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Peggy Serves the Secret Society

Author's notes: In her bibliography Literotica member/author Peggy46 wrote that she is very turned-on when people write stories about her. She extended an invitation to anyone to continue or add to the stories that she has written. Member/author Walterio has written an excellent series of stories about Peggy, "Peggy Sanford-A Worldly Woman." I was very turned on by his series. I love that Peggy is a beautiful, mature woman who lives her life to the fullest, without reservations. She enjoys a voracious sex life with whomever and whenever she desires. That series was the impetus for my series of stories "Further tales of Peggy Sanford."

Peggy46 wrote a two part story, Peggy Sanford & the Secret Society about Peggy's initiation into the Secret Society of Black Men. Walterio's wrote a third part in response to a request from Peggy46 for him to continue the story. He ended his story with Peggy Sanford wondering when and where she might be summoned by the Secret Society again. I wrote these stories proposing Peggy's next encounter with the Secret Society.

Peggy46 also wrote that she especially enjoys stories with a first person point of view, where the writer becomes her. I wrote this story, in a first person point of view with that in mind. I tried to fill in enough background information, characters and past incidents to make this story readable on its own but I recommend that you read Peggy46 and Walterio's stories before reading my story.

I hope you all enjoy it and welcome any comments and suggestions.


I was making my way through the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta one morning, when I heard someone call my name.

"Peggy, Peggy Sanford is that you?" The female voice called.

I turned around and saw an attractive woman in a flight attendant's uniform. It took me a second to recognize her.

"Toni, oh my god, I haven't seen you in ages, not since Air America went bankrupt," I cried out as I dropped my bag and held my arms open.

Toni threw her arms around me and we hugged and kissed. Then we separated and stepped back to look each other over again. I knew Toni was in her mid-forties but she could easily pass for her mid-thirties. She was 5'5" tall, weighed about 125 pounds and had a firm 36d-24-36 figure. She had long wavy black hair and eyes. Her eyes seemed wearier than in the past but she still had that same bright friendly smile. She was wearing a flight attendant's uniform, a short dark blue skirt, dark stockings and a light blue blouse.

"Oh my god Peggy, you're still beautiful as ever, I hate you," Toni said with a laugh. "You look as good if not better than you did when we were both flying for Air America."

I blushed at her complement, but I am proud that I'm still the same size as my flight attendant days, 5'3" and 103 pounds with a 34c-22-36 figure. I'm also in my mid-forties but I'm often mistaken for someone ten or fifteen years younger. It's all thanks to my good genes, daily workouts and healthy living, my only vice is my sex addiction. My breasts are all natural and still high and firm but I get the most complements about my tight firm butt. Men just seem to love my ass. I have shoulder length light brown hair and green eyes. I was wearing a short black skirt, a yellow blouse, high heels and nothing else. I rarely wear any under garments. I really love being naked under my clothes. It turns me on just to think that one wrong turn or slip and I could expose myself at any time.

"Thank you, Toni, that's very nice of you to say, but why hate me. I'm the one who should be jealous, you look even sexier now." I replied.

"Yeah I do," Toni said laughing again before adding. "It's my new boobs. The old ones were starting to droop. Ray paid to have them lifted. Do you have time for a cup of coffee? I'd love to catch up."

"Sure, let's grab a table in the Starbucks over there," I suggested.

As we walked over to the Starbucks, I thought back to our days working together as flight attendants. Those were some wild days. It wasn't unusual for us to spend our layover time in bed with a couple of pilots or handsome customers. Sometimes we even worked as escorts when we had layovers in New York, Vegas or Miami.

Toni and I got our coffees and found a place to sit. Toni spoke up first, "So Peggy, tell me what you been up to since our wild days at Air America...and don't leave out the dirty parts."

I laughed and thought to myself, that's just like Toni right to the sex. I gave Toni a quick update on my home life. I was still married to the same guy, both of our kids were in college and now I was working for an insurance company as an on-site claims representative.

I took a sip of coffee before starting on my sex life. Toni knew all about my past. My husband and I had been swingers and we were very active in the life style. Toni had even joined us on several occasions. She also knew that my husband was much older than me and that he had gotten ill a few years ago. What she didn't know was that between his illnesses, the drugs he had to take and his age, he had lost all interest in sex. Unfortunately as his sex drive began to diminish my already extensive sexual appetite seemed to explode. I couldn't seem to get enough. Maybe it was an age thing, they say a woman's sex drive increases as she gets older or maybe it was because I'm just a sex addict. Whatever it was, it didn't matter. When I worked for Air America, it wasn't a problem. I could always have enough sex on layovers to me keep sane. When the airline went bankrupt and I lost my job, I lost the antidote for my sexual frustrations. When I told Toni about my husband's lack of interest she quickly offered her condolences.

"Oh Peggy, I'm sorry for you. I know how much you guys enjoyed swinging back in the day," Toni commented.

"Hey, I said HE lost interest, I didn't say anything about me," I joked before adding. "I've been as active, if not more so, than our days at Air America. The kids are away at college and my husband is always going away on golfing trips so I've been able to take a couple of lovers at home. Plus my new job has me traveling all over the country so I just extend my work assignments for a day or two and I can indulge in all the casual sex I want. As they say, what the hubby don't know..."

"Won't hurt him," Toni added with a laugh before adding. "Good for you, can't let an uninterested man stop you from enjoying sex. So tell me about your new adventures."

I told Toni about several of my wilder adventures. There was the time I was spent a long weekend at the beach and met three handsome college students. They followed me back to my hotel room for a mini gang bang. Then there was the time I was mistaken for a hooker by an out of town businessman. I went to his hotel room and had a foursome with the man and his two associates. They paid me $1500.00 for a wild afternoon where they triple teamed me several times. I used the money to treat myself to diner at the best local French restaurant. I went home with the owner. Later that night his two eighteen year old sons joined us in bed for another delightful foursome. I also told her about the time I visited my kids' college. My kids had dates on Saturday night so I went out on my own. I got picked up by two Fraternity brothers and taken to a frat party. That led to another gangbang that lasted til the wee hours of the morning by the entire fraternity.

"Gee Peggy, all your stories involve you getting gangbanged by lot of men, especially young men. If I didn't know you better I might think you're a slut," Toni said with a laugh.

"Ah but you do know me better and you do know I'm a slut," I replied with a laugh before asking about Toni's life.

Toni told me she had gotten a job with Delta Airlines after the Air America folded and she now lived in Atlanta, Delta's hub airport. She got divorced about six months after the move. Toni and her husband had also been swingers but he didn't like Atlanta. He started pestering her to quit and move. He didn't want her working and traveling anymore. Also he wanted to stop swinging. She said she couldn't give up traveling and swinging so they divorced. Like me she liked having her sexual freedom. I asked about Ray, who Toni said paid for her new boobs. She said he was a friend and they swung together but didn't elaborate much more than that. She said things had changed at Delta, not as much fooling around on the job as before but she had some friends that she and Ray partied with. She said she enjoyed being single again, it allowed her the freedom to do what she wanted.

We were just about done with our coffees when Toni asked me about my plans in Atlanta. I told her that I was there to handle claims for a recent flood but I should be done with the claims by early Friday afternoon. I took vacation days on Monday and Tuesday so that would give me four days to have some fun.

"Do you have any plans for the weekend?" Toni asked.

"No, I haven't been to Atlanta in years. I just figured I find some like-minded sex maniacs and have some fun," I answered with a laugh.

"Great, maybe we could get together and relive some of those wild times from Air America," Toni asked with a smile.

"Like our private cruise in the Mediterranean," I replied with a laugh.

"Exactly," Toni exclaimed. "I may be able to set up something like that last night, all that dick...if you're up to it."

