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Reunited Pt. 01

This story is a work of fiction despite being inspired by true events. Any similarity to real people living or dead is coincidental. All characters involved are 21 or older.


Background: Dominic (our narrator) was good friends with the lead female throughout high school. Despite there being an attraction, it never went anywhere. Dominic, having returned from college on holiday, throws a big coming home party with his hometown friends.

My parties are legendary. By no means was I a jock but I hung out in many circles and I knew how to throw a party. Having a large house in a quiet neighborhood made it easy to host for several people. Tonight, I expected no less than 30 to show up but the way my friends work, it'll probably be over 60 before the night is over.

As I'm showering, a text comes in from the only girl I made sure to personally invite. "Hey, I'm outside" it read as I wiped off the fogged screen with my wet hands. She didn't like bad grammar, even in text. It was a girl who I had to coax a little to come. She had exams soon and didn't want to give up studying. She gave it up for me, though so I felt like that meant something. I hurried out of the shower, grabbing pants. I always found it rude to leave people waiting, especially women. I wasn't wearing underwear underneath, I barely dried off, my hair still dripping and I said fuck a shirt.

When I went to greet my friend I noticed she was not alone, she brought a friend. This wasn't rude in any way. To me the more the merrier and she knew that and probably thought she wouldn't know anyone. I walked down the concrete driveway, still dripping, my body glistening. I purposefully flexed some. When I saw them I realized how much I had grown in my time away. They were both short. Short compared to me anyway. One I towered over, Stephanie (the one who texted), and the other, Danalyn, was maybe to my forehead but also wearing heels that were probably three or four inches tall. I had come out of my house shirtless and still wet from the shower. I didn't like to keep people waiting but I also didn't know what to wear yet. Plus, I wanted to show off my well-toned body. I had been working hard to get as bulky as I had been and the last time I saw Stephanie, I was skin and bones. Literally I had gone from 120 with almost no muscle to 160 of bulky yet slender muscle and a very defined six pack. Some people called it my "twelve and a half pack". I didn't just go out to show off my new body. I went out because I got too excited.

I had a crush on Stephanie for years. We went out on a few dates. When I finally built up the courage to kiss her in a movie theatre, she cried. She literally cried for the rest of the movie and didn't say one word to me after. It was in the top 3 most awkward dates I think I have ever been on.

Like always, Stephanie didn't dress up much. She had on a black tank top that showed off what little cleavage she had being an A cup and jean booty shorts. Her tattoos showed down her arms and across her upper chest. Her choppy brunette hair covered most of her porcelain skin leaving mystery to the tattoos for now. Danalyn, on the other hand, I had never met before. Right from the get-go she was interested in me though. I could see her looking me up and down like a piece of meat. I thought that meant she was shallow. I preferred a girl who at least didn't show how impressed by my body she was. It gives me motivation to try harder. I do have to say that she was honest.

Danalyn was a stereotypical preppy girl. She wore high heels to a bon fire, heavy makeup that you figured would make her look different when it came off, a short dress that showed off the bottom of her ass if she even leaned over the slightest bit and cleavage out the top that made her boobs look fake, it must've been 20 bracelets on the same arm and a purse that you could fit a small dog in that matched her dress. She had long black hair and mocha skin that made her look Hispanic. I later found out she was, in fact, Hispanic.

Stephanie was much more of the goth girl. She got out of the car with heavy dark eye makeup that made her emerald eyes look huge but she didn't need make up to be naturally beautiful. She had a hoop septum piercing that made her look like a bull. Her outfit wasn't as flashy as Danalyn's but just as flattering. Her jeans that gave her some surprising curves that I had never seen on her before. She saw me walk up and flashed me a huge smile almost laughing at me for my ridiculous show of manhood. I yelled out invitingly "Hey guys! Thanks for showing up!"

They yelled back appreciatively as they walked up my driveway. "You're looking good Dominic! I haven't seen you in a while." Stephanie said to me sincerely.

