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Room for Mickie Ch. 03

Dinner was an experience in itself. Neither Hank or Lana had tasted Mediterranean food before. We had Humus and Pita bread for an appetizer. Tabbouleh salad, Beef and veggie kabobs and Baklava for desert. It was an explosion of tastes and textures. Mickie couldn't hide her smile as we ate. Hank and Lana seemed delighted with the food and each other.

I couldn't get over the change in Lana. Before she was so lukewarm, you barely even knew she was there. Thanks to my baby's magical touch, Lana now resembled Mila Kunis, a fact that didn't escape my buddy Hank. He could barely keep his eyes off of her. We finished our meal with Turkish coffee, topped with whip creme and pistachios. We would need the espresso, as we were going to the club where Hank and his band, Stoned Ponies, were going to perform later that night. At first Lana wasn't going to go along, but this time spent with Hank seemed to have changed her mind.

Once we got to the club, the crowd was starting to build as Stoned Ponies finished their sound check. Hank played bass and shared lead vocal duties with a couple other members, as the band performed retro music from the 70s and 80s. The crowd tended to be a bit older, but there were several younger guys and gals that appreciated the eclectic, retro mix.

The espresso hit me and soon I was on my way to the bathroom. I had just finished when Hank came in. It was obvious that he didn't come to pee. He washed his hands and mentioned that the crowd looked amped. It was going be a good night.

Then... after a few moments of silence "Rick, about Lana? She is Hot! I thought you said she was mousey?"

"She was Buddy," I chuckled, "Mickie said she was going to give her a makeover, but holy shit!"

"Yeah, I know. Holy shit is right." more silence followed. "Is she... I mean does she have any...?"

Hank blushed and turned back to the mirror.

"She is ... unattached Amigo." I caught a brief smile from Hank's reflection in the mirror.

"Oh look, its getting late. Almost time to start."

Hank exited the john and joined the band as they took to the stage. He was right, Stoned Ponies were very popular and the crowd was going berserk. Along with Hank were 2 lead guitars, drums and keyboard. The band took their places and after the drummer set the pace by banging his stick to the rhythm, led with Stoned Ponies's signature song, Come and Get Your Love.

Mickie and Lana were waiting for me as I slid in to my seat. Our table was close enough to enjoy the music without getting blown away by the speakers.

"Hey, hey, what's the matter with your Head?" Hank's voice was right on pitch, as the crowd rocked to the great song by Redbone. Since the popularity of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, the song became an instant crowd pleaser.

I glanced over at Lana and she seemed mesmerized, swaying slightly to the rhythm. I had a feeling that she was a bit taken with my buddy Hank. After the second time I saw him peer directly at Lana, while singing the chorus to 'Come and get your Love', I got the feeling that it might be a mutual attraction.

Stoned Ponies showed their A game as they entranced the crowd. They followed with Hotel California, American Woman, Taking Care of Business and Sister Golden Hair by America. People were clapping and stomping their feet when the strains of We Will Rock You by Queen filled the room.

Hank announced it was time to slow things down and the keyboard player, Misty Anderson stepped up to a mic. One of the lead guitar players, her husband Jim swapped his Gibson for a Yamaha acoustic and joined her up front. Soon the haunting melody of Landslide enveloped the room. To my surprise, Lana was singing along, and from where I sat, sounded every bit as good, if not better than Misty. Even Mickie, on the other side of me, turned her head to listen to her friend. She gave me a 'who would have known' look and turned back to the stage. At the end of the song, Misty placed her hand over the microphone and coughed a bit. Apparently her throat was still bothering her from a lingering cold.

Hank applied his voice as Stoned Ponies broke into the Eagles song Love Will Keep us Alive, Beth and then The Goodbye Girl by David Gates. It was time for the band to take a break and Hank joined us at our table. The usually taciturn Lana virtually bubbled over telling Hank how good the band was and him in particular.

"Didn't know you liked this stuff, beautiful." Whether Hank meant to compliment Lana or not, she blushed and smiled at him. As riveted as they were on one another, Mickie and I felt like the 3rd and 4th wheels on a bicycle. My girl surreptitiously glanced my way with a 'I told you so' look in her eyes. I smiled and quietly surrendered without a fight.

"Bad news Guys, Misty's vocals are going to be MIA for the rest of the night. Her cold is still hanging on. She can play, but after that last song, she has no voice left." Hank sadly remarked.