I thought back to that cruise. Toni, another flight attendant named Carla and I were alone on a yacht for a week with nine handsome, horny, well-endowed, Italian crewmembers. We girls spent all day sunning and shopping in various ports of call. We spent each night with each one of us taking three of the crewmembers to our private cabins. We spent the night fucking and sucking. The last night was a wild orgy in the main salon, the three of us and all nine well-endowed studs that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. A long weekend like that would be great. The hubby and kids had been home all last week so I wasn't able to get away with any of my lovers. Also I had worked at the home office so I didn't have any travel adventures. I was getting desperate for a good fuck.

"I'm ready, any time you are," I replied with a laugh.

"Great, I'll be back on Friday night. Give me your cell and we'll set something up for then," Toni said. "I'll also text you the names of some places in Atlanta that you might like; they're good for picking up guys."

We exchanged numbers, hugs and kisses and went our separate ways. I headed over to baggage claims and picked up my luggage. Then I went to the car rental agency, picked up a car and headed off to my hotel.

A couple of days later Toni texted me a list of bars and clubs but I was too busy seeing clients and following up on claims to visit any of them during the work week. I also found out that Toni's friend Ray, who had paid for her breast implants, owned one of the clubs. We made plans to meet there on Friday night.

By Friday night I was starting to climb the walls. I hadn't had a real cock in almost two weeks ago. I just couldn't remember the last time I had gone that long. Just as I finished showering I received a text from Toni. She was stuck in Chicago, a problem with the plane, and she wouldn't get to Atlanta until the next day. She suggested that I go to the Ray's club anyway. She said Ray was dying to meet me. He had promised her he would "take good care of me." I was getting desperate for some real cock so I decided to take Ray up on his kind offer. I fixed my hair up off my shoulders; dressed in a very short, tight fitting, sleeveless, white dress, 5 inch heels and nothing else. One last check in the mirror and I headed out to check out Ray's club and Ray himself.

Ten minutes later, my taxi stopped in front of the club. I was happy to see three attractive similarly dressed women enter the club. I had dressed appropriately, evening "slut" wear. I was also happy to see two handsome, well dressed, black guys enter; handsome males of any race are always welcome in my book. The staff out front was very friendly, joking and flirting with me as I reached the door. I was surprised when they asked for my license and ran it through a machine. I've been told I didn't look my age but it's been awhile since I was proofed. That struck me as odd but I figured maybe it was just the club rules.

Once inside, I was glad I had come. The dance floor was filled with an attractive crowd and the DJ was playing an upbeat dance mix but not so loud that talking was impossible. As I looked around the club I began to notice that all of the women were attractive and almost every one of them was white. I also noticed that all of the men were black. I quickly found a seat at the bar and ordered a white wine. As I turned back to look around the room again a large black man stepped in front of me, blocking my view.

"Hello pretty lady, you must be Peggy," He said a smile.

"Yes, yes I am, but how do you know who I am?" I asked a little perplexed that he knew my name.

"Security advised me," He replied and then he must have noticed the confused look on my face because he added. "I'm Ray. Toni's friend, she said you would be coming tonight. I asked security to let me know when you got here. I told Toni I'd make sure you had a good time."

I took a few seconds to check out Ray. He was very handsome, dark skinned with a clean shaven face and head. He was tall, about 6'3" with a muscular athlete's build. I recognized the brand of his expensive button down shirt and slacks. His cologne was intoxicating but not overly powerful. Toni had done well, I liked what I saw.

"Well it's nice to meet you Ray. I don't know if Toni told you but she's stuck in Chicago," I said as I stuck out my hand.

Ray took my hand in his extra-large hand. I giggled to myself as I thought of the old saying, large hands equal large cocks. Ray lifted my hand to his lips and kissed it.

"Well, Peggy it is very nice to meet you. That too bad about Toni, but she has told me all about you and your adventures together. I'm sure we can have a good time without her." Ray said with a smile as he moved in close.

When the bartender returned with my wine, Ray signaled that the drink was on him. As we talked, I noticed Ray was very touchy-feely, continually touching my bare shoulders and arms, taking my hand and pressing his legs against my thigh. I knew Ray was trying to seduce me, and while I was sure Toni wouldn't care, I did feel a slight trepidation about giving into his charms. I couldn't place a finger on it but something felt odd but as happened numerous times in the past, my desperate need for a real cock overrode any apprehensions I felt. I "accidently" brushed my hand across the front of Ray's pants. I couldn't hide how surprised or impressed I was at the size of his cock. It must be true, I thought, large hands equals large cocks.

Ray must have noticed my "accidental" touch because he soon made his move. Almost as if on cue, the DJ increased the volume of the music as Ray leaned in and spoke into my ear.

"Why don't we go to my office? It's quieter there," Ray said as he took hold of my arm and slid me off the barstool.

I followed Ray across the club to a door marked office. Once we stepped inside it was much quieter. I saw a flight of stairs leading up to a landing and a second set of stairs doubling back to another larger landing with another door. We walked up to the first landing together. I started up the second flight but stopped after four steps when Ray didn't follow me. I stopped and turned to face him.

"What's the matter, aren't you cumming?" I asked with a coy laugh.

"Hopefully in a little bit, but I was just admiring the view. Toni said you were beautiful, but she never described how stunning your ass is, dam Peggy, your ass is a piece of art," Ray said with a naughty smile.

"Art, you say, well art shouldn't be covered up," I said as I turned my back to him and pulled the tightfitting dress up exposing my naked buttocks.

"Oh yeah Peggy, it's a masterpiece. Bring that fine ass back down here," Ray said it but it sounded more like a command.

I turned around and stepped down two stairs. Due to the differences in our heights we were now eye to eye. I looked into Ray's face. I was a little bit frightened by his intimidating and confident looks, but I had to admit I was also very, very turned on. I turned around again and leaned forward, thrusting my ass back at Ray. He reached out, pushed my dress up even higher and roamed his large hands over the fleshy globes of my buttocks. I moaned in response to his electric touch. He slid one hand between my legs and brushed it across my pussy. I knew it would come away warm and wet.

"You're wet already, Toni was right. You really are a hot little number. You came here to get fucked, didn't you? You knew Toni wasn't here, but you came here anyway. You're looking for some dick, aren't you?" Ray asked as he pulled down his zipper and fished an enormous semi hard cock from his pants.

"Uh... um yes, yes I am," I stammered once I saw the size of his cock.

"And you found some, some big black dick, but you don't care Peggy do you? In fact it's even better if it's big and black, right Peggy? " Ray forcefully asked.

"Yes oh god yes, the bigger... the blacker the better, oh my god yes," I replied without thinking.

"All right Peggy, come on prove it, come on and suck my big black dick," Ray ordered.

My hunger for cock had taken over my senses. The slight trepidation I felt in the back of my mind had now become an irritating buzz, but I would have agreed to do anything to satisfy that hunger. I turned around and sat on the second step. My dress was bunched up around my waist and my legs were splayed open exposing my pussy. My face was at the same level as Ray's cock. I reached out a hand and took hold of his cock. I used the other to unsnap the top button on his pants. His pants easily slid down to his ankles, exposing all of his large cock and a hefty set of balls. I've had enough experience with cocks to get good at estimating how big they will grow when they get hard. I figured his cock would be close to a foot long when it was hard. I stroked one hand up and down his turgid length while I fondled his sack with the other.

"Ah, that feels great Peggy, but I want you to suck it," Ray ordered.