"Thanks! It's been too long." I said as I hugged her purposely getting her wet. "Sorry for the wetness." I said giving her a knowing look. She laughed. "I was just in the shower getting ready for you pretty ladies to get here. Didn't want to smell bad, ya know!?" I looked at Danalyn and she was starting to get a little uncomfortable, like I was leaving her out.

Stephanie intervened, realizing she hadn't introduced us yet "Oh shit! Right! This is Danalyn! Fuck! My bad, chick." Stephanie was blushing so hard. I already felt accomplished. I made her forget her friend was there.

"It's okay sweetie. Nice to meet you Dominic. Would you mind escorting us to where the festivities are taking place? You don't need to put a shirt on just yet." Danalyn said very flirtatiously with a hungry smile. She knew what she wanted. So did I and it wasn't her but I enjoyed the compliment.

"No, it's okay. I don't want to show my body off to the whole party. Steph can show you where the deck is at. She's been here before. I'll be back there in just a second. Just let me know if you need anything." I said with a subconscious wink.

I rounded the corner and heard Danalyn say "Ooh girl, where did you find him!? He is yummy!"

Stephanie replied with a non-chalant "Yeah, I guess." I could feel her blush from far away. It was her tone of voice but what she said challenged me.

I got dressed and went to my party around back. The girls were dancing together when I got there. I was flirting with the both of them all night. It was a reflex for me. Stephanie it came naturally because I had crushed on her for years now. With Danalyn it was just fear of being rude. She was flirting with me so hard that I flirted back in fear that she would want to leave and take Stephanie with her. So I flirted. We all made s'mores on the bon fire, playfully fed each other (shoving it in each other's faces), cleaned off all the sticky marshmallow from each other's face and acted like there wasn't more of a party behind us. Like there was no one else there.

Eventually something happened. Danalyn got a call from a family member or friend and urgently had to leave early. Whoever she was on the phone with was already coming to get her. Her dad got into a car accident I think. It was bad but she told Stephanie to stay and she meant it unlike most girls. I walked Danalyn out to her car like a good host should. Halfway down the driveway she ran to the car. She was in a hurry and left me with Stephanie. She turned back and blew a kiss and screamed "Nice meeting you! Thank you for everything!" waved and closed the door.

By this time it was pitch black dark and the bon fire just made it seem darker with the longer shadows it casted. Before we went back to the party, Stephanie pulled me aside, behind a wooden fence where we could talk privately away from other party goers, and got really serious but didn't say anything. She held one of my arms, jittered a bit and looked down and up at me. I asked if she was okay and told her that if she wanted to go that she could. I understood the need to be there for a friend. She reassured me that Danalyn wanted her to be there and wanted time alone with whatever person got hurt in whatever way. I got that and tried to ease her mind with silly jokes and dancing. It was lame but it worked and she cracked a smile. She got a nostalgic look in her eyes, paused and then said "This is why I couldn't date you before."

It hit me hard, especially my ego, but I was curious and itching for more.I never did get an answer to why we cried and never talked about dating ever again "Why's that?"

She playfully shoved my chest and smiled "It's because you're such a good guy. I was so broken back then. I just didn't know what to do with someone as great as you. I definitely didn't want to hurt you with the state I was in."

"Is that seriously how you felt? So I didn't do anything wrong?"

"Ha! No! You did everything right! It was all my issues. You were great, the date was great, and that kiss was amazing! I wanted more but I couldn't have you like that. I would've hurt you."

"I like all this past tense talk you're speaking." I said raising one eye brow to lighten the serious tension that was building.

She laughed. "Yeah. I could definitely use some more of that now." She pulled my face down to her level and kissed me strong. It wasn't a short kiss. It was long and hot. I laced my fingers in her hands, pushed her hands above her head and slammed her into the fence we were behind as I continued to kiss her passionately with tongue. The jolt made her quiver and she kissed me back harder. I thought I heard voices from people on the other side of the fence but then someone came around the corner.

"Hey guys! We're about to start the game if you wanna join!" One of my childhood friends informed me.

I yelled back "Alright, thanks man!" turned to Stephanie and said "I guess we should get going then" as I turned to walk away.

