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barbie   doll  

Barbie Doll -- an old man enjoying with a real life doll LEGALESE: Don't read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction f

betrayal   titfuck   and  

[continued on seconds after Pt.4] ...As my head turned to see who was coming in, I prayed it wasn't room service. What did it look like? I was lying on the bed with my arms trapped under me, no feelin


*** If you are under the age of 18 or are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately *** This story is for adults only and contains content that is sexual in nature. Thi

encounter   grave  

"Dress off Kelly, it's not like you aren't used to showing off those big tits and ass anyway, and I'm assuming a slut like you isn't wearing any knickers but if on the off chance you are ditch them to

thank   skype   god   for  

--------------------------------------------- Hi all! This is my first stab at a longer story. I hope you enjoy it; it may take some time to get to the action but I think you will like it when you get

shanti   vixen   adulterous  

After having heard and physically witnessed his and Chitra's interludes, where they fucked and enjoyed, her sister Chitra noticed him one afternoon at the market, while she was shopping for groceries.

hanson   house   jasminda  

Two years had passed since Jasminda, then a young novice submissive at Hanson House, had been presented to Mr Amin Al-Assad. That was almost two years since she had been sold to a Master as personal p

flesh   pound  

The next day, Nicky went to work as I had instructed him and officially resigned, giving them two weeks' notice (that way, if something happened to me, he'd still have good references). His supervisor


I know I'm blessed, being of multiple ethnicities, I got the goods from each. My name is Tilly and I am a Caucasian, Asian and some Polynesian mix which gave me my large pretty eyes, a cute little nos

night   tits   and   lips  

After the break, Angie said that she wanted to see Julie's famous labia. She'd never seen long inner cunt lips before. So I suggested that she suck on Julie's pussy, see what she found and explore the

trip   the   camping  

Saturday I woke up to find Tammy and Alice moving around the RV. Tina was still asleep. "Do you want me to make you guy's coffee or something?" I whispered. "No, we get that in the park but thanks." T

mcmahon's   stephanie   shoot   promo  

My one story a year this year is something I've been working on for quite a while. Stephanie McMahon in this story is portrayed as a woman who has a lot of slutty sexual fantasies and loves being talk

goes   anya   vorhees  

When Anya's pussy finally unclenched and she could breathe easier, she realized that she was still within the water, and the creature was still connected to her ass, her mouth, and her breasts, and it

team   did   for   the  

Dave and Jason dove on the other side of the bed to hide their nakedness from the unexpected visitor who had just barged into our room without knocking. The coach spied me in my towel and gave me a on

joy   sins  

I attributed this story to my dearest editor "JackGates74". Thank you "JackGates74" for all the hard work on the story. ***** Soon before, I leave Shahida Bhabi's home that morning saying her goodbye


I wanted to depart from my current situations and relate a story that began with the marriage to my first wife. As I mentioned her in my first attempts at writing so I won't go back in to that just ye

the   renaissance   dave  

Thank you for coming back to enjoy the story and travels of Dave as he gets his mojo back. Please look forward to more of the story of Dave and Carla before our "hero" travels to again. I appreciate a


This is a follow on to A Taste of France. It is a stand alone story and can be read separately. I'd met Alex a few months earlier, when she rented the house next door. Alex – Alexandra - was French, a

master   welcome   home  

Friday afternoon had me showing up at the airport, looking like a very expensive call girl. Heavy makeup, blonde hair long and flowing as he likes, short black skirt, white button up blouse, slightly

sexually   awakening  

My wife and I are both on our second marriages. Our previous marriages were both very similar in that our sex lives in those marriages were awful. For me, I was lucky if I had sex 6 times a year and f

christmas   days   panties  

I love panties. I love my wife in sexy panties of all types. I love her in satin string bikini panties. I love her in skimpy tanga panties. I even love her in hipsters. My favorite panties are silk. I

husband's   mistake  

Once when we were lying in bed, relaxing after love making session, Adnan moving his hand on my hips, "You have a muscular butt, Saeeda," he said. "Thanks, I think," I replied. he slid a finger into t

day   lucky  

I'd spent over an hour on the living room floor being beaten, humiliated, fucked – then beaten again. Twelve strokes into the second thrashing, her phone rang. After delivering lucky thirteen, she che

believer   true  

"You cannot be serious!" I was flabbergasted. Just a few moments ago, my mother--a forty six year old woman!--told us that she still believed in Santa Claus. Neither Deb--my sister--or I still believe

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Act I: Tipping Point Scene 1: Blow by Blow – By Loveforgirlieboy © 2015 Edited by shygirlwhore and copperskink October 12th Thursday evening. My eyes open in a flash. I must have fallen asleep. I bat

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I'm a commuter, a straphanger. Every day 40 minutes on a commuter train into NYC. It can be a mundane life. Walk to the platform, wait for the train, sit in pretty much the same seat everyday, and go

house   happened   the   white  

I was traveling west from Richmond on US 250 when the motor in my Lincoln MKZ started to knock. I was almost to Charlottesville and the sun was going down, so I decided to get a room for the night and

'star   bound'  

The room seemed empty and cold to Ani from her position kneeling beside the Athor's metal desk. Beyond the two of them nothing in this room lived, the bare plastron wall units were devoid of everythin

irma's   new   toy  

He had seen her before, there at the department store, and he had given her more than a fleeting glance as he bought a newspaper on finishing his coffee before work at the store near where he worked.

woodbridge   academy  

In all my years of friendship with Josh, he had always told me how wonderful it felt to wake up wrapped in a guy's arms after a night of passion. I had always scoffed at him and changed the subject, b