Still holding onto his cock and balls, I snaked out my tongue and flicked it across the silky bulbous head of Ray's cock. I didn't spend a long time in any one spot. I gently licked the ridge around the base of the head before moving onto the frenulum, the V shaped ridge under the bottom of the head and then slipping the tip of my tongue into his urethra. Ray groaned in pleasure as I worked my tongue all over his cock. Drops of precum oozed from his piss-hole. I love the taste of precum, it' sweeter and lighter than regular cum. I never let any of it go to waste. I licked and sucked each drop as it escaped from his hole.

Ray reached behind my neck and untied the string holding up the top of my dress. He pushed it down exposing my breasts. My nipples were already swollen with lust. He reached down, caressed the fleshy globes and then pulled and pinched the hard nubs. I gasped at the painful pinch and pulled his dick out of her mouth. A long rope of his precum began to leak from the tip. Ray grabbed the hair on the back of my head and forced it down.

"Don't let any of my cum go to waste Peggy. Don't ever waste a black man's cum. Suck it woman, suck it all," Ray commanded.

That command should have raised a red flag but at the time my two weeks long lack of a real cock had rendered my mind unable to give it a second thought. I stuck out my tongue and caught the end of the rope of precum. I moved my head back up, catching the rest as I brought my mouth back over the head of Ray's cock. He held my head and pushed his hips forward. About four inches of cock slid into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the fat tool and began bobbing my head back and forth, slowly working more and more of the big cock into my mouth. Whenever he pulled my head back, I used the tip of my tongue to tickle the frenulum over and over.
"That's it Peggy, yeah they're right, god you really know how to suck dick," Ray moaned.

I thought I heard Ray say "they're" but I wasn't sure. Maybe he said Toni, I don't know; whatever it was, I was much too involved in sucking that beautiful cock to worry. I really wanted to please him. I continued working his cock in and out of my mouth. He was too big and fat for me to "deep throat" his entire length, maybe if I was lying on my back with my head hanging off a bed, but I did get a good three quarters of its twelve fat inches in my mouth. I gauged Ray's building excitement and decided to extend his pleasure. I took his cock out of my mouth and stroked my hand along its rigid length. I kissed and licked my way down to his balls. I continued stroking his cock as I took his testes into my mouth, one at a time at first and then both together, gently sucking and nibbling on the sensitive glands.

"Oh yeah Peggy, that's right, suck my balls, yeah, they're so fucking right, you really know how to suck dick," Ray moaned again.

This time I knew I heard Ray said "they're" but I still didn't know what he meant by it. Besides at this point, I was too excited and filled with desire to care. I needed to get fucked, consequences be dammed. I also realized that Ray was on the verge of cumming and I didn't want to waste any of his cum. I just love it. I took about four inches of tip of his cock into my mouth, stroked one hand along the rest and jiggled his balls with the other. Ray groaned loudly as the first spurt of cum rocketed out of his cock and against the back of my throat. He held my head in place as he continued firing shot after shot of thick, warm, salty cum down my throat. I started gaging, struggling to keep ahead of the massive load. I hadn't swallowed this much sperm from any one man in a long time. After I felt last dribbles of seed leave Ray's cock, he pulled it from my mouth. It was still covered with a coating of his cum and my saliva. The last drops of his load were leaking from the opening.

"Come on Peggy, suck me dry, don't waste any of this black man's cum," Ray commanded as he shoved his dick back in my mouth.

After I finished sucking and licking all of the cum and saliva from Ray's cock, I sat back as he slid it out of my mouth. I looked at it and wasn't surprised, his dick was still big and fat and ready to go. I hoped he planned on using it fill to my pussy and quench the burning fire between my legs. Ray pulled up his pants and buttoned the top snap. His cock was too big and wet for him to shove it in his pants so he left it sticking out of the fly. I giggled when I saw that. He grabbed my hands and stood me up.

"Come on Peggy, I need to see if your pussy and ass are as good as they say they are," Ray said as he pushed me up the stairs.

I was happy Ray was going to fuck me but I was also starting to wonder who this "they" was that he kept referring to. I asked when we reached the top landing.

Ray ignored my question as he worked the security pad to unlock the door. He opened the door and pulled me into the office. The office was huge. There was a small bar with four stools in one corner, a seating area with a white couch and chairs along the wall, a poker table in a second corner, a pool table in the third and a desk with several file cabinets in the last corner.

Ray led me over to the bar. He poured himself a drink from a bottle of Black Label Scotch and set it on the bar. He took off his shirt, dropped his pants and kicked them and his shoes away. He leaned back against the bar, naked, took a sip of his drink and looked directly at me.

"Come here Peggy, suck my dick again. I want to see if your pussy and ass are as good as they say," Ray commanded.

"Who is this "they" you keep talking about?" I asked again.

"Who, why the other Masters of the Secret Society of Black Men, Mr. G. the Grand Master and Mr. H. the Master in the Bahamas" Ray replied.

The Secret Society of Black Men...the irritating buzz in the back of my mind was now a full three alarm ringing fire bell...The Secret Society of Black Men.

The Society was originally formed as an association where black men and white women could get together, fulfilling their wanton lust for each other. Members of the Society believe that, even going back to the bad times of slavery, there has been a dark side to many white women, a lustful side. That white women have long held a deep lust for the black man because of their well-known and rumored sexual superiority. The Society provided the opportunity for black men to openly dominate beautiful, willing, single and married white women for the benefit of both.

"Peggy, don't tell me you've forgotten about the Society and your commitment to it, you still carry the marks from your initiation. I know it's been a couple of months since your last service down in the Bahamas but you certainly don't think we would ever forget you," Ray said with a wicked laugh.

My mind flashed back to my initiation, the ceremony where I was tattooed with the black Ace of Spades, the mark of the Society, on my right ankle and inner thigh. At the ceremony I had to commit myself, my mind, and my white body to serve the black man totally and without reservation. I had also signed the Contract of Servitude where I declared myself the personal property of the Society. I had agreed to deliver my body and mind to the demands and wishes of the Society at all times and in all ways, immediately, and without restraint or reservation as instructed. I also agreed to be assigned to the servitude of other Masters as instructed by Mr. G, the Grand Master. By signing the contract I agreed to be known by just my first name, Peggy, sex slave to the Grand Master and all other Masters.

"Or the proper positions to present yourself," Ray added.

I quickly searched my mind for the proper response. I removed my dress and was now naked except for my high heels. I placed my hands to my sides, palms out, spread my legs a full 18 inches apart, with my breasts held up, shoulders back, and head tilted forward as I waited for further instructions. I ran the other positions and rules of the Society through my head. White men have white cocks, black men have big black dicks, never refer to a black man's dick as a cock, never waste any black man's cum and always be ready to receive any black man's dick.

"Position number one, good Peggy, you remember. For now on you will refer to me as Mr. R., Master or sir. I am the Master in Atlanta," Ray said before continuing. "You may be wondering about your friend, Toni. She is a member of the society too. You probably didn't notice her tattoo because of the dark stockings she wears for work. She is the "Platinum Star" in Atlanta and as such she is assigned to bring other suitable white women to me for our events. When we saw you at the airport she did what was expected of her. We checked with the Grand Master, Mr. G., he said that he personally conducted your initiation and he truly enjoyed your pussy. He said I am to use you as I see fit. I also spoke to Mr. H. the Master in the Bahamas. He was very pleased with your service down there. He and his brothers especially enjoyed your fine ass. He is looking forward to having you return sometime soon."

My mind flashed back to my initiation and my trip to the Bahamas. Both times I lost track of how many black dicks I sucked or how many fucked my ass and pussy. I was double penetrated time and time again and I had all three of my orifices filled with big black dick at the same time, over and over. I left both events sore with a stretched pussy and asshole but truly satisfied. I knew I was in for more of the same in Atlanta.