She grabbed my arm and whipped me back around. She looked embarrassed. She was looking at the ground remembering something. "Wait. I have something to say. That date we went it was the best thing that happened to me. The kiss and everything was perfect. It was seriously the nicest anyone has ever treated me. I felt like a person when I was with you."

"Then why the hell did you cry?"

She busted out laughing at the memory. It was just to let out her embarrassment. She covered her mouth cutely when she laughed but got serious soon after. She knew I needed an answer. "It was too good for me. YOU were too good for me. I was really messed up at the time and I had to get some things straight."

"And you've done that?"

"Yeah, I think so. I want to try this again."

"Okay well let's get going before people start questioning where we went." She started to walk away and I grabbed her, pulled her up to my lips, kissed her passionately, whipped her back around and slapped her butt back toward the party.

The game lasted too long. It lasted hours and Stephanie wasn't waiting for me.

When our relationship wasn't even defined she made out with me in front of all of our friends. She claimed me as hers, at least for the night. She stayed in my lap with her arms wrapped around me as the party continued. I basked in the mysterious delight of her kiss. "Show me where your bathroom is at." She looked into my eyes and said as she unlocked lips with a gasp for air.

"Come on" I said grasping her hand and escorting her to the front door of my house. It was night and everyone was asleep except my friends outside.

We walked through the living room and down a hall until she asked "Oh, is this your room?"

I knew what she was doing and it was sneaky.

"Yeah, that's my room. I've been stashing all the sodas in there."

"Oh cool. Can I see?" She said as she walked in without permission or an answer and sat on the bed. "Wow your bed is comfy! And really big!" She laid flat and spread her arms out making a blanket angel and giggling at her own silliness. It was a queen size bed that could fit four people if they cuddled close enough. I couldn't help but to share in the laughter. She stared in my eyes intently, grabbed my shirt and pulled me down to kiss me more. This time hands roamed. She threw her arms up and I pulled her shirt off. She lay back down as my hands and lips traipsed around her body, biting and sucking on her neck down her stomach to her hips. I grabbed her pants and lifted her legs off the bed as I undid her jean shorts and pulled them off to reveal purple zebra print panties that had a very obvious wet spot near the crotch. "Oh geez, okay turn off the lights." she said covering her eyes cutely. I did as she said and kissed up her legs on the inner thigh. "Whoa what are you doing!?"

"Oh, you know what I'm doing."

"But what if it smells bad? Or isn't pretty?"

"Oh shut up!" I said as I ripped her legs apart farther and licked her pussy through her panties. She threw her head and body back in pleasure. "Oh damn! That tongue feels better than a girls!"

"How can you know if I've barely even started?"

"Don't talk! Just keep eating!" She said as she put her hand behind my head and forced me back into her pussy. I pulled her panties aside and buried my face and tongue into her pussy

"Oh WOW! Okay this-this is-is GOOD!" She said in between breaths, gasps and moans.

She held my head and gripped my hair as I flicked my tongue up and down the outside teasing her entrance and clit. She buried me in and her hips started to gyrate up and down. I pulled away and she screamed "No! Why did you stop!?"

"I needed more in my mouth" I said as I lifted her legs up and yanked her panties off throwing them across the room. I dove into her pussy and she squealed with excitement. I used my tongue to do figure eights from her entrance to her clit. I could feel her pussy twitching.

"Yes! Gah! Please!" Her words were becoming less and less coherent as I started nibbling on her clit and swirling her insides. Eventually she grabbed my head, pulled my hair, her whole body convulsed as she then pushed me off got up kissed my juice covered lips and licked them clean. She kissed me hard with tongue and undid my belt and pants until she could easily grab my cock hard. "Holy shit! It's huge! This isn't like...normal huge this is FUCKING HUGE!" She stared me right in the eyes as she jerked me off. I slipped my boxers off and she just said "Break me with this cock." with the most intense primal tone in her voice. She kneeled down, looked me in the eye nervously and said "I don't like to suck dick, I almost never do it. This is too magnificent not to suck." She opened wide and put it in her mouth till it was good and wet. It hardened and grew even more inside her mouth and I could hear a muffled squeal. She let loose with a popping sound and said "I can't even fit a fourth of it in."