"Oh, poor Misty. Darn! I wanted to hear her sing Sukiyaki," Mickie lamented.

"By A Taste of Honey? Oh, I love that song!" Lana chimed in. After a bit of hesitation she admitted that after her Mom died, she would sit and listen to her Moms tape collection for hours. Lana felt closer to her that way.

When Hank started back up to the stage after the break, Mickie jumped up after him and stopped to whisper something in his ear. He smiled, glanced our way and continued on to join the band. On her way back to our table, Mickie sported that all too familiar, mischievous twinkle in her eye. I stopped asking what scheme she was hatching when she gave me that look, because it was always for the better.

The Stoned Ponies returned to their positions on stage amid much applause. Hank put his arm around Misty and they talked briefly. Misty smiled and nodded glancing at our table. Hank stepped up to the Microphone.

"Hell-lo Lansing and especially all the State alumni with us. How is everybody doing tonight?" This was met with applause, whistles and cat calls. "We have a hot show for you this evening, but we have a little sad news too. Our keyboardist Misty is still feeling a little rough due to a lingering cold."

A big 'Awe' came from the crowd and Hank put his hand to the side of his mouth feigning secrecy. "She sounds more like Kermit the frog than Stevie Nicks." This was met by laughter and an empty water bottle that pegged Hank from behind. The crowd roared again as Hank spun around to find Misty whistling and looking up at the ceiling with a big smirk on her puss. He smiled back and winked as he wagged his finger at her.

"But I have it on good authority that there is another young Lady out there with a pretty good set of pipes herself. So maybe with a little coaxing we can get her up here on stage. How bout it Lana? We could sure use a little help."

Lana stiffened next to me and her jaw dropped. She began shaking her head in a definitive 'no way' as the applause began to build. Not to be refused, Hank dropped down from the stage and stood directly in front of her. He held out his hand for her to take and mouthed the words, 'Please, for me.'

Setting next to her I could see Lana's resolve fading away till she took Hanks hand and shakily rose to her feet. The two mounted the stage, Hanks arm around her waist for support. When Lana turned back to the crowd, she had the appearance of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

My buddy whispered a few words into her ear as Lana looked over at me and began to giggle. Whatever he told her did the trick. Misty adjusted a few controls on her keyboard and the notes coming out of it had a definite Asian sound. She played the opening as Lana took hold of the Mic, stepped forward on cue, closed her eyes... and began to sing.

"It's all because of you, I'm feeling sad and blue. You went away now my life is just a rainy day."

"I love you so, how much you'll never know. You've gone away and left me lonely."

Have you ever hear something that sounds so beautiful that it makes your head turn just to see where it's coming from? Believe me, that was the effect Lana had on the crowd. Even Mickie sat there enraptured by her friends beautiful voice.

"Untouchable memories, seem to keep haunting me. Of love so true, that it turned all my grey skies blue."

"But you disappeared. Now my eyes are filled with tears. I'm wishing you were here with me."

Lana opened her eyes and found out everybody was gazing at her in a euphoric daze. Most of them were even smiling at her, so I had the feeling nobody would be pitching tomatoes her way. So she continued to sing, swaying slightly and the crowd swayed with her, totally mesmerized.

"If only you were here, to wash away my tears. The sun would shine and once again you'll be mine... all mine. But in reality, our love can never be, cause you took your love away from me."

"You... took... your... love... away... from... me!"

Lana bowed with her hands together, geisha style and spoke a single word, "Sayonara."

The applause was almost thunderous. People leaped to their feet as a very surprised Lana stood in shock. Misty and then Hank came over and hugged her. Hank's hug seemed to stretch on almost embarrassingly long so Mickie laughed and yelled, "Save it for the honeymoon."


It seems that Lana was a hit. Because she was so familiar with 70s music, Hank had her sing a few more numbers. She did a fantastic job with Killing me Softly, Sara, and Blue Bayou, hitting even the high notes. Later on Hank and Lana Sang Endless Love like there was nobody watching them at all.

About 30 minutes after the concert was over, Mickie and I were on our way home. Lana was going to continue talking with the band and Hank vowed to personally drop her off back at our place.

"Well, looks our work here is done, Tonto." Mickie quipped.