"Now that we have that out of the way, come over here and get my dick hard so I can sample your pussy and ass. I have a couple of important meetings planned for this weekend and I want to make sure you are ready and willing to please all the Society members and our guests," Ray commanded. He was still leaning against the bar drinking his scotch.

I had been looking for a long weekend of dick sucking and fucking. Now I knew I would experience more black dicks than I had ever imagined. Part of me was angry at Toni for not warning me but another part of me was excited. I wanted to be their slut, to have them to use me, make me do things I would never have thought of doing before, to own me and use me up entirely. I had to admit I had become addicted to big black dicks.

I walked over to Ray, bent over and took his big black dick into my mouth. He pulled my hair out of the way so he could watch as I bobbed my head up and down on his dick. He slid a hand across my back, slipped it between the cheeks of my ass, past my anus to my pussy. I was dripping wet and his middle and ring fingers easily slid inside me.

"Peggy your pussy is soaking wet, I see you are going to enjoy getting fucked this weekend," Ray said as worked his fingers back and forth in my pussy.

I groaned around his dick and flexed the muscles in my pussy. As Ray continued fingering me, my cunt continued leaking juices. He took his wet fingers from my pussy and moved them to my anus. He rubbed the area around my asshole before slowly pushing one finger inside. He worked the finger back and forth a few times before he slipped a second one inside. Then he used his fingers and my leaking cunt juices to stretch and lube my tight anal channel.

"Mr. H is right, your asshole is tight, my brothers will certainly enjoy it this weekend," Ray moaned, he was obliviously still enjoying my oral skills.

After a few minutes of finger fucking my ass, Ray pulled his fingers from my butt and his dick from my mouth. He stood me up, bent me over one of the barstools and moved behind me. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down between the lips of my pussy. I gasped and I think my heart may have skipped a beat at just the delightful touch of his big hard member on my quivering pussy.

"Oh my god," I thought to myself. "A dick, a big black dick, I'm finally getting a big black dick in my cunt. Oh god Ray, fuck me, fuck the shit out my cunt."

As Ray slowly forced his big black dick inside me I moaned in delight. I could feel every bump, every ridge and every vein on that long hard tool. Once his entire dick was inside me, Ray held himself steady for a few seconds. He placed his hands on my shoulders and slowly worked his big black dick back and forth. I began pushing myself back against him. Soon both of us were moving at frantic pace, panting and moaning as we lunged against each other. I slipped a hand down to my pussy and rubbed my clit. It was the push I needed and I exploded in orgasmic delight. Ray didn't stop, he continued fucking me over and over until I came again.

Ray pulled his dick from my pussy and stood up. He walked us over to the sitting area and sat me down on the couch. I looked at the couch and chairs and saw quite a few yellowing stains... cum stains, all over them. Ray and other Society members must have used this office to fuck many other white women. It was kind of a naughty thought and a big turn-on for me to know my bare ass would be lying on the same spots where black cum had overflowed from other white women's asses and pussies.

Ray squatted down, hooked his arms under the backs of my knees and lifted my legs. That slid my ass to the edge of the couch. He crouched down and laid his dick on my wet juicy cunt. As he flexed his hips the head of his dick slid across the lips of my pussy and clit. Back and forth he went and again I could only moan in response to his pleasurable movements. As my moans became louder and more intense, Ray adjusted his hips and pushed the head into my pussy. I was pinned to the couch with a limited ability to move as Ray worked his dick back and forth, faster and faster. Soon he was slamming his dick into me at a furious almost vicious pace. His big balls swung in the breeze, banging into my asshole on every in-stroke. I experienced several intense and long lasting orgasms before Ray stiffened and flooded my pussy with a massive load of cum.

The two of us lay there for a few minutes, still coupled together, panting, trying to catch our breath. When Ray recovered he began slowly sliding his dick from my pussy. As he drew it out I could feel that the big tool was still hard as steel. When it popped out a river of cum streamed out of my cunt and ran down the crack of my ass. Ray moved the head of his cum and pussy juice covered dick to my asshole. His first attempt to slide it in met some resistance.

"Come on Peggy, we both know you love it in the ass, don't fight it," Ray said.

I knew he was right; I did love to get fucked in the ass. I willed myself to relax my anal muscles as much as I could. More of the cum leaking from my pussy gathered on Ray's dick. He pushed again and the head of his dick popped into my asshole past the first ring of muscles. I gasped in response. Thankfully Ray stopped for a second allowing me to get used to his size. He slowly pushed forward and a couple inches of his hard black dick slid into my rectum. I groaned and he stopped again. I had relaxed the muscles in my ass as much as I could but it was still painful. I'm no anal virgin. I've had a lot of big black dicks in my ass but my Kegel exercises have tightened my ass muscles. Ray moved slowly, he must have been very experienced in taking a woman's ass for the first time. Slowly my anal canal stretched to fit his big black dick. He was able to slide more and more of it into my ass. I cried out when I felt his pubic bone touch my buttocks. I couldn't believe I had taken his whole big black tool in my ass.

"That's right Peggy, enjoy it. You'll have your asshole filled with many big black dicks this weekend. Mr. H. was right, you have a magnificent ass," Ray growled.

He slid his hands up from behind my knees and grabbed hold of my ankles. He pushed my legs back so that my feet were up by my shoulders and began sliding his dick in and out of my asshole. I was still pinned to the couch but I was able to slip a hand between the two of us and rub my clit. It was enough to get me off again. Dam him, he was right, I do love to get fucked in the ass.

I'm sure the position Ray was in, crouched over holding my legs in the air, was pleasurable but I'm also sure it was difficult for him to maintain. Once I came Ray pulled his dick from my ass and sat on the couch next to me. He ordered me to get up and sit on his dick. I slowly got up and moved over him. He turned me around so I was faced away. I tried to get up and stand over him on the couch but my high heels made me too unsteady. The cushions were too soft. I kicked off my heels and stood over him with my bare feet outside of his legs. I pulled my ass cheeks apart as I squatted down. At the same time Ray guided his dick up into my butt. Once he was fully buried in my ass, we began to fuck. I used my legs to lift myself up and down while Ray held my hips, helping and guiding me.

We were still fucking in that position a few minutes later when the door to the office opened. Five large black men casually strolled inside and walked up to me and Ray. For a second I froze. Here I was, a totally naked, white, middle aged, soccer mom, sitting on the lap of a black man I had just met, his big black dick was buried in my asshole while cum leaked from my pussy as five more large black men leered at me. I felt ashamed and humiliated but I also felt wonderfully slutty, wanton and wicked. It didn't seem to faze Ray; he just kept on guiding me up and down on his dick.

"Welcome my brothers, as you can see, Miss Toni has done well. She has picked a very beautiful and desirable white woman to help with the entertainment this weekend. Not only is she beautiful and desirable but she is very talented sexually. She has a magnificent mouth, pussy and ass and she is willing and eager to share with all the brothers. You are all going to enjoy her this weekend. Come and meet Peggy," Ray said as he welcomed the group.

Ray stopped fucking me but I was still sitting on his lap with his dick lodged up my butt. The group came over and Ray introduced them. They were the Masters from various cities on the East Coast. They said their names and cities but I was too overwhelmed to remember. Several of them reached out and fondled my breasts or pinched and pulled my nipples. One lifted my right leg and pointed out my Ace of Spades tattoos.

"Yes my brothers, you can see Peggy has already been initiated into the Society, by the Grand Master Mr. G. himself. She has already served him and Master H. in the Bahamas. They both have spoken highly of her," Ray said.

One of the men leaned in and slipped a couple of his thick fingers into my pussy. He worked them back and forth a few times and when he withdrew them, they were covered with a mixture of mine and Ray's cum.

"I see you have already tried her pussy Master R.," he said as he placed his fingers on my lips before adding. "Come on Peggy. Don't waste a black man's cum, suck it."

