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Strictly fiction. Many thanks to my editor "Wicked Inside". ***** Bright light was pushing its way around the edges of the wooden blinds. I could feel that it was probably time to get up, so I slipped

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THE HANDSOME YOUNG servant gasped softly in deep pleasure. He stood naked on the cool stone floor, his feet spread apart, his hands gripping the head of the nineteen-year old girl who knelt before him

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Yes, in case you're wondering, I was able to get hard again while washing my plump, cheating wife Lisa under the hot water jets of the shower, my hands caressing her soft, pampered flesh as I did so.

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This is a long and complicated story set in America as it was plunging towards civil war in the mid eighteen hundreds. It is about one woman's efforts at preventing that war by using the only facility

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He was pleased. The girl was indeed starting to show more promise than he had thought. He was ambivalent about losing the chance to recreate their first time together. He had thought that was how he w


a/n: It's my first time writing smut, but not my first time writing. Hope you enjoy the ride. ~ Phantasmal, red light swirled around the living room in great rings of runic code. I altered the code as

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Author's notes: In her bibliography Literotica member/author Peggy46 wrote that she is very turned-on when people write stories about her. She extended an invitation to anyone to continue or add to th

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The Afghanistan's rocky desert was completely still and silent. It stretched for many freezing miles in all directions and was strewn with ancient torn canyons and shifting sand dunes. Each feature wa

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This is part 3 and the conclusion, please read Lethal Weapon parts 1 and 2 to find where we are before reading this. My keyboard has a habit of skipping letters and doubling letters. I usually catch t

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I've wanted to put this into writing for some time but I don't really know how or where to start. So I'll just plow right into it and try to tell the story of how the last few months have become the d

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This was not how I wanted my last night with Tom to end. I was stuck going on vacation with my family as some sort of lame attempt to re-kindle our childhood magic or something. Why didn't my dad unde

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I could hear the fluorescent lights over my head humming their static hum right after the jets stopped showering me with their peaceful effervescence. I sat on the side of the hot tub while I watched

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I love panties. I love my wife in sexy panties of all types. I love her in satin string bikini panties. I love her in skimpy tanga panties. I even love her in hipsters. My favorite panties are silk. I


We both woke up about the same time, before the alarm went off. As we were both still naked, I could feel Williams's hard cock poking me between my legs. I began nibbling playfully on his ear lobe, as

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Alice now works top less unless there are non-locals in the bar. if no none locals are in the bar she will be made to suck cock anywhere in the bar that a local demands it. If nonlocals are in she can

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My cousin Alicia and I have always been close, but never this close. Let me give you a little background information before I get to the hot stuff between us. Alicia is 21 years old in some college in


Our first two children practically appeared on demand. I think I winked at Catherine just after she got off the pill and nine months later Dita was born. I'm pretty sure Catherine and I were in sittin

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After the break, Angie said that she wanted to see Julie's famous labia. She'd never seen long inner cunt lips before. So I suggested that she suck on Julie's pussy, see what she found and explore the

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Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. ****************** Miami, Florida. The wind swept over the palm trees rustling them as the cool breeze hit the man in the back wal


Disclaimer: Okay, a couple of things: (1) Everyone is over 21, (2) this is fantasy and only fantasy, (3) No one real is portrayed in this work, (4) It contains; non-consent, oral, vaginal, anal, bdsm,

duties   barmaid  

I spent a lot of time at the pub now as of course I wanted to see and be privy to as much of her whore training at the hands of John as possible. When I made and engineered it for Fiona to be used in

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Filipe had always yearned to wear satin knickers. He loved the idea of wearing tight, little briefs made of sensuous silky material. He simply could not see why boys should not be able to wear silks o

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Make no mistake about it, when government office workers party it is almost always boring and lifeless. But, I attended one party several years ago that was anything but lifeless. Thanksgiving was loo

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As Christmas neared, Eileen couldn't help but to feel her well used pussy get wet. I mean, a holiday was fast approaching... (and if you've followed the story of 'Blood, Bones and Fire, you would know

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It's amazing how little you can be aware of what's going on around you, right underneath your nose, even right in front of your eyes sometimes. By the time I was in my forties, I thought I had everyth

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Despite no-one living in it, the apartment was neat and well-furnished, with a wide-screen TV affixed to the wall opposite a comfy couch. Next to the window was a desk, from which you could look out i

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Thank you to everyone who read the first 3 chapters, I really appreciate the comments and support. This story took (in total) almost a year to complete but I'm quite happy with it. I hope you enjoy it

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Note: All persons are over 18. ***** "Mom!" My sister yelled as she ran from my bedroom. "Fuck", I said as I tried to pull up my pants and turn of my computer at the same time. That was all I needed.

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It was Monday at the Jackass Saloon and that meant it ladies night. During the two hours in which men were off-limits there they would have to mosey down the dirt road here in the old west town to the

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Standard disclaimers. This is a story about sexual exploration and, open relationships. Open relationships can and do happily exist; but they are not for everyone. If you do not believe it is at all p