"What do you mean Baby?" The place where Stoned Ponies played was a roadhouse on the outskirts of the city. I was keeping my eyes pealed for deer crossing the road on the way back into town.

"Hank and Lana silly," She laid her hand on my leg, and said, "mark my words baby, Lana wont be coming home tonight."

I put my arm around her shoulder, "Aren't you jumping the gun just a bit Mickie, they just met?"

"Didn't you see the way they were looking at each other? Especially Hank! When he looks at her he has that same dopey grin on his face that you do when you look at me." She nodded her head. " Oh yeah, he's got it bad."

"I've got a dopey grin?"

She patted my leg again, "Don't worry baby... its very charming on you."

I shook my head, "I still think you're counting your chickens beautiful."

Mickie snuggled a little closer, "Oh, you think so, do you? Would you like to place a little wager on it baby?"

Oh, I had this one. I wondered what little perk I was going to win tonight, "So what are you gonna give me when you loose, Mickie?"

"I'm thinking you got that a little backwards handsome. Okay... the wager is that Lana wont be coming home tonight and will stay the night at Hanks place. And when I win, I want breakfast in bed for a month."

"Breakfast in bed for a month? Seems a little steep... not that you are going to win."

"Okay then, only on the days we are both off in the morning."

"Okay, it's a deal, but I still don't think its gonna happen, Hanks got a pretty good head on his shoulders."

"That's the problem with guys Rick... most of the time you don't think with that head."


We both slipped into bed and Mickie snuggled up against me. I asked her if she was feeling frisky and she begged off from a booty call claiming exhaustion. But she did ask for a rain check for tomorrow. I kissed her forehead and she rolled over so we could spoon. Her cell phone chirped and she reached for it.

"Mickie this is Lana," My baby put her phone on speaker. "since its so late, Hank said he would put me up in his spare room tonight."

Mickie mouthed the word 'Yes', "Is that okay with you and Rick?"

"Yeah Lana," I grumbled, "just say 'hi' to Hank for me."

"Just a moment." There was a change in the sound quality. She put her phone on speaker as well.

"Hi Buddy, hope you guys don't mind," Hank's voice broke in.

"Nah... but just remember we're getting together for breakfast tomorrow."

"About that Rick... um... can we make it lunch instead? It's getting really late."

I looked at Mickie and she nodded her head, "Sure buddy, lunch it is. Meet us here at 11:30 and we can figure out where we want to go."

"Thanks a million Rick. See you then."

Mickie went to turn her phone off and then she froze and her eyes grew wide. She put her finger to her lips and laid the phone down. I could hear sounds of rustling coming from it.

"Now, where were we Baby?" It was Hank's voice. He must not have pushed 'end' on her phone.

"Well, I think I was sucking your cock Hanky," WTF! My God, I suddenly realized what they were doing.

"Mmm, you taste so good in my mouth." We heard slurping sounds coming from Mickie's phone.

"That's it Lana. Damn baby, you look so sexy doing that."

I caught the stunned look on Mickie's face. The wet sounds continued for a bit. She quietly sighed and slowly rubbed her backside against me. I knew that signal well. Hearing what was coming from the phone was arousing her and I don't mean maybe. The sounds of Lana and Hanks foreplay were getting to me as well and I was hard in a heartbeat. After a bit, Mickie turned over and slid her hand down my sleep shorts. She stroked me several times, stuck her tongue down my throat and urged me onto my back. As we kissed, she continued to stroke me.

"Does my Hanky like the way I suck his cock?" Lana cooed.

"Oh baby," Hank groaned, "I love what you are doing to me!"

The phone speaker was picking up every sound. Mickie slid down and yanked my sleep shorts off. She swallowed my erection with gusto. Like a woman possessed, she worked me over good. I was a little afraid that Lana and Hank might hear my groans and the wet sounds of our own passion, but it seems they were too busy to even notice. So it continued that way for several minutes. I have no idea how I hung in for as long as I did. Between Mickie's amped up cock sucking and hearing the passion coming from the phone, I thought I would go off at any moment.

The exquisite torture stopped when we heard Hank's voice again, "Come up here beautiful."

I could only imagine that they were kissing deeply from the sounds. Mickie slid up and locked lips with me again. Evidently we were playing a game of Mickie hear, Mickie do. The time was growing short and I knew I was soon going to be buried in her beautiful ass again. It was like magic, what the two of us had together and our bond was strong. I loved her like no other and would do anything to please her.