I opened my mouth as was expected and the man slipped his fingers inside. I licked and sucked, cleaning all the spunk off his digits.

"Yes and it is good pussy. Brothers let me finish in her ass and then you all can fuck her," Ray replied.

Ray held onto me as he rolled the both of us over. He slid us off the couch so that I was now kneeling in front of it with my chest and face down on the seat. To add to my humiliation my face was pushed onto a dried cum stain. Ray crouched behind me began sliding his dick in and out of my asshole again. He reached around and slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy and rubbed the palm of his hand on my clit. I was pleased with the extra stimulation but I knew Ray did it to make me cum just to prove his sexual prowess as a Master of the Society. He fucked me through a couple of loud intense orgasms before I began to milk his dick with the muscles of my ass. I'm sure the pleasure it transmitted to Ray's dick was incredible. Usually I can get most men to cum within a minute of when I do that, Ray lasted two but eventually he too lost control. He shoved himself deep into my ass and filled my rectum with a massive load of cum. I could feel the warm liquid splash off the walls of my anal canal.

Ray pulled his cock from my ass and left me with my butt in the air and my chest and face lying on the couch. He walked over to the bar and held up a drink.

"OK my brothers, I have finished and have to go check on the club. I now invite you to use her, enjoy her. She is a very good fuck," Ray said before he finished his drink in one gulp.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the five black men begin stripping off their clothes.

"Oh my god," I thought to myself. "What have I gotten myself into?"

I knew it was no use to object. I decided to just go with the flow and let myself be used. It was what I agreed to do when I signed the contract, besides I had become addicted to black cock.

Once they were naked, the men gathered around me in a circle and pulled me up into a kneeling position. I looked up and saw five big black dicks in various state of erection. One of the guys grabbed hold of my head and guided it to his dick. I opened my mouth and he slipped it in. Two of the other guys grabbed my hands and placed them on their dicks. One saw the wedding and engagement rings on her my hand. He took my hand off his dick and held it up.

"Look Brothers she is married. I bet to a white man who knows nothing of her lust for big black dicks," He said drawing a round of laughs from the others.

"Yes, my Brothers, she is married, to a rich and prominent member of the white community and as you guessed her husband is unknowing. She holds a responsible position in a major company. She is beautiful, proper and sexually submissive, a real trophy to the black man ...and she has willingly pledged herself to the black man," Ray said before he walk out of the office.
The man placed his dick back in my hand and I began stroking both of my hands up and down their lengths. The guys moved around in a circle, moving my mouth and hands to different dicks every few minutes. Soon when I looked up and I saw five very hard, very big black dicks.

The men moved me to the center of the room. One of them lay down on his back, holding his dick straight in the air. The others moved me so that my pussy was over his dick. As I squatted down his long fat pole easily slid up into my well used cum filled slit. The man on his back wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me down on his body. This caused me to fall to my knees and my ass to rise in the air. A second man crouched behind me, rubbed the head of his dick on my recently ravished asshole and slowly worked his big tool into the opening. A third moved in front of me and offered me his dick. I opened my mouth and he slid it inside. Once all my orifices were filled with dicks the men began working them in and out. The man underneath me flexed his hips up, driving his dick up into my pussy. The guy in my ass timed his thrusts so that he entered my butt when the man below pulled out of my cunt. One of them always had his dick buried deep in me. The man in my mouth held my head in his hands as he began to fuck it like it was a pussy or asshole. When I peeked out of the corner of my eye and I saw the other two men; they looked like the two youngest, standing there, slowly stroking their cocks, keeping them hard.

The men fucking my holes began hammering into me faster and faster, their thrusts and movements became deeper and harder. All four of us were moaning and groaning as our orgasms approached. The man in my mouth came first. I struggled to swallow and stay ahead of his massive load as it filled my mouth. The man in my ass came a short time later, adding another massive load to the load Ray had recently deposited there. The last guy and I came at almost the same time. I came first, exploding in a quivering and body shaking spasm with him cumming a few seconds later, firing several shots of hot sperm up into my pussy.

After those three had cum, they began to pull their softening dicks from my holes. One of the two who were left lay down on the floor next to me and the others helped moved me onto that man. He slid his dick up into m wet cum filled pussy and began to fuck me. The second man moved behind me and he entered my ass. I was being double penetrated again. While these two guys fucked my pussy and asshole, the first three moved around in front of me. They made me use my mouth and hands to keep their dicks nice and hard.

"Look at this woman Brothers, she really loves big black dick. Come on Peggy, suck our dicks so we can all fuck you again. You know you want it," One of them crudely remarked.

"Yeah come on Peggy, get me hard so I can fuck that magnificent ass of yours," Another ordered.

"Remember Peggy, like all white women you're only good for one thing, that's getting fucked by black dicks," Added another with a wicked laugh.

The three men gathered in front of me continued with a litany of comments, mostly how great it was to fuck white married pussy and how much they and the other brothers were going to enjoy fucking me this weekend. Once again I felt humiliated but strangely excited and thrilled by their comments. I had planned an extended weekend in Atlanta to indulge in many erotic and lascivious affairs and now that I knew I was going to be ravished by a group of virile, well-endowed, sexually superior black males, it was exhilarating. They took turns using my hands or mouth to get their dicks hard while the two young guys continued fucking my pussy and ass.

Once the three guys in standing in front of me were hard, they took a step back and stroked their dicks. The two young guys fucking my pussy and ass increased the tempo of their thrusts, driving their dicks into me harder and harder on each stroke. They paused and timed their thrusts together, smashing their dicks into me at the same time. Having two big black cocks slammed deep into my pussy and asshole at the same time sent me over the edge. I came again, every muscle in my body tensed up as I shuddered and shook. The muscles surrounding my pussy and ass clamped down on their dicks trapping them deep inside my holes. That set the two of them off. They came at the same time, flooding my pussy and asshole with even more cum.

I wasn't given any time to rest. The two young guys, who had just double fucked me, pulled out and moved away. The first three guys were back at me again but this time they rotated their positions. The man who had been in my ass was now in my pussy, the one who had been in my mouth was in now my ass and the one who had been my pussy was now in my mouth. All three of my holes were filled again. I just accepted it. I knew I would be taken like this many times this weekend. It seemed to be a favorite of the men of the Society. I knew they would continually trade places until each of their big black dicks had cum in my pussy, ass and mouth at least once.

The three older guys fucked me until they all came a second time. Once they untangled from my body, the other two younger guys took over, switching holes and double penetrating me again. This continued over and over as I lost track of the time. I was double and triple fucked, in the mouth, pussy and ass, in various positions and combinations until each one of them had cum several times in each of my holes.

It had to have been a couple of hours later when I heard the door open and the voices of several males enter the room. I recognized one voice as Ray's but couldn't see who came in. I was lying on my back on the pool table. My shoulders were on edge of the table with my head hanging off. One of the younger guys was straddling my head, his big black dick sliding in and out of my mouth while his balls were banging off my face. The other younger guy was kneeling on pool table between my legs. My ankles were up by his shoulders while his big black dick was buried deep in my butt. From my upside down position I couldn't see the rest of the group or the new people but I could hear them over by the bar laughing, joking and commenting on my debasement.

The two men fucking me soon reached the point of climax. The man in my ass cried out as he added yet another load of cum to the numerous ones already deposited there. When his dick started to soften it slipped out of my butt. The one fucking my mouth held my head steady and shoved the entire length of his dick into my mouth. I gaged, my jaw ached and my eyes filled with tears as I fought to regain control. That is until he flooded my mouth with a massive load of his warm cum. With my head hanging off the pool table, I had some difficulty in swallowing. Lines of his cream dribbled down both sides of my face. The man pulled his cock from my mouth and took a step back. I rolled myself over on to my stomach and swallowed. I then gathered up the spilt cum from the sides of my face and transferred it to my mouth. When I looked up I saw a long rope of cum dripping off his dick. I reached out, grabbed his buttocks and pulled him close. I caught the rope on the tip of my tongue and sucked it in. I then guided him into my mouth as I sucked and licked him clean.