"Just lick the head and massage the balls with your hands." She couldn't do just that. She sucked on my balls, tried to fit them both in her mouth and gargled them.

She let the cock drape over her face and measure it close to almost twice the length of her face and as thick as the whole length of her lips. She laughed in excitement and said "Ohh-oh-oh my god! I can't wait! DON'T take it easy on me. Please fuck me!" She laid back on the bed and didn't even wait for me to get on top. She lifted her hips, held my dick in place and scooted her body down to slip me in her vagina. It was so tight I could feel her pulse as I penetrated her womb. She threw her arms back, sighed in relief, wrapped her legs around my waist and moved her hips wildly up and down my groin as though I was a sex toy.

Her desperation and admiration for my cock got me hot, but I was tired of doing nothing. I slammed my dick in her so hard her hips hit the bed and we bounced 2 feet off the bed in unison. She screamed. I thought I was going to break her tiny hips but she asked me to break her so I didn't stop. She wrapped her arms around me and I leaned down, grabbed the back of her head and made out with her to silence the screaming. It only muffled it and some got out between bounces of our bodies.

My back hurt, I hated the position I was in. With both her arms and legs wrapped around me I lifted her body off the bed (still inside of her), fuck her standing, turn around and slam her against the closed door for some added support. She loosened her arms and grabbed at the door frame as her body quivers with intensity and moaned "Ughhhh!" Wrapping my arms around her I can tell her back is smooth and toned and I can't help but to let them run wildly around it. My hand comes across the bra which gets skillfully undone. It doesn't come off or show anything. I stays hanging on her shoulders. We're too focused on how good we feel to reposition but she wants it. Stephanie unwrapped her legs, plants them against the door and pushes hard enough to knock us both back trip me onto the bed in a sitting position on the edge. I grabbed her ass for support. I got surprised. For such tiny hips she had quite the round and bubbly butt.

We never missed a beat, I never came out of her. We continued gyrating and I groped a breast with one hand. I couldn't help myself. The fact that they were still hidden behind the fabric but I knew they were loose drove my mind wild. I wanted it. They were small and they fit in my palm but they were still perky and bouncy. I kept staring at her chest hoping for a glimpse of boob but her bra still covered her. In my frustration, I grabbed the shoulder straps, ripped them down and threw the lacy bra across the room. I buried my face in the moment they were revealed. It felt like a perfect cone in my mouth. I could perfectly and evenly circle her breasts with my tongue. Her nipple suspended on my tongue as I flicked it back and forth. She didn't have much reaction to it till I got rough and bit. When I bit her pussy squirted a bit. I wanted more. Knowing that her pussy squirted gave me a goal: I would make her into a GEYSER.

I grabbed her and threw her off my dick and on the bed. "Oh give me more! mmmm I want it!" She wriggled like an addict, but an obedient one. She just laid there staring at me wagging and gyrating her hips, raising her pussy in the air for me to see and be tempted by. I grabbed one leg, flipped her on one side and lifted the leg all the way behind her head. Good thing she was flexible. I slipped my member in her drenched hole and rammed her. With every thrust she screamed louder and louder. Every thrust pushed her closer and closer to the edge of the bed. "Oh my god, Dom!" She screamed as her eyes rolled back, her toes curled and she smiled as she came.

"Oh you're not just cumming once."

I thrusted in to her faster and faster, until she came over and over again and screamed "My god! You're my god! You're a sex god! Fuck me Sex God! Ahhhhhhh!" In mid scream she was pounded off the bed and thrusted into doing a handstand. If she was almost done cumming, she wasn't anymore. The blood now rushing to her head threw her into a deeper ecstasy. If she thought she was on cloud nine, she just hit a whole new level of pleasure. Words were no longer coherent and her squirting took full effect. She gushed into the air and covered my chest in her juices. Some even landing back down on her, making her tits face and hair wet. She couldn't take it anymore. She had things she wanted and she was going to take them.