Lana's purring voice issued from the phone, "Are you sure Hanky? You don't have to."

"I want to Lana baby. I want to please all of you."

I was wondering what was happening when we heard Lana sigh and moan softly, "Yes Hanky, that's the way Lana likes her cock sucked."

My girl stiffened and I knew she was deeply aroused. She was practically panting as I felt her hands gently pushing on my shoulders. The realization of what she wanted almost floored me. Mickie was so self conscious about her penis, that for the first several months we were together, she kept it hidden from me. It was just recently that she really felt comfortable being totally naked around me. Believe me, I had no qualms about what she apparently wanted. I loved her deeply and would do anything to give her pleasure.

As Mickie lay on her back my kisses moved down to her neck and across her beautiful breasts, pausing to worry her nipples with my tongue. The path I took, trailed past her navel, allowing me to nuzzle the small patch of softness above her sex. In her very aroused state, Mickie was semi erect, which didn't usually happen, if at all. A slight shudder consumed her body as my tongue gently teased the head of her cock. And let me tell you, she wasn't the only one feeling their oats. I was swept up in her wave of desire as well. I inhaled her member and was rewarded with a soft moan and the loving caress of her hand on the back of my head. That I so enjoyed pleasing my Mickie orally, made me realize the true depth of the love I felt for her. I knew then, that I would do anything for this beautiful woman.

I let her cock slide in and out of my mouth as her other hand joined the first, her movements becoming more pronounced. Her hips rocked with increasing urgency as we locked eyes. I knew the time was close and her tipping point near. As her orgasm hit, one of her hands flew up to cover her mouth in an attempt to stifle her vocal response. Mickie's swollen cock erupted, filling my mouth. I was taken aback by how good she tasted and how natural the experience felt. Hands urged me next to her and Mickie's lips sought me. I felt the wetness of her tears on my face as our tongues entwined. The moment was beyond perfect as our hearts beat in unison.

The moaning from Mickie's phone increased and we both knew that Hank and Lana were caught up in themselves as well.

"That's it Hanky, fuck me 'til I can't walk straight!" They had moved on while Mickie and I were... distracted.

Moments later Mickie was on her back stuffing me into her ass with the help of a dollop of lube.

"Fuck me baby!" She had given up all pretense of silence as I pounded into her. Our bed creaked, I growled and Mickie screamed. The end came fast and I collapsed on top of her, almost passing out from one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

"W-what?... what was that?" Lana's voiced burst from the phone's speaker.

Mickie slapped her hand down and hit the end button of the phone, still short of breath.

"I love you so true Baby." erupted from my girl... then she giggled to think we had been caught.


To their credit, Lana and Hank showed up on time the next morning but they acted like a couple of kids that were caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Actually Mickie and I felt a little ashamed as well, because we knew that they knew, we had heard their... tryst. The two of them kept several feet of space between them as they barely made eye contact with us.

"Oh, this is silly!" Mickie complained. "We all know what happened."

She took my hand, "Rick and I are sorry that we heard..."

"No! Actually we're not sorry it happened," Mickie changed her stand.

"Baby..." I started. She squeezed my hand a bit and I fell silent.

Lana and Hank colored a bit, if you could call Beet red a bit. Lana turned away and put her hand to her face and raced into the kitchen, crying. Hank stood there awkwardly and finally followed Lana. She melted into his arms, still crying. He patted her back and kissed the head that nestled on his shoulder. It was easy to see that they cared deeply for each other.

"If you two are done in there, we are getting hungry," Mickie chirped.

"Y-you mean... you are okay with.. Hank and...?" Lana sniffed, "God what you must think of us..."

"We think that you are our best friends and we are very happy for you," I quickly added, then laughed, and said, "but just so you know, this was all Mickie's fault."

I got a smack on the ass as a result of my comment. "Thanks for throwing me under the Bus, you snot!"

Mickie feigned annoyance till I took her in my arms and kissed her.

"Much better Baby," she purred.

"So, you are the one we have to blame," Hank finally found his voice.

He and Lana both stepped up to Mickie and hugged her.

"Thanks Mickie!" they both said in unison.