"Very good Peggy, you remembered your lessons, never waste a black man's cum." The man said with a laugh as he headed over to the bar.

I rolled onto my side, sprawled out on the pool table, drained and exhausted, catching my breath. My pussy and asshole were tender and filled with cum. I could feel the overflow leaking from my orifices. I saw it added to the dried cum splotches already staining the table. My mouth still had the taste of all semen that had been deposited there but the last man, the one who had just cummed in my mouth, came over to me with a stiff drink. I could only smile in thanks.

"For you Peggy, I really enjoyed fucking you tonight. I look forward to having you again, many times this weekend," He said as he handed me the drink.

He went back over to the bar with Ray and the other men. I could see they were drinking and talking, mostly they discussed me, what a good fuck I was. I also noticed two new tall, handsome, black males with the group at the bar. They were very young, about eighteen years old. They had joined the conversation, commenting on my looks and how hard they would fuck me. I tried but couldn't hide the look of apprehension on my face. I dreaded the thought that the gang banging, the group fucking of me with the addition of these two new, virile looking young studs would start anew. Roy must have noticed the look on my face and he correctly read my concerns.

"Don't worry Peggy. The party here tonight is over. These two young men Marcus and Justin are here to take you to my estate where you will stay until the party," Ray said.

I noticed a look of disappointment on the faces of the two new bucks. Ray must have too. He laughed and then added "Ok my young brothers, I can see you are disappointed, you can fuck her once you get her to my estate. But don't wear her out, I need her fresh. She'll get plenty of big black dicks tomorrow."

I didn't get a chance to clean up. The young men brought me my dress, heels and purse and stood there watching as I slipped my dress over my cum drenched body. The comments continued, adding to my humiliation. Things got worse when I was led through the club. I now noticed that most of the white women also displayed the mark of the Society, the Black Ace of Spades tattoo on their ankles. A lot of them looked at me knowingly. I bet many of them had spent time in the office with Roy and other members of the Society. They had to know I was up there getting gangbanged. I wondered if any of them would be at the party tomorrow. I hoped so; it would be good not to be the only woman there. I was further humiliated when the black lights on the dance floor illuminated the splotches of cum drying on my face and hands and streaking down my legs.

I was ushered into the rear seat of a black Cadillac Escalade for the ride to the estate. I opened my purse and saw that my cellphone was missing. Marcus who was sitting in the back next to me noticed me checking my bag.

"Don't worry Miss Peggy. You won't need your phone this weekend. You'll get it back later," Marcus said before adding with a laugh. "But there is something you can do."

With that Marcus pulled down his zipper and fished a large black dick out of his pants. He reached out with his big hand, grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into his lap. I did the only thing I could think to do. I took him in my mouth and began sucking his dick. Once he came, filling my mouth with another massive load of thick salty cum, he told Justin to stop. They switched places and Justin joined me in the back seat. I was shocked when Justin pulled his dick out of his pants. It wasn't as long as Marcus's but it was fat, so fat I couldn't wrap my hand around it, hell I could barely wrap two hands around it. I could only get the head and a couple of inches of the shaft in my mouth. I licked and sucked the tip and jerked the shaft until he fired another load of hot thick semen down my throat.

We drove out to a palatial estate in the country. Justin got out of the SUV with me. He held my arm as we walked up to the front door. I was shocked when it was opened by Toni. Justin quickly pulled me into a large foyer.

"Please park the car Justin while I take her to her room." Toni said.

"Marcus drove, he's parking it now Miss Toni, besides Master R. said we could have her for a while," He replied.

"Well, I need to talk to her about her duties tomorrow. Besides you'd like her to freshen up, wouldn't you?" Toni asked in reply.

"Ok, yeah it would be good to start with her nice and fresh," He answered with smile.

"So, please give us some time," Toni replied.

Toni led me up a staircase and down a long hall to a door near the end. After we stepped into the large bedroom Toni turned and faced me.

"I'm sorry I didn't say anything to you at the airport Peggy, but you know I couldn't, you know the rules of the Society. Ray was with me at the airport and he recognized you. He had seen pictures of me and you, from our yacht trip. He was very taken with you and he made me tell him all about it... you know our past and stuff. When he saw you at the airport and noticed your tattoo he knew he could have you. He made me run into you while he called and check on you. He found out all about your initiation by the Grand Master himself... and your trip to the Bahamas. When he got permission from the Grand Master he made me get you to show up at the club," Toni said.

I just stood there in silence. Part of me was angry with Toni for not saying anything but part of me understood. I knew the rules of the Society. She would have been severely punished if she didn't do what he wanted. White women have to obey every command from a black man without question or reservation.

"Besides you signed the contract, just like me. Neither one of us were naïve little girls when we did. You know why we signed the contract...for the wild sexual thrills, for the big black dicks, for the best sex we ever had," Toni added and she started to step out of the room.

I thought about what she said and about the first member of the Society I had ever met, the one who had set me off on this road of decadent sexual submission. His name was Master Joe and he had convinced me to sign the contract before he even fucked me, just his looks, confidence and animal magnetism made me relinquish any self-control. After he fucked me he just drove me home and dropped me off. When I looked into my bedroom mirror I knew I had been changed. I had been used...and I hoped I would be again, soon and often. That was the best fuck and the wildest night of sex I had ever known. The next day I had my initiation ceremony by the Grand Master himself, I was hooked.

"You're right Toni, you're right," I called out to her back.

She stopped.

"You're right, I knew what I was getting into and you're right I love it, it's the best. It was just the shock of getting it sprung on me," I added with a smile.

Toni smiled back and we hugged.

"What happens this weekend?" I asked when we broke the embrace.

"There's a party tomorrow, a lot of Roy's business associates will be there. They're not members of the society but they're all black and most are pretty good fucks. There will also be some other white women. Sunday is another party, just for members of the society. Ray will explain everything tomorrow at brunch. It's at 10:30 but you should go freshen up now, Marcus and Justin will be here soon," Toni said and she stepped out of the room.

I had a million questions for Toni but she had to leave, Marcus and Justin would be coming soon. I went into the attached bathroom. The shower area was huge; it was so big you could easily fit five or six people in it. The bathroom also had a two person Jacuzzi, double sinks with a long granite countertop and a private toilet area. The bathroom was well stocked with towels, lotions and personal cleansing products. Like my long weekend in the Bahamas the amenities were first rate. I guess the Society didn't skimp on luxury.

I took off my dress and started the shower. While I was waiting for it to warm up I check myself in the full length mirror on the back of the door. My hair, lipstick and eye make-up were a mess. I had dried cum all over my body. My breasts and ass still bore the marks of rough handling. Just like after that first night with Master Joe, the woman who looked back at me from the mirror had been used, fucked hard, treated like a slut and I had to admit, I loved it. After two weeks without any dick, it was just what I wanted and needed.

I stepped into the shower and allowed the warm waters to flow over my body. It felt good. I wished I could've stayed there all night but I couldn't. I heard the door to the room behind me open. I turned my head just as Marcus and Justin stepped in, they were naked.

