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I think every guy on earth can relate with this story. Believe it or not, about 60% of it is true and the rest I embellished on what actually happened. Not a lot graphic sex, but just enough to hold y

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Hello all, this is just a short little piece I am making to get myself back into the grove of writing after such a long absence. A special thanks to my friend who gave me the push I needed to get back

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All characters are 18 years old. A switch of perspective for this part of the story, I didn't want to switch first person narratives and maybe confuse you, the reader. I hope you enjoy as I tie Louis'

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Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events. ***** Candy Caning, Professor Paining, and Brain Draining I shut the dorm room door,

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As I was saying, the dream starts with you deciding to come see me suddenly. I was caught by this. I left early and was to meet at the park. I got a message from you saying you weren't going to come..

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I have been long absent from the site and I apologize. My submissive submission today brings me back to my birthday party last year. It had been a difficult year and I won't bore you with details, so

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Twin towers (part 2) I was both panicked and totally turned on by what was happening. I was dressed like a street hooker, handcuffed in the back of a police car. My ass was still gaping and dripping c

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This is a long and complicated story set in America as it was plunging towards civil war in the mid eighteen hundreds. It is about one woman's efforts at preventing that war by using the only facility

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He is lying in her arm, she touches his face, her gentle voice is sending shivers down his spine, just like all the times. She is playing with his nipples again, they are already hurting a bit. She is

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Sorry I haven't been here to work on this series for a while. Too many things going on in real life. But I will try to finish it in the next few weeks. ***** Following a long, hot, sexy shower, in whi

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It came out of the blue! An invitation from nowhere to an experience that will remain with me until I die... Six months earlier, my 'ex' had given my phone number to a Chinese woman, informing her tha

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Content Warning: Domestic Abuse Chapter 20 -- Fragments Bright red spots on a field of old linoleum. I continue digging with tweezers, the tips falling to get a hold on the tiny sliver. Stainless stee

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Miranda was blessed with the fuller figure which drew unseen looks from older, wiser males who appreciated what a woman should look like, but some of her peers treated her with scorn; not the 'fashion

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It's funny how an inflatable woman can be the only tool needed to help me seduce a straight roommate at college. While at university, I shared a flat with three other guys. The oldest of these was the

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Riley Michaels rolled over in her bed and slowly began to stand up. In 20 minutes she had to be out the door, dressed and ready, for a hard day teaching Art to the Sixth Form at Lou Dobbs High School.

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Chris "You're late," I informed my tardy sister as she slid into the booth across me. "I know, sorry. Is that iced tea?" She began to gulp down the drink I'd ordered for her without waiting for my ans

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The Day I Took Black Dick I'm a bit of an exhibitionist. I love the idea of people watching me while I play with myself. I love the idea of men jerking their fat cocks to the sight of my naked body. I

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Most of them settled down a bit, except Natasha, who began fucking Donald's ass herself, clearly enjoying the fact that she was now returning the favor and giving it to him as hard as he gave it to he

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My first attempt at writing a story that will hopefully turn the reader (both male and female) on. All comments are most welcome and encouraged. The story is based on someone I met online. A muse if y

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was ok. Yasmin Lee and a sexy Jessy Dubai were not under the tree waiting for me but a guy has to dream, right? lol. Happy Holidays to you all! Steve wa

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I am remarried after a long, horrible marriage...never thought THAT would happen. I am new wife is 45...but she passes for early 30's...absolutely! I have always had this fan

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We all want Elaine. Elaine is a gorgeous woman; she has a stunningly sexy body, a beautiful face, and a fun, outgoing personality. Elaine also has a husband. We are all friends with her husband. It's

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June 1989 (Miranda: epilogue.) I was sitting on the porch reading listening to Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures when Miranda came around the bend in the road between our cabin and the one her parents h

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You lie down. I lift your head up a little and put the silk blindfold over your eyes. The silk is soft and cool against your eyes and it is relaxing. Then comes the headset over your ears. There is so

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I realize that these stories might be hard to swallow for some and if I hadn't been living it, I would be very skeptical as well. Yes I did have 5 women living under one roof for quite a while. Severa

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Vijaya sat in the bank conference room, trying to stay calm while inside, her heart was racing. The silence in the room was so thick, the occasional rustle of paper seemed to have to force its way thr

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This story is a fantasy, nothing more. It's not real; please don't leave feedback saying that you can't believe that this really happened. If you don't like gay sex or like reading about one man's sex

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His face lit with recognition in a sea of faces. She looked up and their eyes met and they nodded hello. He stopped in front of her. 'let me buy you a cup of tea and we'll catch up a bit.' he suggeste

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We were all young associates in a major international law firm. We worked in the Houston office of the huge firm. We were all in our early to middle 20s and single. We worked like dogs and were highly

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I first met Jessie during the summer when she would come to the Senior League baseball games to watch her son play ball. I was the coach. As with most youth athletic programs, some parents come to the