremoniously offered it to Carol. She twisted her head and licked his cock before taking it deep into her mouth. Lust built inside her while the three cocks stuffed her holes. Faster and harder she drove down onto Ted's cock, feeling Jack keep time, thrusting deep into her ass each time she pulled up. All the while Martin's cock filled her mouth, his taste a delicious combination of salt and musk.

Above them the invisible Satyr laughed with glee at the incredible scene he had orchestrated. It had almost gone bad when Martin had stumbled in but quick thinking on Billy's part and some satyr dust liberally thrown in the boy's face, had saved the moment. Lust usually fixed problems of the heart, Billy had found.

Down on the floor, Ted and Jack were both getting close. Their grunts were urgent and Carol felt both of their cocks begin to swell. Ted blew first, pushing up, his cock swelled inside her pussy and then his hot cum erupted into her soaking pussy. Carol clenched down on him as her own orgasm spread through her groin. Jack's cock exploded in her ass, sending jets of cum deep into her bowels.

"Oh, shit! Her ass is clenching my cock like a fucking vise!" Jack croaked behind her.

"Fuck yeah, her pussy is on fire. You should feel this slut's cunt. Damn!" Ted laid his head back and closed his eyes.

Carol pulled off Martin's cock. "Fuck me. Oh damn, please keep fucking me." Her orgasm was reaching its zenith and she threw her head back and forced her pussy down on Ted's cock. They stayed in that position for a minute. Carol finally collapsed onto Ted. Jack pulled his softening cock from her ass letting a large glob of cum slide out to run down over Ted's balls. Carol moaned softly and then rose up off of Ted, allowing more cum to drip from her used pussy.

"Martin do you still want to hang out this afternoon?"

He was staring at her with wide eyes, his mouth agape. Her voice brought him out of his stupor. "Sure! I mean, yeah. I'd love to."

Carol smiled at him. "Good, cause I think these men are done but I still need more cock."

Ted and Jack laughed. "If I was ten years younger I'd be able to stay up with you, girl." Ted chuckled.

"I'll get you again. Now that the cat's out of the bag, I expect our relationship to change." Jack picked up her skirt and handed it to her.

She smiled at her boss. "Who knows, maybe we will, maybe not." She knew she would though. She'd just been fucked royally and the fire was already growing in her pussy again.

She fastened her skirt around her waist and then donned her blouse. Panties and bra were left behind. Martin had somehow stuffed his still hard dick into his pants.

"See you Monday." Carol said to Jack. "It was nice fucking you Ted. I hope we can do it again sometime soon."

Carol took Martin's hand and led him from the office. "Let's get to your place so we can fuck," she said as they walked through the lobby.


Larry stared into the pool alongside Saint Valentine. "I'm sorry boss. I didn't see Billy switch out my arrows. Now all is lost." The cherub put his head in his hands to sob.

Valentine laid a consoling hand on Larry's shoulder. "Nonsense, Larry. Everything worked out just as I planned. You do know that the satyrs are my children as well, don't you. I knew Billy would help us out. You see, her heart had been so wounded by her first boyfriend that she needed more than your arrows could give. Had we just given her love it would have been cold. The love of a frigid woman is not what Martin deserved. You see, Martin has a hidden voyeuristic fetish; even he has not realized it, but he will. Now that her lust has been awakened, love can grow in her heart. Her lust will subside as Billy's arrow wears off. It will abate but not disappear. Her love will grow as her lust fades and Martin's passion is the perfect garden for her love to thrive in. Although, I'll admit, Billy did go a little overboard with the satyr dust. But, well, we'll see. I'm sure it will be interesting."

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