Stephanie wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and did a sit-up while pushing me over onto the bed. I spun still managing to land on top pinning her to the bed. My dick slipped right back in and we made out as I thrusted in. It distracted her for a time but she wiggled off of me, and shoved my head down to her pussy and demanded "Eat me out!" I didn't have a choice. She wrapped her legs around my head like a boa constrictor placing the flat of her feet on the back of my head. As I licked her pussy she pushed me in deeper and deeper. My long tongue could curl and feel the start of her womb from the inside. I massaged her slit and g-spot. "Oh fuck, Dom! Yes! She screamed as she massaged my scalp and hair. Her hips gyrated uncontrollably on my face wetting even my nose with her pussy. I could feel her juices getting up my nose and it only turned me in more. Her pussy tightened many times over around my tongue. I had to buck back and forth to get loose enough to come out of her pussy. Not to stop but to tease her clit instead. That was the hotspot! She was built up and I wanted her to explode all over me and she wouldn't loosen her grip long enough even if I wanted her to. When I wiggled back some I voraciously buried my face in, sucked, nibbled and bit her clit. Her hip motions got bigger rubbing her pussy on my whole face.
My hands groping her soft ass lingered over to her asshole. It was wet from juices that had dripped down. I rubbed the outside but not for long. I plunged a finger inside massaging all her parts at once. Her body wrenched and convulsed from pleasure. "Ahhhh...YEAH! Yeah yah yah yah YES!" She pulled the sheets and gripped them tight as she squirted into my mouth so much I felt like I was drowning. Drowning in her sex sent me into euphoria. I couldn't think of a thing but how she tasted. It tasted mostly sweet but somewhat sour, like a mango fruit juice. When I came down from my high all I could feel was the throbbing in my cock and I wanted to cum. I had been holding it in the whole time and I was ready to explode.

Like a buzzkill, one of my friends entered the room. I'll never forget what Stephanie did. In one smooth motion, she climbed on my cock, grabbed the undone sheets to cover her ass and squished her tits as close to my body as possible, hiding every lewd part from my friend who interrupted. That was dedication.

He and I spoke as she continued grinding on my dick. "Dominic, people are getting really rowdy and the fire is getting huge!"

"Alright so take care of it! I'm kind of in the middle of something!" I said gesturing to the fine woman still grinding in my lap, cuddling against my chest.

"I can't just..."

"I don't know man, but please, for me, do what you have to do and make sure the place isn't trashed and the house doesn't burn down. Kick some people out. Turn off the music, that gets lots of people to leave."

"Okay, yeah, I can do that." We bumped fists and he left.

The moment he was gone I said "Holy shit I've had to cum forever. I'm gonna cum in your ass. I'm taking that asshole." I informed her as I was still massaging fingers inside. It wasn't a suggestion, I wasn't asking permission; she just got what she wanted so I was going to take exactly what I wanted.

"Yes! Do it!" She said as I grabbed her by her tiny perky tits and flipped her over onto her stomach. She fell onto her face and let out a moan. She was turned on by how roughly she was getting handled. She thrusted her ass up in the air and wiggled it with anticipation. It jiggled as much as a firm bubble butt could and she screamed "Put it in!"

I grabbed her inviting hips and pulled them towards me. The juices from her pussy had covered her asshole. I could see her ass and pussy glisten in the moonlight from the window. It was enough lube to slip right in. I wasn't gentle. I didn't inch it in. She wanted it hard so I rammed it in. She screamed but not in pain, more by surprise. I thrusted in harder and harder making her boobs bounce wildly. "Agh! Ye-!" She couldn't speak in words anymore but only in moans, grunts and half words. She wanted me closer. She wanted to feel me. She threw herself up and rested herself sweetly against my body. Her petite back molded to my chiseled chest and her butt cheeks slipped in between the muscles of my groin and thighs. The back of her head rested against my shoulder like a pillow not being able to support it on her own anymore. One hand wrapped around the back of my neck and the other around to grope and massage my ass. Stephanie squeezed and pulled me in deeper as I thrusted. My hands wandered to grope her boobs, down her toned stomach and massage her clit as I pounded in her ass. Her sex noises could no longer be called moans they were purely screams "Ah ah ah AH AH AGH!" She screamed repetitively.