I studied their naked bodies as Marcus and Justin stepped across the bathroom into the large multi-person shower and stood on either side of me. They towered over me. Justin was almost a foot taller than my 5'3" height. Marcus was even a couple of inches taller. Both had well defined muscular athlete's bodies but what I mostly studied was their large semi hard black dicks and sets of big black balls. From the blow jobs in the car I knew that Marcus's dick was around 8 or 9 inches long when fully erect and that Justin's was an inch or two shorter but it was twice as fat. I just hoped that like most of my younger lovers they could cum in volumes and often. I was surprised at my own thoughts and feelings, even after being fucked numerous times by Ray and the other Masters, the mere sight of these two strapping young bucks had gotten me excited again.

"The Masters were right bro. She does have the perfect ass. It was just made for fuckin. I'm gonna love getting my dick in it," Marcus said as he reached down and cupped one of my buttocks in his large hand.

"Me too bro, I can't wait to fuck the shit out her," Justin added with a wicked laugh.

Marcus took the spray attachment and rinsed off my body while Justin picked up a shower mitt and loaded it with body wash. Justin rubbed the shower mitt all over my body, spending extra time on my breasts, ass and between my legs. Ray and the others had deposited numerous loads of cum on my body, my face and in my holes. I guess the young studs wanted me clean before they added their own cum to my body.

I drizzled some of the body wash on my hands and began rubbing their dicks. No reason their dicks couldn't be clean. I stroked my soapy hands up and down their lengths and soon they were hard as steel. Marcus rinsed the soap off my body spending extra time using the spray attachment on my pussy and asshole.

We moved as a group under the rain shower head with me sandwiched between their muscular, young bodies. Justin was in front of me. His hands wrapped around my body, caressing my buttocks with his hard dick pressed up against my belly. Marcus was behind me, his hands fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples while his hard fat dick poked me in the lower back. My hands roamed all over their rock hard bodies especially their ass, balls and big black dicks.

Justin broke the clutch by stepping back and pushing my head down toward his crotch. He held my wet hair out the way as he fed me his fat dick. I took the head in my mouth and twirled my tongue around the silky tip. Marcus took a step back and crouched down. He took hold of his dick and rubbed it up and down between the lips of my pussy. For two young studs they work well as a team. Justin feed me more of his dick while Marcus slipped the head and couple of inches of his into my pussy. I knew I could never deep throat Justin's entire dick but I made sure to kiss and lick every inch of his fat dick and big sack of balls.

"Bro, Ray was right, she really knows how to give a great blowjob," Justin cried out when I sucked one his balls into my mouth.

"Yeah bro, you got to try this pussy, she fucked Ray and the other Masters all night and it's still nice and tight," Marcus moaned in reply.

Marcus pushed one more time and his thighs banged into my buttocks. When he started to stand up straight it lifted me up until just the tips of my toes touched the ground. He puts his hands on both side of my hips and held me up. This caused my pussy to tighten even more around his rock solid member. The two young men then began working their dicks in and out of my orifices. Every time Justin's fat tool came out of my mouth I licked and sucked on the sensitive head. Their earlier climaxes, in the car, must have dulled their senses. They were able to fuck me for an extended time. As he slammed his dick into my pussy from behind Marcus was able to reach around and rub my clit. It was just what I needed and I came again. That was also enough to set two of them off.
Justin came first. I felt his dick quiver in my mouth as he fired off five or six ropes of thick cum down my throat. I didn't let a drop go to waste. Justin stepped away as Marcus began fucking me hard, real hard and fast. A dozen or so strokes later he held himself deep inside me and shot another massive load of hot cum up against the walls of my pussy. When he finished cumming Marcus pulled out and also took a step back.

I slowly stood up and looked at the young men's dicks. Both of the handsome studs were still hard as a rock. Ah, the blessings of youth I thought to myself. I knew they would want to fuck me again I just wondered how they wanted to take me.

I didn't have long to think about. Marcus put his hands under my armpits and lifted me straight up. I only weigh 103 pounds so I figured it was easy for the young muscular stud. Justin stepped up close, took hold of his dick and lined it up with my pussy. As Marcus slowly lowered me, the head of Justin's fat dick popped inside me. Justin slid his arms under my knees and held me up. As I was lowered down on Justin's fat dick it stretched my pussy apart further than I can ever remember. I wrapped my arms around Justin's neck, my legs around his hips and held on.

I felt Marcus rub my asshole with his fingers. They felt slippery so I figure he lubed them up with the body wash. He slipped one and then a second finger inside, lubing and stretching my anal passageway. I knew what was coming next and groaned in anticipation. Justin pulled my buttocks apart while Marcus rubbed his dick up and down in valley between the cheeks of my ass. I felt the head line up with my anus as he pushed his hips up. After a brief bit of resistance it popped into my ass. They held all of us steady for a few seconds while my asshole slowly adjusted to the large intrusion. Then they eased me down while Marcus pushed himself up. Soon the entire length of his dick was buried deep into my asshole. After waiting another few seconds the two young strong bucks began lifting and lowering me, their big black dicks sliding in and out of both of my slippery holes.

When I squeezed my legs tighter around Justin's hips it forced my clit to rub up against his pubic bone. The extra stimulation set me off. I cried out that I was cumming. The young men held me still as my body shuddered and shook through an intense orgasm. Once it had passed, they began fucking me again, lifting me up and down, flexing their hips, grinding my clit and filling me with their big black dicks. I came again. My pussy and asshole quivered, milking and squeezing their big black dicks and causing them to cum They held me still as I felt numerous streams of hot cum blast up into my holes.

Marcus and Justin held me up sandwiched between the two of them as we all caught our breath. When I flex the muscles in my pussy and ass I was surprised to realize that their dicks were still rock hard. "Good god, I thought to myself, will these two studs ever go soft." Marcus was the first to move. Hey pulled his dick from my ass and stepped back. I untangled my legs from Justin's hips as he lifted me up off his dick and then lowered me down.

Justin and Marcus pulled me out of the shower and we quickly dried off. They then led me out to a small seating area in the bedroom. The area had a love seat, two chairs and a small table. As we headed over to the sitting area, Justin stopped at nightstand and took something out of one of the drawers. When he sat on the loveseat and I saw that he had a small bottle of a popular sex lube.

"Come over here and turn around. I hope you remember your positions from the Book of Terms of Servitude. Assume position number four, Peggy," Justin commanded.

It only took me a few seconds to recall that position. It was one of the most submissive in the book. I moved to within a couple of inches of where Justin was sitting and turned my ass toward him. I spread my legs wide, two feet apart, bent over at the waist, grabbed my ankles and tilted my head out so I was looking straight at the floor. Justin drizzled some of lotion on my ass. He rubbed it all over my butt before putting the tips of two fingers against my anus and pushing them apart. He squirted some of the lotion inside my asshole. The cooling liquid felt soothing on my tender well used rectum but I knew what was coming next. Justin was planning to stuff his huge fat dick into my ass. He was so thick I wondered if I could take it back there. He pushed his two fingers inside, worked them in and out a few times and then added a third digit. I felt myself being stretched more than ever before. Justin added some more lotion and then a fourth finger to my asshole. He pushed into me until his palm touched the outer rim of my anal orifice. Oh my god, I have never been stretched that much before. Tears formed in my eyes as I groaned at the painful intrusion.

When Justin removed his hand it felt like my rectum had remained gapped open. He moved quickly, he grabbed my hips, pulled me back and guided my asshole toward his dick. As I sat back on his lap the big fat head of his dick entered my stretched anus. He pulled me down and a couple more inches of his big fat dick slipped inside. I groaned in discomfort when the muscles in my ass began to tighten around the thick tool. Justin squirted more of the lotion on his dick and my asshole. He slowly pulled me back and more of his dick was pushed up into my butt. I groaned again and he stopped again. He squirted more lotion on his dick and my asshole. The pain in my ass began to subside and was replaced with a dull ache. Slowly Justin pulled me back and more and more of his dick filled my anus. I relaxed the muscles in my asshole as much as I could and Justin was finally able fit his whole thick, fat tool in my ass. The pain in my ass began to reside, slowly being replaced with a feeling of complete and utter fullness.