My girl, caught up in their embrace, glanced over at me and playfully stuck her tongue out in my direction. We all then piled into Hanks SUV. He then checked his mirror, and started to back out of our driveway.
"Hey buddy, been meaning to ask you, when Lana first got up on stage last night she looked like she was gonna puke. What did you say to her to calm her down so fast?" I wondered.

Hank smirked and I heard a giggle come from the back seat where the girls were.

"Well, you know that old trick about imagining the audience in their underwear?"

"Oh, since she was looking at me I guess you had her imagine me in my underwear?" I guessed.

"No, old Buddy. I had her imagine you in Mickie's underwear." He chortled.

I just sighed as the girls and Hank busted out laughing.




It had been a long trip. Nearly 10 hrs of drive time, with lunch and potty breaks, but we were finally there. My parents log cabin jutted out on a small peninsula of Brule Lake about 15 miles from Iron River. This was one of my favorite places to be and I wanted to share it with Mickie. Even before I turned off the ignition, I could smell the aroma of cooking steaks on Dads charcoal grill.

I heard a squeal and the storm door slam. I turned to see my Mom on the back deck hugging Mickie. They had gotten quite close in the few visits we had with them back at my parents home. Mom winked at my girl.

"Suppose you had to bring him too... I guess," she drawled, barely holding back a grin.

"Oh, thanks Mom! I love you too." I laughed as I hugged her.

"Carol? I need the platter," came my Dad's voice from around the corner of the garage.

Mom handed Mickie the platter on the banister.

"Russ has been like a kid on Christmas eve, waiting for you to get here Honey," my angel disappeared around the corner and I heard my Dad laugh.

"Gee, when did I get demoted from your son to Mickie's boyfriend?" I asked sarcastically.

Suddenly my Dad came from around the corner, the platter filled with steaks in one hand and his other arm around Mickie's waist.

"Just so you know, Richard, if the two of you ever break up, we are dumping you and keeping Mickie."

"Oh hardy, har, har," I snorted.

"Well, it took long enough," my brother Ted commented as he leaned his fishing pole against the deck rail and went to hug my girl. She kissed him on the cheek.

"Still don't know how you managed to bag such a hot babe, little brother," Mickie whispered in his ear and he colored slightly.

"Okay, everyone. Time to wash up," Mom announced.

My parents and Ted headed inside as my girl slid into my arms.

"What did you say to Ted to make him blush baby?"

Mickie shrugged, "I told him you have an enormous dick."

We both laughed as we followed the rest inside.


"Why do you want to watch that fag for?" My brother rumbled as soon as he saw what was on TV. Mickie and Mom were watching the reality show, Call me Cait. My girl's face darkened at the comment.

"That isn't very PC of you Theodore," Mom remarked.

"He's a freak like all the rest of them," He drawled.

Tears formed in Mickie's eyes as I spoke up, "That's enough Ted."

"Why you sticking up for that fucking homo?"

Mickie fled the room in tears.

"I am warning you Ted, shut your trap," I got up to follow my girl.

You could see the wheels turning in Ted's head, he wasn't dumb by a long shot. He glanced in the direction Mickie left and then back at me, "Holy shit! I knew it! I knew you couldn't have such a hot girl friend. She's one of those ...fags!"

I launched at him. We went down in a heap.

"Richard! Theodore!" Mom yelled. I felt something grab the back of my shirt. Dad must have heard the commotion from the other room and stepped in. I was pulled off of my brother.

"Whats the hell's gotten into the two of you?" Dad growled.

"So... you gonna tell them Rick!?" Ted snarled, getting back on his feet

"Fuck!" I hung my head, "We were going to tell you. We just didn't want it to be this way."

"Tell us what?" My Dad made sure he kept between me and my brother.

"Richard," I heard my Mom's voice. It sounded tinny, almost from far away "is Mickie transgender?"

"Yes." I breathed. My gut felt like I had swallowed a large rock.

"I knew it!" then it turned nasty, "so my brother is a homo after all... does it fuck you?"

I growled, but Dads hand on my chest stopped me from doing what I was really thinking.

"Theodore! You say another word and I will let your brother kick your ass, cause I've got the feeling he's just mad enough to do it!"

"Going Fishing!" Ted spit through clenched teeth and left the cabin.

"I have to see to Mickie..." I started.

"No," my Mom interrupted, "I will. Russell, see to your son."

She left my Dad and I staring at each other.

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