I turned her head around and pulled her into a passionate kiss. The kiss pushed her over the edge. She came hard. She whimpered and quivered as we kissed. Her juices dripped down my testes and made me burst. "I'm coming!" I screamed. I thrusted faster as I came more and more.

"Ah! Yes, yes yes! IT—COMI—OUT! AHHH aH aH aH AHHH! -NOT—STOPP—INGGG!" The feel of the load was so much she came until she collapsed onto the bed and off my dick. I was still coming. What wasn't in her, sprayed all over of bubbly soft tush and the arches of her back.

"Oh my god. Oh my god! Oh! My! GOD!" She laughed in hysterical amazement. "I can't believe it! You came SO MUCH!" She panted and couldn't talk. I watched her body move up and down with her lungs. I had filled her ass so much that she literally couldn't hold it all in and it began spilling out and down the slit of her pussy. It made her shunt, quiver and shudder as the feeling shot like electricity through her whole body. There was a moment of silence before she turned over on her back spread her legs as wide as she could, reached down to grab some cum from her ass, ate it off her fingers while staring me straight in the eyes, continued to spread her pussy with her both hands and said "I want more!" In a very seductive and demanding manner.

I grabbed her spread legs, held them in the air, pushing her onto her back and rammed her pussy as fast and as hard as I could. She screamed. "more more more More More More. MORE! Oh my god, fuck me more! Dominic! Don't...Stop!...Fuck!...Me! YES!" With every thrust she sprayed squirt all over my stomach, balls and thighs.

"Oh, God! Cover me with that squirt!" She took me literally. To this day I still don't know how she did what she did. My full weight was barreling on top of her into her tiny pussy. It must have been pure adrenaline. With her legs behind her head, getting pounded by 160 pounds she found a way to throw herself up, pushing me over onto my back, and climbing on top all without ever letting my penis leave her pussy. It was a magical feat in my book. The bottom line is she wanted to please me. She pounded my cock the only way a woman can pound a cock. She used such force in her hips that we bounced on the bed. She continued squirting with each thrust. It started spilling onto my stomach and chest, dripping onto my neck, covering me just like I asked. It's so hot that I wanted to cum right away but I hold it in. I can hear the sloshing of the puddle on the bed underneath us. Between the two of us, I assumed she had more cum on the bed but I wasn't entirely certain.

"I'm gonna cum!" I say out of desperation.

"Do it!" She screamed as she bounced my body into the air and off the bed.

"I'll cum inside." I warned again.

"I don't care! Let me feel your HOT CUM!" with each pounding thrust she sprung us up and forced us back down to the bed harder.

I couldn't take the dirty talk. I had to cum. Some came out inside but I didn't want it there. Too much had gone inside her already. I wanted to see her covered inside and out just like she did to me. I threw her off me. She flew and landed on a pile of pillows. I was lucky she didn't hit the wall or headboard. I guess I still had some control. I sat up fast and blew my load all over her. It shot so far it covered her pussy, stomach, boobs, neck and half of her face. There were barely any spots that were bare flesh anymore. She was in euphoria. The bit that got on her face she licked off. She took her time with it. I stayed there watching. She naturally just rubbed the cum over her whole body, rubbing it in her skin like a lotion and then pushed the excess down to her pussy and forced it inside. Every spot on her torso shined with cum. She sat up and sucked my cock clean. She kept inspecting and licking any spots she missed making sure that every bit was clean. When she was done, she grabbed me by my ass and pulled me down to the bed with her, snuggled into my chest and fell asleep. We fell asleep and the cum dried and stuck our bodies together like glue. The sex didn't stop. The feeling of her tits glued to me and the feeling of my dick grazing her pussy as we slept made us wake up on and off and unconsciously start having sex over and over until the sun came up.

As we finally woke in mid afternoon, she smiled at me, realizing our bodies were stuck together still. She gave me sweet kisses and my morning wood teased another round. Her panties went missing among the chaos.

To be continued...


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