Justin reached around me, cupped his hands on my breasts and pulled me back against his body. He kept his hands on my tits, caressing my firm boobs and pinching and pulling my sensitive nipples.

Marcus knelt on the love seat between our legs. He lined up his dick with my pussy and pushed the head in. Then he lifted my legs and put my feet on his shoulders. He leaned forward and his dick slowly filled me up. Justin and Marcus began to fuck me together. Slowly but surely they stroked their dicks in and out of my pussy and butt. Justin continued pinching and pulling my nipples, torturing the sensitive nubs to a rock hard state. Marcus slipped a hand between us. He located my clit and strummed his thumb on that delicate button. With a big fat dick stuffed in my ass, another sliding back and forth in her pussy, a pair of hands caressing my breasts and expertly pinching and pulling my nipples, plus a thumb strumming my clit, it was just too much for me. I exploded in a string of mind bending, toe curling, and pussy squirting multiple climaxes. Justin and Marcus just continued fucking me. Their earlier climaxes had dulled their sensitivity and they were able to fuck me through a couple of intense orgasms. I lost count of the number of times I came. As my two young studs fucked me harder and harder their moans and groans increased. Pushed to the edge they both came, firing huge spurts of warm, thick cum deep into my quivering holes. Totally spent I fell back limp on top of Justin, tangled in a pile of bodies and limbs, catching my breath.

Once he recovered Marcus pulled his dick out of me and stood up. As he moved, a load of cum leaked out of my pussy and onto Justin's balls. I looked over at Marcus and then his cock. His whole crotch was covered with a mixture his cum and my pussy juices. Thankfully it was starting to soften. I flexed the muscles in my ass and got a second pleasant surprise, Justin's fat dick was also going soft. My pussy and asshole were stretched, bruised and battered. I didn't know if I could ever fuck again. I prayed my ordeal this evening was coming to an end. Halfheartedly I lifted myself off of Justin and plopped down on the love seat next to him. As I moved, more cum leaked from my pussy and asshole and landed on Justin's dick and balls and all over the loveseat. Unfortunately my prayers weren't answered. Justin got up and stood next to Marcus.

"Come on Peggy, you know you can't leave us like this. You have to clean up all this cum. You know your place. Never let a black man's cum go to waste. Get your mouth over here and clean our big black dicks," Marcus commanded.

I didn't mind cleaning their dicks; in fact I love the taste of young guys cum, it's usually sweet, less salty. What worried me was that their dicks would get hard and they would want to fuck some more. My pussy and asshole needed a break.

I groaned and slid off the loveseat. I knelt between them and turned my head toward Marcus. He was standing with his hands on his hips, his semi-hard dick bowing slightly downward. A drop of cum was oozing out of the piss hole. I grabbed his buttocks and pulled him toward me, catching the drop on my tongue. I pulled him closer and was able to slide almost his entire softening dick into my mouth. I could taste both of us on his shaft. I backed my mouth off of his dick and licked and sucked every speck of cum from the rest of his crotch.

Next I turned to look at Justin. I knew there was no way I could fit his entire huge dick in my mouth so I just used my tongue to lick our combined juices off the head and shaft. Then I pushed his dick up against his stomach and licked and sucked his big cum encrusted balls. I became concerned when I felt his dick begin to grow hard. When I glanced back at Marcus I saw that he was stroking a hand up and down his growing dick.

Oh my god, they were hard again. I knew the members of the Society never wasted a hard dick. My poor pussy and asshole were about to get ravished again. I needed to do something. I quickly turned my attention to Marcus. I grabbed his dick and pushed his hand off. I took the head back in my mouth and twirled my tongue around the sensitive tip. I didn't neglect Justin. I took hold of his dick and began stroking my other hand up and down its length. They seemed to get into it. They moved closer so I suck both of them just by turning my head one way or the other.

I wanted to make them cum quickly so I pulled out all my cock sucking talents. I switched back and forth between the well hung young men paying special attention to all the sensitive spots on their dicks. Of course I sucked on and twirled my tongue on the heads. I flicked the frenulum on the underside of the head and their piss holes with the tip of tongue. Their big black balls also got special attention. I fondled, caressed, kissed, licked, nuzzled and sucked their sacks. I sucked their testis into my mouth, one at a time and then both together. While I pleasured one of young men with my mouth I made sure to stroke, fondle and caress the other.

My plan worked. I was stroking my hand up and down both of their dicks while I was sucking Marcus's balls when he cried out that he was going to cum. He grabbed my hair and pulled me away from his nuts. He also pushed my hand off his dick and began furiously jerking it himself. He turned my face toward his dick and groaned. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue just as the first rope of cum flew out of his urethra. It landed on my forehead, down the side of my nose and on my upper lip. The last drip landed in my mouth. His aim improved and the next four ropes all landed on my lips, tongue or deep in my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could and didn't spill a drop. Marcus let go of my hair and took a step back. I used a finger to wipe up all the missed cum on my face. I showed the semen smeared digit to him before slipping it into my mouth and sucking it clean.

"Good Peggy, very good, a white woman should never waste a black man's cum. Now come here get the last few drops from my dick," Marcus commanded as he held out his softening member in his hand.

I leaned forward, took the head back into my mouth and sucked the last dribbles of cum from his dick.

When I finished, I knelt back with my butt on my ankles and turned my head to look at Justin. He stood there slowly sliding his hand up and down the length of his dick. He smiled and motioned me toward him.

"One more load of cum Peggy, come here and finish your service to the Black Man," He commanded.

I turned to face Justin, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He took a step closer and laid the head of his dick on my tongue. He flexed his hips and forced the head and a couple of inches of his fat tool into my mouth. His member was too fat for me take anymore so I rubbed my tongue on the frenulum on the underside. That drew a deep moan but I knew that alone might not make him cum. I cupped his balls in my hand and fondled the big sack. That drew an even deeper moan. I extended my middle finger and rubbed it along the underside of his sack, back to his anus. That seemed to be the key. I felt his dick quiver in my mouth as he groaned a long, low, deep throaty groan. A quick push of my finger up to the first knuckle into his ass sealed the deal. He cried out that he was cumming, grabbed my head and held it steady. His dick exploded and I struggle to stay ahead of the massive volume of cum spurting into my mouth. When the flow slowed I sucked and twirled my tongue around the head of his dick, making sure to gather up all of his cum. It must have been too much for him; he pushed me away and stepped back. I fell back against the loveseat catching my breath.

I was glad the members of the society weren't big on long good-byes. Marcus and Justin picked up their pants from where they had dropped them on the floor and put them on. They gathered up the rest of their clothes and headed to the door.

"That was a great fuck and blow job Peggy, we're looking forward to fucking you a lot this weekend," Justin said as a way of a good-bye before he shut the door.

I lay curled up on the floor for about an hour. My hunger for a real cock after my two week long absence had been satisfied. I had been fucked long, hard and continuously for several hours. I was tired and sore and could barely move. Cum leaked from my over stretched and over filled orifices and was drying all on my body. I felt content and satisfied but I was also a little concerned. I knew from my recent trip to the Bahamas that this weekend of service to the Secret Society of Black Men had just begun. I knew I would be fucking and sucking more big black dicks than I ever thought possible. I knew the members of the Society would be taking my pussy, my asshole, and my mouth singly, doubly and all three at once, over and over. I knew there would be other women there and I would be expected to eat their pussies and rim their assholes... and I also knew that I would love every minute of it.

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